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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Jeremy Hummerstone.

The transcription is not fully chronological - rather it is given in basically the same very jumbled order in which the parish registers were written and have been microfilmed - the browser "Find" facility provides a convenient means of searching the file, therefore.

1556 - completely obliterated except for occasional first name
1557 - able to transcribe less than half
1558 - able to transcribe less than half
1559, 1560, 1561 only the dates side of page legible so no information available.
1562 - illegible
1563 - illegible
Then nothing legible until 1568
1583 starts to be consistently legible

Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

SURNAME First name Date Notes
BLYNHAM William Dec/1571  
NORTHCOTT John Feb/1571  
HAINE Johane Apr/1572  
DENNES Tristam Apr/1572 son of John
WALTER Richard May/1572 son of..
BAWMAN Christian May/1572 daugh of William
CLEMENT Alys Jul/1572 wife of Stephen
RAWLINGS Richard Jul/1572  
NETHEWAY William Apr/1573 son of James
ACKLAND James Apr/1573  
TOWNSEND Willmott May/1574 daugh of William
PIDLER Johan Jul/1574 wife of William
HOCKYN John Apr/1575  
WILLIAMS Alse Jul/1575 wife of William
THOMAS Thomas Oct/1575 son of..
HATHERLEY John Nov/1575  
DYER Anthonie Dec/1575 son of Thomas
WHITE Thomas Jan/1576  
TRICK Edward Apr/1577 son of William
DUTLEY Prudence May/1577 daugh of Sidwell
HANCOCK Willmott Jun/1577  
SMALLE William Jan/1577  
TOWNSEND Christopher Apr/1578 son of William
LYLE Thomas Apr/1578 son of Edward
BEALE Dorothy Apr/1578 wife of John
LYLE Robert May/1578 son of Edward
WILLIAMS George May/1578 son of William
SMALLE William Jun/1578  
GADWILL John Jul/1578  
PADDEN Johan Apr/1579 daugh of John
HATHERLEY Arthur May/1579 son of William
LYLE Margery Jul/1579  
STICK John Dec/1579 son of Thomas
SMALLE Elizabeth, widow Feb/1579  
HOWE Christian Jan/1579 wife of Nicholas
HOWE Nicholas Mar/1579  
SELLER William May/1580  
PALM Honor May/1580 daughter of John
SCOTT Thomas Jun/1580  
LYLE William Jul/1580 son of Edward
DENNIS John Aug/1580  
WALTER John Sept/1580 son of William
BLINSHAM Elizabeth Jan/1560 wife of John
BEARE margery Jan/1580 wife of John
BROTHER Walter Jan/1580  
STICK Elizabeth Jan/1580 wife of Walter
HOWE John Mar/1580 son of John
WALTER John Mar/1581 son of William
EARELL Christian Jan/1581 wife of Nickolas
HOWE Frances Jan/1581 son of Richard
CLEMENT Honore May/1581 daugh of Thomas
BREMELCOMBE Olin ? Mar/1581 son of Agnes
WALTER Joseph May/1582 son of William
LEYMAN Elizabeth May/1582  
GRIGG William Jun/1582  
MARCHANTE John Jun/1582 son of Rychard
THORNE John/Richard? Jun/1852 [2 names? I don't know why]
PIDLER William Nov/1582  
HAWKE Richard Feb/1582  
DIGYE Johan March/1583 wife of Olin
HAWKINGS John May/1583 son of William
SHILTON Alse Aug/1583  
TOOKER William Sept/1583  
WILLIAMS John Dec/1583 of Ashe
SHORTE Johan Feb/1583 widower
WILLIAMS Johan Mar/1584 daughter of John
STICK Walter Apr/1584  
HUTCHINGS Nicholas Apr/1584 son of Richard
HOLMES Hugh Aug/1583 son of Peter
BARNAM John Aug/1584 son of William
BLANCHEVIL Johan Dec/1584 daughter of Richard
HEYMAN Wilmott Mar/1584 widower
TOOKER Eme Apr/1585 widow
GRIGGS Wilmott May/1585  
MOYSE Elizabeth Jun?/1585 daughter of Edward of Gt Torr
TO...ER Beaton Jun/1585 daughter of Richard
BROTHER ? Margery Jul/1585 daughter of Walter
HERKIN Arthur Jul/1585 son of John
MARTYN John Aug/1585  
POLLARD Elizabeth Oct/1585 widow
MARCHANTE Phillip Nov/1585 wife of Richard & her 2 children?
VIGUARS George Jan/1585 son of William
POLAND Richard Feb/1685 son of John
RENDELL Thomas Feb/1585  
HARKER John Apr/1586  
CLEMENT Stephen Apr/1576  
WILLIAMS Johan Apr/1586  
PANE Emmot Jun/1586 wife of Thomas
CUDMOORE Patherick Aug/1586  
ABBOTT Christian Oct/1586 daughter of John
DOWNE Elizabeth Oct/1587 wife of Thomas
WILLIAMS John Jan/1587  
HAWKRIDGE Johan Jan/1587 wife of William
STICK Mary Jan/1587 wife of Thomas
GALLHAM Johan Mar/1586 [0r 7] wife of George
EAVILL William Mar/1586[ 0r 7] son of William
BANDELL Henry Mar/1586 [0r 7]  
EAVELL William, the elder Apr/1587  
EAVELL Margarett Apr/1587  
HEAVIL John Apr/1587  
SELLAR An Oct/1587  
TOOKER (daughter) Nov/1587 daughter of William
LEE William Oct/1587  
NORTHCOTT John Jan/1587  
TROTT Thomas Feb/1587  
BEARE Abraham Feb/1587 son of John
SLOMAN John Jan/1587  
BARRETT Thomas Mar/1587 son of Elizabeth
SLOMAN Alse Mar/1587 wife of John
BARRETT Anne Mar/1588 daughter of Elizabeth
BARRETT Elizabeth Mar/1588  
PALMER Elizabeth Apr/1588 wife of Stephen
TOWNSEND Arthur May/1588 son of William
PAINE Christopher Nov/1588  
TOWNSEND Peter Mar/1588 son of William
POLLARD John Mar/1589  
HUDDLE Abraham Apr/1589 son of Thomas
TRENCHER ? (illegible) May/1589  
MARTIN John Nov/1589 son of John
CLEMENT Johan Dec/2/1589  
STEPHINS Elizabeth Dec/2/1589  
HATHERLEIGH William Dec/1589  
LYLE Johan Jan/1589 daughter of John
NETHAWAIE Arthur Mar/1589 son of Alexander
TYTHERLEIGH Emmott Mar/1590 wife of William
WILLIAMS William Mar/1599 of Mudgitt
TOOKER Nicholas May/2/1590  
LYLE Susan May/1590 daughter of Richard
BERAWIL ? Henry May/1590  
BROWNE Thomas Oct/1590 son of Lawerence
BEARE John Nov/1590 son of John
TAKELL George Nov/1590  
MOLL Elizabeth Jan/1590 wife of Thomas
CLEMENT John Mar/1590 son of Thomas
STICK Alse Mar/1590 wife of Thomas
ROOKE Richard Mar/1590  
DIGGE Thomas Apr/1591  
MAUNDER Edward Apr/1591  
PALMER Richard Jul/1591 son of James
PALM An Jul/1591 daughter of James
PALM Agnes Jul/1591 daughter of James
SCOTT John Aug/1591 son of Henry
PALM Christian Aug/1591 daughter of John
BOYS Johan Aug/1591 wife of Symon
LEE ? Em, widow Aug/1591  
PALM An Aug/1591 daughter of John
BOYSE Symon Aug/1591  
SCOTT Elizabeth Sept/1591 wife of Anthony
BIRCH ? Henry Sept/1591  
MOYSE Johan Spet/1591 wife of Thomas
TAKELL Elizabeth Dec/1591 wife of George
CHAPLYN Thomas Dec/1591  
STICK three children of Thomas Feb/1591  
PALM Faith Feb/1591 wife of James
BEARE Robert Apr/1591  
TYTHERLEIGH William Sept/1591  
COWLY Thomas Jun/1591  
BALL Johan Jan/1591  
WALTER John Jan/1592 son of William
HUTCHIN Nicholas Feb/1592  
SPRAY ? Walter Feb/1592  
HEYMAN Henry Mar/1592 son of Thomas
MARCHANT John Mar/1592 son of Rychard
SCOTT Alse Apr/1593 wife of Henry
WILLIAMS Agnes Apr/1593 wife of Richard
SCOTT Charyty Apr/1593 daughter of Elizabeth
BRAYLEIGH Henry Jul/1593  
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Nov/1593  
SPEAREMAN Edmond Nov/1593  
CHICHESTER Christopher Nov/1594  
MICHELL Christopher Dec/1594 son of Bartholomew
DIGGE Oliver Jan/1594  
COLL Margarett Jan/1595 wife of...
COLLAWILL M... Feb/1595  
BEARE John ?/1596  
WILLIAMS John Nov/1596 son of John
HILL Alce Nov/1596  
RELAND Thomasine Nov/1596 daughter of William
RELAND Henry Dec/1596 son of William
DENNIS Elizabeth Dec/1596 wife of William
SMITH Leonard Dec/1596 son of Nicholas
GRIFFYN John Feb/1596  
CLEARKE William Mar/1596  
SMITHAM Richard Mar/?/1596  
DENNIS Sisly Mar/1597  
WALTER Agnes, widow Apr/1597  
HOOG Rychard Apr/1597  
CLEARK Rychard May1597  
TYTHERLEIGH Alexander May/1597  
TOOKER Wilmott May/1597 wife of John
TYTHERLEIGH Johan Jun/1597 wife of Alexander
WILLIAMS William Jun/1597  
POWE James June/1597 son of William
SMITH Beaton & Ann Jul/1597 daughters of Nicholas
RANDELL Thomasine Jul/1597  
BALSDON Margery Sept/1597 wife of John
ABBOTT Henry Dec/1597 son of John
LYLLE Edward Dec/1597  
VIGUARS Johan Dec/1597 wife of William
HEYMAN Elizabeth Dec/1597  
PALM Frances Dec/31/1597 daughter of Stephen
PALM Thomasine Jan/13/1597 daughter of Stephen
ROOKE Johan Mar/1597 daughter of Richard
ABBOTT Johan Mar/1597 wife of John
PALM Tristam Mar/1598 son of William
DENNIS Thomas Apr/1598  
VEYSEY John Apr/1598  
BALLE Walter Nov/1598  
REKARD Margery Feb/1598 wife of William
THOMAS Samuell Feb/1598 son of Henry
HEYMAN Rychard Apr/1599  
DENNIS Humphrey Apr/1599 son of James
EYER Christopher Apr/1599 son of Edward?
