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Help and advice for Devon Gazetteer Entries: L-R

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Lamerton: Alfred Life Office (fire and life office); Bedford Arms (inn); Belle Grove (house); Blacksmith's Arms (inn); Camplehay (house); Chaddlehanger (hamlet); Chaddlehouse (house); Chip shop (house); Collacombe (manor); Collacombe Barton (house); East Langstone (house); Fortescue Arms (inn); Hall (farm); Hill top (house); Hilltown (hamlet); Hurlditch (house); Lamerton (village); Launceton (manor); North Brentor (hamlet); North Brentor Chaple (chapel of ease); Ottery (hamlet, manor); Ottery Park (house); Parish School (school); St Peter (parish church); Venn House (house); Vicarage (house); West Langstone (house); Willestrew (manor); Woodman's Well (house).

Landcross: Lancrass (parish); Holy Trinity (parish church); Landcross (village, manor); Watertown (farm).

Landkey: Acland (farm); Herford (farm); Landkey (village, manor); Pill (farm); Poor Land and Houses (land); St Mary, Herford (chapel); Trinity (parish church); Wesleyan chapel (chapel).

Langtree: Ancient Chapel, Cross Hill (chapel); Church and Poor's Land (land); Green Dragon (inn); Langtree (village, manor); Langtree Church (parish church); National School (school); New Inn (inn); Rectory (house); Stibb Cross (hamlet); Stowford (hamlet, manor); Week (hamlet); Week House (house).

Lapford: Bury Barton (farm); Eastington (hamlet); Higher Mill (farm); Independent chapel (chapel); Irishcombe (detached portion); Kelland Barton (farm); Lapford (village, manor); Malt Shovel (inn); Maltster's Arms (inn); Rectory (house); St Thomas-a-Becket (parish church); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); Wood House (house).

Lew Trenchard: Lewtrenchard (parish); Lew Down (village); Lew Down Inn, Lew Down (inn); Lew House (mansion); Lew Trenchard (manor); National School (school); Orchard (farm); Orchard Barton (house); Post-Office (building); Rectory (house); St Peter (parish church).

Lifton: Arundell Arms (inn); Baptist chapel (chapel); Beara (hamlet); Bell (inn); Bible Christian chapel (chapel); Castle Park (mansion); Corner House (house); Fox and Grapes (inn); Gardener's Arms (inn); Gatherley (lead mine); Heale (house); High Cookworthy (hamlet); Lake (farm); Lifton (village, manor); Lifton Park (mansion); Plough (inn); Post-Office (building); Rectory (house); St Mary (parish church); Stone (house); Tinney (hamlet); Underhill (house); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); West Week (hamlet).

Littleham (near Bideford): Littleham St Swithun (parish); Court (farm); High Park (house); Hoop (inn); Littleham (village, manor); Rectory (house); St Andrew (parish church); Weslyan chapel (chapel).

Littleham (near Exmouth): A la Ronde, Exmouth (house); Adelaide place, Exmouth (street); Adelaide terrace, Exmouth (street); Albion place, Exmouth (street); Albion Rooms, Sheppard's Walk, Exmouth (building); Anchor, Exmouth (inn); Assemby Room, Exmouth (building); Atlas, Albion place, Exmouth (fire and life office); Australia cottage, Exmouth (house); Back street, Exmouth (street); Baring place, Exmouth (street); Bath House, Exmouth (house); Beach, Exmouth (street); Beacon hill, Exmouth (street); Beacon Royal Hotel, Exmouth (inn); Beaumont villa, Exmouth (house); Belle Vue House, Exmouth (house); Bicton place, Exmouth (street); Bicton street, Exmouth (street); Bicton terrace, Exmouth (street); Bird's court, Exmouth (street); Bond street, Exmouth (street); Broswylfa, Exmouth (house); Brunswick terrace, Exmouth (street); Bushy Park (house); Carnford, Exmouth (house); Castle Park, Exmouth (house); Castle Park terrace, Exmouth (street); Catch Castle, Exmouth (house); Chapel street, Exmouth (street); Charles street, Exmouth (street); Chickstow, Exmouth (hamlet); Church terrace, Exmouth (street); Claremont street, Exmouth (street); Claremont terrace, Exmouth (street); Clarence road, Exmouth (street); Cleveland place, Exmouth (street); Cliff's End House, Exmouth (house); Coast Guard Station, Exmouth (building); County Fire and Provident Life, Parker's place, Exmouth (fire and life office); Courtlands, Exmouth (house); Dolphin Inn, Exmouth (inn); Ebenezer Chapel, Exmouth (chapel); Elm grove, Exmouth (house); Exeter Inn, Exmouth (inn); Exeter road, Exmouth (street); Exmouth (market town); Exmouth chapel (chapel of ease); Fore street, Exmouth (street); George street, Exmouth (street); Glenorchy Independent Chapel, Exmouth (chapel); Globe Hotel, Exmouth (inn); Globe Inn, Exmouth (inn); Greenwood Cottage, Exmouth (house); Gwidyr place, Exmouth (street); Hermitage, Exmouth (house); Highfield House, Exmouth (house); Holy Trinity, Exmouth (chapel); Holy Trinity, Exmouth (church); Imperial, Strand, Exmouth (fire and life office); Johnson's place, Exmouth (street); King's Arms, Exmouth (inn); Lauristina Cottage, Exmouth (house); Leeford House, Exmouth (house); Lion House, Exmouth (house); Little Bicton place, Exmouth (street); Littleham (village, manor); London Inn, Exmouth (inn); Louisa House, Exmouth (house); Louisa terrace, Exmouth (street); Maltsters', Exmouth (inn); Manchester street, Exmouth (street); Mare Lime Kilns (kiln); Marine Hotel, Exmouth (inn); Market place, Exmouth (street); Marpool Hill, Exmouth (house); Medical Invalid, Strand, Exmouth (fire and life office); Mental Improvement Society, Exmouth (society); Montpelier Cottage, Exmouth (house); Morley Lodge, Exmouth (house); National School (school); New Inn, Exmouth (inn); New road, Exmouth (street); New town, Exmouth (street); North Country Inn, Exmouth (inn); North street, Exmouth (street); Ormond terrace, Exmouth (street); Parade, Exmouth (street); Parker's place, Exmouth (street); Passage House, Exmouth (inn); Pilot, Exmouth (inn); Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Exmouth (chapel); Post-Office, Albion place, Exmouth (building); Pratt's Hayes (house); Public rooms, Beacon Hill, Exmouth (building); Quay, Exmouth (street); Queen street, Exmouth (street); Railway Inn, Exmouth (inn); Rill Cottage, Exmouth (house); Riverbank, Exmouth (street); Rose Cottage, Exmouth (house); Sandbank Cottage, Exmouth (house); Sea wall, Exmouth (street); Sheppard's walk, Exmouth (street); Ship, Exmouth (inn); South Town, Exmouth (street); St Margaret (parish church); St Saviour, Chickstow (chapel); Stafford place, Exmouth (street); Stanley lodge, Exmouth (house); Staple's buildings, Exmouth (street); Strand, Exmouth (street); Sunday School (school); The Cross, Exmouth (street); Thec Point, Exmouth (street); Tower street, Exmouth (street); Trefusis House, Exmouth (house); Trefusis terrace, Exmouth (street); Union street, Exmouth (street); Vicarage (house); Vicarage hill, Exmouth (street); Volunteer, Exmouth (inn); Wanhill row, Exmouth (street); Wellington House, Exmouth (street); Wellington place, Exmouth (street); Wesleyan Chapel, Exmouth (chapel); West Down (farm); West of England, Strand, Exmouth (fire and life office); Western Life, Parker's place, Exmouth (fire and life office); White Hart, Exmouth (inn); Windsor place, Exmouth (street); Woodbine Cottage, Exmouth (house).

Littlehempston: Hempston Arundell (parish); Hempston Parva (parish); Little Hempston (parish); Bokeyt (farm); Bolton Arms (inn); Dreadon close (land); Fishacre (farm); Gatcomb (house); Lilliput (farm); Little Hempston (village, manor); New Bridge Inn (inn); Park Hill (house); Rectory (house); St John (parish church); Top Hempston (farm).

Little Torrington: Toriton Parva (parish); Torrington Parva (parish); Buckingham Arms (inn); Chapel Field (land); Cross House (house); Lepers Hospital, Taddiport (old hospital); Little Torrington (village, manor); Magdalen Lands (land); Potheridge (manor); St Giles (parish church); Taddiport (village); Taddiport chapel (chapel).

