Devonians in the Colonies

Letters to the Devonshire Association in 1900 and 1901

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 33 (1901) pp. 68-76.

Transcribed by Jean Harris

In 1900, Sir Roger Lethbridge, who was to be the next president of this Association, sent a circular to newspapers in some colonies and also the United States inviting present day descendants of Devonians to write giving the details of their ancestors and how they had fared in their new countries. There were over three hundred replies and those letters may contain the very information sought by today's descendants. In his address he said that he was passing these letters/papers over to the Royal Albert Museum in Exeter but for some reason not all of them as listed in his address were given to that museum. Subsequently the Lethbridge letters/papers were transferred from the museum to the Devon Record Office, Exeter, where their document reference is Z19/29/22a-c. An enquiry to the Devon RO will advise if the ancestral letter as listed in the 1900 presidential address is held in this collection and if so, whether a copy or transcription can be made.

However, in 2003 the LDS filmed the letters at the Devon Record Office and these films can be viewed at any LDS Family History Library:

    Roger Lethbridge papers 1900-1901 (to page 80 DRAKE, Timothy 2356020 Item 13)
    Roger Lethbridge papers 1900-1901 (from page 80 DRAKE, Timothy 2356106 Item 1)


ACKLAND William Hayes Washington D.C. U.S.A.
ACLAND Hon John Barton Arundell Mount Peel Rangitata N.Z.
AMBROSE Rev. Robert G. Kingston   Jamaica
ANSTEY Thomas & George Tordyay   W. Australia
BADGERY Frank Exeter New South Wales Australia
BARONS Henry Harriettsville Ontario Canada
BARRATT Thomas W. Clearfield Pensylvania U.S.A.
BARTOW Rev. Evelyn P. Providence Rhode Island U.S.A.
BEEDELL George Hatswell Brisbane Queensland Australia
BEER Sidney J. Kingston   Jamaica
BEER W. Howard Memorial Libry New Orleans U.S.A.
BELFIELD A. Dumaresq New South Wales Australia
BELFIELD Alan St Michaels   Barbados
BELFIELD H. Dorking   England
BENJAMIN Miss Mary Eddye New London Connecticut U.S.A.
BENTHAM Mrs Hannah Dorchester Massachusetts U.S.A.
BENNETT Mrs Raymond Heckston Ontario Canada
BERRY Hon & Rev. C.B. ( Legislative Council)   Jamaica
BESS Albert Brisbane Queensland Australia
BIDWELL Percy Sturgeon Falls Ontario Canada
BOND George J. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
BOND H.E. Brisbane Queensland Australia
BOND Hon. Robert St John's Newfoundland Canada
BOND Miss S.C. Rockland Maine U.S.A.
BOND W. Cranch Boston   U.S.A.
BOVEY Dean H.T. Montreal Quebec Canada
BOWEN Edward A. Woodstock Connecticut U.S.A.
BOYCE Canon Francis B. Sydney New South Wales Australia
BRAMBLE Mrs Catherine A. New London Connecticutt U.S.A.
BRIDGMAN George Montreal Quebec Canada
BROCK Mark Durban Natal ?South Africa
BURGESS J. Westmorland   Jamaica
BURNETT John West Hampstead London England
BURTON Mrs E.B. Manchester in Mountains Vermont U.S.A.
CABELL James Alston Richmond Virginia U.S.A.
CAMERON Dr & Mrs C.E. Hartford Connecticut U.S.A.
CARRAWAY Mrs J.R.B. New Bern N. Carolina U.S.A.
CHARLEY Anthony Kew Estate Lucia Jamaica
CHURCH Inspector Jamaica Constabulary   Jamaica
CLAXTON Mrs Jane West Mount Montreal Canada
CLEAK J. Bancroft Ontario Canada
COCKS J.W.P. Boulder City   W. Australia
COFFIN Capt Isaac Tristram Magdalen Islands Gulf of St Lawrence Canada
COFFIN-HALLETT Miss E.V. Hartford Connecticut Canada
COFFIN Hon Thomas Barrington Nova Scotia Canada
COFFIN Owen Vincent Middletown Connecticut U.S.A.
