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Help and advice for DEVON: FRITHELSTOCK MARRIAGES 1573-1812

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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Jeremy Hummerstone.

1. The transcription is not fully chronological - rather it is given in basically the same very jumbled order in which the parish registers were written and have been microfilmed - the browser "Find" facility provides a convenient means of searching the file, therefore.
2. The marriages for 1587 are illegible
3. Those for 1695 were very illegible & crossed through. Some of the names were written elsewhere in the books (duplicate entries)
4. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

BEASE John   SCOTT Marjory   Jan/1573        
CAVELL Nicholas   WEBBE ? Christian   Oct/1573        
PAYNE Robert   [none given]     May/1574        
COLLE Arthur   [none given]     May/1574        
SCOTT Thomas   BOWMAN Johan   May/1574        
MANING William   [illegible]PHIPS? John   Jul/1575        
BLINGHAM Henry   [illegible] Alse   Nov/1575        
WILLIAMS John   [illegible]     Feb/1576        
STICK Thomas   TR... Mary   Feb/1576        
CLAWMAN Richard   [illegible] Ellen   Jul/1576        
LANGE Humphrey   TAKELL Julian   Jul/1578        
PEAVEN ? Richard   WALTERS Johan   Nov/1578        
NETHAWAY Alexander   STICKE Alse   Nov/1578        
ABBOTT John   MARTEN Wilmott   Jul/1579        
TYTHERLEY Christopher   SINCOCK Johan   Jul/1579        
PIDLER John   WITHERIDGE Ann   Sept/1580        
ROOKE Richard   MILTON Elizabeth   Oct/1581        
LEYLE Henry   LEGG Agnes   Jan/1581        
SMITH ?William   SCOTT Margaret   Jun/1582        
THOMAS John     Alse   Oct/1583        
LANGE Thomas   DENNIS Alse   Oct/1583        
CAVELL William   [illegible] Johan   Dec?/1583        
CAVELL Nicholas   MARTYN Alse   Jul/1584        
CLAWSON Michael   LEYMAN Frances   Sept/1584        
LOXTON John   [illegible] Thomasine   Feb/1584        
LUDDLE Thomas   LYLE Cathryn   May/1586        
LEYMAN Thomas   BRAYLEY Margaret   May/1586        
BEARE John   [illegible] Elizabeth   Sept/1586        
MOOLLE Thomas   LANGE Elizabeth   Feb/1586        
SCOTT John   BAWLYN Margery   Oct/1586        
MOYSE Thomas   SCOTT ? Johan   Nov/1587        
BLANCHARD Christopher   MAYNE ? Christian   Dec/1587        
HAMLYN William   MARTIN [illegible]   Jul/1588        
FINNEMOORE Robert   BEARE Petronell   Jul/1588        
YOULEN Stephen   [illegible] Johan   Nov/1588        
LEYMAN Edward   MOORE Mary   Sept/1589        
DENNIS James   FRAINE Agnes   Nov/1589        
TOOKER John   EARL Wilmott   Sept/1589        
LYLE John   [illegible] Elizabeth   Oct/1589        
SMALLE Thomas         Nov/1590        
ABBOTT John   MARTYN Christian   Jan/1590        
.. Richard   ROOKE Elizabeth   Jul/1592        
LYLE Edward   HEYMETT Alice   Sept/1592        
TITHERLY Alexander   ?SMYTHE Johane   Feb/1592        
MOYSE Thomas   WILLIAMS Mary   May/1592        
DENNIS John   BOLERE Mary   Oct/1592        
SMYTHAM Richard   THOMAS Agnes   Jul/1593        
DENNIS Stephen   BEARE Elizabeth   Feb/1592        
SCOTT Henry   MARTYN Christian   Jul/1593        
HATHERLYE John   SCOTT Phillippa   Oct/1593        
WILLIAMS William   DAVIS Alse   Oct/1593        
SYNKYN John   TOOKER Margaret   Jan/1593        
MITCHELL Bartholomew   HUXTABLE Margery   Apr/1594        
DAMELL Thomas   SCOTTE Elizabeth   Jul/1594        
DADWILL John   WILLIAMS Elenore   Jul/1594        
BRAY Thomas   SLOMAN Elizabeth   Oct/1594        
BRANDYMAN William   SCOTT Luce   Nov/1594        
MARTYN Richard   HATHERLEY Johan   Sept/1594        
ROLMAN John   BANDWELL Johan   Jun/1594        
ROLLE M..     Margarett   Jun/1594        
HUNNECOTT Thomas     Thomasine   Jul/1594        
PALMER William   PERKIN Johane   Nov/1594        
PALMER Stephen     Thomasin   Nov/1594        
PALMER John   SCOTT Christian   Jan/1594        
HOWE John   PALM Christian   Jul/1596        
SCOTT Anthony   COPP An..   Nov/1596        
DODGE William   WILLIAMS Johan   Nov/1596        
VANSTONE Nicholas         Nov/1596        
EARELL Thomas   FATHER Elizabeth   Feb/1596        
BLANCHERD William   WILLIAMS     Nov/1598        
PEEDNER ? John   HEYMAN Christian   Nov/1598        
SANDMORE John   TOWNSEND     Dec/1598        
THOMAS John   LAKE ? Christian   Feb/1599        
HEYMAN John   BLANCHERD Luce   Jan/1599        
LANGE Bartholomew     Jane   Jul/1601        
BRADFORD John   BRAY Agnes   Feb/1606        
WILLIAMS Richard   THORNE Johan   Sep/1615        
LOE John   POLLARD Jane   Dec/1615        
BRAGG Edward     Wilmott   Jan/1615        
TOWNSEND Thomas   PALMER     Apr/15/1616        
ROLLE George   PEWARD Phillippa   Oct/1616        
JOHNS Richard   LYLE Phillippa   May/24/1617        
YOUNGE Joseph   PADDEN Honor   Nov/1617        
PICARD John   MOILBORNE Joane   Feb/20/1617        
DEYMAN Lawerence   BLANCHARD Christian   Jun/1/1678        
HOWE John   ABBOTT John   Jan/20/1618        
ABBOTT Richard   WEBBER Johan   Apr/29/1619        
WILLIAMS William   BRAGG Wilmott   Oct/1619        
DENNYS Thomas   ARTHUR Elizabeth   Feb/1619        
SCOTT John   BOWDEN     Nov/24/1620        
BRADFORD John   COFFMAN     Jan/15/1620        
MOORE John   SANDERS Alice   Jul/13/1621        
LILE     HOOPER ? Phillippa   Sep/21/1621        
GOOWDE Digorie   CLAWSON Luce   Oct/24/1621        
NETHAWAY Alexander   DOLLAND Johan   May/5/1622        
BEARSE Bartholomew   EATN Margery   May/14/1622        
HUXTABLE William   HEALE Johan   Jul/1622        
HENTYN     PEDLAR Mary   Nov/26/1622        
CLEMENT William     Emm   Jan/1622        
NICKLE Mathew   TRIKE Patience   Aug/2/1623        
HOLMAN John   FLOOD alias LAMBE Dorothy   Apr/1623        
HORTYN John   SALSBURY Wilmott   Nov/1623        
CUNOY Julias   PALMER Elizabeth widow   Jan/1624        
DENNIS Thomas widower   GILBERT Dorothy   Jan/1624        
HORTYN Henry   FLEMMING Mary   Jan/1624        
HEYMAN     ALLEN Margarett   Feb/1624        
BRAG George   SMYTH Grace   Apr/1625        
... John   NETHAWAY Margarett   May/1625        
PADDEN George   SCOTT Anne   Jul/1626        
NETHAWAY Peter   MARTIN Petronell   Sep/1626        
MILDON Richard   MOORE Jane   Sept/1626        
HUMPHREY John   TRIBBLE Emme   Aug/1627        
BALSON Thomas   HART Elizabeth   Aug/1627        
HERKYN John   DENNYS Honor   Nov/1627        
MAYNE Robert   SCOTT Margarett   Aug/1628        
CLEMENT William   MARCHANT Frances   Aug/1628        
PAMOOR William   ARDENT Alice   Sept/1628        
MAUNDER Stephen   BUCKRELL Agnes   Nov/1628        
PALMER George   SWEETE Margarett   Feb/1628        