Loddiswell: Alleron (house); Blackadown hill (land); Bridge Inn (inn); Church House (inn); Copper mine (mine); Hach (farm); Hach Arundell (farm); Hazelwood (mansion, farm); Heathfield (farm); Independent Chapel (chapel); Loddiswell (village, manor); Lukes Tenement (farm); Parish Lands &c. (land); Post-Office (building); Reading Room (building); St Michael (parish church); Staunton (farm, manor); Tunley (farm); Turk's Head (inn); Vicarage (house); Webbiton (manor); Woolston (farm); Woolston House (mansion); Yanston (farm).

Loxbeare: Loxbeer (parish); Chapland (house); Loxbeare (manor); Loxbeare Barton (farm); Loxbeare Church (parish church); Rectory House (house); Royal Oak (inn).

Loxhore: Loxhore (village, manor); St Michael (parish church).

Luffincott: Barton (farm); Luffincott (manor); Rectory (house); St James (parish church); West Peek (house).

Lundy: Constable (land); Isle of Rats (land); Morisco's Castle (castle); St Anne's (chapel).

Luppitt: Luppit (parish); Beacon (hamlet); Dowlish (farm); Free Chapel, Mohun's Ottery (chapel); Friendly Society (society); Greenway (house); Gullyhays (farm); Higher Shaugh (farm); Luppit (village); Luppitt (village, manor); Mohun's Ottery (farm, manor); Mount Stephen (farm); North Week (farm); Post-Office (building); Presbyterian Meeting House, Shaugh (chapel); Red Lion Inn (inn); Schools (school); Shapcombe (tithing, farm); Shaugh (hamlet); Srocker's Land (land); St Mary (parish church); Stonacre (farm); Wreyland (land).

Lustleigh: Listleigh (parish); Barne Court (farm); Barne-Court (estate); East Wrey (farm); Ellimore (farm); Higher Coombe (farm); Listleigh (village); Lustleigh (village, manor); Lustleigh Cleve (land); National School (school); Rectory (house); South Harton (farm); St John (parish church); Vorn (mill, farm); Vornoxworthy (farm).

Lydford: Lidford (parish); Babny, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (farm); Beerhouse (inn); Crockern Tor (land); Dartmoor Forest (quarter, area); Dartmoor Inn, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (inn); Dinnabridge (hamlet); Duchy Hotel, Prince Town (inn); Dury, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (farm); Foxtor, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (farm); Greyhound, Post Bridge (inn); Hexworthy (hamlet); Huckaby (hamlet); Lidford Castle (ruins); Lydford (village, manor); Mary St Tavy Church Land (land); Moreton Inn, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (inn); Plume of Feathers, Prince Town (inn); Prince Hall (land); Prince Town (hamlet); Princetown (chapel); Prison of War (prison); Railway Hotel, Prince Town (inn); Rundlestone Inn, Dartmoor Forest Quarter (inn); Saracen's Head, Two Bridges (inn); St Petrock (parish church); Two Bridges (hamlet); White Horse (inn); Wiseman's Wood (land); Wistman's Wood (land).

Lympstone: Brook Cottage (house); Globe (inn); Harefield House (house); Leningston (manor); Lympstone (village, manor); Metherell's (house); National Schools (school); New Inn (inn); Norwch Union (fire and life office); Nutwell (house); Post-Office (building); Rectory House (house); Saddlers' Arms (inn); Sowden (hamlet); Sowden Villa (house); St Mary (parish church); Stawberry hill (house); Swan Inn (inn); Underhill (house); Wesleyan (ex-Unitarian) Chapel (chapel).

Lynton: Linton (parish); Castle Hotel (inn); Combe Park (house); Craft House (house); Crown Hotel (inn); East Lyn (farm); Globe Inn (inn); Ilkerton (hamlet); Independent Chapel (chapel); Kibsworthy (farm); Litson's Valley of the Rocks Hotel (inn); Lyndale Hotel, Lynmouth (inn); Lynmouth (sea port, bathing place, fishing station); Lynmouth (mod. chapel of ease); Lynton (village, manor); Lynton Cottage (house); National School (school); Post-Office (building); Prospect House, Lynmouth (lodging); Rising Sun, Lynmouth (inn); St Mary (parish church); Valley of Rocks (land); West Lyn (farm); Woolhanger (house).

Maker (Cornwall): Cremill (house); Davenport Inn (inn); Edgcumbe Inn (inn); Kingsand (village); London Inn (inn); Makerton (manor); Millbrook (modern parish); Millbrook (part) (hamlet?); Millpool (house); Mount Edgcumbe (house); Picklecombe (land); Prince George (inn); St Macra (parish church); Vaultershome (tithing); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); West Stonehouse (village, modern parish).

Malborough: All Saints (parish church); Alston (farm); Baker's Well (house); Baptist Chapel (chapel); Batson (hamlet, manor); Batson Hall (farm); Beadon (farm); Blanks (mill); Bolbury (hamlet); Bolbury (manor); Chapel, Salcombe (chapel); Clark's (farm); Cliff House (house); Coast Guard Station (building); Collaton (hamlet); Collaton-Prawle (manor); Commercial, Salcombe (inn); Coombe (hamlet); Crown and Anchor, Salcombe (inn); Custom House, Salcombe (building); East Sewer (manor); Furze Down (farm); Higher Batson (house); Higher Collaton (farm); Higher Lincombe (farm); Higher Sewer (farm); Holy Trinity (church); Holy Trinity, Salcombe (church); Hope (manor); Horescombe (estate, farm); Ilton (mansion, farm, manor); King's Arms, Salcombe (inn); Lodgehill (farm); Lower Sewer (farm); Malborough (village, manor); Market House, Salcombe (market); Mary Knowle (farm); Moult (house); Mount Knowle (house); National School, Salcombe (school); Newhouse (farm); Old Inn (inn); Perrott's (house); Plymouth Inn, Salcombe (inn); Portlemoor (farm); Post-Office (building); Post-Office, Salcombe (building); Rew (hamlet); Ringrone, Salcombe (house); Salcombe (town, chapelry, sea port, fishing station, modern parish, manor); Salcombe Castle (castle); Shadycombe (hamlet); Snapes (house); South Down (house); Stag (inn); The Moult (house, pleasure grounds); Union, Salcombe (inn); Victoria, Salcombe (inn); Weslyan Chapel, Salcombe (chapel); West Portlemouth (hamlet?); Weston Down (farm); Weymouth's (farm); Woodville (pleasure grounds); Yard (farm).

Mamhead: Gulliford (farm); Larkbear (farm); Mamhead (manor); Mamhead Park (mansion); Mamhead Point (land); Newhouse (farm); Pitts (farm); Rectory (house); St Thomas (parish church); Whistley (farm).

Manaton: Chapel (barn); Church House (house); Cross Park Cottage (house); Freeland (hamlet); Grimpound (remains); Half Moon (inn); Hountor (land); Manadon (village); Manaton (village); Rectory (house); Smerdon road (street); St Winifred (parish church); Water (hamlet); Winkson (farm).

Mariansleigh: Alswear (hamlet); Butcher's Arms, Alswear (inn); Furze (farm); Independent Chapel (chapel); Kemp Town (hamlet); King's Arms (inn); Lower Uppercott (farm); Mariansleigh (village, manor); Mary Ansleigh (village); Moorhouse (farm); National School (school); St Mary (parish church); Tidlake (farm); White Hart, Alswear (inn); Yeo (house, farm).

Marldon: Church House (inn); Compton (village); Compton Castle (mansion); Marldon (village); MarldonChurch (parish church); Parkfield House (house); Royal Oak (inn); Stanton (manor).

Martinhoe: Hillington (farm); Hunters' Inn (inn); Kimacott (farm); Kittatree (farm); Mannacott (farm); Martinhoe (village, manor); Mill (farm); Rectory (house); Slatenslade (farm); St Martin (parish church).

Marwood: Blackwell (farm); Braunton Abbots (manor); Church Marwood (estate); Fry's Hotel (inn); Guineaford (hamlet); Hill House (house); Huish (farm); Independent chapel (chapel); King's Heanton (hamlet); Lee House (house); Maltsters' Inn (inn); Marwood (village); Mervin Arms (inn); Milltown (hamlet, farm); Mudford (hamlet); North Devon Inn (inn); Parish Land (land); Prixford (hamlet); Prixford Barton (farm); Ring of Bells (inn); St Michael (parish church); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); Westcote (estate); Westcote Barton (farm); Whitfield (estate).

Marystowe: Stow St Mary (parish); Barton (farm); Cholwell (hamlet); Dipperton (hamlet); Lew Down (village); Raddon Allerford (part) (manor); St Mary (parish church); Sydenham House (mansion); Sydenham (part) (manor).

Mary Tavy: St Mary Tavy (parish); Tavy St Mary (parish); Bedford (mine); Bible Christians chapel (chapel); Black Down (inn); Buller's Arms (inn); East Wheal Friendship (mine); Horndon (village); Kingscott (mine); Mary Tavy (village); National School (school); New Inn, Horndon (inn); North Wheal Friendship (mine); Parsonage (house); Rectory (house); Royal Standard, Black Down (inn); South Wheal Friendship (mine); St Mary (parish church); Wesleyan chapels (chapel); West Wheal Friendship (mine); Wheal (mine); Wheal Friendship (mine).

