Name Index


Devonshire Families Resident Abroad,

being letters addressed to Sir Roper Lethbridge

on the occasion of his Presidential Address to the Devonshire Association, 1901

Devon Heritage Centre  Z19/29/22a-c, via Family Search


Compiled by

Peter Selley


This index is derived from the replies to a survey done by Sir Roper Lethbridge of Exbourne in 1901, when he asked USA and Commonwealth correspondents for details of their Devonshire heritage. He placed newspaper announcements all over the world. The letters are very interesting - a mixture of people with Devon connections, people hoping they have Devon connections, people seeking inheritances and people with no connections. Some of it is fanciful Pilgrim Fathers stuff. This happened just after General Redvers Buller had been victorious in the Boer War.

To see the actual letters, click on the link above to Familysearch. There are 200 letters in over 1000 pages; each individual letter is numbered on the first page in alphabetical order according to the author's surname. The fourth column gives the main subject's name, and the last column other associated surnames e.g of mothers or spouses. Not all the letters contain genealogical information.

At present, letters whose authors surname begins with A-C have not been digitalised; this explains why the first letter (from Timothy DRAKE) is number 80.

See also Devonians in the Colonies - Letters to the Devonshire Association in 1900 and 1901, transcribed by Jean Harris.



Lethbridge, Sir Roper. Hands Across the Sea (Presidential Address) Trans. Devon Assoc. (1901) 33, pp.39-76. [Full text]


