List of Devon Subscribers


Sermons on Various Subjects


Rev William Woollcombe, MA.

London: Trewman & Son. Sold also by Rivington (1797) liv, 297 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rev William Woollcombe was Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and Rector of East Worlington, a small, rather scattered village on the northern acclivity of the valley of the little Dart, six miles East of Chulmleigh. His father was John Woollcombe of Ashbury, near Hatherleigh, High Sheriff of Devon in 1751. His mother was Mary, daughter and heiress of Jefferey Morth of Talland in Cornwall. The Woollcombes were a well-established family of Devon gentry, several of whom down through the generations held high office in the county. The subscriber's list is extensive. A majority of subscribers, perhaps a memorial to Rev Woollcombe, are from the Westcountry with a great many from Devon. The following list identifies only the Devon surnames and where possible, locations. The list also contains names of several Oxford academics who might have Devon links. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Abbot, Mr Exeter
Ackland, Hugh Esq  
Ackland, Lady Harriet  
Adams, Mr Totnes
Adams, William Esq Plympton
Alford, Rev Mr Heal House
Andrew, Rev John Powderham
Arscot, Miss Okehampton
Bailey, Mrs Exeter
Baker, Mr John East Worlington
Baker, Mr T West Worlington
Bampfylde, Rev R W Poltimore
Bampfylde, Mrs E  
Barbour, William Esq Fremington
Baring, Charles Esq Courtland
Baring, John Esq, MP Mount Radford
Barnard, Colonel Bideford
Barne, Mr G Tiverton
Barnes, Archdeacon & Mrs Exeter
Barnes, Mr Christ Church, Oxon
Barnes, Mr Exeter College, Oxon
Bartholomew, Rev Robert Exeter
Barton, Subdean & Mrs Exeter
Bastard, John Polexfen Esq Kitley
Bawden, Rev R South Molton
Beck, Mr Frenchay
Bedford, Rev William Mary Tavy
Belfield, Rev Finney Primley
Bennet, Mr John Plymouth
Bennet, Mr William Plymouth
Bent, Rev George Sandford
Bickford, Miss Dunsland
Blackall, Dr Exeter
Blackall, Henry Esq Exeter
Blackall, Mrs Exeter
Blackall, Rev S Exeter
Blackall, Mr T Exeter
Blundell, Richard Esq Tiverton
Boger, Mrs Smitham
Brand, ___ Esq Topsham
Bray, Edward William Esq Tavistock
Brereton, Rev & Mrs Exeter
Brutton, Rev Mr Sidmouth
Buck, Mrs Daddon, Bideford
Buckland, Rev Charles Axminster
Buller, Dr Exeter
Buller, Sir Francis, Bt Lupton
Buller, James Esq Downs
Burd, Miss Ann Okehampton
Burnaford, Thomas esq Tavistock
Burrington, Rev George Chudleigh
Burrow, Rev T Inwardleigh
Burton, John, Esq Jacobstowe
Carew, Pole Esq  
Carew, Rev J W Bickleigh
Carpenter, John Esq (& Mrs) Tavyton
Cartwright, Mrs Exeter
Carwithen, Rev Mr Newton St Cyres
Carwithen, Mrs Exeter
Cary, George Esq (& Mrs) Torr Abbey
Champernoun, Arthur Esq Dartington
Charter, Rev John Holne
Chichester, J P Esq Arlington
Cholwich, R B Esq Farringdon
Churchill, Miss J F Exeter
Churchill, Mr Fellow, All Souls, Oxford
Churchill, Rev John Eggesford
Churchill, Rev M Exeter
Churchill, Peter Esq Dawlish
Churchward, Rev Mr Goodleigh
Churchward, Mrs Sarah Goodleigh?