HATCH Bartholomew, widow   HANGER Johane, widow   May/1629        
PEDLER Leonard, widower   POWE Elizabeth, widow   Jul/1629        
COOKE James   EYRE Elizabeth   Apr/1630        
HOLMES Samuell   CLAWIN Elizabeth   Jun/1630        
DAMACOT John   ADAMS Johane   Jul/1630        
PALMER Thomas   HUNNACOTT Elinor   Oct/1630        
CARTER James   GRANT Margery   Nov/1630        
GAY Thomas   POTTER Johane, widow   Feb/1630        
CURRANT ?Parham   BATEFIELD Margaret   Apr/1631        
FUTTS Thomas   SCOTT Jane   May/1631        
BRASANT ?Richard   SANDBRATH Alice   Sept/1631        
MICHELL Ambrose   PILLAVEN Thomasin   Oct/1631        
NETHAWAY Christopher   ABBOTT Katherine   Oct/1631        
WILLIAMS Christopher   PERKARD Johane   Nov/1631        
WILKES Anthony   HOME Johane   Jan/1631        
STICKE Robert   PRUST Mary   Aug/1632        
MARTIN Arthur   POWE Charitie   Oct/1632        
BRANTON Degory   PRATER Christian   Nov/1632        
KELLEY Steven   BLAKE Elizabeth   Jan/1632        
SIMCOCKE Thomas   DOWNING Johane   May/6/1633        
MOLUNE Nicholas   GILL Alice   Jun/1633        
BRAG Josias, widower   STICKE Agnes   Oct/1633        
POWE George   WHITLOCKE Elizabeth, widow   Nov/1633        
PARKER Hugh   STONE Elin   Dec/1633        
SHOLWILL John   DAMMACOTT Mary   Jan/1633        
WALTER Edward   SHORT Grace   Jan/1633        
POWE William   HAMLIN Anne   Apr/1634        
STICK Arthur   DENNIS Prudence   Apr/1634        
BYRD Christopher   TOOCKER Margery   Jun/1634        
JUELL William   BOWDEN Mary   Aug/1634        
HEANEMANN William   YORK Mary   Aug/1634        
HARRIS Thomas   CUDDY Charitie   Sept/1634        
SIMCOCKE John   DODGE Elizabeth   Oct/1634        
WILLIS Richard   THOMAS Charity   Oct/1634        
LANG John   SMALE Susan   Nov/1634        
PALMER John   POWE Agnes   Jan/1634        
HEARNE Arthur   TANTON     Apr/1635        
GUARD Nathanell   PASMORE Phillippa   APR/1635        
ELLETT Abraham   POWE Winnefred   Jun/1635        
TAYLER Thomas   HOCKADAY Johane   May or Mar/1635        
WILLIAMS Thomas   HELE Mary   Apr/1636        
BRADDON John   HUTCHINS Johane   Jun/1636        
EYRE Isaac   LEE Agnes   Jun/1636        
PEDLER John   MARTYN     Jun/1636        
CITCHER John   DENNYS Agnes   Nov/1636        
EDWARDS John   HAMLYN Johan   Feb/1636        
CLARK Peter   EARLE Julian   Apr/1637        
HESETT     JEFFEREYS Anne   Apr/1637        
FOLLET Richard   PALMER ..eth [NOT elizabeth]   Apr/1637        
DIAMENT Richard   WALTER Margarett   May/1637        
SMALE John   LANGE Christian   May/1637        
DEYMAN Peter   TYTHERLEY Johan   May/1637        
PALMER Emanuel     Mary   Jun/1637        
HOMES Samuell   MARTIN Elizabeth   Jun/1637        
CANNE     MULES     Aug/1637        
MORSE John   HILL Grace   Apr/1638        
AVERY Emanuel   HEALE Mary   Sept/1638        
ABBOTT Thomas   WHITLOCKE Christian   Nov/1638        
HEAMAN John   ABBOTT Alice   Jan/1638        
ABBOTT Richard   HEAMAN Anne   Jan/1638        
ROWCLIFFE ? Thomas   THOMAS Johan   Feb/1638        
BEERE John   MIDLETON Katherine   Jul/1639        
HORKIN John   HEAMAN     Jun/1639        
TITHERLEIGH Peter   ABBOTT Wilmott   Jul/1639        
STICKE Robert     Thomasin   Aug/1639        
CORENEY William   POWE Ann, widow   Oct/1639        
NORMAN Richard   HEARN Johan   Oct/1639        
LANG James   HUDDLE Jane   Jan/1639        
SAUNDER Christopher   RATTENBURY Johan   Jan/1639        
WELLINGTON Hugh   WHITE Agnes   Jan/1639        
SMITHAM William   DELBOAN Anne   Feb/1639        
HULL Henry   GLIDDEN Ellin   Apr/1640        
WHITE William   BYRD Mary   Apr/1640        
BEARSE John   LAND Denes   Jun/1/1640        
STICK Arthur   SWEETE Wilmott   Jun/1640        
..ENE John   STICKE Christian   Jun/1640        
EAME Tristam   SAUNDERS Anne   Sept/1640        
PALMER John   SCOTT     Jan/1640        
EASTON William   BRADFORD Jone   May/1641        
GRANTE Bartholomew         May/1641        
RICKARD     MOYSE Mary   MAY/1641        
HELLS Henry   ROW Amme   May/29/1641        
SMALE John   NETHAWAY Catherine   Aug/1641        
NEUMAN John   CADDY Jone   Nov/1641        
WILLIAMS Griffy   MARTIN Ellyn   Feb/1641        
SMALE Thomas, widower   HORNE Dewar   May/1642        
DUMRAR George   BERGY     Nov/1642        
SHORTE John   G..Y Jane   Jan/1642        
CLEMENT Christopher   SMALE Christian   Apr/1643        
MARTAIN John   HALL Phebe   Apr/1643        
HEAMAN Christopher   CROCKER Katherine   Dec/1643        
PALLMERE William   MARTINE Anne   Sept/1644        
PENROSE Peter   POOLE Grace   Sept/1644        
HOLMAN Nicholas         Jun/1644        
CLEMMET Christopher   YEO Elizabeth   Dec/1645        
DENNIS Richard   SCOTT Mary   Feb?/1646        
LABBETT Thomas, of Gt Torrington     Mary   Apr/27/1646        
MARSHAL Thomas   STICKE Thomasin, of Gt Torrington   May/1646        
MORTHAM Peter   GLOWEN Susan   May/1646        
WESTLAKE     DAVIS Mary   Jul/1646        
BUD or BIRD Anthonie   MARCKLEY     Jul/1646        
WHO Christopher   WILLIAMS Elizabeth   Nov/1646        
PALMER Philip   PHILIPS Walthin   Nov/1646        
HARRY Roger   SMALE Wilmott   JAN/1646        
LENDON Christopher   BRIANT Jane   Feb/1646        
MARSHAL Thomas   MANE Mary   Mar/1/1646        
SMALE Thomas   MONKLEY Wilmott   Nov/1647        
SOUTHYEO Philip   VEALLE ? Margaret   Feb/1647        
HEAMAN John   DYMON Mary   May/1648        
DUNE Roger   GIMMET Margaret   May/1648        
PHILLIPS E..   HAMLIN Joane   Nov/1648        
WITHERIDGE Hugh   HEAMENT Anne   Jul/1650        
LANG Lawerence   GRIGG Johane   Dec/30/1650        
HISSETT William   GOODE Jacquett   May/1651        
LEY Stephen   SMITH Grace   May/1651        
MOORE William   BUCKWITT Susan   Jun/1651        
TRICKER Hugh   FISHLEY Katherine   Jul/1651        
HORNE Richard   CLEMENT Honnor   Aug/1651        
JEFFRY John   NICHOLLS Elizabeth   Sep/12/1651        
PENGELLEY Robert   SCOTT Florence   Sep/22/1651        
DOWNING Thomas   MOSE Phebby   Apr/1652        
  Edward   CROCKER Mary   Apr/1652        
SLOWLY John   GOODE Elizabeth   May/1652        
EYER Arthur   COFFYN Honnor   Jun/1652        
HISSETT ?James   HORNE Johane   Sept/20/1652        
CLEMENT John   HEARN Mary   Dec/1652        
TITHERLY John   HORNE Hester   Feb/1652        
SMITH James   WELSH Johane   May/1653        
CLEMENT Lawerence   JUD Charlotte   Jun/1653        
BOWDEN Philip   PALLMER Christian   Sept/1653        
PEARSE John   POWE Grace   Sept/1653        
LANGE Lawerence   [illegible] Johan   Jun/10/1654        
ADDAM Arthur of Bulkworthy SQUIRE Mary   1654 Contract Publ.        