No Author   SURNAME First names Devon Locations arrival  country area Other SURNAMES
80 Drake Timothy DRAKE John Exmouth, Musbury, Southleigh 1630 USA Massachussets  
81 Dunsford George Lichigary DUNSFORD James Hartley Bradninch 1839 Canada    
82 Dunsford WH DUNSFORD James Wicks, Hartley Ashburton, Tiverton 1837 Canada Quebec LIPPINCOTT
83 Dyle George S DYLE George S Plymouth 1888 Canada    
84 Eager William RAYMOND William, Mary, Richard Sidbury 1833 Canada   DASH
85 Eales John Gresley EALES John Berry Pommeroy, Totnes 1818 Australia    
86 Earle EP EARLE William, Henry Dartmouth 1800 Canada Newfoundland NOSWORTHY
87 Easton Robert F B EARLE   West Down 1862 USA New York THOMAS
88 Edwards John J EDWARDS John Thelison Whitford Barnstaple   Canada Nova Scotia  
89 Edwards Florence EDWARDS John Thelison Whitford Barnstaple 1830 Canada    
90 Edye L EDYE     1897 Canada Montreal  
91 Elgie Augustus ELGIE   St Thomas, Exeter   USA New York, North Carolina  
92 Ellacott Joseph Parnacott ELLACOTT       USA    
93 Elson Samuel S ELSON Samuel S Tiverton, Barnstaple 1855 Australia New South Wales TYRELL
94 Elsner JR     Exeter   Australia Queensland  
95 Elworthy Henry ELWORTHY Henry Kentisbeare 1864 India Calcutta  
96 Endicott HH     Moretonhampstead        
97 Evans Katharine Odiorne SYMES John Exbourne   USA Maine  
98 Evans William J EVANS William Crediton   Australia Queensland  
98a Fearman FW         Canada    
99 Ford GJ FORD James Dearmer Bideford 1839 Jamaica   DEARMER
100 Fisher Arthur              
101 Fisher Samuel S FISHER Samuel S Winkleigh 1883 USA Ohio SLOMAN
102 Folley Jane Sheppard SHEPPARD John   1795? Canada New Brunswick CRAWFORD
103 Fowler Clarkson N FOWLER James Upottery   USA    
104 Friend Alfred John FRIEND Alfred John Tavistock 1888 South Africa Transvaal  
105 Gamon Thomas GAMON Thomas Newport, Barnstaple   USA Philadelphia ROWE
106 Gardiner J Lawson GARDINER J Lawson     Canada Montreal WREY
107 Gassaway LW GASSAWAY LW Withycombe Raleigh   USA Maryland BALL
108 Geer Albert L GEER George, Thomas Heavitree, Kenn 1635 USA Massachussets YARD
109 Glate Hadassah     Exeter, Plymouth, Teignmouth   Australia New South Wales SEWARD LISLE WEBBER
110 Glazier CM              
111 Greene Richard Henry GREENE William     USA    
112 Gulick Floarence Nightingale Lethbridge LETHBRIDGE George Parsons     USA New York  
113 Guppy EH GUPPY EH Farway 1850 USA California  
114 Haggard H Ryder              
115 Hallett EV Coffin COFFIN Tristram Bideford 1642 USA Massachussets  
116 Halse James HALSE James Molland 1868 Australia NSW, Victoria  
117 Hambly Degory HAMBLY Degory Hartland 1878 Australia Queensland BRAGINTON
118 Hamilton AHA              
119 Hamlin Frank HAMLIN John, James   1637 USA Massachussets  
120 Hammett John Lampton HAMMETT John Lampton, Harey Buchump Kingsbridge 1869 Canada Nova Scotia  
122 Hancock Richard J HANCOCK John Fred   1820? Australia Western Australia ELLRIDGE
123 Harris Ann HARRIS Ann Horrabridge, South Molton 1884 USA Ohio BENNEY
124 Harris John HARRIS John Ashreigny 1863 Canada Ontario  
125 Haydon NWJ HAYDON NWJ Cadhay, Newton Abbot, Tiverton 1889 USA Massachussets HARVEY YATES
126 Hearn W HEARN W Exeter 1881 Canada Vancouver WADE
126a Hibbard Lewis B BROWN George , Mary, Jane Newton Abbot, Kingskerswell 1869 USA Illinois  
      MORETON Millie Plymouth 1880 USA Illinois  
      CLAMPITT Nicholas, Eileen, Fred Joseph Chudleigh, Bovey Tracey, Okehampton   USA Illinois GUEST
      WARREN James, Anna Coffinswell, Bovey Tracey   USA Illinois STEER
      STEER Jonas, Sarah Dartington, Bovey Tracey   USA Illinois  
      GREENSLADE Harriet, Robert Newton Abbot   USA Illinois  
      BOWDEN James Harcombe 1872 USA Illinois  
      HUXTABLE James, Lucy, Mary, Francis Berrynarbour 1886 USA Illinois  
      CURTIS Thomas, Sarah, Mary Newton Abbot 1871 USA Illinois  
127 Hills Thomas DREW John Plymouth 1660 USA Massachussets  
128 Hingston WE HINGSTON William Holberton 1700 USA    
