Memorials in Ermington Parish Church


Transcribed by Sheila Jones

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Backhouse | Bartlett | Bartlett, Douglas, Moysey | Cooper | D'Arcy, Bartlett | Edgcombe
Edmunds | Freeman, Bartlett | Geach, Crossman | Gransmore
Knapman | Langworthy, Warrin | Love, Hammick | Mildmay, Pinwill, Toms, Coleman
Mortimore | Packman | Pearse | Penwill, Smale | Pinwill | Pinwill, Mildmay
Revell, Shepheard | Rich, Baker | Rich, Doffin (query) | Rogers | Shepheard | Snook, Rolt
Spinluff, Bartlett | Strachleigh | Swete | Warring | Illegible

Location: Painted on right-hand wall of nave
Remember the poor 1680

Location: Brass plate on the wall between font and bell tower.
To the Glory of God In loving memory of Lieut. Horace H. Backhouse, M.C., 8th Batt., The Kings Own Royal Lanc. Regt. And of this Parish. Killed in Action France 23rd August 1918. Erected By his Brother Lionel

Surnames: BARTLETT
Location: Wall tablet, side transcept
John M de L Bartlett, Priest, of Ludbrooke Manor who died 1st March 1905. Also of Philip P Bartlett who died 16th March 1942. Also of his daughter Charlotte E M Bartlett who died 18th July 1955.

Surnames: BARTLETT
Location: Wall tablet, side transcept
Frank Walter Bartlett of Ludbrooke Manor House, son of the Rev J M Bartlett and Charlotte his wife died May 27 1883 from cramp while bathing at Ferndale Humboldt California aged 22. Make him to be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting.

Location: Wall tablet, side transcept
N.A. Bartlett of the Manor House Ludbrook Esqr. H.M. Commissionr died AD 1810 aged 71. Anne. Daughter of Captn Douglas R.N. and wife of Revd N Bartlett (31 years minister of this parish). Died at Ludbrook House AD 1826. I.M. Bartlett of Ludbrook Manor and Marldon House Esqr. son of the above. N.A. Bt, died at Newton AD 1834. I. Moysey of Ludbrook Manor Gent Died AD 1775.

Surnames: COOPER
Location: Floor memorial stone in front of side chapel.
Here lyeth ye Body of Mr Nathnl Cooper who dyed ye 8th of June 1728

Location: Wall tablet, side transcept
J D'Arcy HM Consul Ostend died Oct 1876, son of Capt. D'ARcy 13th Dragoons and Mary, daughter of N.A. Bartlett of Ludbrook and Marldon, Esquire.

Surnames: EDGCOMBE
Location: Floor memorial stone between chancel and side chapel
Here lyeth the Body of Robert Edgcombe of Coyton Gnt who Died the 6 of June In ye 76 yeare of His Age Anno d 1708. [Worn coat of arms] Likewise Margaret his Wife who Departed this Life December the 16 Anno d 1690. .

Surnames: EDMUNDS
Location: Wall tablet, left-hand wall of the nave.
This tablet is erected to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of John Wilberidge Edmunds a scholar of this Sunday School killed in action in the Dardanelles August 21st 1915, aged 19 years. He has laid down his sword, to take up the crown. Formerly erected in the Methodist Chapel.

Location: Stained glass window, side transcept
In memory of Grace Freeman Relict of Thomas Bartlett of Ludbrook House and Marldon in this County who died at Shaldon [query] April 1874 aged 81. Given by her son Rev. J.M. Bartlett of the Manor House, Ludbrook.

Location: Wall tablet, right-hand wall of nave
Underneath this place are deposited the remains of Francis Geach M.D. F.R.S. and first surgeon of the Royal Hospital at Plymouth who died on the XVIIth day of February in the Year MDCCXCVIII and in the LXVIIth Year of his Age. The gentleness of his manners, the brilliancy of his talents and his deep insights into the science of physic which he practised during a period of forty years with the highest reputation and success, have written on the hearts of thousands a memorial more durable than any monumental record which the sculptor can design. Under the influence however of the most unfeigned affection for so valuable a man, and so inestimable a relative, this tablet is inscribed by his grateful nephew Geo Crossman L.L.D. Rector of the Parishes of Blagdon and West Monkton in the County of Somerset and a Prebendary of the Cathedral Church in Wells.

Location: Tablet on wall of side chapel.
To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Rodney Gransmore Captain 3rd Batt Middlesex Regiment who fell in action while leading his company at the assault of the Hohenzoller in Redoubt at the Battle of Loos France in the Great War Sept 28th 1915 aged 25 years. This clock was placed in the tower of this church by his parents, brother and sisters.

Surnames: KNAPMAN
Location: Wall tablet, right-hand wall of nave
In loving memory of Annie Elizabeth Knapman who died 30th December 1942 Aged 16 Years. Her parents gave the electric lighting to this Church 1953.