Meavy: Baptist Chapel (chapel); Brisworthy (hamlet); Callisham (manor); Durance (manor); Fancy Dale (house); Good-a-Meavy (house, manor); Hoo Meavy House (house); Loveton (village); Meavy (village, manor); NationalSchool (school); Rectory (house); Ringmoor Down (land); Royal Oak (inn); St Peter (parish church).

Meeth: Fryes Hele (manor); Meeth (village, manor); National School (school); New Inn (inn); Rectory (house); St John (parish church).

Membury: Bridge Inn (inn); Callenger (farm); Castle (farm); Furley (hamlet); Godworthy (farm); Goodman's (house); Longbridge (hamlet); Membury (village, manor); Parsonage (house); Red Lion (inn); Ridge farm (farm); Rock House (house); St John the Baptist (parish church); Waterhouse (farm); Yarty (farm); Yartyford (farm).

Merton: All Saints (parish church); Little Potheridge (hamlet); Malt Scoop (inn); Merton (village, manor); National School (school); Post-Office (building); Potheridge (manor); Rectory (house); Smithacott (hamlet); Westmoor (mill).

Meshaw: Bible Christian Chapel (chapel); Bible Christian School (school); Gidley Arms (inn); Meshaw (village, manor); Meshaw House (farm); National School (school); New Inn, Moor (inn); Rectory (house); South Hall (farm); St John Baptist (parish church).

Milton Abbot: Bedford Hotel, Northway (inn); Bedford Inn, Brickwood (inn); Broad Town (farm); Carpenter's Arms (inn); Chillaton (hamlet, manor); Edgcumbe (hamlet); Endsleigh Cottage (estate); Foghanger (hamlet, farm, manor); Ford (manor); Free School (school); Girl's Free School (school); Hardicott (farm); Harragrove Cottage (house); Heathfield Inn (inn); King's Arms (inn); Langskerry (farm); Milton Abbot (village, manor); New Inn (inn); Park (farm); Post-Office (building); Public library (building); Quither (hamlet, farm); Shortaburn (farm); St Constantine (parish church); Vicarage (house); Week (farm); Week Dabernon (manor); Week Liddaton (manor); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); Westcott (farm).

Milton Damerell: Bridge Inn (inn); Courtenay Arms (inn); East Wonford (hamlet); Holy Trinity (parish church); Ley (farm); Milton-Damerell (village, manor); Rectory (house); Sunday School (school); Venn (farm); West Wonford (hamlet); Whitbeare (hamlet, farm).

Modbury: Ashridge (farm); Atlas (fire and life office); Baptist Chapel (chapel); Bell Inn, Broad street (inn); British School (school); Broad street (street); Browmston (hamlet); Browmston street (street); Brownston Chapel of Ease (chapel); Caton (hamlet); Caton Cottage (house); Charity School (school); Church street (street); Church-house (house); Dartmouth Inn, Broad street (inn); Devonport Inn, Brownston street (inn); East Leigh (farm); Edmerston (farm, manor); Exeter Inn, Church street (inn); Fort, Oldaport (ruins); Friends' Meeting-house (building); Froude (house); Galpin street (street); Great Orchardton (farm); Independent Chapel (chapel); Kingsbridge Inn (inn); Legal and Commercial (fire and life office); Leigh (hamlet); Ley (farm); London Inn, Church street (inn); Ludbrook (mill); Ludbrook (part) (hamlet); Ludbrooke (house); Maltman's Arms, Brownston street (inn); Modbury (market town, borough, manor); Modbury House (house); Modbury Literary and Scientific Institution (society, building); National School (school); New Inn, Brownston street (inn); New Mill (mill); Norwich Union (fire and life office); Old Port (farm); Oldaport (farm); Orchardton (farm, manor); Palmcross green (street); Penquit (hamlet, farm); Penquit Lodge (house); Penquit-and-Upton (manor); Plymouth Inn, Poundswell street (inn); Post-Office, Church street (building); Poundswell street (street); Priory (priory, manor); Sheepham (mill); Shilston (manor); Shilveston (farm, manor); Southmead (house); Spriddlescombe (mill, farm); St George (parish church); Star (fire and life office); Stockinbridge (farm); Stollaford (house); Stubson (farm); Swallow Bridge (mill); Tanners' Arms, Broad street (inn); Temperance, Brownston street (farm); Thornham (house); Traine (farm, manor); Tre-Hele (farm); Union Inn, Poundswell street (inn); Weeke (farm); Wesleyan Chapel (chapel); West Leigh (farm); West of England (fire and life office); White Hart, Church street (inn); Wimpston (house, farm); Wymston (manor); Yarnacombe (farm); Yarnicombe (farm); Yorkshire (fire and life office); Yutsford (house).

Molland: Abbot's Park (farm); Beere (farm); Bottreaux (mill); Bowchurch (farm); Brimblecombe (farm); Brimley (farm); Copp Hall (farm); Cuckoo (farm); Gourte (farm); Great Champion (farm); Great Woods (farm); Leddons (land); Little Woods (farm); London Inn (inn); Lower hill (farm); Molland (village); Molland Bottreaux (manor); Molland Champeaux (manor); Molland Champion (manor); Money Hole (house); New Inn (inn); Pulworthy (farm); St Mary (parish church); Wade Mill (mill); West Bommer (farm); West Lee (farm); West Molland (mansion); West Molland House (farm).

Monkleigh: Annery House (mansion); Bell (inn); Chantry (house); Hunter's Inn (inn); Monkleigh (village, manor); Petticombe (house); St George (parish church); Vicarage (house); Weslyan chapel (chapel).

Monkokehampton: All Saints (parish church); Burrows (hamlet); Fursdon (farm); Monk-Okehampton (village, manor); National School (school); Rectory (house); Swan (inn).

Monkton: Monkton (village, manor); Monkton Inn (inn); St Mary Magdalen (parish church).

Morchard Bishop: Bishops Morchard (parish); Morchard Episcopi (parish); Ash (farm); Barton House (house); Bible Christian Chapel (chapel); Fountain head (inn); Frost (hamlet); Hill House (house); Independent and Wesleyan Chapel (chapel); Ingoodown (farm); Knightstone (hamlet); Leigh (hamlet); London Inn (inn); Lowertown (hamlet); Middlecott (hamlet); Morchard Bishop (village, manor); Oldborough (hamlet); Poor's Land (land); Redhill (hamlet); Rolston Barton (farm); Southcott (house); St Mary (parish church); Thee Horse Shoes (inn); Wood Barton (farm); Woodgate (hamlet); Woodlane (hamlet).

Morebath: Almshouse (almshouse); Anchor, Exebridge (inn); Ashdown (farm); Burston (farm); Exbridge (part) (village); Free School (school); Lower Timewell House (house); Morebath (village, manor); Morebath House (house); St. George (parish church); Whitehall (farm).

Moreleigh: Morley (parish); All Saints (parish church); Grimstonesley (farm); Morleigh (village); Morley (village, manor); Morley Park (farm); New Inn (inn); Place Barton (farm); Rectory (house).

Moretonhampstead: Moreton (parish); Baptist chapel (chapel); Bell (inn); County and Provident (fire and life office); Cranbrook (farm); Cranbrook Castle (castle); Daccombe (hamlet, manor); Dockham (manor); Dolphin (inn); elm tree (house); Farmers' Club, White Hart Inn (society); Fingle Bridge (mill); Golden Lion (inn); Gregory Arms (inn); High Hayne (house, manor); Houghton (hamlet); Independent Chapels (chapel); Literary Society Library (library); Market House (house); Meacomb (house); Moreton (manor); Moreton Hampstead (market town); North Moor (manor); Norwich Union (fire and life office); Plymouth Inn (inn); Post-Office (building); Presbyterian Chapel (chapel); Punch Bowl (inn); Rectory (house); Ring of Bells (inn); Shambles (building); Sloncombe (hamlet); St Andrew (parish church); Star (fire and life office); Sun (fire and life office); Union (inn); Unitarian chapel (chapel); Well Parks (land); Wesleyan Chapel (chapel); West of England (fire and life office); White Hart Inn (inn); White Horse (inn); Woosten Castle (castle); Wray (estate); Wray Barton (house); Yorkshire (fire and life office).

Mortehoe: Morthoe (parish); Chichester Arms (inn); Estacott (hamlet); Horsborough (hamlet); Lee (modern parish); Morte Point (land); Morthoe (village); Over Wollacombe (manor); Shesborough (hamlet, farm); St Mary (parish church); Tracy Barton (farm); Wollacombe-Tracy (manor); Zora Cottage (house).