MATHEW William Sept/1599  
BLANCHARD Richard Mar/1600  
YONGE Jone Feb/1603 daughter of Bartholomew
BLANCHARD John Mar/1604  
BACHELOR Willmott Aug/1605 Daughter of Jacquett
SMITH Nicholas Aug/1605  
PALLMER Anne Dec/1605 daughter of William
RICHARD William Jan/1605  
MOLLE Thomas Mar/1605  
TOWNSEND Richard Mar/1605  
PALMER William Apr/1605 son of William
ABBOTT John Jan/1607  
PALMER Barbara Feb/1609  
PALLMER Elizabeth Feb/1613 daughter of John
LYLLE ?Agnes Apr/1612 wife of Edward
DENNIS James May/1613  
MARTIN William Mar/1614 son of Nicholas
SMYTH Christopher May/1614 son of Roger
ABBOTT Thomas Mar/1614  
RIDGEMAN JOhn Jul/1615  
BLANCHARD Anne, widow Mar/1616  
CLARK Thomas 1617  
WILLIAMS (wife) 1617 wife of William
BLANCARD Christopher Jun/15/1617  
YONGE John Aug/24/1617  
WILLIAMS Ellyn Dec?/1617  
DENNIS Thomas Apr/6/1618  
SCOTT Margarett Jul/12/1618 wife of John
SMALE Anne Sept/1618 daugh of Thomas
THOMAS John Nov/15/1618  
GRILL Thomas Dec/14/1618 a stranger
MOYSE Mary Apr/1619  
MARTYN Wilmott Aug/1619  
SELLAR Johan Dec/4/1619 wife of John
LANG Johan Feb/1619 daughter of John
NETHAWAY Alice Jun/16/1620 wife of Alexander
BRADFORD Agnes Nov/1620 wife of John
PALMER John, senior Dec/9/1620  
RANDLE John, widower Dec/14/1620  
POWE William Dec/21/1620  
RICKARD Patience Mar/3/1620 daughter of John
CROCKER Penelope Mar/20/1621  
CLEMENT ?Mary , widow Mar/1621  
PEDLER Johan Jul/20/1621 wife of Leonard
TOWNSEND ..ah Aug/23/1621 wife of Thomas
RICKARD Mary Feb/15/1621 daughter of John
HOOPER Richard Nov/20/1622  
ABBOTT Christopher Feb/25/1622  
HOOPER Jane Mar/5/1622  
COTTON John May/1/1623 son of ?
SNOWE Elizabeth Aug/1623  
SCOTT Anthony Aug/1623  
HATCH Johan Oct/1623 wife of Bartholomew
GAY Thomasin Apr?/1623 daughter of Mathew
CADDY Richard Dec/1623  
FLOOD alias LAMBE William Jan/1623 alias LAMBE
ASH Steven Jan/1623  
EARLE Roger Feb/1/1623 son of Thomas
THORNE Johan May/1624 widow
CLEMENT Honor Jun/1624 wife of John
DIAMOND ? Margarett Jul/1624 daughter of Thomas
CHARLEMAN Johan Jul/1624 daughter of John
COLE Elizabeth Dec/1624 wife of William
DENNIS Elizabeth Aug/1624 wife of Thomas
GAY Robert Sept/1624 son of anthony
GOOCH Margery Sept/1624 widow
LYELL John Oct/1624  
SCOTT ?Lawerence Nov/1624 son of Mathew
PALMER John, widower Dec/1624  
THOMAS Charitie Feb/5/1624  
CUDDIE Johan, widow Mar/6/1624  
MOFFE Hercules Jun/4/1624  
GAY John Dec/1624  
VIGUERS Thomas Jan/1624  
TYTHERLEY ? Feb/1624  
DEYMAN Christian Apr/1626 wife of ?
MARTIN Johan Jul/1626 wife of Richard
SELLER John Mar/1626  
CUDMORE wilmott Mar/1627 daughter of John
MAYNE Mary May/1628 wife of Robert
HOCKYN John Nov/1628 son of John
TITHERLEIGH Arthur Mar/1628  
SCOTT John Apr/1629 son of Mathew
PALMER John Jun/1629 of Hill
CADWILL William Jul/1629  
WILLOCK John Aug/1629  
PALM Luce Oct/1629 wife of Thomas
GAYE Margarett, widow Oct/1629  
SMALE Edward Feb/1629 son of Edward
HOCKYN Hugh Feb/1629  
HEYMAN John Mar/14/1629  
LYELL John Oct/1630 son of Isaac
CLEMETT Richard Oct/1630 son of William, Jr
LAMBE Anne Nov/1630 daughter of John
CUDWELL John Jan/1630  
WILLIAMS Frances Jul/1631 wife of Thomas
STICK Grace Nov/1631 wife of Robert
HOCKIN John Dec/1631  
HOMES Richard Apr1632 son of Samuell
BRAY Thomas May/1632  
WHITLOCKE John Dec/1632  
MARCHANT Elizabeth, widow Feb/1632  
HUNNACOTT Thomasin Mar/1632 wife of Thomas
TOWNSEND Elizabeth, widow Apr/1633  
MARTIN Richard Apr/1633  
MARTIN Agnes May/1633 daughter of Nicholas
DARRACOTT? Henry Nov/1633  
SMYTH Margarett. Widow Jan/1633  
NETHWAY Alexander Feb/1633  
COLE Bridget Apr/1634 daughter of William
MARCHANT Sara Jun/1634  
MARTYN Richard Jul/1634  
LEE John Sept/1634  
HUTCHINS Edward Oct/1634  
HEYMAN Thomas Mar/5/1634  
BRAY Elizabeth Mar/4/1634 daughter of Edward
POWE William Apr/1635  
HOPPER Nicholas Jun/1635  
HOMES Christian Jun/1635 daughter of Samuell
FIRLAND John Jun/1635 son of John
ABBOTT John Jul/1635  
ABBOTT Wilmott, widow Aug/1635  
ABBOTT Frances Sept/1635 daughter of Thomas
ABBOTT Elizabeth Oct/1635 daughter of Thomas
BEERE Johan Nov/1635 daughter of John
HARRIS Johane Nov/1635 daughter of Thomas
SELLER Julian, widow Dec/1635  
EYRE Edmund Dec/1635  
NETHAWAY Johan, widow Dec/1635  
EYRE Grace, widow Jan/1635  
TRICKE Emma Jan/1635  
BRADDON Clare Mar/1635 wife of John
ERLE Reben ? Mar/1635 base son of Agnes
CLEMETT Thomas Mar/1635 son of Christopher
HUTCHINS Johan Jul/1636 daughter of Edward
SIMCOCKE Phyllis Sept/1636  
MEDDON Mary Nov/1636 daughter of John
COLE Mary Jan/1636 daughter of William
HOMES Elizabeth Jan/1636 wife of Samuell
HEARSON ? Charles Feb/1636  
NETHAWAY John Feb/1636  
HORNE Tristam Mar/1636  
DOWNING (wife) Apr/1637 wife of William
SMALE John Sept/1637  
PALMER Agnes Nov/1637 wife of John
EARLE Phillippa Dec/1637 daughter of John
HOCKYN John Mar/1637  
HOMES Mary Mar/1637 daughter of Samuell
HOCKIN Anne Apr/1638  
WHITE Johan, widow Apr/1638  
ABBOTT Christian Aug/1638 wife of John
HOCKIN Honor Sept/1638 wife of John
TITHERLEY Agnes Oct/1638 wife of Peter
TRICKE Agnes Oct/1638 base child of Jane
LENDON Humphrey Nov/1638  
WHITLOCKE Katherine Dec/1638 serv to Mr. Lambe
FOSSETT (wife) Dec/1638 wife of Richard
HATHERLEY Anne Dec/1638 daughter of John
STICKE Mary Dec/1638 wife of Robert
HOOPER Phillippa, widow Feb/1638  
HOCKING Anne, widow Feb/1638  
NETHEWAY Anne Apr/1639 wife of Anthony
HOCKYN Barbara May/1639 wife of William
STICKE Thomas Jul/1639 son of Arthur ?
POWE George Sept/1639  
SCOTT john Oct/1639  
NETHEWAY Christopher Jan/1639  
MARTIN Ellyn Mar/1639 wife of Richard
HOLMAN John Apr/2/1640 son of John
SMALE William ?/5th/1639 son of Thomas
COLLACOTT Mary 1639 Daughter of Johane
PUMMER Thomasin 1639 daughter of William
BRADDEN John Sep/1639  
PUMMER Alice 1639 wife of William
DYER Anne 1639 daughter of John
SMALE Catherine 1639 wife of Thomas
MARTIN William Apr/1641  
MARTIN Alis Apr/1641 his wife(reference to William same month)
GOOSSOME ??? Jone Apr/1641 no clue!
STICK Thomas May/1641 son of Arthur
LANDON Ohn May/1641  
ELLIOTT John Jul/1641 son of Abraham
MARTIN Christopher Jul/1641  
HOMES Ellin Sept/1641 daughter of Samuell
SINCOCKE John Dec/1641 son of John
BURROW Patrick Dec/1641  
COUENDY John Jan/1641 son of William
ABBOTT Christopher Feb/1641  
SANDERS Christopher Mar/1641 son of Christopher
COOCHE Christian May/1642 daughter of Honor
BOWMAN Margarett Dec/1642  
PEW (illegible) Jan/1642  
CLARKE (daughter) Jan/1642 daughter of Philip
CLEMENT Daniel Jan/1642  
ABBOTT John Apr/1643 the younger
BRADDON (daughter) Apr/1643 ? Luce, daughter of John
BRADDON John Jun/1643 son of John
HEARN Christopher Jun/1643 son of John
LEMAN Mary Jul/1643 son of Alex or Abraham?
NICKOLL Christian Aug/1643 daughter of Mathew
EARLE Margarett Nov/1643 daughter of Thomas
STICKE Robert Nov/1643  
PALMOR Thomasin Feb/1643 wife of Stephen
WILLIAMS William Feb/1643  
CLEMENT Nathaniell Mar/1643 son of Christopher
SMITH John Apr/4/1644 son of John
HARRIS Charritie May/23/1644 wife of Thomas
NOARTMANE Johan Jul/5/1643  
CLEEMANTE William July/30/1644  
PEDLARE Elizabeth Aug/1644 wife of Leonarde
CORENEY William Aug/22/1644  
DAYMENT Johan Oct/13/1644 wife of Phillip
SHORTE Jane Oct/1644 wife of John
CORENEY Robert Oct/1644  
NEATHAWAY Anthony Nov/20/1644  
FURLET Margarett Jan /1644 wife of John
ABBOT Richard Jan/1644 son of Richard
LILE Elizabeth Mar/31/1645  
WIRLE Margery Apr/1645  
COLE William Jun/1645  
DOWNINGS Jone Jun/1645 base daughter of Thomasin
PALMER Stephen Jul/1645  
SMALE John Aug/1645  
HAMLIN William Aug/1645  
SMALE Edmund Aug/29/1645 son of John
HOLLOMORE En...th end of 1645  
GUM Thomasin end of 1645  
LAMBE William Mar/20/1645  
DENNIS Richard Mar/21/1646  
HOLMES Mary Mar/21/1646 daughter of Samuel
LANGDON Richard Apr/1646 son of Humphrey
CLEMET Christopher Apr/26/1646  
HEYMAN Margarett May/17/1646  
GOOD ...n Jun/1646 daughter of Digory
HARRIS James Jul/1646  
SUANDER William,widower Oct/25/1646  
DENNIS (illegible)widow Jan/1646  
PALMER (illegible) Jan/1646 wife of Thomas
WILLIAMS Wilmot Feb/1646  
LANGE (illegible) Mar/1648  
WILLIAMS Richard Apr/1649  
HAMLIN Richard Aug/1649  
BALL William 1649  
ABBOTT Richard 1649 son of John
MOORE Griffy, widow Mar/29/1691  
PHILLIPS Johanne Jun/17/1691 wife of Owen?
SMALE William Jun/18/1691 son of Edmund
STABLEDON Thamazin Jun/23/1691 daughter of Thomas
SCOTT Elizabeth Jun/30/1691 daughter of Jonathan
WRIGHT Mary Aug/5/1691 daughter of Lewes
HERKIN Anne Aug/30/1691 wife of John
LANGE Rebekah Sept/6/1691 wife of John
DAYMENT Mary Feb/11/1691 wife of John
PERKARD Hellin Feb/12/1691 widow of William
BRADDON Phillipe Mar/26/1692  
TALLAMY John Apr/27?/1692 son of John
SMYTH John Jun/13/1692 son of John
ABBOTT Richard Jun/19/1692  
PEACE John Jul/8/1692  
PHILLIPS Richard Jul/10/1692 son of John
PERKARD Sarah Jul/17/1692 daughter of John
CLEMENT Christopher Aug/29/1692  
WILLIAMS Christopher Oct/26/1692  
LENDON Humphrey Oct/26/1692  
DAVEY Hugh Nov/6/1692  
HEYMAN Mary Nov/17/1692  
TAUTON ? Elizabeth Dec/6/1692  
FRY Lewis Nov/19/1692  
TALLAMEY Anne Dec/25/1692  
HATHERLEY Wilmot Mar/7/1692  
GORVET (son) Jun/1693 [very hard to read, last letter perhaps an h?]
