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Great Torrington Burials 1616-1667

Transcribed by

Betsy Rubel

From A Transcript of the Church Registers of Great Torrington, by Mr J W Bastin, edited by the late Michael J.L. Wickes, provided here by kind permission of Mrs. R. Wickes.

Anything in parentheses is by Michael Wickes, my own additions being in square brackets. In the original transcription, the various Notes were interpspersed with the main text - for convenience I have numbered them and given them at the end of the trancription.

SURNAMENameDate of DeathDate of BurialRelation, etc.
ANDERSONThomas Feb 27, 1607of Torrington, stranger buried in Ilminster, Som
FEODAVIEJohn Mar 27, 1616 
CRAMBERYMichaell March the last day, 1616 
PARSONSAmbrose Apr 2, 1616the son of Will. & Johan of Sparkford, Somerset was buried in the churchyard of Torrington
GORRANTJane Apr 3, 1616d. of John
BRIDGEMANCharytie Apr 7, 1616d. of John
COOKEHenry Apr 13, 1616alias BEST
COURTISJohan Apr 15, 1616widowe
POOLEJohan Apr 16, 1616d. of John
CORNEYThomas Apr 17, 1616s. of Christopher
MARSHWILLFrancis Apr 20,1616s. of Oliver
CUTFORDAnthony Apr 21, 1616s. of John
PARSONSCharity Apr 22, 1616d of James
FRANKELINEGeorge Apr 25, 1616s. of John
HARRIESAlice May 1, 1616widowe
GEATONKatherine May 2, 1616d. of Richard
TOOCKERMary May 25, 1616d. of Hugh
GISTMargery the last day of May 1616d. of Thomas
GINDELLElenor Jun 4, 1616wife of Roger
SMYTHNicholas Jun 10, 1616s. of Richard
WOOLCOTTRichard Jun 11, 1616d. [sic] of Thomas
GORRANTJohan Jun26, 1616wife of John
BREMELCOMBERichard Jun 29, 1616s. of Hugh
PAULEThomas Jul 18, 1616s. of Robert
PEEKEEdward Sept 5, 1616 
HOMESJohn Sept 15, 1616s. of Andrew
ROBBENSAnn Sept 22, 1616d. of William
MOYSEEdward Sept the last day, 1616 
GRENDUMElizabeth Oct 2, 1616wife of Robert
LEASamuell Oct 6, 1616s. of Robert
CRAMBERYAgnes Oct 8, 1616d. of Jacob
LAKEAgnes Oct 14, 1616d. of Roger
POOLEElizabeth Oct 28, 1616wife of John
GIFFORDDorothie Nov 7, 1616wife of Archilles
TAMMASAnn Dec 2, 1616base d. of Dunes
JOHNSJohn Dec 6, 1616 
WALTERJohn Dec 15, 1616s. of Richard
RADDEHenry Dec 17, 1616s. of John
DOWNENicholas Dec 18, 1616 
SHORTEJohan Dec 20, 1616d. of John
VANNAnn Dec 29, 1616d. of William
CRAMBERYSara Dec 30, 1616wife of Jacob
BESTAgnes Jan 12, 1616wife of John
KELLYJohan Jan 14, 1616widowe
TAYLORRichard Jan 15, 1616s. of John
JEFFERYJames Jan 28, 1616 
HOLMANJohn Feb 2, 1616 
PERRINThomasine Feb 3, 1616wife of Hugh
DANIELLGrace Feb 5, 1616d. of Nicholas
TAWTONJohan Feb 7, 1616d. of James
BLAKEChristopher Dec 12, 1616 
ROBBINSMargery Dec 20, 1616wife of Robert
TOOKERMary Dec 22, 1616wife of Christopher
BLACKEMOREWalter Mar 8, 1616 
SINGEJames Mar 8, 1616s. of Oliver
BRIANAndrew Mar 9, 1616s. of John
MARSHWILLJohn Mar 27, 1617 
LAKEThomas Apr 1, 1617 
BEASEJohn Apr 11, 1617 
PICKARDJohan Apr 16, 1617d. of John
MOYSERichard Apr 26, 1617 
ROBINSONThomas May 2, 1617 
TAWTONChristian May 12, 1617wife of Nathaniell
HARTEJohan May 21, 1617wife of John, clarke
COURTISSilvanus Jun 4, 1617s. of William
REEDEGrace Jun 8, 1617d. of Richard
FRANCKELINEChristian Jun 11, 1617d. of John
TYMESNathaniell Jul 3, 1617s. of Geiles
HEWOODEMargery Jul 1, 1617 
SKRIGGENSJudeth Jul 7, 1616wife of George
JEFFERYElizabeth Jul 13, 1617d. of Richard
CANNJames Jul 22, 1617base son of Margery
KINGEElizabeth Jul 25, 1617d. of John
PEARCEGrace Aug 13, 1617d. of Robert
JUDDEElizabeth Aug 16, 1617d. of Richard
GILLThomasine the last day of Aug. 1617widowe
SYNCOOKERichard Sept 7, 1617 
ROWE[blank] Sept 22, 1617d. of Humphrey
HILLJosias Sept 23, 1617s. of Josias
DREWERichard Sept 27, 1617 
LAMBERTWillmott Nov 9, 1617wife of Thomas
PREDISJudeth Nov 14, 1617wife of John
TIDBALLJohn Nov 14, 1617s. of Leonard
LAKEJohn Dec 7, 1617s. of John
CADDEYMary Dec 28, 1617wife of Anthony
TOWTKatherine Jan 18,1617widowe
JUELLThomasine Jan 19, 1617 
MARWOODRichard Feb 25, 1617 
WAYHenry Feb the last day 1617 
QUANCEJohn Feb 7, 1617s. of Luke
COUKEPriscilla Feb 13, 1617d. of Mr. Couke of Lanceston
TRACEYJohn Feb 18, 1617s. of Roger
TRACEYCherity Feb 20, 1617wife of John
MARWOODCherity Feb 23, 1617wife of Richard
HILLJohan Mar 6, 1617wife of Christopher
CARNWITHIEWilliam Mar 25, 1617 
TAYLDERHonor Mar 13, 1618d. of John
WAYGrace Apr 18, 1618d. of William
GAYAnn Apr 22, 1618wife of Raphe
GRANTJohn Apr 25, 1618s. of Robert
GOSCOTTChristian Apr 25, 1618wife of John
TIDBALLElizabeth May 7, 1618wife of Arthur
CUTTYNGEElizabeth May 11, 1618d. of John
TRICKEJohan May 16,1618wife of Oliver
LEYTristam May 20, 1618s. of Roger
JINNINGEJohan May 21, 1618widowe
MOUNKLEYBridgett May 24, 1618 
HANGEREdmund May 27, 1618 
HEYHAMJohn May 27, 1618 
JAMESWilliam May 29, 1618 
WALTEREdward May the last 1618 
VINNINGEJohn May the last 1618s. of Henry
JENNINGEJohn Jun 1,1618 
ANTHONYHierome Jun 5, 1618s. of John
ARNOLDThomas Jun 20, 1618 
SMYTHRichard Jun 27, 1618s. of John
JUELLLeonard Jul 1, 1618 
BOXWilliam Jul 11, 1618base son of Elizabeth
REEDRichard Jul 13, 1618 
TIDBALLWillmott Jul 16, 1618d. of Arthur
VEALEAndrew Jul 18, 1618s. of James
TAYLORMary Jul 28, 1618d. of John
MARTYNThomas Aug 3, 1618 
HESSETTElyner Aug 8, 1618wife of Andrew
LAYEAlice Oct 9, 1618wife of William
HULLGrace Oct 12, 1618d. of Henry
BOWDENWydow Oct 16, 1618 
PEARCEAnne Oct 18,1618d. of Humphrey
DENNISJane Oct 19, 1618d. of William
HUNDERHILLMary Oct 19, 1618d. of Barnely
BESTElizabeth Oct 22, 1618wydowe
PERRENHugh Nov 4, 1618 
TAYLORWalter [?] Nov 4, 1618s. of James
KEARNEJohane Nov 6, 1618wife of Edward
SKIGGENSHenry Nov 7, 1618 
GRYGWORTHIERichard Nov 9, 1618the late son of John
PENLEYJohn Nov 24, 1618 
DENNISThomas Dec 3, 1618s. of William
WALTERJohane Dec 13, 1618wydowe
ARSCOTTRichard Dec 13, 1618base son of Johane
HOUNSELLJohn Jan 4, 1618s. of John
CHALDONJohane Jan 17, 1618wydowe
BROCKEJohn Jan 23, 1618s. of John
BRYANTWydow Jan 24, 1618 
DYERJohane Jan 25, 1618wydowe
TAWTONRobert Feb 8, 1618 
BLACKMORERichard Feb 16, 1618 
HEYMANLewes Feb 20, 1618s. of Richard
COLWELLRichard Feb 20, 1618 
ALLYNHenry Feb 22, 1618s. of William
MEKHAMAlce Feb 23, 1618wife of Edward
WAYERichard Feb 26, 1618s. of William
MOORERichard Mar 8, 1618s. of William
HALCEAlce Mar 8, 1618weddow
SMYTHSONNGrace Mar 24, 1618d. of John
GILESThomas Mar 25, 1619 
LANGMOREChristian Mar 27, 1619wife of Thomas
ROOCKEThomas Apr 5, 1619 
ELLISGeorge Apr 9, 1619s. of William
TOUCHINGEWydow Apr 17, 1619 
GYLESJohan Apr 20, 1619wydowe
GREENWOODMr. Henry May 2, 1619Alderman
LARDERElizabeth May 2, 1619wydowe
STANBURYBridgett May 7, 1619 
GUSTERDAudery May 9, 1619d. of John
COLEPhillipp May 19, 1619s. of Robert
STONEMANAnthony May 25, 1619s. of Henry
ALLYNRalphe May 26, 1619 
HUTCHINGSThomasyn Jun 89, 1619 
PASMOREJohn Jul 5, 1619s. of Thomas
GARDENicholas Jul 5, 1619 
FRANCKLYNZenoby Jul 14, 1619wife of John
DREWEJudeth Sept 25, 1619wife of William
MAYEThomas Sept 30, 1619 
PUGSLYJohanna Oct 28, 1619 
MORSENathanyell Oct 28, 1619stranger
JOASEMary Oct 28, 1619d. of George
STEVENSMay Nov 8, 1619d. of Margaret & William
DAYERJohn Nov 29, 1619 
HUTCHINGSThomas Dec 6, 1619 
SMYTHFrancyes Jan 13, 1619wydowe
TIDDYElizabeth Jan 19, 1619 
BARRYEPeter Jan 22, 1619s. of John
TYDBALLJohn Jan 23, 1619 
LABOTTWilliam Jan 25, 1619s. of John
KINGFORDERichard Jan 31, 1619 
MASSONJohane Feb 2, 1619 
GLAWINGEWilliam Feb 8, 1619s. of John
LAKEJohn Feb 9, 1618 
HOLLAMOREJohane Feb 10, 1619d. of Thomas
BURDICKElizabeth Feb 15, 1619 
RISPAROWAlice Feb 21, 1619widow
GOURANTJohn Feb 22, 1619the younger
CURTYSAgnes Feb 27, 1619d. of Henry
HEARDINGEJohn Feb the last 1619 
BANFIELDThomas Mar 5, 1619s. of John