DENNIS Arthur Frithelstock ATWILL Mary Weare Gifford married 29th of?, 1654        
ABBOTT William Frithelstock GIMI... Frances Langtree Apr/1655        
MOYSE Humphrey   POWE Anes   May/1655        
WALTEN Peter   LEAMAN Gertrude   Aug/24/1656        
JUDD Richard Langtree HORKIN Elizabeth Hollomore May/7/1658        
SCOTT John Frithelstock ALFORD Dorothy late of Roborough cont. pub 1658        
HORKIN William Hollomore MAY Faith late of Peters Marland Nov/1658        
BALE John Buckland Brewer CUDWILL Anne Frithelstock Mar/3/1659        
BRAYLEY Henry   SAMANE ? Elizabeth   contract pub 1659        
HORKIN John, the younger   PHAYNE Ann   Oct/20/1660        
PICKARD William   STICKE Wilmott   Jul/19/1661        
COLEMAN ?Henry   BELLEW Jane   Jul/24/1661        
SCOTT Bartholomew   GREEN Johan   Oct/21/1661        
PARKER William   ABBOTT Jonan   Apr/21/1662        
BRENT John   HUTCHING Alice   Sep/27/1662        
SCOTT Thomas   PHILLIPS Rebecca   Oct/18/1662        
MILL William   COWLESTON Miss   Jun/4/1663        
CROCKER Richard   BRADDON Johan   Feb/2/1663        
STEPHINS William   LEAMAN Johane   May/5/1664        
RICE William   BAMBURY Thomazine   Jun/24/1664        
DAVIS David   [blank]     May/1665        
MARTIN Christopher   SCOTT Mary   Jun/5/1665        
CONENY John   LANGE Mary   Jul/11/1665        
MOORE Griffith   LEE Mary   Oct/17/1665        
SHAWTON Samuell   DEYMANT Deborah   Feb/6/1665        
AYRE Joseph   HATCH Hannah   May/15/1666        
WILLIAMS Emmanuell   POSE Elizabeth   Jul/?/1666        
HATHERLEIGH Christopher   HARRIS Wilmott   Oct/18?/1666        
SQUIRE John   NICHOLLS Margarett   Nov/12/1666        
LILLE ? William   BRYMHAM Mary   Nov/13/1666        
PALLMER John   LANGE Johan   Dec/5?/1666        
SCOTT John   WRIGHT Jane   Aug/12/1667        
PIDLER John   STICKE Jane   Sept/26/1667        
GREEN Thomas   [illegible] Margaret   Mar/11/1667        
HEAMAN John   DEYMAN Philipe   Feb/22/1668        
LEE John   STICK Emm   May/1669        
SCOTT Christopher   YEO ? Anne   Dec/1669        
BOWDEN Josias   FRENDE Margarett   Apr/11/1670        
PUGSLEY John   CRAMBERY Johan   Mar/6/1670        
HOYLE Henry   EASTON Thomazine   May/22/1671        
PENROSE William   HARRIS Katherine   Jun/5?/1671        
LANGE James   PECKARD Joice   May/22/1671        
SIMONS John   PARSONS Johan   Feb/2/1671        
STEECK John   RODGERS Elinor   May/22/1671        
MAINE Peter   ROCK Gartrude   May/28/1671        
LAMB John   LANG Johan   Jul/2/1671        
SNOW John   HEAMAN Luce   Jul/30/1672        
ROBBINS William   PECKARD Anne   Sep/2/1672        
DAW/DAN Christopher   SLADE Elizabeth   Sep/26/1672        
WILBURN or MILBURN John   MARTIN Margaret   Oct/9/1672        
MAYNE John   ALLIN Katherine   May/6/1673        
WILLIAMS Robert   PADDLER Wilmot   Jun/9/1673        
DAW George   MAST Honor   Feb/3/1673        
RECKARD Christopher   PECKARD [illegible]   Jun/1/1674        
TRICKE Alexander   AYER Barbara   Apr/5/1675        
STICKE John   WILLIAMS ..aly   Apr/21/1675        
RECKARD John   ...OY [illegible]   Jun/15/1675        
SOUTHYEO Hugh   MALIXANDER?? Par..   Jul/20/1675        
HOW William   ABBOT     Nov/24/1675        
SNOW William   HEAMAN Mary   Jan/26/1675        
PALMER William   MARTAINE Ann   Mar/27/1676        
MARTAIN John   PALMER Emm   Nov/15/1676        
MOSE Stephen   STICKE Mary   Mar/21/1676        
LEAMAN William   LANGE Charity   MAR/25/1676        
SELLEVANT Dennis   PALMER Peternel   May/10/1677        
STAPLEDON Thomas   RISDON Johan   Jun/14/1677        
SMALE Edmond   HEYMAN Katherine   Oct/13/1677        
MAINE Humpherey   BRIDGEMAN Mary   Apr/2/1677        
SWEET ? Rinarn?   LAMB? Margaret?   Sep/22?/1678        
STEECK [illegible]   PALMER Elizabeth   Nov/4/1679        
BALL John   DENNIS Agnes   Dec/30/1679        
GIFFORY Daniel Great Torrington FARTHING Elizabeth Inleron ? Apr/12/1680        
EDWARDE David Great Torrington DAVY Liddia Great Torrington Apr/13/1680        
WALTER George Great Torrington BLATHFORD Gertrude Great Torrington Apr/21/1680        
GREEN Oliver   SYMONS Christian   May/31/1680        
LAUREMAY James   HOCKADAY Elizabeth   Jun/22/1680        
TYTHERLEY John   HEYMAN Faith   Nov/9/1680        
HADDON George Great Torrington SALTER Elizabeth Great Torrington Dec/17/1680        
LANGDON Lewes Great Torrington STONNER Hanna Great Torrington Jul/23/1681        
PHILLIPS John   LENDON Mary   Aug/2/1681        
PERKIN John   [illegible] Thomasin   Feb/27/1681        
STAPLETON John [Buckland Brewer?] SNOW Mary [Buckland Brewer?] May/1682        
POMEROY Robert   MAYNE Mary   May/1682        
???? John Great Torrington PENHORWOOD Joan Great Torrington Oct/17/1682        
HUSBAND Richard   SCOT Prissella   Feb/14/1682        
HOLWIIL William Great Torrington LANGDON Elizabeth Great Torrington Mar/14/1682        
STICK Thomas   BRAG Ruth   May/8/1682        
PERKARD Andrew   SLOGGETT Elianor   Jun/27/1683        
LEWES William   PHILLIPS Jaquet   Jul/15/1684        
FIRE John   TRICKE Joan   Jun/22/1685        
FOWLE Jasper   MORRISH Jane   Sep/30/1685        
BARNES John   MICHELL Thomasin   Dec/2/1685        
LOMAN William   TRICKE Ann   May/12?/1686        
MARTIN Samuell   HORNE Hellen   May/18/1686        
DAYMAN Edmund   STABLEDAN Mary   Aug/24/1686        
PHILLIPS Joseph   CLEMENT Honour   Apr/19/1687        
DOWNING Will   MARTIN Margaret   Apr/20/1687        
STONE Robert   SCOTT Ann   May/4/1687        
HILL Jo.   TRICKE Christian   May/5/1687        
PALMER Mathew   MARTIN Charity   Jun/2/1687        
DENNIS James   BOWDEN Deborah   Aug/8/1687        
GLOWER John   PENGILLY Mary   Jun/4/1688        
LENDON John   GLOIN Elizabeth   Jun/21/1688        
SHERBROOK Luke Great Torrington SAIGNE Isott Great Torrington Jul/31/1689        
TAWTON Thomas   SSERY Elizabeth   Oct/30/1689        
PECKARD John   SNOW Deborah   Jan/10/1689        
TALLOMY John   ROWCHLIFF Elizabeth Buckland Brewer Feb/3/1689        
FRY John   BEARE Ann   Apr/28/1690        
LANGDON Lewis Great Torrington GRAUNT Mary Great Torrington Dec/31/1690        
PALLMER William   DEARMAN Ann   Jun/23/1691        
SCOTT William   PADDON Mary Great Torrington Jan/1/1691        
PEDLAR John   MOORE Francis   Dec/10/1693        