PILLA ? Christian Dec/5/1693? wife of John
PALLMER Anne, widow 1693  
LEY Johan May/27/1694 base daughter of Phillipe
PERKYN William Jul/6/1694  
MARTIN Arthur Jul/19/1694  
PADDON Christopher Sep/7/1694  
PEDLER Alice ?, widow Dec/16/1694  
LARRAMY Elizabeth Dec/?/1694  
CROCKER Johan Feb/?/1694 wife of Richard
MARTIN Audrey Jun/19/1673  
MAYNE Robert Aug/3/1673  
DEYMAN Mary Aug/3/1673 wife of John
POWE Thomas Dec/3/1673  
HERNE Joane Sept/9/1673 daughter of John
PERKARD William Feb/15/1673  
SMITS Elizabeth Mar/21/1673 wife of John
MAYNE Margarett, widow Apr/28/1674  
PUGSLEY John May/1/1674  
DAYMANET Phillip May/24/1674 son of John
PIDLER John Jun/2/1674 son of William
HORNE Philedelphia Jun/189/1674 wife of John
DAVEY Susanna Jul/20/1674 daughter of Hugh
STICK John Oct/4/1674 son of John
DAVEY Stephin Oct/21/1674  
PIDLER Elinor Oct/29/1674 dau of William
DARK Rebecca Nov/17/1674 dau of Richard
RECKARD Oliver Feb/20/1674  
NEELD Mary Apr/25/1675  
MARTIN Richard May/10/1675 son of John
LYLE Lattice May/6/1675  
PEACE John Jun/2/1675 son of John
MAGERUM George Jun/4/1675  
RECKARD Mary Jun/6/1675  
PEDLER Thomas Jun/11/1675 son of William
WILLIAMS Gabriel Aug/20/1675 son of Emmanuell
SMALE Ann Sep/13/1675 daug of Thomas
SIMON Martha Sep/14/1675 daug of Phillip
HOCKIN John the elder Oct/28/1675  
DENE Mary Nov/29/1675 daugh of Richard, esq
WILIAMS Robert Dec/7/1675 son of Emanuell
ESTON Prudence Dec/17/1675 wife of William
HEYMAN John the elder Feb/5/1675  
FRAY Phillipe Feb/10/1675 daugh of Lewes
TITHERLEY Agnes Feb/21/1675 daugh of Peter
SNOW Thomas May/22/1676 son of John
AYRE Joseph Dec/3/1676 son of John
SOUTHYEOU Phillip Jan/28/1676  
SMALE William Feb/16/1676 son of Thomas
LANGE John the elder Feb/21/1676  
STICK Elizabeth Mar/13/1676 daugh of John
ELLET ? Abraham Apr/8/1677  
TALLAMEY (wife) Jul/10/1677 wife of John
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Jul/22/1677 daugh of Emanuell
TOWNSIN Johane ?? Jul/25/1677  
TALLAMY Elizabeth Aug/12/1677 daugh of John
SMALE Wilmot Sep/13/1677 wife of Thomas
MARTIN Arthur Sep/27/1677 son of John
PALLMER ..elther Oct/21/1677 wife of Phillip
RECKARD Joan Nov/6/1677  
SNOW Luce Nov/?/1677 daughter of John
CLEMENT Frances Jan/28/1677 widow of Bulkworthy
BRAY Nickholas Apr/5/1677 [or 78]  
GAY John Jul/30/1678 the elder squier
EMLIN ? John Sep/29/1678 written all over
COTTON Thomas Jan/21/1678  
MARTIN Jane Feb/18/1678 daughter of Christopher
HUDDLE Thomazin Mar/13/1678  
MARTIN Ann Apr/2/1679 daughter of Christopher
BUN... John Mar/13/1679  
HATHERLY Christopher Jun/22/1679  
WALTER ? Jun/23/1679  
LEAMAN John Sep/9/1679 son of William
CLARKE Julian Nov/22/1679  
GAY Joan Nov/22/1679  
MARTIN Mary Nov/27/1679 daughter of Christopher
MARTIN Christopher Dec/14/1679 son of Christopher
FINK Melthin ?? Dec/13/1679  
LANG ??Susane Jan/3/1679  
SNOW Margarett Apr/22/1680  
PALLMER Agnes Jun/14/1680 wife of John
PALLMER John Sep/20/1680 son of George
LEE Mary Sep/7/1680 wife of Nicholas
HARUAY William Oct/20/1680 of Exeter
COUENEY Charity Dec/3/1680 daughter of John
SOUTHYEO Mary Jan/28/1680 wife of Humphrey of Bulkworthy
BOWDEN Steeven Mar/17/1680 son of Josias
ETON Will. The elder Mar/20/1680  
SHAPTON (wife) Jul/2/1681 wife of Samuell
SMITH John the elder Jul/10/1681  
MOORE Mary Oct/18/1681 wife of Griffi
SCOTT Jane, widow Dec/21/1681  
MARTIN Charity Sep/27/1682 wife of Arthur
WILLIAMS John Nov/6/1682 son of Emanuell
LEMON Christopher Dec/4/1682  
PALMER John Jan/9/1682 the elder, widower
RECORD Mary, widow Jan/30/1682  
PALMER (illegible) widow Apr/29/1683  
DEYMAN John, widower 1683 [Last name might also be Heyman]
STICKE Wilmott Aug/9?/1683 wife of John
GREEN Martha Feb/26/1683 daughter of Oliver
HORKIN John Mar/1/1683 of Hollamoor
TITHERLEY Peter Mar/12/1683  
WILLIAMS Christopher May/23/1684  
SOUTHYEO Hugh May/12/1685  
HOLMES Elizabeth Jun/5/1685  
BREY Elizabeth Jul/6/1685  
MARTIN John Senior Dec/21/1685  
PALLMER William Senior Dec/28/1685  
MARTIN James Feb/28/1685  
PEDLAR William Mar/6/1685  
LEE Christopher Mar/7/1685  
PECKARD Willmot May/27/1686  
HOYLE Thomazin Jun/11/1686  
MALLOT ? William Aug/19/1686  
LANG Margaret Oct/19/1686  
PERKARD Sarah Nov/5/1686  
TAWTON Joan Dec/9/1686  
BARNES James Jan/23/1686  
DAW George Apr/3/1687  
TRICKE Ann Apr/6/1687  
SYMONS Phillip Jun/23/1687  
HEAMAN Mary Jun/1/1687 wife of Edmund
MAYNE Mary Aug/19/1687 wife of Roger the elder
SOUTHYEO Peternell Nov/20/1687 daughter of Hugh
HUNNEY Jonas Nov/22/1687 son of Jonas
PENGILLY Florance Jan/31/1687 wife of Robert
WILLIAMS Joane, widow Feb/16/1687  
DEYMENT Phillip, widower Mar/2/1687  
HUNNEY Christian Mar/14/1687 daughter of Jonas
TALLAMEY Richard Mar/16/1687 son of Jo.
HUNNEY Jonas Apr/8/1688  
MARTIN Arthur, widower Apr/19/1688  
ABBOTT John May/20/1688 of Southcott
HEAMAN Christopher the elder Aug/18/1688  
HORNE John the elder Dec/2/1688  
MAYNE Petter Feb/18/1688  
AVERY Thomas Feb/28/1688  
PALMER Margaret Apr/17/1689  
SNOW Mary Jul/27/1689 wife of Wiliam
CLIFFORD Elizabeth Aug/12/1689 wife of Thomas
APRIGHT Lewis Aug/13/1689  
PEDLER John the elder Sep/1/1689  
BOWMAN Elizabeth Oct/28/1689 daughter of Goerge
ARE Ann Nov/17/1689 daughter of Joseph
LANG Arthur Dec/221/1689 son of John
SCOTT Bartholomew Dec/27/1689  
HEYMAN Edmund Jan/30/1689  
TALLAMY John the elder Jan/30/1689  
STONE Robert Apr/29/1690  
EASTON Joane Aug/12/1690 daughter of John
TRICK Robert Oct/30/1690  
AVERY Anne Nov/20/1690  
PHILLIPS Mary Feb/11/1690 daughter of John
DAVEY Faith Feb/21/1690 wife of Hugh
SOUTHYEO Phillip Mar/10/1690  
PECKARD Thomas Mar/14/1690 daughter of Christian
SLADE Joane Mar/22/1690 wife of Theophilus
HOMES Samuell Apr/20/1672  
MOSE Alys Mat/24/1672  
MOSE John May/27?/1672  
PALLMER Elnor May/29/1672  
BALLE Luce Aug/5/1672  
SMALE Edmund Oct/25/1672  
NETHAWAY Peternell Nov/26/1672  
PECKARD William Jan/10/1672  
HANGER Alice Dec/29/1654  
HUXTABLE William Feb/9/1654  
PALLMER Ciccile Jul/23/1654  
HARRIS Johan Nov/21/1654 wife of William
GORDET Digorie Dec/24/1654  
LEAMAN John Jun/20/1655  
FERLET ?? Anne Jan/21/1655  
PALLMER Phillippe (dau) Feb/7?/1655  
RICHARDS Cissile , widow Feb/10/1655  
HORNE Honour Mar/3/1655 wife of Richard
PALLMER Ganthered (wife) Apr/20/1656 wife of John the elder
HEYMAN Katherine May/3/1656 wife of Christopher
LAMBE Jane Jul/2/1656 wife of Christopher
HATHERLEY Christian Jun/11/1656  
PEDLER Syrah Nov/9/1656 wife of William
BOWDEN Christian Jan/2/1656 wife of Phillip
STICKE Christopher Jan/20/1656 son of John
BOWDEN John Feb/21/1656 son of Phillip
SANDERS Johan Mar/30/1656 daughter of Christopher
COUENAY William Apr/17/1657  
LEAMAN Johan, widow 1657  
PALLMER Johan Dec/3/1657 daughter of Alice
RATTENBURY Elizabeth, widow Feb/3/1657  
CLEMENT John the elder Feb/8/1657  
VIGUORS (illegible) Apr/14/1658  
PENER Agnes Apr/25/1658 daughter of Christopher
MOYSE (wife) Jun?/20/1658 wife of Humphrey
ABBOTT John Aug/1658 the elder of Southcott
MOYSE (son) Aug/1658 son of Humphrey
MARTIN (illegible) Sep/25/1658  
HARRIS Ann Dec/10/1658 daughter of Roger
BRAY Thomasin, widow Dec/13/1658  
HOCKIN Wilmot Apr/1?/1659 wife of John the elder
PALLMER Margaret Nov/?/1659 daughter of George
ABBOTT ? Timothy Dec/?/1659  
AVERY Jane Feb/?/1659 daughter of John
MOORE Arthur Feb/?/1659  
LYLE (son) Jun/7/1660 son of Anthony
GAYE Elizabeth Jun/16/1660 daughter of John Esq
LANGE Laurence Jun/10/1660  
PADDEN Anne Jun/20/1660 wife of George
NETHERWAYE Anthony Jul/8/1660  
HORKIN John the elder Aug/3/1660  
MARTIN John the elder May/23/1661  
STICKE Elizabeth Jun/9/1661  
GALSWORTHY Andrew Jul/16/1661  
LEAMAN William Sep/27/1661  
HAMMS Frances Nov/7/1661 grandaughter of John Lambe of Buck. Brewer
RECKARD Anne end of 1661 daughter of Edward
PEDLER Johan Mar/13/1661 daughter of William
BEARE katherine May/10/1662 wife of John
PEDLER Margarett May/29/1662  
HALSE Elizabeth Jul/21/1662  
CROCKER Richard Aug/4/1662  
RECKARD Jonathan Oct/8/1662 son of Edward & Johan
