Proceedings at the Fifty-third Annual Meeting held at Tavistock, 
21st to 24th July, 1914.

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol.  46, (1914) pp. 26-37


Maxwell Adams (General Secretary)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Devonshire Association (DA) is a learned society founded in 1862 by William Pengelly and modelled on the British Association, but concentrating on research subjects linked to Devon in the focal areas of science, literature and the arts. The first meeting was held in Exeter in 1862 with a membership of 69 and, except for 1942, meetings have been held annually in different locations around the county every year since. A potted Association history as well as a comprehensive list of Presidents from 1863 to 2011 is available in Wikipedia. The Tavistock Meeting Proceedings can be found in a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal that can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Adams, Mr Maxwell 34, 36-7
Alexander, Mr J.J 27, 31-2
Amery, Mr J.S 36-7
Bedford, Francis Duke of 27, 29-30, 33
Beebe, Rev W.N.P 27
Browne 28
Chilcott, Mr Edward.W 27, 31, 33-4, 36-7
Chilcott, Mrs E.W 27, 33
Cole, Mr R.S 34
Croft, Sir Alfred 37
Dennis, Mrs J.A 27
Doble, Miss 27
Doble, Mr 27, 30, 33-4
Doble, Mrs R.D 27, 33
Drake, Sir Francis 28, 30
Froude, Ashley A. Esq., C.M.G. 26, 30-1
German, Mr J. Bird 27
Glanville, Jodge 28
Grimbal, Betsy 31
Haddy, Mr S.P 27
Hardwick, Baron 28
Harpley, Rev William 26
Henry I 28
Hine, Mr James 26
Hodges, Rev E. Rattenbury 27
Le Neveu, Rev H.G 31
Longmans 35
Ordgar 27
Pearce, Mr J.H 27
Pym, John 28, 30
Radford, Mrs G.H 31
Rowe, Mr Theodore 27, 34
Russell family 30
Russell, Lord John 29, 33
Snow, Mr J 27
Spear, Sir John, J.P 30
Stewer, Jan 33
Stranger, Mr R.N 27
Tavistock, Abbot of 28
Tucker, Mr R 27
Ward, Mr Richard 34
Warran, Mr E 27
Watkin, Mr Hugh 36
Windeatt, Mr George 27
Worth, Mr Hansford 37
Worthington, Professor, A.M, C.B., F.R.S 31-2, 34-6