Exeter Cathedral Early Officials

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 11, (1920-1921), pp. 32-33.


Frances Rose-Troup

Prepared by Michael Steer

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EXETER CATHEDRAL EARLY OFFICIALS, - I am trying to add to and correct the list of the Cathedral officials contained in Oliver's Lives of the Bishops, p. 269 et seq. Two Deans do not appear therein, Daniel de Longo Campo and John Rof- presumably the latter was one of that name who was Archdeacon of Cornwall in 1243. He may have succeeded Roger de Wynkley, who dies in 1271. The seventh Dean in Oliver's list should be Richard de Somerset. Ralph de Hillstanton was precentor in 1263. Can he be R... de Ilsington, witness with Roger de Wynkleigh, d. 1252 (Oliver's Monasticon, 156) and also Ralph de Hengham given by Oliver? Of Sub-Deans there are:- John de Kente, perhaps Archdeacon of Totnes in 1228, Lawrence, John Necton, Henry de Bratton and Reginald Archevek. There was a Treasurer in 1351, styled Robert de Middelond, was he also known as Robert de Wideslade? Ralph, Archdeacon of Barnstaple occurs in a fine of 5 July, 1238. Beside these additional names and corrections, I have notes from wills, deeds and other documents, referring to members of the Cathedral body.