TAWTON Thomazine Oct/20/1662 dau. Of Thomas & Johan
HOCKIN Faith Oct/27/1662 daugh of William & Faith
HOCKIN Anne Nov/4/1662 daugh of William & Faith
RECKARD Robert Nov/16/1662 son of Edward & Johan
CROCKER Anne Nov/29/1662  
SCOTT John Jan/23/1662 son of Bartholomew & Johan
LEAMAN Iddey ??, widow Jan/27/1662  
PHAYRE Samuell the elder Feb/18/1662  
SMALE Dunes ?? Widow Feb/18/1662  
DENNIS Peeter Mar/9/1662  
HISSETT Phillippe (dau) Mar/30/1663 daugh of William & Jaquett
TITHERLEIGH John the elder Apr/13/1663  
LEAMAN James Jun/6/1663  
SMITH Thomasin Sep/7/1663 daughter of John
CONERY Anne Sep/13/1663  
PALLMER George Nov/15/1663  
SMITH Roger Nov/?/1663 son of John
PUGGSLEY Thomas Dec/23/1663  
EARLE Thomas Jan/11/1663  
BRAY William Jan/12/1663 son of Nicholas
LENDON Mary Feb/10/1663  
SCOTT Dorothy Feb/17/1663  
ABBOTT Richard Feb/24/1663  
SIMCOCK Agnes Mar/10/1663 daughter of John
CLEMENT William Apr/2/1664  
LANG Johan May/24/1664  
HOCKIN Willaim Sep/6/1664  
HEYMAN Mary Sep/3/1664 wife of John the elder
LENDEN Mary Nov/20/1664 daughter of Christopher
POWE Christopher Dec/8/1664  
TAWTON Susan Feb/15/1664  
TITHERLY Katherine, wodow Feb/12/1664  
PUGSLY Nations [end of] 1664  
BELLEW Margaret [last of ]1664 gentlewoman
BELLEW Rowland Apr/8/1665 gentleman
CLEMENT William Apr/14/1665 son of John
SHURLEFF John the elder Apr/20/1665  
AVERY Richard Jun/18/1665 base child of Isott
HARRIS Roger Aug/8/1665  
COUENY John twelfth day [no month] 1655 son of John
DARKE Dorothy Feb/12/1665 daughter of Richard
AVERY Anne Feb/25/1665 daughter of John
STABLEDON Thomazine Sep/27/1666 daughter of Thomas
FRY Jeremiah Nov/5/1666 son of Lewes
AVERIE John May/20/1666 son of John
AVERY Agnes, widow Jan/6/1666  
PEDLER ?? Anne Jan/20/1666 wife of John
PALLMER John Mar/12/1666  
PALLMER Johan Mar/14/1666 wife of John
SLOWLY Elizabeth Apr/5/1667 wife of John
LAMBE Christopher [May,Jun,Jul]/17/1667 Gentleman
CLEMENT Johan [May,Jun,Jul]/17/1667 daughter of John
LANG Jane Aug/14/1667 wife of James
RECKARD Richard Sept/1667 son of Oliver
PARKIN Thomasin Sep/29/1667 daughter of William
COENY Anne Sep/29/1667 daughter of John
MARNE Robert the elder Nov/27/1667  
LAMB Mrs. John Dec/20/1667  
CUDMORE Jane Mar/12/1667 wife of John
CUDMOR Margaret Apr/8/1668 daughter of John
CUDMOR John Mar/16/1667  
ESTON Johan May/10/1668 wife of WIlliam
DEAN William, Esquire Jun/10/1668  
PALLMER George Jun/29/1668  
SLOWLY John Aug/5/1668  
LORGE ?? Mary Nov/1/1668  
RECKARD Edward Jan/20/1668  
LORGE Elizabeth Jan/27/1668  
CORKER Mathew Mar/?/1668  
HORNE (illegible) Apr/15/1669  
TARBALL (illegible) Mar/9/1669  
EARLE John Apr/7/1669  
GAREL (wife) May/9/1669 wife of John
SCOTT (illegible) May/30/1669  
LEMON Christopher Set/19/1669  
LEMON Mary Feb/?/1669 daughter of Alexander
COURTIS Thomas Apr/10/1670  
CLEMENT (illegible) Aug/28/1670  
TITHERLEY Martha, widow Nov/9/1670  
HEYMAN (wife) Jan/3/1670 wife of John
HUNNACOTT Phillippi Mar/4/1670  
TALLAMY (daughter) 1671 daughter of John
TITHERLEY ??Wilmotte Apr/20?/1671 wife of Peter
PADDON George ?/15/1671  
PERKIN John, widower 1671  
HORNE Barbara Sep/1671 wife of Richard
COURTICE William Innocents Day 1712 son of Simon & Sarah
PALMER Sarah Jan/2/1712 daughter of Ellenor
SHAPTON Samuel Jan/21/1712 son of Samuell
LENDON Thomasin Feb/18/1712 widow of John
LEE Edmond Mar/18/1712/13 son of Edmond & Thomasin
COURTICE Margaret Mar/30?/1713 Of Simon & Elizabeth, his 1st wife
SCITCH Susannah Mar/last/1713 Daughter of John, Jr. & Phillipe
SCOTT Christopher Apr/2/1713 son of William & Jane
CANN Richard Apr/18/1713 serv & hind of John Gay, Sr. esq
AYRE James Apr/14/1744  
SHRITCH Mary May/29/1744 wife of Wm.
PECKARD Francis Sep/27/1744  
MOASE Rowland Jan/28/1744 an infant
BUCKINGHAM John Mar/24/1744  
MITCHEL Grace Apr/13/1745  
SHITCH Phillippe May/19/1745 wife of John
TAWTON Thomas May/26/1745 son of John
BATH Charity Aug/4/1745 daughter of Richard
LANG Ann Aug/7/1745 daughter of John
PHILIPS Joseph Aug/20/1745  
NEWCOMB Faith Oct/6/1745 Mrs.
WILLIAMS Emmanuel Jan/14/1745  
GORVET Barbara Jan/19/1745  
SKITCH William Apr/6/1746  
STEVENS Isabella Charlotta May/28/1746 daughter of Henry Esq & Christiana
TONKIM Elizabeth Mar/30/1747 Mrs.
STEVENS Elizabeth Apr/3/1747  
LEWIS Margery Apr/12/1747 daugh of William & Katherine of Monkleigh
PALMER John May/15/1747 of Buck. Brewer
LEMON Elizabeth Aep/20/1747  
SKITCH William Nov/15/1747 son of Thomas
TAWTON Mary Jan/7/1747 son of John
WILLIAMS Philippa Mar/25/1748 wife of William
STONE Anne Sep/11/1748  
STONE Robert Oct/18/1748  
GLYDDON Richard Oct/23/1748  
BAILY John Nov/18/1748  
COVENEY Elizabeth Nov/24/1748  
MOYSE Joan Nov/27/1748  
PADDON Samuel Dec/11/1748  
BOWMAN John Jan/7/1748  
STEVENS Henry, Mr. Jan/21/1748  
BOWMAN John Feb/10/1748 of Stone
BOWMAN Patricia Feb/17/1748  
TOWNSEND Susanna Mar/22/1748  
PIDLER John Apr/3/1749  
WILLIAMS William Apr/5/1749  
PIDLER Jane Apr/17/1749  
SHAPTON John May/5/1749  
BALCH Susanna Jun/4/1749  
SKITCH John Jun/6/1749  
LEE Edmund Nov/29/1749  
WESTLAKE Daniel Mar/20/1749  
BATH Richard Jun/7/1750  
QUICK Thomas Nov/23/1750  
QUICK Mary Dec/11/1750  
PHILIPS Anth. Jan/22/1750  
ABBOTT John, Mr. Mar/8/1750  
ARNOLD Anne Aug/8/1751  
MITCHEL Peter Oct/5/1751  
SCOT Joan Oct/8/1751  
LEWIS Dorothy Nov/16/1751  
RADCLIFF Elias Feb/24/1752  
HANGAR Jno., Jr. May/?/1752  
LEE James Jun/23/1752  
PIDLER (blank) Aug/18/1752  
CHING Joan Aug/26/1752  
PEARSE Mary Dec/3/1752  
MAY John Dec/25/1752 son of John
WILLIAMS Ellenor Jan/29/1753  
RISDON Elizabeth Feb/20?/1753  
ACLAND George & Henry Nov/5/1753 base sons of Christian Acland
PHILIPS Anne Nov/28/1753  
BLIGHT Mary Jan/17/1754  
EASTON Mary Jan/27/1754 wife of James
PENHORWOOD Sarah Apr/4/1754  
PHILIPS Jane Jul/26/1754 daughter of John
LEE Edmond Sep/5/1754 son of John
GAY the Revd Mr. Richard Jan/21/1755  
SMALE Christopher Feb/20/1755  
CURTICE Amy, Mrs. Feb/24/1755  
ACKLAND John May/9/1755 base son of Christian
SLADE Joan Jul/14/1755  
STONE Mary Oct/18/1755  
TAWTON John Oct/31/1755 son of John
TAWTON Jane Nov/9/1755 wife of John
EASTON Mary Dec/9/1755  
RISDON The Revd. Mr. Anthony Feb/28/1756  
HILL Mary Apr/4/1756 base daughter of Elizabeth
BALSON Sarah Oct/?/1756 daughter of Edm.
JOHNS Mary Nov/?/1756 daughter of Richard
RIDGWAY Robert Dec/?/1756 son of Henry
VILE John Mar/17/1715 son & twin child of John
TOMPKINS Hugh Jul/24/1717 of Mullion dies-in baptism notes by C.G.
MOYSE Joanna Mar/89/1713 daughter of Gifford & Joan
STICKE John, widower Mayday/1714  
SNOW Lucy, widow Jul/4/1714  
SOUTHERD John Oct/22/1714 of the small pox
AVERY ?Johan Oct/26/1714 widow of John
PETHCIK Susannah Oct/31/1714 daughter of William & Elizabeth, of small pox
COUFNEY Mary Nov/16/1714 wife of Robert, small pox
DAVY Hugh, Sr. Dec/21/1714 buried on Cristmas Eve
BLIGHT Jonathan Jan/5/1714 son of Jonathan & Mary, small pox
PEDLAR Susannah Jan/5/1714 Daughter of Wm & Mary, small pox, buried by Mr. Gaye of St. Leonards
GILBERT William 2nd Sunday after Epiphany 1714 smallpox
BLIGHT Sarah Jan/20/1714/15 daughter of Jonathan & Mary, small pox
BALL Agnes Jan/31/1714/15 wife of Jo., small pox
HERD Jonathan Candlemas Day/1714/15 a stranger, of small pox
SHAPTON Samuel, Sr 5th Sunday after Epipheny/1714/15 smallpox
DENNIS Catherine, John & James Valentines Day/1714/15 smallpox
BOWMAN John Feb/20/1714/15 son of George, smallpox
SLADE Joan Mar/24/1714 daughter of John & Joan, smallpox
RECCARD Edward May/11/1715 son of Jo., Edw. Died of small pox in Monkleigh
MARTIN Jo. Dec/3/1716 in Monkley
COUFNEY John Dec/3/1716 in Monkley
PHILIPS Mary,widow St. Thomas Day/1716  
CHING Mary Jan/11/1716/17 mother of Jo.., widow
GAY John, Sr. Esquire St. Pauls Day/1716/17 note there says half a guinney
AIR Susannah Feb/4/1716/17 widow of John of Horwood Village
SCOTT Christopher Apr/13/1717 senior of Coney Hill
SHAPTON Anne Sep/16/1717 daughter of Ann widow, alias Shapley
TAWTON Hannah Nov/15/1717 2nd wife of Thomas
SCITCH Elenor Jan/28/1717/18 wife of Jo. Sr.
