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East Budleigh Marriages (1678-1754)

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of The Rev. Janice Cackett and Mr Stuart Lovett, Churchwarden

John Tucker and Rebecka Ellyott widdo , 2nd Sept Nicholas Hill and Martha Slade 31st Oct
Thomas Churchill and Sarah Ballaman 7th Nov
William Frankmore and Sarah Ramson 12th Dec
Isack Frank and Hanah Coude 2nd May
John Taylor and Jone Labbett 12th May
John Parker and Mary Bonnyford 8th June
Richard Smith and Rebecka Cantelbury 9th Nov
John Ellyott and Ann Nuberry 13th Jan
Thomas Stauford and Sarah Bartlett 14th June
John Mercer gent and Mary Conant 7th July
Samuel Bidwell and Elizabeth Swetland 27th Nov
Nicholas Gowld and Frances Adams 27th Nov
Richard Snelling and Elizabeth Salter 2nd Dec
Stephen Stauford and Mary Bollen 15th Jan
Thomas Bishop and Ruth Ellyott 29th Oct
Francis Hill and Grace England 26th Jan
Abraham Webber and Ann Lacy 22nd July
Thomas Lacy junr and Mary Golsery of the pish of St Sidwells of the city of and county of Exon 29th Sept
Richard Hopping and Grace Hempson May 1st
William Austin and Joane Rampson Jan 21st
Stephen Hopping and Amey Heynes July 9th
George Coote and Elizabeth Jones July 22nd
Henry Hopping junr and Mary Harding Oct 21st
John Barrow and Joan Hayman Nov 13th
Daniel Scott and Mary Scott Jan 6th
1687 ?
John Seaward and Elizabeth Salter 3rd Nov
John Streatlinge and Jane Cole 12th Nov
Samuel Bates junr and Dorothy Whitmere 22nd July
John Reed and May Govier 19th Nov
Richard Dalleyland and Dorothy Hooke 26th Nov
Joel Nullett and Joan Michell 26th Dec
Thomas Callendar and Sarah Elliott 23rd April
Samuel Atkins and Alice Farrant 10th Sept
Richard Crosse and Joan Nowiner 11th Sept
Richard Berow and Jane Harrison 23rd Feb
Ephraim Davey and Elizabeth Woolcott May 18th
Ellis Our and Agnes Michell Nov 4th
Thomas Salter and Mellanny Bagwill May 5th
Thomas Davey and Mary Richards May 15th
Robert ?? And Aovi Smith Nov 29th
Samuel Follett and Sarah James? Harding Dec
Richard Basse and Patience Stafford
Gregory Hooper and Elizabeth Bedford
Isaac Clatworthy and Mary Bidgod Nov 28th
John Gale and Susannah Channon Jan 2nd
Mars Merle of the parish of St Paul and Prudence Ware of the parish of St Peter Exon
George Snelling and Mary Lacey Nov 21st
Samuel Waren and Hannah Lea Apl 13th
Richard Hall and Ann Knowles June 1st
Robert Kalendar and Joan Bamsey July 9th
Tobias Barrett and Mary Smith Apl 12th
George Cross and Joanna Conant Aug 4th
Nathanel Waldren and Ellioner Spece Dec 5th
Henry Ellot and Joanna Hallowell Nov 6th
Thomas Smith and Grace Smith Dec 24th
Samuel Harris and Mary Channon Feb 10th
Thomas Crandon and Agnes King Apl 30th
John Marshall and Mary Teed July 4th
Samuel Wollicot and Wilmot Cowde Jan 22nd
John Elliott and Hanah Newbery Feb 11th
Roger French and Mary Crosse Dec 3rd
George Smith and Joan Blackford Feb 9th
John Bidgod and Margaret Squire of Ottery St Mary Apl 8th
Richard Luckes and Hannah Bollen July 15th
Samuel Waren widr and Anne Batstone widow Oct 19th
John Farrant and Sarah Bidgood Aug 14th
Edward Benyer and Alice Parkin Apl 7th
Thomas Brookin and Katherine Wood both of the parish of Littelham Sept 5th
Robert Kallendar and Mary Skinner July 18th
John Seaward Ottery St Mary and Joan Elliott Dec 9th
Henry Bedford and Jane Lacey Dec 26th
Thomas Cowde and Susanna Masters Jan 23rd
George Pengelly and Grace Scott Dec 30th
Thomas Kallendar and Mary Elliott Sept 30th
Richard Hopping and Jane Harris Dec 26th
Thomas Oldridge and Hannah Slapp Apl 6th
John Ford of Exeter and Elizabeth Snelling May 16th
John Anly and Hannah Bedford Jan 20th
Thomas Bedford and Anne Gerre Feb 20th
Roger Batstone nd Elizabeth Holland of Otterton Oct 2nd
Richard Middleton and Rebecka Smith Nov 28th
William Hunt and Joanna Smith Nov 28th
John Copp and Joan Ford Feb 9th
