Memorial Inscriptions in Ermington Churchyard


Transcribed by Sheila Jones

(E-mail: sheila.jones[at]liverpool.ac[dot]uk)

Location: Gravestone, to the right of the main path from the steps to the church
In memory of Sarah, wife of Robert Bunker April 10 1850 aged 75 years also of the above Robert Bunker died 25 June 1861 aged 86 years also James Robert Coaker son of the above Robert and Sarah Bunker Dec 1 1855 aged 11 years.
(Transcribed by Sheila Jones)

Surnames: YEOMAN Location: Gravestone, lower right-hand corner of the church yard (corner nearest the First and Last Inn) Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Yeoman wife of Joseph Yeoman who died May 25 1855 aged 60 years. Also William Yeoman son of the above died July 12 [query] 1810 aged 21 years. Likewise Henry Yeoman son of the above died May 1835 aged 26 years. Also Joseph Yeoman died [rest of stone illegible].

Brian Randell, 30 Aug 2002