GREEN Hellena Whits Monday/1715 2nd wife of Oliver
DERK Mary Jun/25/1715 wife of William
LEMON Joan Jul/1/1715 2nd wife of William
BRAILEY Elizabeth Aug/3/1715  
PECKARD John Dec/6/1715 the miller
HARRIS Edmond Dec/8/1715 died in Langtree
ELLER Anne Dec/11/1715 1st born & daughter of Wm & Anne, mortuary rem : died
PALMER Elizabeth Apr/18/1716 with her sister, Ann Coufney, in N. Comb/Eliz. Brother Wm
DAVY Dorothy May/7/1716 widow of Hugh
TITHERLEY Agnes Aug/6/1716 daughter of Pachal R...(NOT Titherley!)
CORTIS Simon Aug/23/1716  
GLOVER Jo. Aug/26/1716  
DOWNING William Sep/30/1716 son of William
COUFNEY Robert Nov/16/1716 widower, died at Southcott
CORTICE William Feb/24/1717/18 son of the deceased Simon & widow Sarah
SCITCH JAne Apr/6/1718 daughter of Wm & Mary
RECCARD Ann Jun/8/1718 wife of Jo.
EDWARDS Elizabeth Jun/10/1718 daughter of Wm & Mary
LEMMOND Prudence Jul/15/1718 daughter of Wm.
DAVY Thomas Fest. Of St. Bartholomew/1718 son of Wm & Margaret
SANDERS Farnces (daughter) Sept/3/1718 daughter of Peter & Mary
STICKE Thomas Oct/13/1718  
BALSH William Oct/26/1718 son of Christopher
SCITCH Jo. Senior Dec/28/1718  
GLOVER Mary Jan/3/1718/9 widow of John
TALLAMY Elizabeth Jan/26/1718/9 widow of John
NORRIS William Feb/23/1718/9  
GAY Joanne May/2?/1719 daughter of deceased Jo. Esq.
DENNIS Charles Sep/3/1719 son of (outlawed??) James Sr.
VILE John AllSouls Day/1719  
EDWARDS Thomas Nov/1719 son of Wm & Margaret
SYMMONDS Wm. Nov/19/1719 80 yrs age
PENHORWOOD Ann 1719 1st born dau. Of Geo & Frances [rest of page with exact date missing]
TANTON James 2nd Sunday of Epiphany1719 died of small pox
FORD Honour Feb/24/1719-20 being leap yr niece of Bess Clifford, died of small pox
NEWCOMB Thomas Mar/7/1720 son of Thomas & Faith who died at Bideford, small pox
PHILIPS Thomas Mar/15/1720 son of Jane & John, of small pox
RYCE Jane 3rd Sunday in Lent/1720 daughter of John & Joan, smallpox
ABBOTT Ruth Mar/21/1719-20 youngest daughter of John of Culloy, small pox
NICHOLS James, Sr Apr/17/1720  
GAY John, Jr (esq) Jun/30/1720 half a guinney
SCOTT Rebecca Aug/4/1720 daughter of Josias
PALMER Mathew Sexagessima Sunday/1720-1 son of Mathew Sr, deceased
PALMER Anne Mar/11/1720-1 sister of Mathew who lately died of smallpox
SCOTT Ann Mar/13/1720-1 widow
LOWMON Susannah Mar/22/1720-1 duagh of Wm minima nahi who died of ye smallpox
MAYN Elizabeth Mar/28/1721 antiquated virgin age 77 [might be 44]
LOWMAN Julian March the last day/1721 major nahi who died likewise of the small pox, daughter of Wm
SCOTT Mary May/8/1721 daughter of Anne, widow, lately deceased
SCOTT William May/16/1721 the new land-lord
BALSH Margaret Jun/27/1721 wife of Christopher of Knoworthy Mill
MARTIN Christopher Jul/7/1721 of Langtree parish
LEE Thomasin Aug/17/1721 wife of Edmond
LANG Jane Sep/19/1721 daughter of Thomas, by Rev. Mr. Richard Gay
HANGER John Oct/8/1721  
FRY John, Jr Oct/9/1721 of small pox, in Strachcott Village
TUCKER Ellenor St. Lukes Day/1721 widow, by Mr. Ellston Whitelock
GORVET John Nov/8/1721 Eldest son of Thomas, Sr., died East Putford of smallpox
ARNOLD Henry Jan/8/1721 1st child of Henry & Anne, by Rev Gay of St. Leonards
DENNIS Mary May/9/1722 second wife of James
RYCE Jane Jul/27/1722 daughter of John & Jane
BLIGHT Christian Jul/3/1722 daughter of John & Elizabeth
PEARCE Christian Aug/14/1722 widow of John of Bideford
SCOTT mary Oct/6/1722 daughter of Josiah
AVERY Catherine Oct/9/1722 daughter of John & Katherine
COUFNEY Elizabeth Oct/30/1722 of M...[a town perhaps]
PENHORWOOD George Jan/9/1722-3 son of George & Frances
COUFNEY Katherine Jan/15/1722-3 daughter of John & Elizabeth
ABBOTT (none given) Jan/20/1722-3 of Silkland, Buckland Brewer
DOWNE William St. Pauls Day 1722-3  
MAYN Roger May/4/1724 died on St. Philip & St. James Day, Jo. Mayne executor pd for sermon
DEAN Roger, Esq. May/22/1724  
SMALE Catherine Sept last day/1724 widow of Edmond
WARRAN Hannah Nov/5/1724  
PETHICK Elizabeth Nov/24/1724 wife of Wm, miller
ABBOT Ruth Jan/12/1724 wife of John, Sr.
TURNER Elizabeth Jan/18/1724 wife of Wm & only daughter of Tom Clifford
LEE Christian Feb/21/1724 daughter of Wm
SOUTHFORD John Mar/10/1724-5 son of the deceased Jo.
AVERY Joseph Apr/5/1725 son of John & Rebecca
PECCARD Jane Apr/17/1725 daughter of Jonathan
SCOTT John May/22/1725 son of Jo.
CLIFFORD Elizabeth Jun/4/1725 wife of Thomas Parish clerk
EASTON WIlliam Jun/8/1725 maximmus nahi
HISSETT Mary Jun/8/1725 wife of Wm dog-whipper
LEWIS William, Senior Jul/16/1725  
AYER alia MERRILL Grace Nov/10/1725  
COBBLEDICK John Dec/13/1725 senior
COURTICE Elizabeth Feb/16/1757  
TRACE Mary Jun/27/1757 wife of William
BLIGHT John Jul/18/1757  
BATH John Nov/5/1757  
HORKIN Christopher Dec/8/1757  
PENHORWOOD Frances Dec/24?/1757 wife of George
FULFORD Joan Jan/29/1758  
FRAUDE Joan Feb/6/1758  
DOWNING Elizabeth May/10/1758  
PICKARD William Sep/26/1758  
LARAMY John Nov/23/1758  
PENHORWOOD Thomas Dec/28/1758 son of Thomas & Jane
LANG Grace Feb/7/1759  
MILLS Mary Mar/28/1759  
MARSHALL Rachael Jul/19/1759  
MARSHALL William Aug/6/1759  
LILE Ann Nov/22/1759 daughter of William
LILE Martha Dec/26/1759 daughter of William
LILE Mary Dec17/1759 daughter of William
AYRE Dorothy Aug/27/1759  
HAMMET Joan Jan/13/1760  
TRACE James Mar/11/1760  
NETHAWAY Roger Apr/11/1760  
LEE Thomasin Apr/17/1760 daughter of John
SHORT Roger Mar/24/1760 son of Stephen
TAWTON John Mat/4/1760  
SHORTBRIDGE William Jul/6/1760  
LEE William Mar/3/1761  
CHING Nicholas Apr/9/1761  
THOMAS Richard Apr/16/1761 son of William
PECKARD Prudence Jun/18/1761  
GRIFFITH Joan Jul/21/1761 wife of Edward
JOHNS Mary Sep/15/1761  
CUDMORE Martha Sep/19/1761  
BALL John Oct/9/1761  
CHING Richard Oct/25/1761  
SKITCH Thomas Oct/29/1761  
DENNIS Dorcas Nov/16/1761  
FRAUDE John May/23/1761  
SKITCH Anne Dec/16/1761 daughter of [never filled in]
COBBLEDICK Christopher Dec/18/1761  
TREEWEN James Jan/21/1762  
MOASE John Feb/19/1762  
TRICK Thomas Mar/18/1762  
GAY Jane Mar/28/1762 infant daughter of John Gay, clerk
PICKARD William Apr/4/1762  
PIDLER Elizabeth Apr/6/1762  
SAUNDERS Peter May/6/1762  
TUCKER John Jun/8/1762  
TRICK Alexander Oct/16/1762  
LEGG Thomas Dec/2/1762 son of Thomas
BATH Grace Jan/23/1763 daughter of Grace
LEE Christopher Apr/19/1763  
PICKARD John Jul/10/1763  
MILLS William Oct/23/1763  
CHUDLEY Thomas Nov/14/1763 base child of Elizabeth
PROWSE Mary Dec/11/1763  
AWSE Robert Mar/21/1764  
CONGEY Sarah Aug/5/1764  
PADDON Hannah Aug/22/1764  
WESTLAKE Margaret Oct/25/1764  
TONKEN William, Esq Nov/20/1764  
PADDON Grace Dec/29/1764  
BOWMAN Eleanor Dec/29/1764  
BAMES Richard Feb/24/1765 son of Thomas & Wilmot
TRACE Elizabeth Mar/17/1765  
WILLIAMS Elizabeth May/24/1765  
HOPPER Robert Feb/2/1766  
STRONG Anne Apr/13/1766 daughter of William Strong
SHEPERD Jane May/13/1766  
LEE Margaret Sep/27/1766  
LARAMY Mary Oct/16/1766  
MITCHEL John Apr/30/1767  
LEGG Thomas May/29/1767  
LEGG Rebecca Jul/8/1767  
GREENWOOD Elizabeth Sep/23/1767  
PHILIPS Agnes Jan/16/1768  
GAY James Jan/29/1768 infant son of James Gay, clerk
TRICK Alexander Feb/18/1768 infant son of Alexander
GREENWOOD Peter Feb/22/1768  
STONE Thomas Mar/6/1768  
MOASE Rowland Apr/23/1768  
LEWIS Edmund May/6/1768  
PECKARD Richard May/29/1768  
SHEPERD Joanna Jul/16/1768 an infant
NICHOLLS Elizabeth Sep/8/1768  
HOLWELL Edmund Dec/12/1768 an infant
LEE Grace Dec/26/1768  
ABBOTT Ruth Jan/12/1769  
BLIGHT James Jan/10/1769 an infant
STRONG Elizabeth Setp/12?/1769 wife of William
GRIFFITH Edward Mar/16/1770 son of Edward
MITCHEL Mary May/10/1770  
BRAGGINGTON William Sep/1/1770  
TOWNSEND Mary Nov/3/1770  
BALL Giles Mar/12/1771  
MULLIS John May/1/1771 an infant
LEE Thomas May/26/1771  
BUCKINGHAM Mary Jun/16/1771  
GRIFFITH Ann Jan/24/1772 an infant
SHORTRIDGE Anne Feb/10/1772  
illegible John Feb/15/1772  
PECKARD Jonas Feb/24/1772  
HANGER Jane Feb/25/1772  
NETHERWAY Eleanor Mar/5/1772  
TUCKER William Mar/18/1772  
TUCKER Frances Jul/3/1772  
PENHORWOOD George Aug/2/1772  
MOASE William Oct/11/1772  
EASTON James May/30/1773  
ABBOT Peternel Jul/3/1773  
CORY Eulalia Sep/15/1773  
PEDLAR Alexander Oct/15/1773  
LAKE Grace Dec/24/1773  
BALL Grace Jan/25/1774  
LEWIS Anne Mar/14/1774  
HOLWELL Jane Jan2/1775 daughter of James & Susannah
BALL Elizabeth Dec/6/1775  
BALL Roger Dec/15/1775  
SELDON Betty Jan/11/1776 daughter of Raymond Seldon, Jr & his wife Ann
BRIGHT Thomas Jan/19/1776  
LEE Joan Feb/3/1776  
BAILEY Sarah Apr/29/1776  
MOYSE William May/23/1776  
RATCLIFFE Thomas Jul/15/1776  
