Militia List 1803, Parish of St Edmond's, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. The entries are handwritten in what appears to be three different hands. There are also variations in the way children are recorded.


Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of St David's, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A    1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B 2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C 3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D 4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.

NAMES Description A            B            C            D            REMARKS
James Bunce         1 Lieut. Royal Navy
Willm. Curtis Watchmaker       1 Constable
Wm. Harris Comp. Customs       1 Lame in the right foot
Thos. Please Nurseryman       1 Serving as a Volunteer
Joseph Ford Do. 1        
Ticho Pilbrow Musician     1    
Edwd. Wyatt Grocer     1   Willing to serve
Timothy Basset Hosier     1   In the City Cavalry
Edmd. Lascelles Carver       1 In the Cavalry
Charles Coles Do. 1       Apprentice
Thos. Tothill Taylor     1    
Jas. Burt Do.     1   a Volunteer
Wm. Le Gall French Clergyman          
Henry Dare Waggoner       1  
John Mayne Cheesemonger       1 Lame
Tristram Thomas Gardner       1 Bad sight
Thos. Crabb Joiner       1 Willing to serve
Wm. Tucker Glazier       1 Volunteer
John Newberry Waggoner       1 Lame
Wm. Quick Labourer   1     Lame
John Newberry Apprentice 1        
John Bold Harness maker   1     Discharged Marine
John Reed       1   Deaf
William Squire Shoemaker       1 Infirm
John Godbear Ironfounder       1 Do.
Thos. Barrable Tanner     1   Volunteer
Henry Vicary Hellier 1       Do.
Thos. Liskman Founder       1 Do.
Saml. Lindsy Shoemaker     1   Do.
John Scudding Harness maker 1       Do.
Edwd. Freeman Labourer       1 Invalid
    4(5) 2 8 15 Vol. 10 Infirm 11
Richd. Hayman Fuller       1 Willing to serve
George Hakewell Glazier 1       Do.
Richd. Finch Harness maker       1 Do.
Richd. Finch Junr.   1       In the cavalry
Richd. Trist Cabinetmaker       1 Willing to serve
Christr. Ford Waggoner   1     Do.
Joseph Pear Cordwainer       1  
John Howard Do. 1       Apprentice
John Gove Victualler       1 Willing to serve
John Howard Hair Dresser       1  
Richd. Pettle   1       Volunteer
Saml. Sprague Stonemason 1       Do.
Wm. Sprague Fuller 1       Apprentice
Wm. Sprague Fuller       1 Willing to serve
Wm. Staddon Dyer 1       Volunteer
Henry Bully Stonemason 1       Willing to serve
George Langworthy Sawyer       1 Volunteer
Thos. Bowring Fuller       1 Willing to serve
Henry Langworthy Do.       1 Do.
James Ayers Baker     1   Volunteer
Wm. Ballemy Do. 1       Apprentice
Robt. Foster Joiner       1 Artificer under Genl. Simcoe
John Ayers Miller       1 Willing to serve
Richd. Landrey Dyer 1       bad Leg
Wm. L. Marshall Fuller 1       Volunteer
Wm. Buffett Hair Dresser       1 Willing to serve
George Bartlett Joyner 1       Do.
Christr. Thomas Chandler       1 Volunteer
    16 3 9 29 Vol 7 Infirm 12
Wm. Thomas Accomptant 1       Volunteer
Saml. Winn Chimney sweep          
John Parish         1 Willing to serve
Alex Westron Shoemaker       1 Do.
John Marshall Tinman       1 Do.
George Milford Labourer     1   Do.
Peter Veysey Do. 1       Do.
Henry Pretty Cooper       1 Do.
Joseph Wilkinson Labourer       1 Volunteer
Danl. Baker Woolcomber       1 Do.
George Keen Do.       1 Do.
George Brookes Shoemaker       1 Do.
James Bayley Taylor 1       Willing to serve
John Williams Millwright       1 Volunteer
Thos. Legg         1 Do.
