Militia List 1803, Parish of St Mary Major, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. Pages numbered 1-13 by hand, but used in reverse order. Spelling as shown. First page signed by Joseph Bickford and John Moor Pidgley Constable, all subsequent pages signed only by John Moor Pidgley Constable.



Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of Saint Paul & Bradninch, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A   1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.


NAMESDescriptionA           B           C           D           REMARKS
William Mardred  1   
Edward DayMidshipman   1Impress Service
Thomas Newman   1 In the Volunteers
Henry CrossmanBuilder   1Devon Cavalry
John Mogridge    1Willing to serve
Wm. VincombeCoal Merchant   1Willing to serve as a Volunteer
Abraham Ross [Ron?]Porter   1to be trained to arms
Joseph SaundersFuller   1 
George Townsend 1   Volunteer
Thomas Coombs 1    
Phillip Wooley 1   Volunteer
Perevail CornforthMachine Maker   1 
John CornforthDo.1   Volunteer
John Davy    1Entered in Edmund Grangers Esq. Company
Michael GriffinImpress Service  1  
Jonathan HarvestDo.   1 
Thomas BarretMariner   1At Sea
John RobertsonDo.    Impress Service
Samuel WillisPorter   1 
Benjamin Lake    1 
Samuel Johns 1   an aprentice
Jno. Hooper 1   Criple
Jno. Ellicot 1   aprentice
Richd. SouthardWoolcomber   1Volunteer
Saml. MayPressman   1 
Joseph PlayerBook Binder   1Willing to Learn others the Use of arms as he knows it Himself
Robert Russle Esq.Waggoner   1Engages to find waggons, horses and Artillery
Thomas RussleGentleman1   to Serve in the above
Thomas BakerDo.1   Do.
DevonServant1   Alien
Thomas BasselBrewer   1Incapable
Wm. JamesComber1    
Thomas LockShoemaker   1Invalid
George ThorneSawyer   1 
End of 1st page 111318vol 6 infirm 5
Henry NewmanLabourer   1Artillery
John Moor PidgleyMerchant   1Constable City
Henry MaddifordPorter  1 Artillery Corps
James CowardBrush Maker   1 
Robert Butson    1 
Lawrence KellyHellier  1  
George OsborneCordwiner   1Willing to serve
Wm. WinsborrowFuller  1 Serving in Militia
Thomas BulfordPounder   1Ruptured
William WellingtonMason  1 abcess in his knee
Isaac Butson    1Volunteer
Henry VerneeJoiner  1 Artillery
John WilsonJoiner  1 Piraneer [pioneer]
John HarveyGun Smith  1  
John WatsonHosier  1  
John Nichols 1   Aprentice
Joseph DinnerWeaver   1Carter
William DavyCabinet Maker   1 
John HillBaker   1 
John PooleCordwainer   1Infirm
William PrickmanDo.1   Aprentice
William JeffordPorter   1 
William ChowneGrocer   1 
John UpjohnsWatch Maker   1 
James UpjohnsDo. Of Do.1   Aprentice
John SoperLabourer  1 Volunteer
Thomas Walter    1Servd. in South Devon
Robert TuckerFuller   1Volunteer in Col. Wrights
End of 2nd page 1411234vol 9 Infirm 8
Joseph Keen    1Impress Service
Wm. Sercomb    1 
John Sug    1Impress Service
Wm. Sarel    1 
Thomas Owner    1 
William PascoCarpenter   1Artillery
Wm. LendonDoctor   1Willing to serve at sea when well
James Daw [Dam?]Labourer   1Water Man
John SmithWaggoner   1 
Wm SmithGardener1   Engaged Mr Russles Artillery
Josiah Lake 1    
Thomas Hinton [Henton]    1 
James BittsSeaman   1 
Jno. TimewellTaylor 1  Volunteer
Jno.WitheysFuller    Now serving
Michael patchelLabourer  1 Agreeable to Act Parliament
William WallerIronmonger  1 Do. Do.
Thomas AyreShoemaker   1Do. Do.
Thomas Fletcherfile Smith 1  Do. Do.
Thomas RedmanLabourer   1Do. Do.
John LockDo.1   Blind in one Eye
John MansfieldPinchiner[pensioner]1   Bad Leg
Edward Hinson [Henson]Labourer  1 Blind in one Eye
Abraham ChubbFuller   1Volunteer
James Tremlet   1 Do.
John GullyFuller  1 Do.