DURANT Katherine Oct/14/1776  
SHAXTON William Nov/20/1776 an infant
RISDON George Feb/18/1777  
LEWIS Grace Apr/20/1777  
PALMER Elizabeth Jun30/1777 an infant
BALCH George Oct/23/1778  
TRICK Elizabeth Nov/19/1778  
PHILIPS Mary Jan/10/1779  
SHORT William Feb/10 [or 16]/1779 infant of Thomas & Sarah
TUTTS Susanna Feb/28/1779 Relict of Emmanuel of Bibber in this parish
CORY Betty Apr/13/1779 infant daughter of Daniel & Grace
GRIFFITH Jane Apr/16/1779  
EADY Joseph May/8/1779  
LEWIS William Aug/10/1779 in his 93rd yr
TUCKER James Aug/17/1779  
GRIFFITH James Dec/5/1779 infant of Edward
SAUNDERS Grace Dec/12/1779 age nine years
SHEPERD Mary Dec/14/1779 wife of John, aged 20 yrs
SHEPERD Richard Dec/16/1779 an infant
RATCLIFFE Elizabeth Dec/16/1779 aged 60 yrs
PEARD James Jan/30/1780 aged 75 yrs
THORN Elizabeth Jan/30/1780 aged 48 yrs
HARPER Anne Feb/20/1780 wife of Philip of Meron, aged 66 yrs
WEEKS Elizabeth May/10/1780 aged 40 yrs
STEVENS Christiana Maria Jul/19/1780 relict of Henry Stevens Esq, late of Smithcot in this parish, aged 71
TRACE William Sep/21/1780 aged 73
SHORT Susanna Nov/5/1780 infant of John & Elizabeth
SHORT Elizabeth Nov/10/1780 dughter of John & Elizabeth, aged 3 years
BEARE George Nov/12/1780 infant of George & Rebecca
HOLWELL Elizabeth Nov/21/1780 daughter of James & Susanna, aged 2 yrs
SHORT Eleanor Nov/24/1780 infant of Thomas & Sarah
MORRISH William Dec/30/1780 infant of Philip & Elizabeth
DENNIS Jane Jan/12/1781 aged 3 yrs
GALSWORTHY Isabella Jan/24/1781 wife of Ambrose the elder, was aged 68
LEWIS Mary Mar/7/1781 aged 78, wife of James
CORY Joanna Mar/7/1781 Mrs. [no husb given] aged 57
PECKARD Anne Aug/21/1781 aged 79, widow of Buckland Brewer
NETHERWAY Henry Sep/11/1781 aged 32 years
MOASE Jane Oct/27/1781 aged 81 yrs
SELDON Raymond Jan/17/1782 aged 66, the elder
BAKER Mary Mar/6/1782 aged 88
BALSON Joan Jul/2/1782 aged 66 yrs
MOASE Hannah Jul/8/1782 aged 53
ABBOTT John Jul/25/1782 aged 51
GREENWOOD Agnes Sep/22?/1782 aged 65
TONKEN Elizabeth Sept/29/1782 Mrs. [no husb given] aged 90
TRICK Agnes Dec/16/1782 aged 50, wife of Alexander
PECKARD Mary Dec/19/1782 aged 95, widowow
HOLWELL Thomas Jan/12/1783 son of James & Susannah, aged 2
DENNIS Jeremiah Jan/7/1783 aged 42
MOYES Grace Mar/29/1783 widow, aged 68
GRIFFITH Grace Apr/2/1783 aged 20
FURZMAN John Apr/18/1783 infant of Thomas & Grace
MULLIS Richard Apr/22/1783 aged 62
MULLIS Mary May/15/1783 aged 57, widow
PITTS William Jul/6/1783 aged 67
PECKARD Elizabeth Dec/12/1783 aged 70, pauper
BALCH Mary Dec/31/1783 aged 75, widow
PETHERICK Daniel Jan/4/1784 aged, 90 a pauper
MAY Samuel Jan/4/1784 Aged 75
BUCKINGHAM Anne Feb/5/1784 aged 3
BUCKINGHAM John Feb/25/1784 aged 5
BOND John Mar/23/1784 aged 3, son of George & Elizabeth
PHILIPS Mary Apr/8/1784 aged 72, widow, pauper
TANTON William Apr/20/1784 pauper aged 52
MAY Mary Jun/6/1784 widow, aged 73
HANGER Thomas Jul/6/1784 pauper, aged 26
MARTIN Grace Sep/8/1784 pauper, aged 63
SANDERS William Oct/28/1784 infant son of George & Elizabeth
BRIGHT Philip Nov/16/1784 infant of Robert & Elizabeth
SHORT Elizabeth Jan/26/1785 wife of Stephen, aged 73
MOASE Sarah Feb/9/1785 aged 12
TUCKER Frances Feb/19/1785 widow, aged 83
COBBLEDICK John Apr/8/1785 aged 70
FURZMAN John Jul/4/1785 aged 71
PHILIPS John Sep/22/1785 aged 74
GALSWORTHY Ambrose Oct/9/1785 aged 73, the elder
BEARE Rebecca Nov/23/1785 infant of George & Rebecca
SAUNDERS Francis Feb/20/1786 infant of William & Sarah
PEARD Sarah Mar/6/1786 widow, aged 79
BOND John Mar/8/1786 infant of John & Elizabeth
BALSON John Mar/12/1786 infant of Edmond & Katherine
GLOYNE James May/24/1786 infant of William & Sarah
BEARE Joanna Jun/29/1786 aged 71, widow
SELDON Elizabeth Sep/20/1786 aged 76, widow
NETHERWAY Katherine Dec/19/1786 aged 68, widow
DULLAM Robert Dec/30/1786 aged 56
GRIFFITH Elizabeth Mar/7/1787 aged 22, pauper
DOWNING Sarah Apr/25/1787 aged 82, wife of John
DENNIS Katherine May/6?/1787 aged 3, daughter of Richard & Mary
PEDLAR John Jun/1/1787 aged 11, son of Richard [no wife given]
TUCKER Susanna Jul/6/1787 aged 72, widow, pauper
SAUNDERS Elizabeth Jan/14/1788 agd 7
LYLE William & Mary Feb/29/1788 paupers, aged 78 & 75, married
BOWMAN William Jul/1/1788 aged 72
SHORT Stephen Aug/16/1788 aged 79
PEARD Mary Dec/15/1788 wife of Thomas, aged 42
GALSWORTHY Mary Feb/11/1789 daughter of Ambrose, aged 8
GALSWORTHY humphrey Feb/19/1789 infant of Ambrose
LUGG John Apr/8/1789 son of John, infant
O'CONNELL Morgan Apr/20/1789 aged 34, of the 20th regiment of Foot [equire?equine]
LANG John Aug/16/1789 aged 66
MULLIS Stephen Sep/11/1789 aged 31
LEWIS George Jan/22/1790 aged 65
CORY Daniel May/9/1790 aged 62
SELDON Hannah Jul/13/1790 infant of Raymond and Ann
HANGER John Aug/16/1790 aged 72, pauper
THOMAS James Dec/7/1790 aged 60 yrs
TAWTON John Dec/19/1790 aged 82
COPP Sarah Dec/30/1790 aged 18
MARTIN Francis Jun/1/1791 aged 75
SHAXTON John Aug/5/1791 infant of William & Elizabeth
TRICK Mary Sep/5/1791 wife of Robert (pauper), aged 75
BALSON Edmund Nov9/1791 the elder, aged 74
PADDON William Dec/4/1791 infant base born of Martha
HARRIS Elizabeth Dec/11/1791 infant base born of Anne
DOWNING John Dec/27/1791 aged 89
GALSWORTHY Edward Jul/10/1792 infant of Ambrose & Joanna
WESTLAKE Mary Nov/1/1792 base infant of Mary
BLIGHT Elizabeth Feb/7/1793 widow, aged 92
MOASE Mary Apr/30/1793 aged 87, widow
MILLS Dinah May/12/1793 aged 30
NICHOLLS Agnes Jun/17/1793 aged 6
HOLWILL Susanna June/10or121793 age 56
HEARN Grace Jun/25/1793 infant base born of Susanna
BEARE William Aug/3/1793 infant son of Goerge
ABBOTT John Sep/5/1793 aged 24
HARPER Philip Jan/22/1794 aged 74
LEWIS James Apr/13/1794 aged 74
RATTENBURY Elizabeth Sep/16/1794 wife of Ishmael, aged 40?
GAY Reverand James, curate Oct/9/1794 aged 59
HOCKERIDGE Dorothy Jan/5/1795 aged 85 or 95
PADDON James Mar/1/1795  
CHING Margaret Mar/1/1795 infant of Wm & Margaret
NICHOLLS John May/7/1795 infant of William & Agnes
MARSHALL John Jul/13/1795 a pauper
GREADE William Feb/9/1796 brought from Torrington
BOWMAN Eleanor Mar/8/1796  
SHEPERD Abraham Apr/4/1796  
DULLAM Hannah Apr/29/1796 a widow
FREEMAN Samuel May/7/1796  
DENNIS Grace May/19/1796 widow
SAUNDERS Robert Jun/8/1796 many yrs clerk of Parish, age 85
VENTON Catherine Jul/20/1796 wife of John of Great Torrington
PADDON Ruth Aug/25/1796 aged 62
STROUDE Elizabeth Nov/7/1796 age 89, of Bradsworthy
RATCLIFFE Jemima Feb/10/1797 age 20, after amputation too long delayed,of white swelling in the knee
TAWTON Anne Feb/14/1797 widow
MILLS William Mar/20/1797 a pauper
SAUNDERS John Apr/16/1797 son of William & Sarah
SAUNDERS Robert Apr/21/1797 son of William & Sarah
ABBOTT Peternell Aug/31/1797 brought from Langtree
SAUNDERS Grace Nov/20/1797 daughter of William & Sarah, brought from Monkleigh
LANG Elizabeth Feb/25/1798 brought from Monkleigh
ABBOTT Mary Apr/29/1798 widow
BLIGHT John May/10/1798 from Langtree
TRICK Susanna Jul/3/1798 wife of Robert
MARTIN John Aug/13/1798  
HOWILL Elizabeth Aug/15/1798 new born of John & Ann
WILLIAMS Mary Aug/31/1798 wife of William
TAWTON Elizabeth Dec/30/1798 widow
MAY Susanna Feb/25/1799 spinster
PADDON Sarah Apr/30/1799 Spinster & her base son Thomas, in same coffin
PIDLER Elizabeth Squire Aug/17/1799 base of Elizabeth Pidler
COLLACOT John Nov/10/1799 aged 28
MOYSE Mary Dec/22/1799 wife of William
BLIGHT Thomasin Jun/22/1800 wife of John
CORY Christopher Dec/9/1800 from Marland
CORY Daniel Jan/15/1801 son of Daniel & Ann
FREEMAN John Feb/24/1801  
BEARE Joseph May/2/1801 son of George & Rebecca
FRAUD Grace Jun/9/1801 relict of John, age 75
WOOD Susannah Jun/9/1801 relict of James, age 45
SHEPERD Mathew Jan/4/1802  
JOHNS William Jun/13/1801 age 45
PIDLER JOhn Feb/5/1802  
GRED? Elizabeth Feb/16/1802  
SAUNDERS James Feb/20/1802  
PHILLIPS Christian Feb/21/1802  
MARTIN Mary Jun/7/1803 daughter of John & Jane
SQUIRE Bridget Sept/1802 daughter of John & Margaret
MOYSE Elizabeth Sep/10/1802 daughter of Richard & Sarah
GRIFFITH Edward ? Dec/30/1802  
MOYSE Richard Feb/4/1803  
PADDON Martha Feb/9/1803  
SHORT Thomas Apr/3/1803  
PADDON Philip Apr/10/1803 son of James & Elizabeth
PADDON Sarah May/13/1803 daughter of James & Elizabeth
PALMER Mary Mar/17/1804 aged 70
CHIZELEY William Apr/15/1804 aged 24
ROWLAND John Jun/5/1804 aged 57, widow
WARD Dorothy Jul/7/1804 single woman aged 48
STONEMAN Ann Jul/27/1804 single woman aged 18
CHING Margaret Oct/7/1804 aged 54
O'CONNELL Mary Nov/21/1804 late Mary Stevens widow of Morgan
BUDD Grace Dec/17/1804 aged 84, [could be Rodd?]
