Militia List 1803, Parish of St Edmond's, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. The entries are handwritten in what appears to be three different hands. There are also variations in the way children are recorded.



Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of St David's, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A   1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.


NAMESDescriptionA           B           C           D           REMARKS
James Bunce    1Lieut. Royal Navy
Willm. CurtisWatchmaker   1Constable
Wm. HarrisComp. Customs   1Lame in the right foot
Thos. PleaseNurseryman   1Serving as a Volunteer
Joseph FordDo.1    
Ticho PilbrowMusician  1  
Edwd. WyattGrocer  1 Willing to serve
Timothy BassetHosier  1 In the City Cavalry
Edmd. LascellesCarver   1In the Cavalry
Charles ColesDo.1   Apprentice
Thos. TothillTaylor  1  
Jas. BurtDo.  1 a Volunteer
Wm. Le GallFrench Clergyman     
Henry DareWaggoner   1 
John MayneCheesemonger   1Lame
Tristram ThomasGardner   1Bad sight
Thos. CrabbJoiner   1Willing to serve
Wm. TuckerGlazier   1Volunteer
John NewberryWaggoner   1Lame
Wm. QuickLabourer 1  Lame
John NewberryApprentice1    
John BoldHarness maker 1  Discharged Marine
John Reed   1 Deaf
William SquireShoemaker   1Infirm
John GodbearIronfounder   1Do.
Thos. BarrableTanner  1 Volunteer
Henry VicaryHellier1   Do.
Thos. LiskmanFounder   1Do.
Saml. LindsyShoemaker  1 Do.
John ScuddingHarness maker1   Do.
Edwd. FreemanLabourer   1Invalid
  4(5)2815Vol. 10 Infirm 11
Richd. HaymanFuller   1Willing to serve
George HakewellGlazier1   Do.
Richd. FinchHarness maker   1Do.
Richd. Finch Junr. 1   In the cavalry
Richd. TristCabinetmaker   1Willing to serve
Christr. FordWaggoner 1  Do.
Joseph PearCordwainer   1 
John HowardDo.1   Apprentice
John GoveVictualler   1Willing to serve
John HowardHair Dresser   1 
Richd. Pettle 1   Volunteer
Saml. SpragueStonemason1   Do.
Wm. SpragueFuller1   Apprentice
Wm. SpragueFuller   1Willing to serve
Wm. StaddonDyer1   Volunteer
Henry BullyStonemason1   Willing to serve
George LangworthySawyer   1Volunteer
Thos. BowringFuller   1Willing to serve
Henry LangworthyDo.   1Do.
James AyersBaker  1 Volunteer
Wm. BallemyDo.1   Apprentice
Robt. FosterJoiner   1Artificer under Genl. Simcoe
John AyersMiller   1Willing to serve
Richd. LandreyDyer1   bad Leg
Wm. L. MarshallFuller1   Volunteer
Wm. BuffettHair Dresser   1Willing to serve
George BartlettJoyner1   Do.
Christr. ThomasChandler   1Volunteer
  163929Vol 7 Infirm 12
Wm. ThomasAccomptant1   Volunteer
Saml. WinnChimney sweep     
John Parish    1Willing to serve
Alex WestronShoemaker   1Do.
John MarshallTinman   1Do.
George MilfordLabourer  1 Do.
Peter VeyseyDo.1   Do.
Henry PrettyCooper   1Do.
Joseph WilkinsonLabourer   1Volunteer
Danl. BakerWoolcomber   1Do.
George KeenDo.   1Do.
George BrookesShoemaker   1Do.
James BayleyTaylor1   Willing to serve
John WilliamsMillwright   1Volunteer
Thos. Legg    1Do.
Wm. PhillipsGuard   1Willing to serve
