Militia List 1803, Parish of St Lawrence, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. Errors in entering the information in columns are as in the original.




Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of St Stephen, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A    1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B 2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C 3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D 4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.



NAMES Description A            B            C            D            REMARKS
Thomas Hill Winemercht.       34 In Voluntary Cavalry
Wm. Bowritch Servant 22       Willing to serve as a volr.
Revd. Patch           Absent
Benjn. Dryer Umbrella maker       43 A Constable
Jacob Jeffery Sadler 25       A Volunteer
Edmd. Granger Esqr.         48 A Deputy Lieutn.
Edwd. Perry Servant       48  
Edwd. Rogers Halfpay       47 Cavalry
Jno. Sellers Coach Driver       33  
Wm.Oxenham Junr.     31      
H. Oxenham   28       In Voluntary Cavalry
G. Oxenham   22       Ditto
Rd. Eales Esq.         44 Ditto
Josh. Garland Servant       35 Ditto
Edwd. Durham Cabint.maker 23       A Volunteer
Jno. Kitte Pewterer       31 Willing to Serve as a Volr.
Wm. Gammon Lodger       39 Willing to serve
Jno. Rhodes Taylor 29       A Volunteer
Wm. Hillman Apprentice 19        
Jno. Hill Housekeeper       35 Willing to serve
Thos. Cooper Lodger 22       Willing to serve
James Kempe Ditto 26       Infirm Crippled
Robt. Patch Surgeon       52  
Rd. Capern Coachman       44 Infirm
Jno. Capern Apprentice 19       Willing to Serve
Wm. Salter           In Volr. Cavalry
Francis Twiggs         40 A Volunteer
Jno. Gliddon Planemaker       32 Willing Volunteer
Thos. Johnson         49 Infirm
Henry Stone     35     A Volunteer
Jno. Miller         43 A Volunteer
Jno. Miller Junr.   18       Ditto
Geo. Miller   17       Ditto
Jno. Hayman Accompt. 29       Willing to Serve
Jno. Webber Ditto   33     ditto
Thos. Bull Maltster       37  
Wm. Beal Baker       48 Willing as Army Baker
Arthur Pye Schoolmaster       39 Willing to serve
Jno. Prescott Accompt.       44 Ditto
Wm. Aunger Taylor       34 In Volr. Cavalry
Jabez Dunsford Cutler 23       Willing to serve as Volr.
Danl. Moore Upholsterer     27   Willing to serve
Robt. Hunt Carpenter       49  
Saml. Haycraft       30   A Constable
Henry Eastlake Taylor 30        
Thos. Bowden Schoolmaster 25        
Jno. Gill Confectioner       54 Army Baker
Jno. Gill Druggist 21       Willing to serve as a volr.
Robt Deake Victualler       52 Infirm
Wm. Dunsford Cutler     25   Willing to serve as a volr. and to furnish 40 swords
Jno. Pountry Lodger 25        
Robt. Taylor junr   25       Willing to Serve
Geo Taylor Apprentice 21       Ditto
Saml. Endicott Servant to Coln. L          
Saml. Moore Confectioner       32 Army Baker
J.S.Mitchell Captain         Impress Service
J. Titherly Cabinetmaker 19       Volunteer
Thos. Adams Druggist       35  
James Leakey Artist 26       Willing to serve
Josh. Keith Labourer     30   A Volunteer
Jno. Reed Sadler     30   In Vol. Cavalry
Wm. Peakome Apprentice 19        
Wm. Roberts           Drawn Man
Robert Pike           Infirm
Edwd. Evans           Ditto
Capt. Evans           24th Reg.
Captn. Tindall           9th Do.
Jas Lucraft           A Volunteer
Edwd. Evans Servant 19        
Jno. Maunder         44 In the Militia
Rd. Winstone         50 Infirm
Wm. Mills   18        
Thos. Claw Taylor       45 Infirm
Annanias Collins Shoemaker       46 Ditto
Wm. Davey Smith       43 Volunteer
Geo. Townsend         42 In Army of Reserve
Wm Manning Brewer       40 A Volunteer
Thos. Smith Chair Man       55  
Jno. Pleace Smith       55  
Jno. Pleace Junr. Do. 19        
Thos. Bury       28   Willing to serve
Jas. Bury   29       Ditto
Jno. Walters Printer       46  
John Bowen Labourer       35 A Volunteer
Jno. Braggington Shoemaker       56 Willing to serve
Robt. Roberts Baker       35 A Volunteer
Thos. Turner Drawg. Master 30       Willing to serve as Volr.
Robt. Macey Horsekeeper       51 Willing to serve
Robt. Macey Junr. Postboy     27   Absent in Wales
Thos. Rowe   30       A Volunteer
Wm. Blackmore         50 Infirm
Philip Knot     33     Willing to serve
Jno. Thorns Joiner     26   Drawn in Army of Reserve
Jno. Tozer Breeches maker 20       Willing to serve
Isaac Thomas         51 Ditto
Wm. Thomas Apprentice 20       Willing to serve
Josh. Acres         34 A Volunteer
Wm. Wyatt         38 A Pensioner
John Commings         32 Willing to serve
Rd. Humphreys         49  
Ro. Humphreys Apprentice 18        
Phillip Nott Labourer       33 Willing to serve in Artillery
Henry Sylvester Hellier       60 Willing to serve
Henry Sylvester Ditto 30       Infirm
Francs. Rumidge Surgns. Apprentice 20        
    33 4 8 49 Vol. 28 Infirm 15


Wm. Picksley                                             

William Wills,     Constables