Ancient Westcountry Families and Their Armorial Bearings

A story of the old nobility and gentry of Devon and Cornwall, with notes on their lives, their manor-houses and their charities

by B.H. Williams

Vol. I

published by J.A.D. Bridger, 112A and 112B Market Jew Street, Penzance, 1916

(N.B. No further volumes were published)



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prepared by Sheila Jones, Nov. 2000

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Note: No attempt has been to standardise spellings or to expand abbreviations. Items have been included exactly as they appear in the book.


Anstis of Duloe (Cornwall) pp 1-5

Archer of Treslake (Cornwall) pp 6-11

Beauchamp of Benerton and Trevince (Cornwall) pp 12-17

Birdwood of West Alvington (Devon) pp 18-24

Blachminster of Binamy (Cornwall) pp 25-31

Bond of Earth (Cornwall) pp 32-36

Buller of Churston (Devon) pp 37-43

Calmady of Langdon (Cornwall) pp 44-50

Carew of Haccombe (Devon) pp 51-55

Chiverton of Trehunsey (Cornwall) pp 56-61

Cotton of Botreaux Castle (Devon & Cornwall) pp 62-67

Crocker of Lyneham (Devon) pp 68-73

Fitz of Fitz-Ford (Devon) pp 74-81

Fulford of Great Fulford (Devon) pp 82-87

Gilbert of Compton Castle (Devon) pp 88-92

Glanville of Tavistock (Devon) pp 93-96

Glanville of Catchfrench (Cornwall) pp 97-100

Hoblyn of Nanswhyden (Cornwall) pp 101-106

Jago and Iago (Devon & Cornwall) pp 107-113

Kestell of Kestell (Cornwall) pp 114-119

Kirkham of Blagdon (Devon) pp 120-123

Ley of Beerferris (Devon) pp 124-128

Ley, alias Kempthorne, of Tonacombe (Cornwall) pp 129-133

Langdon and Keverall of Keverall (Cornwall) pp 134-139

Martin of Barnstaple (Devon) pp 140-143

Menwynick of Menwynick (Cornwall) pp 144-149

Moyle of Bake (Cornwall) pp 150-157

Munday of Rialton (Devon & Cornwall) pp 158-163

Pedler and Pedlar (Devon & Cornwall) pp 164-168

Penfound of Penfound (Cornwall) pp 169-175

Peryent of Digswell (Hertfordshire - but progenitors of Periam of Exeter) pp 176-180

Periam of Exeter (Devon) pp 181-189

Porter of St. Stephens (Cornwall) pp 190-193

Polwhele of Polwhele (Cornwall) pp 194-200

Petre of Devon and Peter of Cornwall pp 201-206

Reskymer of Reskymer (Cornwall) pp 207-213

Scobell (Devon) pp 214-218

Slogett of Tresloggett (Cornwall) pp 219-226

Strode of Newnham (Devon) pp 227-232

Symons of Hatt (Cornwall) pp 233-240

Trefusis of Trefusis (Cornwall) pp 241-246

Trefusis, Barons Clinton (various) pp 247-252

Tremayne of Tremayne (Devon & Cornwall) pp 253-258

Wade of Wadefast (Devon & Cornwall) pp 259-263

Wise of Sydenham (Devon) pp 264-272

Wood of Hareston (Devon) pp 273-279

Woolcombe of Hemerdon (Devon) pp 280-283

Wyke of North Wyke (Devon) pp 284-289

Yarde of Bradley (Devon) pp 290-195

Yeo of Tre-Yeo (Cornwall) pp 296-301