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East Budleigh Burials 1562-1650

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of The Rev. Janice Cackett and Mr Stuart Lovett, Churchwarden

Buryed Anno Domini 1562  
Elline Sewayarde 3rd March
Johane Wiekes 5th April
Alice Pyne? 17th April
Anno Domini 1563  
Johane Roper 4th Nov
Margerie Reemer 9th Dec
William Clarke 12th Dec
John Saylod? 12th Jan
Alice Baylise 1st Feb
Thomas Galland 6th March
[no further entries until 1587]  
John Gould 6th Oct
[no entries for 1588,1589,1590]  
Anno Domini 1591  
George Willes 2nd Nov
Johane Billine 27th Nov
Walter Miller 23rd Jan
Alice Tremaine 25th Jan
Anno Domini 1592  
Gilberte Lucris 26th April
John Wolfe 7th May
Johane Mondie 13th July
Gilberte Mondie 17th July
Robte Crosse 23rd Aug
Willyam Bartlett 1st Sept
Johane Farwye? 1st Oct
Johane Heyment 1st Oct
Charelles Heyment 7th Oct
Sicillie Braine 14th Nov
Johane Leye 3rd Dec
Johane Braine 8th Dec
Henry Spurway 9th Dec
David Loman 19th Jan
Johane Gentyle 25th Jan
William Dolline 12th Feb
Roberte Weare 19th Feb
Johane Gillard 24th Feb
Bartholomew Langdon 26th Feb
Thomasin Archpolle 19th March
Roberte Wolfe 24th March
Anno Domini 1593  
John Roper 30th March
James England 19th April
Edmond Fowler 10th May
Elizabeth Horne 9th June
Edward Pyne 15th July
Jane Trich 24th July
Elizabeth Pope 29th July
J'hne Till 13th Oct
Hewgh Barke? 15th Oct
Katherine Follett 27th Oct
Bartholomew Burton 1st Nov
Fardmando Wescott 8th Nov
Peeter Tyll 15th Nov
Margery Lucris 21st Dec
John Gylle 9th March
Anno Domini 1594  
Henrie Tailler 4th April
William Norleigh 16th Aug
Norleyes paryent Wm 22nd Aug
Vinston? Bond 14th Oct
Francis Tremayne 25th Oct
Ellise Lucras 19th Nov
Mary Crosse 28th Nov
John Richards 29th Nov
John Smith als Baylie 3rd Jan
Elizabeth Veysie 17th Jan
Roger Trich 21st Jan
Edmund Tremaine 6th Feb
Thomas Ashe 9th Feb
Margarett Horne 11th Feb
Willyam Luscombe 14th Feb
Christyan Gill 26th Feb
Gilbert Molle 11th March
Roger Leaye 16th March
John Winbey? 17th March
Anno Domini 1595  
Richard Smith 10th April
Roger Batstone 15th April
Thomas Smith 20th April
Pearce Roper 30th April
John Machell 3rd May
John Baydon 19th May
William Leegh 29th May
Roger Pierye ?Penye 22nd June
Richard Pope 5th July
Elizabeth Temlett [as written] 15th July
Margarett Brooke 5th May
Elline Gaye 2nd Aug
Henry Rosmont 8th Aug
John Flower 18th Aug
Frances Seynteclere 1st Oct
Richard Archpolle 8th Nov
Elizabeth Kiddle 9th Nov
John Bishoppe 30th Nov
Roberte Hoare 1st Dec
Johane Perryman 7th Dec
John Newberie 22nd Dec
Thomas Earth 7th Jan
Edmond Bonde 20th Jan
William Maye 13th Feb
Dorothie Salter 25th Feb
Anno Domini 1596  
Alice Richardes 4th April
Thomas Becke 9th April
Elizabeth Harte 20th April
Bridget Alond ?Flond 18th May
John Manley 12th June
Jane Baylie 2nd Aug
John Shephard 11th Aug
Jane Baylie 16th Aug
Thomazin Russell 29th Aug
Bridgett Seward 22nd Sept
Johane Webber 11th Oct
Willyam Smith 7th Nov
John Maye 17th Nov
Ellin May 30th Nov
Ellyne Crosse 19th Dec
Johane Russell 8th Feb
Richard Spurwaie 3rd March
Gilberte Jelley 16th March
Anno Domini 1597  
John Conant 30th March
Leonard Webber 16th April
Johane Toten 19th April
Elizabeth Archpolle 29th April
Roger Tuckerman 12th May
Alice Cowde 14th May
Jane Meynarde 26th May
John Cooke 30th May
Johane Cooke 6th June
Bridgett Duke 28th June
Johane Faytor 2nd July