George TownsingLabourer   1Stock Driver
Henry ClarkeServant   1Volunteer
Richard Dyer junr.Shoemaker   1to Carry Arms
Wm. BridgeLabourer   1Lost two fingers
Humphrey HalfyardWheel Right   1Mr Russles Artillery
Richard Groudle Senr.    1 
Richard Groudle Junr. 1    
End of 3rd page 1931754vol 14 Infirm 12
John PalmerBroker 1  do any thing possible
John Kerslake   1 As Occasion Required
John HouseWoolsorter   1Obliged to Work Daily to maintain wife and fam.
John Coker 1    
James How    1Discharged from 91st Regt.
Robert Kneel    1 
Charles RexSawyer   1Willing to serve as an artificer
Wm. RexDo.1   Volunteer
William AllenCarpenter 1  Do.
Thomas PearceDo. 1  Do.
Thomas PaddonCoal Dealer   1 
Thomas Stockham 1   Aprentice
Robert RichardsHellier  1 fractured Arm
George BrooksLabourer   1 
Humphrey SandersDo.1    
Richard SarrellFuller   1Blind
Richard FrostWriting Master   1 
Blackstone 1   In the Volunteers
John Bricknell   1 Do.
John QuayLighterman   1Disabled
John CollinsCarter   1Give me a sword and pistol
James Fredrick    1Stock Driver
James TaylorDyer  1  
John FranksJoiner1   Volunteer
John RiceFuller   1Broken thumb
Simon HaymanFuller   1 
Joseph DannSmith   1 
Wm Axworthy   1 In the Reserve Army
George Lampary    1In Militia
Wm. Purchase    1Unfit for Service
John BrooksLabourer   1 
End of 4th page 2562271vol 20 Infirm 17
James HexeterWheel Right1   Volunteer
Robert ManlyVictualer   1In Cavalry
Robert MartynCustom house officer   1At Plymouth
Joseph GandyCordwinder  1 Volunteer
Robert Summers 1   Serving by Substitute
William HellinsHorse[house]keeper   1 
William MitchelJoiner   1Volunteer
Richard Jacob    1Pinchiner [pensioner?]
John Boyns  1   
John Tannant 1   Aprentice
John Salter JunrOf Exeter Coll of Oxford1   Volunteer
Wm. MilfordTaylor   1Do.
Thomas PittWoolcomber   1 
William PeperellShoemaker 1  Reserve Army
James PartridgeLabourer   1offered as a cart man when able
George How Churchill 1   Crippled
Robert CullumLabourer   1Infirm
Nicholas Griffin    1Infirm
Richard Burnett    1Volunteer
William Jerrod    1Bad Leg
James MogridgeLabourer  1  
John LeeLighterman   1to Serve as a Lighterman
Wm. BerryJoiner   1Artillery
Thomas PearceMason   1 
Richard PearceDo.   1 
Thomas BastinWeaver   1 
Benjamin BrooksSmith   1 
John HolmanInnkeeper   1Is a volunteer in the Act
End of 5th page 3082490Vol 27 infirm 22
John PayneCordwinder   1Willing to serve if required
Wm. Beal   1 in the Militia
John Vicary    1Drawn in do.
John Chares    1 
Philip Hares 1    
Thomas SquanceGardner   1Infirm
John SquanceDo.1   Volunteer
Humphrey SquiresShoemaker  1 Do.
William TrumpPainter  1  
John TothillCordwinder1    
Wm. HalseCooper   1Mr. Russles Artillery
James Sanders SandfordDo.1   Do.
Nortan Lavis    1Volunteer
John Mitchel    1 
Joseph Elston    1Sea fencible
James Solway    1Volunteer
Henry FordTaylor   1 
John QuickTaylor     
Samuel JenningsCotton factor   1 
William GittingsTaylor1    
Sam TozerBlack Smith   1In Mr Russles Artillery
Wm. EarleWaggoner   1Servd in Militia by sub.
Samuel SnellDo.   1 
Wm SnellCabn. Maker1   Volunteer
Joseph TannerCurrier   1 
Robt. MonjoyLabourer   1Discharged from the Militia
Wm. EllisVictualler   1 
Wm. WebberWorsted Manfr.  1 Ready to serve
Wm. GriffeyJoiner  1 In Reserve Army
Richard EdwardsFuller   1Willing to Serve
John RobinsHaberdasher   1Do.
End of 6th page 37829109Vol 32 Infirm 24
Isaac RobertsonStone Cutter   1 
James Brooke    1Willing to Serve
Thomas Brooke1    Do.
Samuel LangstoneWeaver   1Drawn and Exempt
Robert EbblesMillman  1 Verry Deaf
Samuel Horn    1 
William SouthardWeaver   1 
William TurnerDyer  1 Willing to Serve
Simon FosterJoiner   1 
Wm.PethridgePeace Officer   1Peace Officer
George FleshmanCabt. Maker   1Volunteer
End. Walker Gent    1Near Sighted
Henry Seganfounder   1Willing to Serve
Nathaniel WelshHellier   1Do.
