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The history of the Parish of St. Petrocks, Exeter, as shown by its Churchwardens accounts and other records

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 14, (1882), illus. pp. 402-92.


Robert Dymond

Prepared by Michael Steer

St Petrock's Church has been described as "among the most confusing of any church ... in England". It might be the oldest church in Exeter, possibly founded by St Petrock, the 6th century Cornish saint. More conservative sources date its founding to the 11th-century. It was one of 29 churches that William the Conqueror directed the City Provost to pay one silver penny out of the public taxes. In 1191, the simple chancel, nave and perhaps a bell tower was formally named St Petrock's by Bishop Marshall. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Abraham, Walter426, 428
Aclond, Thomas435, 446
Albemarle, George Duke of468
Alden, arms482
Alden, Charles482
Ameredith, Edward450
Ameredith, Griffin450
Ameredith, Thomas450
Andrew, Thomas443-4
Anthony, Edward473
Anthonye, John461
Arnold, Alice485
Arnold, Ann485
Arnold, Ann inr485
Arnold, George485
Arnold, Captain John475
Arnold, William485
Arnold, William jnr485
Augres, Margaret415
Aysch, William425
Ayshe, John425
Bampfylde, Grace434
Bampfylde, Walter Esq434
Barbour, John412
Barnes, Rev Theophilus488
Bawdyn, John451
Baylton, William434
Beard, Mr Samuel480
Beaufitz, John412, 419
Beaumond, Matilda413
Beaumond, Sir William413
Beell, Robert452
Bennet, Adam486
Bennet, Sarah486
Benson, Peter468
Berry, Richard (Bery)425, 427-9, 435
Bette, John (Betty)417, 421, 428, 431
Betty, Agnes425
Betty, Henry454-5
Birkenell, Mr John (also Britnell; Bricknell)440
Bistake, Henry447
Blackall family453
Blackaller, John466
Blackoall, Alderman John (Blackall)453-4, 456
Blakhall, Roger449
Blawer, William443
Blower, Thomas427
Bluet, Nicholas Esq441
Bluett, John Esq (Blewet)413, 420, 424
Bluett, Sir Roger Knt456, 461
Bobyssh, Walter418-9
Bodley family442, 457
Bokyngham, John441
Bolter, Nicholas443
Bonefaunt, John434, 437
Bostock, Robert456-7
Bourne, Nicholas431
Bowring, Robert443
Brand415, 422
Braund, Mr407
Braye, Beatrice411
Braye, Thomas411
Brayne, Philip460-1
Bretton, Wilhelmi478
Bricknall, John449
Bricknell family440
Bridgeman, Jasper469
Bridgeman, Thomas469
Bridgman, Bishop John447
Bridgman, Sir Orlando447
Britnall, Johanne448
Broke, William414
Brown, Mr Benjamin471
Brown, Joanna471
Brown, John409, 487
Brown, Mary471
Brown, William471
Bruell, Richard432
Bryan, Philip456
Brygeman, Johne447
Bryte, John414, 426
Budde, John417
Budde, Margaret417
Budgell, Eustace473
Budgell family473
Budgell, Mr473
Budgell, Thomas473
Budgell, William473
Budleigh, Alnett469
Budleigh, John456-7
Buknam, William (also Buckenham)445-6, 451, 455, 460-1
Buller, Mr John440, 447-8, 455-7
Buller, Robert443, 449
Bulwike, John432
Bullwyk, Matilda436
Bullwyk, Philip436
Burgo, Johannem478
Burgoyne, William431
Burlace, John445
Burnet452, 454, 460
Burton, Joane487
Burton, Master John438
Burton, Stephen487
Burton, Stephen jnr487
Bury, Henry445
Butler, Alban423
Byry, Richard (Byrche)425, 427
Calamy, Dr404
Calwodeley, Elizabeth438, 446
Calwodeley family438
Calwodeley, John Esq435, 437-8, 446
Calwodeley, Thomas438
Cann, Rev Henry Foster MA491
Carwithen, Elizabeth472
Carwithen, John472, 487
Carwithen, Margaret472
Carwithen, Nicholas471-2