John Moring and Mary Taning of Aylesbeare May 22nd
Richard Staple and Mary Banfild of Littleham July 16th
Thomas Westron and Hannah Scott Sept 14th
Thomas Elliott and Mary Tanner Dec 14th
Lazarus Stone and Elizabeth Spare June 10th
Gilbert Cowd and Jone Leet Nov 5th
Philip Smith and Elizabeth Teed Dec 18th
Daniel Hall and Margret Davis Dec 23rd
James Murch and Mary Winter Dec 26th
Robert Barns and Sarah Seward Jan 1st
John Lee and Ann Rutly Jan 2nd
Robert Brain and Grace Dandy Jan 14th
Roger French and Jane Hand Feb 17th
Henry Peramen and Margreat Barnes Feb 24th
Richard Elliot and Rebecka Gear May 11th
John Minard of Sidmouth and Mary Barnes May 20th
Thomas Trevelin of Littleham and Elizabeth Arscot June 4th
Thomas Harman and Mary Lucris June 6th
John Hardland and Ann Lavess Nov 24th
Elizus Taton and Mary Anly Nov 24th
John Gorse and Dorathy Calendar Dec 4th
Henry Butson and Sarah Squire of Otterton Dec 9th
John Channon and Margret Rutly of Otterton Jan 29th
William Carnel and Elizabeth Switland Apl 7th
John Bisship and Rebacka Snelling May 13th
Peter Gibbs and Mary Parker July 12th
James Roid and Hannah Bedford July 22nd
Henry Elliott and Mary Smith Dec 29th
John Punford of Bradninch and Susanna Switland Feb 16th
John Hockings and Sarah Leat Jan 31st
John Norten and Jone Perry Dec 15th
Mr John Stuferd and Mary Tamwith Feb 21st
James Bishop and Mary Coumbs Feb 21st
John Butson and Honner Stocks May 19th
Robert Winter and Elizabeth Channon Jan 23rd
Philip Branscomb and Ellener Randell Jan 30th
James Parrker and Joanna Ellot Apl 14th
George Cros and Hannar Chase June 1st
William Bedford and Mary Snellin Sept 21st
Mawthiw Ellet and Hannar Parker Oct 28th
Saimon Minifey and Margret Stapel Dec 29th
Thomas Bastone and Joan Teloar June 2nd
John Cooper and Agnis Harris June 28th
Andrew Lea and Elizabeth Lee Oct 31st
William Sands and Agnes Lea of Otterton Nov 8th
Mauthew Butson and Elenor Stodden Nov 12th
Antony Boscomb and Susanna Channon Jan 1st
Thomas Parret of Bicton and Jone Trickey June 26th
Rafe Wood and Jone Telder? Sept 27th
John Manfield and Ibot Roberts Apl 7th
John Smith and Dorothy Teed Apl 11th
John Baker and Elizabeth Culliford May 1st
Mr William Mercer and Mrs Hannah French of Withycomb Aug 23rd
Robert Arscott and Jane Scott Dec 5th
John Taylor and Thomasin Woodley Feb 24th
George Elliot of Littleham and Elizabeth Cross June 20th
Richard Warren and Mary Murch July 22nd
John Carpenter and Mary Leat Oct 22nd
Enoch Muttleby and Margaret Pope Dec 20th
John Amory of Powderham and Elizabeth Avis Dec 29th
William Colesworthy and Thomazin Parsons Feb 13th
William Crook and Susanna Batson Feb 16th
Philip Rendell and Mary Salter of Gittisham June 13th
James Follett and Prudence Simons Dec 29th
John Parker and Elizabeth White Feb 4th
John Holcomb and Susanna Bond May 29th
John Lavis and Elizabeth Halse Oct 2nd
William Burke and Sarah Otton of Sidbury Apl 8th
Nathanial Patch and Elizabeth Staple Apl 18th
John Baker and Agnes French Apl 28th
Richard Leigh and Grace Waldon July 11th
John Davis, clerk and Mary Bond July 15th
Samuel Warren and Margaret Bolt July 23rd
William Richer and Susanna Liddon Oct 28th
Samuel Baker and Mary Warren of Otterton Nov 16th
John Leat and Susanna Leat of Sidmouth Dec 13th
Henry Cowd and Mary Saunders Dec 27th
John Hooper and Mary Pine Feb 8th
James Thorn and Sarah Manfield June 14th
John Barker and Ann Harris July 16th
William Grant and Susanna Teed Dec 25th
John Wright and Mary Crook Feb 3rd
Edward Sanders and Mary Dade Feb 4th
Francis Winsleigh and Elizabeth Hill Feb 4th
Thomas Hooper and Charity Hopper Feb 5th
Thomas Hooper and Dorothy Hunt May 23rd
James Sanders and Mary Leat July 9th
Robert Arscott and Mary Coom Nov 18th
Charles Elliott and Susanna Hook Nov 19th
John Cooper and Mary Barrett Dec 2nd
John Crane and Jane Gomer Dec 12th