COFFIN Prof. Selden J. Easton Pennsylvania U.S.A.
COFFIN Tristram Pokeepsie New York U.S.A.
COFFIN W. Edward New York New York U.S.A.
COLE Miss Esther A. Belle Plains Minnesota U.S.A.
COMPTON E.A. Fred Guildford   W. Australia
CONANT Mrs Harlan P. Somerville Massachusetts U.S.A.
CONANT Frederich O. Portland Maine U.S.A.
CONNER Mrs Mary E. Charleston S. Carolina U.S.A.
COOMBE Elijah Cincinnati Ohio U.S.A.
COOMBE William Mt Zion Illinois U.S.A.
COOMBS W.G. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
CORK Alfred King Street   Jamaica
COWPER née LETHBRIDGE Mrs Mary Copland Sydney New South Wales Australia
COX Theophilus Kingston   Jamaica
CRANFORD J.P. New York New York U.S.A.
CRICHTON Miss Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada
CROCKER C. San Francisco California U.S.A.
CROCKER Hon. Mrs Cleveland Ohio U.S.A.
CROCKER R New York New York U.S.A.
CROOKER Charles Henry Neponset Massachusetts U.S.A.
CROOKER Zenas Stetson New York New York U.S.A.
CUDLIPP J.W. Ingersole Ontario Canada
CUMMINGS S.J. Coolgardie   W. Australia
CURTIS Mrs John Toronto Ontario Canada
DARE Miss Frances E. Sydney New South Wales Australia
DAVEY A.J. Sydney New South Wales Australia
DAVEY G.B. Sydney New South Wales Australia
DAVEY G.H. Everett Massachusetts U.S.A.
DAVEY George W. Albany New York U.S.A.
DAVEY J.T. Newcastle New South Wales Australia
DAVEY J.W. Owen Sound Ontario Canada
DAVEY W.E. Dubbo New South Wales Australia
DENTEN Franklin B. New Haven Conecticut U.S.A.
DEVONSHIRE Robert W. Dorchester Massachusetts U.S.A.
DEVONSHIRE William P. & George H.W. East Adelaide   S. Australia
DICKENSON Mrs George F New York New York U.S.A.
DISTIN Miss Peterborough Ontario Canada
DODGE Miss Elizabeth H. Brooklyn, New York New York U.S.A.
DOLLING Thomas Splatt Burtsville Laverton W. Australia
DONOVAN Mrs J. White Beulah Victoria Australia
DORE née GLANVILLE Mrs Margaretta Cottesloe   W. Australia
DOWNING Mrs Mary Warwick Queensland Australia
DRAKE Capt. N.M. Buffalo New York U.S.A.
DRAKE E.S. Hartford Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE Fredick G. Windsor Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE George W. South Windsor Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE J.C. South Windsor Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE Mrs Helen A. Hartford Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE R.C. South Windsor Connecticut U.S.A.
DRAKE S.D. Windsor Connecticut U.S.A.
DUNSFORD W.H. Brentford Ontario Canada
DURNFORD E.C. Digby Novs Scotia Canada
DWIGHT Henry Cecil jun Hartford Connecticut U.S.A.
DWIGHT Mrs Edith Ward Hartford Connecticutt U.S.A.
DYKE George J. Vancouver British Columbia Canada
EAGER William Morrisburg Ontario Canada
EAGER Daniel Winchester Ontario Canada
EAGER George Kemptville Ontario Canada
EAGER Richard Heckston Ontario Canada
EAGER Thomas Heckson Ontario Canada
EALES J.G. Morpeth New South Wales Australia
EARLE E.P. Canso Nove Scotia Canada
EDWARDS John T. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
EDWARDS Miss Florence J. Upper Sackville Nova Scotia Canada
EDYE Lieut. Col. St James Club, Montreal Quebec Canada
ELGIE Augustus Albany New York U.S.A.