GLAWINGWillmott Mar 5, 1619wife of Etheldred
ADAMESHenry Mar 7, 1619 
HILLMary Mar 15, 1619wife of Christopher
MAUNDERMargarett Mar 20, 1619wife of John
WHITEMargery Mar 20, 1619wife of Anthony
CONGINGMarces Mar 27, 1620 
LINCHJames Mar 28, 1620 
PALMERElizabeth Apr 2, 1620d. of William
TAYLDERKatherine Apr 3, 1619d. of John
PICKARDJohn Apr 7, 1620 
WHEATENWilliam same day 
HOOPERNicholas Apr 14, 1620base son of Dorothy
GRANTEWilliam Apr 14, 1620s. of William
NICKLEAmy Apr 20, 1620 
RAWLEJohn Apr 21, 1620 
NORTHAMJohane same daywife of Robert
GAYJohn Apr 23, 1620son of Richard, Alderman
STONEMANAnne same days. of Richard
COOKEThomasin Apr 28, 1620d. of Roger
GYLESMargaret Apr 29, 1620wydowe
GYLESAnstice Apr 30, 1620wife of Sebastian
BRIGHTAnne May 2, 1620wife of Thomas
BARRYEElinor May 6, 1620wydowe
LAUNDERJohane May 8, 1620wife of John
JAMESRobert May 26, 1620 
BEDBROOKSusan May 29, 1620 
LYNCHEllin May 31, 1620d, of James, deceased
PEARSEWilliam Jun 3, 1620s. of Humfrey
PREDYSFrancis Jun 7, 1620s. of John
BENNETHenry Jun 9, 1620s. of Hugh
COOMEAgnes Jun 11, 1620 
UDIERichard Jun 15, 1620 
SMYTHJohane Jun 16, 1620wife of Richard, Alderman
COLLENDERJohn Jun 17, 1620 
TAILDERAnthony Jun 18, 1620s. of John, thelder
ARTHERDennis Jun 19, 1620 
DULINGERobert Jun 20, 1620 
STONEMANJohn Jul 1, 1620s. of Henry
RAULEJohn Jul 3, 1620s. of John
STONEMANRichard Jul 12, 1620s. of Richard
WAYMargarett Jul 16, 1620d. of Mr William
SOUTHYEOThomasin Jul 20, 1620wife of William
CRELAKEMargarett same daywife of James
ALSEJohn Jul 25, 1620 
DENNISElizabeth Jul 28, 1620d. of William
TAYLDERAgnes Jul 30, 1620d. of John, labourer
GOODWYNHenry Aug 15, 1620s. of Henry
PASMOREThomas Aug 22, 1620s. of Thomas
VIGURESThomasin Aug 25, 1620wife of William
CAUTLEMary Aug 31, 1620 
GUSTERDAmy Sept 2,1620d. of John
HOCKYNThomas & Margaret Sept 12, 1620s. & d. of Christopher, mayor
STEWERAlice Sept 12 ,1620widowe
BENNETAlice Sept 17, 1620wife of Hugh, labourer
GRIBBLERobert Sept 19, 1620 
BONDJohane Oct 2, 1620wife of John
POOLEMargaret Oct 7, 1620base d. of Philippa
TOOCKERHenry Oct 9, 1620s. of William, carryer
GILBERTHumfrey Oct 21, 1620 
COPLESTONEMary Oct 22, 1620gent.
TAWTONJulyan same daywife of William
GREENEThomas Oct 25, 1620s. of Roger
RIDGEMANElizabeth Oct 27, 1620widowe
POOLYELewes Oct 29, 1620s. of John
SAUNDERSElizabeth Nov 1, 1620wife of Robert
RAUNCEThomas same days. of Henry
HUNNIWILLMary Nov 7, 1620d. of Thomas
CARTERJohane Dec 4, 1620wife of John
DROMANTEbbot Dec 5, 1620wife of Jonas
HOOPERDavid Dec 15, 1620 
BELTONRichard Dec 21, 1620 
BROWNEBridget Jan 9, 1620d. of William
JOHNSHenry Jan 28, 1620 
DREWEAgnes Jan 28, 1620widowe
GINDLEJudeth Jan 29, 1620d. of Roger
BLAGDONWilliam Feb 6, 1620 
CUTTINGEMargaret same dayd. of John
SERRILLElizabeth Feb 12, 1620d. of Bartholomew
HANCOCKEJohn Feb 17, 1620 
SHURTEThomasine Feb 26, 1620widowe
GYLESSebastian Mar 1, 1620 
GRANTEAndrewe same daybase son of Margarett
CADBERYMrs Johane Mar 6, 1620widowe
FRAYNERobert Mar 6, 1620of the land
MUNCKLEYJohne Mar 13, 1620d. of Steven
PRUSTDorothy Mar 15, 1620wife of Richard
TAYDLERJohn Mar 19, 1620s. of John
HEYMANJohane Apr 18, 1621wife of Robert
PRUSTWilliam Apr 22, 1621s. of Richard
BERRYMANMargarett Apr 25, 1621d. of David
BAYLIEMrs Johane Apr 26, 1621widowe
WITHERAnne Apr 28, 1621d. of John
BICKLEYElizabeth May 1, 1621wife of John
TOOCKERThomasin May 2, 1621wife of John, glover
TROTTGrace May 4, 1621d. of Katherine, widowe
PILLEVANAvis May 7, 1621wife of Thomas
DABBYNJohn May 11, 1621s. of John
COLWILLElizabeth May 13 1621d. of William
DEANERoger May 14, 1621 
MOONEJohane May 14, 1621 
DYERJohne May 19, 1621wife of Nicholas
DROMANTEMr John May 20, 1621 
WOODLANDRichoard May 23, 1621widowe
STRONGSteven May 27, 1621s. of Richard
PEARSEEdward May 27, 1621s. of Humfrey
GREENWOODHenry May 29, 1621s. of Robert
LEEThomasine Jun 3, 1621widowe
TOOCKERElizabeth Jun 18,1621d. Richard, als PARKYN
MOOREGeorge Jun 25, 1621 
HILLSamuell Jun 25, 1621s. of Christopher
BRYANTJohn Jul 11, 1621s. of John
CLARKEMrs Elizabeth Jul, 15, 1621widowe
PITTESJohn Jul 17, 1621s. of Richard
WILLIAMSJohane Jul 17, 1621wife of James
POYNERJohane Jul 19, 1621 
JOSEAnne Jul 19, 1621d. of Steven
HEYMANRichard Jul 23, 1621s. of Richard
HARBERTEbbott last day July 1621wife of John
HALSEAurdye same daywife of John
BREMELCOMBEWilmot Aug 2,1621wife of Thomas
STRONGMargarett Aug 3, 1621wife of Richard, sholder
COOKEJohn Aug 3, 1621John
UNDERHILLBarnabas Aug 16,1621 
FRANCKLYNMary Aug 17, 1621d. of John, miller
WESLAKEMargery Aug 20, 1621d. of Roger
GURRANTEChristian Sept 19, 1621wife of Walter
DROMANTEElizabeth Sept 21, 1621widowe
COLEAbigale Sept 21, 1621d. of Roger
WALDONJohan Sept 24, 1621wife of John
PRIDDISFrances Oct 1, 1621d. of John
GRUBHAMSusanna Oct 2,1621wife of John
CURAGEAgnes Oct 3,1621wife of Symon
BRADDONGrace Oct 16, 1621d. of Humfrey
CLIVERDONJohn Oct 17, 1621s. of Anthony
PAULEKatherine Oct 18, 1621base d. of Mary
ROWEPriscilla Oct 28, 1621d. of John
ROWEJehoshaphat Nov 25, 1621s. of John
PARSONSElizabeth Nov 25, 1621d. of James
DUNESMargaret Nov 26, 1621 
CARDERAnne Nov 30, 1621servante to Giles Bud
BALLAMYJane Dec 4, 1621d. of Thomas
MOLTONTho. Dec 6, 1621souldier
CUTLANDAbraham Dec 17, 1621 
MUNCKLEYAgnes Dec 20, 1621widowe
SALOMANJohn Jan 3, 1621s. of Edmund
WILLIAMSTimothy Jan 3, 1621s. of Gabryell
BROOKSusanna Jan 4, 1618d. of John
ANDREWEHenry Jan 6, 1621 
MORTYMERMargery Jan 11, 1621d. of William
GRANTEWilliam Jan 13, 1621s. of William
RENDLESteven Jan 17, 1621 
MORTYMERAnthony Jan 19, 1621s. of William
TAWTONHonor Jan 22, 1621d. of Nathanell
BOUNSELLRichard Jan 28, 1621s. of Richard
HUNNIWILLBartholomew Jan 29, 1621s. of Thomas
HULLThomasin Jan 29, 1621d. of Henry, Miller
GRUBHAMJohn Feb 7, 1621base son of Anne
WESLAKESarah Feb 20, 1621d. of Roger
PRIDDISJohane Feb 25, 1621widdowe
GRANTERoger Feb 25, 1621s. of John
POPHAMAgnes Mar 6, 1621d. of John
WERRYMargaret Mar 19, 1621wife of William
STEVENSJohn Apr 4, 1622s. of William, labourer
DREWEWilliam Apr 5, 1622junior
TRACYEJohane Apr 8, 1622wife of Thomas
CORNEYRoger Apr 8,1622s. of Christopher
WALDONMargery Apr 15, 1622d. of Roger
LAKEJohn Apr 16, 1622 
PARKYNJohane Apr 17, 1622wife of Robert
CADDYEMathew Apr 18, 1622s. of Anthony
VANNEMary Apr 21, 1622d. of John
BENNETTHugh Apr 22, 1622labourer
FURSEJohane Apr 23, 1622d. of Michaell
WHITROWEThomas Apr 25, 1622s. of Robert
GOOSCOTTJohn Apr 28, 1622junior
GENDLEHenry May 13, 1622s.of Roger
PENROSERichoard May 19, 1622widdow
WITHERBeaton May 20, 1622wife of John
HEARLEJohane May 21, 1622widdow
TEDBELLJohane May 23, 1622d. of Leonard
GOOSCOTTJohn May 26, 1622thelder
MOOREGrace Jun 4, 1622d. of William
SELLERJohn Jun 6, 1622Alderman
BROWNEJohn Jun 11, 622 
BRYANTJohn Jun 14, 1622s. of John
POPHAMJohn Jun 18,1622s. of Alexander
TRICKEKatherine Jun 19, 1622wife of Oliver
LOLWEREJohn Jun 19, 1622 
SKOTTAgnes Jun 27, 1622wife of Thomas
PARSONThomasin Jun 28, 1622wife of Richard
STONEMANRoger Jun 28, 1622s. of Richard
LAMBERTWilmot Jul 4, 1622d. of Thomas
THORNEJohane Jul 8, 1622wife of Henry
GOODWYNThomas Jul 14, 1622s. of Mr. Henry
TOOCKEREllyn Jul 14, 1622s. of James
WALTERJohn Jul 16, 1622s. of Andrewe
DRAKEChristian Jul 21, 1622wife of Phillip
ROWERichard Jul 23, 1622s. of John, Fuller
HALSEJohn Jul 23, 1622 
SINGESarah Aug 4, 1622d. of Oliver
COURTYSGrace Aug 7, 1622d. of William
WISEJohane Aug 9, 1622widdowe
BLOTCHFORDElinor Aug 22, 1622wife of William
HORWOODJohane Aug 22, 1622wife of Jonathan
DRAPERJohn Aug 30, 1622 
HEYMANJohane Sept 1, 1622d. of Robert
SMITHSONNicholas Sept 8, 1622s.of John
BRITTONAudrey Sept 13, 1622 
