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Help and advice for DEVON: FRITHELSTOCK BAPTISMS 1563-1823

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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Jeremy Hummerstone.

1. The transcription is not fully chronological - rather it is given in basically the same very jumbled order in which the parish registers were written and have been microfilmed - the browser "Find" facility provides a convenient means of searching the file, therefore.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

MOYSE Elizabeth John   1563    
WILLIAMS Robert John   Aug/1564    
BURDON Johan John   Mar/1568    
ABBOTT Elizabeth Thomas   Mar/1568    
PALMER John George   Jun/1568    
SCOTT Luce (daugh) Henry   Sept/1564    
SCOTT William William   Feb/1564    
WILLIAMS Mary William   Oct/1564    
HEYMAN John John   Jun/?/1558    
MARTYN Agnes Nicholas   Jul/1606    
FOWLE Agnes Thomas   Jan/1605    
PULLMOR William William   Jan/1605    
LANGE Francis (son) ?   Dec/1610    
PALMER Elizabeth John   Jan/1610    
ABBOTT Richard John   May/1612    
WHITLOCKE Elizabeth John   Jun/1612    
CLEMENT Elinor John   May/1617    
WHITLOCKE Kathryn John   Mar/1617    
NETHERWAY Anne John   Aug/1618    
CLEMENT John John   Oct/1621    
DAVY (son) Arthur   ?/1621    
SCOTT Barthlomew John   Feb/1621    
MARTYN Anne Nicholas   Apr/1622    
MORSE Phebe John   ?/2/1622    
SMALE Thomas Edmund   Feb/21/1622    
NETHERWAY William John   Oct/25/1622    
WHITLOCKE John John   Nov/5/1622    
BERRY A.. (dau) Bartholomew   Dec/22/1622    
TITHERLY Arthur Arthur   Dec/5/1622    
LEE Mary John   Jan/19/1622    
PIDDLER George Joseph   1622    
PALLMOR Johan Henry   Apr/3/1623    
GAY Robert Anthony   Jul/1623    
HEAMAN John John   Oct/5/1623    
SHURTE Susanna John   Oct/5/1623    
CLEMENT Nathaniel Christopher   Oct/1623    
PEDLER William (base) Margarett Nov/5/1623    
CLEMENTE John William   Nov/1623    
CROCKER Thomasin Richard   Jul/1624    
CHAPLEMAN Johan John   Feb/1623    
CLEMENT Lawerence???(son) John   Jun/1624    
DOWNING Alice William   Jul/1624    
BOARE Johane John   Sept/1624    
STOTT Lawerence Mathew   Nov/1624    
NICKLE John MAthew   Dec/1634    
GAY Lawerence & Thomas Anthony   Dec/1624    
HOLMAN John John   May/1625    
LEE Anthony John   Aug/1625    
LYELL Margarett John ?   Sep/1625    
PERKARD (son) John   Dec/1625    
MORSE Humphrey John   Nov/1625    
SCOTT Elizabeth Mathew   Jan/8/1625    
BRAGG Elinor Edward   Jan/8/1625    
MAYNE Lawerence Robert   Jan/11?/1625    
COREY Christopher Joseph   Jan/1625    
LENDON Humphrey Humphrey   Feb/1625    
CUDMORE Wilmot John   May/1626    
HORNE Humphrey William   Jun/1626    
LAMBE Thomasine John   Aug/1626    
SCOTT Florence John   Nov?/1626    
HADDEN William George   1626    
WALKER Jackett Thomas   1626    
SHORT Wilmot John   Oct/1626    
SMALE William Edmund   Feb/1626    
CLEMENT William William   Feb/1626    
GAY Anne Anthony   Feb/1626    
SCOTT Emlyn (base) Emilie 1626    
BEARE Thomas John   Apr/1/1627    
FURLAND Arthur John   Feb/1627    
LAMBE Christopher John   Feb/1627    
PECKARD William John   Feb/1627    
SCOTT John John   Feb/1627    
LEE Margery John   Feb/1627    
EARLE Thomasin John   Jun/1628    
TITHERLY Nicholas Arthur   Sept/1628    
LENDEN James Humphrey   Nov/1627    
SAUNDERS Wilmott (base) Jaquett Feb/1628    
CROCKER Mary Richard   Nov/1628    
BRAGGE Wilmot Edward   Mar/1627    
BEERE (dau) John   May/1629    
CADWILL Agnes William   Sept/1629    
TOWNSEND Johan Thomas   Aug/1629    
SHORTE Elizabeth John   May/1629    
LENDEN John Humphrey   Dec/1629    
SMALE Edward Edmund   Jan/1629    
PALMER Christian George   Jan/1629    
.UPPER Elizabeth (base) Dorothy Feb/1629    
HORKING Ann & Elizabeth John   Feb/1629    
HUTCHINGS John & Alice Edward   Mar/1629    
HOOPER John John   [end of ]1629    
NICKLE Mary Mathew   Apr/1630    
HORKYN Hugh Hugh   Apr/1630    
CLEMETT Richard William   Apr/1630    
SCOTT Bartholomew John   Apr/1630    
CLEMETT Henry ?? William   Jul/1630    
LAMBE Ann John   Jul/1630    
DENNYS Johan Thomas   Aug/1630    
HORNE Emmanuel Tristam   Dec/1630    
MANDEN Michaell Steven   Nov/1630    
PALMER (dau) John   Nov/1630    
PADDEN Ann George   Dec/1630    
LEYMAN James William   Feb/1630    
EYRE John Edmund   Jun/1631    
LEE Thomas John   Feb/1630    
PADDEN (dau) George   Jan/1631    
LYLE Johan Isaac   Nov/1630    
DENNIS Elizabeth Peter   Jan/1630    
DOWNING John (base) Johan Feb/1630    
ERLE Tristam John   May/1632    
SCOTT William John   Apr/1631    
LENDEN Richard Humfrey   May/1632    
BEERE Mary John   May/1632    
WILLIAMS Eulalia Christopher   Jul/1632    
GRIFFEN Richard Richard   Aug/1632    
NETHEWAY Ann Christopher   Aug/1632    
DENNIS Jane William   Aug/1632    
ABBOTT Ann William   Aug/1632    
MOORE ? James John   Sep/1632    
CROCKER Ann Richard   Dec/1632    
EARLE ? Digory Digory   Feb/1632    
WHITE John (base) Honor Jan/1632    
MOSE Honor John   Feb/1632    
NICLE Christian Mathew   Mar/1632    
PALMER Margarett George   Mar/1632    
TOWNSEND Samuell Thomas   Mar/1633    
HOMES ? Christian Samuel   Jul/1633    
CUDMOORE Frances John   Jun/1633    
LEE Philip John   Jul/1633    
MARTIN Katerine Richard   Aug/1633    
HOMES Christian Samuel   Jul/1633    
HUTCHINGS Johan Edward   Nov/1633    
HARKIN??? William John   Frb/1633    
PUGSLY John Emmanuel ?   Mar/1634    
MARTIN William John   Feb/1633    
FITTS ? John Thomas   Apr/1634    
PALMER Christopher John   Apr/1634    
EARLE ? (base) Agnes Apr/1634    
BEERE Matthew John   May/1634    
JEFFERY Mary James   Jun/1634    
NETHWAY Anthony Christopher   Sept/1634    
CLEMMET Christopher William   Nov/1634    
CROCKER Richard Richard   Feb/1634    
MARTIN John Arthur   Jan/1634    
POWE Agnes William   Feb/1634    
HOMES Ellinor Samuel   Feb/1634    
STRIKE John Arthur   Feb/1634    
SCOTT Mary John   Feb/1634    
NICKLE (son) Mathew   Mar/1635    
DOWNING William William   Mar/1635    
MOORE (dau) John   Oct/1635    
F... John John   Dec/1635    
SYMONS Elizabeth Philip   Feb/1635    
PALMER Emm George   Oct/1635    
PERKARD James Valentine   Mar/1636    
PALMER Johan John   May/1636    
HADDEN Wilmot George   Jun/1636    
SMYTE Roger John   Jul/1636    
HOMES Mary Samuel   Sep/1636    
MEDDEN Honor John   Nov/1636    
WILLIAMS Richard ?   Mar/1636    
PALMER Alice Thomas   Nov/1636    
NICKLES Theophilus Mathew   Apr/1637    
BRADFORD (son) John   May/1637    
CUDMORE James John   May/1637    
LYELL Sara Mark ?   Jun/1637    
SIMCOCK Agnes John   Jan/1637    
MARTIN (dau) Arthur   July/1637    
EARLE John John   Feb/1637    
SMALE Mary John   Mar/1637    
HOMES Mary Samuel   Mar/1638    
SIMONS John Philip   Mar/1638    
PUGSLY Thomas Nathanell   Mar/1638    
STRIKE Thomas Arthur   May/1638    
MOORE Thomasine John   May/1638    
HARRIS Abell (son) Thomas   Jul/1638    
PECKARD Thomas Valentine   Aug/1638    
DEAMAN John Philip   Sep/1/1638    
STRIKE Agnes (base) Jane Oct/1638    
POWE Agnes Christopher   Dec/1638    
PALMER George George   Dec/1638    
LANG Julian (dau) John   Mar/1638    
BELLEW John Mr.Rowland   Mar/1639    
MARTIN Johan Arthur   May/1639    
NICKLE Mathew William   May/1639    
WILLIAMS Thomasin Thomas   July/1639    
COLLACOTT Mary (base) Johane Oct/1639    
HEAMAN (dau) John   Nov/1639    
NETHAWAY Benjamin Christopher   Nov/1639    
AVERY Thomas Emanuell   Nov/1639    
SCOTT Rebecca? John   Nov/1639    
ABBOTT Joseph Richard   Feb/1639    
BEERE Margarett John   Feb/1639    
SIMCOCK John John   Jun/1640    
STRIKE Susan Arthur   Feb/1639    
EARLE Johan John   Jun/1640    
CURTIS Hester? Thomas   Jun/1640    
BRADDON Luce ? John   Jun/1640    
PUNNIER Thomasin William   Jun 1640    
PALMER Elizabeth Thomas   Jul/1640    
HOLWELL Philip John   Jul/1640    
TITHERLY Agnes Peter   Aug/1640    
DORMAN Deborah Philip   Aug/1640    
CLARKE Christian Philip   Aug/1640    
PADDEN Christopher George   Aug/1640    
DOWNEY William William   Sep/1640    
SPEARMAN John John, Jr   Nov/1640    
CUDMOORE Ann John   Nov/1640    
ELLIOTT John Abraham   Jan/1640    
LANG Mary John   Feb/1640    
PICKARD (son) Valentine   Feb/1640    
STICKE Thomas Arthur   Apr/1641    
NICKELL Peter Matthew   Apr/1641    
MIDDON Grace John   May/1641    
CANNE William Tristram   Jul/1641    
MARTIN Margarett Arthur   Jul/1641    
SYNCOCKE (dau) John   Dec/1641    
COURNEY John William   Dec/1641    
SAUNDERS Christopher Christopher   Jan/1641    
GOODE Wilmot Digory   Feb/1641    
PALMER John George   Mar/1641    
WILLIAMS (son) Griffy ??   Apr/1642    
SIMMONS (son) Philip   May/1642    
CURTIS (son) Thomas   May/1642    
LEMON (dau) Alexander   May/1642    
STICKE (dau) Arthur   Jul/1642    
SMALE (son) John   Jul/1642    
HEAMAN Christopher John   Oct/1642    
SAUNDERS Elizabeth Christopher   Dec/1642    
CUDMORE John John   Feb/1642    
EASTON William William   Apr/1643    
LANGE Jone John   May/1643    
MARTYN John Roger   May/1643    
LEMMON Anthony Alexander   Jun/1643    
SMITH John John   Jun/1643    
DIAMOND Philip Philip   Jun/1643    
COURNY Robert William   Jun/1643    
MARTIN Nickolas John   Jul/1643    
MARTIN Christopher Arthur   Aug/1643    
ABBOTT Agnes Richard   Aug/1643    
TITHERLY John Peter   Mid1643    
CANNES Jane Tristram   Jan/1643    
AVERY Thomas Nickolas   Sep/1643    
SCOTT Christopher John   Jan/1643    
CLEMENT John Christopher   Mar/1643    
WILLIAMS Christopher Thomas   Mar/1643    
PALLIMANT Ann Thomas   Aug/1644    
HEAMAN Maria Christopher   Oct/1644    
FENE William William   Nov/1644    
ABBOTT Richard Richard   Nov/1643    
HEAMAN Emanuel John   Nov/1644    
PADDONE?? Emanuel George   Dec/1644    
SYMONES Alexander Philip   Dec/1644    
MAYNE Elizabeth Roger   Dec/1644    
SANDERS Johan Christopher   Jan/1644    
SMALE Emond John   Apr/1645    
PALMER Ellinr William   May/1645    
SMALE Grace & Mary George   May/1645    
HAMLIN (dau) (base) Joan Jul/1645    
SIMONS Christopher Philip   Feb/1645    
LEMON Christopher Alexander   Mar/6/1645    
LANGE John John   Mar/15/1645    
BRAY John Nicholas   Mar/26/1646    
STIRKE Alse Arthur   Mar/26/1646    
ABBOTT Richard Richard   Jun/25/1646    
ROW Ann John   Jul/6/1646    
TRICK John Robert   Jul/1646    
DAW Elizabeth Christopher   Jul/19/1646    
ALLIN Robert Roger   Aug/1646    
HEYMAN John Christopher   Feb/1646    
MARTIN Richard Arthur   Sep/1646    
PALMER William Philip   Feb/1646    
WALTER Mary Edward of Great Torrington   Feb/1646    
SAUNDERS Thomas Christopher   Mar/1646    
ELTON Thomasin William   Mar/1646    
PARNACOTT William William   Apr/4/1647    
ABBOTT Catherine Richard   May/?/1647    
HEAMAN Thomas John   July/?/1647    
CLEMENT Christopher Christopher   Oct/?/1647    
PALMER (daughter) William   Dec/?/1647    
LOUDON (daughter) Christopher   Jan/4?/1647    
PALMER William Philip   Feb/4/1647    
CORTICE John Charles ??   Jul/30/1648    
LANGE James John   Aug/25?/1648    
GOWMAN Jane Allexander   Nov/5/1648    
TRICK Alexander Robert   Dec/31/1648    
SANDERS Richard Christopher   Dec/1648    
GAY William John   Jan/30/1648    
CUDAMORE Ann John   Feb/13/1648    
HEYMAN Christopher Christopher   Mar/14/1648    
MARTIN Jane Arthur   May/1648    
MARSHALL Thomasin Thomas   May/1648    
PALMER Jane John   Jul/1648    
HYSSED ? William William   Sep/1649    
HEMAN John & Alexander CHristopher   Oct/7/1649    
PEW John John   Oct/9/1649    
PERKARD John Edward   Jan/9/1649    
SMALE William Thomas   Jun/1650    
PALLMER William William   Jun/1650    
MAYNE Humphrey Roger   Jun/1650    
PALLMER Richard Philip   Aug/1650    
SYMONS Martha Philip   Sept/1650    
STRIKE John & Ann Arthur   Sept/1650    
HEMENT Edward? Christopher   Nov/1650    
GAY Edward John   Jan/1650    
LYEN John William   Feb/1650    
DIGROORY Rose ?   Mar/1650    
LEYMAN Robert Alexander   Mar/1650    
PHILLIPS Jacquett Owen ?   Mar/1650    
SMALE Thomas Edmund   Jul/21/1622    
NETHEWAY William John   Oct/23/1622    
SCOTT Margarett John   Apr/29/1691    
SCOTT Elizabeth Jonathan   May/6/1691    
RISDON Edward George   Jun/4/1691    
TALOMEY John John ?of Buck Brewere?   Jul/10/1691    
BOWMAN Phillipe George   Jul/13/1691    
LEMON Em William   Sep/28/1691    
LENDON Joana John   Oct/20/1691    
AVERY Robert John   Feb/13/1691    
SMYTH Anna Jo.   Mar/29/1692    
MARTIN Susannah Samuel   Apr/12/1692    
ABBOTT Ruth Jo.   Apr/15/1692    
FRY Anne Jo.   May/2/1692    
GLOVER Christopher John   May/5/1692    
SCOT John Jonathan   Jun/14/1692    
SMALE William Will.   Jun/21/1692    
PHILLIPS Richard John   Jul/2/1692    
TYTHERLEY Wilmot Jo.   Aug/29/1692    
TALLAMY Elizabeth John   Aug/29/1692    
HOOPER Thomas Philip   Oct/13/1692    
PALLMER Ellen William   Nov/10/1692    
DENNIS James Thomas   Dec/29/1692    
RICE Henry Jos.   Jan/12/1692    
GORVET John John   Feb/14/1692    
PEDLER Susanna William   Mar/12/1692    
ESTON John John   Mar/13/1692    
SCOT Thomas Josias   Mar/13/1692    
HARRIS William   Elisabeth Jun/1723    
GORVET Joseph Thomas   Apr/1693    
HISSOT Elizabeth William   May/14/1693    
STEPHINS Honnor Samuel   Oct/20/1693    
PEARSE Peternell Richard   Oct/26/1693    
LENDON Richard Jo the younger   Oct/25/1693    
LEMAN Anne William   Dec/4/1693    
PHILLIPS Arthur John   Mar/3/1693    
LEYMAN Johan Philip   Apr/4/1694    
DOWNING Johan Will   Apr/10/1694    
BOWMAN ? Thophilis George   Apr/25/1694    
AVERY Thomas John   Apr/25/1694    
SCOTT Emanuell John   May/15/1694    
BOWMAN Catierne Roger   May/1694    
BALL John John   May/30/1694    
GORVET Rebekkah Thomas   Sep/4/1694    
SCOTT Richard Jonathon   Oct/16/1694    
PEDLER Alexander John   Jan/3/1694    
NICHOLE James James   Jan/3/1694    
FRAY John John   Feb/1694    
GORVET Grace John   Mar/13/1694    
TUCKER (unknown) (base) Sarah ye neece of Mrs Grace Conards May/4/1723    
HEYMAN Katherine Christopher   Apr/13/1651    
BUD Thomas Nicholas   Jun/8/1651    
HEAMAN Johan John   Jun/23/1651    
TRICKE Emme Robert   Nov/20/1651    
MARSHALL Deborah Thomas   Jul/20/1651    
PADDEN Honnor George   Aug/24/1651    
HARRIS Phillip Roger   Sep/10/1651    
SCOTT Dynah (base) Florence Sep/25/1651    
MARTIN Ann Arthur   Oct/25/1651    
HORNE Christopher Richard   Dec/21/1651    
PALLMER Thomasin John   Apr/1652    
HISSOTT Elizabeth William   Apr/22?/1652    
EXTON Benjamin Benjamin   May/10/1652    
SMALE Edmund Thomas   Jun/1652    
RECKARD Charity Edward   Jul/7/1652    
LENDEN Ann Christopher   Aug/1652    
DOWNING John Thomas   Oct/10/1652    
FURLAND Phillip (base) Anne Mar/20/1652    
ROW L... (daughter) John   May/2/1653    
PALLMER Elizabeth William   Jun/26/1653    
HORNE John Richard   Sep/5/1653    
MAYNE Roger Roger   Oct/30/1653    
STICKE Thomas Arthur   born Nov/13/1653 bapt Nov/27  
PHILLIPPS Anthony Thomas ?   born Nov/20/1653 bapt Dec 4  
TITHERLEY Arthur John   born Dec/12/1653 bapt Dec 24  
GAYE or SQUIRE Thomas John   born Dec/18/1653 bapt Jan 10, listed as John Gaye Squire [not Esquire looks more like Squire name vs title]  
RECKARD Johan ?   born Dec/31/1653 bapt Feb/13  
PENGELLY Edmond Robert   born Jan/31/1653 bapt Feb/13  
LEAMAN Mary Alexander   born Feb/5/1653 bapt Feb/19  
CLEMENT John John, the younger   born Feb/5/1653 bapt Feb/21  
HEYMAN Faith Christopher   Mar/13/1653    
DOWNING Johan Thomas   born May/8/1654 bapt May/21  
CLEMENT Johan Laurence   born May/9/1654 bapt May 14  
TRICKE Christian Robert   born May/28/1654 bapt Jun 12  
CUDMOORE Agnes John   born Aug/1/1654 bapt Aug 13  
BAWDEN Deborah Phillipp   born Oct/28/1654 bapt Nov/12  
RECKARD Johan Edward   born Jan/4/1654 bapt Jan 18  
PEARSE Wynifruite John   born Jan/14/1654 bapt Jan 28  
GAITE James James   born Jan/22/1654 bapt Feb ?  