Dorothy Crosse 13th July
Ages[as written] Becke vid 4th Nov
Edward Follett 24th Nov
Richard Newberie 19th Dec
Anno Domini 1598  
Necholas Toruner 9th April
Roger Braine 28th April
Arthur Tremayne 5th June
Richard Kiddle 3rd July
Margerie Voysie 3rd Aug
Elizabeth Butston 7th Aug
Jane Swetland 13th Sept
Roger Maye senr 20th Oct
Roger Cha'imay? 16th Dec
Mellior Braine 19th Feb
Mathew Brewton 1st March
Anno Domini 1599  
Johane Pope 7th May
John Stoke 2nd June
Johane Miller 12th June
John Mansell 23rd June
Mary Cowde 14th July
Agnes Brewton 19th Sept
Margarett Smith 6th Nov
Robert Faytor 27th Nov
Elizabeth Riper 25th Dec
Thomas Hamme?Haine 8th Jan
Willyam Cooke 15th Jan
Agnes Roper 15th Feb
Anno Domini 1600  
Robert Harte 3rd April
Roger Harryson 4th April
Johane Lucros 5th April
Necholas Farthinge 6th April
Richard Braine 6th April
Elizabeth Bendine 9th April
Samuell Crosse 19th April
Willyam Lowton 25th [unreadable]
Elizabeth Rugge 29th [unreadable]
Willyam Bendinge 20th July
Mary Faytor 8th Aug
Henry Courtis 28th Sept
Johane Morrine 30th Oct
John Coombe 9th Nov
Alice Pope 12th Nov
George Wood 25th Nov
Mary Perryman 5th Jan
Agnes Parker 4th March
Anno Domini 1601  
Roger Bagwill 31st March
William Stoke 11th April
Johane Newberie 17th April
Martha Leaye 28th April
Alice Morrine 2nd May
Judeth Sanford 22nd May
Aime Brewton 19th June
John Gilberde 23rd June
Margarett Demond 4th July
Mary Heymonte 4th Dec
Richard Morrine 20th Dec
Lewes Wall 8th March
Johane Shupton 13th March
Margarett Tailler 14th March
Richard Hoppinge 17th March
Katherine Lanckester 17th March
Anno Domini 1602  
Roger Skin' als Maye 25th March
Ellize Ilsdon 30th May
Richard Presthe 7th June
Jane Howton 22nd June
John Cocke 10th July
James Horne 12th July
Margarett Salter 5th Oct
G[unreadable] als Tucker 12th Oct
Thomas Riper 2nd Nov
John Hull 29th Nov
Richard Skorne? 19th Dec
Elizabeth Edgecombe 9th Jan
Anne Randell 20th Jan
John Russell 22nd Feb
Anno Domini 1603  
Roberte Toton 4th April
Agnes Kemell 20th April
Roberte Kemell 22nd April
Priscilla Trickhard 30th April
Gilberte Kemell 5th May
Mathew Wotten senr?junr 25th July
Christyne Crosse 19th Nov
Johane Bende vid 5th Jan
Willyam Rendell 'g' 18th Feb
Elline Stoke 24th Feb
Ao 1604 Christopher Walrond 3rd April
Anno Domini 1604  
Remond Dennell 9th April
Warnard? Hamlyne 11th April
Judith Walrond 7th May
Richard Pennywill 30th May
Marryan Bande 15th June
Thomas Norcott 2nd Oct
Joan ?John Richardes 19th Oct
Steven Pope 13th Nov
John Mere?eke 17th Jan
Thos Russell 18th Jan
Elizabeth Hoppinge 21st March
Ao 1606  
Richard Chambers 4th [unreadable and whole entry crossed out]
Ao 1605  
Roger Chenney 16th April
Willyam Rabgent 9th June
Mary Chamber 5th Oct
Philip Shepheard 28th Oct
Elizabeth Harvy 15th Nov
Richard Cowde 16th Nov
Willia' Mole 8th Dec
John Stoke ju 21st Dec
?Xant Mynt 9th Jan
Willm Benfield 24th Jan
Roger Robins 20th March
Gilbert Tylle [crossed out] 15th April
Ao 1606  
Gilbert Tylle 15th April
Prudence Hore 28th April
John Callender 4th Sept
John Maynard 19th Dec
John Rase 22nd Jan
John Ceward 23rd Jan
Margarett Ceward 26th Jan
Anno dmi 1607  
Thomas Courtis 4th April
Barbara Pyne 5th May
Michaell Peryman 14th May
Roger Gilbert 18th May
Thomas Bennett 8th June
Mary Garrett 9th June
John Russell 6th Sept
Thomas Buckerell 10th Sept
Margarit S?tapes 11th Nov
John Filmer? 29th Nov
    Thomas Hearne - Vic.....?  