NICHOLLS James   SMALE Mary   Feb/2/1693        
SNOW John   BROWNING Grace   Feb/14/1693        
NEWCOMBE Thomas of ? DAVY Faith Frithelstock Dec/13/1694        
GORVET John   KNILL Wilmot   May/4/1692        
DAGG John Great Torrington PHARO Joane Great Torrington Jun/15/1692        
GORVET Thomas   TRICKE Emlin   Jun/29/1692        
PEARE Richard   SOUTHYEW Patience   Nov/10/1692        
STEVINS Samuell   JUDD Elizabeth   Dec/1/1692        
TOWNSEND John Buckland Brewer MARTIN Susannah   Jan/31/1692        
ALLEN Nathaniel   MO.. Hannah   Feb/21/1692        
DEYMAN John   DAVEY Mary Yarnscom Feb/25/1692        
CORTIS Simon   LEMON Elizabeth   Apr/29/1700        
KNILL Thomas   BRANTON Frances   May/20/1700        
BLIGHT John   BUDD Elizabeth   Jul/1/1700        
SCOTT William   HARRIS Jane   Jul/7/1700        
LEMMON William   ACKLAND Jane   Jul/22/1700        
SCITCH John   HERNAMAN Phillippi   Oct/3/1700        
EARLE John   HEEN Joan   1700        
BALCH John   CORISNEY Susannah   Jun/10/1701        
WILLIAMS Emmanuell   PADDON Honour   Aug/7/1701        
RAWLINS Christopher Torrington magna SYNCOCK Mabell or Mabella   Nov/23/1701        
SCOTT Jane   DUNSCOMBE Jane   May/10/1701        
TRICKE John   LEWISMER Margaret   May/14/1701        
SHAPTON Samuell   COUFNEY     Jul/14/1702        
GILBURT William   BOWMAN Joan   Christmas Day 1702        
WICKHAM Henry   NASH Mary   Mar/7/1702/3        
LAW.AMY John   TRICK Mary   Jun/7/1703        
ESTON William , Jr. Frithelstock GARD Mary Great Torrington Jan/22/1703-4        
COUFNEY John   MAYN Elizabeth   Jun/6/1704        
BLIGHT Jonathan   FULFORD Mary   Aug/1/1704        
PHILIPS Anthony   HOBS Elizabeth   Aug/31/1704        
WILLIAMS William Frithelstock TOMS Phillippe Langtree Nov/1/1704        
YOULDING Henry   CLEMET Honour   Nov/8/1704        
SLADE John   HOURNEBROOK Joan   Apr/10/1705        
LEWIS William   HOURNEMAN Ann   May/17/1705        
CLIFFORD John   BOWMAN Jane   Dec/23/1705        
SCITCH William   SHAPTON Mary   May/13/1705        
RECCARD John Frithelstock WILLIAMS Grace Great Torrington Oct/9/1706        
TUCKFIELD James   SPARK Joan   Jul/9/1707        
GROOM Oliver widdower MARTIN Helena widow Nov/3/1707        
SYMONDS William   PIQUE Elizabeth   Nov/13/1707        
PHILIPS John   HORNABROOK Jane   Dec/28/1707        
MOYSE Gifford   COUFNEY Joan   Jul/13/16707        
DOLBEAR Thomas   PEARCE Grace meritix [after july] 1707        
GRILLS Jeremiah   SCOTT Ann meritix Jan/1/1707        
WALTERS George   NEWCOMBE Honour   Apr/10/1709        
COLLINS Edmond   LARK Elizabeth   May/29/1709        
CRILLICK William Littleham ABBOTT Elizabeth   Jul/7/1709        
LANGDON Christopher Great Torrington REED Deborah Honiton Feb/7/1710/11        
CURTIS Simon Frithelstock CURTIS Sarah Littleham May/3/1711 wed in Grt Torrington      
MORRIS John   LOWMAN Mary   Apr/22/1712        
STAPLEDON Humphrey   RISDON Margaret   Jun/23/1712        
BALSH Christopher   MOYSE Margaret   Jul/22/1712        
HANGER John   LEMON Phillipe   ..ber/24/1712        
COFNEY Christopher   [illegible] Ann   Jun/18/1695        
TAUTON Thomas   DAVY Hannah   1695        
PECKARD William   [illegible] Ann   Oct/23/1695        
SCOTT Jo.   STEPHENS B...   Jun/14/1697        
PERKIN Roger alias Brodith LEE Thomasin   Sep/28/1697        
PIERCE John   DAVY Mary   Nov/25/1697        
DAVY William Frithelstock ACLAND Mary Langtree Jun/1/1698        
BRIDGEMAN William   STEPHENS Grace   Apr/9/1713 Wed In Monkley by Mr. Adam Hexmind?      
SAUNDERS Peter   ROGERS Mary   Sep/13/1713        
DOWNING Christopher   DOWN Elizabeth   Sep/23/1713        
JUDD David   RICE Jane   Nov/5/1713        
BOWMAN George   CLOVDON Elizabeth   Dec/9/1713        
DENNIS Richard   WHITE Elizabeth   Mar/31/1714        
WOOD John Iddesleigh LEVERTON Mary Dolton Mat/15/1714        
NORRIS William   PIERCE Alice   Jun/10/1714        
PHILIPS Joseph Were Gifford PETHRICK Hannah Frithelstock Jul/4/1714        
LITTS William Bideford GREEN Sarah Alwington Christ. Eve/1714        
STAPLEDON Thomas church warden of Milford SQUIRE Elizabeth   Jan/20/1714        
COCK Hugh S.Gyles LARKE ? Sarah Padston Mar/1714        
RAN.... Roger   BRIDGETON ? Elizabeth   1714        
RAWLEIGH Roger Great Torrington BRAGINTON Elizabeth Great Torrington Easter Day/1715        
MITCHELL John Great Torrington YEO Mary Great Torrington Apr/23/1715        
AYRE Francis PetersMarland COBBLEDICK Sarah Frithelstock May/4/1715        
RODD Edmond   TALLAMY Temperence   Jun/5/1715        
ELLER William   CLEMENTS Ann Great Torrington Whitsmonday/1715        
CHINN John   DOWN Joan Bradworthy Jun/6/1715        
MOYSE William Great Torrington LEY Susannah late of Monkley Jul/2/1715        
RICE John   DOWNING Joan   Jul the last day/1715        
MARTIN Edward   TUCKER Faith Langtree Sep/2/1715        
RICE ? Evan Great Torrington MARTIN Elizabeth Frithelstock Sep/24/1715        
DARK William   TARDRON Mary Parkham St. Georges Coronaton Day 1715        
BOWMAN Jonathan   PALMER Ellen meritrix Apr/22/1716        
COLLACOT Jo.   BOWMAN Patience   Apr/26/1716        
BARKNOL Jonathon Langtree DAVIES Elizabeth Marland anatiquas virgin        
GORVIN William   PARKHOUSE Elizabeth [v:] Mar/5/1716 Wed in the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, Torrington Parva      
AVERY ? John   DERRANT ? Catherine   1716        
WILLIAMS Jo. Forrabury, Cornwall BLINCH Mrs. Mary Great Torrington          
LANG Jo. Milford Village COCK Grace Milford Village Feb/22/1717/18        
LEE William Frithelstock LEAMON Margaret Frithelstock Feast of St. Matthew/Shreve Monday/1717/18        
PENHALE Samuel Langtree PINCOMB Mary Langtree Jul/6/1718        
LEWIS William   SHAPTON Ann   Aug/31/1718        
KEVIL Richard Padaston KNOLL Elizabeth Sheepwash Sep/5/1718        
WILLIAMS Robert Great Torrington RYCE Nabebla Frithelstock Jan/4/1718/19        
STONE Thomas   FRY Anne   Mar/30/1719        
SHORTE Samuel Frithelstock HUCKSSTABLE Joan St. Gyles Jun/17/1719        
AVERY Robert   TALLAWAY Elizabeth   Jun/21/1719        
PENHORWOOD George   DERRANT Frances   Sep/17/1719        
DENDAL Daniel Great Torrington KENNER Elizabeth Great Torrington Nov/22/1719        
MUNKLEY Samuel   DURANTE Dorothy   Dec/22?/1719        
