From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

GEORGEHAM, a small straggling village, in a valley 8 miles W.S.W. of Barnstaple, has in its parish 923 souls and 4650 acres of land, extending westward to Croyde and Morte Bays, and the long narrow promontory called Baggy Point, where the rocky cliffs rise boldly from the Bristol Channel. Most of the parishioners are in the villages and hamlets of Croyde, North Buckland, Darracott, and Puttsborough. Croyde is a pleasant sea bathing place, with a fine bay, and much romantic scenery in its vicinity. The manor of Georgeham was anciently the seat and property of the knightly family of Pickwell, and now belongs to Earl Fortescue. C.H. Webber, Esq., is lord of the manor of Croyde, or Crede; but a great part of the parish belongs to John Dunning, W.V. Richards, (of Incledon House,) the Rev. F. Hole, and a number of smaller owners, mostly free and partly lease holders. The Church (St. George,) is a fine antique structure, and among its monuments is the tomb of a crusader, supposed to be that of Sir Mauger St. Albyn. In the churchyard are buried Simon Gould and his wife Julian, who died in March, 1817, each in the 101st year of their age, and having been married upwards of 75 years. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £40. 17s. 11d., and in 1831 at £622, is in the patronage of Wm. Hole, Esq. and incumbency of the Rev. Fras. Hole, who has a handsome residence and 35A. of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1839, for £500 per annum. The poor parishioners have £2. 5s. 7d. yearly, as the interest of £57 left by various donors. In 1778, John Richards left £5 a year out of Tucker's and Hartnoll's tenements, for two schoolmistresses, at Georgeham and Croyde. The poor have also the interest of £50, left by John Richd. Middleditch, in 1798; and they ought to have the dividends of £24. 11s. three per cent. consols, left by Richard. Dean, in 1805, but they have not been claimed since 1811. Marked 1 are at North Buckland; 2, Croyde; 3, Darracott; and 4 at Puttsborough.

Bale Mr Gabriel || Pyke Mrs
Chugg Thos. gent. || Heddon Mrs
Conibear Charles, vict Rock House
Dunning John, Esq. North Buckland
Hole Rev Francis, M.A. Rectory
2 Prole Wm. gent. || Hill John, serjt
Richards Wm. Vellacott, Esq. Incledon House
Scamp Rt. maltster & vict. Ring of Bells
Thomas Joseph, vict. King's Arms


2 Budd James
Lang Wm.
2 Matthew Rd.


Clibbitt John
Conibear Charles
2 Gammon Jas.
Goss Wm.
2 Matthew Rd.
Sanders James


. Butler George
Geen Thomas
Geen Wm.
Lang Philip
Lang Wm.
2 Smith John
2 Tucker Wm.


2 Budd James
2 Smith John, wgt
Thomas Charles
Thomas Joseph
Thorne John


Holcombe Danl.
Stanbury John Haydon


(* are Owners.) *1 Badcock John
Baggott John
2 Bagster George and James
*1 Barnes John
4 Barnes Thos.
*1 Boyles Geo.
*2 Brayley John
*2 Crang Walter
Downing George, Pickwell
3 Forrest Richd.
3 Goss Joseph
3 Hancock Wm.
*2 Haydon John
4 Holmes Wm.
2 Irwin Wm.
*Jones R. Tucker
2 Lang Wm.
2 Lock James
2 Moule Agnes
*2 Preston John
*2 Quick John
2 Richards Philip
2 Rowe John
1 Shapland Eliz.
Smith George
*Smith Wm.
*Smith Peter
*1 Symons Geo.
Trace Wm.
4 Tucker Geo.
1 Tucker John
Tucker Richard
2 Webb Wm.
Webber George
*2 Zeale Geo. & Jn.


. 2 Glover Wm.
Gooding John
Mock John
Pearce Richard


2 Berry Jane
2 Butler Eliz.
Davies Betsy
Hooper John
2 Webber Wm.


Bennett John
2 Howard Jph.
Hunt John
2 Parkin Betsy
Zeale Richard


. Breay John
Goss Philip
Menhenniott Geo.


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