    Richard Perry  
    Roger Hayman - Wardens  
Godfrey Chilliford 18th Dec
Mary Gale 27th Dec
Christian Pooker 1st Jan
Emmette? Pope 25th Feb
Edmond Luckasn? 28th Feb
Willia' Rixar?Ripar 4th March
Richard Stoke 11th March
Margarite Stoke 17th March
    Tho Herne Vic  
    Jo Willes, Roberte Bennett - churchwardens  
An'o d 1608  
Jone Russell 7th April
Julyan Stoke 11th April
Willyam Trapnell 30th April
John Baylie 13th May
Johan' Baylie 7th June
Elizabeth Randell 26th June
Willyam Faythe 2nd July
Willyam Woode 2nd Nov
Hewgh Hollard 9th Nov
Johan Cowde 12th Nov
Christopher Crosse 13th Dec
Andrew Tremaine 16th Dec
Willyam Brooke 21st Jan
John Hyne? 29th Jan
Elizabeth Fowler 11th Feb
Johane Smith 2nd March
An'o Dm 1609  
Willyam Newcombe 30th March
Alice Rendle 3rd April
    Thomas Herne - Vic  
    Jo Willes als Jelland?Yelland  
    Robt Bennett - churchwardens  
Tho Stocker 24th June
Alice the wife of Wm Cowde 25th July
?Renslow?Renflow Cleake 2nd Oct
Thomas Willyams 21st Nov
Margarett Fillmor 4th Jan
Margarett Prestlie 6th Jan
An' Smith als Baylie 13th Feb
John Pope 20th March
An'o Dmi 1610  
Alice Dench 13th April
Alice Worth 20th April
Johane Catsond 28th April
Nathaniell Braine 30th June
Abigaill Courtis 13th July
John Salter 25th July
Alice Cleake 25th July
Susanna Trickey 25th July
Jo Thorne 2nd Sept
Steven Roper 15th Dec
Nathanyell Braine 26th Dec
Johane Courties 23rd Jan
Margarett Cleake 30th Jan
Julyan Diggens 8th Feb
Margery Pope 9th Feb
Judith Hoare 13th Feb
John [crossed out] John Chanon 3rd March
Henry Cornford 5th March
    Tho Hearne - Vic  
    John ?Tey  
An'o Dm 1611  
John Russell 3rd April
Mrs Elizabeth Stclere 24th April
Ellyne Penney 8th May
Agnes Pope 12th May
Sibly Molle 20th June
Johane Salter 20th June
Edward Salter 5th Aug
Johane Newcombe als Cooke 3rd Oct
Stephen Way 10th Oct
Gabryell Seintclere esquire 2nd Nov
Richard Callender 25th Nov
John Garrett 9th Jan
Catherin Garrett 14th Jan
Anne Brewton 17th Feb
Roger Thorne 2nd March
Alice Kemell inft 8th March
Anno Dm 1612  
Dorothye Colbye 8th [unreadable]
Richard Randell 9th July
Ellize Bendin 11th Aug
Mary Gould 11th [unreadable]
Elizabeth Thorne 16th [unreadable]
Fowler Norleigh 22nd [unreadable]
Jane Dolline 17th [unreadable]
Johane Batstone 7th Dec
Frances [as written] son of Stephen Langdon 9th Dec
Andrew Hill 8th Jan
Willyam Tizard 8th Jan
Alexander Ryver 21st Jan
    Tho Hearne  
John Beydon 18th March
Anno Domini 1613  
Thomas?Thhurles Pyne 1st April
John Salter 9th April
Silvester Pennywill 11th April
John Richards als Manley 18th April
?Mistres Margarett Arscott 22nd April
Richard Durand 25th April
John Pope 16th June
Thomas Pyne junr 15th July
Julyan Lacie 23rd Sept
Roberte Hore 13th Oct
John Batstone 9th Nov
Martha Bagwill 16th Nov
Henry Kemell 17th Nov
John Ffley 6th Feb
Margarett Morrice 20th Feb
George Braine 22nd Feb
Anno Domini 1614  
Roger Basse? 25th May
Willyam Morrice 26th June
?....is Terroll 5th July
Christopher Cawsley 9th Dec
? John Boocher 1st Feb
John the son of Jo Durcance 6th Feb
Margery Bennett 12th Feb
Anne Blackford inf 16th Feb
Alice Priddam 8th March
Anno Domini 1615  