REE Johnathan   NASH Priscilla Great Torrington Dec/1719 married in G. Torrington      
COLEMAN Thomas Langtree SOUTHERD Joan Frithelstock May/29/1720        
TAYLOR Thomas Frithelstock COURTIS Sarah   Feb/20?/1720 Wed at Addiport      
WEBBER Mr. curate of //Lancess? SWEET Mary   Mar/9/1720        
SMALE John   PADDEN Elizabeth   Apr/10/1720 his 2nd wife      
ARNOLD Henry   SMALE Anne   May/22/1721        
PRIDEAUX Arthur   SCOTT Jane   Dec/14/1721 Wed at Frithelstock by Mr. Moor, curate of Parkham      
SCOTT John, Jr Frithelstock MADDENS Elizabeth Merton          
FRAUD John   RYCE Joan            
BALEY John   BRAY Elizabeth   Jun/11/1722        
RYCE Benjamin   LOWMAN ? Anne   Jul/4/1722 Godson of George Wickham, Clerk      
STONE Robert   MAYN Mary   Aug/17/1722        
PADDON Samuel   TAWTON Grace   Jul/11/1723        
TURNER William Buckland Brewer CLARK Elizabeth Frithelstock Nov/3/1723        
ROOK George   STEPHENS Elizabeth Frithelstock Jan/1/1723        
WARD Thomas Yarnscombe CRISPIN Emlin High Bickington Nov/10/1724        
HOWARD John North Lew ? HATCH Sarah Merland Nov/28/1724        
DANIEL John Magna Torrington TAYLOR Jane Magna Torrington Jan 24/1724        
LEE Edmond   TACY Grace Moreningstow Jan/3/1724-5 [NOT Stacy 1st letter T ot F]      
EASTON James   PHILIPS marry   May/25/171725        
MITCHEL Peter Little Torrington PHILIPS Mary Frithelstock Dec/28/1725        
HOBBS Mathew Chittlehampton HALLS Joan Alverdiscott Maar/26/1724        
STEVENS Richard Frithelstock STEVENS Elizabeth   Jul/4/1724        
PHILIPS Anthony   PEDLAR Jane   Jul/9/1724        
AVERY James   RIGSBY Elizabeth   Sep/13/1724        
TAUTON Thomas   CHAMBERLAIN Honour   Whitsun1726 Wed in Langtree      
GLOVER Christopher   BRAY Mary   Apr/3/1727        
MOORE William Frithelstock GREENWOOD Jane Langtree May/15/1727        
STAPLEDON Humphrey Frithelstock LEWIS Joan Frithelstock Jun/1/1727        
SLADE Thomas   SCOTT Ann   Nov/1/1727        
BERRY John   MAYNE Elizabeth Atherington Jul/4/1728        
GREGORY John Littleham NICHOLS Elizabeth Frithelstock Apr/7/1729        
LEE Christopher Langtree RECKARD Susanna Frithelstock Jul/1/1729        
JUDD Richard Gt. Torrington PECKARD Ann Frithelstock Jul/20/1729        
JUDD Anthony Gt. Torrington BRAY Jane Frithelstock Feb/1/1729        
TAWTON John   EVINS Jane   Mar/30/1730        
BLIGHT Robert   PURNIVAL Elizabeth   ?/19/1730        
DENNIS Wm   TULLAMY Sarah   Oct/28/1730        
PARSONS Jno.   GREEN Elizabeth   May/2?/1731        
MUGRIDGE Tho.   BURDEN Rebecca   ?/7/1731        
TUCKER James   HISSERT Frances   Oct/27/1731        
EASTON John   GORVIN Rebecca   Apr/10/1732        
BRAY Hugh   PENFRAZE Elizabeth Lancras ? [very tiny writing] Apr/10/1732        
PEARD James   DURANT Sarah   after Apr/1732        
LAKE Wm.   GORFORD Frances   after Apr/1732        
BLIGHT Robert   PARSONS Jane   May/13/1733        
RECKARD James   SKITCH Ann   Jul/28/1733        
LEWIS William   COBBLEDICK Catherine   Jun/19/1734        
MOARSE Rowland   COVENEY Mary   Jul/25/1734        
DOWNE John   HONEYCHURCH Elizabeth   Nov/10/1734        
ROBINS John   COBBLEDICK Margery   Apr/24/1735        
COLE John   EASTON Mary   Jul/13/1735        
COLE Henry Monkleigh SCOTT Elizabeth   Mar/9/1735        
MOYSE William   ROBERTS Grace   Apr/24/1736        
SHORT Stephen   GORVETT Elizabeth   Nov/14/1736        
PENHORWOOD Alexander   AVERY Catherine   Nov/21/1736        
PEARSE James St. Giles PECKARD Catherine Frithelstock Jan/24/1736        
ACKLAND John   EVENS Christian   Sep/22/1737        
CHING Richard   EYRE Hannah   Oct/30/1737        
PECKARD John   FULFORD Elizabeth   Nov/14/1737        
RODD Edmond   PALMER Elizabeth   Jan/4/1737        
MARTIN Francis   BLIGHT Grace   May/22/1738        
PHILLIPS John   ROBERTS Anne   Jun/24/1738        
LILLE William   HEARD Mary   Sep/9/1738        
BLIGHT William   TAYLOR Jane   Oct/5/1738        
NICHOLS Hugh   GRIFFITH Elizabeth Littleham Mar/4/1738        
PILMAN Thomas   ROBERTS Elizabeth   Apr/24/1739        
BUCKINGHAM John   CASE Mary   Apr/24/1739        
DENNIS Richard   MOYSE Mary   Apr/26/1739        
TRACE Wm   ARNOLD Mary   May/2?/1739        
BAYLY John   AYER Sarah   Dec/9/1739        
PECKARD Richard   SAUNDERS Mary   Nov/2/1740        
TROTT John PetersMarland HOPPER Mary Little Torrington Feb/4?/1740        
PHILIPS John   PRIDEAU Jane   May/1/1741        
PHILIPS Richard   HEARDING Sarah   May/2/1741        
TUCKER James   HARRIS Susanna   Jun/21/1741        
FUTTS ? Immanuel   NEWCOMBE Susanna   Feb/14/1742        
SHORTRIDGE William   TOMS Elizabeth   Jul/10/1743        
BROOM Joseph PetersMarland HOLLMAN Elizabeth PetersMarland May/29/1743        
STROCKS Williams   WILLIAMS Mary   Aug/15/1744        
RIGSDON George   SKITCH Elizabeth   Nov/26/1744        
CHING Nicholas   DARK Honor   Apr/23/1745        
HANGER John   ACKLAND Jane of Marland Apr/29/1745        
DARK ? Mark Littleham GATTEN Susanna   May/23/1745        
SKITCH Thomas   HILL Susanna Gt. Torrington Jul/20/1746        
MAY Samuel   SKITCH Mary   Jan/16/1746        
MULLINS Richard   GREENWOOD Mary   Jul/28/1749        
RECKARD Henry   STONEMAN Mary   Oct/9/1749        
FORD ? Samuel   WALTER Grace Marland Jan/8/1749        
ISACK Thomas PetersMarland ANDREWS Mary Little Torrington Dec/10/1750        
TUCKER John   WHORROW Frances   Apr/18/1751        
FURZE Ant Buckland Brewer STABLEDON Mary   Jul/14/1751        
BERSE Wm PetersMarland JENNY ? Elizabeth PetersMarland Mar/30/1752        
CHING Richard Monkleigh HEARD Anne Frithelstock May/1/1752        
STONEMAN Benjamin   VENEER Joan   Aug/9/1742        
STAPLEDON William Buckland Brewer TALLAMY Elizabeth   Jan/23/1753        
DOWNING John   DENNIS Sarah   Jun/3/1753        
JOHNS Richard   BATH Mary   Nov/4/1753        
BENNET Thomas Shebbear MORRIS Ruth Buckland Brewer Dec/26/1753        
OLIVER William Frithelstock TALLAMY Catherine Frithelstock Dec/28/1754 lic. John Tallamy Rowland Moase  
ROWE Joseph Hartland AVERY Catherine Frithelstock Aug/14/1755 lic. Samuel Avery Rowland Moase  
ROWCLIFFE John Buckland Brewer TALAMY Alice Frithelstock Jul/21/1756 lic. John Tallamy Joseph Greening  
SHEPPARD Abram   PETHERICK Martha   Feb/4/1754        
ROW Joseph Little Torrington AVERY Grace Frithelstock July/1755?        