Danl. LoydeTinman 1  Volunteer
Wm. LakeDyer   1 
Thos. BakerBaker   1Willing to serve
Jas. CrawfordWoolcomber1   Volunteer
John Crawford    1Willing to serve
Saml. Clap    1 
Wm. MorrishShoemaker   1Infirm
- Cresswell  1   
John CollinsJoiner   1Volunteer
George PyneFuller   1Do.
George Pyne Junr.Do.1   Apprentice
Richd. ArscottMiller   1Willing to serve
Alex SymonsDo.1   Do.
George FordDo.1   Do.
John TwiggsPressman  1 Volunteer
Richd. WorthyWool Manufacturer   1Willing to serve
Jonathan WorthyDo.   1Do.
Jas. SparkesApprentice1   Do.
Wm. MortimoreFuller   1Do.
  2541251Vol 29 Infirm 13
George CoppTucker   1Willing to serve
George CoppDo.1   Do.
Christr. BurnettDo.   1Do.
Chas. BurnettTaylor1   Volunteer
John Hakewell  1  Bad sight
Saml. AdamsMillwright   1Volunteer
Isaac RawlinsSilversmith1   Willing to serve
Wm. LeachlandJoiner   1Do.
John Bowring    1Do.
Wm. Brooking 1   Volunteer
Robt. StephensWoolcomber   1Do.
John StephensPressman1   Do.
Thos. ClappWaiter   1 
Gidgeon GudridgeJoiner   1to assist in the Artillery
Gidgeon GudridgeLabourer1   Do.
John FordDyer   1Willing to serve
Jas. TuckerFuller   1Do.
Wm. Bowring JunrDo.1   Do.
Jas. BurnettDyer   1Do.
Joseph ThornLabourer   1Incapable of serving
G. BattershallBookbinder1   Volunteer
Chas. LandryDyer   1Do.
Thos. Abrams    1Willing to serve
Patrick Cunningham    1Disabled
John TaylorJoiner   1Do.
John Hedgeland    1Do.
Robt. HatchWoolcomber   1Volunteer
Richd. ScanesJoiner  1 Do.
Saml. WoottonFuller 1  Do.
John CoulridgeLabourer 1   
Henry MitchellGardner 1  Disabled
James GilberdFuller1   Willing to serve
Wm. PleaseTaylor  1 Volunteer
Jas. BaileyDo.1   Lame
John ScaggellVictualler   1Willing to serve
  3581569Vol 40 Infirm 20
Phillip BrookesFuller   1Willing to serve
John Thos. WrightEsqr.   1Commandmant of the Volunteers
John Thos. Wright 1   Lieut. in Do.
Henry ClarkServant   1Volunteer
A. GlendiningJoyner   1Do.
- GlendiningDo.1   Do.
Thos. WardGlazier1   Willing to serve
Jas. LakeBookbinder1   Do.
Jas. WorthyDyer 1  Do.
Humph. Hill Pinhay 1   Volunteer Officer
Wm. GreenawayFuller  1 Willing to serve
Thos. HawkesLabourer   1Do.
Richd. HawkesDo.1   Do.
John TwigsFuller   1Volunteer
John WestWaggoner   1 
Willm. Cann   1  
Willm. Willmot  1   
Wm. GuestPapermaker  1 Volunteer
Saml. HedgelandPrinter1   Willing to serve
George SaveryFeltmonger1   Do.
John BrowningJoiner   1Volunteer
John SayerMiller   1 
John TwiggsCooper   1 
Robt. EllisCooper1   Apprentice
John WinterBrazier1   Volunteer
John TurnerRag Dyer   1 
John BennettDyer   1Willing to serve
Wm. DeaneFuller 1  Volunteer
John LeggPressman 1  Willing to serve
John Legg Junr.Silversmith1   Volunteer
Richd. Legg 1   Do.
John BartlettDyer   1Willing to serve
Jas. Richards    1 
Joseph Way    1Constable
  47121884vol 53 Infirm 21
John Taylor   1 Infirm discharged
John SimmonsPressman   1Willing to serve
Wm. StonemanLabourer  1 Do.
Richd. HatsellServant 1  Volunteer
  47131985vol 54 Infirm 21

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