John Luckus inf 10th April
Katherin Stoke 30th April
Christopher Brewton senr 14th May
Christine Shutt 14th May
Robt Gibbes gent 7th July
Elizabeth Wyot inf 11th July
Jane Collins inf 18th Aug
Francis Youens inf 15th Sept
Jane Rendall 16th Oct
Johane Luckis 29th Oct
Dorothy Faytour 7th Nov
Johane Tucker als Lane 29th Dec
Maude Awstine 21st Jan
Mathew Morrine 23rd Jan
Elizabeth Blackford inf 17th Feb
Anno Domini 1616  
Mary Helsdon inf 30th March
Alice Wickes 16th April
Thomasin Salter 29th April
Richard Wood 1st May
Martyne Weekes 11th May
Elizabeth Wyndover inf 15th May
Francis Bartlet 17th May
Rechoard Beadon 3rd June
Marye Callender 17th July
Thomas Lavis 22nd July
Thomas Ripat 25th July
Mecholle Hoere 23rd [unreadable]
Marryan Salter 29th [unreadable]
John Roper 13th Sept
Bridgett Webber 30th Sept
Ellyne Buckerell 29th Oct
Walter Young 13th Nov
John Stoke 2nd Dec
John Calswarthy 3rd Dec
Richard Luckis inf 14th Dec
Anne Batstone inf 29th Dec
Agnes Holland 21st Jan
Thomazin Chambers 6th Feb
Willyam Robins inf 2nd March
Anno Domini 1617  
John son of Gilbte Bedford inf 26th March
Johane Kemell 22nd May
Eedith Tremayne 3rd July
John Cooke inf 7th Oct
Thomas Harrison 8th Oct
Jane Hole inf 1st Nov
Mary Collins inf 24th Oct
Elizabeth Gould 9th Nov
Johane Batstone 17th Nov
Lettice Bartlett 6th Dec
Thomas Heathman 27th Dec
Barbara Brewton inf 26th Jan
Willyam Cawsey inf 10th Feb
George Braine 15th Feb
Dorothy Lacie [?inf?wid] 25th Feb
Johane Bagwill 28th Feb
Thome Walberton inf 4th March
John Ellyott 19th April
Alice Harris wid 24th April
Dorothy Priddham 21st May
John Leigh 23rd May
    Edward Cowd?  
    Robte Symon? - churchwardens  
    [two further names ? sidesmen ?Mathew Bagwill ? ?? Thorne]  
John Skarre 29th May
Johane Kinge 2nd July
John Randell junr 11th July
John Otes 19th July
Ellynor Skarre 25th Aug
Alice Roper widdow 22nd Sept
Melonie Martin inf 25th Sept
Mary Skarre 2nd Nov
Gilbte Skarre 9th Nov
Roger Hackwell 23rd Nov
Elizabeth Cooke 9th Dec
Jane Warren inf 20th Jan
John Chilcott inf 21st Feb
Johane Berry 8th March
Steven Awstine 9th March
Alice Hamlinge 18th March
Ellyne Russell 23rd March
Anno Domini 1619  
Jane Besse 14th May
Margarett Leye 10th June
Richard Luckris 27th June
Johane Youngs 22nd Dec
Anne Rooke 22nd Jan
Elizabeth Smith als Baylie 26th Jan
John Gudridge 20th Feb
Christian Hoppinge 28th Feb
Willm Worth 19th March
Anno Domini 1620  
Margarett White 5th April
Jon?is Crosse 15th April
Anne Michell 24th April
Mary Besse inf 2nd July
Joyce Locke 27th July
Henry Horres inf 3rd Aug
Willmott Samson 13th Aug
Isett Kemell inf 30th Aug
Walter Tyll 7th Sept
Christyne Rogge 28th Nov
Willyam Priddam 13th Dec
Henry Leay inf 9th April
Mary Tudd 2nd June
Thomazin Morrish 13th July
Alice Tooze 14th July
Catherin England inf 18th Aug
Roger Randell 22nd Aug
Thomas Gibbe 20th Oct
Agnes Westcott 30th Oct
Johane Newbery 16th Nov
Willm Smith als Baylie 5th Jan
Rebecca Gudridge inf 17th Jan
Tho Ston'man inf 16th Feb
A'o Dm 1622  
Johane Ffley inf 31st March
Willyam Hamon 1st April
Johane Gibbe 4th April
Garthred Tyll 11th April
Willm Sansom 25th June
Henry? Brome inf 29th June
Elline Golsery 11th Oct
