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Help and advice for Devon: The Reverend Matthew Mundy, I, II, III, IV. (1894) - Index

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Name Index


The Reverend Matthew Mundy, I, II, III, IV.

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol 26, (1894), pp. 322-334.


Frances B. Troup

Prepared by Michael Steer

The author's curiosity was aroused when she discovered that four clergymen named Matthew Mundy, in as many generations, had been beneficed in the diocese of Exeter. Although none of the four were famous, Troup provides notes about their lives extending from "the semi dormant period of the Church's life after the stormy days of the Commonwealth to the greater activity and usefulness in our own (sic Victorian) generation". The paper begins with some general information about the Mundy family. Its Appendix provides an extensive pedigree for the family. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Acland, Cecily 325
Acland, Sir Hugh 325
Ayre, Cecil 325, 331
Ayre, Dorothy 325
Ayre family 328
Ayre, Marshall 325, 331-2
Ayre, Mary 332
Beatty, Susan A 333
Beatty, W C Esq MD 333
Bishop 334
Brown, ___ 331
Brown, Agnes 331
Brown, Mary 331
Brown, Thomas 331
Brushfield, Dr 334
Burke, Sir Bernard 323
Carwithen family 334
Carwithen, Rev George 333
Carwithen, Mary 333
Carwithen, Rev W H 327
Chorley, Elizabeth 332
Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice 325
Dening, Richard 332
Dickinson, Rev F B 334
Downe, Mary 330
Duke, Dorothy 325
Duke, George 325
Duke, Richard 325
Edward I 323
Edward VI 323
Elizabeth I 323
Evans, William 332
Foster 323
Garlake, Agnes 330
Hellier, Mary 330
Hill Elizabeth 331
Hill Francis 331
Hillyard, ¬¬¬___ 331
Hillyard, Dr Matthew 331
Hillyard, Sarah 331
Hutchins 334
Jenner 332
Land, John 324
Lucas, Elizabeth 330
Lucas, John 330
Maclean, Sir John 323, 325, 334
Marker, Elizabeth 327, 333
Maynard, Mary 332
Monday, Mr Alfred James 329
Mundy, Agnes 330-1
Mundy, Anne 331-2
Mundy, Anthony 323
Mundy, Cecillia 331
Mundy, Cecil 325-6, 332
Mundy, Charles 326
Mundy, Dorothea 332-3
Mundy, Dorothea Isabella 333
Mundy, Dorothy 325-6, 331-2
Mundy, Edward 331
Mundy, Eliza 333
Mundy, Elizabeth 327, 330-2
Mundy family 322-4, 328-30
Mundy, Francis STD 323, 326
Mundy, Gideon Ayre 333
Mundy, Hamo 322
Mundy, Hannah 331
Mundy, Jane 332
Mundy, Rev J T 329
Mundy, Johane 330
Mundy, John 323
Mundy, John, (Barrister) 323
Mundy, John (Doctor of Music) 323
Mundy, Sir John (Mayor) 323
Mundy, Margery 330
Mundy, Mary 327, 330-1, 333
Mundy, Mary Cecil 333
Mundy, Rev Matthew, AM (I) (Rector of Plymtree) 322, 324-5, 331
Mundy, Rev Matthew AM (II) (Harpford & Venn Ottery) 324-7, 331-2
Mundy, Matthew III (East Budleigh) 326
Mundy, Rev Matthew IV (Rockbeare) 327-8, 333
Mundy, Captain Matthew (Royal Marines) 327, 333
Mundy, Matthew (Taunton) 324, 330-1
Mundy, Sarah 325, 331-2
Mundy, Thomas (Attorney) 327, 331-3
Mundy, Thomas Conservator 330
Mundy, Thomas (Prior) 323, 325
Mundy, Thomas (Burgess of Taunton) 324, 330, 333
Mundy, Thomas, gent (Harpford) 326
Mundy, Thomas George 333
Mundy, Welthian 330
Mundy, William 323
Mundy, William Terry 333
Mustin, Margery 330
Muttlebury, Welthian 330
Patch, Burnet 327
Patch, Rev James Terry MA 327-8
Patch, James 327, 333
Patch, James Esq 333
Patch, John 333
Patch, Lauretta 333
Patch, Mary 327-8, 333
Patch, Mary Cecil 333
Patch, Mary Elizabeth 333
Patch, Susan A 333
Patch, Thomas Lodge 327-8, 333
Patch, Trelawney 333
Pearse, Elizabeth 330
Perry, Rev A 333
Perry Lauretta 333
Phear, Sir John 327
Prideaux, Sir John 325
Prouze, Susannah 326
Raw, Dorothy 331
Raw, Elizabeth 331
Roberts, John 331
Roberts, Mary 331
Savage 334
Selfe, Elizabeth 332
Selfe, John 331-2
Selfe, John jnr 332
Tennyson 329
Toplady, Rev 325, 329
Trevelyan 323
Trosse, Thomas 325
Troyte, Cecily 325
Troyte, Rev Thomas 325
Vivian, Colonel 334
Weaver 334
Weekes, Rev F Brian 333
Weekes, Trelawney 333
West, Agnes 331
West, Ambrose 331
Westcombe, Anstice 331
Westcombe, Mary 331
Westcombe, Thomas 331
William I (Conqueror) 323