Musbury: Ash (house); Ash Farm (farm); Bruckland (farm); Drake's (farm); Hartgrove (farm); Knights (farm); Little Trill (farm); Maidenhayne (hamlet); Mid Maidenhayne (farm); Mountfield (house); Musbury (village, manor); New Inn (inn); Newhouse (farm); Post-Office (building); St Michael (parish church).

Netherexe: Netherexe Church (parish church); Netherexe Farmers' Club (society).

Newton Ferrers: Almshouse (almshouse); Brownston (farm); Dolphin Inn (inn); Gnaton (house); Gnaton Hall (mansion); Holy Cross (parish church); National School (school); Newton (manor); Newton Ferrers (village); Postlinch (manor); Puslinch (manor); Puslinch House (mansion); Rectory (house); St Toly (Olave) (chapel); Torr (hamlet); Torr House (house); Torr Villa (house).

Newton Poppleford: Cannon Inn (inn); Exeter Inn (inn).

Newton St Cyres: Cold Harbour (farm); Court Barton (farm); Creedy (farm); Crown and Sceptre (inn); Ford (tithing); Harne (farm); Hayne (estate); New Inn (inn); Newton House (house); Newton St Cyres (village, manor); North Devon Inn (inn); Norton (tithing, manor); Old Inn (inn); Post-Office (building); Smallbrook (tithing); St Cyres (parish church); Vicarage (house); Westholme (farm); Winscott (hamlet).

Newton St Petrock: Mills (mill); Newton St Petrock (village, manor); Rectory (house); St Petrock (parish church); West Hole (hamlet).

Newton Tracey: Hunter's Inn (inn); Newton Cross House (house); Post-Office (building); St Thomas-a-Becket (parish church).

Northam: Almshouse, Northam (almshouse); Almshouses, Appledore (almshouse); Appledore (village, sea port, town, modern parish); Baptist chapel (chapel); Bell (inn); Bennett's Farm (farm); Burrow (farm); Champion of Wales, Appledore (inn); Coach and Horses, Appledore (inn); East Appledore (district); Full Moon, Appledore (inn); Globe, Appledore (inn); Independent chapel (chapel); Infant School (school); Kenwith Castle (castle); Kenwith Lodge (house); King's Head (inn); National School (school); Nethercote (land); Northam (village, manor); Northam Burrows (land); Northam Ridge (hamlet); Post-Office (building); Post-Office, Appledore (building); Presbyterian Meeting House (chapel); Prince of Wales, Appledore (inn); Red Lion, Appledore (inn); Roman Catholic chapel (chapel); Royal George, Appledore (inn); Royal Hotel, Appledore (inn); Ship, Appledore (inn); Shipwright's Arms, Appledore (inn); Southcote (land); St Margaret (parish church); St Mary, Appledore (chapel of ease); Swan, Appledore (Philip Guy) (inn); Swan, Appledore (Wm Cann) (inn); Tavern, Appledore (inn); Unicorn, Appledore (inn); Vicarage, Appledore (house); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); West Appledore (district); Westward Ho! (bathing place).

North Bovey: Bovey (North) (parish); Birch Tor (inn); Birch Tor (mine); Blackaller (house); Bovey (North) (village, manor); East Birch Tor (mine); Langdon (farm); Lettaford (hamlet); National School (school); New Inn (inn); North Bovey (village, manor); Rectory (house); Ring of Bells (inn); St. John (parish church); West Teign (part) (manor); Wormhill (hamlet).

North Huish: Avonwick (village); Blackhall (house); Boterford (mansion); Bradley (farm); Butterford (mansion, farm); Church-house (house); Colemore (farm); Coombe (farm); Lupridge (hamlet); Manor House (house); National School (school); Newhouse (part) (hamlet); Norris (farm); North Huish (village, manor); Rectory (house); St Mary (parish church); Whatcombe (farm); Wheeldown (farm).

Northleigh: Bucknall (hamlet, farm); North Leigh (village, manor); Parish Lands (land); Puddlebridge (hamlet); Rectory (house); St Giles (parish church); Suttons (farm); Tricombe (hamlet).

North Lew: Bible Christian chapel (chapel); Bible Christian chapel, Whitston (chapel); Green Dragon (inn); Haper's Hill (manor); Honeychurch Arms (inn); National School (school); North Lew (village, manor); Poor-house (building); Rectory (house); Redcliffe (house, quarry, chapel); St Thomas a Beckett (parish church); Whitston (hamlet).

North Molton: All Saints (parish church); Almshouse (almshouse); Barton (farm); Ben-Twitchen (hamlet); Brinsworthy (farm); Castle (inn); Church Lands (land); Combshead (house, farm); Court Hall (mansion); Court House (mansion); Eworthy (farm); Flitton (hamlet, farm); Heasley (hamlet); Heasley Mill (mill); Higher Fyldon (farm); Higher Millbrook (farm); Hunnawins (farm); Hunston (hamlet); Independent chapel (chapel); King's Arms (inn); Little Heasley (farm); Lower Fyldon (farm); Marsh (farm); Molland cross (house); National School (school); North Heasley (farm); North Molton (village, manor); North Radworthy (farm); Oakford (farm); Old House (farm); Poltimore Arms (inn); Poltimore House (house); Popham (farm); Post-Office (building); Prince Alberts' Mine (cooper mine); Pronsley (farm); Rapscott (farm); Somerset Inn (inn); South Radworthy (farm); Stitchpool (farm); Swan (inn); Upcott (hamlet); Vicarage House (house); Walscott (hamlet, farm); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); West Park (farm); Yardgate (farm).

North Petherwin: Association Methodist chapel (chapel); Barton (house); Bible Christian chapels (chapel); Brassacott (hamlet); Holscott (hamlet); Maxworthy (hamlet); National School (school); New Inn (inn); North Petherwin (village); Post-Office (building); St Paturnus (parish church); Vicarage (house); Werrington (village); Wesleyan chapels (chapel); Whickett estate (land).

North Tamerton: North Tawton: Cheping Tawton (parish); Ashridge House (house); Bible Christian chapel (chapel); Church Lands and Cottages (land); Crook Burnell (house); Fountain (inn); Free School (school); George Inn (inn); Gostwyck Arms (inn); Ilton Moor (hamlet); Independent chapel (chapel); Market House (building); Nicholls Nymet Barton (house); North Tawton (town, manor); Post-Office (building); Rectory House (house); Ring of Bells (inn); St Peter (parish church); Stone (house); Stone Moor (hamlet); Sun (fire and life office); West of England (fire and life office); Westacott (house).

Nymet Rowland: Rowland's Leigh (parish); Barton (house); Cleavehanger (house); Heal farm (farm); Nymet Rowland (manor); St Bartholomew (parish church).

Oakford: Bridge (house); East Loosemoor (farm); Hamslade (house); Oakford (village, manor); Okeford (village); Rectory (house); Red Deer (inn); Red Lion (inn); Spurway (farm); St Peter (parish church); Stuckeridge (farm).

Offwell: Graystone (land); Offwell (village, manor); Offwell House (house); Rectory House (house); School (school); St Mary (parish church); Wesleyan chapel, Wilmington (chapel); West Colwell (estate); Wilmington (village, farm).

Okehampton: Oakhampton (parish); Okehampton (market town, manor); All Saints (parish church); Almshouses, Castle lane (almshouse); Blackdown (land); Brightley (hamlet, abbey); Castle lane (street); Chicecott (hamlet, farm); City of London (fire and life office); Clerical and Medical (fire and life office); Common Lands (land); Cranmere Pool (land); Croft (farm); English and Scottish (fire and life office); Estrayer Park (farm); Exeter Inn (inn); Farmers (fire and life office); Fountain (inn); George (inn); Glendon (farm); Globe (fire and life office); Guildhall (building); Halstock (farm, manor); Independent chapel (chapel); Infant School (school); King's Arms (inn); Kingbear (hamlet, manor); Legal and Commercial (fire and life office); London Inn (inn); Lower Fatherford (hamlet); Lower Westacott (farm); Maddaford (farm); Meldon (hamlet, manor); Moorgate (farm); National Provincial Bank of England (bank); National School (school); Nethercott (farm); New Inn (inn); Northcott (house); Oaklands (manor); Oaklands (mansion); Okehampton (market town borough); Okehampton Castle (ruins); Okementon (market town); Old Post Boy (inn); Parish and Church Lands (land); Plume of Feathers (inn); Post-Office (building); Red Lion (inn); Savings' Bank (bank); Southcott (farm); St James' Chapel (chapel); Star (fire and life office); Star (inn); Sun (fire and life office); United Kingdom (fire and life office); Vicarage (house); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); West of England (fire and life office); Wester Almshouse (almshouse); White Hart (inn); Youldchurch (farm).