Julyan Hill 19th Nov
Susanna Bollen 12th Jan
Mellany Bagwill 16th Jan
Roger Boocher 19th Jan
A'o Dm 1623  
Agnes Crabbe 30th March
George Hellyer 6th April
Alice Hellard 16th April
Alice Stocker 26th April
Mary Brooke 29th April
Alice Riper 9th May
John Cawlley inf 15th May
John Randell inf 22nd June
Johane Tucker 17th July
Johane Cowde 27th Sept
John Batston 7th Nov
Jo Colby 19th Jan
Zachary Broggins 20th Jan
Robte Tuckett 23rd Feb
Johane Holley 3rd March
Margarett Follett 9th March
Henry Lane als Tucker 23rd March
Anno Domini 1624  
Catherin Hoppinge 21st [unreadable]
Alice Galsery 30th [unreadable]
Thomas Rolston 6th June
John Cooke infant 19th June
Willmott Brayne 29th June
Johane Besse 19th July
John Lacy inf 15th Aug
Johane Lacy inf 22nd Aug
Elizabeth Bartlett 22nd Aug
Ambrose Arscott gent 5th Sept
John Blackford 17th Sept
Abraham Hore 27th Sept
Richard Arscott gent 28th Sept
Nathanyell Swetland 8th Oct
Catherin Walrond 28th Oct
Alice Courtis 28th Oct
Agnes Salter inf 1st Nov
John Hoppinge 18th Nov
Phillip Wescott 25th Nov
Willyam Norrington inf 30th Dec
Johane Manley als Richards 31st Dec
Ursillo Danell ? 1st Jan
Elizabeth Jourden 14th Jan
Waltyne? Wood 14th Jan
Alice Rabgent 8th Feb
Jo Guderidge inf 27th Feb
Johane Gould 24th March
Anno Dm 1625  
Grace Salter 2nd April
Mary Dicher 9th April
Christyne Brewton 11th April
Roger Russell 5th May
Dorothey Willinge 5th May
John Shutt 6th June
Johane Pope inf 9th June
Johane Willes als Jellerd? 6th July
?Montyne Smyth 17th July
Joyce Waren 10th Aug
Richard Conant junr 3rd Sept
Dorothy Galsworthy [unreadable]
Thomas Morrine 4th [unreadable]
Margery Gudridge 21st Dec
Willyam Leye inf 22nd Feb
Humphery Arscott esq 17th April
Robte Crosse 23rd April
Richard Courtis 29th June
Jo Fowler 8th July
Thomazin Berry 22nd July
Anstis Coombe 29th [unreadable]
Richard Haymon inf 29th [unreadable]
Christyne Cowde 18th [unreadable]
John Salter 8th Jan
Margarett Tizard 14th Feb
George Webber 18th Feb
Martha Ellyott 11th March
An'o Dm 1627  
Christyne Lane als Bromhed 18th April
Johane Crane 17th June
James Leigh 2nd July
Julyan Bagwill 21st Nov
Mary Randell 27th Dec
Phillip Wotten inf 15th Dec
Elizabeth Gudridge 27th Jan
Jonas Walrond inf 26th Feb
An'o Dm 1628  
Julyan Walse? 17th April
Elizabeth Blackwell inf 11th May
Richard Lacie inf 30th May
Elizabeth Hellyer 31st Oct
Robert Follett 3rd Nov
Tho Basse 30th Nov
Mary Pannerell inf 16th Feb
Martha Heathman inf 17th March
Jane Heathman 22nd March
Anno Dm 1629  
Peter Fronke 30th March
William Rutley 10th April
John Smith 15th April
Jo Tizard 1st May
Jo Newbery inf 27th May
Jo Waymouth 29th June
Beaton Mondie?Moudie 28th July
Margarett Beldon 4th Aug
Morrich Barry 28th Aug
Mary Kemell 4th Sept
Jone Tuckerman 28th Sept
Henry Peeter inf 30th Sept
Johane Lacy 18th Oct
William Smyth 31st Dec
Mary Smyth 23rd Feb
John Trape? 24th Feb
Edmond Hoppinge 15th March
Mary Crosse 22nd March
A'o Dm 1630  
George Harte inf 24th June
Willyam Manfield inf 1st July
Roger Crosse 14th July
Christyne Gould?Sou? 8th Aug
M'garett White 26th Aug
Grace Tyll 2nd Sept
Dorothy Roper 19th Sept
Elizabeth Harte 23rd Sept
Margarett Russell 22nd Nov