Carwithen, Sarah487
Castell, John456
Chanon, William439
Carr, Lady Charflotte434
Carr, Rev William434
Cary, Sir George450
Chafe, Richard Esq465
Chaffe, Mr Robert460, 464-5
Chaffe, William465
Chapell, Thomas466
Chappell, William456, 458-9, 461
Chard, Abbot Thomas403
Charles I471
Charles II484
Cheney, Elizabeth439
Cheney, John439
Chichester, Sir Alexander P B448
Chichester, Edward447-8
Chubb, Robert431
Clapp, Mr William491
Clark, Christopher484
Clarke, Dorothy484
Clarke, ffrances484
Clarke, John484
Clarke, Sarah484
Clement, John432-5
Clement, John jnr423
Cliff, William429
Clifton, John418
Clifton, Oliver418
Coggan, John470
Coke, John446
Coke, Thomas410
Colshull, John (Colshyll)429, 439
Colyn, Thomas427, 429, 441
Colyn, William414, 420, 461
Come, John428
Cooke, Alice409
Cooke, Thomas414
Copleston, Philip427
Coplestone, Mr Anthony464
Coplestone, Mr Christopher465
Coplestone family464-5
Corfe, Rev Joseph488
Cornyshe, Johan462
Cotton, William (Cotyn)441, 443, 446, 458-9
Courtenay, Alice432, 437
Courtenay, Henry434
Courtenay, Sir Hugh413
Courtenay, Lady Matilda413
Courtenay, Philip Esq432, 437
Courtenay, Sir Walter Knt435, 437
Coverdale, Bishop Miles456, 479
Coyle, Simon (Coile)412
Cranmer, Archbishop453-4
Croft, John449
Cromwell, Thomas405
Croppe, William414
Crossing, Elizabeth471, 486
Crossing, Mr Thomas471, 486
Cruwys, Thomas434
Culling, Richard472
Dabers, Master Richard424
Dagett, Richard459
Davey, Mr Simon403, 426, 429, 434, 444, 476
David, Rev W407
Davye, Thomasine444, 447, 461
Degunden, Henry (also Gundon)417, 422, 428
Dell, John476
Delves, Mr407
Denys, Richard448-9
Denys, Sir Thomas449
Dodderidge, Dorothy484
Dodderidge, Sir John484
Dogmanton, Crispin436
Downe, Hannah404
Downe, Rev Mark, MA404, 480, 486
Downe, Thomas404
Downe, William437, 448
Drake, John452, 460
Drake, Margaret452, 456
Drewe, John418
Driver, Philip459
Ducke, Richard468
Duckworth, Sir J T B Bt484
Duke, Alice432
Duke family474
Duke, Richard Esq443, 474
Duke, Sarah474
Duke, William424
Durlyng, Martyn407, 409
Dyble, John459-60
Dyer, Martin459
Eastway, Elizabeth487
Eastway, William gent (also Elias)487
Edward III425
Edward IV424-31
Edward V431
Edward VI422, 442, 445, 452-5, 470, 478, 480
Edward, John411
Elizabeth I406-7, 442, 456-60, 463-9
Ellacombe, Rev H T462, 480
Elacott. John469
Ellacote, Henry459
Ellacott, Margaret469
Ellys, Harrey467
Ellys, Thomas468
Elyot, Master Thomas (Eliote)439-41, 449, 452-6, 461, 464-5, 471
Erasmus453-4, 467, 475, 480
Errol, Earl of434
Faux, Henry425, 429
ffawkon, High409
ffelde, John463-4
ffenton, John of (Feneton)409
Fitzwarren, Lord440-1
Flavel, Rev John404
Floud, Daniel491
Floud, Elizabeth491
Floud family491
Floud, Alderman John491
Floyer, William Esq456-7, 461
Force, Mr Charles403
Fortescue, Elizabeth438
Fortescue, Henry438
Fosbroke414, 422, 430-2, 470
Fox, Thomas410
Foxwell, Philip472
Francke, Sir466
Franklin, Mary473
Franklin, William Esq473
Franklyn arms473
Frend, John416-7, 426-9, 435, 441, 453, 461, 466
Frende, Joan429, 441, 453
Frende, John jnr429
Frende, Richard429
Frost, Agnes444
Fuller, Thomas444-5
Fylberd, John427
Garret the joyner466, 470
Geffray, Thomas430
Geffray, William420
Genys, Walter426
Germyn, Master438
Gibbs, George Abraham476
Gibbs, Mary476
Gibbs, Sir Vicary476
Gidley, Mr J425
Glasscock, J L, jnr405
Glasyer, Joce the418
Glazier, John427
Glazier, Pety the459
Godfray, William417