SMITH Elizabeth John   born Feb/14/1654 bapt Mar 1st  
LAKE Frances William of Grt Torrington   born Jun/3/1655 bapt Jun 17  
LANGE Charitie Laurence   born Aug/19/1655 bapt sept 2  
HAWKRIDGE William William of Grt Torrington   born Oct/1/1655 bapt Oct/14  
GAYE James John, Esquire   born Oct/31/1655 bapt Nov 20  
PHILLIPS John Oringe   born Dec/2/1655 bapt Dec 15  
PENGELLY Jane Robert   born Dec/13/1655 bapt Dec 24  
DENNIS James Arthur   born Dec/15/1655 bapt Jan/28  
PALLMER Phillippe (dau) William   born Jan/24/1655 bapt Jan 24  
CLEMENT William John the younger   born Jan/21/1655 bapt Feb 3  
HARRIS Julian (dau) Roger   born Jan/31/1655 bapt Feb/14  
TITHERLY Johan John the younger   born Feb/1/1655 bapt Feb 14  
WILLIAMS Hezeria (son) John   born Mar/265/1656 bapt Apr/13/1656  
CLIFFORD Thomas Thomas   born May/14/1656 bapt May/3/1656  
HEWSON ? John John of Grt Torrington   born Jul/8/1656 bapt Jul/20  
TRICKE Ann Robert   born Aug/1656 [pretty big guess here-very faint]  
LEMAN Mary James   born Sept/14/1656 bapt Sept/25  
STICKE Christopher John   born Nov/20/1656 bapt/Nov/27/1656  
GAITE Roger James   born Dec/19/1656 bapt Jan 5th  
BAWDON John Phillipp   born Jan/1/1656 bapt Jan 5th  
AURXIE ? John John   born Feb/12/1656 bapt Feb 25th  
FRY Thomasine Lewis   born Apr/15/1657    
RECKARD Elizabeth ? Samuel ?   born May/24/1657 bapt Jun/7  
RECKARD Mary Edward   born Jun/9/1657 bapt Jun 21  
PALLMER Peternell Phillipp   born Aug/17/1657 bapt Sept 3  
PALLMER Anne William   born Oct/3/1657 bapt Oct 15  
CLEMENT Honor John   born Oct the last/1657 bapt Nov 14  
PALLMER Johan (base) Alice born Nov/1/1657 bapt Nov/10  
SMALE Anne Thomas   born Dec/31/1657 bapt Jan 19th  
S... Agnes Arthur   born Jan/15/1657 bapt Feb/9  
DOWNING A.. (daughter) Thomas   born Feb/13/1657 bapt Feb 28th  
P.. Tristam John or Joseph?   born Apr/17/1658 [long last name]  
HORNE Hester John   born Apr/17/1658 bapt May 14  
STICKE Mary John   born Apr/23/1658 bapt May 7  
MOYSE James Humphrey   born Jul/4/1658 bapt Jul/17  
LAMBE Stephen Christopher   born Nov/8/1658 bapt Nov 13  
HARRIS Ann Roger   born Nov/14/1658 bapt Nov 20  
TITHERLEY Hester John the younger   born Nov/15/1658 bapt Dec 7  
LEAMAN William James   1659    
TAWSON ? Susan Thomas   Bapt Mar 4/1659    
PEARSE Richard John   born Mar/7/1659 bapt Mar 17  
DENNIS Mary Arthur   Oct/1659    
LEAMAN Joseph Alexander   Apr/24/1660    
PALLMER Mathew William   Jun [or jul16]/1660    
DOWNING William & James Thomas   Apr/17/1661    
PENGELLY John Robert   Jul/29/1661    
HORKIN Honor John   Jul/13/1661    
LENDEN Richard John   Aug/15/1661    
MARTIN Charity John   Oct/2/1661    
PEDLER Johan William   Oct/2/1661    
CUDMOORE John John   Oct/30/1661    
NICHOLLS Thomasin Henry   Oct/30/1661    
HORKIN Anne William   Nov/12/1661    
BELLEN Rowland Margaret   Dec/13/1661    
STICKE Elizabeth John   Feb/25/1661    
TAWTON Thomazine Thomas Johan Apr/28/1662    
RECKARD Robert Edward Johan Jun/27/1662    
CLIFFORD John Thomas Jane Aug/4/1662    
LAMBE Thomas Christopher ? Joyce Sept/23/1662    
HARRIS John Roger Wilmot Nov/24/1662    
SCOTT John Bartholomew Johan Dec/18/1662    
BRIDGEMAN John Anthony Mary Jan/8/1662    
LENDEN Humphrey Christopher Jane Jan/27/1662    
PEDLER William William Alice Mar/3/1662    
DENNIS Elizabeth Arthur   May/26/1663    
FRY Elizabeth Lewis   Jun/14/1663    
HORKYN John John   Jun/16/1663    
PERKARD Helen John   Jun/22?/1663    
STABBLIDEN Thomas Thomas   Aug/22?/1663    
TRICKE Johan Robert   Sep/6/1663    
PETHERWICK Margery William   Sep/27/1663    
PERKYN Mary William   Oct/13/1663    
HORNE Helen John   Oct/20/1663    
PEARSE Agnes John   Dec/20/1663    
TAWTON Thomas Thomas   Jan/4/1663    
SCOTT Josias Thomas   Jan/20/1663    
DURSE ? Dorothy Richard   Feb/24/1663    
MARTIN Samuell John   Mar/1/1663    
LEAMAN James James   Mar/8/1663    
LENDON John John   Apr/24/1664    
DOWNING Luce Thomas   Apr/24/1664    
SCOTT Anne Bartholomew   May/30/1664    
CLEMENT Christopher John   Jun/20/1664    
LAMBE Christian Christopher   Jul/18/1664    
PENGELLY Anne Robert   Aug/7/1664    
PALLMER John William   Aug/8/1664    
RICE Henrie William   Aug/14/1664    
BELLOW John Prowland   Jan/22/1664    
NICHOLLS Johan Henrie   Jan/25/1664    
PEDLER Ellinor William   May/28/1665    
LENDEN Hannah Christopher   May/30/1665    
HORKYN Anne John   Jul/8/1665    
PERKARD Johane John   Jul/24/1665    
STABBLEDON Humphrey Thomas   Jun/10/1665    
TALLOMY Alice John   Aug/3/1665    
MARTIN Margarett Christopher   Sept/10/1665    
SAXONY john John   Nov/17/1665    
STEVINS Thomas William   Dec/29/1665    
CUDMOORE Margarett John   Jan/17/1665    
DANSE William Richard   Jan/29/1665    
AVERY Anne John   Feb/23/1665    
CLEMENT Johan John   Apr/22/1666    
TALLOMY John John   Jan/17/1666    
PALLMER George George   Feb/4/1666    
AYRE John John   Feb/5/1666    
SQUIRE John John   Feb/9/1666    
HUTCHINGS (son) (base) Anne Feb/1666    
TAWTON (daughter) Thomas   Feb/20?/1666    
MARTIN ?James John   Mar?/7?/1666    
PENGELLY? ?William Robert   Mar/?/1666    
HEARNE Humphrey John   Jun/20/1666    
BEARSE?? Anne John   Jun/20/1666    
FRY Jeremiah Lewis   Jul/20?/1666    
SCOTT John Thomas   Aug/12/1666    
SCOTT John Bartholomew   Sept/23/1666    
CORENEY Anne John   Oct/1666    
WILLIAMS Christopher Emanuell   Nov/15/1666    
DENE Grace Richard, Esq   Sep/26/1666    
PEARSE Alice John   Dec/6/1666    
LEE Christopher Christopher   Jan/15/1666    
PALLMER John John   Jan/16/1666    
SHAPTON Elizabeth Samuel   Mar/28/1667    
HOSKING William John   May/7/1667    
PICKARD Richard John   Jun/7/1667    
MARTIN Mary Christopher   Jul/8/1667    
AYRE Hannah Joseph   Aug/27/1667    
PARKIN Thomasine William   Sep/31/1667    
STICK John John   Oct/6/1667    
POWE ? William William   Oct/?/1667    
STABLEDON Thomas Thomas   Oct/8/1667    
AYRE Mary (base) Marion Jan/3/1667    
NICHOLS James ?James or Thomas   Jan/26/1667    
LENDON John John   Apr/1/1668    
PEDLER Samuell William   Apr/12/1668    
CLEMENT Mary John   May/12/1668    
COUENE Christopher John   Aug/3/1668    
DOWNING Abraham Philip   Aug/12/1668    
SHAPLY John Samuel   Oct/13/1668    
WICKHAM Henry     Mar/24/1669    
STEVENS Rathern (dau) William   Oct/13/1668    
PEDLER Thomas John   Oct/20/1668    
AYER James John   Feb/9/1668    
PARKER Ann William   Feb/14/1668    
MARTIN Arthur Christopher   Mar/8/1668    
WILLIAMS Gabriell (son) Emanuell   Apr/5?/1668    
SCOTT John John   May/1669    
FRY Lewis Lewis   May/?/1669    
DAVY Hugh Hugh   Jul/20/1669    
HOCKIN Elizabeth John   Jan/6/1669    
TALAMY Anne John   Aug/9/1669    
BELLOW George Bartholomew   Aug/19/1669    
STABLEDON John Thomas   Oct/19/1669    
HIDDON John John   Nov/1/1669    
ELTON ? Johan William   Nov/7/1669    
PERKARD William John   Nov/18/1669    
SMALE John John   Dec/7/1669    
SHAPTON Johan Samuell   Dec/7/1669    
DOWNING Johan Thomas   Dec/31/1669    
DOWNING John Phillipp   Jan/27/1669    
SCOTT (son) Thomas   Jan/30/1669    
TAWTON Willmott Thomas   Apr/7/1670    
BOWDEN John Josias   Apr/12/1670    
HORNE Johan John   Jul/18/1670    
LEE Christopher John   Aug/12/1670    
AVERY John John   Oct/11/1670    
DEYMAN Phillip John   Dec/20/1670    
EASTON Samuell William   Dec/20/1670    
TALLAMY Johan John   Mar/2/1670    
DOWNING Phillip Phillip   Apr/13/1671    
AYER Johan Joseph   Apr/26/1671    
AYER Joseph John   Jun/29/1671    
GLIDDON Thomas John   Jul/20/1671    
MARTIN Susanna John   Aug/10/1671    
COBENY John John   Sep/5/1671    
HEYMAN Alis (dau) John   Sep/27/1671    
MARTIN Anne Christopher   Nov/1/1671    
PEARSE John John   Nov/19/1671    
WILLIAMS William Emanuell   Nov/21/1671    
DAVYE Faith Hugh   Jan/11/1671    
PEDLER John William   Mar/24/1671    
PENROSE Susanna William   Mar/26/1672    
LANG Jane James   Apr/20/1672    
HOYLE Thomas Henry   May/12/1672    
FRAY Phillipi (dau) Lewis   May/27/1672    
PUGSLY Thomas John   May/29/1672    
BOODEN Elizabeth Josias   Jul/28/1672    
STABLEDON Thomazin Thomas   Jul/29/1672    
TALLAMAY Richard John   Aug/1/1672    
TOWLE Joseph William   Sep/2/1672    
DOWNING Abraham Phillip   Sep/45/1672    
STEVENS John William   Oct/17/1672    
PALLMER Sarah (base) Elizabeth Nov/3/1672    
STEERE Jane John   Nov/22/1672    
NICHOLS Mary Henry   Nov/18/1672    
DAYMAN Mary John   Nov/19/1672    
AVERY Anne John   Dec/3/1672    
SHAPTON Samuell Samuell   Feb/4/1672    
TRICK Embling (dau) John   Feb/20/1672    
DOWNING Richard Thomas   Mar/5/1672    
TAWTON Susanna Thomas   Mar/19/1672    
EASON Johan William   Mar/21/1673    
COVENY Anna John   Jul/5/1673    
SNOW Thomas John   Aug/19/1673    
DOWNING Joane Phillip   Nov/20/1673    
MARTIN Jane Christopher   Dec/10/1673    
[illegible short name] Anna & Joanna Thomas   Dec/20/1673    
LANG Margret James   Jan/14/1673    
WILLIAMS Robert Emanuell   Mar/4/1673    
PEDLER Thomas William   Mar/22/1673    
MAYNE Elizabeth John   Apr/15/1674    
SCOTT John Christopher   Jun/15/1674    
DAVYE Hannah Hugh   Jul/15/1674    
AYRE Susannah John   Oct/7/1674    
STABLEDON Dorcas Thomas   Oct/12/1674    
MARTIN Richard John   Dec/15/1674    
LANGE Arthur John   Feb/2/1674    
STEVENS John William   Apr/27/1675    
SHAPTON Mary Samuel   May/4/1675    
COR..NEY Mary John   Jul/20/1675    
SNOW Pruddence John   Sep/21/1675    
TRICK Nathaniell Alexander   Feb/9/1675    
PERKARD Ann John   Mar/14/1675    
MAYNE William John   Mar/22/1675    
DENDALL Christopher Anthony   Apr/10/1676    
MARTAINE Arthur John   May/5/1676    
PEARE John John   Jul/1676    
SOUTHYEO Hugh Hugh   Sep/21/1676    
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Emanuell   Oct/24/1676    
TRICKE Mary John   Nov/1/1676    
MAYNE William Peter   Dec/26/1676    
STICK William John   Feb/20/1676    
DOWNING Samuell Phillip   Mar/20/1676    
LEAMAN Prudence William   May/16/1677    
TALLAMY Elizabeth John   Jul/10/1677    
PIDLER Thomas William   Aug/19/1677    
SNOW Luce John   Oct/22/1677    
HOYLE William Henry   Jan/7/1677    
SILLIFANT Margarett Denis of Little Torrington   Feb/13/167    
COUENY Charity John   Mar/14/1677    
SCOT William Christopher   Apr/20/1678    
HAYMAN Anne John, mariner?   May/2/1678    
TOTTON William Thomas   May/14/1678    
LANG Susanna James   May/14/1678    
LENDON Elizabeth John   May/15/1678    
STABLEDON Thomas Thomas   Jun/18?/1678    
WILLIAMS Julian (dau) Emanuel   Jun/19/1678    
GAY John John   Jul/1678?    