Johane Riper?Rixer 31st Dec
Cicelly Luckis 27th Jan
Johane Hennyes 3rd Jan
A'o Dm 1631  
Alixander Banfield 8th May
Burnard Hethery 8th May
Johane Chennon 6th June
Martha Follett inf 30th June
Elizabeth Jefford 21st Sept
Richard Conant gent 22nd Sept
Agnes his wife 22nd Sept
William Stonman inf 24th Sept
Mr Thomas Hearne vic 10th Nov
Francis Jefford ?inf 10th Dec
Johane Salter inf 23rd Dec
Agnes Penywill 24th Dec
Anne Coombe 12th Jan
Symon Mathew inf 29th Jan
Honor Coombe 3rd Feb
Johane Tyill ?Hill 12th Feb
Nicholl Keene 5th March
An'o Dm 1632  
Alice [?29] May inf 25th March
John Pyne 27th March
Dennes? May 30th [unreadable]
Elizabeth Callender inf 11th [unreadable]
Mary Hellyer inf 19th [unreadable]
John W...fes? 27th April
Nicholas Hennyes inf 27th May
Richard Skarre 26th June
Jane Rabgent 30th June
Jo Comins 23rd July
Elizabeth Cooke 3rd Aug
Frances Hoppinge inf 17th Aug
Henry Cooke inf 29th Aug
Willm Russell 21st Oct
Roger Leye 31st Oct
Ellyne Penney 18th Nov
Mary Smith inf 19th Nov
Francis Arscott esquire 27th Nov
Willyam Stonman 2nd Dec
Johane Loveringe wid 15th Dec
Johane Besse the dau of John Besse 12th Jan
Mary Jefford 15th Feb
Mrs Mary Arscott wid 23rd Feb
Anno dm 1633  
Richard Lacy 25th March
Elizabeth Thorne widow 25th March
Francis Arscott inf 11th April
Marian Hunt 25th April
Alice Cowde?Gower 12th May
John Sansom 23rd May
Gilbert Morris inf 30th May
Richd May infant 7th Aug
Richard Moody 13th Nov
Alice Cowde 23rd Dec
Cisly Bagwill 20th Jan
Leonard Cooke 20th Jan
Joane Bruton 28th Jan
Martha Hill 31st Jan
John Martine inf 21st Feb
An Dm 1634  
Sarah Chapman 11th April
Joane Eliot 28th April
John Brean 20th April
Guthride Curtis 30th April
Andrew Leate 20th June
Gilbert Cowde 5th July
Kateren Fowler 16th July
John Pope 25th July
Alice Cowde 17th Aug
George Hennes 2nd Sept
Alice Morrson 27th Nov
Marie Moore 13th Dec
Elizabeth Shutt 21st Dec
Robert Till 23rd Dec
Thomas Cooke 31st Dec
Richard Tuckerman 11th Jan
Anno Dm 1635  
Joane Maynard 27th March
Ellen Bratton 27th March
Anne Robins 5th April
Prudence and Ta?hle Burges 5th April
Henery Toose 5th May
Robert Kemell inf 21st May
Sibly Horne [unreadable]
Margery Roper 2nd June
Jane Savoury 3rd June
Agnes H....y?g 1st July
Grace Braine 30th July
Robert Richards 8th Aug
Prudence Burges 20th Sept
Margery Bir?Ber 25th [unreadable]
Damaris P?erryman 30th [unreadable]
Roger Cooke 16th Oct
Gilbert Lambell? 17th Oct
Thomas Haymon 27th Oct
Elizabeth Russell 30th Oct
Anne Clappe 3rd Nov
Anne Clarke inf 11th Nov
Anne Coombe 25th Nov
Philip Arscott 2nd Dec
John Clappe 2nd Dec
Marget Powe 2nd Dec
Henry Rabgent 16th Feb
Phillip Arscott 4th March
Christian Heteway 18th March
Anno Dm 1636  
John Treleate? inf 7th April
Henry Toose 19th April
John Soume? 25th April
John Morren 11th May
Mary?Henry Phillips 18th July
P......Cowd?Gould 28th Aug
Alice Bastone 15th Sept
Thomas Bastone inf ? 25th Sept
Sarah Moore inf 17th Nov
Sarah Stonman 20th Dec
Jane Kene? 23rd Jan
Henery Hackwell 10th Feb
[unreadable ? of Jas] Richards 14th Feb
John Toose 1st March
[unreadable] 2nd March
Jane Pope 15th March
Jane Roberts wid 17th March
A'o Dm 1637  