MORRISH Andrew Monkleigh DENNIS Sarah Frithelstock Jul/22/1756   John Downing Rowland Moase  
PHILIPPS John Frithelstock WOOD Mary Frithelstock Jul/1756        
TAWTON John Frithelstock HINDS Joan   Aug/18/1756   John Downing Rowland Moase  
EARLE James Frithelstock BARRYBALL Mary Frithelstock Mar/27/1758   John Abbott Rowland Moase  
LASHBROOK William Little Torrington MOYSE grace Frithelstock Apr/12/1757   William Moyse Rowland Moase  
TAWTON William Gt. Torrington PENROSE Elizabeth Frithelstock Aug/28/1757   Anthony Halse Rowland Moase  
MILLS Thomas Frithelstock CROCKER Elizabeth Frithelstock Oct/19/1757   John Mill [mark] Rowland Moase  
CUDMORE John Frithelstock PADDON Martha Frithelstock Mar/28/1758   Humphrey Maye Rowland Moase  
PHILLIPS John Frithelstock ACKLAND Christian Frithelstock May/28/1758   Daniel Pedderick Rowland Moase  
COBBLEDICK John Frithelstock ROWLAND Willmott Buckland Brewer Jun/20/1758   John Rowland Rowland Moase  
LEWIS Christopher Frithelstock ARNOLD Mary Monkleigh Sep/26/1758   William Lewis Rowland Moase  
BARNS Thomas Wear Gifford GORVIN Wilmot Frithelstock Nov/23/1758   Samuel Avery Rowland Moase  
HOOPER John Buckland Brewer PASMORE Jane Frithelstock Jan/30/1759   Rebecca Gorvett Rowland Moase  
HAMMET or HAMMATT Richard Frithelstock WOOLAWAY Joan Frithelstock May/20/1759   James Lewis Rowland Moase  
TALLAMY John Frithelstock BELLWORTHY Catherine Buckland Brewer Aug/1759        
ADAMS Nathaniel Frithelstock BALSON Mary Frithelstock Apr/6/1760   Edmond Balson Rowland Moase  
BENNETT John Little Torrington STONEMAN Elizabeth Frithelstock May/1760        
MILLS William Frithelstock MOASE Joan Frithelstock Nov/23/1760   Richard Pickard Rowland Moase  
FRAUDE John Frithelstock GLOVER Grace Langtree Nov/30/1760   John Downing Rowland Moase  
PARKHOUSE John Frithelstock GINN marry Langtree Jan/1761        
PADDON James Frithelstock PEARD Catherine Frithelstock Mar/23/1761   Ruth Paddon Rowland Moase  
LANG John Frithelstock BOWDON Elizabeth Monkleigh Mar-Apr/1761        
HAMMETT Richard Frithelstock LEEMAN Mary Frithelstock May/10/1761   James Leeman Rowland Moase  
TAWTON John Frithelstock SPEAR Ann Frithelstock Oct/25/1761   John Johns or Toms? Rowland Moase  
RADCLIFFE Thomas Frithelstock SHORTRIDGE Elizabeth Frithelstock Oct/25/1761   John Toms Rowland Moase  
CLEMETT William Marland PENHORWOOD Frances Frithelstock Dec/29/1761   Elizabeth Stevens Rowland Moase  
COOK Robert Close in Exeter STEVENS Miss Elizabeth Frithelstock Jan/20/1762 lic. Christian Maria Stevens [illegible]  
EVANS Charles Buckland TUCKER Ann Frithelstock Apr/12/1762   Peternall Abbott Ruth Abbott  
DULHAM Robert Frithelstock SELDON Hannah Frithelstock Apr/25/1762   Reymond Seldon Rowland Moase  
TALLAMY William Buckland Brewer HOCKERINDGE Margaret Frithelstock May/27/1762   Rob Cooke Rowland Moase  
FREEMAN Samuel Frithelstock BEARE Judith Frithelstock Dec/12/1762   JohnBeare Rowland Moase  
SKITCH Robert Frithelstock SKITCH Susanna Frithelstock Apr/19/1763   John Blight Rowland Moase  
TRICK Robert Frithelstock BLIGHT Mary Frithelstock Apr/11/1763   Alexander Trick Rowland Moase  
MAY Arthur Frithelstock LEEWORTHY Margarett Gt. Torrington Apr-May/1763        
LEE Samuel Frithelstock COLLACOTT Elizabeth Frithelstock Jul/3//1763   John Collacott [no 2nd]  
GRIFFITH Edward Frithelstock MITCHELL Jane Frithelstock May/23/1763   Peternall Abbott Rowland Moase  
STONEMAN John Frithelstock HANDFORD Honor Frithelstock Dec/189/1763   Christian Maria Stevens Rowland Moase  
BALSON [BALSTON] James Alwington PEARD Grace Frithelstock Jun/26/1763   John Pidler Rowland Moase  
DENNIS Jeremiah Little Torrington WESTLICK Elizabeth Frithelstock Apr-May/1763        
HOPKINS John Littleham TREWIN Margaret Frithelstock Apr/23/1764   Philip ... Rowland Moase  
VENTON John Frithelstock SHORTRIDGE Catherine Frithelstock Aug/26/1764   Thomas? Ratcliffe Rowland Moase  
DENNIS Richard Frithelstock MOASE Mary   Jan/1765        
TOLLAND Michael Marland SAUNDERS Grace Frithelstock Mat/19/1765 lic. Reymand Seldon Rowland Moase  
LANG William Frithelstock ADAMS Hannah Frithelstock Apr/8/1765   Sarah Adams Rowland Moase  
HOLWILL James Frithelstock SHORTRIDGE Susannah Frithelstock Jun/16//1765   William Short Rowland Moase  
THORN John sojourner BEARE Joanna Frithelstock Aug/18/1765   John Beare Rowland Moase  
TRICK Alexander Frithelstock MITCHELL Ann Frithelstock Sep/29/1765   Robert Trick Rowland Moase  
LONG Joseph Frithelstock MOASE Elizabeth Frithelstock Jan/1/1766   Humphrey Moyse Rowland Moase  
MOYSE William, Junior Frithelstock HESCOTT Mary Frithelstock May/12/1766   John Hiscott William Moyse  
ESSERY John Gt. Torrington MARTIN Sarah   May/1766        
OWEN Samuel sojourner, Bideford PITTS Margaret sojourner Dec/22/1766   James Pitt Wm Pitts  
CORY Daniel Frithelstock JENNY ? Grace Frithelstock Dec/10/1768 lic. W. Lewis Humphrey Moyse  
JOHNS Richard Frithelstock BATH Grace Frithelstock Apr/13/1768   Richard Harper Humphrey Moyse  
HAWKRIDGE Thomas Frithelstock ESSERY Ruth Frithelstock or Monkleigh Mar/31/1768   Philip Elston Rowland Moase  
SAUNDERS William Frithelstock ALLEN Sarah Frithelstock Mar/26/1768   Samuel Lee Rowland Moase  
BLIGHT John sojourner VENNER Thomasin Frithelstock Jan/9/1769   Robt Saunders Thomas Lee  
SING Samuel sojourner LEGG Mary Frithelstock Jul/17/1769   Robt Saunders William Moyse  
TAYLOR Thomas sojourner PETT Elizabeth PetersMarland May/1769        
ELLIS William Littleham SELDON Elizabeth Frithelstock Jun/22/1769   Robt Saunders Robert Dulham  
MOASE Humphrey Frithelstock PEARD Sarah Frithelstock Apr/1/1770   Robt Saunders Robert Dulham  
MOASE Rowland Frithelstock ADAMS Elizabeth Monkleigh Mar/1770        
MOASE Christopher sojourner BALSON Grace Frithelstock Apr/17/1770   Robt Saunders Edmond Balson  
SAUNDERS George Frithelstock BALSON Elizabeth Frithelstock Apr/4/1770   Robt Saunders Edmond Balson  
WHITLOCK Richard Langtree SMALE Mary Frithelstock May/16/1770   JohnSmale Robt Saunders  
SHORT Thomas Frithelstock BAILY Sarah Frithelstock May/8/1770   Robt Saunders William Sh..  
