Estate Duty Office Copy of Will of Henry Platel of Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon 1852

Devon Record Office 1078/IRW/P/961

Transcribed by Nuala Ni'Shiochru

The last will and Testament of Henry Platel    I Henry Platel now residing at St James Terrace near St. James church in the City of Exeter or in the county of the City of Exeter do hereby make this my last Will and Testament revoking and disannulling all others. Now I hereby give devise and bequeath unto my wife Jane Platel the whole of my Household Goods Furniture and Plate which I shall die possessed of for her own sole and absolute use disposal and benefit. Also I give devise and bequeath unto my said wife the interest of a sum of money during her lifetime which said money becomes due at the period of my death from an Insurance effected on my life under the following conditions namely that if my Son Henry Platel and my Son in Law Robert Wilson Wyllie do each engage to pay and do each pay unto my said wife during her lifetime the sum of Five Pounds annually in half-yearly instalments the first payment to be made six months after my decease so that my said wife shall receive from them both Ten Pounds of English Money every year independent of the Interest arising from the Proceeds of the Insurance then I will and appoint that the money which shall arise from the said Insurance (my just Debts being first paid) be put out to Interest in the best way my Executor shall think it and the Interest thus accruing be handed over continually to my said wife for her sole use and benefit and upon her decease I will that the Principal so put out to Interest shall be equally divided between my Son Henry Platel and Daughter Catherine Wyllie or their heirs Administrators and A[...]s but in case the Ten Pounds per annum aforesaid to be paid to my wife by my Son and Son in Law are not punctually paid then I give devise and bequeath unto her the entire proceeds of the said Insurance for her own sole and absolute use disposal and benefit and in case either my Son or Son in Law shall fail to pay to my said wife his proportion when due and he who is not the defaulter be willing to advance the defaulters proportions then the sum or sums so advanced and paid to my said wife bearing interest at the rate of Five Pounds per centrum per Annum shall be deducted from the Defaulter's share and proportion of the Principal when that said principal shall fall in hand on the death of my wife And I hereby appoint my Son and Son in law Executor under this my last will and Testament whereof I hereby set my hand and seal this Twenty third day of April in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and fifty one___

Henry Platel

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Testator as and for his Last will and Testament in the presence of us two whose names are hereunto subscribed and who subscribed our names as Witnesses thereunto at the request and in the presence of the said Testator and in the Presence of each other and of us this Twenty Third day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty one_____

Robert Laskey             Edward Jewell