ELGIE J.R. Troy New York U.S.A.
ELGIE Mrs Julia New Bern North Carolina U.S.A.
ELGIE W.J. Salisbury North Carolina U.S.A.
ELLACOTT J.P. Chicago   U.S.A.
ELSNER J.R. Brisbane Queensland Australia
ELSON S. sen. Paddington North Goldfields Australia
ELWORTHY Henry Calcutta   India
ENDICOTT Henry Orangeville Ontario Canada
EVANS Mrs George Portland Maine U.S.A.
FISHER Samuel Dayton Ohio U.S.A.
FOLEY Mrs Jane Sheppard Stillwater Minnesota U.S.A.
FOWLER Clarkson N. Hartford Connecticut U.S.A.
FRADGLEY Mrs William Albany New York U.S.A.
FRIEND A.J. Potchefstroom Transvaal South Africa
GAMON Thomas Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S.A.
GARDINER J. Rawson Montreal Quebec Canada
GASSAWAY L.D. Annapolis Maryland U.S.A.
GEER Albert L. South Manchester Conneticut U.S.A.
GEER David H. Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
GEER David M. Norwich New York U.S.A.
GEER Fred P. Rainbow Connecticutt U.S.A.
GEER George Jarvis Pittsburg Pennsylvania U.S.A.
GEER Harry R. St Louis Missouri U.S.A.
GEER Isaac Newcastle Pennsylvania U.S.A.
GEER Isaac W. Poquetannck Connecticut U.S.A.
GEER J.S. Burns Oregon U.S.A.
GEER Rev. William Montague New York New York U.S.A.
GEER Walter New York New York U.S.A.
GEER William H. Cinncinatti Ohio U.S.A.
GEORGE Henry Crampton Middlesex Canada
GERRANS H.M. Buffalo New York U.S.A.
GLASE Mrs H. Sydney New South Wales Australia
GLAZIER G.M. Hartford Conneticut U.S.A.
GOODRICH R.S. St James   Jamaica
GREENE Richard Henry New York New York U.S.A.
GREER Albert L. South Manchester Connecticut U.S.A.
GREER Rear Admiral Washington D.C. U.S.A.
GRIGG Richard Ingersole Ontario Canada
GUPPY E.H. San Jose California U.S.A.
HAMBLETON Miss Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
HAMBLY Degory Brisbane Queensland Australia
HAMMETT John L. Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada
HANCOCK Richard J. Ashburton Downs Onslow W. Australia
HARRIS James Gardiner Toronto Ontario Canada
HARRIS John A. Toronto Ontario Canada
HARRIS Mrs Anne Harrison Ohio U.S.A.
HARRIS Rev. John Brooklin Ontario Canada
HARRIS Robert B. Toronto University Ontario Canada
HARRIS W.H. Campbellford Ontario Canada
HATHERLEY William Lyttelton Canterbury New Zealnad
HAYDON N.W. Brookline Post Office Massachusetts U.S.A.
HEARN Henry Ingersole Ontario Canada
HEARN W. Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada
HEAVEN B. de S. St Thomas   Jamaica
HIBBARD Lewis B. Highland Park Illinois U.S.A.
HILL William Appleton St Elizabeth Jamaica
HILLS Henry W. Windsor Conneticut U.S.A.
HILLS Thomas Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
HOAR J.Emory Brookline Massachusetts U.S.A.
HOLMES J. New York New York U.S.A.
HOLMAN Frank Bristol Gloucs England
HOLMAN H. Wilson Billiter Buildings   E.C.
HOLMES W. Randolph Vermont U.S.A.
HOOKER Edward A., Commdr Brooklyn U.S.Navy New York U.S.A.
HOOPER W.H. Carberry Manitoba Canada
HOPKINS F. St Catherine   Jamaica
HORSEY Alfred J. Ottawa Ontario Canada
HOYLES N.W. Toronto Ontario Canada
HUDSON N. Dyer Exeter Ontario Canada
HUGO N.F. Duluth Minnesota U.S.A.