Kateren Leay 29th April
Charity Starr 5th June
John Elliot 20th June
?Kateren Roper 21st July
Prudence Barrett? 23rd July
?Roger Moody 14th Oct
[unreadable] Gibbe 12th Nov
Johane Horning? 14th Jan
[unreadable] Nubery? 17th Jan
[following two names unreadable 2nd and 9th Feb]  
Anno Dni 1638  
[first name unreadable]  
?Philip Elliot inf ? April
John Tud? 8th April
[unreadable] Tud 12th April
Elizabeth Curtis 29th April
Thomasine Tuckerman? 30th April
Richard Harrison 20th May
Agnes Bartlett 9th June
Mary Shepherd? 24th June
John? Rendle 30th June
Peeter Burge inf 1st Oct
Hugh?Bartlet 5th Nov
Margaret Prestay? inf 24th Dec
Dorothy Smith 10th Jan
John Crane 12th Jan
Anno Dm 1639  
John Drake 25th March
Ellinge? Matinge? 28th March
Charity Starr 29th March
Gilbert Taylor 8th April
Johes? Hill 9th April
Robert Davie inf 12th April
Elizabeth Drake 12th May
John Bansom? 29th May
Elizabeth Wotton 10th June
Catherine Richards 25th June
John Brayne 3rd Aug
Thomas? Anisse 11th Aug
?Roger Bedford 27th Aug
?Julyan & Philip Smith inf ? 4th Sept
Robert Kemell 3rd Nov
Gilbert Bedford 4th Dec
Henry Morrish 2nd Jan
Andrew Batston 25th Jan
Robert Thorne 12th Feb
Anno Dm 1640  
John Osmond inf 30th March
John Randle 15th May
William Cowd 4th June
Elizabeth Page inf 9th June
Elizabeth Cooke 20th June
Agnes Strong 12th July
Agnes Holland 17th July
Jane Rutley 17th Sept
Kateren Williams 11th Nov
Joise? Cooke 5th [unreadable]
Elizabeth Heathman 26th Dec
John Godfrey 8th Jan
Marye? Walberton 9th Jan
Mary Braine 15th Jan
Robert Walberton 20th Jan
John Hasier? 21st Jan
Mary Harris 20th Feb
Bridget Crosse 27th Feb
Mary Commens 20th March
Samuel Balley? 22nd March
Anno dm 1641  
Charity Bussel? August ye first
Charity Russell? 5th Aug
Jane? Rabgent inf 17th Sept
Elizabeth Brayne 25th Sept
Thomazen Starr 13th Oct
Susanna By[unreadable] 28th Oct
?Robert ?D? inf 8th Dec
Andrew [unreadable] 20th Dec
Charity Hill 26th Dec
?Dorcas H? 3rd Feb
Richard Swetland 21st March
John K? 27th March
[three names and dates unreadable]  
Anno dmi 1642  
?Frances Elliot 30th March
Philip Rugge 1st April
..........et Priddam 1st April
Stephen Longdon 4th April
?Grace? Birdwell 12th April
? Salter 12th May
? England 17th May
Ann Courtisse? inf 31st May
Ann? Cowd 27th July
John Salter 4th Aug
Anne Penniwill 12th Oct
Jane?Jone Chapman 15th Oct
?Elizabeth Page 27th Oct
Walter Wellman? 29th Oct
Anne Osmond 12th Dec
Gregory Lee? 22nd Dec
Mary Hill 23rd Dec
Joon? Bruton 24th Dec
Philip Flay? 12th Jan
Thomas Page inf 27th Feb
Elie? Musman? 28th Feb
An'o dmi 1643  
Richard Crosse 7th July
Samuell Ba??el 6th Aug
?Edward Toose 31st Aug
Elizabeth Elliot 22nd Sept
?John Stonman 31st Sept
?John Crosse 5th Oct
?Abraham Muton? 8th Oct
Catherin? Breen 15th Oct
....?by Rutley 16th Oct
...?malyde Swetland 8th Nov
? Willm Sumer 14th Nov
Mary Toose 18th Nov
William Shutt 22nd Nov
?Elin?Ann Hoppinge 3rd Dec
Richard Swetland 10th Dec
William Swetland 13th Dec
Elizabeth Swetland 14th Dec
[unreadable] Morris 18th Dec
Alice Cowd 31st Dec
Robert England 4th Jan
Elizabeth Hill 26th Jan
John Taylor 8th Feb
Henery Hill 19th Feb
Alice? Bartlet?Rabgent 25th Feb