Otterton: Hederland (chapel); Infant School (school); King's Arms (inn); National School (school); Northmost-town (hamlet); Otterton (village, manor); Passford (hamlet); Pinn (hamlet); Pitson (hamlet); Post-Office (building); Sanctuary (land); St Michael (parish church).

Ottery St Mary: Agricultural and Industrial Association (society); Alfington (modern parish); Alphington (tithing, farm); Alphington District Church (church); Alphington Inn (inn); Ash Farm (farm); Atlas and Western, Silver street (fire and life office); Bishop's Court (mansion, farm); British School (school); Broad street (street); Burrow Hill (farm); Butt's Cottage (house); Butt's Hill (street); Cadhay (mansion, farm); Cadhay (tithing); Church Schools (school); College (house); Combelake (hamlet); Cornhill (street); Cotley Farm (farm); Escot (modern parish); Escot Cottage (house); Escot District Church (church); Escot House (house); Fair Mile Inn (inn); Five Bells, Mill street (inn); Flaxton (tithing); Fluxton (farm); Golden Lion (inn); Gosford (tithing); Gosford House (house); Grammar School (school); Great Well (farm); Greyhound (inn); Hayne (farm); Heath's Court (mansion); Holcombe (mansion, farm); Holcombe Barton (farm); Independent Chapel (chapel); King's School (school); Knightstone (mansion, farm); Lamb and Flag (inn); Lamb's court (house); Lancercombe (farm); Legal and Commercial, Silver street (fire and life office); Licensed Victuallers', Silver street (fire and life office); London Tavern (inn); Lower Gosford (farm); Manor House (house); Market place (street); Metcombe (hamlet); Milk street (street); Mill street (street); Mutual ImprovementSociety (society); North of England, Silver street (fire and life office); Ottery St Mary market town, manor); Parochial School (school); Paternoster (street); Pitt (street); Post-Office, Mill street (building); Red Lion Inn (inn); Rill (tithing); Royal Exchange, Broad street (fire and life office); Salston House (house); Sandhill street (street); Silk mill, Mill street (mill); Silver street (street); Skinner's Ash (farm); Slade (farm); St James, Alphington (church); St Mary (parish church); St Michael, Fluxton (chapel of ease); St Philip and St James, Escot (church); Straightgate (farm); Sunday School (school); Taleford (hamlet, house); The Cottage, Butt's Hill (house); Thorn farm (farm); Tip hill street (street); Tipton (tithing); Tipton Mills (farm); Tipton St John (modern parish); Tipton St John church (church); Vicarage (house); Ware's (farm); Waxway (farm); Wesleyan Chapel (chapel); West hill (street); West of England, Broad street (fire and life office); Westhill (modern parish); Wiggaton (tithing); Woigatton (farm); Woodford (house, farm).

Paignton: Baptist chapel (chapel); Bay view (house); Blagdon (hamlet); Brookfield (house); Collaton-Kirkham (hamlet); Crown and Anchor (inn); Gerston House (house); Gerston Inn (inn); Globe Inn (inn); Goodrington (hamlet); Half Moon, Preston (inn); Independent chapel (chapel); Jolly Sailor, Preston (inn); London Inn (inn); Manor House, Preston (inn); National School (school); New Pier Inn (inn); Oldway House (house); Paignton (village, bathing place, manor); Palace place (street); Parish Lands, &c. (land); Park hill (house); Parker's Arms, Collaton (inn); Parkfield (house); Polsham (hamlet); Post-Office (building); Preston (hamlet); Preston House (house); Primley (house); Roundham place (street); Southfield (hamlet); St John (parish church); Steart House, Polsham (house); Steartfield House (house); The Retreat, Polsham (house); Torbay (area); Torbay Inn (inn); Torbay Mnt. (house); Victoria Inn (inn); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); Weston (house); Yalberton (hamlet); Yellands (hamlet).

Pancrasweek: Week St Pancras (parish); Dexbeer (hamlet); Dunsdon (hamlet); Kingford (hamlet); Pancrasweek (village, manor); Parsonage (house); St Pancras (parish church).

Parkham: Ash (hamlet); Ash Moor (land); Bible Christians (chapel); Buckish Mills (hamlet); Bucks Mills (modern parish); East Goldsworthy (hamlet); Foxdown (house); Goldsworthy (farm); Hoop (inn); Horn Cross (hamlet); National School (school); New Inn (inn); Newhaven (hamlet); Parkham (village, manor); Peppercombe (house); Poor's Land (land); Rectory (house); South Yeo (house); St James (parish church); Wesleyan chapels (chapel).

Parracombe: Castle, Holywell (mound); Fox and Goose (inn); Heal (hamlet, farm); London Inn (inn); Parracombe (village, manor); Parracombe Mill (hamlet); Rectory House (house); Rowley (hamlet, manor); St Petrock (parish church).

Payhembury: Blue Anchor (inn); Cheriton (hamlet); Coxpitt (farm, manor); Hembury Fort (fort); Hembury Fort (inn); Leyhill (estate, farm); Long Rewe (estate); Morden (manor); Moridunum Roman station (fort); Payhembury (village, manor); Peahembury (manor); Peyhembury (village); Post-Office (building); Six Bells (inn); St Mary (parish church); Tale (hamlet, manor); Tuck Mill (mill); Upton (hamlet, house); Vicarage House (house).

Pennycross: Plymouth, Pennycross (parish); Bellair (house); Burleigh (house); Burrington (house); Ford Park (estate); Manadon (house); Montpelier (house); Mutley (village); Mutley House (house); Pennycross (township, tithing, manor); Pounds (house); Prospect (house); St Pancras (chapel); The Barton (farm); Torr Grove (house); Weston Peverell (chapelry).

Peters Marland: Church Land (farm); New Inn (inn); Peter's Marland (village); Petermarland (village); Sheepwash Inn (inn); St Peter (parish church); Twigbear (manor); Winscott House (house).

Peter Tavy: St Peter Tavy (parish); Tavy St Peter (parish); Godsworthy (hamlet); Huntingdon (manor); Old Mead (house); Peter Tavy (manor); Peter Tavy Inn (inn); Sortridge (house); St Peter (parish church); Tavy St Peter (village); Willsworthy (hamlet, ancient chapel, manor).

Petrockstowe: Padstow (parish); Petherickstow (parish); Petrockstow (parish); Stow St Petrock (parish); Bible Christians (chapel); Heanton Park (land); Heanton Sachville (deer park); Merland (house); Parish School (school); Petrockstow (village, manor); Rectory (house); St Petrock (parish church); Wesleyan chapel (chapel); White Hart (inn).

Pilton: Bradiford (hamlet); Chichester Arms (inn); Cladovin estate (land); National Schools (school); Parish Lands (land); Pilland (estate); Pilton (village, manor); Pilton House (mansion); Raleigh House (lace mill); Ring of Bells (inn); St Margaret (parish church); St Margaret's Hospital (hospital); Unicorn Inn (inn); Upcott (mansion); Westaway (estate); Westaway estate (land); Yeolland's garden (land).

Pinhoe: Beacon Hill (land); Heart of Oak (inn); Herrington (farm); Langaton (farm); Monkerton (farm); Old Black Horse (inn); Pinhoe (village, manor); Pinpound (farm); Poltimore Arms (inn); St Michael (parish church); Stoke Hill (farm); Wotton (farm).