HUGO Trevanion W. Duluth Minnesota U.S.A.
HURLEY Mrs James M. New York New York U.S.A.
HYNDMAN Mrs (Eager) Heckston Ontario Canada
ISAAC Edwin South Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
ISAAC Robert South Boston Massachucetts U.S.A.
IRELAND W. Toronto Junction Ontario Canada
JAMES Professor E.J. Chicago   U.S.A.
JEFFERY W. Brooklin Ontario U.S.A.
JENNINGS Albert Hamilton Ontario Canada
JERRED John Paddington North Goldfields W. Australia
JOHNSTON Walter S. Brooklyn New York U.S.A.
KENSINGTON Howard Ingurugalla Aranayaka Ceylon
KING Charles McArthur     Norfolk Island
KING Hon. Philip Gidley Sydney New South Wales Australia
KING née LETHBRIDGE Mrs Arthur Septimus      
KING Rufus Yonkers New York U.S.A.
KING Samuel C. Manhatten New York U.S.A.
KING Stephen Ingersole Ontario C
KINSMAN William George Cobourg Ontario C
KNIGHT Mrs Charlotte Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand
KYNGDON Dr F.H. Sydney New South Wales Australia
LAMPAY William G. Ottawa Ontario Canada
LAND Miss Halfway Tree   Jamaica
LAWRENCE Mrs H.J. Moira, Franklin County New York U.S.A.
LEAMANS Samuel Harriettsville Ontario Canada
LETHBRIDGE George Ingersole Ontario Canada
LETHBRIDGE G.H. Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE John Bridgman Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE George Langworthy Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE C. Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE Dr. C.F.L. Beaufort nr Ballarat Victoria Australia
LETHBRIDGE Robert Owen Sound Ontario Canada
LETHBRIDGE Miss Catherine A. Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
LETHBRIDGE Gladstone West Maitland New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE Thomas West Maitland New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE George Taranaki   New Zealand
LETHBRIDGE Thomas Taranaki   New Zealand
LETHBRIDGE Richard Taranaki   New Zealand
LETHBRIDGE Lt Col C.W. Fitzroy Victoria Australia
LETHBRIDGE Henry Perth   W. Australia
LETHBRIDGE E.F. Petersburg   S. Australia
LETHBRIDGE Robert Port Augusta   S. Australia
LETHBRIDGE Mrs John W. London Ontario Canada
LETHBRIDGE Robert Copland Mitchell Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE John King Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE William Baron Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE Robert Copland Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE Philip Northmore Sydney New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE Robert Luxmore Werrington N. Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE John Copland King Mitchell Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE Arthur Forrest Mitchell Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE George Frederick Mitchell Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE Miss Flora Josepha Mitchell Queensland Australia
LETHBRIDGE Colonel Wallis Hobart   Tasmania
LETHBRIDGE Harold Octavius Sydney University New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE George Henry   New South Wales Australia
LETHBRIDGE-GULICK Mrs Brooklyn New York U.S.A.
LEGGATT C.J. Trail British Columbia Canada
LLOYD John Rowe Bergeville Quebec Canada
LOCK D.R. Newport Kentucky U.S.A.
LOCKWOOD Mrs Palmer Charleston South Carolina U.S.A.
LOMBARD Mrs C.C. Ann Arbor Michigan U.S.A.
LOVELAND Major Jamaica Constabulary   Jamaica
LOVEYS W.J. Cinncinnati Ohio U.S.A.
LOWE John H. Baltimore Maryland U.S.A.
LOWIS C.C. Bridgetown   Barbados
MacCREA Inspector Jamaica Constabulary   Jamaica
MADGE H. New York New York U.S.A.
MADGE Miss M. Georgina Fort Mayne Indiana U.S.A.