John Pennywill and Judith Teed Dec 17th
George White and Mary Harris Dec 25th
John Elliott and Susanna Chanon Jan 15th
Marlo Kember and Sarah Cran Feb 26th
Thomas Skinner and Elizabeth Stone May 19th
John Lukis and Sarah Bidgood June 26th
John Rodd and Margaret Warren Aug 25th
John Gossling and Hannah Bateson Nov 20th
William Pettijohn of Littleham and Mary Carpenter Dec 26th
John Ozman and Elizabeth Cawley May 4th
William Scott and Joan Hill Aug 10th
William Lang and Elizabeth Cran Sept 14th
Joseph Calendar and Joan Woolcott Feb 26th
William Barley and Joan Liddon June 6th
William Garden and Sarah Pierce June 28th
Robert Clap and Elizabeth Limbury of Woodbury Jan 11th
George Parker and Mary Jago Feb 1st
Thomas Leigh and ???? Nov 30th
William Bedford and Elizabeth Smith Jan 21st
John Goldsworthy of Sidbury and Mary Trickey May 3rd
Richard Austin of Otterton and Elizabeth Stone Nov 23rd
John Harris and Elizabeth Langley of Woodbury Feb 6th
George Cull and Jane Leat Feb 20th
William Weeks of Littleham and Sarah Harris
William Job and Mary Teed May 21st
Edward Herniman and Elizabeth Marwood May 24th
Robert Way and Rebecca Middleton Sept 22nd
Stephen Cornhill and Elizabeth Warren Sept 26th
Humphry Bishop and Mary Stuart Oct 28th
Richard Parrett and Elizabeth Hand Dec 2nd
Robert Broom of Littleham and Mary Woolcott Feb 11th
Philip Warren and Hannah Bedford May 6th
John Searl and Elizabeth Geley June 22nd
George Davis of Bicton and Jane Elliott Jan 30th
Francis Hill and Mary Smith Feb 2nd
William Leigh and Margaret Hill Feb 6th
James Spearing and Honour Ware of Topsham Apl 20th
Robert Aplin and Mary Chard Nov 22nd
Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth Perry Nov 22nd
Jonah Stone and Mary Butson Sept 21st
William Warren and Rebecca Bastone May 29th
Roger Moore of Ottery St Mary and Mary Teed Feb 26th
Samuel Twining and Mary Lacy May 12th
Richard Tottle and Catherine Kennard May 18th
William Bedford and Elizabeth Hopping May 24th
William Hunt and Elizabeth Carpenter July 20th
William Luscomb and Ann ??? Mar 9th
William Teed and Sarah Bedford May 17th
Robert Stone and Mary Job May 22nd
Jonathan Bending of Portsmouth and Hannah Teed Oct 13th
Charles Bedford and Susannah Murch Mar 25th
William Hill and Joan Gelly June 6th
John Gibbs and Mary Warren June 9th
George Crook and Joan Hook June 11th
Robert Barns and Faith Webber Nov 5th
John Harding and Agnis Farr of Otterton Feb 16th
Nathaniel Patch and Sarah Carnol Apl 13th
John Crann and Sarah Dashwood July 7th
John Saunders and Rose Jouxson Aug 24th
George Smith and Jane Bastone Sept 17th
William Portbury and Sarah Bennett Oct 9th
Thomas Weeks and Mary Peryman Nov 27th
John Cowd and Grace Pengelly Jan 10th
Henry Baker and Ann Elliot Jan 10th
Thomas Saunders and Martha Bishop Jan 30th
Edward French and Susannah Midwinter Feb 11th
Martin Boyce and Susannah Pyle Mar 24th
James Follett and Mary Warren May 21st
Saul Yarmer and Jane Carnel May 28th
Benoni Hill and Mary Saunders May 28th
William Bedford and Mary Cowd June 13th
Henry Oystin and Ann Saunders Jan 8th
Henry Bedford and Honor Braddick Jan 25th
William Mugford and Mary Eliot Apl 17th
Samuel Aplin and Elizabeth Trescow of Withycombe Aug 13th
John Winsely and Sarah Hill Feb 4th
Robert Squire and Elizabeth Bedford Feb 4th
William Saunders and Sarah Carnel of Collaton Raleigh , ??
John Huish and Johanna Barret ??
John Gelly and Elizabeth Lavis of Topsham Nov 30th
John Marsh and Mary Smith Nov 30th
Charles Barrett and Elizabeth Job Dec 31st
John Taylor and Sarah Turnock Feb 6th
John Hill and Mary Smith Feb 15th
Thomas Bastone and Martha Hall Apl 8th
James Morris and Susannah Maynard June 12th
William Matthews and Elizabeth Beer Nov 12th
Philip Pyne of Talaton and Elizabeth Pennewill Jan 1st
Thomas Dyer and Rose Lavis Jan 8th
James Palmer and Joanna Hunt Jan 17th.

Brian Randell, 11 Feb 2007