MAINE Katherine John   Aug/5/1678    
MARTIN Sara John   Aug/6/1678    
SMALE Thomas Edmund   Aug/26/1678    
PEKARD Joane John   Sep/19/1678    
SOUTHYEW Thomas Hugh   Dec/9/1678    
TRICKE John Alexander   Dec/12/1678    
SNOW Thomas John   Jan/12/1678    
SCICH Wilmot John   May/1/1679    
LEAMAN John William   May/12/1679    
HENDON Josias Josias   May/23/1679    
MARTIN Christopher Christopher   Sep/2/1679    
MOSE Faith Steevin   Dec?/30/1679    
MANE Joan John   Jan/23/1679    
HOYLE Henerey Henerey   Mar/23/1679    
EASTON Margarett William   May/30/1680    
STABLEDON Christian Thomas   Jun/3/1680    
TRICKE John John   Jun/20/1680    
STEECH (daughter) Humphrey   Jun/28/1680    
SMALE Edmund Edmund   Jul/12/1680    
GAY James John   Jul/28/1680    
BOWMAN (daughter) George   Oct/13/1681    
LEAMAN William William   Oct/?/1680    
HUMMY ? Elizabeth Jonathan   Nov/28/1680    
WILLIAMS John Emanuell   Feb/2/1680    
STEECH Emm John   Feb/7/1680    
BOWDEN Steeven Josias   Mar/4/1680    
SOUGHYEW (son) Hugh   Mar/4/1680    
SECORDE or LECORDE Christopher Christopher   Jun/5/1681    
CONENEY Robert John   Jul/12/1681    
SCOTT Mary Christopher   Aug/8/1681    
TRICKE ? Jane Alexander   Aug/28/1681    
TYTHERLEY (daughter) John   Sep/20/1681    
PALLMER ?Ann [or Em] William   Nov/2/1681    
STABLEDON Will Tho.   Nov/11/1681    
ESTON Will Will   Nov/22/1681    
GREENE Ann Oliver   Mar/15/1681    
GAY Richard John, Esg.   Apr/18/1682    
MAYNE Grace John   May/3/1682    
MOSE Elizabeth Steevin   Jul/13/1682    
TITHERLEY John John   Mar/23/1682    
SNOW Catherin John   May?/30/1682    
ABBOT Susanna John, Jo.   Dec/6/1682    
SMALE William Edmond   Jan?/30/1682    
BALL Isabella John   Feb/2/1682    
DENNY ? John Josiah   Feb/14/1682    
TERNER Jone (dau) John   Apr/11/1683    
EARE Grace Joseph   Jun/13/1683    
EASTON Charles William   Sep/18/1683    
PERKARD Emmeling John   Sep/25/1683    
COWENY Joan John   Oct/4?/1683    
WILLIAMS Richard Emanuell   Oct/12/1683    
STICKE Thomas John   Oct/24/1683    
GREENE Martha Oliver   Nov/28/1683    
ABBOTT Elizabeth John, of Cully   Dec/22/1683    
SOUTHYEO Peternell Hugh   Feb/6/1683    
CLIFFORD John Thomas   Feb/10/1683    
MAYNE John John   Mar/?/1683    
PERKARD Jonathan John   Mar/12/1683    
GAY Elizabeth John, Esquire   Apr/11/1684    
TITHERLEY Christopher John   Apr/11/1684    
LANGE James John   Jan/13/1684    
PECORD Ann Andrew   Jun/26/1684    
SMALE Christopher Edmund   May/13/1685    
BALL Elizabeth John   May/28/1685    
PETHERICK Mary Emanuell   Jun/17/1685    
HONEY Jonah Jonah   Jun/22/1685    
DEAN Roger     Aug/30/1685    
LEWIS Mary William   Aug/18/1685    
PHILLIPS Joseph John   Oct/6/1685    
AYER Anne Joseph   Oct/28/1685    
MOSE Phillippi Stephen   Nov/4/1685    
MAYNE Mary John   Nov/25/1685    
BOWMAN Joane George   Jan/6/1685    
CLIFFORD Elizabeth Thomas   Jan/20/1685    
STICK Susanna John   Mar/23/1685    
WILIAMS Elizabeth Emanuell   Apr/5/1686    
GREENE Elizabeth Oliver   Apr/6/1686    
RICE Martha John   Apr/20/1686    
PECORD William John   Sep/2/1686    
TRICKE Anne Alexander   Oct/12/1686    
GAY Joanna John   Nov/1686    
TITHERLEY (son) John   Jan/5/1686    
BARNE ? James John   Jan/20/1686    
LEWES William WIlliam   Mar/28/1686    
LOMAN Phillipi (dau) William   Mar/28/1687    
EXRIGHT ? Mary Lewis   Apr/18/1687    
MARTIN Jo. (son) Samuel   Mat/5/1687    
HEAMAN Jo. (son) Edmund   Jun/23/1687    
PHILLIPS Jo. (son) Jo.   Jul/29/1687    
CLIFFORD Will. (son) Jo.   Jul/25/1687    
BOWMAN Jo. (son) Roger   Oct/30/1687    
RICE ? Jo. (son) Jo.   Nov/26/1687    
BALL Agnes Jo.   Feb/9/1687    
DOWNING Jane Will.   Feb/26/1687    
HONNEY Christian Jonas   Mar/19/1687    
STONE Thomas Robet   Mar/29/1688    
GAY Eu..phona John, Esq.   Apr/5/1688    
PALLMER Ann Mathew   Apr/16/1688    
HORKIN Ann Jo.   May/30/1688    
PILLA ? Mary Jo.   Jul/25/1688    
LEAMAN Jonah Will.   Aug/16/1688    
SMALE Jo. (son) Edmund   Aug/27/1688    
MORSE Steven Steven   Sep/?/1688    
LEMAN Anthony William   Oct/17/1688    
PERKARD Thomas (base) Christian Oct/21/1688    
DENS Agnes John   Nov/8/1688    
PROUT Francis Richard   Dec/9/1688    
UPRIGHT Mary Lewes   Jan/16/1688    
WILLIAMS John Emanuell   Jan/16/1688    
ABBOTT James John of Culley   Feb/12/1688    
LENDON Ann John   Apr/19/1689    
TRICKE Robert Alexander   May/5/1689    
RECKARD Edward John   Aug/25/1689    
MARTIN Philadelfia (dau) Samuell   Sep/3/1689    
STONE Robert Robert   Sep/23/1689    
BOWMAN Elizabeth George   Oct/10/1689    
HOCKIN John John   Oct/24/1689    
PHILIPS ? Mary John   Nov/19/1689    
SMITH John John   Dec/26/1689    
GLOUER William John   Jun/6/1689    
LAMBETH Mary William   Jun/6/1689    
DOWNING Christopher William   Jan/29/1689    
TITHERLEY Richard John   Feb/19/1689    
PILLA William John   Feb/20/1689    
PALMER John Mathew, at Langtree   Feb/25/1689    
PALMER Charity William   Feb/26/1689    
MOSY Rebeka John   Mar/6/1689    
RICE Joane John   Apr/56/1690    
SLADE Joanna Theophilus   May/29/1690    
EASTON Joane John   Aug/10/1690    
SMALE Anne Edmund   Aept/17/1690    
PROUT Mary Richard   Sep/21/1690    
TAUTON Thomas Thomas   Oct/15/1690    
COPPLEDICK Sarah John   Nov/18/1690    
DENIS Anne John   Dec/14/1690    
BALL Roger John   Jan/6/1690    
PECKARD Sarah John   Jan/8/1690    
SNOW William John Agnes Aug/3/1723    
VINE Richard Richard Sarah Dec/13/1711    
COUFNEY Christopher Jos., Junior   Jan/16/1711    
PHILLIPS Joseph (6)X Joseph Lara Feb/10/1711/12 [I don't know what the (6)X means!]  
BLIGHT Sarah Jonathan Mary May/18/1712    
TAWTON William Thomas Hannah Jun/9/1712    
CURTIS William William Sarah Jun/10/1712    
BLIGHT Agnes John   Oct/15/1712    
PALMER Sarah (base) Honour Oct/15/1712    
EDWARDS Mary William Mary Nov/24/1712    
HANGER Thomas John Philippe Feb/11/1712/13    
LEE Edmond Edmond Thomasin Mar/5/1712/13    
SCITCH Eleanor William Mary May/18/1713    
VILE John & Elizabeth John   May/18/1713    
STAPLEDON Mary John Grace May/24/1713    
PECCARD Thomas Thomas Honour May/last day/1713    
WILLIAMS Elizabeth William Philippe Jun/22/1713    
BALSH J.. Christopher Margaret Jun/28/1713    
NEWCOMBE Charity Thomas Faith Jul/18/1713    
LARORMY Christopher John Mary Aug/17/1713    
PHILIPS Jane John Jane Aug/30/1713    
LEWIS Christopher William   Sep/22/1713    
GRILLS Anne Jeremiah ? Ann 1713    
MOYSE Joanna Gifford Joan Nov/29/1713    
PEDLAR William Thomas   Jan/10/1713    
GILBERT William John ?Joan Jan/28/1713    
VIGURS Tawton [see note]   Apr/25/1713 reputed son of Thomas Tawton, Jr. nathus [no mother given]  
SHAPTON Ann Samuel Anne May/6/1714    
SCOTT Jane William Jane Jul/4/1714    
HANGER Susannah John   Jul/14/1714    
NEWCOMBE Eleanor Thomas Faith Sep/7/1714 by the rector of Langtree  
PIERCE Elizabeth John Mary Oct/10/1714    
BALSH John Chr. Margaret St. John the Evangalist Day/1714    
SAUNDERS Mary Peter Mary New Years Eve/1714    
MOYSE Anne Gifford Joan Mar/1/1714    
DENNIS Arthur James Mary, his 2nd wife born Ash Wed & bapt the first Sunday of lent 1714/15    
MORRIS John John Mary Mar/29/1715    
BLIGHT Richard Jonathan Mary Feast of St. Philip & St. James 1715    
STITCH Jane ?James Mary May/14/1715    
COUFNEY Anne John Elizabeth Jun/22/1715    
COPPLEDICK John Christopher   Jun/30/1715    
SLADE (daughter) Joseph Joan Aug/28/1715    
PECKARD Richard WIlliam   Sep/4/1715    
BLIGHT Grace Joseph   Sep/6/1715    
AIR Hannah (natha) Dorothy Nov/12/1715    
ELLER Ann William Ann Nov/29/1715    
DENNIS Grace James Mary Feb/3/1715    
VILE James John   1st Sunday in Lent 1715/16    
PHILIPS Thomas John Jane Mar/3/1715/16    
EDWARDS Elizabeth William Elizabeth Mar/14/1715/16    
PRIDDHAM Martha George Elizabeth May/2/1716    
PECCARD Honour Thomas of Knowworthy Mill Honour Sep/15/1716    
COLLACOTT Mary John Patience Sep/14/1716 Priv. Bapt  
WILLIAMS Immanuel Wm. Philippe Sep/23/1716    
BOWMAN William Jo. Eleamor Oct/14/1716    
BALSH William Chris.   3rd Sunday of Advent/1716    
CHING Nicholas Jo. Joanna St. Johns Day/1716 (after advent)    
HANGER Richard John Philippa Mar/6/1716 (Ash Wed)    
SCITCH Susannah William of Ash Village Mary May/8/1717    
PEDLER Elizabeth Tho.   Holy Thursday 1717    
RYCE Jane Jo. Joan Jun/26/1717    
ELLER William William of Southcombe Anne Jul/3/1717    
MORRIS William Jo.   Jul/24/1717    
HORN Agnes Robert   Oct/1717    
EASTON Mary William Mary Oct/9/1717    
DENNIS Mary James, Sr. Mary his 2nd wife Oct/13/1717    
BALSOM Edmond Edmond   Mar/16/1718 at Bibbear by Mr Elston Whitlock, rector at Langtree  
DARK ? Honour William Mary Eater Monday/1718    
VILE Wm. Jo.   Apr/24/1718    
BLIGHT Mary Jo.   May/24/1718    
COUFNEY John John   Jun/11/1718    
LEE Elizabeth William Margaret 13th day of Advent/1718    
ELLER Tho. Wm.   Sep/17/1718    
COLLACOTT John (posthumous) Patience Oct/1/1718    
SUTTON Richard Richard   Oct/1/1718    
PECCARD Mary Thomas Honour Nov/5/1718    
BALSH William Christopher   Dec/10/1718 the second with that name  
CHING Mary John Joan Dec/29/1718    
EDWARDS Thomas William   Jan/1/1718/19    
SLADE John John Joan Feast of Epiphany/1718/19    
AVERY Rebecca Jo. Catherine May/13/1719    
BLIGHT Mary Jonathan Mary May/13/1719    
COLE Elizabeth Francis Grace Aug/15/1756    
PICKARD Mary John Elizabeth Aug/9/1756    
SNELL Ann John (parish clerk) Joanna Oct/7/1756    
SMALE Rebecca John Catherine Oct/9/1756    
BADCOCK Edmond Daniel Mary Oct/24/1756    
LILE Honour (base) Martha Nov/7/1756    
BALSON Sarah Edmond Joan Oct/2/1756    
RIDGEWAY Robert Henry   Nov/24/1756    
BLIGHT William John Ann Dec/6/1756    
TUCKER Sarah (base) Frances Feb/13/1757    
MARSHALL Joseph William Rachel Mar/27/1757    
TREEWEEK ? William James Margaret May/30/1757    
SKITCH William Thomas Susanna Nov/24/1757    
LEWIS George George Grace Nov/24/1757    
STEVENS John John Joanna Jan/11/1758    
JOHNS William Richard Mary Feb/23/1758    
NETHERWAY Christian Roger Catherine Apr/28/1758    
RIDGEWAY Mary Henry Ann Jun/11/1758    
MULLINS Stephen Richard Mary Sep/28/1758    
OLIVER George William Catherine Oct/19/1758    
SHEPARD Mary Abraham Martha Oct/4/1758    
HANGER Thomas John Jane Nov/6/1758    
LEGG Thomas Thomas Mary Nov/19/1758    
PENHORWOOD Thomas Thomas Jane Dec/25/1758    
SMALE Grace John Catherine Dec/26/1758    
SHORT Roger Stephen Elizabeth Jan/17/1759    