MANDERSON H.M. Owen Sound Ontario Canada
MANNING née LETHBRIDGE Mrs Harriet E. Sibella   Queensland Australia
MARSHALL Arthur Wellington   New Zealand
MASON Herbert Toronto Ontario Canada
MASON W.W. Toronto Ontario Canada
MAYNARD Rev. Canon Thomas Windsor Nova Scotia Canada
MCLEAN née LETHBRIDGE Mrs Maude S.E. Bindango Queensland Australia
MCLELLAN - Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
MELHUISH George Vancouver British Columbia Canada
MILLS Laurence T. Cambden South Carolina U.S.A.
MITCHELL Mrs A.M. Adelaide   S. Australia
MORRELL Mrs F.L. Rogas Park Illinois U.S.A.
MORTIMER W.E. Chicago   U.S.A.
MUNN W.A. St John's Newfoundland Canada
NANCEKIVELL William Ingersole Ontario Canada
NATHAN Michael Jersey City New Jersey U.S.A.
NICKELS John H. Ann Arbor Michigan U.S.A.
NIMMO née LETHBRIDGE Mrs Mary Anne Eleanor Oak Park N. Queensland Australia
NORRISH Thomas Eticup   W. Australia
NORSWORTHY J. Brooklyn, New York New York U.S.A.
NORSWORTHY James Ingersole Ontario Canada
O'NEAL J.W. Mount Prostect   Barbados
OSWELL F. Claremont   Australia
OUTRAM Alfred H. Toronto Ontario Canada
OXENHAM P.J. East Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
OXENHAM Isaac Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada
OXENHAM Mrs Taranaki   New Zealand
PALMER W.H. Greenridge Manitoba Canada
PARKIN J.H. St James   Jamaica
PARSONS Thomas Crampton Ontario Canada
PAUL W.H. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
PAULIN Francis H. near Weymouth Bridge Nova Scotia Canada
PAYNE H. New York New York U.S.A.
PEARCE Mrs Henry South Bathurst New South Wales Australia
PEARCE William S. Freemantle   W. Australia
PEPPERILL J. Taranaki   New Zealand
PICKFORD Mrs A.M. (Tolman) Lynn Massachusetts U.S.A.
POPE W. New Westminster British Columbia Canada
POMEROY Eltweed c/o Deutsche Bank London England
POMEROY Miss Cornelia Southport Connecticutt U.S.A.
PRENTISS Mrs C.. Burlington New Jersey U.S.A.
PROWSE Judge St John's Newfoundland Canada
PYNE M.Taylor Princetown New Jersey U.S.A.
PYNE Percy Rivington New York New York U.S.A.
RAYMENT Richard Strathpine Queensland Australia
RAYMOND Arthur South Gore Ontario Canada
RAYMOND James South Gore Ontario Canada
RAYMOND Miss Mary Heckston Ontario Canada
RAYMOND Richard South Gore Ontario Canada
RAYMOND William Ogdensburg New York U.S.A.
RICKETTS Mrs Elizabeth R. Wilkesbarre Pennsylvania U.S.A.
RIDGE Miss Helen New York New York U.S.A.
RIGGS Arthur Carthage Ohio U.S.A.
ROBINS Adam St Thomas Ontario Canada
ROBERTS J. South Brisbane Queensland Australia
ROTCH Mrs New Bedford Massachusetts U.S.A.
ROWE John T. Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia Canada
ROWSE James Putnam Ontario Canada
SAINTHILL Richard L.   Nova Scotia Canada
SALTER Rev. William Burlington Iowa U.S.A.
SANDERSON Mrs (Eager) South Gore Ontario Canada
SATTERLEE J.C. Chicago   U.S.A.
SAUNDERS E.T. Lethbridge Alberta Canada
SECCOMBE S.A. Mointreal Quebec Canada
SEWARD W.H. West Maitland New South Wales Australia
SHANKS F.H. Namosau Ba River Fiji
SHARPHAM Robert Penny Windsor Nova Scotia Canada
SHEPPARD William St John New Brunswick Canada
SHORT Miss Sherbrooke Quebec Canada
SIERP E.F. Fremantle   Australia
SILBY Mrs Juliet Lansingburgh New York U.S.A.