Joseph DelbridgeTaylor   1Do.
WelshDo.1   Apprentice
John TapleyCordwinder   1Willing to Serve
John DeanWoolsorter   1Infirm
John EllicotLabourer   1 
Wm.GovetGardner   1Willing to Serve
John EdwardsFuller   1Do. Do.
Henry BassettSawyer   1Volunteer
Frances TurnerMerchant  1 Capt. In Volunteers
John WilsonTurner   1Unfit for Service
Thos. TaylorPorter   1Artillery
Thos. DodgePressman   1Willing to Serve
Thos. Dodge Junr.Fuller1   Refused in Reserve Army
John Hart    1Hard of Hearing
Nicholas WhickerCabt. Maker   1Volunteer
Richard ColacotSawyer   1Unfit for service
End of 7th page 41832133vol 36 infirm 30
Jophn NeedGentleman 1  As a volunteer under the Act
Edward WoolcotOstler1   in Mr Russles Company
John CurtisTaylor   1Deaf
H. MansfieldGentleman    an officer in the Army
Thomas WillsHellier   1Carry Arms
Thomas Wills Junr.Do.1   Carry Arms
John ManlyLabourer  1 Mr Russles Artillery
Edward Hambly    1 
Samuel Lake   1 Volunteer
Samuel RisdonSmith  1 Carry Arms
George CornishLabourer  1 Mr Russles Artillery
Peter RiceDo.  1 Bad Leg
Henery TappTaylor  1 Volunteer
TurnerServant 1  East Devon Militia
William TapleyCarpenter   1 
Joseph DarbyJoiner   1Volunteer
Thomas Mitchellfuller   1Do.
William WoodleyBrazier   1Do.
Thomas RogersTaylor1   Willing to Serve
Edward Pim    1Will be a Volunteer
J.B.Pim 1   Offerd in the Cavalry
James Chudleigh 1   Volunteer under the Act
John PayneShoemaker  1 Incapable
William TaylorBaker  1  
John RoachDairy Man  1  
Thomas MarePorter   1 
Richd. PeppleCordwiner   1 
Wm. BickleLabourer   1Willing to Serve
End of 8th page 461041144vol. 412 Infirm 35
Joseph GovesLabourer  1 Serving in the Volunteers
Thomas WilliamsHair Dresser   1Do.
Henry PowningArtificer   1Offered to Serve
Wm. Cudmore    1Volunteer
John Thorne    1 
James Hepper  1  Cavalry
Richard CokerTucker   1 
James CoudLabourer   1Discharged from Sea
Thomas DaveyHair Dresser  1 Volunteer
Robt. CanterburyPressman   1Mr Russles Artillery
John CollinsTaylor   1Volunteer
Simon DingleBaker  1  
Josiah TrapnellMason   1Ruptured
Joseph DunstoneStaymaker    Willing to Serve
Samuel LakeJoiner1   Aprentice
J. Bridle    1Mr. Russles Artillery
John WilliamsHousekeeper1   Unfit
James DeanServant1    
John DaveyJoiner   1 
William BurgessPainter1    
James HuxtableDo.1   Artillery
Samuel PunchardVictualler   1Serving by subsit. also infirm
Joseph SingleBook keeper   1Crooked Arm
William Bassethouse keeper    Drawn Man
Isaac MorrisLabourer1    
John Hitchcock    1Infirm in 1 hand
John Clocke   1 In Mr Russles Artillery
Abden FieldSmith   1Volunteer
End of 9th page 521244159Vol 46 Infirm 39
Robert CarterCabinet Maker1   Aprentice
F. KerranLinen Draper   1Lodger
T.TuckDo.1   Do.
William Bastin    1In the horse Volunteers
Gidgeon WaseBuilder   1as an Artificer engaged to G. Simcoe
Edward EdmundsWorsted Manft.   1Medical Man_Lame
Samuel DarbyPlumber1    
John LakeMalster  1 Volunteer
Richard HarwoodLabourer   1 
Edward TargetOstler 1   
John ShilesHaberdasher   1as a Volunteer
Thomas BludesDo.1   Do.