Golde, Adam409-10, 413-5, 420, 441, 453
Golde, Ede461
Golde, Roger415
Golde, Margaret (Margery)415, 420
Goldsmith, Henry the445
Goldsmith, John409
Greedy, widow474
Gregory, Pope457
Grenville, Sir Bevil472
Grenville, Grace468
Grenville, Sir Greville468
Gumby, John441
Gupwill, Elizabeth486
Gupwill, Mr John484, 486
Gupwill, Mr John jnr486
Gupwill, Samuel486
Gupwill, Sarah484, 486
Gupwill, Susannah486
Hall, Bishop Joseph472
Halliwell412, 425
Halwill, John473
Hamelyn, John429
Haneford, Henry (Handford)429, 434, 448, 453
Hanford, Elizabeth445, 448, 453, 461
Hardyn, Richard467
Harris, William475
Hart family488
Hart, John452, 488
Hart, Joseph488
Hart, Richard488
Hayne, Jeremiah472
Hayne, William426
Hayward, William422
Heyward, Messrs & Son403
Hedgeland, Mr Charles403
Hele, Serjeant John469
Henry, vicar407
Henry III407
Henry VI406, 409-24
Henry VII432-5, 437-9
Henry VIII439-53
Hern, Richard409
Herne, William452, 458, 460
Herward, John430
Hide, Michael475
Hilion, Walter of408
Hill, John456
Hockeston, Walter of409
Hockestone, John of408
Hoigge, John431
Hoker, Alice432, 437
Hoker, John407, 432, 437, 440
Hoker, Robert445
Holditch family487
Holditch, Sarah487
Holditch, Walter486-7
Holmes, William468
Holwell family434
Holwell, Rev William434
Holwyll, Sir John Knt434
Hook, Dr412
Hooker, Sir Joseph D432
Hooker, "Judicious"432
Hooper, Benjamin488
Hooper, Maria489
Hooper, William473, 488-9
Hopewell, Mr462
Hopylius, Wolfgang478
Horsey, Elizabeth486
Horsey, Jasper469
Horsey, Mrs Prudence469
Hostler, John411
Hosyer, Robert409
Howard, Dr464
Howe, Prior William435
Howell, Jocasa469
Howell, John the younger (also Hoyle)469
Hoyle, John the younger (also Howell)468
Hugh, Henry475
Hull, Elizabeth418
Hull family418
Hull, John414, 418, 450
Hungerford, Edward gent472
Hungerford, Elizabeth472
Hungerford, Robert473
Hunt, John433
Hunt, Robert453, 456
Hunt, Alderman Thomas445-6, 483
Hunt, William457
Huntingdon, Hastings Earl of450
Hurst, arms482
Hurste, Master William440-2, 456, 459, 479, 482
Inglett, Giles gent482
Inglett, Thomas482
Ipsley, Mr465
Ivie, Benjamin492
Ivie, Elizabeth491
Ivie family492
Ivie, Jonathan491
Izacke427, 434, 444, 452, 466, 469-70, 483
James I467, 471, 475, 492
Jenkins416, 444
Jewell, Bishop475, 480
Jewell, Widow481
Joce, Walter426
John, King407
Jones, John464
Jons, John481
Jule, Joan420
Jule, John alias Rawe (also Rowe)413, 417, 420, 441-2, 448, 453, 460
Juyle, Richard462
Kelly, John (Kellegh)411, 414, 418, 426, 428, 433, 441-2, 453, 460
Kelly, John snr428
Kennaway, Messrs & Co492
Kerslake, Mr Thomas403, 423
Ketowe, John435
King, William437
Knighte, Symon456, 458-9, 461, 464
Kolnelegh, John416
Kyrton, William409-10
Lambell, Gilbert470
Lane, Margaret418
Langdene, Thomas of409
Lant, Matthias472
Laugher, John451
Lawe, John422
Legh, William a434
Legha, James430
Levermore, John (also Livermore)465, 470
Lewkener, Geffrey of408
Lewton, Alice411
Lidstone family483
Lincolne, Robert475
Lloyd, Mr407
Luer, John422
Lumley, Mr462
Luscombe, Mr462
Lydston, Anna483
Lydston, Anne jnr483
Lydston, Elizabeth483
Lydston, Frances483
Lydston, Francis483
Lydston, Jane483
Lydston, John483
Lydston, Alderman Robert483
Lydstone, Rev J483
Lydstone, Joyce483
Lysons, Messrs434
Manley, Elizabeth487
Manley, Elizabeth jnr487
Manley family487
Manley, John Esq487
Manley, Sarah487
Marisco, St Mary de435
Marshall, Bishop403
Martin, Alice482
Martyn, Amye463
Martyn, arms482