129 Hoar J Emory HOAR Joanna Chagford 1640 USA New England  
130 Holman H Wilson HOLMAN Henry Charles Topsham 1840 New Zealand    
131 Holmes J HOLMES J Beer 1889 USA New York APLIN, CLARKE MILLER
132 Holmes Will HOLMES Will, Betsey Pilton, Eggesford 1832 USA Massachussets RICHARDS
133 Hooker Edward HOOKER Thomas   1633 USA New England MILDMAY WARHAM
134 Hooker LJ HOOKER Edward     USA   GARLAND
135 Hooper WH HOOPER   Exeter or Plymoth   Canada Manitoba  
135a Horsey Alfred J HORSEY Edward   1822 Canada Ontario HODGE
136 Hoyles NW HOYLES Newman Wright Dartmouth 1790 Canada Newfoundland  
136a Hugo   HUGO Nicholas Trevanion Kemp Modbury 1850 Canada Ontario  
137 Hurdon N Dyer HURDON N Dyer Swimbridge, Crediton 1874 Canada Ontario DYER
138 Ireland William IRELAND William Ilfracombe   Canada Ontario  
139 Isaac Edwin ISAAC Richard, Sarah Exeter, Tallaton 1832 USA Massachussets BRADFORD BENTHAM
140 James Edmund J ANDREWS Thomas   1630 USA Massachussets DRAKE
141 Jeffery William JEFFERY William, John Parkham Woolfardisworthy 1856 Canada Ontario  
142 Jennings Albert L JENNINGS Albert L Tiverton 1883 Canada Ontario  
143 Jerred John JERRED John Halberton, Cadleigh   Australia Western Australia PARR SWEET DRAKE ASCOTT NEAGLE
144 Johnston Walter S JOHNSTON James Sanders Exeter   USA New York BICKELL
145a Kensington Edward KENSINGTON Edward Dartmouth, Budleigh Salterton 1884 Ceylon   MACCLELLAND
146 King Rufus KING Rufus     USA New York  
147 King Samuel C KING Samuel, Reuben, Rufus Ugborough   USA New York  
148 Knight Charlotte KNIGHT Charlotte Tiverton 1863 New Zealand    
149 Lampay William G LAMPAY William G Stoke Damerel   Canada Ontario  
150 Lane John              
151 Lane John              
152 Lattimer Mary H CROCKER       USA Ohio BULLED
153 Lawrence L Helena AUSTIN Helena/Ellen Exeter   USA New York PARSONS
154 Leggat CJ STRANGER John, Mary Dunsford, Chagford 1853 USA   BENNETT
156 Lloyd John Rowe LLOYD James, Catherine, Ashburton, Totnes, Teignmouth 1851 Canada, USA Quebec BOYD JORDAN
157 Lock DR LOCK John B, Ann Exeter, Barnstaple 1848 USA Kentucky RICHARDS
158 Lockwood FE LOCKWOOD FE Modbury, Widdecombe 1839 Australia South Australia TARR TATTERSHALL
159 Lombard Caroline Cook HEWITT   Bideford   USA   COOK SPOONER
159a Loveys WJ LOVEYS WJ Bovey Tracey   USA Ohio  
159b Lann MW              
160 McLellan A VENNER Alice Plympton   Canada Nova Scotia BILLITT EVENS
160a McConnell May JORDAN Henry     Australia Queensland  
161 Madge H MADGE H Torquay   USA New York  
162 Madge W Georgina MADGE W Georgina Ashburton   USA Indiana  
163 Maynard Thomas MAYNARD   Tavistock   Canada Nova Scotia CREIGNTON
164 Mandinson HN RAYMOND William, Howard     USA, Canada Newfoundland  
165 Marshall Arthur       1863 New Zealand    
166 Mason J Herbert              
167 Mason William W MASON Lawrence Bickleigh (Plymouth), Bradworthy, Woolsfardisworthy 1857 Canada, Australia   WALTER
168 Mayers Mary Ann F NORTHAM   Exeter   Australia Queensland FRENCH
169 MacArthur Marion MACARTHUR Marion     Australia New South Wales KING, LETHBRIDGE
170 Melhuish George MELHUISH George Tiverton 1897 Canada Vancouver  
171 Mitchell AM VOSPER Ann M Exeter, North Tawton 1865 Australia South Australia GOWMAN
172 Mulliken Sarah E FREEMAN Edmund       USA  
173 Munn William Agariah MUNDEN         Canada Newfoundland
174 Nathan Michael NATHAN Henry, Eliza Plymouth 1826 USA New York LEVY
176 Nickels John H NICKELS John, Elizabeth Crediton, Honiton 1860 Canada USA Michigan ELLIS
177 Norrish Thomas NORRISH Richard, Thomas, Josiah   1841 Australia Tasmania, Western Australia  
178 Norsworthy J NORSWORTHY J, WJ Sidmouth 1855 USA New York  
179 O'Neal Thomas Woolcombe BELLFIELD Thomas Chelston   Canada Ontario LOUIS
      BELLFIELD Allan   1862 Barbados    
      BELLFIELD Herbert   1856 New Zealand    
      BELLFIELD Algernon     Australia New South Wales  
180 Oswell N OSWELL J     Australia    
180a Otis   OTIS, OTTIS John Barnstaple 1635 USA New England  
