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Help and advice for Tithe commutation in Exbourne in the 17th century (1912): index

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Tithe commutation in Exbourne in the seventeenth century

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 44 (1912) pp. . 394-405.


Sir Roper Lethbridge

Prepared by Michael Steer

Tithes were originally paid as 1/10th of the produce of the land (crops, eggs, cattle, timber, fishing, etc.) to the rector, as alms and as payment for his services. They were often stored in a tithe barn attached to the parish. At the dissolution of the monasteries some of the land passed out of church ownership, and tithes were then paid to private landlords. Inclosure Acts made further modifications, either abolishing the payments entirely or replacing them with monetary payments. By the time of the Tithe Commutation Act, 1836, there was considerable discontent over tithe payment. The Act requirements replaced the ancient payment system of payment in kind with monetary payments. It is noted for the tithe maps needed for the valuation process. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held at the Princeton University Library and is available from the Internet Archive.


Baker, John 397, 399-400
Bowring 404
Braggingstone, Rev Laurence 395
Brocke, Moses 402
Brocke, Simon 396, 399
Brooking-Rowe 404
Calmady, John MP 396
Calmady, Shilston armig 395-6
Camady, Sir Shilston 396
Chanter 404
Charles II 394, 396, 404
Clapp, Mary 396
Clapp, Robert 396-7, 400
Cromwell, Oliver 405
Downe, Richard 397, 399-400
Elston, Rev Francis 394
Finney, Jacquet 395
Finney, Mary 396
Finney, Rev Samuel 395-7, 402
Finney, Rev Thomas 395, 400-1, 405
Franke, Rev Abraham 394-5, 397-8, 400-1, 403-4
Franke, Abram 395
Franke, Ricardus 395
Freeman, Professor 403
Frost, Nicholas 402
Frost, Thomazin 402
Hallam 405
Hazell, Henry 395
Hole, William 403
Holmes, Joane 397, 400
Hovedon, Roger 404
Lega-Weekes, Miss Ethel 394
Lethbridge, Christopher 396
Lethbridge, Rev John 396, 402
Lethbridge, Rebecca 396
Lethbridge, Thomas gent 396-7, 399-400
Maine, Sir Henry 403
Maitland, Professor 403
Northmore, John 396
Northmore, Thomas gent, MP 396
Prince, John 396
Pyke-Nott, Mr John 396
Reichel 404
Rolle, Colonel 395
Rolle, Henry 395
Rolle, Rebecka 395
Rosyer, Johanni gent 396
Round, Mr Horace 403
Saule, Nicholas 400
Seebohm, Mr 403-4
Shilston, Calmady, armig 396
Smale, Christian 399
Smale, John 399
Stubbs, Bishop 403-4
Tattershall, Mr Arnold 405
Tattershall, Mr George 396-7, 400, 404
Tucker, Thomas 401, 405
Viccary, William 397, 400
Westlake, Mr John 396, 400-1, 404
Westlake, Mary 396
Westlake, Rebecca 396
Westlake, Simon 396
Worth 404
Yeo, Bartholomew 395
Yeo, Jaquet 395
Yeo, John 395
Yeo, Rebecka 395