Location: Floor memorial stone by pulpit.
Underneath rest the reamins of William Southland [guess] Langworthy son[guess] of William I Langworthy surgeon [guess] of Modbury and Honor his wife who died the 26th [query] day of August 1777 and also of Elizabeth Warrin [illegible] his grandmother who died March the 19 1779 aged 67. Also of Honor Langworthy wife of the above named who died the 2nd of December 1789 aged [illegible]. Also of Emma Langworthy who died July the 8 1799 aged 16. Also of Dorothy Southland [guess] Langworthy who died [illegible] 1805 [query] Aged 19 who were three of the children of the above named William and Honor Langworthy. Also the body of the said William Langworthy who died April 1 [illegible] 1819 aged 81. Also the [illegible] Mary Langworthy [rest of stone illegible].

Location: Large floor memorial stone at the foot of the chancel step.
Underneath was buried Elizabeth widow of John Love, Gent. Feb ye 9th 1775 Aged 56 years. Also John Love ye son of Stephen and Elizabeth Margaret Hammick of Plymouth who died ye 27th of Sept 1782 Aged 16 months & 10 days. Also a stillborn male infant May ye 3rd 1784. Also Jane Love who was buried June ye 5th 1788 aged 2 years & 10 months. Also Elizabeth Margaret the wife of Stephen Hammick in ye 50th Year of her Age who died ye 1st May 1803 and was interred ye 7th following. She was an affectionate wife and tender mother. Here also are deposited the remains of Stephen Hammick husband of the above Elizabeth Margaret who was born on the 26 [query] August 1744 and died the 17 June 1830. He was the Senior Alderman and the Senior Justice of the Borough of Plymouth having served the office of Mayor in 1790 [query]. A man universally respected and beloved.

Location: Wall plaque to the right of the bellringing chamber.
To the Glory of God and the Honour of his Holy Church The Bells in this tower were entirely rehung and additional treble bell given by Henry Bingham Mildmay of Flete Esquire 1890. Edward Pinwill M.A. Vicar. J Moysey Toms, George Coleman, Churchwardens. O Ye Children of Men Bless Ye the Lord Praise Him and Magnify Him for ever.

Location: Small marble tablet on wall of side chapel.
Henrietta Annie Mortimore died Nov 10 1904 aged 17. In sure and certain hope. Erected to her memory by her fellow members of the choir. R.I.P.

Surnames: PACKMAN
Location: Brass plate on the wall beside curtain to the bell ringing gallery.
The ringing gallery was installed by the bellringers during 1992 with the help of donations and gifts from many fellow ringers and parishoners - in particular the Packman family of Westlake, who gave the steelwork which supports the gallery in memory of Mrs Phoebe Packman..

Surnames: PEARSE
Location: Stained glass window, side chapel
This window is erected to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Wm Pearse of Thornham who died May 9th 1891, Mary his wife who died Oct 23rd 1893 and their children WH [query] Dunning Pearse who died 9th Nov 1907, Edward J Pearse who died June 12th 1909, Charles S Pearse who died March 13th 1911, Annie E Pearse who died Dec 26th 1911.

Location: Wall tablet, left-hand wall of the nave.
In memory of Sergeant Carland Penwill 1st S. Lancashire Regt. Died 1901 Private Samuel J. Smale 2nd Devon Regt. Died 1900 in the South African War

Surnames: PINWILL
Location: Wooden wall tablet, side transcept
Remember before God Violet Alice Pinwill February 4th 1874 - January 1st 1957. Carver in wood and stone. Fifth daughter of Edmund Pinwill sometime Vicar of this parish. She studied to show herself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. She walked humbly with her God all the days of her life.

Surnames: PINWILL
Location: Wooden altarpiece, side transcept
In memory of Elizabeth A Pinwill Wife of Edmund Pinwill Vicar. Organist of this Church for many years. Born Feb 7 1839. Died Oct 25 1900. R.I.P.

Surnames: PINWILL
Location: Wooden tablet fixed to the chancel screen
To the Glory of God and in memory of the daughters of Edmund Pinwill - vicar and of his wife Elizabeth. They all worked in this parish, worshipped in this Church and assisted in the woodcarving in this Church. Grace Esther 1868-1935 Bertha Charlotte 1869-1951 Mary Rashleigh 1871-1961 Annie Ethel 1872-1949 Violet Alice 1874-1959 Constance Emily Catherine 1876-1960 Ruth Stackhouse 1878-1968

Location: Elaborate wall tablet to the left of the main altar
Full transcription not possible without going beyond the altar rail. The inscription refers to Rev. Pinwill and Henry Bingham Mildmay.

