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Help and advice for Harris of Pickwell

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Harris of Pickwell

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. VII, (1912-1913), Exeter: James G. Commin. 1913. p. 178.


J.F. Chanter

Prepared by Michael Steer

Pickwell manor was owned by John Harris who was the member of parliament for Barnstaple in the mid-19th century. During the Victorian era it was owned by the Hole family who paid for much of the Victorian restoration of St George's church in Georgeham. The church contains a "Pickwell chapel" dating from 1762. The manor lies between the village of Georgeham and the coast above Woolacombe and Putsborough beach. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Note 131. HARRIS OF PICKWELL. (VII., par. 95, p. 120.) - I do not know of any pedigree of this family, but the following extracts from Georgeham Register, which show that the family were at Georgeham from 1679 to 1790, may be of use to J.H.R.


1678. William, s. Mr. John & Dorothy Harris, Oct. 27.
1681. Tobias, s. Mr. John & Doroty Harris, Sep. 22.
1685. Edward, s. Mr. John & Dorothy Harris, Oct. 28.
1694. Mary, d. Mr. John Harris, Aug, 21.
1702. Elizabeth, d. William Harris, gent., Apr. 21.
1703. John. s. William Harris, gent., Sep. 6.
1705. Honour, d. William Harris, gent., July 18.
1707. Samuel, s. William Harris, gent., born Apr. 28, bap. May 20.
1709. Jane, d. William Harris, gent., Aug. 4.
1732. William, s. John Harris, Esq., Sep. 11.
1735. Honour, d. John Harris, Esq., Oct. 30.


1681. Tobias, s. Mr. John Harris, Mar. 2.
1694. Dorothy, wife Mr. John Harris, Dec. 17.
1695. Edward, s. Mr. John Harris, July n.
1705. Honour, d. William Harris, gent., Aug. 3.
1716. Honour, wife William Harris, Esq., Oct. 29.
1720. William Harris, Esq., May 4.
1733. William, s. John Harris, Esq., Sep. 24.
1733. Dorothy, d. John Harris, Esq., Sep. 24.
1734. John, s. John Harris, Esq., Dec. 26.
1759. Dorothy, wife John Harris, Esq., July 30.
1768. John Harris, Esq. of Pickwell, Feb. 20.
1790. Honour Harris, of Pickwell, Aug. 14.

I did not observe any marriages of Harris family in the Register, but Lysons states that John Harris, who died in 1768, married a sister of Earl Powis. There are several other Harris entires in Georgeham Registers, but they do not appear to belong to the same family.                           J. F. CHANTER.