SMITHSONAnne Sept 15, 1622d. of John
JULEElizabeth Oct 2, 1622wife of John
BALLSibella Oct 4, 1622wife of William
TOOCKERHugh Oct 9, 1622 
FULFORDAnne Oct 31, 1622 
ROWEJohn Nov 10, 1622servante of Mr John Toocker
BRIGHTGrace Nov 17, 1622 
MORTYMERThomas Nov 22, 1622s. of William
PARKYNJohn Nov 26, 1622s. of John
LABBETTIddye Dec 3, 1622widowe
DENDLEJohane Dec 10, 1622wife of Thomas
DROMANTEElinor Dec 13,1622wife of Gyles
BELTONMary Dec 13, 1622widowe
LARRYMERJohane Dec 20, 1622wife of Thomas
BUCKENHAMWalter Dec 24, 1622 
DENDLEThomas Dec 24, 1622 
HAMMANTERobert Dec 26, 1622s. of Marke
JULEJohane Dec 28, 1622widowe
LAKEGartred Dec 29, 1622d. of Roger
BUCKENHAMIddye Jan 6, 1622widowe
BARKERWilmot Jan 7, 1622d. of David
ARTERPeternell Jan 8, 1622base d. of Elizabeth
NICHOLLSMargarett Jan 9,1622wife of William, Alderman
DOWNEJohane Jan 20, 1622wife of Alexander
PRIDDYSMr John Jan 30, 1622Alderman
TEDBALLThomas Jan 31, 1622s.of Arthur
PENLYEJohane Feb 10, 1622widowe
BROCKEWalter Feb 10, 1622s. of Allyn
PARKYNMargarett Feb 13, 1622servant unto Mr. Lewes Wellington
BECKARDRobert Feb 21, 1622 
CARYRichard Feb 32,1622s. of Thomas
BESTJohn Feb 17, 1622thelder
MOOREPhillipp Feb 27, 1622 
RUDEElizabeth Mar 8,1622wife of Thomas
BRIGHTThomas Mar 10, 1622 
PUGGESLYMargery Mar 19, 1622 
SANGARDorothy Mar 20, 1622widowe
VINNINGEAmy Mar 22, 1622servante unto John Voysey
WITSThomas Mar 26, 1623 
LOCKEThomasin Apr 2, 1623widowe
BUCKPITTMary Apr 3, 1623d. of Alexander
LANGCharles Apr 12, 1623s. of Charles
BLACKMOREThomas par 15, 1623thelder
HUDDLEMargery Apr 21, 1623widowe
COURTEYSMarryan Apr 22, 1623d. of John
DOBBINThomasin Apr 27, 1623wife of George
CADBERYRobert Apr 30, 1623 
PARKYNJohn May 9, 1623of the land
DROMANTMr. Roger May 9. 1623 
ADDAMSThomasin May 23, 1623d. of Thomas
STRONGAmy May 25, 1623d. of Cipryan
FROSTAudrey May 26, 1623d. of Mr. Roger
PICKARDSarah May 30, 1623 
BEAREGeorge Jun 3, 1623s. of George, Esq
HUTCHINSElizabeth Jun 4, 1623widowe
ROOKEAlice Jun 4, 1623widowe
LAKESusan Jun 7, 1623wife of William
BAGGLEHOLERichard Jun 9, 1623 
ALLYNGrace Jun 12, 1623servante unto Mr. Richard gay
BALLRobert Jun 18, 1623s. of William
DEANEGrace Jun 19, 1623d. of Roger
KINGESymon Jun 19, 1623 
LEYRoger Jun 21, 1623 
PERRYNElizabeth Jun 21, 1623 
HACKRIDGETristam Jul 30, 1623s.of Tristam
CLARKEJohane Jul 2,1623d. of John
CLARKEJohn Jul 4, 1623 
HILLJohane Jul 5, 1623d. of Josias
WALTERAnthony Aug 6, 1623 
PAWEKatherine Aug 6, 1623wife of Thomas
POPHAMJohn Aug 24, 1623s. of Alexander
GURRANTWalter Sept 8, 1623 
TROTTWillmott Sept 29, 1623 
WHITEPenelope Oct 5,1623wife of Anthony
GORWELLHanyball Oct 16, 1623 
SMYTHSONNAlse Oct 17,1623widowe
DALEElizabeth Oct 19, 1623wife of Lewes
RUSSONJulian Oct 25, 1623wife of Roger
BISHOPPThomasin Oct 28,1623wife of Nicholas
WOSEMary Nov 1, 1623d. of John of Bridgerule
GISTEEdward Nov 9, 1623s. of Thomas
EVANSMargarett Nov 14, 1623wife of John
HOBBSRichard Nov 18,1623base son of Mary
WHITEYEARWilliam Nov 20, 1623 
SOUTHYEOJohn Nov 23, 1623s. of John
RIGGLawerence Nov 27, 1623 
CUTLANDPenelope Nov 30, 1623widowe
HAWKINSThomas Dec 3, 1623s. of Symon
HILLJosias Dec 7, 1623 
FOXEmmett Dec 7, 1623wife of William
SPARKEAgnes Dec 10,1623d. of John
WALTERTristam Dec 12, 1623 
BALLMargarett Dec 20, 1623d. of William
LABBETTRose Dec 20, 1623base d. of Johane
FROSTJohn Dec 24,1623 
BROOKEWinefred Dec 26, 1623d. of John
ADAMHugh Dec 31, 1623 
HILLYERMargery Jan 2, 1623wife of John
PALMEREdmund Jan 3, 1623 
CUNDEYSalome Jan 5, 1623wife of Josias
BLACKMOREMary Jan 11, 1623d. of John, Junior
WHITEEmmett Jan 20, 1623d. of Ralph
MOOREWilliam Jan 24, 1623s. of William
HAYNEMargarett Jan 26, 1623wife of Austyn
SALSBERYMary Jan 26, 1623d. of Mr John
PENNINGTONLattice Feb 4, 1623 
DREWEWilliam Feb 7, 1623 
WARRENMargarett Feb 9, 1623 
GAYElizabeth Feb 13, 1623wife of Christopher
DREWEJohane Feb 14, 1623widowe
EVANSJohn Feb 14, 1623s. of John
HOLLWILLThomasin Feb 16, 1623wife of Thomas
PARSONWillmott Feb 19, 1623d. of Richard
DROMANTPeeter Feb 20,1623 
PEARNEWilliam Feb 22, 1623 
EVANSDorothy Feb 25,1623d. of John
VAUGHANThomas Feb 27, 1623s. of John
TUCKERChristian Feb 27,1623d. of John
DURDONRobert Mar 16,1623 
VENNERJohn Mar 17, 1623 
VANNEMargarett Mar 17, 1623d. of William
GORWELLWillmott Mar 19, 1623widowe
GUSTARDMary Mar 25, 1623d. of George
CRANBERYRichoard Apr 30, 1624wife of Jakob was buried
DAVELLSRobert Apr 10, 1624 
HELLYARJohn Apr 15, 1624 
WHITEAnthony Apr 18,1624 
CADDEYSusan May 6,1624d. of Anthony
HOOPERRichard May 9, 1624 
RIDGEMANJohane May 14 ,1624wife of John
ROWEJohane May 20, 1624wife of Nicholas
LARRYMERThomas May 21, 1624 
CLIVERDONMary May 21, 1624d. of Anthony
HILLMargarett Jun 7, 1624widowe
PUDNERJohane Jun 14, 1624widowe
CARYWilliam Jun 19, 1624thelder
PENNATHJohane Jun 25, 1624d. of Nicholas
DEANEAvis Jun 26,1624 
WILLIAMSJohane Jul 4, 1624 
GREENEAgnes Jul 4, 1624wife of Richard
TEDBALLMary Jul 5,1624widowe
CARYJames Jul 7,1624s. of William
CORNEWALLMarrian Jul 7, 1624d. of Walter
HOOPERRuthe Jul 10, 1624d. of Richard
DEYMANMary Jul 25, 1624wife of Thomas
CLOGGWilliam Jul 31, 1624s. of John
CLOGGRobert Aug 76, 1624s. of John
HOMESMably Aug 13 1624base d. of Johane
SKRIGGENSWilliam Aug 22, 1624 
ARNOLLThomazin Aug 27,1624widowe
COOPERElinor Aug 29,1624 
DEANESamuell Sept 6, 1624s. of John
ROWENicholas Sept 7, 1624s. of Humphrey, deceased
GURRANTJohn Sept 27,1624 
HEDDONThomasin Oct 3, 1624wife of Henry
FURSMichaell Oct 4, 1624 
COURTEYSJohn Oct 17,1624s. of Anthony
BROWNEAgnes Oct 27, 1624widowe
TAYLDERChristian Oct 29,1624d. of John
FACEYElizabeth Nov 2, 1624widowe
CHILCOTTJohane Nov 5, 1624wife of Henry
HOLLAMORESisley Nov 15,1624wife of Thomas
HOLLAMOREThomas Nov 16,1624 
EVANSWilliam Nov 21, 1624s. of William
ALLYNPeeter Nov 25,1624who was drowned on the 24th day
NEWCOMBEThomas Dec 10, 1624 
CHINGEJohn Dec 10,1624servant unto Edward Kerne
FURSERoger Dec 12,1624 
BREMMACOMBEPhebe Dec 13, 1624wife of Thomas
VOYSIEJohn Dec 14,1624s. of John
CRAMBERYElizabeth Dec 18,1624wife of Robert
VIGURESJohane Dec 21, 1624wife of George
PARKYNPriscilla Dec 21, 1624d. of Robert, deceased
HAYNEAugustine Dec 24,1624 
GORWELLWilmot Dec 28, 1624d. of Hanniball
DENDLEThomas Jan 12,1624s. of Danyell
BLATCHFORDRobert Jan 18,1624s. of Henry
COLERoger Jan 20, 1624 
DREWEJacquett Jan 22, 1624 
ROWEHonor Jan 25, 1624s. of John
MULESElinor Feb 16,1624d. of Christopher
BISHOPPMary Feb 17, 1624d. of Henry
FURSSEChristopher Feb 18.1624s. of John
MOOREThomasin Feb 19,1624widowe
STANBURYAgnes Feb 27, 1624wife of John, Junior
MORTIMERJohn Mar 6, 1624s. of William
HUTCHINSWelther Mar 8,1624widowe
RENDELLRichard Mar 10, 1624 
PAWLEJohane Mar 12, 1624d. of Robert
PICKARDPeternell Mar 18,1624d. of Robert
GLAWENJohn Mar 21,1624s. of John
PARSONSRichard Mar 24, 1624thelder
WERRYAnne Mar 24, 1624wife of Richard
GYLESAnne Mar 27, 1625widowe
BALEPhillipp Apr 10, 1625s. of Thomas
FROSTMr Roger Apr 19,1625Alderman
GRIBBELLDorothie May 15, 1625widowe
PRIDDISAndrewe May 21, 1625s. of John
STONEMANHierome May 27,1625s. of Henry
REEDEMary May 28, 1625 
BRYANTDorothie Jun 22, 1625d. of John
PULSFORDElizabeth Jul 20,1625base d. of Amey
GAYThomasyn Jul 21, 1625wife of John
MUNCKLEIGHElynor Aug 8, 1625 
ROBBINSElizabeth Aug 14, 1625d. of William
JOSEJohn Sept 2, 1625s. of Anthony
HARBERJane Sept 11,1625 
HOOPERMargaret Sept 19,1625d. of Edward (Coop)
PICKARDAgnes Sept 22, 1625 
BAKERSymon Sept 26,1625 
MOOREAgnes Oct 4,1625widowe
PROWERJohane Oct 7, 1625wife of Lewes
HOLMANElizabeth Oct 8, 1625base d. of Margarett
HODGEJane Nov 3,1625who was brought from Lostwithiel in Corn.