ABBOTT Thomas Aug/13/1805 aged 72, of the parish of Langtree
MOAS Richard Aug/15/1805 aged 9, son of William & Mary
NICHOLLS Stephen Dec/30/1805 an infant son of William & Agnes
LANG Joan Apr/29/1806  
BARRY Mary Jun/11/1806 aged 49
JOHNS Grace Aoct/29/1806 aged 84?
PADDON Elizabeth Jan/14/17806 aged 41
KING Mary Feb/18/1807 aged 45
LUGG Ann Feb/15/1807 aged 13
FREEMAN William Feb/27/1807 aged 36
LEE William Mar/4/1807 aged 56
HOARE Samuel Mar/25/1807 aged 3
ABBOTT James Apr/17/1807 aged 1 yr
FURSMAN Christian Apr/25/1807 aged 80
HOARE Samuel Jun/7/1807 base son of Mary, aged 1 mon
CHING Martha Jul/12/1807 aged 25
MORRIS Sarah Jan/9/1808 an infant
MILLS Elizabeth Jan/31/1808 aged 70
PIDLER Betty May/12/1808 an infant
DENNIS Richard Nov/7/1808 aged 78, wife of James
NICHOLS Ann Jan/11/1809 aged 70
MELHUISH Richard Mar/23/1809 aged 57
MILLS Ann Mar/23/1809 aged 73
STONEMAN John May/23/1809 aged 60 yrs
MOASE/ Morse? Humphrey May/28/1809 aged 74
RATCLIFFE Mary May/31/8109 aged 60 yrs
LEE Frances Sep/7/1809 aged 74
SAUNDERS William Jan/15/1810 aged 54
PIDLER Alexander Mar/11/1810 aged 82
JOHNS Richard Mar/30/1810 aged 82
HARPER Mary Apr/24/1810 aged 62
SHEAR...N Betty May/20/1810 late Peard, age 36
HARVEY William Sep/13/1810 aged 58
MILLS Thomas Apr/17/1811 aged 86
GALSWORTHY John May/24/1811 an infant
BLIGHT Ann Oct/24/1811 aged 18
MARTYN Grace Nov/8/1811 aged 26
GENT Humphrey Mar/15/1812 an infant
BEAR Rebecca Mar/26/1811 aged 56
MARTIN Ann Aug/31/1812 aged 66
GREENWOOD Elizabeth Oct/28/1812 aged 77
LEWIS Christopher Dec/3/1723 son of Wiliam , Jr
BLIGHT Elizabeth Jan/3/1723-4 of Mary & Jonathon
SCITCH Eleanor Jan/22/1723 of William & Mary
SHAPTON Mary Jan/28/1723 daughter of the deceased Samuel
HOCKIN Elizabeth Mar/14/1723-4 Daughter of Christopher of Hollowmoor
BOWMAN Alice Jun/5/1726 wife of Roger
THOMAS William Jun/4/1726  
PENNY ? Mrs.Susannah Jun/13/1726  
BOWMAN Roger Aug/1/1726  
LAMB Mr.Christopher Sep/8/1726  
GRILLS Jeremiah Jan/17/1726  
STEVENS Elizabeth Jan/23/1726  
ABBOTT John, Senior Apr/28/1727  
LANG Joyce May/24/1727  
PEDLAR Thomas Jul/7/1727  
MITCHEL Agnes Aug/4/1727 daughter of Peter
TURNER John Oct/24/1727  
TAWTON Thomas Nov/10/1727  
NICHOLS Samuel Jan/8/1727-8  
BRIDGEMAN Elizabeth Jan/23/1727-8  
STEVENS Richard, Sr. Esq Feb/22/1727-8  
DOWN Joan Mar/8/1727-8  
MARSHALL Thomas Apr/22/1728 son of John
RICE William May/26/1728 son of John
EASTON Willmot Aug/13/1728  
DAVY Henry Aug/22/1728  
BALCH William Sep/24/1728 son of Christopher
MOYSE Joan Sep/28/1728  
BALCH Christopher Dec/2/1728  
BOWMAN Anne Mar/21/1728-9  
PHILIPS Mary Mar/7/1728-9  
PALMER William Mar/27/1729  
TOMS? Ellinor Mar/31/1729  
COVENEY Anne Apr/16/1729  
CLARKE Roger Nov/6/1729  
GREEN Oliver Dec/13/1729  
MORSE Anne Mar/14/1729  
GORVIN Joseph Mar/30/1730 son of William
RECKARD John, Senior Oct/7/1730  
MORRICE George Nov/23/1730 son of Jno.
LEE Joanna Feb/6/1730 daughter of Edmond
GORVIN Elizabeth Feb/8/1730 daughter of William
SCOT John Mar/8/1730 of [b...something?]
SCOT Jane Apr/22/1731  
GAY Tryphena, Senior May/10/1731  
LEWIS Anne, Senior Jun/7/1731  
RISDON Mary & Mary Sep/18/1731 wife and daughter of Mr. Risdon
PHILLIPS ?Arthur Oct/27/1731 Senior of Watergate
CLIFFORD Thomas, Sr. Nov/19/1731  
NICHOLS Margaret Dec/2/1731  
BAYLY John Dec3/1731 son of William
SCOT Joseph Jan/10/1731-2  
DURANT Catherine Jan/23/1731-2  
TOWNSEND John, junior Jan/29/1731-2  
TAWTON Honor Feb/28/1731-2  
CLIFFORD Thomasin Mar/21/1731-2  
PEARD Philip Apr/3/1732  
HEASAT Elizabeth May/3/1732  
COVENEY Robert Jun/10/1732  
DOWNING Philip Sep/8/1732  
MUGRIDGE Thomas Oct/26/1732  
PENHORWOOD James Nov/8/1732  
LEAMAN Anne Mar/22/1732  
DOWNING Joan May/6/1732  
DENNIS James May/8/1733  
RICE Joan Jun/2/1733  
PECKARD Anne Jul/22/1733  
COBBLEDICK Margery Nov/2/1733  
WILLIAMS Emmanuel Nov/9/1733  
AVERY John Jan/4/1733  
GORVETT William Jan/13/1733  
GORVET William Jan/14/1733 son of William
NEWCOMBE Hope Feb/8/1733  
CHING John Apr/7/1734  
PECKARD Anne Apr/26/1734  
CHING Martha May/2?/1734  
MARSHALL Sarah May/[5or]6/1734  
DOWNING William Oct/11/1734  
CLIFFORD Sarah Nov/10/1734  
MARSHALL John & Jonas Oct/10/1734 sons of Jno
BLIGHT Jonathon Oct/21/1734  
A poor woman found dead   Jan/12/1734  
GINNE Samuel Jan/19/1734  
SCOTT John Jan/26/1734  
MARSHALL Thomas Feb/4/1734-5 son of Wm?
DARKE Mary Feb/14/1734-5  
HEARDING Elizabeth Feb/21/1734-5  
STONE Anne Mar/16/1734-5  
PIDLER Willaim Mar/19/1734-5  
PRIDEAUX Arthur Apr/14/1735  
GAY Mrs. Elizabeth Apr/30/1735  
HOCKIN William Jun/27/1735  
DOWNING Mary Jul/10/1735  
COVENEY John Jul/19/1735  
JONES Mary Jul/22/1735  
PHILIPS Elizabeth Oct/11/1735  
FRY John Jan/18/1735  
PIDLER Mary Jan/25/1735  
SCOTT Jane May/12/1736  
AVERY Mary Sep/5/1736  
SLADE John Dec/10/1736  
SHAPTON Joan Mar/8/1736  
DOWNING Anne Mar/10/1736  
PLUMMER Mathew Mar/12/1736  
PECKARD Thomasine Apr/5/1737  
RODD Temerance Apr/24/1737  
FULFORD Matthew Jun/9/1737  
DOWNING Mary Aug/22/1737 base born daughter of Mary Downing
PALMER George Oct/7/1737  
GAY Mrs. Anne Sep/30/1737  
PECKARD John Nov/1/1737  
STEVENS Samuel Nov/27/1737  
BAYLY Elizabeth Dec/26/1737  
PHILIPS Jane Jan/2/1737  
SKITCH Susanna Mar/22/1737  
RODD Edmond, Junior Mar/26/1738  
TUCKER James, Junior Apr/2/1738  
STEVENS Mrs. Elizabeth Apr/15/1738  
TUCKER Frances Jun/29/1738  
HOCKIN Elizabeth Oct/25/1738  
RODD Edmond, Senior Dec/16/1738  
NICHOLS Margaret Dec/16/1738  
HANCOCK Joan Dec/25/1738  
COVENEY Christopher Jan/18/1738-9  
DOWNING Margaret Jan/1738-9  
MARTIN Susanna Feb/6/1738-9  
DENNIS William Mar/12/1738-9  
POWEL Joan Apr/11/1739  
NICHOLS Mary Jun/9/1739  
NICHOLS Jane Jul11/1739 daughter of Matthew
MORSE John [mid]1739 son of Rowland
SCOTT John Dec/23/1739  
TROW Grace Feb/7/1739-40  
ACKLAND Grace Feb/7/1739-40  
SLADE Hannah Mar/29/1740  
PETHRICK William Apr/13/1740  
BALCH John May/26/1740  
LOMAK William Jun/28/1740  
DOWNING James Jul/10/1740  
MORRICE Mary Jul/22/1740  
COLE Joan Aug/1740 wife of Thomas
DARK William Aug/21/1740  
MOYSE John Jan/27/1740 Jo. Moyse, late clerk/Clark of Ash??