SKINNER A.E. St Paul's Minnesota U.S.A.
SMART C.C. Tottie's Lane Calcutta India
SMITH Charles E. Hartford Connecticutt U.S.A.
SMITH G.E.Cook Christchurch   New Zealand
SMITH Julius Mobile Alabama U.S.A.
SMITH Mrs W.H.H. Toledo Ohio U.S.A.
SOPP Henry Palmerston North   New Zealand
SPALDING Dr J.A. Portland Maine U.S.A.
SQUIRE Samuel Nugent     Jamaica
STENTIFORD Henry Brookline Massachusetts U.S.A.
STEVENS J.A. Radnor St Thomas Jamaica
ST HILL Mrs A 36 Beaufort Gardens S.W.(?London) ?England
SYMES Alfred Guyra, New England New South Wales Australia
SYMMS Harry, K.C. Toronto Ontario Canada
SYMONS A. Denver Colorado U.S.A.
SYMONS F. Des Moines Iowa U.S.A.
SWEET Mrs Sydney M. Buffalo New York U.S.A.
TENNENT Dr Gaillard Asheville North Carolina U.S.A.
TENNETT Edward S. Spartanburg South Carolina U.S.A.
TERRELL S.A. Guelph Ontario Canada
THOMAS Mrs M.J. Beaver Oklahoma Territory U.S.A.
TILLEY Hon. S.L. Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
TILLEY R.Hammett Newport Rhode Island U.S.A.
TOWNEND Arthur Ratrejant Trelawney Jamaica
TOZER Thomas West Perth   W. Australia
TOZER Hon. Sir Horace Agt Genl Queensland London England
TUTTLE Miss Jane Hartford Connecticutt U.S.A.
TUTTLE William P. Madison New Jersey U.S.A.
TWEED J.G. Calgary Alberta Canada
UNDERHILL Mrs Lora (Woodbury) Winchester Massachusetts U.S.A.
VANSTONE S.B, Nanasquam New Jersey U.S.A.
VINCENT E.F. Auckland   New Zealand
WARD James Austin Hartford Connecticutt U.S.A.
WARD Mrs Delia B. Hartford Connecitcutt U.S.A.
WARD The Misses Middleton Connecticutt U.S.A.
WATLING A.F.H. New York New York U.S.A.
WEEKES W.T. New York New York U.S.A.
WEEKS Robert H. East Orange New Jersey U.S.A.
WESTAWAY Philip Houghton Michigan U.S.A.
WETHEY C.H. Toronto Ontario Canada
WHIDDON Samuel Ripley Ontario Canada
WHITE Reginald Greenwich Connecticutt U.S.A.
WICKETT W.L. St Thomas Ontario Canada
WILCOCKS Laurence Montreal Quebec Canada
WILLCOCKS John R. Magog Quebec Canada
WILLEY Francis George Whitborne Newfoundland Canada
WILLIAMS R.W. Three Rivers Quebec Canada
WILLIAMS C. Roope Colonial Club London S.W. England
WILLIS E.S.A. Mundurung   W. Australia
WILLS L. Ingersole Ontario Canada
WILSEY Mrs Lester Chatham Ontario Canada
WILSON W. B. Baltimore Maryland U.S.A.
WOOD Lieut. George H Dayton U.S.Army Ohio U.S.A.
WOOD Mrs Caroline E. Dayton Ohio U.S.A.
WOODBURY C.J.H, Boston Massachucetts U.S.A.
WOODBURY John Lyon Massachcetts U.S.A.
WOOLCOMBE-O'NEAL Thomas Ox. & Cam. Club, Pall Mall London England
WOOLCOMBE Belfield Timara Canterbury New Zealand
YATES John Wills Russell's Flat Canterbury New Zealand
YEO Miss Mary E.J. Yass New South Wales Australia
YOUNG Miss M.A. Adelaide   S. Australia
ZEAL Hon. W. Austin Toorak Victoria Australia