Churchward, Rev William Goodleigh
Clarke, R H Esq Bridwell
Clay, Rev & Mrs Benjamin East Worlington
Cleather, Mr Plymouth
Cleave, Mr Crediton
Cleveland, John Esq Tapley
Clinton, Lord  
Cobley, Mr Andrew East Worlington
Coffin, Rev Charles Pynne East Down
Coffin, Rev John Pyne Portlege
Coham, Rev W H Black Torrington
Cole, John Esq Exeter
Colley, James Esq Little Torrington
Collyns, Mr Kenton
Comins, Rev J Rackenford
Cook, Mr Richard West Worlington
Cooke, Rev Dr Oxford
Copplestone, Mr Oxford
Cornish, Mr P Exeter
Courtenay, Lady Catherine  
Courtenay, Dr Exeter
Courtenay, Lady Elizabeth  
Cox, Rev Mr Stockland
Crawley, Rev Charles Clyst St Mary
Cruwys, Rev Dr Cruwys Morchard
Culme, John Esq Plymouth
Cumming, Rev J P Oxford
Curtis, Edward Esq Oxford
Curtis, Rev Mr Oxford
Cutcliffe, Rev Robert Seaton
Davie, Rev Charles Buckland
Davie, Sir John, Bt Creedy
Dean, Rev William Great Torrington
Dennis, Alderman Exeter
Dennys, Nicholas Esq Ashley
Dicken, Rev Mr Witheridge
Downman, Dr Exeter
Drewe, William Esq Spring Gardens
Dunsterville, Mr B Plymouth
Dunsterville, Mr John Exeter College, Oxford
Eales, Mr Plymouth
Edwards, Rev J Berry Pomeroy
Edwards, Rev W E Redland House, Instow
Elford, Jonathan Esq Plymouth Dock
Elford, William Esq, MP Bickham
Ellicombe, Rev William Alphington
Ellis Miss Exeter
Elmesley, John Esq Oriel College
Elston, Rev William West Down
Faneuil, Mrs Stonehouse
Fisher, Rev Peter & Miss Fisher Little Torrington
Follett, Rev John Tiverton
Foote, Mr South Molton
Fortescue, Hon Captain  
Fortescue, Earl & Lady  
Fortescue, Inglet Esq  
Fortescue, Mrs & Miss Dawlish
Foss, Rev Mr Arlington
Fownes, Rev Thomas Kittery
Froude, Rev Robert Hurrell Totnes
Furneaux, Rev James Plymouth
Furse, Rev Peter Wellington Halsdon
Gandy, Rev J Plymouth & Exeter
Gasking, Dr Plymouth
Gater, Mr Exeter
Gay, Mr Nicholas Up-Ottery
Gay Miss Cloister Hall
Gennys, Miss Stonehouse
Gilbert, Walter Rawleigh & Mrs, Esq Priory House
Girod, Dr Exeter
Glanville, F Esq & Mrs Catch-French
Glanville, Lord & Lady  
Glubb, Rev Thomas Exeter College, Oxford
Glubb. John Warren Esq Torrington
Gubb, Rev Peter Langtree
Gordon, Rev Mr Exeter
Gordon, Mrs Hartland
Gore, Mrs Dunscombe
Gould, George Esq  
Gould, Rev Robert Motherton
Granger, Edmund Esq Exeter
Grenville, Lord  
Gwennap, Captain Bideford
Hains, Rev William Overton
Hale, Mrs Ingsdon
Hallet, Rev Richard Stedcombe
Hamilton, Sir Alexander Retreat
Hamlyn, Mr Robert Bideford
Hammett, Rev Richard Hartland
Hare, Mrs Plymouth
Hart, C B Esq Sidborough
Heberden, Rev Canon Exeter
Heinzelman, G Esq Heavitree
Helyar, Weston Esq Newton Ferrers
Herring, Mrs Great Torrington
Hicks, Mr William Exeter
Hiern, Mr John Torrington
Hiern, Rev Mr Stoke
Hill, Rev Mr Tawstock
Hoare, Mr C Dawlish
Holdsworth, Mrs Dartmouth
Hole, Rev Thomas Ham
Hole, Rev H A Chulmleigh
Hole, Rev Joshua Burrington
Holmes, Mr William Exeter
Holwell, Mrs Ann Exeter
Hosegood, Mr John West Worlington
Howell, Rev Canon Exeter
Hudson, Mrs Exeter
Hughes, Henry Exeter
Hunt, William Exeter
Hunt, Rev William Plymouth
Incledon, R N Esq Pilton
Jackson, William Esq Exeter
Jackson, William Esq Cowley
Jackson, William Bickford Esq Bideford
Jago, Rev J Milton Abbot
Jones, Rev Thomas Hill House
Karslake, Rev Mr Bishop's Nympton
Karslake, Mr William  
Keats, Rev Mr King's Nympton
King, Mr Mervyn Exeter
Kingdon, Richard Esq Barum
Kitson, Rev Walter Exeter
Kitson, Rev E A Exeter
Kitson, Rev Thomas Shiphay
Kitson, Rev William Torquay
Lane, Thomas Esq Coffleet
Land, Miss Dartmouth
Lane, Mr Philip Morchard Bishop
Leach, George Esq Plymouth
Leare, Thomas Esq Sandwell
Lee, Mr Ilfracombe
Ley, Henry Esq Exeter
Ley, Mrs Ashprington