GETTONJohn Nov 4, 1625s. of Richard
EVANSRobert Nov 4, 1625s. of John
MOOREJohane Nov 8,1625s. of John
MUNCKLYThomasin Nov 17,1625 
PARKHOUSERichard Nov 30, 1625 
EDWARDSThomasine Dec 8,1625d. of John
SILLEVANTJohane Dec 20, 1625 
SKRIGGENSLawerence Dec 31, 1625widowe (sic)
LEYWilliam Jan 3,1625the younger
MILLSHugh Jan 22, 1625 
DABBINAgnes Jan 29, 1625wife of Edmund
CRAMBERRYThomas Feb 2, 1625s. of Thomas
SQUIREBridget Feb 3, 1625 
BURFIELDJohn Feb 21, 1625 
HEARDERMargaret Feb 22, 1625 
HUTCHINGSAnne Feb the last 1625wife of Andrew
DEIMANThomas Mar 1, 1625churchwarden
RUDEElizabeth Mar 6, 1625d. of William
ARSCOTChristian Mar 6,1625d. of George
VANGeorge Mar 7, 1625 
HEYMANRichard Mar 8, 1625 
PENTERAndrew Mar 17, 1625s. of Andrew
DAVYBridget Mar 24,1625d. of Richard
JEFFRIESMargaret Mar 26, 1626d. of Mr. Roger, clarck
TOOCKERAnne Apr 6, 1626wife of Richard
WHITROWEAnthony Apr 14, 1626s. of Robert
WHITEFIELDAgnes Apr 17,1626servant unto John Toocker (vitner0
COLLWILLHester Apr 26, 1626d. of William
SCOTTThomas Apr 30, 1626widower
GENDLEAmy May 1, 1626d. of Roger
HODGERobert May 6, 1626 
DOWNEPhillippa May 7, 1626d. of Richard
JULEMary May 8, 1626wife of William
HAMMANTEJerome May 25, 1626s. of John
LAKESibella May 24, 1626widowe
BLAKEJane May 28,1626d. of Richard
DOBBINEdmond May 28,1626widdower
CLARKEPhillip May 28, 1626 
TROTTEmanuell May 31, 1626 
GRANTJohn Jun 11, 1626s. of Robert
SMYTHRichard Jun 13, 1626s. of Robert
HALSEThomasin Jun 14, 1626d. of Robert
LOVERNEThomas Jun 14, 1626s. of John
BOUNCILLSidwell Jun 24, 1626d. of Robert
WHITINGJohn Jun 24, 1626s. of Nicholas
WINZSChristian Jun 27, 1626widdowe
TRICKEThomas Jul 2, 1626s. of Oliver
GUSEWORTHYWalter Jul 6, 1626 
HEDDONThomasin Jul 8, 1626 
RADDJohn Jul 9, 1626 
BULHEDWilliam Jul 13, 1626s. of John
GLANFIELDJoseph Jul 16, 1626s. of Degory
MORTIMERJohn Jul 19, 1626of Exon
WILLIAMSJohn Jul 20, 1626 
COOKEEmme Jul 20, 1626 
GREENERichard Aug 4, 1626thelder
GILLThomasin Aug 8, 1626base d. of Elizabeth
CARYJohane Aug 25, 1626widowe
FRANCKLYNWilliam Sept 2, 1626s. of John
MARTINJohn Sept 16,1626s. of Robert
TOOCKERAgnes Sept 20, 1626 
GRUBHAMElizabeth Sept 28, 1626d. of Daniell
JOSSEGeorge Oct 2,1626s. of Anthony
LAUNDERJohn Oct 13, 1626 
TOOCKERMary Oct 20, 1626d. of William, carrier
CRAMBERRYAnne Nov 16, 1626widdowe
DAYRobert Nov 24, 1626s. of Richard
BLACKMOREMargaret Nov 29, 1626d. of Thomas
FURSSEJohan Dec 8, 1626d. of Michaell
HEYMANMargery Dec 19, 1626widowe
WHITEWilliam Jan 1, 1626 
COOKEJohan Jan 2, 1626 
VOYSEYGeorge Jan 4, 1626s. of John
ELLISElizabeth Jan 10, 1626base d. of Dorothy
BALEMary Jan 15, 1626widow
GISTEAgnes Jan 19, 1626d. of Thomas
STONEMANJohane Jan 19,1626d.of Richard
CADBERRYSibella Jan 21, 1626d. of Robert, deceased
ROBBINSThomas Jan 25,1626s. of William
BELTONSalome Feb 9, 1626d. of John
PALMERWilliam Feb 23, 1626 
RIGGEIsabell Mar 9, 1626widowe
ELLISJohane Mar 10,1626widowe
DENDELLJohane Mar 27, 1627wife of Danyell
SERRILLLydia Mar 31,1627d. of Thomas
DADGERoger Apr 6,1627 
KINGSLANDBreed Apr 9, 1627wife of Oliver
GREENINGRebecca Apr 12, 1627d. of William
GAYAndrew Apr 13, 1627s. of Ralphe
MARTINAndrew Mar 17,1627thelder
PESTLEJohane Apr 18, 1627wife of James
TOOCKERHugh Apr 18, 1627s. of William, junior
JEOYJohan May 3, 1627d. of Richard
COLWILLMary May 4, 1627d. of William
UPHAMMargery May 7, 1627 
JOBEThomas May 11, 1627 
KNIGHTThomas May 13 ,1627 
WILLISWilliam May 14, 1627s. of Richard
CORNWALLThomas May 16, 1627 
POND[blank] May 19, 1627d. of David
GREENWOODMary May 22, 1627d.of Mr Robert
ROWERebecka May 23, 1627d. of Hugh
GREENWOODMr Robert May 28, 1627Alderman
SHORTSusan May 30, 1627d. of Richard
BLAKEAndrew Jun 30,1627s. of Richard
GILESMargarett Jun 8,1627widowe
CORNEYAnne Jun 8,1627d. of Christopher
SOUTHERDJohane Jun 15, 1627d. of John
DANIELLPhebae Jun 28, 1627d. of James
HANCOCKEArchilles Jul 17,1627s. of John, deceased
CRAMBERYJacob Jul 18,1627 
SMITHSONJohn Jul 19,1627[See note #1]
TRACEYJohn Aug 8, 1627 
CRAMBERRYPriscilla Aug 13, 1627d. of Thomas
TAYLDERJohane Sept 5,1627d. of William
OADOMHugh Sept 12, 1627 
SQUIREJohn Sept 14, 1627 
SERRILLWalter Oct 13, 1627s. of Roger
DOWNEThomas Oct 14, 1627s. of Roger
KING[blank] Oct 16, 1627d. of Peeter
PITTSJohn Oct 25, 1627 
DOBBINGeorge Oct 26, 1627 
WAYFrancis Oct 31,1617d. [sic] of Mr. William
GLAWENMary Nov 3,1627widowe
BISHOPPJulian Nov 9,1627d.of Henry
MARSHELLAlice Nov 11, 1627d. of Phillip
WERRYJohn Nov 15, 1627s. of Richard
GREENWOODMrs Zenobia Nov 22, 1627 
VIGURESSibella Nov 22, 1627wife of George
VIGURESMary Nov 22, 1627d. of George
RENDALLAgnes Nov 25, 1627 
CLARKEJames Nov 27, 1627s. of Mr Roger
VALLETTFrancis Nov 30, 1627d. [sic] of John
REEDERobert Dec 15, 1627a soldyer
COOKEJohn Dec 16,1627a soldyer
REEDECatherine Dec 18,1627 
BLATCHFORDHierome Jan 17,1627s. of Henry
WHITEGrace Jan 18,1627widowe
WHITENathaniell Jan 18,1627s. of Richard
WILLIAMSJames Jan 20, 1627it was James the younger
BETTYElizabeth Jan 22, 1627widowe
SYMONSJohn Jan 24, 1627thelder
MOUNCEYAmey Jan 29,1627 
HOOPERJohane Feb 1, 1627wife of Edward
DABBINJohn Feb 2, 1627 
PARKYNLuke Feb 3,1627batcheler
ANTONYJohn Feb 4,1627s. of John
COOKESalomae Feb 8, 1627d. of Roger
PEDERICKEChristian Feb 21, 1627a woman in the house of corrections
GREENEJohane Feb 23, 1627wife of Richard, in Millstreet
SMYTHSONWilliam Feb 25, 1627s. of William
FROSTEllin Feb 27,1627d. of John
PUGSLEYJohn Feb 27, 1627 
LARDERAvis Feb 28, 1627d. of Christopher
PENNATHAnne Feb 28, 1627d. of Nicholas
COOKEChristian Mar 3, 1627wife of Roger
GAYJerome Mar 4, 1627 
TOKEJohn Mar 11, 1627apprentize unto Danyell Dendell
COLWILLWilliam Mar 14, 1627s. of William
VOYSIEElizabeth Mar 25, 1627d. of John
BRAYLIE als WIDLAKEPeternell Apr 2, 1628servant unto Peeter Moore
SHORTElizabeth Apr 5, 1628widowe
FROSTRoger Apr 9,1628the younger
PRUSTJohn Apr 19, 1628 
SANDERRobert Apr 24, 1628widower
HOOPERGrace Apr 29,1628wife of Hugh, als Juell
RAWLEMarryan May 1, 1628widowe
GAYEmme May 2, 1628wife of William
BONDDorothie May 2, 1628wife of Richard
PAULLJohane May 4, 1628prentise unto John Hutchings
TRICKEOliver May 6, 1628widower
GURRANTAlice May 27, 1628widowe
PALMERElizabeth May 30, 1628widowe
CHILCOTTHenry May 31, 1628widower
GUSTARDERobert Jun 2, 1628s. of George
BATEFIELDAnne Jun 6 1628widowe
NICKLEMary Jan 9, 1628d. of Phillip
ELSTONJohane Jun 11, 1628wydowe
PRIDDISCatherine Jun 13, 1628d. of John
HESSEDAnne Jun 15, 1628d. of Andrew
MOOREDavidd Jun 29, 1628s. of David
PICKARDThomasine Jun 30, 1628wife of John
STONEMANJohn Jul 6, 1628s. of John
SPARKEChristopher Jul 22, 1628s. of Richard
SALTERNEAugustine Aug 9, 1628s. of William
DAVELLSRichard Aug 20, 1628 
POPHAMFrances Aug 25, 1628widowe
WHITEGrace Sept 6, 1628d. of Phillip
WESTERONAnne Sept 12, 1628d. of John
ADDAMSThomas Oct 6, 1628constable
COOKERobert Oct 9, 1628s. of William als Best
GENDLEMargaret Oct 22, 1628wife of Robger als Marles
DULINGRoger Nov 16,1628 
MEACOMBEEdward Dec 8,1627widower
CUNGARJohn Dec 28,1628 
BRAYThomas Dec 30, 1628 
LEYWilliam Jan 6, 1628widower
STONEMANJane Jan 16, 1628d. of Thomas
SOUTHERDAvis Jan 16,1628wife of Roger
GAYOliver Jan 22, 1628 
MOISEGeorge Jan 24, 1628s. of Peter
HUDDLEMary Feb 5,1628wife of John senior
HOBBSWilliam Feb 5, 1628base s. of Elyner
TAWTONIddith Feb 8,1628wife of John
AYERJohn Feb 11, 1628s. of Arthur
VINNINGEElinor Feb 13, 1628wife of Henry
RICHARDSThomasine Feb 14, 1628d. of William, deceased
BONDRichard Feb 15, 1628widower