PEARD Thomas Frithelstock BALCH Mary Frithelstock Jun/6//1770   Robt Saunders Humphrey Moyse  
MARTIN John [alias COLE] Frithelstock ASHTON Elizabeth sojourner, Frithelstock Jul/22/1770   John Barth Robt Saunders  
PERKIN William Frithelstock LOCKE Elizabeth Buckland Brewer Dec/1770        
GRIFFITH Israel Frithelstock PEDLAR Anne Frithelstock Mar/10/1771   William Buckingham Robt Saunders  
BROOM John sojourner ARNOLD Ann Frithelstock Mar/27/1771   [illegible] Robt Saunders  
STAPLEDON Richard Frithelstock TYTHERLEY Priscilla sojourner [langtree] Apr/11/1771   John Stapledon Robt Saunders  
STONEMAN John Frithelstock PENHALLE Mary Frithelstock Apr/28/1771   Samuel Penhale Robt Saunders  
BROOKES Richard Chapelry of Bulkworthy WHITE Mary Frithelstock Feb/24/1772   John White Robt Saunders  
STEVENS Thomas Great Torrington DENNIS Ann Frithelstock Apr/12/1772   Philip .. Robt Saunders  
LITTLEJOHNS Jacob Parkham SHORT Mary Frithelstock Oct/25/1772   Stephen Short Robt Saunders  
STRONG William Frithelstock renter DAYMAN Margaret St. Giles Dec/22/1772   John Smale Robt Saunders  
SHAXTON William Frithelstock PECKARD Elizabeth Frithelstock Jan/24/1773   Tho. Short Robt Saunders  
MULLIS James Huntshaw LEE Susanna Frithelstock Jan/1773        
SQUIRE Richard Frithelstock HOLWILL Elizabeth Buckland Brewer Mar/1773        
BEARE William Frithelstock BOWDEN Elizabeth Frithelstock Apr/12/1773   Robt Dullam Robt Saunders  
STAPLEDON Philip Frihtelstock TRICK Deborah Frithelstock Dec/27/1773 lic. Catherine Oliver Robt Saunders  
MOASE George Frithelstock GALSWORTHY Isabella Frithelstock May/25/1774   ?..Galsworthy Robt Saunders  
LANG Thomas sojourner Merton PECKARD Mary Frithelstock Sept/11/1774   Thos Taylor Robt Saunders  
DENNIS John Huntshaw LYLE Elizabeth sojourner, Frithelstock Nov/24/1774   William Nichols Robt Saunders  
SHORT John Frithelstock GREEN Elizabeth sojourner, Frithelstock Mar/28/1775   Henry Hearn Robt Saunders  
GALSWORTHY Ambrose Frithelstock BALSON Joanna Frithelstock Jun/5/1775   Edmond Balson Robt Saunders  
TROTT Samuel sojourner BALL Elizabeth sojourner Oct/1775        
QUICK Robert Frithelstock CORY Eulalia Frithelstock Apr/2/1776   Catherine Oliver Robt Saunders  
COLWELL Charles sojourner BYRCH Frances Langtree Jun/1776        
KING John Buckland Brewer STEVENS Joanna Frithelstock Sep/11/1776   William Gloyne Robt Saunders  
HARPER John Frithelstock TRICK Mary Langtree Oct/1776        
BISSETT William Frithelstock WHITE Frances Frithelstock Dec/21/1776   John White Robt Saunders  
DAVY Robert Ware Gifford MULLIS Elizabeth Frithelstock Mar/5/1777   Roger Bath? Robt Saunders  
THOMAS James Frithelstock HOLWELL Mary Frithelstock Jun/26/1777   Richd Saunders Robt Saunders  
FURZMAN Thomas Frithelstock COPP Mary sojourner Jan-Feb/1778        
GLOYNE William Frithelstock STEVENS Sarah Frithelstock Mar/2/1778   Samuel Lee Robt Saunders  
BEARE George Frithelstock SMALE Rebecca Frithelstock Apr/2/1778   Robt Saunders John Smale  
MARTIN John Langtree TRACE Anne Frithelstock Apr/2/1778   Robt Saunders John Smale  
DENNIS Jeremiah Monkliegh PETT Grace Frithelstock MAY/3/1778   Thomas Taylor Robt Saunders  
MULLIS William Frithelstock BALSON Sarah Frithelstock May/1778        
FOGATY William sojourner HOOPER Anne sojourner Nov/12/1778   John Hooper Robt Saunders  
SHEPHARDS John Frithelstock EVANS Mary sojourner Mar/22/1779   Roger Evans Robt Saunders  
MORRISH Philip Frithelstock MARTIN Elizabeth Frithelstock Jul/9/1779   John Martin Robt Saunders  
MOORE Thomas Great Torrington STEVENS Christian Frithelstock Oct/31/1779 lic. J. Palmer Robt Saunders  
SHORT Joseph Frithelstock GRIFFITH Thomazin sojourner Monkleigh Oct/21/1779   Stephen Short Robt Saunders  
JOHNS William Frithelstock BALSON Faith Frithelstock Jan/17/1780   James Bond Robt Saunders  
HOLWELL John Buckland Brewer SQUIRE Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb/25/1780   Philip Squire Robt Saunders  
RATCLIFFE John Frithelstock LEWIS Mary sojourner Mar/13/1780   Elizabeth Ratcliffe Robt Saunders  
TRACE John Frithelstock LEWIS Elizabeth Langtree May/15/1780   Christopher Lewis Robt Saunders  
HAYWOOD Walter Monkliegh BIDGEWAY Mary sojourner Mar/13/1780   Thomas Heywood Robt Saunders  
CHING William Frithelstock SQUIRE Margaret Langtree Oct/15/1780   Robt Saunders Sarah Saunders  
BOND George Frithelstock PARKHOUSE Elizabeth sojourner Jan/8/1781   John Short Robt Saunders  
SQUIRE William Frithelstock PALMER Molly Buckland Brewer Jan/1781        
BUCKINGHAM William Great Torrington BAWDEN Jane Frithelstock Mar/12/1781   John Isaac Robt Saunders  
SNOW Thomas Monkliegh NETHERWAY Christian Frithelstock Jul/3/1781 lic. John Rolle Robt Saunders  
STAPLEDON John Buckland Brewer PALMER Anne sojourner Sep/2/1781   Richard Cole Robt Saunders  
FURZMAN Thomas Frithelstock CRUWYS Grace sojourner Oct/1781        
GIFFORD William Buckland Brewer STEVENS Elizabeth Frithelstock Nov/1781[married Mar11/1782]   John Srathan? Robt Saunders  
PALMER William Northam SMALE Grace Frithelstock May/17/1782 lic. John Smale Robt Saunders  
AVERY John Buckland Brewer BALSON Anne Frithelstock Feb/1782        
GIFFORD William sojourner STEVENS Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb-Mar/1782        
LANE Richard Frithelstock LEWIS Dorothy Buckland Brewer Mar-Apr/1782        
RATTENBURY Ishmael Frithelstock SHORT Elizabeth Frithelstock Jun/22/1782   Joseph Short Robt Saunders  
SHEPARD John [widower] Frithelstock ISAAC Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb/9/1783   Joseph Short Robt Saunders  
SQUIRE Philip Frithelstock PALMER Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb/10/1783   Matthew Palmer Robt Saunders  
WILLIAMS William Frithelstock WARD Mary Frithelstock Mar/17/1783   William Buckingham Robt Saunders  
BLIGHT William Langtree TRACE Sarah Frithelstock Apr/7/1783   Roger Ball Robt Saunders  
LUGG John Frithelstock HOCKIN Elizabeth Sutcombe Jun/1783        
BRIGHT Robert Frithelstock LANG Elizabeth, spinster Frithelstock Oct/26/1783   James Ellacott Robt Saunders  
LUXTON William sojourner from Beafor MILLS Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb/3/1784   Elizabeth Vodden Robt Saunders  
BALSON Edmond the younger Frithelstock ROBERTS Katharine Frithelstock Mar/29/1784   Jno. Cobbledick Robt Saunders  
ELLACOTT James Frithelstock LINE Betty Frithelstock Apr/4/1784   Wm Green? Robt Saunders  
FURZMAN John Frithelstock SERJEANT Christian Great Torrington May/2/1784   John Seargent Robt Saunders  
MALLETT Humphrey sojourner Langtree BALSON Katharine Frithelstock May/31/1784   Ambrose Galsworthy Robt Saunders  
MARSH George sojourner PADDON Martha Frithelstock Jul/1784        
NICHOLLS William Frithelstock MULLIS Agnes Frithelstock Oct/13/1784   John Ball Robt Saunders  
TRICK Alexander Frithelstock BROWN Mary Frithelstock Jan/24/1785   Richard John Robt Saunders  
SARELL Edward Bideford ELLIS Elizabeth Frithelstock Feb/10/1785 lic. Reymond Seldon Robt. Dullam  
SMALE John the younger Frithelstock BEARE Sarah Frithelstock Mar/2/1785   Jno. Cobbledick John Freeman  
BALL Roger sojourner FARRIER? Mary Frithelstock Apr/18/1785   Rachel Cook Robt Saunders  
HOOKAWAY Richard sojourner COLE Elizabeth Monkleigh Nov/1785        
MOYSE Richard sojourner of Great Torrington OLIVER Elizabeth Frithelstock Mar/27/1786   George Oliver George Bowden  
HARRIS Thomas Frithelstock GLYDDON Margaret Buckland Brewer Nov/4/1787   James Harris Robt Saunders  
FREEMAN John Frithelstock RODD Susanna Frithelstock Apr/9/1788   Thomas Rodd Robt Saunders  
GOMAN Philip sojourner of Merton GOULD Lavinia sojourner Jun/8/1788   John Blight Robt Saunders  
