Name Listing from the Torrington Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Caddy, Edm Herring:                                             High StreetGawtray, Hannah: Academy (Ladies)                               South StreetClubb, Wm Gill: Attorney                                        Potacre StreetHawkins, Knowling Henry: Attorney                               New StreetKingdon, Francis: Attorney                                      High StreetRisdon, John: Attorney                                          South StreetDoe, George: Auctioneer & Land Agent                            South StreetPearce, Henry: Baker                                            Potacre StreetLoveband: Banker                                                High StreetSlade: Banker                                                   High StreetFowler, Thos: Bookseller, Printer & Organist                    High StreetGidley, Saml: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 South StreetGould, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    High StreetPassmore, Henry: Boot & Shoe Maker                              Well StreetPassmore, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Castle StreetHarper, Richard: Butcher                                        High StreetHeanes, George: Butcher                                         New StreetMay, Wm Morris: Cabinet Maker                                   New StreetGrant, Wm: Carpenter                                            New StreetMay, John: Carpenter                                            Potacre StreetCourtis: CarrierFusdin, Wm: CarrierGorden: Carrier                                                 Well StreetGordon: Carrier                                                 Well StreetHandford: CarrierLowe: CarrierWard, John: CarrierWilliams: CarrierFowler, Wm: Cooper                                              Well StreetAdams, John: Currier                                            South StreetLovering, George: Currier                                       High StreetRude, Jas: Currier                                              South StreetRow, John: Druggist                                             South StreetTapley, Hubert Cornish: Druggist                                High StreetFowler, Thomas: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union & Pelican)     High StreetDoe, George: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix)                        South StreetTapley, Hbrt: Fire Office Agent (Salamander)                    High StreetYeo, John: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                  South StreetLangdon, Thos: Gardener                                         Mill StreetSaundford, Robt: Gardener                                       Mill StreetChapple, Michael: Glove Manufacturer                            New StreetCock, Mary: Glove Manufacturer                                  New StreetPettle, James: Glove Manufacturer                               Well StreetPettle, Richard: Glove Manufacturer                             Well StreetWills, Wm: Glove Manufacturer                                   New StreetDoe, Samuel: Grocer                                             South StreetFriendship, John: Grocer                                        South StreetJohns, Mary: Grocer                                             South StreetLovering, George: Grocer                                        High StreetPidgeon, Henry: Grocer                                          South StreetVeysey, Charles: Grocer                                         High StreetWalker, George: Grocer                                          High StreetWare, Annanias: Grocer                                          Potacre StreetBaker, Wm: Hardware Dealer                                      Well StreetBowen, Samuel: Hat Manufacturer                                 Mill StreetBurridge, Henry: Hat Manufacturer                               High StreetBartlett, Wm: Iron Monger                                       High StreetDennis, John: Iron Monger                                       High StreetWalker, George: Iron Monger                                     High StreetYeo, John: Iron Monger                                          South StreetWills, Ths: Leather Dresser                                     Well StreetFriendship, John: Linen Draper                                  South StreetPettle, James: Linen Draper                                     High StreetPettle, Richard: Linen Draper                                   High StreetPidgeon, Henry: Linen Draper                                    South StreetVeysey, Chas: Linen Draper                                      High StreetWalker, George: Linen Draper                                    High StreetAbbott, James: Maltster                                         New StreetPoole, Thos: Maltster                                           Well StreetWaldon, Wm: Maltster                                            Potacre StreetGunn, John: Painter                                             Well StreetGunn, Wm: Painter                                               South StreetChambers, James: Perfumer                                       High StreetNickell, J: Perfumer                                            South StreetBartlett, Richd: Plumber & Glazier                              Potacre StreetDay, Henry: Plumber & Glazier                                   South StreetShallabeare, John: Plumber & Glazier                            Mill StreetSaunders, Wm: Poor Warden                                       Well StreetHobbs, Ann: Post Mistress                                       Castle StreetFriendship, Wm: Rope Maker                                      South StreetChapman, John: Saddler                                          Potacre StreetCole, Thomas: Saddler                                           Well StreetCole, Wm: Saddler                                               South StreetHolwill, John: Saddler                                          South StreetYeo, John: Spirit Merchant                                      South StreetCartwright, Wm: Steward To Lord Rolle                           New StreetCock, Walter: Stone Mason                                       Well StreetLaimbeer: Stone Mason                                           Potacre StreetTapley, Hubert Cornish: Sub-Distributor Of Stamps               High StreetColby, Thos: Surgeon                                            South StreetHole, Richd: Surgeon                                            South StreetRouse, Richard: Surgeon                                         South StreetVicary, Thos Cornish: Surgeon                                   South StreetVicary, Wm: Surgeon                                             Mill StreetMallet, John: Surveyor Of Taxes                                 New StreetCurtice, Wm: Tailor                                             South StreetCurtice, Wm: Tailor                                             Well StreetEssery, Joseph: Tailor                                          Castle StreetSmith, Thos: Tailor                                             South StreetTucker, Stephen: Tailor                                         Castle StreetDallyn, Thos: Tallow Chandler                                   Potacre StreetDallyn, Wm: Tallow Chandler                                     Potacre StreetWills, Rd: Tallow Chandler                                      South StreetKingdon, John: Tanner                                           Mill StreetStoneman, George: Tanner                                        New StreetWhite, Henry: Tavern/Inn (Bell)                                 High StreetWillis, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Black Horse)                            High StreetMatthews, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Black Swan)                           Potacre StreetBowden, John: Tavern/Inn (Boot)                                 South StreetLake, John: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                             Calf StreetWills, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Globe Inn)                              High StreetBasterd, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Malt Scoop)                           Well StreetNoyes, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Nelson)                                Mill StreetWilliams, Wm: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                              Well StreetHogg, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Old Inn)                                 Well StreetLloyd, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Plough)Beer, Philip: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                        New StreetSaunders, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                 South StreetHenborrow, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Vernon Inn)                      South StreetNickolls, Wm: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                           New StreetClarkson, Betty: Tavern/Inn (White Swan)                        South StreetRoberts, John: Veterinary Surgeon                               Castle StreetGreen, Thos: Watch Maker                                        Potacre StreetLangbridge, James: Watch Maker                                  High StreetSquire, Hy: Wheelwright                                         Mill StreetPoole, Thos: Woolstapler                                        Well Street
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999