JENNYNGSThomas Feb 17,1628s. of Thomas
SMITHJames Feb 22, 1628s. of Mr John, mayor
QUANCEJohane Mar 2, 1628s. of Luke
COWLINGAbraham Mar 9, 1628 
RUDGEPeternell Mar 12, 1628d. of John
ARNOLLRichard Mar 13,1628servant unto Mr Richard Smyth
FURSEStephen Mar 17,1628 
VIZICKEAndrew Mar 26, 1629s. of Henry
GAYElizabeth Mar 31, 1629wife of Richard, labourer
WHITROWESalome Apr 10, 1629d. of Robert
GILLMargery Apr 11, 1629 
POPHAMAudry Apr 19,1629widowe
PARNACOTTPeternell Apr 19,1629wife of Thomas
MOOREJohn Apr 21, 1629on the land
CLARKEEdward Apr 22, 1629s. of Mr Roger, Alderman
PAULLMary Apr 24, 1629d. of Robert
MUNCKLEYJohan May 2, 1629wife of Andrewe
BISHOPPNicholas May 2, 1629widower
CHENNICKEJohane May 4, 1629wife of Edward
WESTERONJohn May 4, 1629 
GEATONJacquett May 10, 1629d. of Richard
FRANCKLYNJohn May 10, 1629miller
WHITLOCKE[blank] May 12, 1629d. of William
GREENWOODGeorge May 12, 1629 
BEAREWilliam May 12, 1629 
BESTJohn May 17,1629s. of Roger, a servant unto Mr Lewes Wellington, Alderman
TOCKERPeter May 18,1629s. of William, carrier
WARDEJohane May 23 ,1629d. of John
WHITING[blank] May 31, 1629d. of William
PREDYSRichard May 3, 1629d. of William
HALSEInlishe Jun 9, 1629 
ANTONYEdward Jun 10, 1629s. of John
MERREVILLGeorge Jun 12, 1629s. of John
WARDERowland Jun 16,1629s. of John
WALDONArmynell Jun 21,1629d. of Christopher
SINGElizabeth Jun 21, 1629d. of Arthur
MOYSEElizabeth Jun 24, 1629d. of Thomas
GAYDunes Jul 2, 1629widowe
BLACKMOREThomas Jul 5, 1620s. of Thomas
TEDBALL[blank] Jul 12, 1629d. of Leonard
GAYWilliam Jul 15, 1629widower
SMYTHAMEvodias Jul 145, 1629d. of William
JEFFREYJohane Jul 16, 1629d. of Walter
DROMANTMr William Jul 21, 1629 
REEDEElizabeth Jul 16, 1629widowe
WITHERJane Aug 6, 1629wife of Robert
CLARKEMary Aug 27, 1629d. of Mr Roger, Alderman
RICHARDSJohane Sept 8,1629widowe
THOMPSONThomas Sept 8, 1629 
GISTEAndrewe Sept 14, 1629s. of Thomas
BLACKMOREPenelope Sept 16,1629d. of Luke
DOUTRebecca Sept 18,1629wife of John
 Elizabeth Sept 26, 1629a blind woman sojourning with John Lake
POPHAMJohane Oct 4, 1629wife of John
LANGJohn Oct 17, 1629s. of Charles
WAYMr William Oct 28, 1629thelder
TANNERMarryn Oct 30, 1629a servant unto Mrs Elizabeth Dromant
GRANTMargaret Nov 11, 1629servant unto Stephen Grant
JOSSEMaude Nov 20, 1629wife of Robert
PAULLThomas Nov 20, 1629 
PICKARDJohn Dec 1, 1629thelder
SMYTHWilliam Dec 13, 1629 
MARTYNGeorge Dec 14, 1620base s. of Johane, drowned
GETTONElizabeth Dec 15, 1629wife of Richard
ROWESibella Dec 17,1629d. of Anthony
GARDEJohn Dec 29, 1629s. of John
KINGEdmond Jan 12, 1629 
SANDERSHugh Jan 12 1629 
VANNEMablie Feb 3, 1629widowe
DABBBINJohane Feb 4, 1629 
JOSEJohn Feb 27,1629s. of Anthony
FURSEThomasine Feb 28,1629widowe
GALLNEJohn Mar 5, 1629thelder
WELWORTHNicholas Mar 13, 1629a poor travayler
SNOWEAgas Mar 14, 1629widowe
SOUTHERDGeorge Mar 15, 1629s. of John
CRELLICKEJames Mar 18,1629 
LARDERElizabeth Mar 24 ,1629d. of Christopher
WHITERichard Apr 17, 1630 
VEALERebecca Apr 17,1630d. of James
WILLIAMSElizabeth Apr 17,1630widowe
BRAGGNicholas Apr 18,1630s. of John
MOOREGeorge Apr 18,1630s. of David
NICKJohn Apr 30, 1630 
PAULETemperance May 7,1630 
PENROSERoger May 8, 1630s. of Roger
FROSTWalter May 9, 1630s. of John, deceased
WHITEMargaret May 9, 1630widowe
DAYSusan May 14, 1630 
BISHOPPRichard May 17,1630s. of Richard
PENROSEJelian May 18, 1630wife of Nicholas
HERDJohn May 22 1630s. of Thomas
BEAREThomas May 23, 1620s. of Thomas
KERNEDorothie May 25, 1630wife of William
HESSEDMargaret May 27,1630widowe
POOLENicholas Jun 7, 1630s. of John
MARSHALLAnne Jun 10,1630 
HONACOTTJohane Jun 16, 1630 
FURSEMargery Jun 16,1630d.of John
MATHEWEAmey Jun 18,1630 
PEARSEAgnes Jul 4, 1630d. of John
SKRIGGENSGeorge Jul 4, 1630s. of George
PICKARDZenobia Jul 5, 1630d. of Robert
JUDDRichard Jull 8, 1630 
TAWTONThomas Jul 9, 1630s. of James
OLLIVERJohane Jul 10, 1630widowe
COOKENicholas Jul 18, 1630s. of William als Best
CORNEWALLThomasine Jul 22, 1630wife of William
TOCKERChristopher Jul 25, 1630s. of William, carrier
STONEMANJohane Jul 25, 1630wife of Richard
HOCKYNChristian Aug 1, 1630d. of Mr Christopher, Alderman
GRANTEThomasine Aug 7, 1630widowe
GOODWYNSusan Aug 11,1630wife of Henry
POLLARDRobert Sept 1, 1630s. of John of Stratton
SMYTHSilvester Sept 3, 1630s. of John, taylor
KINGJohn Sept 24, 1630s. of Peeter
JEFFREISFrances Sept 29, 1630d. of Mr Roger, clerck
   Oct 1, 1630a stranger of Holsworthie
REEDEEmme Oct 8,1630wife of Cyprian Reede
SMYTHSONSamuell Oct 12, 1630s. of William
REEDECyprian Oct 12, 1630widower
TAWTONRichard Oct 13, 1630s. of James
FRANCKLYNArthur Oct 17, 1630base s. of Arthur
TAYLDERJohn Oct 20, 1630labourer
GREGORYMargaret Oct 27,1630 
CORNEWALLWilliam Oct 27, 1630s.of William
DOBBEARDorothie Nov 2, 1630wife of Thomas
VILEHenry Nov 4, 1630 
COLWILLWilliam Nov 5, 1630s. of William
DAVIEBartholomew Nov 9, 1630 
WESTLAKEZenobia Nov 12, 1630d. of Lewes
KEENEGeorge Nov 20,1630s. of George
LANGWilliam Nov 23, 1630base s. of Alse
BROWNEAnne Nov 25, 1630base d. of Anne
HOCKYNChristian Dec 8, 1630wife of Mr Christopher, Alderman
BRYANTEllyn Dec 9, 1630wife of Richard
MOOREPhillipp Dec 14, 1630s. of John
PAULFrances Dec 18, 1630d. of Robert
PARSONS[blank] Dec 21, 1630widowe
CORNEYChristopher Dec 25, 1630 
SAIGEThomasine Dec 31,1630wife of Anthony
GYLLElizabeth Jan 1, 1630wife of Richard
 Susan Jan 2, 1630servant unto Mr Henry Goodwyn
MOOREWilliam Jan 6, 1630in Milstreete
STONEMANJohn Jan 25,1630 
ADDAMSJohn Feb 5, 1630s. of John, junior
BRYANTJoseph Feb 12, 1630s. of Nicholas
BLACKMOREJohane Feb 15, 1630d. of Thomas, deceased
SQUEARESybilla Feb 17,1630wife of Richard
VANSTONEElizabeth Feb 18,1630wife of Abraham
QUANCEPriscilla Feb 20, 1630d. of Andrewe
MADFORDJohn Feb 21,1630 
VIGURESJohn Feb 21,1630s. of George
MORTYMERMary Mar 2, 1630d. of William
TAYLDERJohane Mar 9, 1630w. of John, weaver
HOOPERHugh Mar 16, 1630widower
STEVENSWilliam Mar 17,1630labourer
LAKEMary Mar 18, 1730d. of John, deceased
PROWERLewis Mar 28, 1631widower
CAUCYAlse Apr 8, 1631 
VIZICKEAlse Apr 10, 1631d. of Henry
HODGESusan Apr 14 1631 
MOYSEJohane Apr 14, 1631wife of John the younger
WERRYWilliam Apr 28, 1631s. of Richard
SMYTHSAMJonathan May 4, 1631s. of William
BAGGELHOLEAgnes May 7,1631widowe
TITHERLIEGHJohane May 12 ,1631d. of John
MERREFIELDMargarett May 12, 1631d. of John
LOLWEIREElioner May 13, 1631d. of John
BICKLEJohn May 13, 1631s. of Degory
HIGHAMAlse May 14, 1631widowe
HOLWILLPhillippa May 14, 1631d. of Thomas
MARTYNElizabeth May 27, 1631 
HOOPERJohane May 30, 1631wife of Edward, cooper
VINNINGEJohane Jun 23, 1631wife of Henry, the younger
MOYSEJohane Jun 23, 1631widowe
RUDGEJohane Jun 24, 1631wife of Martyn
SWEETELuke Jun 27, 1631s. of Marke
PEARSEJohn Jul 1, 1631 
PRIDDESMrs Audry Jul 7, 1631widowe
BECKARDGartred Jul 7, 1631d. of Ralphe
BESTHanna Jul 12, 1631d. of Giles
WORDENBridgett Jul 13, 1631d. of Nicholas
BLACKFORDPhillip Jul 14, 1631s. of Richard
HAMMANTGeorge Jul 26, 1631s. of John
GRANTEnglishe Aug 7, 1631wife of Steven
HAMMANTMarke Aug 10, 1631 
HOUNIWELLThomas Aug 15, 1631 
BEAREElizabeth Aug 29, 1631d. of Thomas
WHITEJohane Sept 21, 1631wife of Ralphe
GRANTJohn Sept 28, 1631 
HELLIARHumfrey Oct 5, 1631servant unto William Mortymer
PARRYNAgnes Oct 7, 1631widowe
WHITEElizabeth Oct 17, 1631wife of Thomas
MOISESamuell Oct 19,1631s. of Richard
VININGJohn Oct 28, 1631s. of Henry the younger
BARNESMarke Nov 1, 1631widower
LYLLPhillip Nov 27, 1631wife [sic] of Richard