Ley, Rev Jacob Ashprington
Ley, Rev Mr Shobrooke
Ley, Mr George Cockington
Louis, Mr Exeter
Louis, Miss Elizabeth Exeter
Louis Miss F E Exeter
Lovering, Rev T M Pinhoe
Luce, Rev Mr Plymouth
Luke, Rev Mr Exeter
Luxmoore, Mrs Charles Okehampton
Luxmoore, Rev Coryndon Bridestowe
Luxmoore, Henry Esq Okehampton
Luxmoore, Mr T B Okehampton
Mallett, John Esq Speccott
Marker, Rev R J Uffculme
Marsh, Rev George Critchel
Martin, Miss Seaborough
May, Rev James Cheldon
Melluish, Richard Esq Witheridge
Merrivale, John Esq Devon
Milford, John Esq Exeter
Mitchell, Rev William Forard Throwleigh
Moore, Mrs Grampound
Moore, Rev Archdeacon Exeter
Moore, Rev William Snr South Tawton
Moore, Rev Thomas Bishop's Tawton
Moore, Rev Edward Oxford
Morrison, Mrs E Bideford
Morshead, P Esq Widey
Munday, Mrs Budleigh Salterton
Newcombe, ___ Esq Teignmouth
Northcote, Sir Stafford Henry  
Nowell, Dr Oxford
Nutcombe, Rev Chancellor Exon
Orchard, Paul Esq Hartland Abbey
Ouchterloney, Mrs Topsham
Palk, Lawrence Esq Haldon House
Palk, Walter Esq Marley House
Parlby, Thomas Esq Stone Hall
Partridge, John Esq Great Torrington
Penny, Rev Robert, DD Cromhall
Phillips, Rev J Membury
Phillips, Miss Membury
Phillips, Mrs Topsham
Pickford, Mr Oriel College, Oxon
Pierce, Miss Mary Exeter
Pigott, Mrs Dartmouth
Pigott, Arthur Esq Powys Place
Pole, Sir John de la Shute House
Poole, Rev Mr Oriel College
Price, Rev Richard Lamerton
Price, Mr Samuel East Worlington
Prowse, Mr Exeter
Putt, Mrs Bridestowe
Putt, Rev Thomas Oxford
Pyne, Rev Edward East Down
Radcliffe, Richard Copplestone Esq Stoke
Radford, Rev John Lapford
Randolph, Rev Dr Oxford
Remmet, Dr Plymouth
Rhodes, Rev George Colyton
Roberts, William Esq Exeter
Rolle, Lord Stevenstone
Rowe, Rev J Alscott
Rowe, James Esq Alscott
Rowe, Miss Tiverton
Saltren, Rev Thomas Petticombe
Sawle, Miss Bridget Exeter
Sheere, Mrs Bideford
Short, John Jeffery Esq Exeter
Shute, Thomas Esq Wotton
Skinner, Mrs Exeter
Slade, Rev Richard Torrington
Smyth, Rev William Bideford
Southmead, Rev William Gidley
Spaikes, Mr Isaac Gidley
Spencer, Mr George East Worlington
Spurway, Rev Mr Pilton
Spurway, Rev William Barnstaple
Stawell, Rev W M South Molton
Steer, Rev Charles Axminster
Strong, Thomas Esq Lympstone
Sunter, Mr William Ashburton
Sunter, Mr Joseph Ashburton
Sweet, Mrs Kentisbury
Symons, Mr William Plymouth
Tarrant, Rev Robert Exeter
Taylor, Mrs Pierce Ogwell
Taylor, Thomas esq Denbury
Taylor, Rev Mr Clifton
Templar, Rev J Lindridge
Toms, Rev William South Molton
Totton, Rev M Oriel College
Trefusis, Rev John South Hill
Tremayne, Arthur Esq Sydenham
Tripp, Rev R Rewe
Tucker, Allar Esq Bideford
Tucker, Miss Uffculme
Tucker, Miss S Uffculme
Tucker, Rev Peter Morchard
Tucker, Rev G, LLD Axminster
Turner, Mr Thomas Exeter
Turner, Mr Redland
Twopenny, Rev Richard Oriel College
U & V  
Vigor, Rev T Stonehouse Clifton
Warren, John Oriel College
Watson, Mr Bideford
Welsford, Mrs Totnes
Weston, Miss F Exeter
White, James Esq Exeter
White, Miss Exeter
White, Rev Dr Oxford
Whitechurch, Mr Henry Tavistock
Wibault, Mrs Exeter
Williams, Miss Exeter
Williams, Miss Mary Exeter
Williams, John Esq Exeter
Willisford, Rev Vyvyan Coryton
Windeatt, Mr Bridge Town, Totnes
Windeatt, Mr ditto
Windeatt, Miss ditto
Winsor, Mr John Ashburton
Winsor, Mr George ditto
Witts, B Esq Nibby House
Woollcombe, Rev John Plymouth
Woollcombe, John Morth Esq Ashbury
Woollcombe, Mrs ditto
Woollcombe, Mr Francis ditto
Woollcombe, Mr C Exeter
Woolcombe, George Esq Plymouth
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Tawstock
Wrey, General Barnstaple
Wrey, Rev William Coombinteignhead
Yonge, Rev James Puslinch
Yonge, Rev Denys West Putford