BOWDEN Elizabeth Jeremiah of Monkleigh   Mar/25/1759    
CHING Richard Nicholas Honor Apr/8/1759    
TAWTON John William Elizabeth Apr/17/1759    
LEE Thomasin John Susanna May/6/1759    
BARNS William Thomas Wilmot Jun/13/1759    
EARL Mary James Mary Jun/22/1759    
ABBOTT John John Mary Jul/9/1759    
EARLY Agnes John Mary Aug/31/1759    
SNELL Elizabeth John curate Joanna Sep/9/1759    
GORWELL John John of Bideford Deborah Jan/20/1760    
STEVENS Richard William Mary Feb/20/1760    
PENHORWOOD James Thomas Jane Mar/20/1760    
THOMAS Richard William Sarah Apr/20/1760    
SKITCH Ann Thomas Susanna Jun/13/1760    
BARNS Joseph Thomas Wilmot Jul/13/1760    
EASTON Mary (base) Iset Aug/24/1760    
OLIVER Catherine William Catherine Oct/19/1760    
ADAMS Ann Nathaniel Mary Jan/6/1761    
SMALE William John Catherine Jan/31/1761    
MILLS Elizabeth Wm. Ann Feb/4/1761    
FRAUDE John John Grace Feb/15/1761    
MULLIS Agnes Richard Mary Apr/19/1761    
CHUDLEY Thomas (base) Elizabeth Oct/18/1761    
HANGER John John Jane Nov/19/1761    
SHEPERD Elizabeth Abraham Martha Jul/5/1761    
PADDEN Martha James Catherine Feb/1/1762    
GAY Jane James, clerk Jane Mar/20/1762    
BARNS Thomas Thomas Wilmot Apr/18/1762    
LANGE Ann John Elizabeth May30/1762    
MILLS John William Ann Jun/13/1762    
PICKARD Ann John Elizabeth Jun/20/1762    
STRANG Mary William Elizabeth Oct/6/1762    
ADAMS John Nathaniel Mary Oct/10/1762    
RADCLIFFE Sarah Thomas Elizabeth Nov/28/1762    
PENHORWOOD Jenny Thomas Jane Dec/5/1762    
COLE Samuel Norman (base) Margaret Dec/19/1762    
BLIGHT John John Ann Dec/22/1762    
MOYSE Aaron William Elizabeth Feb/2/1763    
TALLAMY Betty William Margaret Apr/4/1763    
LEWIS Dolly George Grace May/12/1763    
MULLIS Richard Richard Mary May/23/1763    
SHEPEARD Grace Abraham Martha Jul10/1763    
FREEMAN John Samuel Judith Jul/17/1763    
LEGG John Thomas Mary Jul/24/1763    
GRIFFITH Grace Edward Jane Aug/2/1763    
LEE Richard Samuel Elizabeth Apr/1/1764    
MILLS Thomas Thomas Elizabeth Apr/8/1764    
MIYCHEL John (base) Anne Apr/28/1764    
GAY Jane John, clerk Jane Mar/19/1764    
BARNES Richard Thomas Wilmot Aug/12/1764    
PADDEN Philip james Catherine Sept/23/1764    
LANGE John & Betty John Elizabeth Sep/30/1764    
STONEMAN John John Honour Dec/12/1764    
SHORTRIDGE Samuel (base) Elizabeth Jan/27/1765    
VENTON Emm John Catherine Apr/24/1765    
SHORT Frances (base) Mary Mey/19/1765    
MULLINS Grace Richard Mary Jun/23/1765    
DENNIS Elizabeth Richard Mary Jul/24/1765    
HOLWELL James James Susanna Sep/29/1765    
TALLAMY Dorothy William Margaret Oct/17/1765    
SHEPERD Jane Abraham Martha Nov/24/1765    
GRIFFITH Elizabeth Edward Jane Dec/1/1765    
STRONG Anne William Mary Jan/1/1766    
PENHORWOOD Catherine Thomas Jane Jan/19/1766    
LEGG Rebecca Thomas Mary Feb/12/1766    
FREEMAN Judith Samuel Judith Mar/16/1766    
STONEMAN Priscila John Honour Mar/28/1766    
LONG Samuel Joseph Elizabeth Apr/17/1766    
MILLS Ann William Anne Jun/15/1766    
MILLS Mary Thomas Elizabeth Nov/10/1766    
HAMS ? Mary (base) Elizabeth Dec/21/1766    
PADDEN James James Catherine Jan/18/1767    
TUCKER William (base) Frances Jan/25/1767    
LEE Joanna Samuel Elizabeth Feb/22/1767    
HOLWELL Edmond James Susanna Apr/26/1767    
VENTON Adam John Catherine May/3/1767    
OLIVER Sarah William Katherine May/15/1767    
MULLINS Sarah Richard Mary May/17/1767    
DULLAM Robert Robert Hannah Jun/24/1767    
RATCLIFFE Elias (base) Elizabeth Jul/12/1767    
ADAMS William Nathaniel Mary Jul/14/1767    
LANGE Mary John Elizabeth Jul/19/1767    
MOASE Richard (base) Hannah Aug/9/1767    
LONG Mary Joseph Elizabeth Aug/12/1767    
GAY James James, clerk Jane Oct/1/1767    
SHEPERD Joanna Abraham Martha Oct/18/1767    
TRICKE Alexander Alexander Agnes Nov/5/1767    
STRONG James William Elizabeth Dec/10/1767    
BROAD John (base) Sarah Jan/17/1768    
NICHOLLS John William Anne Feb/28/1768    
BALSON Mary (base) Elizabeth May/12/1768    
GRIFFITH Edward Edward Jane Jun/19/1768    
FREEMAN Samuel Samuel Judith Jun/26/1768    
DENNIS Mary Richard Mary Oct/6/1768    
TALLAMY Ruth William Margaret Nov/24/1768    
HOLWELL William James Susanna Jan/15/1769    
MILLS Mary William Anne Feb/15/1769    
SAUNDERS William William Sarah Feb/17/1769    
BLIGHT William John Thomazine Mar/12/1769    
PADDEN Sarah James Katherine Mar/28/1769    
BOND George (base) Rebecca May/15/1769    
OLIVER Alice William Katherine Jun/14/1769    
LEE Daniel Samuel Frances Jul/2/1769    
GAY Elizabeth James JAne Apr/1/1769 Priv. Bapt on Apr/9 & admitted to church Oct/5th 1769  
LONG Anne Joseph Elizabeth Oct/15/1769    
TRICKE Mary Alexander Agnes Dec/10/1769    
ACLAND William Samuel Susanna Jan/14/1770    
FREEMAN William Samuel Judith Aug/26/1770    
HOLWELL John James Susanna Oct/14/1770    
STONEMAN Elizabeth John Honour Oct/14/1770    
GRIFFITH Anne Edward Jane Jan/6/1771    
SHORT John Thomas Sarah Jan/20/1771    
SAUNDERS Grace George Elizabeth Jan/27/1771    
MOASE Mary Christopher Grace Jan/30/1771    
BLIGHT Simon John Anne Feb/3/1771    
LANGE Christian John Elizabeth Feb/3/1771    
SAUNDERS Mary William Sarah Feb/27/1771    
MARTIN, alias COLE John John Elizabeth Mar/17/1771    
MOASE Rowland & Mary Humphrey Sarah Mar/28/1771    
BLIGHT John John Thomazine Apr/1/1771    
PEARD Philip Thomas Mary Apr/3/1771    
STONMAN Mary John Mary Jul/21/1771    
LANG Katherine (base) Mary Aug/18/1771    
GRIFFITH John Israel Anne Sep/22/1771    
MILLS Anne Thomas Elizabeth Sep/22/1771    
LONG John Joseph Elizabeth Dec/16/1771    
STONEMAN Mary John Honour Dec/20/1771    
LEE Samuel Samuel Elizabeth Mar/15/1772    
MILLS William William Anne Mar/15/1772    
WESTACOTT Nicholas (base) Mary BALL Apr/26/1772    
MULLINS Katherine Richard Mary Jun/14/1772    
OLIVER Ophelia William Katherine Jun/14/1772    
ARNOLD Grace (base) Anne Jul/5/1772    
FREEMAN Joanna Samuel Judith Sep/13/1772    
HOLWELL Jane James Susanna Oct/11/1772    
PEARD John Thomas Mary Dec/13/1772    
RATCLIFFE Silas (base) Elizabeth Dec/13/1772    
STEVENS John (base) Joanna Jan/3/1773    
MOASE Sarah Humphrey Sarah Mar/14/1773    
STAPLEDON Mary Richard Priscilla Mar/17/1773    
SAUNDERS Roger William Sarah May/2/1773    
STONEMAN Elizabeth John Mary May/2/1773    
BOWDEN William (base) Jane Jun/6/1773    
GRIFFITH Jane Edward Jane Jul/11/1773    
SHAXTON Betty William Elizabeth Aug/2/1773    
LONG Joseph Joseph Elizabeth Oct/17/1773    
SAUNDERS George George Elizabeth Nov/26/1773    
SHORT Thomas Thomas Sarah Nov/28/1773    
MILLS Grace Thomas Elizabeth Jan/23/1774    
MARTIN alias COLE Francis John Elizabeth Feb/2/1774    
STRONG Susannah William Margaret Feb/15/1774    
ABBOTT James John Mary Feb/17/1774    
MILLS Elizabeth Hugh Katherine Apr/8/1774    
MILLS John William Anne May/1/1774    
HOOKAWAY Elizabeth David of Mokleigh Mary Jul/7/1774    
SAUNDERS Mary (base) Susanna Oct/9/1774    
DENNIS Anne Richard Mary Oct/16/1774    
HOLWELL Mary James Susanna Oct/23/1774    
BLIGHT Thomazin John Thomazin Nov/6/1774    
STEVENS John Hugh Sarah Nov/9?/1774    
STAPLEDON Elizabeth Tytherley Richard Priscilla Nov/18/1774    
PEARD Betty Thomas Mary Nov/20/1774    
MOASE Betty George Isabella Jan/22/1775    
FREEMAN Stephen Samuel Judith Jan/29/1775    
SMALE Richard (base) Katherine Apr/3/1775    
SHAXTON William William Elizabeth Apr/9/1775    
STONEMAN Sarah John Mary May/28/1775    
CORY Daniel David Grace Jul/3/1775    
PADDON Samuel James Katherine Jul/28/1775    
SELDON Betty Raymond Anne Jul/30/1775    
LONg Katherine Joseph Elizabeth Sep/10/1775    
SHORT Sarah John Elizabeth Oct/29/1775    
SAUNDERS Robert William Sarah Dec/24/1775    
GALSWORTHY John Ambrose Joanna May/12/1776    
SAUNDERS Anne George Elizabeth Jul/7/1776    
MARTIN James John Elizabeth Aug/4/1776    
MOASE Grace Humphrey Sarah Aug/18/1776    
LEE Thomas Samuel Elizabeth Oct/20/1776    
PEARD Jane Thomas Mary Oct/27/1776    
HOLWELL Susannah James Susanna Dec/1/1776    
SELDON Elizabeth Reymond, JR Anne Oct/29/1776    
RATCLIFFE Jemima (base) Elizabeth Jan/5/1777    
MOASE Katherine George Isabella Jan/19/1777    
SHAXTON Mary William Elizabeth Feb/16/1777    
QUICK Elizabeth Robert Eulalia Apr/14/1777    
KING George John Joanna Apr/27/1777    
STONEMAN Frances John Mary Jun/1/1777    
PALMER Elizabeth Will? Jane Jun/28/1777 Priv. Bapt  
BISSETT John William Frances Jul/16/1777    
MILLS Dorothy Hugh Katherine Aug/1/1777    
MILLS Sarah Thomas Elizabeth Oct/19/1777    
GRIFFITH James Edward Jane Nov/23/1777    
PARKHOUSE Elizabeth (base) Elizabeth Jan/11/1778    
SAUNDERS John William Sarah Feb/11/1778    
SHORT Elizabeth John Elizabeth Feb/15/1778    
STAPLEDON Richard Richard Priscilla Mar/12/1778    
DENNIS Jane Richard Mary Mar/12/1778    
SHORT William Thomas Sarah Mar/22/1778    
SAUNDERS Frances (base) Susanna Mar/29/1778    
NETHERWAY Roger Henry Elizabeth Apr/2/1778 Priv. Bapt.,Admt to church May 6th  
LONG William Joseph Elizabeth Apr/5/1778    
SELDON Grace Reymond Ann May/29/1778    
THOMAS William James Mary Jul/2/1778    
SQUIRE Mary Richard Elizabeth Aug/8/1778    
GLOYNE Elizabeth William Sarah Aug/16/1778    
BALSON Elizabeth Johns (base) Faith Aug/16/1778    
PEARD Sarah Thomas Mary Sep/7/1778 Priv. bapt.,Admt to church Oct 1st  
MOASE John Humphrey Sarah Oct/25/1778    
DENNIS William Jeremiah Grace Nov/5/1778    
CORY Betty Daniel Grace Dec/18/1778 Priv. bapt., Admt'd to church Jan 1st, 1779  
HOLWELL Elizabeth James Susanna Jan/10/1779    
SAUNDERS John George Elizabeth Jan/29/1779 priv bapt., Admt'd to church Feb/14th  
FOGARTY William William Anne Feb/18/1779    
STONEMAN John John Mary Feb/23/1779 Priv. bapt., Adm't to church Mar 7th  
GALSWORTHY William Ambrose, the younger Joanna Mar/14/1779    
QUICK William Robert Eulalia Apr/6/1779    
FREEMAN Philippa Samuel Judith May/14/1779 Priv. bapt., Admt'd to church Jun 13th  
COLWELL Elizabeth Charles Frances Jun/6/1779    
MARTIN William John Elizabeth Jun/20/1779    
HOCKIN George John Grace Jul/28/1779    
MULLIS Richard William Sarah Aug/1/1779    
BROWN Jane (base) Mary Aug/1/1779    
MOASE George George Isabella Aug/29/1779    
BISSETT Grace William Frances Sep/5/1779    
BEARE Katherine George Rebecca Oct/25/1779    
KING Elizabeth John Joanna Nov/21/1779    
SHEPERD Richard John Mary Nov/26/1779 private bapt.  