LYNCHEAlse Nov 27, 1631widowe
LOVERINGElizabeth Dec 4,1631d. of John
HUDDELLJohn Dec 11,1631thelder
WELLINGTONPeter Dec 15, 1631s. of Mr Lewes, Alderrman
GREENERoger Dec 15, 1631 
ARTHURIddith Jan 3, 1631widowe
SKIGGINSAnne Jan 9, 1631 
PICKARDGrace Jan 13 ,1631wife of John
BUDDJohn Jan 18, 1631s. of Gyles
SMYTHMr Richard Jan 19, 1631Alderman, hee dyed the 12 th day
MOOREWilliam Jan 25, 1631s. of William
KINGAnnie Jan 29, 1631widowe
HAWKINSJames Feb 9, 1631 
HOOPERJane Feb 10,1631widowe
LOVERINGSusanna last day of Feb, 1631wife of John
DROMMANTJohn Mar 4, 1631s. of Richard
HELLIARMargaret Mar 22, 1631d. of John
WALDONRobert Mar 26, 1632thelder
ROGERMANSamuell Apr 3, 1632s. of John
LUTTRELLMrs Mary Apr 6, 1632widowe
TAYLDERAlse Apr 11, 1632widowe
PARSONSThomasine Apr 11, 1632d. of Walter
CAUSEYCatherine Apr 15, 1632wife of George
BUDDEdward Apr 18, 1632s. of Thomas
HOCKYNDorothie Apr 20, 1632d. of Mr Christopher, junior
DRAPEREllyn Apr 21, 1632widowe
BRAGGWilliam Apr 21, 1632s. of John
[See note #2]    
ALLYNAgnes May 7, 1632 
BEAREJohn May 10, 1632taylor
HAMMANTJohane May 17, 1632d. of John
TAYLDERJohn May 22, 1632butcher
GUSTARDFrances May 31, 1632d. of George
[blank]  Jun 6, 1632 
DENDELLChristopher Jun 17, 1632s.of William
SYMONS[blank] Jun 21, 1632d. of Daniell
BYRDAnthony Jul 9, 1632s. of Anthony, junior
HANDFORDRobert Jul 12, 1632 
TOCKERAnne Jul 20, 1632wife of Christopher
CURIDGESymon Jul 25, 1632 
MOYSEJohn Aug 3, 1632s. of John the younger
WELLINGTONAgnes Aug 4, 1632d. of Lewis junior
LETHEBRIDGEJohn Aug 9, 1632s. of John, junior
GRANTEnglishe Aug 11,1632d. of Richard
HERDJohn Auf 25, 1632s. of Thomas
DENDELLElioner Aug 30, 1632d. of Daniell
SMYTHWilliam Aug 30, 1632s. of Mr John, Alderman
BROCKMargaret Sept 2, 1632widow
RANDLEThomas Sept 14, 1632 
BLACKMOORE[blank] Sept 30, 1632d. of John the younger
COLLINSJohn Oct 9,1632 
HOOPERJohn Oct 17, 1632s. of John
GINDELLJames Oct 21, 1632s. of John
DOWNERoger Nov 2, 1632s. of Roger
BLACKMOOREJohane Nov 8, 1632d. of John
POTTLEAnne Nov 16, 1632d. of Thomas
WEARYMary Nov 18, 1632d. of Richard
SAUNDERSJohn Dec 18, 1632s. of John
TOCKERJohane Jan 1, 1632wife of Richard, on the land
GOSSEJohn Jan 4, 1632s. of John
GARDEJohn Jan 4, 1632 
DOWNEAlexander Jan 5, 1632widdow (sic)
WARDE[blank] Jan 6, 1632d. of John
FENCHERPhillippa Jan 16, 1632wife of John
KELLY[blank] Jan 17, 1632wife of [blank]
THORNEHenry Jan 22, 1632widdow (sic)
HOOPERJohn Jan 27, 1632 
PASSMORESolome Jan 30, 1632widdow (sic)
BROWNEPriscilla Feb 1, 1632d. of John
WESTERON[blank] Feb 4, 1632the [blank] of John
PARSONSRichard Feb 6, 1632widdow (sic)
FURSERobert Feb 15, 1632s. of George
CORNEWALLMargarett Feb 16, 1632d.of William
HOLAMOOREChristian Feb 18, 1632wife of John, senior
WHITEAnne Feb 20,1632d. of Richard, deceased
GRANTChristopher Feb 23, 1632s. of William
WELLINGTONMr Lewis Mar 5, 1632Maior
ROEJohane Mar 7, 1632d. of Nicholas
BLACKMOREAlice Mar 12, 1632widdow
FRANCKLYNJane Mar 14, 1632d. of John, deceased
BANDJane Mar 27, 1633wife of John
DENISWilliam Mar 28,1633 
BLAGDONJohn Apr 23, 1633s. of William
CRAMBERRYRobert May 1, 1633 
HUNTJohane May 1, 1633wife of John
FROSTMrs Johane May 3, 1633widow
MOOREWilliam May 3, 1633on the land
GAYRichard May 5, 1633labourer
CHINNICKCharles May 6, 1633s. of Edward
MORTYMERJohn May 8, 1633s. of William
HUTCHINSElizabeth May 9, 1633d. of Hugh
LEYWilliam May 10, 1633weaver
BESTAlexander May 10, 1633s. of John
WHEATON[blank] May 23, 1633widowe
PALMERGrace May 23, 1633widowe
UDYLucretia May 28, 1633d. of Richard, deceased
SYMONSJohane May 28, 1633d. of Richard
BABBWelthen Jun 25, 1633 
BUSENathaniell Jun 26, 1633base s. of Anne
DANYELLJohane Jun 29, 1633wife [sic] of Jane als Poore
COPLESTONEJohn Jul 1,1633s. of John, gentleman
DOLBEAREMary Jul 22, 1633d. of Thomas
MATHEWSWilliam Jul 23, 1633 
NICHOLLSMary Jul 23, 1633wife of Mr William, Alderman
TOSTLYMargery Aug 19, 1633d. of Thomas
NICKLESTymothie Sept 1,1633s. of Jonathan
CORNEWALLWalter Sept 20, 1633 
GRYFFYNEdward Oct 4, 1633s. of Edward
HONIWELLPriscilla Oct 5, 1633d. of Thomas
GARDETymothy Oct 5, 1633s. of Nicholas, deceased
WYATTPhillip Oct 21, 1633gentleman (& Town Clarke)
SPARKEAnthony Oct 22, 1633s. of Richard
BLACKMOREElizabeth Oct 26, 1633wife of John
HILLElizabeth Oct 30, 1633wife of John
HOCKYNMr Christopher Oct 31, 1633Alderman
VENNERRichaord Nov 10, 1633wife of George
SOUTHCOTTPhillip Nov 10,1633esquire
CAUSEYMary Nov 22,1633d. of George
SINCKLERJelbert Nov 22, 1633 
CUNDEYJosias Nov 24, 1633 
[blank]  Dec 8, 1633servant unto Thomas Coombe
SPREYJohn Dec 10, 1633s. of John
BOTCHFILDElizabeth Dec 11, 1633 
ROBBINSMargery Dec 12, 1633wife of John
RENDELLMary Dec 14, 1633widow
WERRYJohn Dec 14, 1633 
SMYTHRobert Dec 15, 1633s. of Robert
MOUNCKLEIGHThomasine Dec 16, 1633d. of Steven
DROMANTMary Dec 17,1633wife of Richard
LARDERAnthony Dec 27, 1633 
PENNATHHonor Jan 4, 1633d. of Nicholas
WESTLAKEMargery Jan 13 ,1633d. of Lewis
SYMONSThomasine Jan 19,1633widowe
BLACKMOREThomas Jan 29,1633s. of John, thelder
BENNETWilliam Feb 14, 1633s. of Richard
BRYANTJohane Feb 16, 1633wife of John
GRIBBELLGrace Feb 16,1 633d. of John
BUDDEdward Feb 19,1633s. of Edward
BENNETJohn Feb 26, 1633s. of Richard
JOSSEJohn Mar 3, 1633s. of Steven
PENROSEWilmoat Mar 5, 1633wife of Nicholas
JEFFERESElizabeth Mar 7, 1633d. of Roger, clarke
EVANSRalfe Mar 9, 1633s. of John
GLANFIELDSarah Mar 18,1633d. of Degory
PARNACOTTThomas Mar 29, 1634widower
BIRDElizabeth Apr 4,1634d. of Anthony, thelder
HARRISAlice Apr 6, 1634wife of John
LARRIMMIERJohn Apr 7,1634 
RUDEJohn Apr 10, 1634s. of William
GLIDDONJohane Apr 14, 1634wife of John
GELTONRichard Apr 16, 1634 
KERNEChristian Apr 20, 1634wife of Edward
WALTERJohane Apr 27, 1634wife of John
UDYFrances Apr 28,1634d. of Thomas
BUSEJames May 2, 1634 
GAYGeorge May 5, 1634s. of George
DOWNEElizabeth May 16,1634d. of Roger
RENOLLSSarah May 21,1634 
PUGSLEYJohn May 21, 1634s. of John
CHAPMANWilliam May 23, 1634s. of Nicholas
JENNINGJohane May 27, 1634widowe
WELLINGTONNicholas May 29,1634gentleman
WHITEPhillipp May 29, 1634s. of Anthony, deceased
BRIDGMANJohn Jun 10, 1634junior
WILLISHonor Jun 15, 1634wife of Richard
HUTCHINGSAndrew Jul 2 1634 
ADDAMSRobert Jul 12, 1634s. of Jonas
VYLEJane Jul 14, 1634wife of John
MARTYNAcquilla Jul 21, 1634s. of Acquilla
GYSTEPhillippa Aug 14, 1634d. of Thomas
ARTURThomasine Aug 14, 1634 
VYNNINGHenry Aug 17,1634thelder
LARDERAlse Aug 17,1634widowe
BUCKPITTAlexander Sept 6, 1634 
GOVEJohn Sept 10, 1634servant unto Richard Pitts
TAYLDERElizabeth Sept 13, 1634wife of James
CRAMBERRYBenjamin Sept 25, 1634s. of Jacob
DENDELLSilvanus Sept 30,1634s. of Danyell
BELTONJoyce Oct 8, 1634d. of Symon
MORTYMERJohn Oct 12, 1634s. of William
SOUTHERDJohn Oct 15, 1634 
COLEJohn? (faint, possibly erased?) Oct 15, 1634s. of Roger
TOCKERAnne Oct 16, 1634d. of William
MITCHELLJohn Oct 19, 1634s. of Ambrose
VANNECaleb Oct 23, 1634s. of Richard
KEDWELLCatherine Nov 6, 1634wife of Henry
ROBBINSJohan Nov 6, 1634wife of Hierome
BESTJohn Nov 10,1634 
ROBBINSNicholas Nov 12, 1634s. of Hierome
VANNEWilliam Dec1, 1634thelder
CLEVENGERAgnes Dec 8,1634wife of Edward
POORERichard Dec 17, 1634s. of James
GOOSECOTTMargarett Dec 18,1634 
[blank]  Dec 18, 1634of St. Gyles
PENROSERoger Dec 22, 1634 
ARTERGrace Dec 26, 1634d. of Denis
BUDDFrancis Dec 31, 1634s. of Gyles
BESTAnne Jan 3, 1634widowe
BENNETTRichard Jan 3, 1634 
MARSHALLOliver Jan 6, 1634 
BUDDWilliam Jan 6, 1634s. of David
SQUIRERichard Jan 6, 1634 
