Will of John Gybbons, Clerk, Chancellor of Exeter of Chard, Somerset

4 March 1538

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/27, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Dyngley Register

Transcribed by Elizabeth Glover Howard, and provided by Christine Gibbins

Dec. 12th 1537/8.

John Gybbons, clerk. To be buried where I happen to die. To my father a gilt cup with a cover which my father gave to me and £6. To my brother Thomas Gybbons 6 gobletts of one sorte parcel gilte with the covers to the same. To my 3 sisters one gold cup called a goblet and to Anne wife of Est the junior of them a cover to the same cup and to each of them £8. To my patron named Robert living at Burton £6. To my cousin Joyce Massy £4. To Joyce my niece, daughter of my sister Alice Yardely, for her marriage £10. To my cousin Elizabeth Chippenham 40s. To Wm Gybbons, formerly my servant now dwelling at Sutton 40s. To Robert Wastlyng at London £5. Robert Johnson, servant to Master Wyxson 40s. To be distributed to the pour parishioners of St. Newline, Cornwall £3. To the the pour parishioners of St. Enoder in Cornwalll 40s. To the pour parishioners of Stoke Gabriell 20s. To N. Gybbons son of Robert Gybbons my uncle now living with my father £10. ut incumbat litteris. To my chorister Robert Stone, ut incumbat litteris. £10. Secundario meo Toker £5. To Dr. Reynolds my best gown of scarlet with 2 ale cups. To John Fawfylde chaplin "annuellar" £10. to celebrate and pray for my soule. To John Bury £5. ans 20s. for arreragiis not paid: to Robert Palmer, Roger Mysmare, Wm. Sater and John Andrewe 3 years wages over and above the term in which I die and to have lugubren togam after my funeral.

Executors: John Gybbons, my uncle, Edward Est and Wm. Gybbons of Plymowthe, to each £10.

Overseer: My Reverend lord John, Bishop of Exeter

Residue: For the health of my soule.

Witnesses: Sir Richard Antell, Richard Toker, John Androwe, John Myllet.

Dated at Chard. Proved March 4th 1537/8.