SHORT Susannah John Elizabeth Dec/5/1779    
SHORT Eleanor Thomas Sarah Mar/5/17780    
SAUNDERS Grace William Sarah Mar/12/1780    
MORRISH William Philip Elizabeth Apr/16/1780    
DENNIS Elizabeth Jeremiah Grace Jul/9/1780    
SELDON Anne Reymond, Jr Anne Sep/3/1780    
NETHERWAY Katherine Henry Elizabeth Oct/20/1780 received into church Jan 1st, 1781  
BEARE George George Rebecca Nov/10/1780    
PEARD James Thomas Mary Dec/17/1780    
HOLWELL Thomas James Susanna Dec/25/1780 Priv. bapt., Admt'd to church Jan 17, 1781  
LEE James Samuel Elizabeth Jan/4/1781    
GALSWORTHY Mary Ambrose Joanna Feb/4/1781    
HOCKIN William John Grace Feb/8/1781    
BALSON Arthur Edward of Buckland Brewer Mary Feb/18/1781    
CORY Christopher Daniel Grace Feb/25/1781    
BEARE Susannah Smale (base) Sarah BEARE Feb/23/1781 Priv. bapt., Admt'd to church Mar 18  
MOASE Humphrey Humphrey Sarah Mar/25/1781    
QUICK Mary Robert Eulalia Mar/25/1781    
JOHNS Grace William Faith Apr/22/1781    
LONG Jane Joseph Elizabeth May/20/1781    
SAUNDERS Grace & Elizabeth George Elizabeth May/27/1781 twins, Priv. Bapt. & received to church Jun 24th  
STONEMAN Thomas John Mary Jun/q16/1781    
GLOYNE John William Sarah Jun/7/1781    
HUGHES Anne (base) Mary Jun/27/1781 supposed to be a Welch woman  
BOND John George Elizabeth Aug/17/1781 Priv. bapt., admt'd to church Aug 30th  
SHORT Elizabeth John Elizabeth Aug/31/1781 Priv. bapt., received Sep/3  
BUCKINGHAM Mary & Anne William Jane Oct/20/1781 twind, Priv. bapt & received Nov/18  
PARKHOUSE James James Hannah Oct/28/1781    
BEANE John George Rebecca Oct/29/1781 Priv. bapt., Recv'd Nov/22  
DENNIS Philip Jeremiah Grace Dec/22?/1781    
THOMAS Mary James Mary Dec/16/1781 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Jan. 30  
MORRISH Philip Philip E Jan/6/1782    
BISSETT Mary William Frances Jan/20/1782    
COLWELL William Charles Frances Feb/17/1782    
NETHERWAY Ann Henry (deceased) Elizabeth Feb/21/1782    
MOASE William George Isabella Mar/10/1782    
LEE John (base) Elizabeth Mar/10/1782    
GIFFARD Elizabeth William Elizabeth Jun/13/1782    
SAUNDERS Joanna William Sarah Aug/7/1782 Privt. Bapt., Received Sept. 15  
FURZMAN ? John Thomas Grace Sep/1/1782    
RATCLIFFE Grace John Mary Sep/22/1782    
BUCKINGHAM John William Jane Nov/7/1782    
MULLIS Mary William Sarah Nov/24/1782    
PALMER John & William William(the Younger) Grace Jan/2/1783 Priv. Bapt., Received Jan. 29  
SELDON Reymond Reymond Anne Feb/7/1783    
LANE Anne Richard Dorothy Mar/5/1783    
DENNIS Grace Jeremiah (deceased) Grace Mar/30/1783    
BALL John John Mary Apr/18/1783 Priv. Bapt., Received May 8  
SHEPERD Thomas John Elizabeth Apr/11/1783 Priv. Bapt., Received May11  
PEARD Wiiny Thomas Mary Apr/27/1783    
HOCKIN Jane John (deceased) Grace May/16/1783    
BEAN George George Rebecca Jul/2/1783    
JOHNS Mary William Faith Jul/13/1783    
GALSWORTHY Ambrose Ambrose the younger Joanna Oct/12/1783    
HOLWELL Jane James Susanna Nov/2/1783    
MORRISH Andrew Philip Elizabeth Dec/7/1783 Priv. Bapt., received Dec. 26  
HARPER Mary John Mary Dec/17/1783    
WILLIAMS John William Mary Jan/7/1784 Priv. Bapt., Recvd Feb/20  
BRIGHT Philip Robert Elizabeth Jan/11/1784    
SHORT Mary John Elizabeth Feb/7/1784 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Feb 22  
BUCKINGHAM William William Jane Feb/25/1784    
BLIGHT Mary Robert Rebecca Mar/20/1784 Priv. Bapt  
STONEMAN Grace John Mary Mar/21/1784    
RATTENBURY Katherine Ishmael Elizabeth May/2/1784 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd May 23  
MARETIN Elizabeth John Elizabeth May/23/1784    
PADDON Thomas (base) Martha Sep/19/1784    
DENNIS Katherine Richard Mary Sep/26/1784    
SAUNDERS William George Elizabeth Oct/26/1784 Priv. Bapt  
GOULD Richard (base) Lavinia Nov/20/1784    
PALMER Mary (base) Katherine Nov/28/1784    
BEARE Rebecca George Rebecca Dec/7/1784 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Feb, 6, 1785  
RATCLIFFE Mary John Mary Jan/23/1785    
SAUNDERS Francis William Sarah Feb/18/1785    
SAUNDERS James (base) Susanna Feb/13/1785    
GLOYNE James William Sarah Apr/24/1785    
ELLACOTT William James Betty May/6/1785    
MALLETT Humphrey Humphrey Katherine May/8/1785    
SHORT Eleanor Thomas Sarah Jun/27/1785 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Jul 10  
WILLIAMS Elizabeth William Mary Jun/26/1785    
TRICK John Alexander Mary Jul/17/1785    
JOHNS Frances William Faith Jul/17/1785    
BALSON John Edmund the younger Katherine Aug/10/1785 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Aug 21  
SMALE John John (the younger) Sarah Oct/17/1785    
BOND John George Elizabeth Oct/19/1785 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Nov 27  
MOASE Sarah Humphrey Sarah Nov/26/1785    
SAUNDERS Joanna George Elizabeth Feb/5/1786    
BUCKINGHAM Abel William Jane Feb/5/1786    
HEARNE William (base) Susanna Feb/5/1786    
BRIGHT Elizabeth Robert Elizabeth Mar/5/1786    
FURZMAN Thomas Thomas Grace Mar/19/1786    
COPP Mary Henry Elizabeth Apr/3/1786 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Apr 19  
SHORT Susanna John Elizabeth May/30/1786 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Aug 5  
MORRISH Grace Philip Elizabeth Sep/10/1786    
ELLACOTT James James Betty Oct/29/1786    
HARPER Philip John Mary Dec/26/1786    
BOND Mary George Elizabeth Feb/19/1787 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Mar/11  
STONEMAN Anne John Mary Apr/15/1787    
BALL Giles John Mary Apr/25/1787    
TRICK Robert Alexander a pauper Mary Jun/1/1787    
BALSON Grace Edmund the younger Katherine Jul/1/1787    
RATTENBURY Elizabeth John Elizabeth Oct/21/1787    
BISHOP Frances (base) Elizabeth Nov/11/787    
CHING Mary William Margaret Dec/16/1787    
FURZMAN William Thomas Grace Dec/20/1787    
MALLETT John Humphrey Katherine Dec/25/1787 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Jan 4, 1788  
JOHNS William William Faith Dec/6/1877    
MOYSE Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth Feb/17/1788    
BEANE Joanna George Rebecca Feb/20/1788    
LEXTON William William (deceased of Beaford) Elizabeth Mar/21/1788    
MULLIS Katherine William Sarah Apr/2/1788    
BLIGHT Humphrey Humphrey Mary Apr/6/1788    
MARTIN Susanna John (alias COLE) Elizabeth May/11/1788    
NICHOLLS Anes William(the Younger) Agnes May/13/1788    
COPP Thomas Henry Elizabeth Jul/1/1788 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Jul 7  
BALL John Roger Mary Jul/6/1788    
SAUNDERS William George Elizabeth Jul/13/1788    
SHORT Sarah Thomas Sarah Aug/3/1788    
SAUNDERS Sarah William Sarah Aug/17/1788    
HOOKAWAY Thomas Thomas Grace Aug/3/1788    
GOMAN John Philip Lavinia Sep/28/1788    
SOMERS James Joshua Susanna Oct/2/1788 Priv. bapt., Recv'd Jul/22/1789  
GALSWORTHY Humphrey Ambrose Joanna Oct/3/1788 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Oct/12/  
WILLIAMS Grace William Mary Nov/9/1788    
SMALE Rebecca John, Jr. Sarah Nov/18/1788    
TRICK Alexander Alexander Mary Dec/14/1788    
HARPER William John Mary Dec/26/1788    
WALTER George Bartholomew Anne Jan/23/1789    
FREEMAN Susanna John Susanna Jan/25/1789    
MORRISH Sarah Philip Elizabeth Feb/8/1789    
SAUNDERS Grace Robert the younger Mary Feb/15/1789    
BALL Richard John Mary Mar/19/1789    
HOARE Jane William Mary Apr/19/1789    
MOYSE Katherine Richard Elizabeth Nov/15/1789    
KING Elizabeth (base) Mary Dec/13/1789    
BALL Roger Roger Mary Dec/20/1789    
GOULD Richard Charley Anne Dec/27/1789    
NICHOLLS Margaret John Mary Dec/27/1789    
MULLIS Agnes William Sarah Jan/21/1790    
BOND George George Elizabeth Feb/7/1790    
NICHOLLS Katherine William (the younger) Agnes Feb/10/1790    
RODD Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth Mar/17/1790    
GALSWORTHY Humphrey Ambrose Joanna Mar/19/1790 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Apr 11  
JOHNS Daniel William Faith Mar/21/1790    
CHING William William Margaret May/13/1790 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd May 16  
BALSON John Edmund the younger Katherine May/30/1790    
STONEMAN Christopher John Mary Jun/21/1790    
SQUIRE Elizabeth Hugh Priscilla Jun/27/1790    
PARR John Henry Anne Jul/4/1790    
HOARE Mary William Mary Jul/25/1790    
BEARE Rebecca George Rebecca Sep/22/1790    
TRICK Richard Alexander Mary Oct/24/1790    
SOMERS Henry Joshua Susanna Sep/15/1790 Priv. Bapt., Recv'e Jun/18/1792  
MALLETT Henery Humphrey Katherine Dec/2/1790    
FREEMAN John John Susanna Dec/2/1790 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Jan/28/1791  
GOMAN Anne Philip Lavinia Dec/12/1790    
TRACE Henry (base) Elizabeth Dec/12/1790 wife of John, a convict, supposed not to have been within the four seas for some years  
BLIGHT Anne William Martha Feb/27/1791    
ESSERY Mary John Anne Mar/6/1791    
RODD John Thomas Elizabeth May/9/1791    
BALL Mary John Mary Jun/23/1791 Priv. bap., Recv'd Jul 15  
WILLIAMS Anne William Mary Jul/10/1791    
HARPER Sarah John Mary Jul/15/1791    
SAUNDERS Frank William Sarah Jul/17/1791    
SMALE Sarah John (the younger) Sarah Aug/21/1791    
WESTLAKE Mary (base) Mary Aug/28/1791    
FREEMAN William (base) Judith Sep/4/1791    
HARRIS Elizabeth (base) Anne Sep/25/1791    
RATTENBURY John Ishmael Elizabeth Nov/7/1791 Priv. bapt., Recv'd Jan/29/1792  
SQUIRE John Hugh Priscilla Nov/25or26/1791    
STONEMAN Agnes John Mary Nov/27/1791    
BEARE Maria George Rebecca Dec/29/1791    
SHORT John Roger Anne Mar/11/1792    
BALL Mary Roger Mary Mar/11/1792    
NICHOLLS William William the younger Agnes Mar/25/1792    
MULLIS Sarah William Sarah Apr/6/1792    
HOARE William William Mary Apr/15/1792    
ESSERY John John Anne May/6/1792    
SAUNDERS Joseph Robert, the younger Mary May/20/1791    
MOYSE Mary Richard Elizabeth May/27/1792    
JOHNS Faith William Faith May/27/1792    
SOMERS Elizabeth Joshua Susanna Jun/18/1792    
TRICK Humphrey Alexander Mary Jul/15/1792    
GALSWORTHY Edward Ambrose Joanna Jul/16/1792 Priv. Bapt  
MITCHEL Grace John Mary Aug/22/1792    
STONEMAN John John, the younger Elizabeth Sept/3/1792 Priv. bapt., Recv'd Sept 16  
MORRISH Elizabeth Philip Elizabeth Sep/16/1792    
RODD William Thomas Elizabeth Oct/7/1792    
TRACE William William Mary Oct/28/1792    
FREEMAN Samuel John Susanna Dec/9/1792    
BOND John George Elizabeth Dec/25/1792    
PERKIN Grace William Elizabeth Feb/28/1793 Priv. Bapt.,Recv'd Aug 18th  
NICHOLLS Richard William Agnes Apr/15/1793 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd May 5  
FRAINE John Henry ?Grace (blotted) Apr/31/1793    
HEARNE Grace (base) Susanna May/26/1793    
BALL Priscilla John Mary Jun/9/1793    
BEARE William George Rebecca Jul/28/1793 Priv. bapt  
BISSETT Frances (daug) William Frances Oct/8/1793 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Nov 24  
HOCKRIDGE Aaron Thomas Elizabeth Oct/18/1793 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Nov 24  
HOOKWAY James Thomas Grace Dec/1/1793    
MOYSE Richard Richard Elizabeth Feb/9/1794    
SOMERS Margaret Joshua Susanna Feb/19/1794    
HOARE John William Mary Feb/2?/1794    
ESSERY Elizabeth John Anne Apr/27/1794    
RATCLIFFE George John Mary May/25/1794 born Nov. 1788  
RATCLIFFE Elizabeth John Mary May/25/1794 born July 1791  
RATCLIFFE Katherine John Mary May/25/1794    
BLIGHT Jane William Martha Jun/22/1794 born upward of a year since  
RODD Grace Thomas Elizabeth Aug/10/1794    
FREEMAN Joanna John Susanna Sept/4/1794 Priv. Bapt., Recv'd Sept 14  
BALL Grace Roger Mary Sep/28/1794    
MOASE Jane Richard Sarah Oct/5/1794    
MITCHEL Elizabeth John Mary Feb/25/1795    
DILLAM John Robert Elizabeth Feb/26/1795    
MORISH John Philip Elizabeth Mar/1/1795    
CHING Margaret William Margaret Feb/11/1795 died before brought to church  
BOND Betty George Elizabeth Apr/5/1795    
JOHNS John William Faith May/3/1795    
TRICK Meriam Alexander Mary May/3/1795    
NICHOLS John William Agnes May/3/1795    
TRACE Elizabeth [see note] Elizabeth May/10/1795 wife of John, a convict sent to Botany Bay years ago  
BLIGHT Rebecca Humphrey Mary May/31/1795    
BALSON Catherine Edmund Catherine Jun/7/1795    
BEARE William George Rebecca Aug/16/1795    
FRAIN Henry Henry Grace Sep/16/1795    
SAUNDERS Richard Robert Mary Sept/28/1795    
MOYSE William Richard Elizabeth Nov/8/1795    
BALL Agnes John Mary Jan/20/1796    
SOMERS Jane Joshua Susanna Feb/1/1796    
HORE Richard William Mary Feb/28/1796    
NICHOLS Agnes William Agnes Apr/17/1796    
LUGG Sarah John Elizabeth Jun/19/1796    
RODD Mary Thomas Elizabeth Aug/14/1796    
MITCHEL Mary John Mary Oct/9/1796    
LANG Elizabeth (base) Jane Jan/1/1797    
PERKIN Christian William Elizabeth Jan/22/1797    
DULLAM Robert Robert Elizabeth Mar/26/1797    
MOYSE Anne Richard Elizabeth Apr/9/1797    
ChAPPEL Thomas William Elizabeth Jul/2/1797    
HOLWILL Sarah James Sarah Aug/27/1797    
FRAINE Thomas Henry Grace Oct/6/1797    
NORMAN Samuel Samuel Elizabeth Oct/15/1797    
SANDERS John George, JR Grace Nov/16/1797    
NATIONS John Charles Mary Dec/2/1797    
WALTER John Bartholomew, a soujourner Anne Jan/12/1798    
HORE George William Mary Jan/12/1798    
SOMERS William Joshua Susanna Jan/31/1798    
TRICK William Alexander Mary Jan/31/1798    
NICHOLS Sally William, Junior Agnes Mar/11/1798    
BALL James John Mary Mar/19/1798    
TRACE James (base) Elizabeth Apr/9/1798 John a convict to Botany Bay some yrs ago & not known to have returned  
MORRISH Elizabeth William Mary Jun/17/1798    
BOND Grace George Elizabeth Jul/3/1798    
BEARE Joseph George Rebecca Jul/13/1798    