      LORING Thomas Axminster 1635 USA New England  
181 Outram Alfred H OUTRAM Alfred H Crediton 1883 Canada Ontario  
182 Oxenham Isaac OXENHAM Hugh Milton Dameral 1832 Canada Prince Edward Island  
183 Oxenham Philip J OXENHAM Hugh Milton Dameral 1832 Canada Prince Edward Island CARR
184 Oxenham James OXENHAM James, Richard, Honor Barnstaple, Topsham 1840 USA New York BREMRIDGE
185 Palmer Wm Henry PALMER Wm Henry, Christian Newton St Cyres, Bradninch 1890 Canada Manitoba MARTYN
186 Paul WH PAUL Robert Sidmouth 1852 Canada Nova Scotia BONNER
187 Paulin Francis H PAULIN   Jacobstowe   Canada Nova Scotia  
188 Payne H PAYNE H Morebath 1888 USA New York  
189 Pearce Mrs Henry     Sidmouth, Honiton, Tiverton   Australia New South Wales POTBURY
190 Pearce George G     Plympton   Australia    
191 Pearse HJ PEARSE William Plympton or Plymouth 1829 Australia Western Australia  
198 Prowse DW PROWSE       Canada Newfoundland  
199 Putt Sydney James Edward PUTT   Totnes   Australia New South Wales  
192 Perry Oliver H PERRY Edmund   1660 USA Massachussets  
193 Phelps H Warren         USA    
194 Pickford AM Mrs         USA    
195 Pomeroy Eltweed POMEROY Eltweed   1630 USA    
196 Pope Will POPE Thomas Brushford 1875 Australia Queensland  
      POPE John, William, Elizabeth, Harry, Samuel, James Brushford, Holsworthy 1880 Canada Ontario TAYLOR
197 Prentiss Caroline St John              
200 Pyne M Taylor PYNE Thomas   1827 USA New York  
201 Rantoul Robert              
202 Raymont Richard RAYMONT Richard Coldridge, Lapford, North Tawton 1863 Australia Queensland BRAY
204 Richards WW              
203 Richards Jeremiah              
205 Ricketts Elizabeth R HOLBERTON William   1700 USA Massachussets  
206 Ridge Helen RIDGE       USA New York  
207 Roberts Jephthah ROBERTS Jephthah Plymouth 1883 Australia Queensland  
208 Robins Adam ROBINS Richard, Lydia, Adam Cookbury 1836 Canada Ontario BRIMACOMBE PRIEST
210 Rossiter Joseph              
211 Rotch Mary RIDGEWAY       USA    
212 Rowe AJH ROWE   Ottery St Mary        
213 Brooking-Rowe J              
213a Rowe       Okehampton, Plympton 1840     PETHICK
209 Rowe                
213a Rowe John J       1840      
214 StHill A SAINTHILL   Bradninch, Hennock, Mamhead   West Indies, Nova Scotia    
214a Salter John FROST Nicholas, Charles, John Tiverton, Tavistock 1634 USA New Jersey CADWALLA, PEPPERELL
215 Salway William SALWAY William Southleigh   Canada Ontario  
216 Satterley John B SATTERLEY William, Benedict Ide, Topsham, Bovey Tracey 1655 USA New York  
217 Salter William SALTER       USA    
218 Saunders EJ              
220 Secombe Samuel A SECOMBE William, Ellen Cheriton Fitzpaine 1857 USA Canada Montreal ROWE
221 Seward William Henry SEWARD Samuel Henry Rendle Plymouth 1860 Australia Western Australia, NSW LISLE
222 Shanks FH SHANKS FH Stonehouse 1880 Australia, Fiji    
223 Sharpham Robert Penny SHARPHAM Robert Penny Plymouth 1835 Canada Nova Scotia  
224 Short Susanna SHORT       Canada    
225 Sierp Ernest Franz SIERP Ernest Franz Plymouth 1891 Australia South Australia TOOP
226 Silbey Juliet Mrs COUCH John, Mary Ann Axminster 1836 USA New York SKIGG
226a Skinner AE WILLIS Jonas Exeter   USA Minnesota  
227 Smart CC SILVERTON     1780 India    
228 Smith Anne Holt CHRISTOPHERS   Churston Ferrers 1706 USA Connecticut  
229 Smith Charles E SMITH Charles E Braunton 1888 Canada New Brunswick  
230 Smith George Edward Cook COOK   Torquay 1875 New Zealand   SMITH
231 Smith Juila WG NEWBERRY Thomas   1630 USA Massachussets  
232 Spalding James Alfred PERROTT, PARROT John Broadhempston   USA New Hampshire  
233 Sparke William SPARKE Edward, George, John, William, Andrew   1824 Australia New South Wales  
233a Staddon Miss     Torquay 1855 Australia Victoria  
234 Stentiford Henry STENTIFORD Edward, Jarep, John Exeter, Ashburton 1830 Canada New Brunswick  
235 Stevens WH HERN   Lapford 1753 Canada Ontario STEVENS
