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The genealogy of the family of Cole:
of the county of Devon, and of those of its branches
which settled in Suffolk, Hampshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, and Ireland


James Edwin-Cole

London : printed for private circulation by John Russell Smith (1867) 63 pp. [New York Public Library]

Transcribed by Michael Steer

There is a limited index to the entire book, pp. 65-66.

The prolific Cole family is reputed to have been one of the larger land-holders in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, according to parliamentary records, until the early 1600's. Most of their lands were obtained through marriage settlements. Members of the Cole family through the centuries have married into some of the most distinguished families in the West Country, for example, the Courteneys, Arundells, Edgcumbes, Tremaines, Grenvilles, as well as Raleigh, Drake, Gilbert, Hele, Durnford and the Moresheads, to list a few. Sir Francis Drake's Grandmother was Margaret Cole, her father John was also the Grandfather of Sir Walter Raleigh. The book is dedicated to the Rt Hon William Willoughby Cole, Earl of Enniskillen and was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers. A copy is also held at the New York Public Library.

Alfred, King1
Alsyme, Bishop2
Andrews, ___9
Andrews, Anna9
Anne, Joane6
Anne, John6
Archball, Rev Mervynpreface
Atwell family8
Baynham family7
Beaupell, Sir Henry, Knt5
Beaupell, Margaret5
Bethem, Sir Williampreface
Bodrugan, Anne4
Bodrugan family5
Bodrugan, Henry de4-5
Bodrugan, Sir Henry5
Bodrugan, Isabell5
Bodrugan, Jane5
Bodrugan, Joane5
Bodrugan, John de4
Bodrugan, Margaret5
Bodrugan, Nicholas5
Bodrugan, Sir Nicholas4-5
Bodrugan, Otto de5
Bodrugan, Sibylla4
Bodrugan, William de4
Bodrugan, Sir William Knt5
Bodyar family8
Bryant, Jaconintro
Burdeville, Edith2
Burdeville, Ralph2
Burke, Sir J Bernardpreface, 8-9
Camylla family8
Carew Richard3
Cary, ___8
Cary, Catherine8
Champernon, Margaret5
Champernon, Sir William5
Clarke family8
Clarke, Margaret8
Clarke, Thomas8
Cola, General1
Cole, Adam6-7
Cole, Sir Adam, Knt of Uptamar6-7
Cole, Agnes6, 8
Cole, Alice10
Cole, Anna9
Cole, Anne4, 8
Cole, Catalina9
Cole, Caesar9
Cole, Charles8, 10
Cole, Charles Clarke10
Cole, Captain Sir Christopher, KCB, DCL, MP9
Cole Edward of Twickenham8
Cole, Edward Henry8
Cole, Elinor9
Cole, Elizabeth6, 9-10
Cole, Ellen9
Cole family2
Cole, Francis10
Cole, Captain Francis RN9
Cole, Francis Sewell8
Cole, Gaufridusintro
Cole, George8
Cole, George, MA8
Cole, George Crozier8
Cole, Georgina8
Cole, Henry10
Cole, Henry Thomas8
Cole, Humphrey9
Cole, James10
Cole, Jane8
Cole, Jeoffrey9
Cole, Jerman10
Cole, Joane6, 10
Cole, John6-7, 9
Cole, John Esq7-8
Cole, John de Tamer3
Cole, John of Treworgee8
Cole, Sir John, Knt6
Cole, Sir John, Knt, of Nythway4-5, 7-8
Cole, Justice1
Cole, Margaret5-9
Cole, Maria10
Cole, Martin9
Cole, Mary8, 10
Cole, Nicholas10
Cole, Owen Blaney8