HOLWILL Elizabeth John Vanne? Janne? Aug/13/1798    
BLIGHT Mary William Martha Aug/19/1798    
DULLAM William Robert Elizabeth Sep/2/1798    
DREW Sally (base) Emlin Sep/9/1798    
SIMMONS Catherine Edward Catherine Sep/23/1798    
HOCKRIDGE Jane, born Northam (base) Elizabeth Oct/14/1798    
MILLS John William Elizabeth Nov/12/1798    
LUGG William John Elizabeth Jan/2/1799    
HEARD John George Mary Jan/2/1799    
MOYSE John Richard Elizabeth Jan/20/1799    
PEARD Mary John Sarah Feb/6/1799    
MARTIN Thomas John Jane Apr/29/1799    
MOASE Anne Richard Sarah May/18/1799    
DARK Roger Richard Rose Jun/30/1799 sojourners  
FRIENDSHIP Samuel James Phillippa Jul/7/1799    
ABBOTT Mary John Rebecca Jul/24/1799    
HORE James William Mary Nov/17/1799    
SAUNDERS Elizabeth George Grace Dec/6/1799    
SAUNDERS Susanna John Mary Jan/5/1800 Sojourning here but of Little Torrington  
CORY Daniel Daniel Anne Jan/24/1800    
RODD Susanna Thomas Elizabeth Mar/18/1800    
WALTER Anne Bartholomew Anne Mar/18/1800 sojourners  
HOLWILL Catherine John Anne Mar/30/1800    
FRAINE Mary Henry Grace Apr/15/1800 sojourners  
MOASE Richard Rowland Catherine Jun/29/1800    
NORMAN Mary Samuel Elizabeth Jul/20/1800    
COLMER Peter John Elizabeth Sep/7/1800    
BEARE Sarah George Rebecca Sep/21/1800    
SERGEANT John George Susanna Oct/26/1800    
TRICK Catherine Alexander Mary Nov/2/1800    
SHAXTON Mary (base) Jane Dec/9/1800    
DULLAM Hannah Robert Elizabeth Feb/4/1801    
MORRISH Anne William Mary Feb/22/1801    
MILLS Sarah William Elizabeth Mar/18/1801    
TRICK John (base) Mary Apr/5/1801    
ABBOTT John John Rebecca Apr/16/1801    
LUGG James John Elizabeth Jun/14/1801    
BOND James George Elizabeth Jun/14/1801    
PEARD Elizabeth 2nd? John Sarah late Oliver? Jun/28/1801    
HORE Christian (base) Mary Feb/8/1802    
NANCEVIL George Palmer (base) Mary Feb/28/1802    
MARTIN Mary John Jane Apr/2/1802    
HOARE Thomas William Mary Apr/8/1802    
NORMAN William Samuel Elizabeth Apr/16/1802    
MOYSE Mary William Mary May/9/1802    
PERKIN (son) John Elizabeth Aug?/7/1802    
ABBOTT Thomas John Rebecca Aug/4/1802    
SAUNDERS Susanna (base) Elizabeth Sep/26/1802    
MOASE Rowland Rowland Catherine Dec/25/1802    
BRALY John John sarah Jan/6/1803    
MILLS John William Elizabeth Apr/24/1803    
SMALDON William John Rachel May/7/1803    
DULLAM Elizabeth Robert Elizabeth May/12/1803    
WARD Sarah (base) Mary Jul/24/1803    
LYSETT ??? ABBOTT?? Samuel William Jane Apr/7/1803    
MORRISH William William Mary Apr/7/1803    
PIDLER John Bowden Christopher Jane Aug/10/1803    
LEY James Barry John Grace Sep/4/1803    
MARTIN Mary John Jane Oct30/1803    
ABBOTT William John Rebecca Nov/24/1803    
LUGG Catherine John Elizabeth Mar/4/1804    
CHING John (base) Margaret Mar/4/1804    
PERKIN Samuel John Elizabeth Mar/17/1804    
SARGENT Mary (base) Susanna Apr/5 or 8/1804    
MOYSE Grace William Mary Jul/1/1804    
HOARE Samuel William Mary Jul/1/1804    
BROND Mary William Mary Aug/26/1804    
CORY Daniel Christopher Daniel Anne Oct/8/1804    
NORMAN Mary Samuel Elizabeth Oct/11/1804    
FRIENDSHIP William James Phillippa Oct/28/1804    
ABBOTT Elizabeth John Rebecca Jan/30/1805    
HOLLWILL William John Anne Feb/17/1805    
PIDLER Alexander Christopher Jane Apr/1/1805    
SMALLDON Thomas John Rachel Jun/23/1805    
ANDREWS Sally Ann John Sarah Jul/19/1805    
PIDLER Mary Alexander Grace Aug/11/1805    
SQUIRE Elizabeth William Frances Oct/27/1805    
JOHNS Sally Peard (base) Grace Nov/10/1805    
MILLS William William Elizabeth Dec/22/1805    
DULLAM Rebecca Robert Elizabeth Jan/3 /1806    
PALMER John (base) Ann Jan/19/1806    
MARTIN Sally John Jane Apr/27/1806    
HOARE Elizabeth William Mary Jun/1/1806    
ABBOTT James John Rebecca Jul/16[15]/1806    
LUGG Grace John Elizabeth Jul/27/1806    
POOL Jane (base) Mary Aug/13/1806    
MORRISH Thomas William Mary Oct/12/1806    
PASSMORE Roger John Joan Jan/6/1807    
MOASE Sally Rowland Catherine Jan/18/1807    
WILLIAMS Mary William Grace Feb/25/1807    
PIDLER Christopher Christopher Jane Feb/26/1807    
BARRY Robert Fitzwilliam DeBarry Barry James Grace Apr/20[or26]/1807    
HOARE Samuel (base) Mary May/24/1807    
KING Mary (base) Elizabeth Jul/26/1807    
FRIENDSHIP Joseph James Phillippa Oct/18/1807    
FOWLER Harriet (base) Rebecca Nov/1/1807    
SHORT Anne Stephen Ann Feb/7/1808    
DULLAM Anne Robert Elizabeth Feb/11/1808    
BLIGHT Robert (base) Elizabeth Feb/14/1808    
GUNN Emily Robert Grace, late Curtis Mar/29/1808    
HOLLWILL Ann John Ann Jun/12/1808    
WALTER Rebecca Bartholomew Ann Jun/12/1808    
CORY John Daniel Ann Jul/20/1808    
ENGLAND William Thomas Grace, late Johns Sep/1/1808    
MILLS Jame William Elizabeth Oct/2/1808    
BLIGHT Mary William Grace Jan/8/1809    
BLIGHT Elizabeth John Ann Feb/5/1809    
ABBOTT Mary Samuel Rebecca Feb/8/1809    
MOASE Priscilla Rowland Catherine Feb/7/1809    
PERKIN Mary John Elizabeth Apr/16/1809    
PARKHOUSE William Joseph Margaret Apr/30/1809    
ABBOTT Rebecca John Rebecca May/31/1809    
PIDLER Mary Ann Christopher Jane Jun/28/1809    
MARTIN James John Jane Jul2/1809    
SMALLDON Richard John Rachel Jul/23/1809    
HOARE Samuel William Mary Jul/30/1809    
PASSMORE John John Joan Aug/13/1809    
BARRY Caroline Georgiana Butterwort James Grace Oct/25/1809    
ANDREWS George John Sarah Dec/28/1809    
LUGG Arthur John Elizabeth Jan/21/1810    
SQUIRE Mary William Frances Feb/11/1810    
FRIENDSHIP Joshua James Phillippa Jun/3/1810    
DULLAM Thomas Robert Elizabeth Jun/21/1810    
JEFFERY Grace John Mary Aug/5/1810    
PIDLER Jane Christopher Jane Dec/13/1810    
MOASE John Rowland Catherine Jan/9/1811    
ABBOTT James John Rebecca Feb/14/1811    
BLIGHT Sally John Ann Feb/17/1811    
ENGLAND Grace Thomas Grace Feb/24/1811    
YEO Ann Dymant Henry Mary Apr/21/1811    
BLIGHT John William Grace Apr/2/1811    
PASSMORE Richard John Joan May/19/1811    
GLOVER Charlotte William Jane May/19/1811    
BARTLETT William William Mary May/19/1811    
PERKIN John John Elizabeth Jun/2/1811    
ANDREWS Harriet John Sarah Jun/27/1811    
MOYSE William WIlliam Mary Jul/7/1811    
LABBETT Maria John Sarah Sept/1/1811    
MILLS Thomas William Elizabeth Sep/15/1811    
BALL Rebecca John Joanna Nov/14/1811    
FURMAN Susanna John Rebecca Nov/21/1811    
MARTIN ? John John Elizabeth Feb/6/1812    
PIDLER William Augustus Christopher Jane Apr/2/1812    
CORY Elizabeth Bartholmew Daniel Ann May/7/1812    
JEFFERY Mary John Mary May/31/1812    
KING Richard (base) Elizabeth Jun/7/1812    
HOARE Charlotte William Mary Jun/28/1812    
PERSE ?? Elizabeth Richard Agnes Sep/18/1812    
ABOTT Richard John Rebecca Oct/5/1812    
SQUIRE John William Frances Oct/11/1812    
SHORT Thomas Thomas Fanny Nov/15/1812    
HANGER John John   Jul/1/1719    
MOYSE Joan Geford Joan Sep/10/1719    
PHILIPS Elizabeth John JAne Nov/19/1719    
PENHORWOOD Anne George Frances Dec/2/1719 1st born child, born Nov 1  
SLADE Joan John Joan Easter/1720    
PRIDDAM George George Elizabeth Jun/15/1720    
SLONE Elizabeth Thomas Ann Aug/2/1720    
RYCE Jane John Joan Nov/9/1720 2nd born  
HORKIN Hannah Mr. Christopher of Hollomoor   St. Andrews Day/1720    
CHING Martha John Joan 4th Sunday Advent 1720    
CRIPPLES Frances Thomas, pedlar of Strathcot   1st Sunday after Epiphany, 1720    
BALSH Mary (at Knowworthy) Christopher Margaret Jun/12/1721    
HANGER Elizabeth John   Aug/27/1721    
PENHORWOOD George George Frances St Mathews Day/1721    
ARNOLD Henry Henry Ann Dec/23/1721 1st son  
MOYSE John Geoford   St. Stephens Day/1721    
SMALE John William   Jan/24/1721/22 grandson of Wm & Ebbot Smale  
SAUNDERS Nicholas Peter   Feb/21/1721or 22??    
STONE Anne Thomas Anne May/6/1722    
DENNIS Elizabeth James Mary May/4/1722 his 2nd wife who now lives at the poynt of death  
BLIGHT Christian John Elizabeth May/15/1722 Whits Tuesday  
FRAUD John John Joan Jun/7/1722 at St. Mary Magdelen Chapel, Torrington Parva  
THOMAS William William THOMAS Susannah THOMAS(nothus) Aug/1/1722 father is William Thomas, mother is Susannah Williams, child given as William Thomas  
AVERY Katherine John Catherine Aug/1/1722    
LEE Anne William Margaret Aug/8/1722    
CORFNEY Catherine John Elizabeth St. Stephens Day/1722    
BALEY Mary John Elizabeth Mar/13/1722    
MORRIS Anthony Jo. Mary Apr/4/1723    
PHILIPS Mary JO Jane Apr/10/1723    
BLIGHT Elizabeth Jonathan Mary Apr/12/1723    
SCOTT George Jos, Jun Elizabeth 1st S.P. Easter/1723    
RYCE John Benjamin Ann 1723 [between Easter and Nov]    
SMALE William Wm.   Nov/27/1723    
PENHORWOOD George George Frances Jan/14/1723 2nd son, was Priv. Bapt  
AVERY Joseph John Catherine Jan/1723    
HOCKIN Elizabeth Christopher   St. Matthias' Day 1723/4 privately at Hallomoor  
MARSHALL John Jo   Nov/12?/1724    
LEE Christian Wm.   Dec/2/1724 Edmund crossed out and Wm. added  
GORVIN William William   Feb/9/1724-5 William Landlord & Baliff  
STEPHENS Hugh Mr. Richard Elizabeth Mar/?/1724-5 first born son  
PADDON Hannah Samuel   May/6/1725 Commonly called Holy Thursday  
RYCE Wm John Joan Jul/15/1725    
PHILIPS Anthony Anthony   1725    
MOYSE Christopher Geoford   Aug/22/1735    
AVERY Catherine John, Jr.   Sep/19/1725    
BAYLEYNAS Jacob Jo:   Sep/23/1725    
EASTON Anne James   Oct/10/1725    
ARAM Faith   Faith Nov/25/1725    
SCOT Mary John   end of 1725    
SMALE Joan William Grace May/4/1726 at Langtree  
PENHORWOOD Thomas George   May/26/1726    
ROOK George George, Esq. Elizabeth Jul/7/1726    
MITCHELL Agnes Peter Mary Nov/22/1726    
RICE ?George ?George Anne Nov/1726    
RABB Richard Richard of Liscard   Dec/26/1726    
PADDON Martha Samuel Grace Feb/1726    
MARS... Thomas John Bridget Mar/5/1726    
GORVIN Wilmot William   Apr/14/1727    
STONEMAN Elizabeth John   Apr/23/1727    
WESTLAKE Samuel (base) Margaret May/7/1727    
PEDLAR John Thomas Elizabeth Jul/6/1727    
COPPLEDICK William William   Sep/27/1727    
GLOVER Grace Christopher   Sep/7/1727    
MOARSE Ann William   Nov/1/1727    
EASTON Mary James   Nov/12/1727    
STEVENS Elizabeth Richard Jr, Esq   Nov/13/1727    
MITCHELL Mary Peter Mary Jan/17/1727-8    
WADE? Jane Thomas   Mar/17/1727-8    
STAPLEDON Mary Humphrey   Mar/3?/1728    
LEMON Joseph Edmond   May/5/1728    
PHILLIPS John Anthony Jane May/19/1728    
TALEMY Katherine John Elizabeth Aug/8/1728    
CORY Daniel Daniel Eulalia Sep/1/1728    
ROOK Nicholas George, Esq.   Nov/21/1728    
STONE Joan ? James   Jan/26/1728    
MARSHALL James John Bridget Feb/26/1728-9    
PENHORWOOD Alexander George Frances Feb/27/1728-9    
MORSE Jane William   Jun/16/1729    
ARNOLD Henry Henry Ann Oct/10/1729    
EASTON Wm James Mary Nov/5/1729    
GORVIN Joseph William   Mar/29/1730    
GLOVER John Christopher   Jul/16/1730    
COBBLEDICK Christopher William   Jul/27/1730    
LEE Wm Edmond   Aug/3/1730    
BOWMAN Ellener William   Aug/8/1730    
MORRICE George Jno   Sep/19/1730    
MITCHEL Grace Peter   Oct/9/1730    
PHILIPS Richard Anthony   Oct/20/1730    
PENHORWOOD James George   Feb/2/1730    
TAWTON Anne Jno   Feb/19/1730    
DENNIS Elizabeth William   Mar/10/1730    
CORY Christopher Daniel Eulalia Apr/20/1731    
MORSE William William   Jun/13/1731    
LEE William William   Jul/6/1731    
BAYLY John John   Aug/1/1731    
RISDON Mary Rev. Mr.   Sep/17/1731    
EASTON Samuel James   Sep/20/1731    
MARSHALL Sarah John   Oct/6/1731    
ABBOTT John John   Jan/20/1731    
PARSONS William John   Jan/29/1731    
MUGGERIDGE John & May son & daugh ofThomas   Jan/30/1731    
TUCKER Frances James Frances Mar/22/1731    
STONE Robert Thomas   Feb/2/1731    
PADDON James Samuel Grace Aug/6/1732    
LEE Grace Edmond Grace Aug/15/1732    
ABBOTT Thomas Jno Peternell Dec/3/1732    
MITCHELL Agnes Peter Mary Jan/14/1732    
DENNIS John William Sarah Feb/1/1732    
TAWTON William Jno Jane Mar/15/1732    
MOARSE Elizabeth William Jane Apr/2/1733    
WILLIAMS James   Susanna Apr/21/1733    
GAY ? John Thomas Elizabeth May/27/1733    
PENHORWOOD Frances George Frances Jul/23/1733    
RECKARD James James Anne Oct/3/1733    
DOWNING Mary (base) Mary Oct/19/1733    
GLOVER Mary Christopher Mary Oct/19/1733    
COTTON John Richard Jane Jan/4/1733    
EASTON Iset (daughter) James Mary Mar/24/1733    
HOCKIN William Christopher Elizabeth Jul/5/1734    
BLIGHT Elizabeth Robert Jane Jul/14/1734    
DENIS Sarah William Sarah Jul/18/1734    
COBBLEDICK Sarah Willaim Tamasine May/8/1734    
PADDON Ruth Samuel Grace Aug/18/1734    
MARSHALL Thomas John Bridget Feb/2/1734    
RECKARD Anne Anne James Apr/6/1735    
PEARD Catherine James Sarah May/7/1735    
FRY Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth Jun/5/1735    
MOARSE Catherine Wiliam JAne Jun/29/1735    
PENHORWOOD Catherine George Frances Aug/27/1735    
ABBOTT Peternell John Peternell Sep/18/1735    
ROBINS? William John Margery Feb/5/1735    
DENNIS William Willaim Sarah Feb/12/1735    
MOARSE Humphrey Rowland Mary Dec/4/1735    
MARSHALL Joseph John Bridget Apr/11/1736    
HELE Willaim Robert of Westleigh Mary Sep/19/1736    
COTTON Jane Richard Jane Sep/23/1736    
MORSE John Row;and Mary Oct/26/1736    
PHILIPS Emmanuel Anthony Jane Jan/3/1736    
PEARD Philip James Sarah Jan/5/1736    
HORKIN William Christopher Elizabeth Jul/8/1736    
MOYSE Grace William Grace Feb/16/1736    
PEARSE James James Catherine May/2/1737    
BLIGHT Richard Robert Jane May/12/1737    
NICHOLS Margaret Matthew Jane May/12/1737    
LEE Samuel Edmond Grace Jun/26/1737    
GLOVER Anne Christopher Mary Jul/4/1737    
