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Some Notes on the Churches and Manors of East and West Ogwell

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32 (1900), pp. 229-248.


Maxwell Adams

Prepared by Michael Steer

The parish of East and West Ogwell has some 2,500 residents. The majority of the population is in East Ogwell which includes 150 homes of the old village of East Ogwell and roughly 650 homes to the east of Canada Hill. Most of these homes are on a new estate constructed during the late 1980s. The remainder of the parish population live in rural areas. A further new estate is under construction. West Ogwell has a medieval church standing beside a late 18th century manor house. The ancient church at East Ogwell contains a large monument to the Reynell family. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Anne, Queen238-9
Aylworth, Frances238
Aylworth, John238
Bassingbourne family232
Bassingbourne, Joan237
Bassingbourne, John237
Becket, Hester239
Becket, Randle239
Bennet, Elizabeth239
Bennet, John Esq234, 239
Bennet, Mary234, 239
Bickersteth, Bishop232
Blackmore, Elizabeth247
Boyville, Anastacia240
Boyville, Julian240
Boyville, William240
Brandon, Lucy238
Brandon, Robert238
Brighton, Rev O, MA244
Burden family231-3, 236
Callard family233
Calmady, Sir Shilston234
Charles I239
Chichester, Agnes237
Chichester family233
Clarke family236
Clavill, Richard237
Cooke, Charlotte240
Cooke, Rev William240
Coplestone, Elizabeth239
Coplestone, James239
Coplestone, Philip237
Coplestone, Radegunde237
Cose, Mary (Coose)233, 245
Cose, Richard233
Courtenay family238
Courtenay, Margaret238
Courtenay, Sir William238
Credeford, Judith236
Credeford, Susannah236-7
Credeford, Thomas236
Credeford, Thomas, jnr237
Dodington, Philip240
Dodington, Thomasine240
Eastchurch, Mrs Agnes248
Edward I237
Edward II237
Edward III240
Elizabeth I238
Ellacombe, Rev H T229
Ffowhel, Wilhelm armig231
Fortescue family230-1, 233, 238
Fortescue, Joan238
Fortescue, Lewis238
Fortescue, Margaret231, 238
Fortescue, William231, 238
Fowell family230
Fowell, Margaret240
Fowell, William240
Francis, Alan le237
Gale, Mr John245-6
Gambon family230
Gilbert, Edward246
Gilbert, Mr Henry246
Gortley, John234
Gortley, Richard234
Gould, Elizabeth239
Gould, James239
Hache, Thomasine237
Halifax, Marianne237, 247
Halifax, Samuel DD237
Hall, Bishop231
Harvey, Anne240, 243
Henry II237
Henry III237, 240
Henry VIII231
Holbeam, Anne240
Holbeam, Elizabeth240-1
Holbeam230-1, 240
Holbeame, John233, 240
Holbeam, Margaret240
Holbeam, Mary240
Holbeam, Thomasine240
Howard, Katherine231
James I238
Keppell, Bishop246
Killigrew, Elizabeth238
Killigrew, Sir H238
Kirke family236
Lambert, John236
Lethbridge, Joanna244
Lethbridge, John244
Lethbridge, Thomas244
Malston family232
Malston, Hugh de237
Malston, Margaret de237
Malston, Muriel de237
Malston, Robert de237
Marwood, Elizabeth241
Marwood, John241
Matthew, Cicely237
Matthew, Edward237
Milman, Anne244
Milman, Rev Francis244, 246
Milman, Francis jnr244
Milman, Mary244
Milman, Sarah244
Milman, Sarah (2)244
Neyle, William246
Nickel, Ames233
Nickel, Peter233
Periem, John238, 241
Periam, Mary238
Perry, Mr Edward247
Perry, Dinah247
Petrie, Anne240
Petrie, John240
Petrie, Robert241
Peytevin, William (also Pictavensis)237, 240
Pictavensis, Hugh237
Pictavensis, Richard237
Pictavensis, William (also Peytevin)240