SQUIRE Hugh Bulkworthy STONEMAN Priscilla Frithelstock Dec/11/1788   John Stoneman Robt Saunders  
DAYMAN William East Putford HANCOCK Temperance Frithelstock Dec/15/1788   Humphrey Moyse Robt Saunders  
RODD Thomas frithelstock SAUNDERS Elizabeth Frithelstock Mar/13/1789 lic. Robt Saunders Robt Saunders [different writing from 1st Robt]  
SPILLER Henry Buckland Brewer MOASE mary Frithelstock Oct/17/1789 lic. Sarah Penhale Christopher Moase  
HOARE William Frithelstock MILLS Mary Frithelstock Jan/11/1789   William Mills Robt Saunders  
WILLIAMS John Frithelstock YEO Margaret Monkleigh Mar/1789        
NICHOLLS John Frithelstock OWEN Mary Bideford Mar/1789        
LEWIS James Monkliegh PALMER Anne Frithelstock Jun/17/1790 lic. William Palmer Robt Saunders  
LUKE John Northam PENHALE Sarah Frithelstock Jun/6/1790   William Nichols Robt Saunders  
GEARY Richard Chapelry of Bulkworthy BRIDGEMAN Jane Frithelstock Jul/1/1790   Hugh Squire Robt Saunders  
BLIGHT William Frithelstock PASMORE Martha Frithelstock Sep/27/1790   Robt Saunders Sarah Oliver  
ESSERY John Little Torrington LANG Anne Frithelstock Nov/5/1790   William Saunders Robt Saunders  
COLE Samuel Norman LAngtree STONEMAN Elizabeth Frithelstock Jul/24/1791   William Stoneman Robt Saunders  
BALCH John Langtree WESTCOTT Elizabeth Frithelstock Sept/13/1791   Richard Westcott Robt Saunders  
MITCHEL John Frithelstock STONEMAN Margaret or Mary Frithelstock Feb/19/1792   John Stoneman Robt Saunders  
TRACE William Shebbear MOASE Mary Frithelstock May/7/1792   Rowland Moase Robert Bowden  
TRICK Robert Frithelstock SAUNDERS Susanna Frithelstock Apr/1/1793   Henry Copp Robt Saunders  
HIERN John Great Torrington GAY Elizabeth frithelstock Dec/2/1792 lic. Jane Gay Jane Gay, Jr both JANE
TYTE George Great Torrington THOMAS Mary Frithelstock Apr/7/1793   Henry Copp Robt Saunders  
GREGORY William Frithelstock PARKHOUSE Grace Buckland Brewer May/1793        
WARD Charles sojourner of Great Torrington DENNIS Mary Frithelstock Mar/23/1794   Jane Peard Robt Saunders  
MOASE Richard Frithelstock UNDERHILL Sarah Frithelstock Apr/8/1794   William Mills Robt Saunders  
SAUNDERS George Shebbear WARD Ann Frithelstock Oct/10/1795   Humphrey Moyse Robt Saunders  
FRAINE Richard Sojourner PEDLAR Mary Frithelstock Dec/1795   [entered into Marriage book but never completed and noted did not take place]    
HOLWELL James, wid. Frithelstock SAUNDERS Sarah Frithelstock Feb/22/1796   Robt Saunders Robt Saunders [different writing from 1st Robt]  
SQUIRE Daniel Chancelry of Bulkworthy BLIGHT Sarah Frithelstock Mar/23/1796   Thomas Fursman John Squire  
WEBB John sojourner from Woolfardisworthy FREEMAN Joanna sojourner of Woolfardisworthy Mar/6/1797   Humphrey Moase John Freeman  
WARD William Langtree VANSTONE Ann Frithelstock Mar/28/1797   Stephen Vanstone Humphrey Moase  
SAUNDERS George, the younger Frithelstock MOASE Grace Frithelstock Mar/22/1797   Humphrey Maose Catherine Mullis  
NATIONS Charles Frithelstock SAUNDERS Mary Frithelstock Mar/28/1797   Humprey Moase William Saunders  
SAUNDERS John sojourner of Great Torrington HOLWILL Mary Frithelstock Oct/28/1798   James Holwill Robt Saunders  
MARTIN John Frithelstock PEARD Jane Frithelstock Mar/13/1798   John Peard James Peard  
MILLS William Frithelstock GLOYNE Elizabeth Frithelstock Apr/3/1798   William Gloyne Humphrey Moase  
PEARD John Frithelstock OLIVER Sarah Frithelstock Apr/16/1798   William Oliver Elizabeth Hiern  
HOLWILL John sojourner SAUNDERS Ann Frithelstock Jul/2/1798   George Sanders Humphrey Moase  
BROCK Thomas Buckland Brewer CHIDSLEY Sarah Frithelstock Oct/3/1798   Daniel Squire Humphrey Moase  
FRIENDSHIP James Frithelstock FREEMAN Phillippa Frithelstock Oct/28/1798   John Webb Humphrey Moase  
MAYNE James Frithelstock MILLS Grace Frithelstock Mar/6/1799   Elizabeth Ellacott Humphrey Moase  
DAVIS Thomas Langtree GOULD Mary Frithelstock Apr/8/1799   William Ward Humphrey Moase  
MOASE Rowland Frithelstock MULLIS Catherine Frithelstock Apr/25?/1799   John Ball Mary Ball  
TRICK Robert Frithelstock MARTIN Elizabeth Frithelstock Oct/19/1799   [none] Humphrey Moase  
MOYSE William frithelstock EBBWORTHY ? Mary Frithelstock Nov/?/1801 by banns Rowland Moyse [none]  
BOWDON John sojourner CORTIS Mary sojourner Nov/?/1801   [none] Humphrey Moase  
PERKINS John Monkliegh JOHNS Elizabeth Frithelstock Mar/2/1802   Elizabeth Johns Rowland Moase Hugh Perkins
BELEY John   STONEMAN Sarah Frithelstock Apr/6/1802   [none] Rowland Moase  
PEDLER Christopher Frithelstock BOWDEN Jane Frithelstock Jul/25/1802 lic. John Burden Rowland Moase  
MARTIN John Frithelstock LEWIS ?rebecca Langtree Feb-Mar/1803        
WHEELER Wm Frithelstock MILLS Ann   Mar/29/1803   Samuel Abbott Rowland Moase  
GORDEN William Monkliegh HARPER Hannah Frithelstock Mar/20/1803   Thomas Langdon Rowland Moase  
HARPER Richard Frithelstock PEARD Sarah Frithelstock Mar/31/1803   Thomas Peard Rowland Moase  
BLIGHT John Frithelstock HARPER Ann Frithelstock Mar/10/ 1804   John Harper Rowland Moase  
PEDLAR Alexander Frithelstock SAUNDERS Grace Frithelstock Mar/28/1804   Ambrose Galsworthy Humphrey Mallett  
FREEMAN Samuel Bideford ISAAC Margaret Frithelstock Jul/2/1804 lic. Catherine Beer Rowland Moase  
COPP John frithelstock PEARD Winney Frithelstock Jan/?/1805   Thomas Peard Rowland Moase  
WILLIAMS William Frithelstock PEDRICK Grace sojourner Feb/4/1805   Christopher.. Rowland Moase  
FOWLER James frithelstock BLIGHT Mary Frithelstock Mar/28/1805   Rebbeca Fowler Rowland Moase  
SQUIRE William frithelstock JOHNS Frances Frithelstock May/17/1805   Richard Johns Rowland Moase  
BARRY James Frithelstock BALSON Grace Frithelstock Nov/?/1805 lic. Edmond Balson Rowland Moase  
BLIGHT John frithelstock BOWMAN Ann Frithelstock Aug/4/1805   Edmond ... Rowland Moase  
EVELY? John Frithelstock PIDLER Grace Frithelstock Apr/20/1806   Alexander Pidler Rowland Moase  
BLIGHT John frithelstock ROGERS Mary Frithelstock Apr/2/1807   Humphrey Moase John Blight  
PADDON James Frithelstock THADDICK? Elizabeth Langtree Sep/8/1807   John Wane Humphrey Moase  
SNELL John Frithelstock GOODING Jane sojourner May/7/1807   William Newscome? Rowland Moase  
GUNN Robert Frithelstock CURTIS Grace Frithelstock Feb/29/1808   George Gunn Christian Curtis  
ENGLAND Thomas Frithelstock JOHNS Grace Frithelstock Mar/28/1808   Elizabeth Ratcliffe Humphrey Moase  
GALSWORTHY Ambrose Frithelstock BEARE Catherine Frithelstock Apr/6/1809 lic. George Bear Rowland Moase  
BLIGHT William sojourner RADCLIFFE Grace Frithelstock Sep/14/1808   Elizabeth Ratcliffe Humphrey Moase  
GLOYNE John Frithelstock SMITHE Christian   Apr/1809        
GUNN Thomas sojourner FREEMAN Susanna Frithelstock Oct/10/1809   James Paddon Rowland Moase  
BARKWILL Francis sojourner LEMON Catherine sojourner Mar/28/1810   William Newcombe Rowland Moase  
JEFFERY John Frithelstock BOND Mary sojourner Apr/18/1810   George Bond Rowland Moase  
HODGE Charles Sojourner of Frithelstock FLIXMAN Margaret sojourner of this parish Jan/14/1811   John Ley Rowland Moase  
BALL John Frithelstock BEAR Joanna Frithelstock Apr/4/1811   George Bear Rowland Moase  
FURZMAN John Frithelstock SMALE Rebecca Frithelstock Jun/6/1811   John Smale Rowland Moase  
HEARN Richard Frithelstock STONEMAN Agnes Frithelstock Jan/16/1812   John Stoneman Rowland Moase  
HOW John Little Torrington BEAR Maria Frithelstock Feb/19/1812   John Bear Rowland Moase  
WILLIAMS Thomas   SAUNDERS Joanna Frithelstock Jul/2/1812   John Balson Rowland Moase  

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005