LANG Anne John Anne Jul/17/1737    
TUCKER James James Frances Aug/25/1737    
DENNIS Richard William Sarah Sep/6/1737    
LAKE Elizabeth William Frances Sep/22/1737    
MORSE Anne William Jane Oct/30/1737    
ABBOTT Ruth John Peternell Nov/11/1737    
SHORT Susanna Stephen Elizabeth Nov/16/1737    
PENHORWOOD Sarah George Frances Nov/24/1737    
PECKARD Mary (base) Mary Jan/1/1737    
BEER Judith John Joanna Jan/27/1737    
MOARSE Elizabeth Rowland Mary Feb/9/1737    
MORRICE Mary John Elizabeth Mar/21/1737    
RODD Edmond Edmond Elizabeth Mar/22/1737    
ACLAND Grace John Christian Apr/9/1738    
MARTIN Susanna Francis Grace May/22/1738    
MARSHALL Margaret John Bridget Jun/17/1738    
STEVENS Elizabeth Henry, Esq Christiana Maria Aug/30/1738    
CHING Thomas Richard Hannah Aug/16/1738    
TAWTON John John Jane Aug/30/1738    
GRILLS John (base) Rebecca Sep/10/1738    
MITCHEL Jane Peter Mary Nov/1/1738    
PEARD Elizabeth James Sarah Dec/7/1738    
FRY Mary Edmond Elizabeth Nov/28/1738    
COTTON Richard Richard Jane Jan/5/1738    
PHILIPS Mary John Anne Mar/22/1738    
TRICK Alexander & Robert Alexander Elizabeth Mar/25/1739    
STEVENS Henry Henry, Esq Christiana Maria Jul/31/1739    
DENNIS Philip Wm. Sarah Mar/25/1739    
BLIGHT John Wm. Jane May/3/1739    
BEER John John Joanna May/18/1739    
HOCKRIDGE Thomas Richard Sarah Nov/1/1739    
GLOVER Elizabeth Christopher Mary Jan/13/1739-40    
BLIGHT John Robert Jane Jan/24/1739-40    
LYLE Martha William Mary Jan/30/1739-40    
MOARSE Mary Rowland Mary Feb/5/1739-40    
MARTIN alias COLE Francis Francis Grace Feb/7/1739-40    
SMALE Elizabeth ?Wm Elizabeth Mar/20/1739-40    
POWIS Elizabeth John Mary Jun/22/1740    
PEARD Grace James Sarah Jun/27/1740    
ACKLAND Grace John Xtiana Jul/20/1740    
MOARSE Jane Wm. Jane Feb/15/1740    
DENNIS Jeremiah (base) Sarah Feb/15/1740    
CHING Sarah Richard Hannah Feb/22/1740    
PHILIPS William John Ann Mar/1/1740    
PECKARD William John Elizabeth Mar/30/1741    
LEAMON Elizabeth William Elizabeth Apr/9/1741    
STEVENS Mary Henry, Esq Lady Xtiana Maria May/1/1740 Priv. Bapt. to church on the 15th  
BAILY Sarah John Sarah May/24/1741    
BEERE Joseph John Joanna Aug/20/1741    
BUCKINGHAM William John Mary Oct/4/1741    
HOCKERIDGE Margaret Richard Dororthy Nov/12/1741    
SHORT Mary Stephen Elizabeth Dec/13/1741    
PEARD Sarah James Sarah Feb/10/1741    
TAWTON Thomas John Jane Mar/17/1741    
MOYSE WillIam William Grace Jun/24/1742    
PHILIPS Elizabeth Richard Sarah Jul/11/1742    
MOASE John Rowland Mary Aug/26/1742    
DENNIS George   Sarah Oct/17/1742    
SAUNDERS Robert Robert Grace Oct/20/1742    
LEMMON William   Elizabeth Dec/12/1742    
PECKARD Frances Richard Mary Feb/6/1742    
STEVENS Xtian Henry, Esq Xtiana Maria Apr/10/1743 Private bapt. to church Jun 6th  
STONE Susanna (base) Elizabeth Jun/17/1743    
PEARD Mary James Sarah Jul/4/1743    
STONEMAN John William Mary Aug/3/1743    
RATCLIFF Catherine Thomas Prudence Aug/7/1743    
PHILIPS Ann John Ann Oct/4/1743    
BALSDON Elizabeth Edmond Joan Dec/11/1743    
SHORTRIDGE Catherine William Elizabeth Dec/11/1743    
LYLE Mary William Mary Dec/16/1743    
SAUNDERS William Robert Grace Feb/1/1743    
PECKARD Richard John Elizabeth Apr/1/1744    
SMALE Edmond William Elizabeth Apr/19/1744    
BEER or BEEN Joanna John Joanna Jun/7/1744    
BALL Mary John Elizabeth Jun/13/1744    
RATCLIFFE Elizabeth Thomas Prudence Apr/22/1744    
ACKLAND Thoams (base) maybe Ann? Sep/23/1744    
STEVENS Elizabeth William Mary Oct/19/1744    
SHORT Ann Stephen Elizabeth Dec/25/1744    
MOYSE Stephen & Rowland Rowland Mary Dec/30/1744    
TAWTON Mary John Jane Mar/27/1745    
PEARD Wilmot James Sarah Jun/5/1745    
STEVENS Isabella Charlotte Henry, Esq Xtiana Maria Aug/27/1745 Priv. Bapt to church Sep.25  
COLE John Francis Grace Nov/21/1745    
HANGAR Mary John Jane Dec/1/1745    
BAILY Grace John Sarah Jan/6/1745    
PHILIPS Agnes John Ann Jan/26/1745    
HEARD George (base) Ann Mar/16/1745    
LILE John William Mary Jun/5/1746    
SAUNDERS Grace Robert Grace Jul/6/1746    
CHING John Nicholas Honour Sep/7/1746    
BATH Mary Richard Joan Sep/14/1746    
PHILLIPS Joseph Anthony Mary Sep/21/1746    
SHORTRIDGE Elizabeth William Elizabeth Sep/24/1746    
BALL Elizabeth John Elizabeth Sep/24/1746    
GLIDON Richard (base) Grace Nov/23/1746    
BALSDON Edmund Edmund Joan Nov/20/1746    
PEARD Thomas James Sarah Dec/29/1746    
BEAR Elizabeth John Joanna Feb/12/1746    
STAPLEDON james Philip of Bideford   Aug/6/1747    
MOASE Rowland Rowland ?Mary Jun/4/1747    
PARSONS Mary James Emlyn 1747    
SHORT Stephen Stephen   Aug/2/1747    
SKITCH Willaim Thoams Susanna Sep/?/1747    
MOASE John William Joane Nov/?/1747    
MAY Jane William Mary Nov/12/1747    
PHILIPS Richard Richard Sarah Feb/17/1747    
LILE Elizabeth William Mary May/16/1748    
PHILIPS Susanna John Ann Jul/20/1748    
PITCHER Anne Abram Joan Jul/20/1748    
PECKARD Henry John Elizabeth Sep/13/1748    
BEER William John Joanna Sep/30/1748    
COLE Susanna Francis Grace Oct/23/1748    
PADDON Jane   Elizabeth Jan/27/1748    
BALSON Grace Edmond Joan Feb/26/1748    
STAPLEDON Anne Philip Anne Feb/26/1748    
PARSONS William James Emblin Mar/8/1748    
SHAPTON Christopher John Susanna Apr/2/1749    
ACKLAND Elizabeth (base) Xtian Apr/30/1749    
TAWTON Mary Jno Jane Jun/14/1749    
PEARD Jno James Sarah Aoug/9/1749    
SHORTRIDGE William William Elizabeth Aug/20/1749    
LEWIS Mary George Grace Aug/27/1749    
QUICK Thomas (base) Anna Oct/8/1749    
CHING Mary Nic. Honor Oct/18/1749    
MAY John Saml Mary Mar/8/1749    
TRACE Elizabeth Wm. Mary Mar/11/1749    
PENHORWOOD Sarah Thomas Jane Apr/4/1751    
BALL Roger Jno Elizabeth Apr/18/1751    
PECKARD Elizabeth Jno Elizabeth May/1/1751    
PHILLIPS Jno Richard Sarah Aug/11/1751    
BALSON Joanna Edmond Joan Sep/22/1751    
SHORT Jno Stephen Elizabeth Oct/10/1751    
SMALE Jno Jno Catherine Nov/14/1751    
BADCOCK Jno Daniel Mary Dec/27/1751    
MOASE George Rowland Mary May/17/1750    
MULLINS William Richard Mary May2?/1750    
BEAR George Jno Joanna Sep/6/1750    
SAUNDERS Mary Robert Grace Oct/15/1750    
PARSONS James James Emblin Dec/13/1750    
GALSWORTHY Ambrose Ambrose Isabella Jan/9/1750    
STEVENS Joanna John Joanna Mar/22/1750    
RADCLIFFE Elias Thomas Prudence Feb/23/1752    
CHING William Nic. Honor Mar/8/1752    
SKITCH Mary Thomas Susanna Mar/26/1752    
HARVEY William (base) Elizabeth Mar/25/1752    
NETHERWAY Catherine Roger Catherine Apr/9/1752    
SHORTRIDGE John William Elizabeth Apr/19/1752    
LEWIS James George Grace Apr/29/1752    
HANGER Jno Jno Jane Mar/8/1752    
COLE Catherine Francis Grace Oct/20/1752    
BEAR Sarah Jno Fran Jan/17/1753    
MAY Susanna Saml Mary Jan/24/1753    
BATH John John Grace Feb/2/1753    
PARSONS John John Emblin Apr/12/1753    
PENHORWOOD John Thomas Jane Oct/2/1753    
SQUIRE Elizabeth John [space left open] Oct/31/1753    
ACKLAND George Henry & John (base) Christian Oct/28/1753 [2 names , "George Henry" & "John"]  
MULLINS Mary Richard Mary Nov/?/1753    
PHILIPS Jane John   Nov/18/1753    
SHORT Joseph Stephen Elizabeth Nov/25/1753    
STEVENS Mary William   Dec/28/1753    
JOHNS Tristam Richard Mary Feb/6/1754    
BLIGHT Robert (base) Mary Feb/6/1754    
BOWMAN Anne (base) Eleanor Feb/6/1754    
SMALE Catherine John Catherine Apr/10/1754    
BALSON Ann Edmond Joan May/12/1754    
BOWDON Margaret (base) Barbery May/19/1754    
SKITCH Susanna Thomas Susanna Jul/11/1754    
SHEPHEARD John Abraham Martha Feb/26/1754    
GALSWORTHY Isabella Ambrose Isabella Jan/23/1755    
CHING Martha Nic. Honor Feb/23/1755    
MARSHALL William William   Mar/26/1755    
NETHERWAY Eleanor Roger Catherine Mar/20/1755    
HANGER Susanna John Jane May/?/1755    
BATH Grace John Grace Oct/8/1755    
SHORT Elizabeth Stephen Elizabeth Oct/26/1755    
CORY Eulalia Daniel Elizabeth Apr/9/1755    
MULLINS Elizabeth Richard Mary Apr/19/1756    
SHORTRIDGE Ann William Elizabeth Apr/25/1756    
SQUIRE Philip John   Jun/2/1756    
RACKLIFF John Thomas Prudence Aur/1/1756    
COLE Elizabeth Francis Grace Aug/15/1756    
PICKARD Mary John Elizabeth Aug/29/1756    
SNELL Ann John, the clerk Joanna Oct/7/1756    
SMALE Rebecca John Catherine Oct/14/1756    
BADCOCK Edmond Daniel Mary Oct/24/1756    
LILE Honour (base) Martha Nov/7/1756    
BALSON Sarah Edmond Joan Oct/24/1756    
RIDGEWAY Robert Henry   Nov/24/1756    
BLIGHT William John Ann Dec/16/1756    
RISDON George George   Mar/25/1695    
SMITH John John   May/1695    
FISHERLEY Catherine John   Jul/22/1695    
NEWCOMBE Faith Thomas Faith Dec/1/1695 1st born  
STEPHENS Samuel Samuel   Dec/4/1695    
RICE Ann Jo. Jane Feb/24/1695    
SCOTT John Jo   Mar/4/1695    
PHILIPS John Joseph ?Sarah Oct/30/1705    
SMALE Joan Wm. Ebbot Nov/5/1705    
LARRAMY John John Mary Dec/5/1705 second son  
STEPHENS Christopher Samuel Ann Dec/12/1705    
LEWIS William William, Jr.   Jan/2/1705    
TALLAMY John John   Feb/2/1699    
HISSERT Mary William Mary May/7/1699    
PHILIPS Mary John Jane Jul/11/1699    
DARKE Mary William Mary Aug/10/1699    
PEDLAR John John Frances Sep/13/1699    
LEE Seth Christopher   Nov/19/1699    
SCOTT William [See note] An Mar/18/1699 Reputed son of Jo. CHOLLOCOTT of Thornbury( Nothus)  
SCOTT Elizabeth John   Feb/6/1705    
VINE Emmanuel Richard Sarah Mar/13/1705    
HISSET Joanna Wiliam   May/3/1696    
PETHICK Susanna William   May/14/1696    
CROCKER Grace Richard   Jun/21/1696    
SCOTT Grace Jonathan   Jul/15/1696    
PHILLIPS Anthony Jo. Mary Aug/14/1696    
TANTON James Thomas Hannah Oct/1/1696    
PEDLAR Jane Jo   Nov/5/1696    
LANG Thomas Jo Jane Dec/9/1696    
BOWMAN John George   Mar/3/1696    
SCITCH Christopher John, Jr.   May/25/1705    
PETHICK Richard Wm. Elizabeth Jun/11/1705 St. Baranbas Day  
WILLIAMS Eleanor Wm Phillippa Sep/?/1705    
PIERCE James John   May/5/1706    
SLADE Joan John Joan Sep/1/1706    
BLIGHT Elizabeth John Elizabeth Sep/9/1706    
PECCARD Sarah Wm Elizabeth Nov/5/1706    
CLIFFORD Thomas John Jane Dec/11/1706    
CORSNEY Mary John, Jr. Elizabeth feast of epiphany/1706    
MORRIS Ruth John   Mar/12/1706    
BLIGHT Robert Jonathan   Mar/27/1707    
TORAL ? George William lately deceased   Apr/3/1707    
TITHERLEY Dorothy John Dororthy Jul/18/1707    
FRY Thomas John   Jul/28/1707    
SHAPTON John Samuel Ann Aug/18/1707    
DERRANT Sarah Thomas Catherine Aug/12/1707    
LEE Thomasine Edmond Thomasine Sep/25/1707    
PEDLAR Thomas Thomas   Oct/6/1707    
SCOTT Christopher Wm   Jan/6/1707    
PHILIPPS Elizabeth Joseph L.. Jan/6/1707    
GORVET William Thomas   Apr/26/1708    
PHILLIPS Richard John Jane May/9/1708    
TRICK Dorothy John Mary Jun/27?/1708    
SYMONDS Martha William Elizabeth Aug/1/1708    
RECCARD Joan John Grace Aug/10/1708    
SLADE Phillip John Joan St. Lukes Day/1708    
SMALE Robert William Ebbot Oct/27/1708    
GRILLS John Jeremiah Anne Nov/7/1708    
PIERCE Grace John   Nov/28/1708    
GREEN Elizabeth (notha) Elizabeth Mar/24/1709 (?)empere Pomeridiano  
COUFNEY Elizabeth Jo., Jr. Elizabeth May/3/1709    
SCOTT Mary Jo., Jr. Joan May/8/1709    
MOYSE William Gifford Joan May/11/1709    
LEE Thomasin Edmond   May/15/1709 Sunday, [with Frances Gorvet of Thomas]  
GORVET Frances Thomas   May/15/1709    
SHAPTON Joan Samuel Ann May/22/1709    
SCITCH Mary William Mary May/25/1709    
WILLIAMS Christopher William Phillipa May/29/1709    
CLIFFORD John Jo.lately deceased Jane Jul/10/1709    
VINE Margaret Richard Sarah Aug/18/1709 second daughter  
? Susannah Edmond   Aug/29/1709 last name blank space  
STAPLEDON Thomas John Grace Jan/3/1709-10    
VILE Margery [blank spsace] [blank space] Jan/5/1709-10    
PHILLIPS John John   Feb/22/1709-10 2nd son, Ash Wednesday  
HERNE Elizabeth (blank spsace)   Mar/1710 in Langtree by Mr. Whitlock  
PEDLAR Ann Thomas   Apr/10/1710    
LEWIS Christopher Wm., Jr Anne May/18/1710 Holy Thursday  
CORTIS Margaret Simon Elizabeth lately deceased St. Matthews Day 1710    
DENNIS Agnes Jos.   Nov?/1710    
EASTON Samuel Wm Mary Nov/22/1710    
SLADE Dorothy John Joan Dec/10/1710    
LAWRAMY Susannah John Mary Jan/3/1710-11    
PECCARD Elizabeth Thomas Honor Lady Day/1710-11    
PHILIPS John Jo Jane Apr/1/1711 Easter Sunday    
MOYSE Mary Gyfford Joan May/13/1711    
TRICK Mary Jo. Jr   Jun/17/1711    
RYCE Anne (notha) Mabella Jul/25/1711    
SHAPTON Samuel Samuel   Aug/19/1711    
GREEN Hellena Oliver Hellena Oct/4/1711    
SCITCH Thomas William Mary Oct/24/1711    
BUDD/TRICK? Agnes Robert BUDD Ann TRICK Nov/1711 Notha  
STEVENS Samuel Samuel   1695    
RICE Anne John Jane 1695    
SCOTT Grace (illegible)   1695    
PHILLIPS Anthony John Mary 1695    
PEDLAR Jane Jo.   Nov/5/1696    
LANG Thomas Jo. Jane Dec/1696    
BOWMAN John George Mary Mar/3/1696 [or 7]    
SNOW Mary Jo. Grace Apr/1697    
PARK ? William J J 1697    
LEMAN Julian (daughter) William An May/9/1697    
BALL Gyles Jo. Agnes May/245/1697    
CLIFFORD Sarah Jo. Sarah Jun/1/1697    
LEE Stephen Jo. Elizabeth Jun/20/1697    
LAMB John Thomas   Sep/4/1697    
NEWCOMBE Elisha (son) Thomas Faith Nov/4/1697    
LE... Joseph Roget Thomasine Nov/1697    
GORVETT William John of Monkleigh   Nov/4/1697    
GORVET John Thomas of Ash Village   Mar/16/1697    
DOWNING William William   Apr/5/1698    
PIERCE John John   May/1/1698    
PETHICK William William May/23/1698      
PECKARD Ann William An Nov/29/1698    
NICHOLLS Thomas James   Jan/15/1698    
DOWNING Julian (daughter) John   Mar/2/1698    
TAWTON Grace Thomas Hannah Mar/22/1698-9    
RYCE Joseph & Benjamin John Jane Mar/23/1699?    