Joan Saunder inf 26th Feb
Thomas Saunders 10th March
Mary Treleate 25th March
Anno Dmi 1644  
Annis Cowd inf 25th March
Annis Cowd wid 27th March
Melany Fowla? 30th March
William Lavis inf 10th April
Susanna Hopping inf 10th April
Elias Bruton 18th April
William Cowde 4th May
Melany Bagwell 4th May
John Housbery? 9th May[month unclear]
Martha Connant 15th May
Sarah Birch 15th June
Alice Bird 20th June
[no name] Cowd 21st July
Richard Sumers 9th Aug
John Frater 30th Oct
John Osmond 6th Nov
William Rolyton? 10th Nov
Charity Rogers 24th Nov
Charity Lambell 9th Dec
Mary Elliot 5th Feb
John Walbourne 16th Feb
Richard Batstone 16th Feb
Richard Holland 29th Feb
Roger Heathman 11th March
Edmund Adams 11th March
Mary Butson 17th March
Anno dmi 1645  
Christian Batstone 12th April
John England inf 15th April
John Till 22nd April
John Till wife May 24th
?Garterge Rutley inf 27th June
John Elliot 20th July
Thomas?Simons Houde?Foude 10th Sept
Grace Scot 22nd Jan
Mary Smith 21st March
Kateren Skinner 31st March
Robert Harrison 20th April
John Walrond 1st May
Thomas Wescott 3rd May
Mary Michell 4th Aug
Thomas Pruze 6th Dec
Elizabeth Elliot 20th Dec
[unreadable ? Miha lad?] 14th Feb
Ann ?John Golsery 21st Feb
Gregory Crane 13th March
John Lou? 20th March
Alice Harrison 23rd March
Jane Lowe 23rd March
Elizabeth Leate 12th April
John Richards 12th April
Henry Pope 6th May
?Susanna Channon 16th May
Thomazin Combe 20th May
Jane Nichols 5th June
Ellen Besse 9th June
Kateren Stubbings 26th June
Andrew Thorne? 25th Sept
Frances Good 20th Nov?
[unreadable] Till [unreadable]
Grace Manfield ? 21st Feb
[unreadable] Elliot 24th Feb
[unreadable] Hill 8th March
[unreadable....arys?] wife 8th March
John Elliot 19th March
Anno dmi 1648  
Roger Skinner 29th March
Mary Rutley 29th March
C..iru?Oliver Austen 6th April
Jane Smith 10th April
Meary Druewley dau of [unreadable] 23rd April
Widow Golebeare 13th Sept
?Jone Miss?but 21st Oct
?Jno Luck 4th Dec
Robert Kemells wife 5th Dec
[unreadable] ?Rutley 20th March
Anno dmi 1649  
Roger ?Nudram? 30th March
John Richards wife? 14th May
Jane ?Anne Bruton 2nd June
Jane Cooke 15th June
Richard Avis 20th July
?John? Braine 13th July
?Richard Smith? 16th July
Kateren Manfield 23rd July
[unreadable] Rabgent 30th Aug
Mary Rogers 2nd Oct
Richard Hopping 27th Nov
?Charity? Rutley 20th Jan
John Rutley 4th Feb
Robert? Robbins? 11th Feb
George?Cecly Cowd?Good 10th March
[there are three probable names written beneath the date 1650,
maybe more, but all unreadable]
Charidy? Bas....[unreadable also date]  
Richard son of Yeedith Willyams 16th March
[the above may not in fact be a burial but is written at the
top of the last page ]
[What follows appear to be bapts but could equally be burials
and are completely out of chronological sequence. They may also
be records of illegitimate births.]
1618 Thomasin dau of Jone Shutt 25th July
1618 Tho son of Garthered Brooke 3rd Feb
1622 Mary dau of Elizabeth Buckerell 14th Feb
1626 Agnes dau of Garthered Brooke 3rd Nov
1629 Elizabeth dau of Agnes Skinner 27th March
1645 Willia' son of Mary Langdon 20th Feb
1620? Richard Willm's inf 2nd Sept

Brian Randell, 18 Nov 2006