Wm. Phillips Guard       1 Willing to serve
Danl. Loyde Tinman   1     Volunteer
Wm. Lake Dyer       1  
Thos. Baker Baker       1 Willing to serve
Jas. Crawford Woolcomber 1       Volunteer
John Crawford         1 Willing to serve
Saml. Clap         1  
Wm. Morrish Shoemaker       1 Infirm
- Cresswell     1      
John Collins Joiner       1 Volunteer
George Pyne Fuller       1 Do.
George Pyne Junr. Do. 1       Apprentice
Richd. Arscott Miller       1 Willing to serve
Alex Symons Do. 1       Do.
George Ford Do. 1       Do.
John Twiggs Pressman     1   Volunteer
Richd. Worthy Wool Manufacturer       1 Willing to serve
Jonathan Worthy Do.       1 Do.
Jas. Sparkes Apprentice 1       Do.
Wm. Mortimore Fuller       1 Do.
    25 4 12 51 Vol 29 Infirm 13
George Copp Tucker       1 Willing to serve
George Copp Do. 1       Do.
Christr. Burnett Do.       1 Do.
Chas. Burnett Taylor 1       Volunteer
John Hakewell     1     Bad sight
Saml. Adams Millwright       1 Volunteer
Isaac Rawlins Silversmith 1       Willing to serve
Wm. Leachland Joiner       1 Do.
John Bowring         1 Do.
Wm. Brooking   1       Volunteer
Robt. Stephens Woolcomber       1 Do.
John Stephens Pressman 1       Do.
Thos. Clapp Waiter       1  
Gidgeon Gudridge Joiner       1 to assist in the Artillery
Gidgeon Gudridge Labourer 1       Do.
John Ford Dyer       1 Willing to serve
Jas. Tucker Fuller       1 Do.
Wm. Bowring Junr Do. 1       Do.
Jas. Burnett Dyer       1 Do.
Joseph Thorn Labourer       1 Incapable of serving
G. Battershall Bookbinder 1       Volunteer
Chas. Landry Dyer       1 Do.
Thos. Abrams         1 Willing to serve
Patrick Cunningham         1 Disabled
John Taylor Joiner       1 Do.
John Hedgeland         1 Do.
Robt. Hatch Woolcomber       1 Volunteer
Richd. Scanes Joiner     1   Do.
Saml. Wootton Fuller   1     Do.
John Coulridge Labourer   1      
Henry Mitchell Gardner   1     Disabled
James Gilberd Fuller 1       Willing to serve
Wm. Please Taylor     1   Volunteer
Jas. Bailey Do. 1       Lame
John Scaggell Victualler       1 Willing to serve
    35 8 15 69 Vol 40 Infirm 20
Phillip Brookes Fuller       1 Willing to serve
John Thos. Wright Esqr.       1 Commandmant of the Volunteers
John Thos. Wright   1       Lieut. in Do.
Henry Clark Servant       1 Volunteer
A. Glendining Joyner       1 Do.
- Glendining Do. 1       Do.
Thos. Ward Glazier 1       Willing to serve
Jas. Lake Bookbinder 1       Do.
Jas. Worthy Dyer   1     Do.
Humph. Hill Pinhay   1       Volunteer Officer
Wm. Greenaway Fuller     1   Willing to serve
Thos. Hawkes Labourer       1 Do.
Richd. Hawkes Do. 1       Do.
John Twigs Fuller       1 Volunteer
John West Waggoner       1  
Willm. Cann       1    
Willm. Willmot     1      
Wm. Guest Papermaker     1   Volunteer
Saml. Hedgeland Printer 1       Willing to serve
George Savery Feltmonger 1       Do.
John Browning Joiner       1 Volunteer
John Sayer Miller       1  
John Twiggs Cooper       1  
Robt. Ellis Cooper 1       Apprentice
John Winter Brazier 1       Volunteer
John Turner Rag Dyer       1  
John Bennett Dyer       1 Willing to serve
Wm. Deane Fuller   1     Volunteer
John Legg Pressman   1     Willing to serve
John Legg Junr. Silversmith 1       Volunteer
Richd. Legg   1       Do.
John Bartlett Dyer       1 Willing to serve
Jas. Richards         1  
Joseph Way         1 Constable
    47 12 18 84 vol 53 Infirm 21
John Taylor       1   Infirm discharged
John Simmons Pressman       1 Willing to serve
Wm. Stoneman Labourer     1   Do.
Richd. Hatsell Servant   1     Volunteer
    47 13 19 85 vol 54 Infirm 21

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