236 Van Stone Samuel Benjamin VANSTONE John Meeth 1868 USA   COCKWILL
237 Symes Alfred SYMES Alfred Exeter   Australia New South Wales  
237a Symons   SYMONS John Damerell, Agnes Kingsbridge, Dartmouth 1866 Canada Ontario HANNAFORD
238 Tennant Gailard S SMITH Thomas Exeter   USA South Carolina  
239 Terrell Samuel TERRELL William Exeter, Plymouth 1870 Canada Ontario PROWSE
239A Thomson   THOMSON Bernard, Frederick Plymouth 1819 Canada Montreal  
240 Tilley R Hammett TILLEY William, John, James Ideford 1680 USA Massachussets  
241 Toadvin E Stanley              
242 Tozer Horace              
243 Tozer Thomas TOZER John Harris, Thomas Devonport 1854 Australia Victoria  
244 Tucker Eldred Mrs TUCKER   Totnes 1882 America    
245 Tuttle William P              
246 Tuttle Jane Miss ALLYN Matthew, Margaret Braunton 1632 USA Massachussets WYATT
247 Tuttle William P              
248 Tweed JG TWEED JG Honiton   Australia, NZ, Canada    
248a Underhill John J              
249 Underhill Lora A WOODBURY John, William, Elizabeth Harry, Samuel, Jamesd Burlescombe 1623 USA Massachussets HUMPHREY CONANT
250 Vincent Edmund Frederick VINCENT Edmund Frederick Whimple, Plymouth 1863 New Zealand   POTTER, NETHERCOTT
251 Van Duzer FC              
252 Wadw Stuart C              
253 Watkins Walter Kendall CROCKER   Plymouth 1634 USA    
      CRANCH Richard Kingsbridge, Cornwood       PEARCE
      COLE Amias Plymouth        
      ENDICOTT Gilbert, John Cockington       SOWDEN,SOPER
      SOUTHCOT Thomas   1630 USA Massachusetts GERRY, COGAN
254 Watling Arthur FH WATLING Arthur FH     USA New York  
255 Webber Jessie WEBBER George, Thomas Tiverton 1850 Australia New South Wales  
256 Webster Joseph R ROWE Jacob Exeter 1759 Canada, USA    
257 Weeks Robert H WEEKS Frank,Frederick,Robert Plymstock   USA New Jersey  
258 Weeks William J WEEKS William J Highweek 1830 USA New Jersey  
259 Weir RJH              
260 Welch Charles A WELCH John Plymtree 1687 USA Massachusetts  
261 Westaway Philip J WESTAWAY Rodger Dart   1820 Canada, USA    
262 Wethey CH WETHEY William Cuddeford, Henry Charles Exeter 1843 Canada Montreal RICHARDSON TIZZARD
      WETHEY Edward Brewer Shaldon, Exeter 1875 New Zealand    
263 Whiddon Samuel WHIDDON Samuel Ugborough   Canada Ontario  
264 White Reginald WHITE Reginald Exbourne   USA New York MADGE
265 Wickett WL WICKETT Richard Pancrasweek 1872 Canada    
266 Wilcocks Laurence WILCOCKS Laurence, Clement Plymouth 1889 USA, Canada Florida, Montreal  
267 Wilcox John R WILCOX John R, John, William Buckfastleigh 1872 Canada Quebec PROUSE
268 Willey HA              
269 Willey Francis George WILLEY Francis George Exeter, Dawlish 1860 Canada Newfoundland LlLYCRAP
270 Williams E Roope ROOPE William South Milton, Kingsbridge 1840 Australia New South Wales WILLIAMS
271 Williams Richard Wellington WILLIAMS Richard, Anne Melinda Tavistock 1839 Canada Montreal GENDLE
272 Wills Eli Samuel Alford     Plymouth, Ermington, North Huish 1884 Australia South Australia, Western Australia  
273 Wilson William Bowly LUX Darby Kenton   USA Baltimore LIGHT
274 Wistin Lilly U WISTIN William Langmeade, John Holditch Plymouth 1822 USA, Canada Ontario GRENVILLE
275 Wood Caroline E         USA    
276 Wreford George WREFORD            
277 Yardley S              
278 Yates John Willis YATES John Willis, Charles Yates St Budeaux 1863 New Zealand    
279 Yeo Mary EJ         Australia    
280 Young Mary Anna YOUNG Emanuel, Bessie Barnstaple, Tavistock 1849 Australia South Australia WARE, FOLLAND
281 Young Kearney TIMCKOM William Colton Paignton   India    
283 Ward?   GAYLORD William Exeter 1630 USA Massachussets  
      DRAKE John, Elizabeth Wiscombe(Southleigh) 1630 USA Massachussets ROGERS
      NEWBERRY Thomas, Jane "Mypern"   USA Massachussets DABINOT
      BLISS Thomas Belstone 1635 USA Massachussets LAWRENCE
284 Huse? RC DAVEY John Great Torrington   USA Connecticut JUDD
  Yates John Wills HATHERLY William   1865 New Zealand   YATES