Plymouth: Abbey (house); Abbey place (street); Adelaide street (street); Admiral McBride, Barbican (inn); Admiral's Hard (pier); Agricultural, Cattle, G. and F., Bedford street (fire and life office); Albany place (street); Albemarle place (street); Albemarle street (street); Albert, Notte street (inn); Albert terrace (street); Albion, Southside street (inn); Alfred place (street); Alfred street (street); Alliance, Princess street (fire and life office); Allice Miller's Almshouses (almshouse); Amity place (street); Anchor and Hope, New street (inn); Anchor, Southside street (fire and life office); Architects' and Builders', Cambridge street (fire and life office); Argus, North street (fire and life office); Armada street (street); Arnold point (street); Assembly and Ball Rooms (building); Athenaeum (building); Athenaeum street (street); Athenaeum terrace (street); Atlas (fire and life office); Australian, Colonial and General, Bedford street (fire and life office); Baptist Chapel, George street (chapel); Baptist Chapel, Princess street (chapel); Barbican (street); Barnpool (harbour); Basket street (street); Bath lane (street); Bath street (street); Batter street (street); Batter Street Benevolent Institution, Batter street (school); Batter street School (school); Beaumont House (house); Bedford cottages (street); Bedford Inn, Bedford street (inn); Bedford Inn, Tavistock street (inn); Bedford street (street); Bedford terrace (street); Beechwood (house); Bell's lane (street); Bellair cottages (street); Bellair street (street); Bellvue place (street); Bethel Union Chapel, Castle street (chapel); Bethesda Chapel, Ebrington street (chapel); Bible Christian Chapel, Zion street (chapel); Bilbury street (street); Birmingham Fire, Tin street (fire and life office); Black Bull, Brightonside (inn); Black Lion, Exeter street (inn); Blackfriars lane (street); Board for the Examination of Masters and Mates (organisation); Boon's place (street); Boot Inn, Bedford street (inn); Branch Bank of England, George's place (bank); Branch Diocesan ArchitecturalSociety (society); Breakwater, Queen Anne's place (inn); Brewer's Arms, Lower Batter street (inn); Bridge of Rocks (land); British Empire,Exeter street (fire and life office); British Guarantee, Bedford street (fire and life office); Briton side (street); Brittania, High street (inn); Brunswick, Barbican (inn); Brunswick place (street); Brunswick terrace (street); Buckingham place (street); Buckland street (street); Buckland terrace (street); Buckwell street (street); Bull hill (street); Bunch of Grapes, Castle street (inn); Burleigh (house); Cadman street (street); Calvinist Chapel, Octagon street (chapel); Cambridge Inn, Cambridge street (inn); Cambridge street (street); Camden street (street); Camera Obscura (building); Canteen, S Nicholas' Island (inn); Carpenters' Arms, Notte street (inn); Castledyke lane (street); Catdown (street); Catherine street (street); Catte street (street); Catwater (harbour); Cecil place (street); Cecil street (street); Central Hall, Union road (building); Central street (street); Chapel House (house); Chapel street (street); Charles cottages (street); Charles place (street); Chelson Meadow (land); Chester place (street); Christ Church (district parish); Church of England, Frankfort street (fire and life office); Citadel road (street); City of London, Union street (fire and life office); Claremount street (street); Clarence Hotel, Southside street (inn); Clarence street (street); Clarendon place (street); Clerical, Medical and General, Saltram place (fire and life office); Cobourg cottages (street); Cobourg Inn, Cobourg street (inn); Cobourg street (street); Colonial Life, Parade (fire and life office); Commercial Hotel, Oldtown street (inn); Commercial News Room, Freemasons' Hall, Cornwall street (building); Commercial wharf (street); Compasses, High street (inn); Compton street (street); Congregational Union Chapel, Courtenay street (chapel); Constantine street (street); Corn Market (inn); Cornish Inn, Oldtown street (inn); Cornwall street (street); Coronation, Martin street (inn); Corpus Christi Society (society); Country Pink, Barbican (inn); County and Provident, Wooster stret (fire and life office); Courtenay street (street); Coxide (street); Crescent (street); Crown and Anchor, Barbican (inn); Crown, Cambridge street (inn); Crown Life, Courtenay street (fire and life office); Custom House (building); Custom-house wharf (street); Densham cottages (street); Densham terrace (street); Devon and Cornwall Banking Co., Bedford street (bank); Devon and Cornwall Female Orphan Asylum, Lockyer street (school); Devon place (street); Devonshire terrace (street); Dispensary (building); Distillery, Southside street (building); Dolphin, Barbican (inn); Drake street (street); Drake's mill (mill); Drake's place (street); Duke of York, Finewell street (inn); Earl Howe, Stonehouse lane (inn); East and West Country House, New street (inn); East street (street); Ebrington cottages (street); Ebrington street (street); Economic Life, Kinterbury street (fire and life office); Edgcumbe street (street); Edinburgh, Tin street (fire and life office); Eldad Chapel (chapel); Eldad place (street); Eldad road (street); Elephant and Castle, Bull hill (inn); Elizabeth place (street); Endsleigh place (street); Esplanade (street); Eton cottages (street); Eton place (street); Etonian Life, Vauxhall street (fire and life office); European Life, Courtenay street (fire and life office); Exchange (street); Exchange Subscription Reading and News Room Association (society); Exchange, Woolster street (building); Excise Office, Notte street (inn); Exeter Inn, Exeter street (inn); Exeter Inn Tap, George street (inn); Exeter street (street); Fareham place (street); Fawn, Prospect street (inn); Female Penitentiary, Ham lane (prison); Finewell street (street); First and Last, Jubilee street (inn); Fisherman's Arms, Lambhay street (inn); Fishermen's Mutual Insurance Society (society); Flax Mill, Stone Park (mill); Flora cottage (house); Flora place (street); Fountain, Castle street (inn); Fountain, Millbay (inn); Four Castles, Oldtown street (inn); Fowne's Almshouses (almshouse); Franciscan monastery, Palce court (monastery); Frankfort Chambers (street); Frankfort street (street); Freemasons' Arms, Catdown (inn); Freemasons' Hall, Cornwall street (building); Friary street (street); Friday street (street); Friend's Meeting house, Billbury street (chapel); Garden street (street); Gascoyne cottages (street); Gascoyne place (street); Gascoyne terrace (street); Gasking street (street); General Annuity and Endowment Society, Whimple street (fire and life office); George and Dragon, Exeter street (inn); George Hotel, George street (inn); George lane (street); George, Oldtown street (inn); George place (street); George street (street); George street mews (street); George terrace (street); Gibbons lane (street); Gibbons street (street); Gill's cottages (street); Gilwell street (street); Glanville place (street); Glanville street (street); Globe, Bedford street (fire and life office); Globe, High street (inn); Globe Hotel, Bedford street (inn); Gloucester place (street); Golden Fleece, East street (inn); Golden Lion, Oldtown street (inn); Government Prison (prison); Grammar School, Catherine street (school); Great Britain, Tin street (fire and life office); Great Western Docks (harbour); Green Dragon, Richmond street (inn); Green street (street); Grey School, Hampton street (school); Grove (street); Growden place (street); Guarantee, Cornwall street (fire and life office); Guildhall, Whimple street (building); Guy's quay (street); Half Moon, Kinterbury street (inn); Hall of Commerce, Exchange, Woolster street (organisation); Ham lane (street); Ham street (street); Hampton Inn, Gibbons street (inn); Hampton street (street); Harvest Home, Tavistock street (inn); Hele's and Lanyon's Charity School (school); Hewer's row (street); High Vintry Ward (ward); Higher Batter street (street); Higher Malt Mill (mill); Higher street (street); Hill street (street); Hoe (land); Hoe Garden House (house); Hoe place (street); Hoe street (street); Hoegate street (street); Holycross lane (street); Holygate street (street); Hong Kong Company (society); Hospial of the Poor's Portion (building); House of Lords, Squire's terrace (inn); How street (street); Imperial (fire and life office); Independent Chapel, Britonside (chapel); Independent Chapel, How street (chapel); Independent Chapel, Norley street (chapel); Independent Chapel, York street (chapel); Indispensable, Summerland place (fire and life office); Industrial and General, Whimple street (fire and life office); Inland Revenue Office, Duke street (building); James place (street); James street (street); Jersey and Guernsey Packet, Sutton wharf (inn); Jew's Synagogue, Catherine street (building); John lane (street); John street (street); Jolly Young Waterman, Castle street (inn); Jory's Almshouses, Coxide (almshouse); Jubilee, Jubilee street (inn); Jubilee street (street); Keyham Lake (harbour); King street (street); King William IV, Union street (inn); King's Arms Hotel, Britonside (inn); King's Arms, Lower Batter street (inn); King's Head, Bilbury street (inn); Kinterbury street (street); Lady Roger's Charity School, Bedford terrace (school); Ladywell place (street); Laira Bridge (bridge); Laira House (house); Lamb, Treville street (inn); Lambhay hill (street); Lambhay street (street); Lambhay wharf (street); Lipson House (house); Lipson terrace (street); Lipson Vale (house); Liverpool and London, Exchange (fire and life office); Lockyer street (street); Lockyer terrace (street); London Assurance, Prince square (fire and life office); London Inn (Old), Vauxhall street (inn); London Union, Athenaeum terrace (fire and life office); Looe street (street); Looe street Ward (ward); Lord Ebrington, Ebrington street (inn); Lord Exmouth, Drake street (inn); Lord Nelson, Castle street (inn); Lory Point (fort); Love street (street); Low Vintry Ward (ward); Lower Batter street (street); Lower Grist Mill (mill); Lower lane (street); Lower street (street); Manor street (street); Marine Hotel, Queen Anne's place (inn); Marine place (street); Maritime Inn, Southside street (inn); Market alley (street); Market place, Edgcumbe street (street); Martin street (street); Masonic Inn, Buckwell street (inn); Mechanic's Inn, St Andrew street (inn); Mechanics' Institution, Princess square (society, building); Meeting lane (street); Melbourne street (street); Merchant Seamen's Hospital Fund (society); Mill Bay (harbour); Mill street (street); Millbay pier (street); Millbay Pier, Millbay road (inn); Millbay place (street); Millbay road (street); Millbrook Lake (harbour); Milton street (street); Modbury Inn, Exeter street (inn); Moon lane (street); Morley House (house); Morley Inn, East street (inn); Morley lane (street); Morley place (street); Morley street (street); Mount Batten (fort); Mount Drake (street); Mount Gould (house); Mount Lipson (house); Mount Pleasant cottage (house); Mount Pleasant terrace (street); Mount Stamford (fort); Mount street (street); Mulgrave place (street); Mulgrave street (street); Mutual Cattle, Courtenay street (fire and life office); National Provident, Green street (fire and life office); National Provincial Bank of Engand, Whimple street (bank); National School, Tavistock place (school); Natural History Society, Princess square (society, building); Naval Bank. Whimple street (bank); Navy Hotel, Southside street (inn); Nelson street (street); Nelson villa (house); Nelson's Victory, Stonehouse lane (inn); New Church Almshouses, Green street (almshouse); New Gas Works, Coxide (works); New Grammar School (school); New Inn, Catte street (inn); New London Inn, Bilbury street (inn); New Market, Cornwall street (inn); New street (street); New Town Inn, Cobourg street (inn); Nichol's court (street); Noah's Ark, Oldtown street (inn); Norley House (house); Norley place (street); Norley street (street); North British, Tin street (fire and life office); North Devon place (street); North hill place (street); North of England, Whimple street (fire and life office); North place (street); North Place Tavern, North Place (inn); North view house (house); Northside street (street); Norwich Union, Bedford street (fire and life office); Notte street (street); Nursery cottage (street); Octagon street (street); Old Barley Sheaf, Frankfort street (inn); Old Church Almshouses (almshouse); Old Four Castles, Oldtown street (inn); Old Golden Lion, Kinterbury street (inn); Old street (street); Old Tabernacle, Britonside (chapel); Old Town street (street); Old Town Ward (ward); Oram's row (street); Oxford Inn, Claremont street (inn); Oxford street (street); Packhorse, Week street (inn); Painters' Arms, High Batter street (inn); Parade (street); Parade Wharf (street); Park street (street); Park street Chapel (chapel); Passage House, Catdown (inn); Peacock lane (street); Pelican, Courtenay street (fire and life office); Phoenix (fire and life office); Phoenix wharf (street); Pike street (street); Pike Street Tavern, Looe street (inn); Plough, East street (inn); Plym-mouth (town); Plymouth and South Devon Savings Bank, Cornwall street (bank); Plymouth Arms, Northside street (inn); Plymouth Borough Prison (prison); Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Compton street (chapel); Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Raleigh street (chapel); Plymouth Foundry, Russell street (works); Plymouth Free Schools, Cobourg street (school); Plymouth Herald, Looe street (newspaper); Plymouth Institution (society, building); Plymouth Journal, George street (newspaper); Plymouth Public Dispensary, Catherine street (hospital); Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport Cemetery (cemetery); Plymouth Times, Bedford street (newspaper); Pope's Head, Looe street (inn); Port of Plymouth Ship Masters' Society (society); Portland Chapel (chapel); Portland cottages (street); Portland House (house); Portland place (street); Portland square (street); Portland terrace (street); Portland villas (street); Post Office Inn, Market place (inn); Post-Office, Whimple street (inn); Potters' and Shipwrights' Arms, Jury street (inn); Presbyterian Chapel, Batter street (chapel); Presbyterian School, Batter street (school); Prince Albert, Notte street (inn); Prince of Wales' Redoubt (fort); Prince rock (street); Princess place (street); Princess square (street); Princess street (street); Prison of War (prison); Professional, George street (fire and life office); Property Protection, Princes square (fire and life office); Prospect Inn, Prospect row (inn); Prospect row (street); Prospect street (street); Protestant Sisters of Mercy, Wyndham square (building, society); Providence street (street); Prynne's Almshouses (almshouse); Public Library, Cornwall street (library); Queen Anne's Battery (building); Queen Anne's place (street); Queen's Arms, Whitecross street (inn); Queen's Head, Parade (inn); Radnor place (street); Ragged School Association (society, school); Railway, George street (fire and life office); Raleigh street (street); Regent Inn, Exeter street (inn); Regent street (street); Retreat cottage (house); Richmond Inn, York street (inn); Richmond lane (street); Richmond street (street); Ring of Bells, Oldtown street (inn); Rising Sun, Castle street (inn); Robin Hood, New street (inn); Rose and Crown, Oldtown street (inn); Rowe street (street); Royal Devon and Cornwall Botanical and Horticultural Society (society); Royal Exchange, Frankfort street (fire and life office); Royal Exchange, Tin street (inn); Royal Eye Infirmary, Mill Bay road (hospital); Royal Farmers' and General, Courtenay street (fire and life office); Royal Highlander, New street (inn); Royal Hotel, George's place (inn); Royal Mail, Bilbury street (inn); Royal Theatre (building); Royal Union Baths, Union road (building); Russell cottages (street); Russell street (street); Salem place (street); Saltram cottages (street); Saltram House (house); Saltram place (street); Saltram street (street); Salutation, Stillman street (inn); Saracen's Head, Grove (inn); Scottish Equitable, Coxide (fire and life office); Scottish Life, Bedford street (fire and life office); Sea View House (house); Second Advent Chapel, Eldad (chapel); Seventeen Stars, Castle street (inn); Shambles (street); Shepherd lane (street); Sherwell House (house); Ship, Parade (inn); Shute Park (land); Sir Francis Drake, Camden street (inn); Skardon place (street); Souh Devon Hotel, Frankfort street (inn); Soup Kitchen, Green lane (building); South Devon place (street); South Town (town); Southside street (street); Sportsman's Tavern, Higher street (inn); Spread Eagle, Treville street (inn); Squire's terrace (street); St Andrews street (street); St Andrews terrace (street); St James (district parish); St Michael's terrace (street); St Nicholas' Island (land); St Peter (church); St Peter (district parish); Star, Whimple street (fire and life office); Stillman street (street); Stoke lane (street); Stone Masons' Arms, Lower street (inn); Stone Park (works); Stonehouse lane (street); Stonehouse Pool (harbour); Summerland place (street); Summerland terrace (street); Sun (fire and life office); Sussex place (street); Sussex street (street); Sussex terrace (street); Sutton (town); Sutton Pool (harbour); Sutton Prior (area); Sutton Prior (manor); Sutton Valletort (manor); Sutton Wharf (street); Sutton-upon-Plym (district parish); Tameorwerth (town); Tavistock Arms, Looe street (inn); Tavistock cottages (street); Tavistock place (street); Tavistock road (street); Tavistock street (street); Tavistock terrace (street); Teats hill (house, street); The 'Three Towns' (town); Thorncot (house); Three Crowns, Catdown (inn); Three Crowns, Parade (inn); Tin street (street); Torrington place (street); Tothill (street); Tothill cottage (house); Trees Houses (street); Treville street (street); Trinity (district parish); Turk's Head, St Andrew street (inn); Twickenham place (street); Twickenham street (street); Union Baths (building); Union street (street); Union terrace (street); Unitarian Chapel, Norley street (chapel); United Guarantee and Life, Mulgrave street (fire and life office); Universal, Frankfort street (fire and life office); Upper Buckland terrace (street); Vauxhall quay (street); Vauxhall street (street); Venecombe court (street); Vennel street (street); Victoria, Buckwell street (fire and life office); Victoria cottages, Victoria street (almshouse); Victoria Inn, Gasking street (inn); Victoria lane (street); Victoria Spa (building); Victoria street (street); Vintry Inn, Bull hill (inn); Vintry street (street); Week street (street); Welchman's Arms, New street (inn); Welcome Home Sailor, Castledyke lane (inn); Wesleyan Chapel, Buckwell lane (chapel); Wesleyan Chapel, Salem street (chapel); Wesleyan Chapel, Saltash street (chapel); West of England Conservative, George lane (newspaper); West of England, Cornwall street (fire and life office); Western College (college); Westminster Life, Frankfort street (fire and life office); Westminster Life, Union street (fire and life office); Westwell street (street); Wheatsheaf, King street (inn); Whimple street (street); White Friary, Friary court (friary); White Hart, Oldtown street (inn); White Horse, Basket street (inn); White Lion, Tavistock street (inn); White Swan, St Andrew street (inn); Whitecross street (street); Widey House (house); William street (street); Willow street (street); Windsor lane (street); Windsor place (street); Windsor street (street); Windsor terrace (street); Windsor villas (street); Woodside (street); Woolster street (street); Wyndham square (street); Wyndham street (street); York Inn, Stoke lane (inn); York street (street); Young Man's Christian Association, Bedford street (building, society); Zion street (street); Zoar Chapel (chapel).