Martyn, Elizabeth463
Martyn family442, 452, 464
Martyn, Jane463
Martyn, John Esq455-6, 463
Martyn, Margaret452, 469
Martyn, Nicholas463-4, 482
Martyn, Richard Esq447, 463
Martyn, William463, 466-7
Martyn, Sir William Knt463
Mary, Queen442, 455-6, 458
Maskell436, 478
Mason, John411
Masy, John450-1
Mawditt, Mr Isack481
May, Walter419
Maynard, Richard452
Mayne, Arms489
Mayne, Christopher474, 489
Mayne, Elizabeth490
Mayne, Faith489-90
Mayne, John474, 489-90
Mayne, Katherine490
Mayne, Richard490
Mercer, Thomas423
Meeke, Joan456
Michel, John409
Midwinter, John455, 479
Mille, John (Mill, Mylle)424, 426-7
Mille, William425
Mirefyld, Walter415
Monk, Elizabeth468
Monk, Sir Thomas468
Moore, Mr Stuart478
Morahay, Joan421
Morahay, Robert421
More, John gent432, 440-1, 443-4
Morres, Robert461
Mortimore, John473
Mountegu, Thomas413, 419
Mumford, Mr407
Munday, Thomas451-2
Mydwynter, Agnes417
Myleton, John418
Mylle, John (Mille)422, 426
Newman, Joyce483
Newman, Sir Lydston, Bt450, 483
Newton, Robert424, 429, 431, 434, 437, 483
Norbroke, Robert440
Nordon, John437
Nordon, William430, 433
Northam, Mr475
Nymet, Thomas412
Okestone, John de409
Okestone, Walter de409
Oldham, Bishop403
Oliver, Dr403, 409-10, 412, 414-5, 425, 427, 434-6, 438-9, 444, 447-50, 456, 469, 473, 480, 483
Olyver, Eustace456-7
Orenge family427
Orenge, Ibota427
Orenge, John427
Orenge, Richard gent427
Osith, Saint423
Osborne, Joan420
Osborne, Richard420
Osburne, Martin (Osborne)413-4, 420, 441-2, 453, 460
Overall, W H, FSA405
Oxnam, Ann488
Oxnam, Richard488
Oxnam, Rev William403, 488
Page, John426
Palerna, Isabel da403
Palerna, Peter da403
Parker, Stephen456
Parson, William450-1
Pasmore, Mr407
Pavyer, Edmund the418
Peacock, E, FSA405, 415
Pengelly, W, FRS405
Penhale, Thomas (Pennale)428, 431, 433, 435
Pennington, Mr Thomas475
Penny, William474
Pery, Richard468
Peryam, Mr John458, 466
Peryam, Mr William464
Petrock, Saintthroughout
Pewter, John411
Philip & Mary455-6
Phillpotts, Bishop439
Pinsent arms482
Pinsent, Mr Ellis482
Pinsent family482
Pitfield, Agnes485
Pitfield, William485
Pope, John426
Pope, Richard413
Popham, Mr465
Popham, Sir John465
Potter, Christopher452
Pounsford, Richard475
Power, Isabella420, 423
Pralle, Roger de407
Prest, Agnes456
Presteton, William of408
Prestwood, Thomas479
Prickman, Charles Henry491
Prince, John447, 464-5, 484
Provest, Thomas436
Pudsey, Agnes434
Pudsey, Grace434
Pudsey, Sir Ralph434
Pulford, John416, 418
Pye, Mr Kellow403
Pyke, John426
Pynde, Thomas420
Pyppedon, Alice409
Quash, Andrew471-2, 474, 485
Quash, Andrew jnr472
Quash, Dorcas485
Quash, Hannah472
Quash, John472
Quash, Joseph485
Quash, Robert472
Quash, Sarah472
Quycke, Joan413
Radcliffe arms473
Radcliffe, Elizabeth472-3
Radcliffe family473, 481
Radcliffe, Jasper gent (also Ratcliff)472-3, 481
Radcliffe, Mary473
Rawe, John alias Jule (also Rowe)441, 460
Reigny Master William445
Richard III431-2, 476
Richardson, Thomas460
Risby, John409
Risdon, Giles465
Risdon, Thomas465
Risdon, Tristram465
Robyns, John436, 453
Rock409, 411, 413-4, 417, 419, 421-2, 428, 446
Rogger, John415
Ronewyll, Richard417
Rosmond, Alice417
Rosmond, John416
Rous, Richard430
Rous, Thomas411, 413, 420, 425
Rysdon, Mr465
Ryton, John415, 418
Salman, John416
Salter, John416
Salter, Milicent416
Samford, William472
Sampson, Peter470
Sampson, Thomas475
Saywell, Gilbert (Sewell)454-6, 461, 479
Seldon, William449, 456
