Militia List 1803, Parish of St Pancras, Exeter

Trewmans, Printers, High Street, Exeter

Devon Record Office, Miscellaneous Papers Box 5

The document is the property of Exeter City Council, and its transcript is provided here with their kind permission.

Transcribed by Iris Sutton

Abbreviations to names are as in the original document. The headings were written in full at the top of every column, these have been replaced by letters to save space. Errors in entering the information in columns are as in the original.



Constable's List (Militia List) of the Parish of Saint Petrock, Exon

Column Headings, originally written in full at top of each column.
A    1st Class, 17 to 30 unmarried and no children under 10 years
B 2nd Class, 30 to 50 unmarried, and no children under 10 years
C 3rd Class, 17 to 30 married, or two children under 10 years.
D 4th Class, Remainder between 17 and 55.


NAMES Description A            B            C            D            REMARKS
Samuel Jesse Ironmonger   Aged 42     Constable
Richd Thorn Glazr.       33 years married & 3 children Serving in Exeter Cavalry
Jno. Langsford Cordwainer       35 yrs married Serving in Volunteers
Jno. Prickman Joiner     27 years married   Will serve as Pioneer
Saml. Scanes Glazr. 30 years single       Serving in volunteers
Jno Arthur Bricklayer       47 yrs married & 3 children Infirm with the Asthmatic
Wm James Blacksmith 19 yrs single       Enrold in the Artillery
Jno Brown Victualer     30 years Married   Willing to bear Arms
Thos. Soper Wire worker     22 years Do.   Blind in one eye
Wm Baker Carpenter     28 years Do.   Willing to Serve on Horseback
Joseph Staddon Perukmaker       44 years Married & 2 children Willing to Carry Arms
Wm Lendon Carrier     25 years married & one child   Do.
Wm Ballman Do. 18 years Single       Do.
Ralph Moffat Joiner         Do.
Thos. Pollard Printer       34 years Married & 2 Children Serving in Volunteers
Geo. Maunder Woolen Draper       40 years Married Serving in Yeoman Cavalry
Geo. Westlake Junr Shopman 19 years single       Volunteer
Jacob Phillips Atty at Law       51 Years Married Infirm being subject to Gout etc.
Jacob Phillips Article Clerk 17 years Single       Not willing to Serve as a Volunteer under this Act
Alexr. Thoms Chairmaker 25 years Do.       Willing to serve in case of an invasion
Wm Thoms Do. 21 years Do.       Do.
Geo. Thons Do. 17 years Do.       Do.
Shirley Woolmer Printer       44 years Married & 2 Children under 10 years Infirm with a complaint in the Brain
Fredk. Woolcott Taylor     26 years Married & 2 Children   Serving in the Volunteers
Wm Dodd Brewer     30 years Married    
Chas. Lawday Smith 30 Yrs Single       Volunteer in case of an Invasion
Giles Bradbeer Carpenter         Past Age
Richd. Sage Smith       34 Years Married Serving in Exeter Volunteers
Jno. Stevens Do. 27 years Single       Do.
John Chamberlain Druggist 26 Years Do.        
Jno. Ayre Carpenter       47 Years Married 3 Children Willing to Serve
Geo. Mitchell Druggist 25 years Single        
J.D.Day Joiner     23 years Married   Willing to Serve
Jonathan Sutton Fishhook maker       32 Years Married & one Child Do. if occasion
Henry Hill Draper 24 years Single       Do.
Jno Hill Lodger   31 years Single     Do.
Wm Hornsey Grocer 29 years Single        
Jno. Wyatt Apprentice 17 years Do.        
    15 2 8 11 Vol 9 Infirm 5

William Wills Constable