Cole, Parnell9
Cole, Richard2, 9-10
Cole, Richard John10
Cole, Robert7-10
Cole, Roger9
Cole, Roger of Coleton2-3, 8
Cole, Sir Simon6
Cole, Stephen7-8
Cole, Susanna9
Cole, Thomas8-10
Cole, Thomas Rea8
Cole, Thomasine8
Cole, Walter8
Cole, William2, 7-10
Cole William, of Hittisleigh2-3, 6
Cole, Sir William of Enniskillenpreface
Cole, Sir William of Tamar, Knt5
Cole, Ysabella2
Cooke, ___9
Cooke, Anna9
Cornwall, Richard Earl of3
Courtenay, Bishop Peter2
Crozier, Captain8
Crozier, Solly8
De la Pole, William3, 5-7
Edgcumbe, Sir Richard5
Edward the Confessorintro, 2
Edward I3-4
Edward II4-5
Edward III3-5, 7
Edward IV5
Elizabeth I1, 9
Ellis, Sir Henryintro
Exmouth, Admiral Viscount9
Fitzwarine, Agnes6
Fitzwarine, ___6
Fortescue, John8
Fortescue, Margaret8
Foxe, Bishop Richard2
Gallegos, Catalina9
Gallegos, Ferdinando9
Gilbert6, 9
Gloucester, Robert of1, 6
Hancoke, ___9
Hancoke, Ellen9
Hawksworth, ___10
Henry III2-4
Henry V5-6
Henry VI5, 7
Henry VII5-6
Herbert, Jane (or Margaret)5
Holbeame, John7
Holbeame, William7
Huddy, Elizabeth6
Huddy, Sir John6
Hull, Joane5
Hull, Robert5
James I9
Jeoffery, Anne8
Jeoffery, Thomas8
John, King2
Kellio family8
Kestell, John8
Kestell, Mary8
Knighte, Edward1
Laremar, Frances8
Laremar, Commodore8
Lenker family8
Locke, Susanna9
Locke, William9
Lodge, Johnpreface
Lower, M Aintro
Maisters, Anne9
Maisters, Edward, gent9
Martyn, Elizabeth9
Martyn, John9
Mathias family2
Maundeville family5
Maundeville, Sibylla4
Maundeville, Walter de4
Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris, KH6
Oland, Elizabeth9
Oland, William9
Palgrave3, 7
Pembroke, Earl of5
Pomeroy family (also Pomeray)7
Pomeroy, Sir Henry de la6-7
Pomeray, Johanna7
Pomeray, John7
Pomeroy, Margaret de la6
Pomeroy, Thomas (also Pomeray)7
Port, Hugon de1
Raggett, ___10
Raggett, Elizabeth10
Raye, Elinor9
Raye, James9
Redvers, Amice2
Reskymer, ___5
Reskymer, Vidona5
Richard II4-6
Richard III5
Rushan, Elizabeth9
Russell family8
Scot family5
Segar, Sir William, Kntpreface, 2-3, 5-6
Sergeaulx, Philippa5
Sergeaulx, Sir Richard, Kny5
Stapleton family5
Stone, Georgina8
Stone, John8
Stoner, Sir John, Knt5
Stoner, Julian5
Sweyne, King1
Tours, Martin de2
Tozer, Jane8
Tozer, Robert8
Trelausard, Jane5
Trelausard, William5
Trenowith, Jane (or Margaret)5
Trenowith, Sir Henry5
Trenowith, Joane5
Trenowith, Ralph5
Trevaignon, Joane5
Trevaignon, Sir John, Knt5
Trevaner family5
Trevarthian, Joane5
Trevarthian, Sir John5
Trevarthian, Otho5
Trevarthian, Vidona5
Trevelyan family4
Truebody, Joane8
Truebody, John8
Tucker, John8
Tucker, Thomasine8
Valletort, Joane7
Valletort, Roger7
Walcholyne, Bishop1-2
Walkesein, Bishop1
Wallesborow, Isabell5
Wallesborow, Julian5
Wallesborow, Philippa5
Wallesborow, William5
Wallesborow, Sir William5
Weston, Elizabeth6
Weston, Sir Richard, Knt6
White, ___9
White family8
White, Joane8
White, John8
White, Margaret9
William I, Conqueror1
Woodstock, Thomas of4
Wyatt family8
Wyatt, Jane8
Wyatt, Robert8
Wymarke family8
Young family2