Location: Floor memorial stone in front of chancel
Here underneath lyeth the body of Samuel Revell of Hunsdon Gent who dyed the 19th day of October 1726 AEtat 48. And by him his beloved sister Charity Revell who dyed the 30th of April 1731 AEtat 49. And by them their Sister Margaret Shepheard who dyed the 28th May 1709 AEtat 36. Also Willm Shepheard son of Margt Shepheard who dyed the 1st December 1731 AEtat 29.

Surnames: RICH, BAKER
Location: Floor memorial stone in front of side chapel
Here under this tomb lye the Bodies of Thomas Rich Gent and Margaret his wife he departed this Life the 13th day of May 1684 Being the last of the Name of the House of Worthele, whose Predecessors enjoyed that estate near four hundred year. [Worn coat of arms] Also here lyeth the Body of Margery Baker sister to the aforesaid Thomas Rich Gent who was buried the Second day of Iuly in the yeere of our Lord God 1683.

Surnames: RICH, DOFFIN [query]
Location: Wall memorial immediately to the left of the door.
Here under lyeth the body of Margerett the wife of Thomas Rich of Worthele Gent who was the Daughter of Henry Doffin [query] of Lay in the parish of Slapton Gent deceased: who departed this Life the 4th of March ANNO DOMINI 1675. SHE LIVED VERTEOUSLY AND DYED GODLY

Surnames: ROGERS
Location: Floor memorial stone between chancel and side chapel
In memory of Rogers of Click[illegible] who died May [illegible] 1792 [query] in the 63 [query] year of his Age.

Location: Very worn floor memorial stone, left aisle.
[illegible] [guess Here lie]th ye Body [illegible]pher Sheph[illegible] [guess Shepheard] of [illegible] who was buried ye [illegible] day of July 1739 aged 38 anno Do [illegible] Also William Sha[illegible - and the S of Sha is written back-to-front] Also Daught of the [illegible] Willm Shepheard

Surnames: SNOOK, ROLT
Location: Wall tablet, right-hand wall of nave
In memory of the late Henry Rolt Snook of Lueston Esqr who died 7th July 1801 (only son of John Snook and only grandson of Henry Rolt, both of Plymouth). This tablet is inscribed with grateful respect by (their relative) John Henry Rolt of Deptford in the County of Kent.

Location: Wall tablet, side transcept
Christian wife of Colonel George Spinluff Late of Ennis-Killen and 25th Dragoons and daughter of N.A. Bartlett of Marldon and Ludbrooke Esqr. Died 7th Nov 1856. In memoriam by her nephew Revd I.M. de L. Bartlett.

Location: Elaborate wall tablet in priest's room to the left of the altar; not visible from main body of the church.
The tablet can be seen through the (curtained) grille to the left of the main altar, but the script is fancy (could be English or Latin) and only the family name of Stachleigh or Strachleigh can be picked out from a distance (room is locked). From the dress of the figures on the memorial, it is probably late 16th century. [Note from OPC - Monumental Brass (Rubbing) Devon/38 (1938) is of William Strachleigh and his wife Anne, 1583]

Surnames: SWETE
Location: Wall tablet, right-hand wall of nave
Sacred to those Virtues Which adorn the Christian Life. This Marble preserves the Memory of ADRIAN SWETE Esquire MAIN SWETE Esquire and Mrs Philippa SWETE of TRAIN in this County.
Living, they raised unto themselves A Monument of Good Works [query] Which when this frail Stone shall be distroyed [guess - could be dissolved] Will remain unshaken A faithful and authentic Herald of this [illegible] A S. 27 Sept 1733 M S died 5 July 1735 P S. 15 Feb 1747

Surnames: SWETE
Location: Wall tablet, right-hand wall of nave
Here lie the Remains of Mrs Esther Swete of Train in Modbury who died Jan 1781 aged 68. In the aimiable endowments and elegancies peculiar to her sex, excelled perhaps by few, but by none in fortitude of mind and resignation to the will of GOD, with which she sustained the loss of her only son Adrian John Swete Esqr. who died at the early period of 24 years, especially if the greatness of that loss were to be estimated by the high attainments of worth, that marked him as the scholar and the christian. Memor beneficiorum, et amore, et observantia, plusquam cognatione, devinctus posuit. Jn Swete de Oxton.

Surnames: B [illegible], WARRING
Location: Floor memorial stone by pulpit.
Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the Wife of William B[illegible] Coyton who departed this life the 21th [sic] day of Iulye AO DOM 1635 & Here lyeth ye Body of Mrs Mary Warring who was Buried May ye 6th 1763 Aged 75 years.

Surnames: Illegible
Location: Floor memorial stone in front of side chapel
Completely illegible except date - May 1659 - and a very worn coat of arms.

Surnames: Illegible
Location: Floor memorial stone in front of side chapel
Here was buried [illegible]rild of P[illegible] the [illegible] 160[illegible - possibly 1601]. Also the [illegible] of William [illegible]dgen who died the 29th August and [illegible] 1608.

Brian Randell, 29 Aug 2002