Militia List 1803, Parish of St Martin's, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. Errors in entering the information in columns are as in the original.




Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of Saint Martin, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A    1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B 2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C 3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D 4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.



NAMES Description A            B            C            D            REMARKS
Wm. Hollet Hair Dresser     41 years Married   Enrolled in Col. Grangers.
Richd. Kingdon Draper   31 years Single     Willing to learn use of arms
Richd. Chamberlain Esq Linen Draper       Aged 49 Married
10 Children
Richd. Chamberlain Junr. Do. Aged 19 yrs, Single       Do.
James Pittman Do.   34 years, Single     Do.
Isaac Sparke Do. 20 years Single       Do.
Jno.Turner [Scandrot ?] Do. 28 years Do       Do.
Wm. Gard Watchmaker   34yearsSingle     Do.
Thos. Owens Apprentice 17 years Single        
Wm. Briggs Wine Mercht.          
Hugh Veysey Hosier and Hatter       40 years Married &
6 Children
under 10
Willing to serve
WM. Dean China & Glass Dealer 17 years Single       Do.
Anthony Dean Article Clerk 18 years Do.       Do.
Francis Thorn Servant 23 years Do.       Do.
James Woodley Silver Smith       40 yrs
2 Children
James Hellings Shopman 25 years Single       Volunteer
Richd. Paul Corkcutter       37 yrs
2 children
Jno. Tottle Apprentice 20 years Do        
Geo. Burt Do. 18 years Do.       very Short
Jas. Pearce Wine Merchant       48 years
1 child
Jonah Tiller       Married   Navy Officer
Wm. Huxham Confectioner     38 years Married & 3 Children    
Wm. Burnell Apprentice 20 years single       Willing to Serve
Philip Hedgeland Bookseller       35 years & 5 children Do.
Philip Halfyard Apprentice 18 years Single       Do.
Richd. Hann Apprentice 19 years do        
Saml. Luscombe Surgeon 30 years do.       Volunteer
Hugh. M. Ellicombe Atty. at law 25 years do.       Do.
Wm. Wescomb Tea Dealer     2 Children married under 10 years   Lame
Benj. Cramp Grocer       32 years,
2 Children. under 10
Willing to Serve
Gilbert Dyer Junr. Liberian (sic) 27 years Single       Do.
Thomas Hatch Book Binder     30 years Married   Do.
Edward Upham Bookseller     26 years Do.   Serving by Substitute
Wm. Bradford Shopman 22 years Single       Willing to Serve
Robert Gollop Ironmonger       34 years marrd. Infantry
Saml. Mildrum Linen Draper     27 years married   Willing to Serve
Wm. Mildrum Do. 19 years Single       Do.
Geo. Thwaites Do. 17 years Do.       Do.
J.W. Williams Druggist     24 years married & one Child   Do.
Wm. Gove Servant 24 years Single       Do.
Wm. Dyer M.D         Serving in So. Devon
Wm. Gould Grocer 25 years Single       will serve as a Volunteer
Edw. Holmes Waiter     52 yrs married   Willing to Serve
Jno. Phillips Glover     39 years Do.   Do.
Jno. Risdon Bookseller     24 years married & one Child   Do.
Thomas Hill Ironmonger     28 years, Married   Assessor
Thos. Pickard Hatter     24 years do.
& one child
  Volunteer Serving
Jos. Sanders Junr Merchant 30 years Single       Willing to Serve
Edwd. Lloyd Sanders Do. 27 years Do.       Do.
Edwd. Addicot Servant   43 year Single      
Wm. Gale Do. 22 years Single        
James Hann Footman 23 years Do.        
Richd. Hatch Fuller Years 27       Willing to Serve
Thomas Drewe Linen Draper     Years 30   Volunteer
Wm. Down Brass Founder       Years 33  
Wm. Drewe Wine Merchant       Do 38  
Chas. Upham Hatter       Aged 33 Willing to Serve
Wm. Maunder Cordwainer       Aged 48 Willing to serve
W. Hutchinson Dr. of Physic Aged 28        
Jno. Rowden Smith       Aged 55 Serving in Yeoman Cavalry
Benj. Mardon Draper       47 yrs ,
8 children.
Jno. Mardon Do. 17 yrs Single       not Capable
Jas. Milton Bookbinder       55 yrs,
1 child.
Serving in Volunteers
Jos. Dobles Apprentice          
Jas. Phillips Innholder       41 yrs,
5 children.
Serving in Yeoman Cavalry
Wm. Stoneman Chaise Driver   31years Single     Willing to Serve
Saml. Lee Do.   35 yrs, Do.     Do.
Richd. Hill Horsekeeper       45 yrs, married Do.
Richd. Foster Porter 20 yrs, single       Do.
Thos. Turner Atty at Law       35 Married 5 Children. Do.
Zechy. Turner Article Clerk 18yrs single.        
Wm. Finch Servant 22 yrs Do.       Willing to Serve
  Total 31 6 14 18 Volunteers 8. Infirm 5