Plymouth Charles the Martyr: Charles' Chapel, Tavistock place (chapel of ease); Compton Giffard (tithing); Compton Gifford (tithing, chapelry); Ford Park (estate); Hartley House, Compton Gifford (house); Infant School (school); King Charles the Martyr (parish church); Lipson (village); Mutley (village); Mutley plain, Compton Gifford (house); School of Industry (school); Sunday School (school); Thornhill, Compton Gifford (house); Thornhill Cottage, Compton Gifford (house); Townsend Hill, Compton Gifford (house); Vinstone House, Compton Gifford (house).

Plymouth St Andrew: Chatham Hulk (prison); Christ Church, Oxford street (church); Citadel (building); Drake's Island (land); Plymouth Workhouse (workhouse); St Andrew (parish church); St Andrew's Chapel, Lockyer street (chapel of ease); St Catherine (chapel of ease); Trinity Church, Southside street (church).

Plympton St Mary: Almshouse (almshouse); Beechwood House (estate); Blackland (house); Blackmoor (house); Boringdon (farm); Chaddlewood (estate, farm); Challonsleigh (farm); Chelsea Meadow (land); Chelson Meadow (land); Colebrook (village, estate); Colebrook Inn, Colebrook (inn); Devonshire Arms, Ridgway (inn); Elford Leigh (house); Elfordleigh (farm); Fursdon (house); Furzdon (estate); George Inn, Ridgway (inn); Goodamore (estate); Hardwick (farm); Harewood House (house); Heath (farm); Hele Arms, Underwood (inn); Hemerdon (hamlet); Hemerdon House (estate); Hey (farm); Hooksbury (farm); Lee Mill (mill); Lee Mill Bridge (part) (hamlet); Lepers' hospital (hospital); Loughtor Mill (mill); Lyneham Inn (inn); Marsh Mills (mill); Maudlin Lands (land); Merafield (farm); Mount Priory (house); National School, Ridgway (school); National School, Sparkwell (school); Newnham (farm); Newnham Park (estate); Plymouth Inn, Ridgway (inn); Plympton (manor); Plympton Railway Station (station); Priory (farm); Priory Mill (mill); Priory of Black Canons (priory); Ridgeway (village); Ridgway (village); Ring of Bells, Underwood (inn); Rose cottage (house); Saltram (estate); Sparkwell (hamlet); Sparkwell (modern parish); St Mary (parish church); St Mary's hill (house); Underwood (village); Union Inn, Underwood (inn); Union Workhouse, Underwood (workhouse); Venton (hamlet); Weslyan chapel, Lee Mill Bridge (chapel); Weslyan chapel, Ridgway (chapel); Yealmpstone (farm).

Plympton St Maurice: Plympton Earl (parish); Plympton Erle (parish); Plympton Maurice (parish); English School (school); Grammar School (school); Guildhall (building); Highland House (building); Hiley Field (land); Holland Farm (farm); Horsman's Meadow (land); Independent Chapel (chapel); London Inn (inn); Lunatic Asylum (building); Plympton (stannary and market town, borough); Plympton Castle (ruins); Plympton Grange (house); Plympton House (mansion); Post-Office (building); Prior's Park (land); St Maurice (parish church); Weslyan chapel (chapel).

Plymstock: Almshouse (almshouse); Ballicombe (house); Belle View (farm); Benhay Cottage (house); Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel (inn); Bovi Sand (area); Church Grammar School (school); Church House (inn); Coombe (farm); Elburton (village); Elburton Inn (inn); Furzatt (house); Goosewell (farm, manor); Hooe (village, modern parish); Hooe chapel (chapel of ease); Independent chapel, Oreston (chapel); King's Arms, Oreston (inn); Manor House, Staddiscombe (inn); Morley Arms, Pomphlet (inn); Mount Batten (inn); Mount Batten (watch tower); Mount Pleasant (house); National School (school); New Inn, Turnchapel (inn); Old Inn, Oreston (inn); Oreston (village); Parsonage House (building); Plymstock (village, manor); Pomphlet (village); Post-Office (building); Radford (estate); Retreat (house); Royal Oak, Hooe (inn); St Mary and All Saints (parish church); Staddiscombe (village, manor); Thorn Cottage (house); Turnchapel (village); Turnchapel chapel (chapel of ease); Victoria Inn, Hooe (inn); Water Works, Bovi Sands (works); Weslyan chapel, Oreston (chapel); Weslyan chapel, Plymstock (chapel); Weslyan chapel, Turnchapel (chapel); West Hooe (manor).

Plymtree: Clist-William (house); Fordmore (house, farm); Hayne House (house); Lower Weaver (farm); Plymtree (village, manor); Post-Office (building); Rectory (house); Tyes (farm); Virgin Mary (parish church).

Poltimore: Almshouses (almshouse); Cutton (farm); Hayes (farm); Horn Hill (farm); Poltimore (manor); Poltimore House (estate); Ratsloe (hamlet); Rectory (house); St Mary (parish church).

Poughill: Barton (farm); Lower Yedbury (estate); Parish School (school); Parsonage (house); Poughill (village); Rose and Crown (inn); St Mary (parish church); Welsbere (house).

Powderham: Belvidere (building); National School (school); Park Cottage (house); Powderham Castle (castle, mansion); Rectory (house); St Clement (parish church).

Puddington: Podington (parish); Coombe (farm); Independent Chapel (chapel); National School (school); Newhouse (farm); Puddington (village, manor); Puddington Lodge (house); Rectory (house); St Thomas-a-Beckett (parish church).

Pyworthy: Derraton (hamlet); Killatree (hamlet); National School (school); Parnacott (house); Pyworthy (village, manor); Rectory (house); St Swithen (parish church).

Rackenford: Bell Inn (inn); Bible Christian Chapel (chapel); Cruwyshaye House (house); Holy Trinity (parish church); Middlecott (farm); National School (school); Rackenford (village, borough, manor); Rectory (house); Stag's Head (inn); West Bradley (farm).

Rattery: Rattrey (parish); Allarcombe (farm); Almshouse (almshouse); Church House (inn); Luscombe (farm); Marley House (mansion, farm); Rattery (village, manor); St Mary (parish church); Torne (farm); Vicarage (house); Willing (farm).

Revelstoke: Coombe (farm); Globe Inn, Noss Mayo (inn); Higher Coombe (farm); Lambside (manor); Membland (estate); Netton (farm); Noss Mayo (mod. church); Noss Mayo chapel (chapel of ease); Passage House, Noss Mayo (house); Revelstoke (manor, farm); Rowden (farm); St Peter the Poor Fisherman (parish church); Swan Inn, Noss Mayo (inn); Worswell (farm).

Rewe: Millhayes (estate); Pale (estate); Post-Office (building); Rectory (house); Rew (manor); Rewe (village, manor); St Mary (parish church); Up Exe (tithing).

Ringmore: Rinmore (parish); All Hallows (parish church); Marwell (farm); New Inn (inn); Okenbury (farm); Rectory (house); Renton (farm); Ringmore (village, manor); Rinmore (village); Roborough by Torrington (parish).

Roborough (North Devon): Cliston (farm); Ebberley (hamlet); Ebberley House (house); George Inn (inn); New Inn (inn); Owlacombe (estate); Rectory (house); Roborough (manor); St Peter (parish church).

Rockbeare: Allercombe (estate); Bidgood Arms (inn); Copse (farm); Farm (estate); Ford (farm); Ford House (house); Independent Chapel (chapel); Marsh Green (village); Rockbeare (village, manor); Rockbeare House (estate); Southwood (hamlet); St Mary (parish church); Upcott (hamlet); Westcott (estate); Woodhouse (estate).

Romansleigh: Beacon Hill (land); Bell Inn (inn); Bendbon (farm); East Rowley (farm); High Thorndon (farm); Hillcott (farm); Horridge (farm); Little Rowley (farm); Lower Thorndown (farm); Odam (farm); Rectory House (house); Romansleigh (village, manor); Romansleigh Barton (farm); Royal Oak (inn); Rumonsleigh (village); Rumsleigh (village); St Rumon (parish church); West Rowley (farm).

Rose Ash: Angel, Ash Mill (inn); Beckwell (farm); Dansdown (farm); Ditchet (farm); East Ford (farm); Frankhill (farm); Higher-Ash-Town (house); Munson (farm); National School (school); Nethercott (farm); North Yard (farm); Nutcombe (farm); Overcott (farm); Ralph Esse (village); Rectory House (house); Rodsworthy (farm); Rose-Ash (village, manor); South Yard (farm); St Peter (parish church); West Catkill (farm); West Pearcey (farm); West Quince (farm); Wood Hill (farm); Yard (hamlet).

Rousdon: Down St Pancras (chapelry); Roosdown, Axmouth (extra-parochialestate); Rousdown, Axmouth (extra-parochialestate); St Pancras (chapel); St Pancras (chapelry).

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