Semyell, William (also Seniyell)427
Sheares, Joane486
Sheares, Ralph486
Sheere arms490
Sheere, Elizabeth490
Sheere, Theodore490
Shepherd, Mr475
Shere, Edward446-7
Shillingford, John412, 417, 424
Shorto, Mr E H H481
Shreeve, Richard470
Sidwell, Saint435
Sithe, Saint (Osith; Osgith)423-5, 447
Slugge, John432
Smith, Hannah472
Smith, Thomas472
Smyth, Agnes459
Smyth, Elizabeth468
Smyth, George467
Smyth, Sir George459, 467-8
Smyth, Grace468
Smyth, Jocasa469
Smyth, Richard437
Smyth, Robert417
Smyth, Thomas460, 462-3
Smyth, William449, 455-6, 459
Smythe, Elizabeth427
Smythe, Ralph426
Snowblanche, Willielmus410
Somers, John483
Southey, Hugh451, 456
Speke, Elizabeth439
Speke, Sir John Knt439
Spicer, Christopher484
Spicer family483-4
Spicer, Nicholas484
Spicer, Thomas461, 483
Spicer, Mr William483-4
Spiller, William476
Spurwaye, John467
Spyne, John416
Stanbrygge, John414, 433
Stapylhyll, Nicholas gent443
Starr, Mr Edmond474, 480
Starr, Elizabeth487
Starr, John474
Starr, Sarah474
Starr, Sarah jnr474
Stephyn, Nicholas425
Sterre, John (Starre)427-8, 430, 435-6, 487
Stacche, Peter447
Swete, Richarde465
Swetebody, Michael428-9
Sydner, Joan443
Sydner, William443
Symon, John433, 437-8
Symons, William467
Tacke, Elizabeth486
Tacke, family487
Tacke, Joane486
Tacke, Mr Thomas486-7
Talbot, John409-10, 414-5, 420, 441, 453, 458-9, 468
Talbot, Juliana415, 420
Talbot, Matilds415, 420
Tanner, Harrie462
Tantefer, Richard409
Tapper, Mrs474
Tarrent, Rev Robert MA490
Tauntfen, William411
Thomas, Mr John403, 438-9
Tickell, Dorothy485
Tickell, Isaac485
Tickell, John485
Tickell, John jnr485
Tickell, Susannah485
Tickell, Thomas485
Tickle, Mr William468
Toker, John (also Tucker & Tooker)413, 466
Toker, Richard438
Toker, Robert420
Torner, John (Tourner; Turner)415, 422, 424-5
Tothill, Geoffrey458
Tresyne, N409
Trobridge, Ann483
Trosse, John466
Tryggs, Alexander455, 479
Tucker, Elizabeth439
Tucker, Hugh439
Tucker, Humphrey471
Tucker, John (also Tooker)466
Tucker, Alderman Robert439
Tuckfield family448
Tuckfield, Alderman John448
Tuke, William417
Turberville, Bishop James456
Turnour, John430
Turnour, Mabel425
Turnour, Richard (Tourner)425, 428, 431
Turpyn, Geoffrey413
Unde, Elizabeth437
Unde, Richard (Undy)435, 437-8
Vicary, Anthony475-6
Vicary, Mary476
Vigours, William436
Wade, Richard429
Wade, William456
Waggot, John447
Walcote, John449, 450
Walbere, John430
Walcott412, 414, 422, 437
Walker, Jocasa469
Walker, Thomas469
Walkey, Ann490
Walkey, Benjamin Esq490
Walrond, Elizabeth472
Walrond, Thomas472
Ware, John475
Ware, Thomas BA486
Waye, Richard gent470
Waye, William456-7, 462-3
Warde, Peter415
Wayte, John (also Waye)449
Webb, John465-6
Webber, Elizabeth jnr461
Webber, Robert467-8
Werthe, Elizabeth437-8
Westcote418, 442
Weston, John492
Whit, Ellis482
Whitborough, Mary482
White, Joan456
White, Thomas429
Whyte, Isabella428-8
Whyte, William452
Wichalse, Benedict416, 419
Wichalse family416
Wichalse, Henry426
Wilkynson, William439
William I403
William, Peter (also Williams)427
William, Robert410
Williams, Agnes427
Williams, Mr457
Wills, Nicholas469
Wilmot, John452
Winchelsea, Bennet (Wichalse)416
Wood, Ezekiel472
Worth, Alexander489
Worth, Anna489
Worth arms489
Worth, Elizabeth438
Worth family489
Worth, Francis489
Worth, Henry armig489
Worth, Roger438
Worth, Simon438
Wright, Mr Thomas FSA405, 414, 470
Wylson, Hugh466
Wynter, John448-9
Yeate, John at409