GLOVER Christopher May/18/1741  
GLOVER Ann May/189/1741 daughter of Stephen
GORVET Thomas Aug/2/1741  
MOYSE John Aug/27/1741  
DOWNING X'opher Sep/13/1741  
BALL Agnes Oct/15/1741  
BALL John Dec/5/1741  
GRILLS Ann Jan/12/1741  
DENNIS William Mar/19/1741  
PECKARD Thomas Apr/7/1742  
NICHOLS Mary Apr/9/1742 daughter of Jane
PECKARD Mary Apr/15/1742 daughter of Mary
MOYSE Joan May/1/1742  
RISDON Hester May/28/1742  
FRAUD John Jun/15/1742  
ROBERTS John Jun/16/1742  
PECKARD Elizabeth Jul/11/1742  
SLADE John Jul/24/1742  
LEIGH Ann Jul/21/1742  
LEIGH Elizabeth Aug/1/1742  
HOCKERIDGE Richard Aug/24/1742  
PHILIPS Jane Sep/10/1742  
THOMAS Joseph Sep/13/1742  
HYSSET William Dec/18/1742  
DENNIS George Jan/5/1742 son of Sarah
PEARD Mary Mar/6/1742  
LEWIS Mary Mar/27/1743  
MORRIS John May/29/1743  
PHILIPS Jane May/31/1743 wife of John
DOWNING Joan Jul/5/1743  
BLIGHT Elizabeth Aug/4/1743 daughter of Robert
RATCLIFFE Catherine Aug/13/1743 daughter of Thomas
ACKLAND Grace Sep/4/1743 daughter of X'opher
STONE Susannah Sep/9/1743 daughter of Elizabeth
MOARSE Mary Oct/13/1743 Daughter of Rowland
STONE Elizabeth Oct/14/1743  
ENGLAND John Oct/23/1743 son of John
GAY esquire [can't read name] Nov/2/1743  
PETHERICK ?Mary Dec/31/1743 wife of Daniel
AYRE John Jan/14/1743-4  
RYCE Joseph Mar/27/1699 son of John & Joan
DOWNING Jane Jun/18/1699 daughter of Thomas
NEWCOMBE Faith Jul/6/1699 daughter of Thomas & Faith
PARKER Jane Aug/28/1699 widow
DARK Mary Sep/7/1699 daughter of William & Mary
DOWNING John Oct/8/1699 son of Thomas
STICK John Oct/12/1699  
BALL Roger Mar/18/1699 the father of Jo. Ball, senior
TANTON Joan Oct/13/1706 widow
PIERCE Grace Jan/5/1706 daughter of John & Mary
FRY Thomasin Jan/13/1706-7 widow
TANTON John Mar/3/1706-7 son of Thomas
SCOTT George Mar/9/1706-7 son of John & Jane
TOVEL? Wm Apr/14/1707  
LEE Thomasine Apr/11/1707 widow
RYCE John Apr/11/1707  
MORRIS Ruth Apr/20/1707  
GAY Richard the elder Jul/19/1707  
PALMER Elizabeth Jul/27/1707  
DAN (DAW?) Elizabeth Nov/9/1707  
PROUD Mary Nov/9/1707 wife of Richard, being St. Andrew day
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Apr/?/1708 base child of Julian
SCOTT Thomas 1708 the son of Josiah
SMALE Thomas, Jr Apr/1695  
AVERY John May/1695  
MAY ? Mary May/22/1695 wife of Christopher, Jr
TITHERLEY Catherine Oct/5/1695 daughter of Jo.
PILLA Mary Oct/1695 daughter of John
SOUTHYEO Margaret Jan/12/1695  
PHILIPS Anthony Jan/1695 son of John? & Mary
FURZ ? John Mar/15/1695  
PALMER John 1696  
SNOW William 1696  
SMALE Thomas the younger Apr/24/1695  
SCOTT Emmanuel 1696 son of John
TACY John 1696 of Bideford
PENGILLEY Anne Oct/21/1695  
MARTIN John Nov/20/1696  
DENNIS Arthur Feb/1696  
BELLEN? Richard 1697 and Esther his wife
ABBOTT Anne 1697  
EARL John Jul/12/1697  
LEMMON Charity Aug/24/1697  
FRAIN Susannah Aug/30/1697  
DOWNING Phebe Sep/13/1697  
HOYLE Henry Dec/31/1697  
PALMER Phillip Jan/31/1697  
WILLIAMS John Mar/23?/1697  
LAMB John Apr/14/1698 son of Thomas
TRICK Julian May/13/1698 wife of John
BERE Alice May/28/1698 widow
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Jun/89/1698 widow of Emmanuel
ROLLAND or HOLLAND Joan 1698  
SMALE Dinah Jul/1698  
TITHERLEY ?esther? Mar/7/1698-9  
PIERCE Alice Mar/23/1698-9  
RYSON ?Mary Jul/26/1698 wife of George
RYSON George Aug/14/1698 reputed husband of Mary Upright
MAIN Gartrude Sep/21/1698  
TITHERLEY Nicholas Nov/20/1698  
PETHRICK Winnifred Jan/8/1698  
GORVET Emm Jan/10/1698 wife of Thomas
MEDLAND Sampson Jan/26/1698  
BODEN Philip Feb/3/1698  
EASTON Samuel Feb/11/1698 son of William
LAMB Thomasin Feb/22/1698 wife of Thomas
CROCKER Elizabeth Jul/10/1700 daughter of Richard & Jane
SCOTT Jane Oct/4/1700 daughter of Thomas
LARAMEY James Nov/13/1700  
DENNIS Mary Nov/22/1700  
KNILL (illegible) Jan/14?/1700 probably Thomas
SCOTT John, the elder Jan/27/1700  
PALMER Mary Mar/20/1700  
SCOTT William Aug/11/1701 reputed son of John Collacott of Thornbury
RECCARD Charity Sep/9/1701  
SCITCH Christopher Sep/18/1701 son of John
AYR Hannah Sep/19/1701 wife of Joseph
FRAIN Benjamin Nov/25/1701 quondam churchwarden of Frithelstock, Devon
AIR John the elder May/15/1701  
LEE John the elder May/21/1702  
LAMB John Jun/16/1702 gentleman
RECCARD Joan Aug/15/1702 daughter of John, who [she?] died at the parsonage of Torrington Magna, small pox
LANG James, Junior Sep/25/1702  
DOWNING Lucy Sep/25/1702  
RYCE Christian Nov/16/1702 daughter of John
PHILIPS John Feb/4/1702  
DAN Christopher Mar/15/1702-3  
CLEMET Phillppa Apr/21/1703 wife of Lawrence
NICHOLS Dorothy May/11/1703 wife of Henry
TALLAMY John the elder Jun/3/1703 of smallpox
TALAMY Ann Jun/23/1703 daughter of Elizabeth, widowow
PEARCE William Jun/23/1703 son of John
STONE Anne Jul/6/1703 daughter of Ann, widow, notha
NICHOLS Joan after jul1703 daughter of Henry
BALL Mary Jul/3/1703 youngest daughter of John & Agnes
LENDON John Oct/13/1703  
GLONING Humphrey Dec/29/1703  
STICK Ruth Feb/8/1703-4 wife of Thomas
BRAILY Henry Apr/14/1704  
CLEMET Lawrence Jun/2/1704  
LAWRAMY John Aug/14/1704 son of Jo. & Mary
PARKIN Mary Sep/10/1704  
LEWIS Margaret, widow Oct/5/1704  
ROSE John Nov/5/1704 son of John
ROSE Pascha Nov/30/1704 wife of John
DOWNING Thomas Dec/5/1704  
VINE Margaret Mar/16/1704 daughter of Richard & Sarah
CHAMPNEY Christian Mar/24/1705 daughter of Mrs. Joyce Champney
HUSBANDS Richard Apr/19/1705  
LILL Joane Jun/4/1705 wife of Robert of Monkleigh
CROCKER Richard Feb/23/1705 of Buckland Brewer
GREEN Christian Mar/13/1705 wife of Oliver
PENGILLY Robert May/1/1706  
CROCKER Jone or Jane May/4/1706 wife of Richard of Buck. Brewer
FRY Elizabeth Jun/12/1706 daughter of John
AYR Joseph Sep/15/1706 widower
SCOTT Rebecca Oct/12/1706  
MARTIN Susannah Oct/14/1706  
PETHICK Elizabeth & Jane Apr/22/1708 wife & youngest daughter of William
GORVET William Jul/1/1708 son of Thomas & Barbara
HUSBANDS Priscilla Sep/7/1708 widow
GRILLS John Dec/8/1708 son of Jeremiah & Ann
PALMER John Jan/3/1708-9 Honest John P. of Strathcot Village, accidently shot to death on New Yrs Day
LEE Thomasin Jan/5/1708-9 daughter of Edmond
SCOTT Thomas Feb/11/1708-9 elder, of Stratchott Village
BOWMAN George Mar/24/1709 son of George
CLIFFORD John Apr/29/1709 son of Thomas Clifford Junior who accidentally shot honest John Palmer
PROUT (s) Mary May/24/1709 daughter of Richard
SYMONDS Martha May/29/1709 daughter of Wm & Elizabeth
DENNIS Deborah Jun/1/1709 wife of James
NICHOLS Henry Jun/6/1709 widower
COUFNEY Mary Jun/7/1709 wife of John
COUFNEY Christopher Jul/13/1709 eldest son of Jo., senior
TRICK Barbara Aug/19/1709 wife of Alexander
HAMAND John Sep/9/1709 of Milford Village
SCOTT Jane Sep/12?1709  
SMALE Edmond, the elder Dec/21/1709  
COUFNEY Mary Feb/9/1709 daughter of the elder Jo., widower
THOMAS Abraham Feb/22/1709-10 son of Aaron of Little Torrington, and apprentice to Jo. Coufney, Sr
PHILIPS John Feb/24?/1709-10 son of John & Jane
HOCKIN Honor Apr/21/1710 of Bideford
RECCARD Jane Apr/28/1710 daughter of Jo. & Grace of Grt. Torrington
PHILIPS Onring Aug/1/1710  
BOWMAN Mary Aug/4/1710 wife of George
CORTIS Elizabeth Sep/2/1710 wife of Symon
TITHERLEY John St. Johns Day 1710 eldest son of Jo., senior & serv. of George Palmer
LAMBE Mrs. Grace Feb/1/1710-11  
POLLARD Mrs. Dianna Mar/4/1710-11 widow
LANG Jone or Jane Mar/10/1710-11 wife of John
CLIFFORD Thomas Apr/15/1711 father of clerk Tho. Clifford, being Frithelstock Revel
WILLIAMS Julian Apr/16/1711 daughter of Emanuel
TITHERLEY John May/12/1711 Sr. widowdower
PALMER Matthew Oct/13/1711 of Buckland Brewer, brother of Wm
WILLIAMS Wilmot Nov/23/1711 widow of Robert, dog whipper
STICK Eulalia Dec/12/1711 wife of John , venefica ut ferebatur
COUFNEY Mary Jan/19/1711 daughter of John & Elizabeth
MAYN Roger, the elder Feb/2/1711 aged 103
TITHERLEY Dorothy Oct/2/1711[or12] wife of John of Langtree
PEDLAR Emmanuel Nov/7/1712 son of John
DAVY Elizabeth Nov/28/1712  
ALLEN Nathanael Jan/13/1712 son of Mr. Nath. Allen late rector of Bunley & sometimes rector of Frithelstock
TITHERLEY John St. Pauls Day 1712 son of Jo. of Langtree, widower [not sure which he means is widowdower]
SAYNDERS John Jan/29/1712-3 accidentally drowned
DERRANT Anne Apr/19/1713 daughter of Catherine & Thomas, on Frithelstcok Revel
TRICK John, senior May/5/1713  
LEWIS Jaquet May the last/1713 wife of William Sr.
LEWIS Christopher Jun/20/1713 son of William Jr & Ann
NEWCOMB Charity Jul/19/1713 daughter of Thomas & Faith
COUFNEY John, Senior [after Jul]/1713  
NEWCOMB? Eleanor [fall ]1713  
HORNABROOK Thomas Jan/5/1713-4 of Grt. Torrington
SCOTT Joan Mar/3/1713-4 wife of Bartholomew

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005