Will of John Leach, Clerk, Chancellor of the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter of Exeter

Proved 24 December 1613

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/122/682, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by John Moore

In the name of god Amen I John Leach Clarke Chancellor of the Cath' Churche of St Peter in Exon, beinge in health and of perfect memorie (God be praysed) Doe make and ordeyne this my last will will1 and Testament in manner following. First I give my soule to Allmightie God who gave it me and my bodie to the earth whence it was taken, in sure hope, that at the last Daye they beinge conioyned againe, I shall inherite everlastinge life in the kingdome of God through Jesus Christ our Lorde, For the disposinge of my worldy goods wherewth it hath pleased God to blesse me, I will that all the seelinge2, glasse, casements plancks benches and lockes and keys of Doores in my three houses of Exetr Talleton and washfeild Remayne as implements to other house, so that every of my successors give myne Executrix an acquitance for Delapidations freelye as considering the great charge I have bestowed in every of the said houses they are in reason and conscience bounde to doe, All the residence3 of my goods I give and bequeath to my Deere and lovinge wife Elizabeth whome I ordeyne and make my sole and whole Executrix of this my last will and Testament. And I praye my two sonnes in lawe Robert Burrington and Arthmer4 Snell to be my Overseers and to either of them I give Tenn shillings. In wittnesse hereof I have written this wth myne owne hand and have sett to my hand and seale Dated the eight of September in the Seventh yeare of the raigne of our sovereigne Lord Kinge James that nowe is Anno Dm' 1609. John Leach. Teste Roberto Buryngton. Teste Arthuro Snell Clerico. Teste … John Beins. Signed Henricus Canne.

Probatum fuit Testamentum supra scriptum apud London coram ven'abili viro m'ro Joh'e Gibson Legum Doctore Curie p'rogative Cantuariensis viro Custode sive Com'issario l'time constituto decimo quarto die mensis Novembr' Anno Domini Millessimo Sexcentessimo Juramento viri Allexandri Serle Notarij publici procuris Elizabethe Reli'e d'c'i Defuncti et Executricis in huioi Testamento nominate Cui com'issa fuit Administratio bonoru' Juriu' et creditorum eiusdem defuncti De bene et fidel'r Administrand eadem Etc Ad s'ta Dei Evangel' Ex' iurat'

1Duplication sic.
3Sic. Error for residue?
4 Sic. Error for Arthur?