VENNERPeter Jan 11, 1634 
BEAREThomasine Jan 18, 1634 
LARRIMOREMary Jan 24 1634widowe
SPREYJohn Jan 28, 1634a Welch man
BROWNEDorothy Feb 1,1634d. of John, deceased
REEDEThomasine Feb 5, 1634 
KINGSLANDJacquett Feb 13, 1634widowe
BEAREJohn Feb 21,1634labourer
SOMMEREdward Feb 22, 1634 
VYLEElizabeth Feb 25, 1634widow
BELTONRichard Feb 26, 1634s. of John
WILCOCKEJohane Mar 5, 1634widowe
HOLLAMOREJohn Mar 6, 1634widower, drownd in a well in Withecomb's yard
BLATCHFORDWilliam Mar 16, 1634senior
ALLYNWilliam Mar 24, 1634 
DOWNEJames Apr 3, 1635s.of Richard, weaver
WESTLAKEAlse Apr 5, 1635widowe
HUDDLEJohan Apr 5,1635wife of John
BRYANTJohan Apr 8, 1635d. of Edward
HILLJohn Apr 9, 1635widower
MOOREGeorge Apr 10, 1635s. of Roger
BISHOPPRichard Apr 25, 1635 
SOUTHYEOJohn May 1, 1635s. of Roger
BENNETTJohan May 3, 1635wife of Richard
TOCKERAgnes Jul 11, 1635d. of Christopher, cordiner
BERRYMANCatherine Jul 14, 1635wife of David
WALTERWilliam Jul 17, 1635s. of Christopher
STONEMANJohn Jul 17, 1635s. of John junior
BRYANTAlse Jul 23, 1635wife of Richard
PENNATHE[blank] Jul 25, 1635d. of Nicholas
JOPEJohane Jul 27, 1635s. of John
GRUBHAMMary Aug 29, 1635d. of Daniell
FRAYNEWilliam Sept 2,1635 
SMYTHAMSusana Sept 2,1635wife of William
HODGEJohane Sept 9, 1635wife of Nicholas
MOISEPeter Sept 10, 1635s. of Peter
EMOTTJohn Sept 17, 1635s. of Richard
PONDDorothy Sept 18, 1635d. of David
LEY[blank] Sept 20, 1635s. of John
HULLJohane Sept 26, 1635widowe
VICKARYWilliam Sept 26, 1635s. of Roger
GYSTEEdward Oct 15, 1635s. of Thomas
WITTSFrancis Oct 20, 1635widdowe
MORTYMERDorothy Oct 26, 1635wife of William
WILLIAMSAlse Oct 26, 1635widowe
GYSTEThomas Nov 2, 1635 
GAYHenry Nov 5, 1635s. of Christopher
TROTT[blank] Nov 14, 1635d. of Thomas
RAINSBERRYJohane Nov 30, 1635d. of Phillip
ALLYNLattice Dec 3, 1635wife of John
WILLIAMSJohn Dec 9, 1635s. of Gabriell
SMALEAgnes Dec 11, 1635wife of Thomas
THORNEMargery Dec 14, 1635wife of Anthony
FRENDElizabeth Dec 30, 1635widowe
GREENERichard Dec 31, 1635 
PEARSEMargery Jan 1, 1635widowe
HILLSamuell Jan 6, 1635s. of Christopher
GREENEThomasine Jan 9, 1635widowe
PRATTElizabeth Jan 10, 1635d. of Robert
BUDDGyles Jan 19,1635 
GUSTARDJohn Jan 19, 1635s. of John
FURSEElizabeth Jan 16, 1635d. of George
DOMBEJohn Feb 15, 1635s. of John Cunger, dec.
RAUNCEJohn Feb 15,1635s. of Henry
COLWILLWilliam Feb 22, 1635 
TOCKERChristopher Feb 22, 1635s. of William (Carr.)
CADBERRYFrancis Feb 28, 16235s. of Robert
HOOPEdward Mar 8, 1635widower (labourer)
RICHARDSJohane Mar 12, 1635d. of William
COLEJohn Mar 13, 1635s. of Roger
SINCKLEREdward Mar 16, 1635s. of John
DOUBTHenry Mar 23, 1635s. of John
PARKINRichoard Mar 24, 1635widowe
PUGSLEYMargaret Mar 27, 1636 
DROMANTGyles Apr 1, 1636 
PINCOMBEStephen Apr 12, 1636 
COURTEISHumfrey Apr 13, 1636s. of Anthony
HUDDLEJohane Apr 15, 1636widowe
COURTEISGeorge Apr 17, 1636s. of Anthony
BRYANTNicholas Apr 19, 1636s. of Nicholas
JOSSEHenry Apr 20, 1636s. of Anthony
WESTLAKERoger May 3, 1636s. of Roger
CADDYAnthony May 3, 1636 
FOWLERMathew May 4,1636s. of Mathew
MOORERoger May 11, 1636s. of Roger
POPHAMAudry May 16, 1636s. [sic] of Alexander (dec. )
BESTJohn May 17, 1636s. of William
LITHEBRIDGEJohane May 18, 1636d. of John, junior
AYERMargaret May 24, 1636d. of Arthur
VILEGrace May 26, 1636d. of John
GYLLElizabeth May 28, 1636d. of William
BULHEADMargaret Jun 8, 1636d. of John
BICKELLThomasine Jun 15, 1636wife of William
VANSTONEThomas Jun 20, 1636 
DURDONJohan Jun 21, 1636 
STANBURYWilmoat Jun 24, 1636 
SOUTHYEOWilliam Jun 30, 1636s. of John, dec.
CADBERRYS(?)ibella Jul 6, 1636d. of Richard
COPLESTONEMargaret Jul 6, 1636d.of John, gent.
ROOKEBartholomew Jul 12, 1636s. of Bartholomew
DAYRichard Jul 12 ,1636s. of Richard
SPARKEJohn Jul 12, 1636s. of John
GISTEMargery Jul 15, 1636d. of Thomas, dec.
DAVELLSMary Jul 18, 1636d. of John
MOOREElizabeth Jul 19,1636d. of George
TREYSMary Jul 21, 1636widowe
BRYANTJohn Jul 22, 1636s. of John, dec.
WELSHEElizabeth Jul 25, 1636d. of Thomas, junior
JULEChristian Jul 27, 1636wife of William
GAYJames Jul 30, 1636s. of John, glassman
BULHEADGregory Jul 31, 1636s. of John
WHITEJone Aug 5, 1636wife of Phillip
BARKEREtheldred Aug 8, 1636s. of David
HEARNEElizabeth Aug 9, 1636d. of Arthur
RUSSONHenry Aug 15, 1636s. of Henry
LAWRENCEAgnes Aug 16, 1636wife of Stephen
COLERoger Aug 18,1636 
KERNEChristopher Aug 22, 1636s. of James
GAYAnne Aug 23, 1636d. of George
BALLAMYThomas Aug 29, 1636 
DAVYJerome Aug 30, 1636s. of Richard
LANGWilliam Aug 30, 1636s. of Charles
TOCKERSusana Sept 6, 1636d.of William, labourer
BUSEGrace Sept 9, 1636wife of Nicholas
STANBERRYJohan Sept 18,1636servant unto George Gay
CRAMBERRYWilliam Sept 18,1636s. of Jacob
BELTONMary Sept 18, 1636d. of Simon
WARDEWilliam & Johan Sept 18, 1636s. & d. of John
CANTELLElizabeth Sept 20, 1636widowe
MATHEWSAugustin Sept 21, 1636s. of William
POPHAMJohn Sept 23, 1636widower
BESTRebecka Sept 25, 1636d. of Andrew
BESTGrizill Sept 26, 1636d. of Andrew
SMYTHJohane Sept 27, 1636widowe
SMYTHAMMary Sept 30, 1636d. of William
LAMBERTPhillip Oc t6, 1636s. of Thomas
WESTRONAnne Oct 8, 1636d. of John
HEAMANRoger Oct 9, 1636s. of Robert
PAGUMAnne Oct 13, 1636widowe
ADDAMSWilmott Oct 14,1636d. of John, the younger
SKINNERWilmott Oct 15, 1636d. of George
SYMONSElinor Oct 15, 1636d. of John
MELTHORNEJohn Oct 16, 1636s. of John, deceased
CHAPMANJohn Oct 17, 1636s. of John
HOLLAWAYRichard Oct 25, 1636s. of Thomas
BLATCHFORDThomas Oct 27, 1636s. of Henry
HOLLAMORERawlyn Oct 30, 1636d. of John
BLATCHFORDAndrew Oct 31, 1636s. of Henry
BUSENichloas Nov 2, 1636widower
BERRYMANRoger Nov 2, 1636s. of John
PEARSEJohn Nov 4, 1636s. of Humphrey
WYATTEmme Nov 17, 1636d. of Nicholas
RANCEMary Nov 18, 1636d. of Henry
STONEMANJohn Nov 18, 1636s. of John
CLOGGMary Nov 27, 1636d. of Agnes
PICKARD[blank] Nov 28, 1636d. of James
BLACKMOREThomas Nov 30,1636s. of Luke
JOSSEAnthony Dec 4,1636 
VILEJohn Dec 8, 1636 
COPLESTONEDorothie Dec 12. 1636wife of Anthony, gent
WHITEMary Dec 12, 1636widowe
HALSEPhillip Dec 14, 1636 
WALTERChristopher Dec 19,1636 
ROGERMANDorothy Dec 20, 1636d. of John
BRIDGEMANAnne Dec 20,1636wife of John
SYMONSWilliam Dec 28, 1636 
ROGERMANSamuell Dec 28,1636s. of John
HEARDWilliam Dec 31, 1636 
HAMANTEmanuell Dec 31, 1636s. of John
BONDJohn Jan 1, 1636 
STONEMANMary Jan 6, 1636d. of John
WAKECatherine Jan 8, 1636widowe
RADDPhillip Jan 8, 1636s. of John
DOWNESusan Jan 10,1636wife of William
LAKEMary Jan 16,1636d. of Robert
EMOTTSarah Jan 23 ,1636d. of Richard
GOOSECOTTAlse Jan 28, 1636 
SMALEJane Feb 1, 1636d. of Thomas
SMYTHJane Feb 1, 1636d. of Robert
BURNBERRYRichard Feb 3, 1636 
BRYANTMargaret Feb 6, 1636servant unto Edmond Heaman
LARDERSamuell Feb 9,1636 
ISACKEJohn Feb 9,1636s. of Roger
HAWKRIDGETristram Feb 15, 1636 
CARTERSusan Feb 20, 1636d. of John
AVERYWilliam Mar 2, 1636 
WILMOTTMazd. Mar 2, 1636that lived at Vanstone's
CHAPMANJohane Mar 11, 1636d. of John
ROGERMANHenry Mar 13, 1636s. of Jonathan
MITCHELLJohane Mar 13,1636s. of Phinees
BROWNECatherine Mar 22, 1636wife of Richard
NICKLESHenry Mar 22, 1636s. of Phillip
BERRYMargaret Mar 26, 1637wife of Richard
HEAMANEdmond Mar 29,1637s. of Edmond
SMYTHMargaret Apr 3, 1637s. of Mr James, Alderman
GREENEDavid Apr 4, 1637s.of David
DOWNEJohane Apr 5, 1637servant to Richard Pitts on the land
FRANCKLYNMargarett Apr 5, 1637widowe
SQUIREJohn Apr 13, 1637s. of William
WAYAnne Apr 16,1637d. of William
VAUGHAN als BRYANTJohn Apr 23, 1637s. of Richard, dec.