VINE John Richard Sarah Apr/4/1700    
SCOTT Rebecca Josias Jane Apr/4/1700    
TOWL Christian William   May/6/1700    
NEWCOMBE Faith, 2nd daughter Thomas Faith May/9/1700    
PIERCE Grace John Mary May/3/1700    
CROCKER Elizabeth Richard Jane Jun/23/1700    
SCOTT Elizabeth Jonas   Jul/2/1700    
SMALE Mary William Ebbot Aug/12/1700    
PETHICK Elizabeth Wm.   Sep/19/1700    
CORTIS Elizabeth Simon Elizabeth Nov/5/1700    
BALL Mary John Agnes Nov/10/1700    
DERAND? Rebecca Thomas Catherine Nov/11/1700    
STEPHENS Elizabeth Samuel   Mar/11or17/1700    
PECKARD John William   Apr/1701    
FRT Elizabeth John   Apr/29/1701    
LEMMAN Susannah William   May/6/1701    
SCITCH Christopher John the younger   Jul/30/1701    
TALLAMEY Catherine John   Jun/29/1701    
SCOTT William John   Aug/24/1701    
NICHOLLS Matthew James   Oct/29/1701    
VINE Elizabeth Richard   Oct/29/1701    
GORVET Thomas Thomas Barbara Dec/24/1701    
PIERCE William John   Dec/24/1701    
TOUL William William   Jan/27/1701    
DOWNING John Jo.   Mar/1701-2    
DERRANT Julian (daughter) Thomas Catherine Feb/2/1701-2    
LANG Ann John   Apr/7/1702    
TAWTON John Thomas   May/7/1702 Henry Wickham's godson  
NEWCOMBE Thomas Thomas   May/7/1702    
RYCE Christian John   after May 1702    
SCITCH Ann John, Jr.   Sep/23/1702    
SCOTT Josias Josias   Oct/11/1702    
SMALE Ebbot William Ebbot Jan/26/1702-3    
SHAPTON Mary Samuel   Mar/3/1702-3    
PETHICK Jane William   Mar/10/1702-3    
DERRANT Grace Thomas   Mar/11/1702-3    
LEE Elizabeth John   May/2/1703    
DOWNING John William   Aug/3/1703    
WILLIAMS Elizabeth (notha) Julian Aug/15/1703    
BLIGHT Elizabeth John Elizabeth Sep/20/1703    
NICHOLLS Hugh James   Oct/26/1703    
HISSET Frances William   Nov/27/1703    
LEE Thomas Edmond Thomasine Dec/8/1703    
PECCARD Joanna William (none) at Monkley Dec/22/1703    
SCOTT Anna William (none) at Monkley Dec/30/1703    
RYCE Elizabeth John   Jan/6/1703    
PEDLAR Richard Jo.   Jan/18/1703    
SCOTT George Jo. Jan/25/1704      
LAWRAMY John Jo. Mary Apr/11/1704    
TOWL Richard Wm Apr/18/1704      
SHAPTON Deborah Samuel   May/3/1704    
CORTIS John Symon   Jun/12/1704    
DERRANT Anne Thomas Catherine Aug/8/1704    
WARRAN Hannah Richard   Aug/17/1704    
BLIGHT John Jonathan   Oct/26/1704    
ROSE John John Pascha Oct/24/1704    
TOWNSEND Mary Jo Su Jan/10/1704    
EASTON James Willaim   Jan/30/1704    
COUFNEY Anne Jo. Elizabeth Jan/30/1704    
VINE Margaret Richard Sarah Feb/7/1704    
AYR John Edmond Thomasin Mar/6/1704-5    
GORVET Elizabeth Tho. Barbara Mar/18/1704-5    
TAWTON Katherine Thomas   Apr/19/1705    
MOASE Agnes Rowland Catherine Feb/14/1813   Mason
GAY Jane John of Buckland Brewer Jane Feb/14/1813   Labourer
SELDON Elizabeth Raymond Elizabeth Mar/18/1813   Yeoman
BALL John John Joanna Apr/16/1813   Yeoman
BLIGHT Mary John Ann Apr/16/1813   Labourer
HOARE Rebecca (illigitimate) Jane May/2/1813    
PERKINS George John Elizabeth Aug/22/1813   Mason
PASSMORE Sally John Joanna Sep/5/1813   Yeoman
LABBETT Sally Holman John Sarah Sep/17/1813   Yeoman
WHEELER William William Ann Sep/19/1813   Labourer
WILLIAMS Mary Thomas Joanna Sep/21/1813   Labourer
PIDLER George Stanbury Christopher Jane Nov/15/1813   Yeoman
ANDREW James John Sarah Nov/15/1813   Yeoman
SQUIRE Elizabeth Philip Mary Nov/21/1813   Labourer
BLIGHT Ann William Grace Nov/21/1813   Labourer
SHORT James Stephen Ann Jan/19/1814   Labourer
BRADFORD William (illigitimate) mary Feb/13/1814    
ENGLAND Eliza Thomas Grace Apr/17/1814   Labourer
MILLS George William Elizabeth May/22/1814   Labourer
JEFFERYS George Bond John Mary Jun/26/1814   Labourer
BALL John Roger Susanna Sep/4/1814   Labourer
SELDON Ann Raymond Elizabeth Nov/30/1814   Yeoman
SQUIRE Daniel William Frances Dec/25/1814   Labourer
FRIENDSHIP Judith James Phillipa Jan/22/1815   Labourer
MARTIN Winney John Jane Frb/19/1815   Labourer
PASSMORE Henry John Joanna Feb/19/1815   Yeoman
BURDEN Ann John Fanny Feb/26/1815   Yeoman
HEARN Mary Richard Agnes Apr/9/1815   Labourer
MARTIN William (illigitimate) Elizabeth Apr/16/1815    
SHORT John (illigitimate) Eleanor Apr/16/1815    
MOASE James Rowland Catherine May/21/1815   Mason
JOHNS William Daniel Rachel Feb/26/1815   Labourer
TAYLOR William Blackmoor John Sarah Jun/4/1815   Labourer
WILLIAMS John Thomas Joanna Jun/4/1815   Labourer
PIDLER Frederick Christopher Jane Jul/16/1815   Yeoman
BALL William Roger Susanna Sep/14/1815   Labourer
BLIGHT William Francis Jane Oct/8/1815   Labourer
MARTIN Mary Robert Margaret Novc/12/1815   Labourer
PARKIN Benjamin John Elizabeth Dec/3/1815   Labourer
HOAR Charlotte (illigitimate) Jane Dec/10/1815    
SQUIRE Ann Philip Mary Dec/15/1815   Labourer
SRONEMAN Phillip Christopher Jane Feb/25/1816   Labourer
GIFFORD Thomas (illigitimate) Jane Mar/5/1816    
BURDEN George John Fanny Mar/17/1816   Yeoman
BLIGHT William William Grace Mar/17/1816   Labourer
GALSWORTHY Marianne Humphrey Grace Apr/7/1816   Yeoman
LABBETT Elizabeth John Sarah Apr/28/1816   Labourer
ANDREW Isaac John Sarah Aug/4/1816   Yeoman
SELDON Grace Raymond Elizabeth Sep/22/1816   Yeoman
ENGLAND Mary Thomas Grace Oct/6/1816   Labourer
KNIGHT Phillip William Ann Nov/7/1816   Labourer
TARDREW William (illigitimate) Grace Dec/29/1816    
SQUIRE Mary Philip Mary Jan/5/1817   Labourer
HARPER Phillip Richard Sarah Jan/10/1817   Yeoman
WILLIAMS Ann Thomas Joanna Feb/23/1817   Labourer
BALL Roger Roger Susanna Feb/23/1817   Labourer
TAYLOR Thomas John Sarah Mar/23/1817   Labourer
GALSWORTHY Thomas Humphrey Grace Mar/30/1817   Yeoman
SQUIRE Fanny William Frances Mar/30/1817   Labourer
BARKWELL Charles Francis Catherine Apr/4/1817   Labourer
FRIENDSHIP Harriet John Ann May/11/1817   Labourer
WALDON John Henry Elizabeth Jul/13/1817   Yeoman
HEARN Agnes Richard Agnes Jul/131817   Labourer
PIDLER Charles Christopher Jane Jul/30/1817   Yeoman
BEAR Rebecca John Mary Sep/7/1817   Yeoman
MADGE Samuel Braund Philip Martha Jan/18/1818   Carpenter
MARTIN Jane Robert Margaret Jan/25/1818   Labourer
BLIGHT Marianne (illigitimate) Elizabeth Feb/5/1818    
FRIENDSHIP Ann James Phillipa Feb/13/1818   Carpenter
PERKIN Daniel John John Elizabeth Feb/15/1818   Labourer
BURDEN Jane John Fanny Mar/29/1818   Yeoman
BALL Richard Roger Susanna Apr/4/1818   Labourer
JEFFERYS Ann Frank Jane Apr/19/1818   Labourer
LANG John (illigitimate) Elizabeth May/171818    
STONEMAN Thomas Christopher Jane May/31/1818   Labourer
LABBETT John John Sarah Jun/21/1818   Yeoman
MOASE Thomas Rowland CAtherine Jul/10/1818   Yeoman
SELDON Jane Raymond Elizabeth Sep/16/1818   Yeoman
MILLS Elizabeth William Elizabeth Sep/20/1818   Labourer
SHORT Thomas (illigitimate) Eleanor Oct/4/1818    
BLIGHT Simon William Grace Oct/11/1818   Labourer
PARKHOUSE Sarah Bartholomew Elizabeth Oct/25/1818   Labourer
GALSWORTHY Elizabeth Humphrey Grace Dec/10/1818   Yeoman
HANFORD Ann John Jane Feb/7/1819   Labourer
TAYLOR Samuel John Sarah Feb/14/1819   Labourer
GIFFORD Elizabeth (illigitimate) Jane Feb/14/1819    
SYMONS John Edward Mary Apr/4/1819   Yeoman
GLOVER John William Jane May/23/1819   Labourer
SQUIRE John Philip Mary May/23/1819   Labourer
CLEVENDER? John Richard Elizabeth Jul/4/1819   Labourer
GENT Jane Thomas Mary Jul/25/1819   Labourer
BLIGHT Phillip John Ann Sep/5/1819   Labourer
SQUIRE James William Frances Sep/5/1819   Labourer
SELDON Mary Ann Raymond Elizabeth Nov/25/1819   Yeoman
AVERY MaryAnn Pidler Thomas Mary Dec/12/1819   Labourer
WALTER George George Elizabeth Dec/19/1819   Labourer
MARTIN Mary Robert MArgaret Dec/26/1819   Labourer
MARTIN Betsy (base) Elizabeth Jan/20/1820    
BURDEN John John Jane Jan/28/1820   Yeoman
BARKWELL Mary Francis Catherine Mar/5/1820   Labourer
STONEMAN Elizabeth Christopher Jane Mar/91820   Labourer
MARTIN Wm & Jane (twins) William Jane Mar/26/1820   Labourer
FURZMAN Grace William Mary Mar/26/1820   Yeoman
HANDFORD Grace George Mary Apr/2/1820   Labourer
MOASE Catherine Rowland Catherine Apr/20/1820   Yeoman
LABBETT Richard Richard Catherine Apr/23/1820   Yeoman
HUTCHINGS George (illigitimate) Jane Apr/23/1820    
WILLIAMS Grace Thomas Joanna Apr/29/1820   Labourer
STEARN Richard Richard Agnes May/7/1820   Labourer
LABBETT Thomas John Sarah May/23/1820   Yeoman
PIDLER Charlotte Caroline Christopher Jane Jun/21/1820   Yeoman
HARPER Mary Richard Sarah Jun/22/1820   Yeoman
GIFFORD Mary Emanuel Mary Jul/2 or 21/1820   Labourer
NEWCOMBE Sarah (illigitimate) Elizabeth Jul/23/1820    
MARTIN James James Grace Jul/23/1820   Labourer
MADGE Martha Philip Martha Mar/20/1820   Carpenter
SYMONS Thomas Edward Mary Nov/19/1820   Yeoman
BALL James Roger Susanna Nov/19/1820   Labourer
ASHTON George & Charlotte (twins) (illigitimate) Sarah Nov/20/1820    
TRICK Mary James Elizabeth Dec/10/1820   Cooper
PERKINS Faith John Elizabeth Dec/17/1820   Labourer
ENGLAND Daniel Thomas Grace Jan/21/1821   Labourer
JEFFERY Betty Francis Jane Jan/21/1821   Labourer
SQUIRE Jane Philip Mary Feb/4/1821   Labourer
FRIENDSHIP Susanna James Phillipa Feb/18/1821   Yeoman
WALTER Elizabeth George Elizabeth Mar/11/1821   Labourer
TAYLOR George John Sarah Mar/18/1821   Labourer
MARTIN James John Catherine Mar/18/1821   Yeoman
NEWCOMBE Thomas John Rebecca Mar/18/1821   Labourer
GALSWORTHY William Humphrey Grace Mar/29/1821   Yeoman
SQUIRE Henry William Sarah May/13/1821   Yeoman
BRIGHT Grace William Grace Jul/1/1821   Labourer
SLEE John William Catherine Jul/8/1821   Labourer
GLOVER Jane William Jane Oct/14/1821   Labourer
HANDFORD William John Jane Oct/14/1821   Labourer
WARD Mary Thomas JAne Dec/30/1821   Labourer
GRIBLE Elizabeth William Sarah Jan/6/1822   Thatcher
SQUIRE Richard William Frances Jan/20/1822   Labourer
SELDON Jane Raymond Elizabeth Jan/30/822   Yeoman
BLIGHT John William Charity Feb/10/1822   Labourer
BLIGHT Robert Reddaway Simon Mary Mar/3/1822   Labourer
HANDFORD Fanny George Mary Mar/14/1822   Labourer
LABBETT Thomas Richard Catherine Mar/21/1822   Yeoman
TRICK Ann & Grace (twins) James Elizabeth Apr/19/1822   Cooper
BROKWAY William William of Bideford Faith May/19/1822   Carpenter
NICHOLS John William Grace Jul/7/1822   Miller
FREEMAN John Samuel Ann Jul/14/1822   Yeoman
HORE Harriet Thomas Elizabeth Aug/18/1822   Labourer
MARTIN James Robert Margaret Sep/29/1822   Labourer
HERN Joanna Richard Agnes Nov/11/1822   Labourer
BALL William Roger Susanna Nov/24or29/1822   Labourer
COCK Robert Henry Sarah Jan/19/1823   Labourer
LUGG Sally James Dorothy Feb/2/1823   Labourer
BLIGHT Jane John Ann Feb/9/1823   Labourer
BEAR Joseph John Mary Feb/20/1823   Yeoman
SLEE Mary William Catherine Mar/2/1823   Labourer
PIDLER Albert Christopher Jane Mar/6/1823   Yeoman
TAYLOR Joseph John Sarah Mar/23/1823   Labourer
KNIGHT Henry William Philip Ann Apr/20/1823   Labourer
SYMONS Jane Edward Mary May/11/1823   Yeoman
TRICK John William Susanna May/13/1823   Labourer
GILL Richard William Agnes Jun/25/1823   Shoemaker
BURDEN Lucy John Jane Jun/26/1823   Yeoman
PERKINS James John Elizabeth Jul/27/1823   Mason
GIFFORD Thomas Emmanuel Mary Aug/18/1823   Labourer
SQUIRE William Philip Mary Aug/24/1823   Labourer
GRIBBLE William William Sarah Aug/24/1823   Thatcher

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005