Pierce, Adam240
Pierce, Elizabeth240
Pole237, 240
Pollard, Elizabeth241
Pollard, Robert241
Pomerai, Ralph de237
Powlett, Charles246
Preston, John246
Priestman, Admiral242
Prince, John238
Prout, Rev Thomas235, 245-6
Pury family233
Ramsay family236
Rendell, R236
Rendle, Peter245
Reynell, Agnes233, 237-8
Reynell, Sir Carew238
Reynell, Christopher (Rennell)244
Reynell, Cicely237
Reynell, Dinah (Rennell)244, 247
Reynell, Dorothy231, 234, 239
Reynell, Edmund238
Reynell, Edward238
Reynell, Elizabeth234, 238
Reynell family229-36, 238, 240
Reynell, Frances238
Reynell, George238
Reynell, Sir George238
Reynell, Grace (Rennell)244
Reynell, Henry244
Reynell, Hester239
Reynell, Jane238, 244
Reynell, Joan237-8
Reynell, Joanna234
Reynell, John Esq231, 233, 237-8
Reynell, Katherine245
Reynell, Lucy238
Reynell, Margaret231, 237-8
Reynell, Mary234, 239, 244-5
Reynell, Radegunde237-8
Reynell, Richard Esq231, 233-4, 238-9, 241, 245
Reynell, Sir Richard Bt231, 234, 238-9, 245
Reynell, Robert237
Reynell, Sarah239
Reynell, Stephen237
Reynell, Thomas Esq234, 237, 239, 244-5
Reynell, Thomasine237
Reynell, Rev Thomas239, 245-6
Reynell, Sir Thomas234, 238-9, 241
Reynell, Walter237-8
Reynell, William (Rennell)244-5
Righton, Richard239
Righton, Sarah239
Roch, Dr230
Roskilly, Rev Thomas244, 246
Scoble family (Scobahul)231
Scratton, Daniel Robert240-1
Short, Rev William246
Southcote family233, 238
Southcote, Agnes238
Southcote, John238
Spiller family236
Spry, Amy247
Spry, Elizabeth Katherine247
Spry, Mrs Elizabeth247
Spry, John247
Spry, Rev Richard246-8
Spry, Richard jnr246, 248
Spry, William247
St Clere, Gilbert240
St Clere, Mary240
Stighull family231-3, 236
Stighull, Margaret237
Stighull, William237
Taylor, Alice L'Isle245
Taylor, Anne240, 243, 245
Taylor, Arthur Joseph240
Taylor, Charlotte240, 248
Taylor, Charlotte Laura244
Taylor, Charlotte Susannah248
Taylor, Cyril Reynell245
Taylor, Edith Mary245
Taylor, Edward Fortescue245
Taylor, Elizabeth240
Taylor, Ernest FitzWilliam245
Taylor family236, 239-40, 242
Taylor, Rev FitzWilliam John240, 244-6
Taylor, Frances Isabella Maria244-5
Taylor, Francis Pierce248
Taylor, Rev Henry237, 247-8
Taylor, Henry Reynell245
Taylor, Isabel Alice245
Taylor, John Cumberland245
Taylor, Captain Joseph RN239, 242-3
Taylor, Joseph Esq236, 239, 242-3, 247
Taylor, Marianne237, 248
Taylor, Martha244
Taylor, Mary243
Taylor Mary Anne247
Taylor, Mary Grace248
Taylor, Maud Eliza244
Taylor, Pierce Gilbert Edward240-1
Taylor, Pierce Joseph Esq240, 243
Taylor, Reynell, George, CB, CSI235, 240, 243, 245
Taylor, Rebecca239, 243, 247
Taylor, Thomas Esq240, 243-4
Taylor, Major General Thomas William, CB234-5, 240, 243
Taylor, Violet Annie245
Taylor, William244
Taylor, Winnifred Harriet Sophie245
Temple, Bishop232
Thorber family232-3, 236
Thorber, Muriel237
Thorber, Thomas237
Trelawny, Elizabeth238
Trelawny, Jonathan238
Vaughan, Rev Edward246
Vincent, Elizabeth239
Vincent, William239
Vining, Sarah244
Vining, Thomas244
Vining, Thomas jnr244
Waller, Jane238
Waller, Sir William238
Walrond family233
Walrond, Joan237
Walrond, William237
Whidborne, Sarah236
Whidborne, Rev Thomas Vining236, 246
Whitrow, James239
Whitrow, Mary239
Whitrow, Mrs Rebecca (also Whitbrow)236, 239, 247
Wodrough, Mary247
Whoodrow, Robert (also Wodrough)247
William, Dr242
Yarde family230
Yarde, Anne240
Yarde, Richard240