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Twelfth Report of the Committee on Devonshire Verbal Provincialisms

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. XXI, (1889), pp. 84-109.


F.T. Elworthy, Member of Council of the Philological Society

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Committee’s Report was read at the Association’s July 1891 Tiverton meeting. The Members’ purpose was to note and record current and past use of any Verbal Provincialisms in Devonshire, in either written or spoken language, that had not been included in the lists published in the Association’s Transactions. The Report, from a copy of a rare journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitization of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Committee Members - Mr. J. S. Amery, Mr. F.T. Elworthy, (Secretary), Mr. F. H. Firth, Mr. P.O. Hutchinson, Mr. P.Q. Karkeek, Dr. W.C. Lake, Dr. T.N. Brushfield.

Adair, Colonel A.W.126
Alisaunder, King129
Baxter, James Phinney133
Champernowne family126
Cotgrave, Randle129, 142
Darby, L.143
Davy, Albert J.126
Elworthy, F.T.126
Evans, J.J. Ogilvie126
Giles, Lydia127-32, 134, 136-9, 141
Halliwell-Phillips, James Orchard126-31, 133, 136-9, 141
Henry IV133
Higden, Ranulf140
Hogg, Nathan139
Karkeek, P.Q.126
Leland, John126
Lipscombe, R.H.126
Mannyng, R.136
Milles, Rev. Jeremiah133
Nash, Rev. Treadway Russell138
Neck, J.S.126
Palsgrave, John129
Percy, House of137
Perriam, Mr.133
Piers Plowman127
Pratt, Mr.137-8
Rogers, Daniel141
Rundle, Rev. S.126
Shakespeare, William133
Skeat, Walter William129
Skinner, Stephen129
Thorne, Mr. C.143
Tooke, Horne142
Trelawny, Sir Jonathan133
Troup, Mrs. J.Rose126
Wedgwood, Hensleigh136
Woodhouse, H.B.S.126
Wycliffe, John135, 140