Joseph GreedyBook keeper   1Willing to do his Utmost
Joseph SquireChandler   1Do. in Defence of City
John BadleyDo.1   Aprentice
William SalterPainter   1Volunteer
James Crocker    1 
James Knight 1   One Eye Only
Wm. Man    1In Reserve Army
Richard NarramoreLabourer   1Not fit for Service
Thomas WebberGlazier1   Aprentice
Richard Isaac   1 Lame but will do his best
Thomas Isaac 1    
Henry MayMason  1  
Thomas MorganLabourer   1 
Joseph Pidgeonpattern Bord maker   1Volunteer
Thomas WhickerHair Dresser   1To Serve as a Volunteer
Thomas TimewellSpirit Merchant   1to Carry Arms
Richard TaylorSawyer  1 Volunteer
Richard Lucas    1Do.
John LakeWheel Right   1Mr Russles Artillery
Gidgeon DareHouse keeper   1to be Enrold. in Infantry
End of 10th pageVol 52 Infirm 41601348178 
Richard HumphreysSawyer1   Come forward if wanted
John CrockerWaggoner   1Cripple
Wm. PortburyTaylor   1Infirm
John RobertsVictualler 1  In the Militia
William HookerHair Dresser   1Willing to Serve
Wm. TimewellGlazier 1  Volunteer
Saml. TurnerDo.1   Infantry
Wm. Towel[Toull?]    1Not Capable of Serving
Wm. Passmore    1Do. Do.
John Page   1  
Richard ConnetHair Dresser  1 Volunteer
Robert LaneTaylor    City Calvary
William LakeDo.1   Apprentice
Samuel WooleyMerchant   1Willing to do his best
Abraham RichardsonWheelright   1Artificer
William WayCabinet Maker  1 Volunteer
John SteerVictualler   1Cavalry
William SteerOstler   1Mr Russles Artillery
Thomas BornerDo.   1Do.
John GidleyCabt. Maker   1to Carry arms
John Curtis    1 
Wm. Cowle 1    
Wm. Denner 1    
Abraham Hony 1    
Thomas EnglandButcher1   Volunteer
Saml. WoodleyHouse keeper   1 
Thomas NicholasBlack Smith   1Artillery
George PoleyCordwinder   1 
James CawleyCabt. Maker   1 
James RowDo.1   Apprentice
End of 11th page 681551194Vol 58 Infirm 4
Nicholas HarbetCordwinder   1Discharged from Plymouth Garrison
Thomas EllicotJoiner   1In the Volunteers
James BidgoodWeaver   1 
Jonathan RadfordShoe Maker 1   
Richard Toms    1 
John Shaw    1 
Charles MorganCabt. Maker   1Deaf and Dumb
Charles Arthur    1 
Charles CunninghamCordwinder   1 
John PikeTaylor1  1[?] 
Charles ClarkHellier  1  
John DiscombWaggoner   1 
James AungerTaylor1   Volunteer
Wm. ReedDo.1   Infirm
Joseph Hawkins  1   
Thomas Effort  1   
John Pimm 1    
J.L.LarkworthyHorn Cutter1    
James LarkworthyDo.1   Apprentice
John Tuck    1 
Robert Dixon    1 
George Pine 1    
George HooperSawyer1    
James HooperDo.1    
George HammetRug Maker1    
Joseph InchFuller 1   
George Ellery    1Infirm
Wm. JonstonLabourer  1 Willing to serve
John Do.Do.   1Do.
Thomas Oldridge    1 
William MareShoe Maker   1Willing to Serve
End of 12th page 781953209Vol 60 Infirm 48
Joseph Havill   1 Serving in the Militia
James HowFuller   1Carry Arms
John HowJoiner1   Willing to serve as a Volun.
Thomas RichSailor   1Serving at Sea
Hartnel HartyPress Gang   1 
Nathl. Poole    1 
Robert Dipstail    1Infirm
Thomas FewingsCarpenter   1Volunteer
Robert HodgePorter   11 Eye
Richard Mathews    1Volunteer
William Short    1 
Richard Cummin    1 
Richard Binmore 1    
John Wreford    1 
George Gidgeon    1Willing to Serve
Christopher Gibbs    1Do. & Do.
John EdwardsFuller   1Do. & Do.
Nathaniel TuckerShuttle Maker1   Infirm
Thomas Joslin 1   Volunteer
Thomas Palmer    1Ruptured
Samuel Harris    1Not fit for Service
Joseph SpicerCarpenter   1as an Artificer
Thomas ColwillJoiner   1Pioneer
James Burrows    1Do.
James Ferris 1   In the Volunteers
Josiah Lake    1Engaged in Mr Flouds Comp.
Josiah Lake Junr 1   Lame
William GreenCabt. Maker  1 Volunteer
Samuel RoperHarness Maker   1Artillery
Alexander Do.Do.1   Do.
James BarretDo.1   Do
End of 13th page 861955229vol 65 Infirm 55