St Matthew Church War Memorial

Provided by John Williams

St Matthews Church was consecrated in 1882 and is located in Lower Summerland Street, Newtown, Exeter. The parish of Exeter St. Matthew was created 24th of April 1883 from part of the parishes of Exeter St Sidwell and Exeter St James (which was itself created from Exeter St Sidwell). It is now known as "St Matthew with St Sidwell and St Mark" Exeter.


Ackland W.R.
Aggett W.J.
Allery C.H.
Bennett A.J.
Bennett C.W.
Bennett R.G.
Benson H.C.
Blatchford W.H.
Bowden A.F.
Bowden C.H.
Bowden F.L.
Bradford A.L.
Berry A.H.
Bridle F.W.
Browning E.
Clow E.A.
Clow B.
Clow H.F.
Cockram P.J.
Coles W.H.
Collett G.
Colwall S.
Cummins W.G.
Crump S.C.
Dorothy A.E.
Ebdon M.
Elston A.
Farleigh E.
Fitzgerald J.
Gillard F.
Grant F.J.
Harris P.
Hayes C.C.
Hodge L.H.
Holmes R.H.
Hooper F.
Howell A.
Jackman P.J.
Jarvis A.J.
Jones R.
Jerrett S.
Kemp F.G.
Kitson J.
Knight T.
Lias W.G.
Manley H.
Marshall F.J.
Matthews J.
Milford J.
Pannell W.H.
Parkhouse C.
Patchett I.G.
Pinn E.J.
Pinnegar W.J.
Pook A.E.
Reed C.C.
Reynolds F.J.E.
Rooke P.H.
Rowden W.J.
Rowe E.F.
Sawdye E.K.
Scanes T.H.
Searle C.
Sharpe G.T.
Stanlake W.J.
Swift E.
Tancock A.
Tancock H.
Toms C.A.
Treuge A.
Upright J.C.
Webber G.
Webber W.
West A.H.
Wheaton P.
White R.
Wilson J.H.
Wollen H.C.
Wood S.W.