BUDDAvice Apr 25, 1637d. of Gyles, dec.
STANBERRYJohn Apr 29, 1637thelder
WESTLAKERawlyn Apr 30,1637d. of Lewis
HUNTJohn May 9, 1637 
HOOPJohan May 10, 1637d. of Edward (coop)
VENNERGartred May 17,1637widowe
DROMANTAgnes May 21, 1637wife of Archilles
SMYTHJames May 21, 1637s. of Mr James, Alderman
TARDREWEEdward May 22,1637s. of John
HONYWILLJohane May 28, 1637widow
PALMERPhillip May 29, 1637s. of John
BASSEAlexander May 31, 1637apprentize to Richard Smale
COLEMary Jun 2, 1637widowe
BROWNEMary Jun 2, 1637wife of William
WORDENGrace Jun 18,1637d. of Nicholas
STRONGRichard Jun 18,1637thelder
GREENEJohane Jun 20, 1637d. of John
PEARSEElizabeth Jun 25, 1637d. of John
GLYDDONElizabeth Jul 2,1637d. of Josias
BUSEJohan Jul 8, 1637d. of Thomas
LAKEAnstice Jul 18, 1637wife of John
VYNNINGJohn Aug 8, 1637s. of Henry
MARTYNThomas Aug 17,1637s. of Andrew
MITCHELLGrace Aug 17, 1637d. of Phenias
JEOYHugh Aug 30,1637s.of Richard
GORWELLGeorge Sept 16, 1637s. of Andrew
GRANTHonor Sept 16, 1637wife of Richard
REYNOLLSGartred Sept 20, 1637wife of Richard
TUCKERSarah Sept 24, 1637d. of Stephen
BEAREJohane Sept 24, 1637widow
MOYSEElinor Oct 3, 1637d. of Richard
OXENHAMGedion Oct 6, 1637servant unto Edward Frost
PREDYSSarah Oct 7, 1637d. of William
STONEMANWilliam Oct 18, 1637s. of John, junior
HAMMANTMarke Oct 23, 1637s. of John
CLARKEMr Roger Oct 24, 1637Alderman
PREDYSElizabeth Nov 2, 1637wife of William
MERREVILLJohane Nov 6, 1637widowe
TAYLDERJohn Nov 11,1637labourer
POOLEGeorge Nov 15, 1637s. of John
GOODWYNHenry Nov 16, 1637gent.
BRAWNDJohane Nov 18, 1637 
VYNECOMBEWalter Nov 26, 1637 
BULHEADRobert Nov 27, 1637s. of John
LITHEBRIDGEJohn Dec 6, 1637senior
BESTIddith Dec 6, 1637widow
MAUNDERJohane Dec 20, 1637widow
HONYWELLAgnes Dec 22, 1637d. Thomas, dec.
HEARDJerome Dec 24, 1637s. of Thomas
BIRDGrace Dec 29, 1637s. of Anthony, junior
NORTONMargarett Dec 31, 1637widowe
DENEJohan Jan 9, 1637d. of John
HERSEDJohan Jan 11, 1637d. of Oliver
MARTYNElinor Jan 17, 1637widowe
VANNELewis Jan 23, 1637s. of John
GARDEElizabeth Jan 30, 1637widowe
DRAKEWilliam Feb 1, 1637s. of Phillip
FRANCKLYNInglishe Feb 1,1637widowe
SOUTHWOODDIddye Feb 2, 1637d. of Mary
TAYLDERJohan Feb 9, 1637d. of John, deceased
TROTTPhilice Feb 10, 1637wife of John
FULFORDMargarett Feb 10, 1637 
PRATTRobert Feb 21,1637 
HEAMANJane Mar 21,1637d. of James
RUDERebecka Mar 7, 1637wife of William
COLEJohn Mar 8, 1637s. of Roger
BLACKMOOREThomasine Mar 9, 1637s. of John, Senior
JOSSERobert Mar 15, 1637 
HILLChristopher Mar 20, 1637 
OLIVERJane Mar 23, 1637wife of Mr John, senior
BOONEAlse Mar 24 ,1637wife of Tobias
SKRIGGINSElizabeth Mar 27, 1638widowe
PUGSLEYAgnes Mar 30,1638widow
GENDELLAudrey Mar 31, 1638wife of John
TOCKERThomas Apr 2, 1638s. of William, Labourer
PICKARDCatherine Apr 6, 1638widowe
SINCKLERRichoard Apr 7,1638widowe
CRAMBERRYThomas Apr 10, 1638s. of Jacob
MYLLSJohane Apr 10,1638widowe
TOPPINGMary Apr 20,1638d. of Marmaduke [see note 3]
PHILLIPSJohn Apr 22, 1638s. of John, Welchman stranger
VANNCharity Apr 25, 1638d. of John
WHITLOCKEAudry Apr 29,1638wife of William
SPREYJohn May 4 ,1638s. of Andrew
TITHERLEIGHAnne May 14, 1638d. of Arthur [see note 3]
SYMONSMary May 21,1638d. of John
PALMERJohan May 27, 1638d. of Emanuell
SYMONSGrace May 28, 1638d. of John, weaver
HOOPERRebecka May 28, 1638widow
HEDDONHenry Jun 5, 1638 
LUKEJames Jun 5, 1638s. of John
TOPPINGMary Jun 8, 1638d. of Marmaduke [see note 3]
TITHERLEIGHAnne Jun 10, 1638d. of Arthur [see note 3]
CLARKEMr James Jun 17, 1638minister of out towne
LANGGeorge Jun 23, 1638s. of Lancelot
PASCOEBridgett Jun 30, 1638wife of Nicholas
ADDAMSEmme Jul 9, 1638widowe
CLARKEMrs Honor Jul 10, 1638widowe
SYMONSJohn Jul 14, 1638s. of John, shoemaker
HARRISThomasine Jul 18,1638widowe
SMALEChristopher Jul 31, 1638s. of Richard
TOCKERJohn Aug 6, 1638s. of Hugh
HOCKYNChristopher Aug 10,1638s. of Mr William
STRONGRichard Aug 24, 1638s. of Richard
DROMANTRichard Aug 26, 1638 
GLYDDONElizabeth Aug 26, 1638d. of Josias
FOWLERMargarett Aug 31, 1638d. of Mathew
VIZICKEHenry Sept 16, 1638 
LEEJohn Sept 17, 1638servant unto Roger Thorne
REEDEJohn Sept 29,1638 
MOOREPeter Sept 30, 1638s. of Peter
CANEJames Oct 14, 1638s. of Robert
CUNDEYElizabeth Oct 19, 1638widowe
JULEWilliam Oct 23, 1638 
VALLETTWilmoat Nov 2, 1638d. of Roger
DOWNINGJohan Nov 8, 1638kinswoman to John Banbery
BESTMary Nov 21,1638d. of Gyles
BLAKESusan Nov 28, 1638d. of John
GENDELLRoger Nov 29, 1638 
GREGORYMargaret Dec 1,1638d. of Luke, deceased
BESTRoger Dec 9, 1638cordiner
HILLJohn Dec 12, 1638s. of John
SALTREN[blank] Dec 22, 1638widowe
VANNEGeorge Dec 26, 1638s. of Richard
BURDIKERichard Dec 28,1638labourer
NEWCOMBEAgnes Jan 1, 1638d. of Thomas, deceased
PEARSEWalter Jan 17, 1638 
LANGDONUrsilla Jan 17,1638d. of John
BROOKECisley Jan 18,1638wife of Peter
SIMONSJohn Feb 3,1638s. of Richard
BIRDJohn Feb 7, 1638s. of Anthony
MOYSEYThomas Feb 9, 1638s. of William
SOUTHWOODElinor Feb 12, 1638servant unto Thomas Welshe, junior
WHITEPhillipp Feb 15, 1638 
GRANTIddie Feb 15, 1638widowe
STONEMANMichaell Feb 17, 1638s. of Richard of Northmolton
STEVENSChristian Mar 1,1638widowe
PEARSERobert Mar 1,1638widower
GREENERichard Mar 4,1638 
WALTERJohan Mar 10,1638wife of John
SKINNERSarah Mar 14, 1638d. of George
BERRRYMANDavid Mar 18, 1638widower
HOLLAMOREJohn Mar 23, 1638in Wilstreete (sic)
BAWDENJohan Mar 24, 1638wife of thomas
MARSHALLElizabeth Mar 28, 1639base d. of Thomas
BAKERSibella Apr 1, 1639d. of William, clarke
MERRYVILLAgnes Apr 7, 1639widowe
JEFFREYJohan Apr 8,1639widowe
VYSICKEThomasine Apr 8,1639d. of Henry, deceased
THORNEThomasine Apr 8, 1639wife of Roger
PINCOMBEIddie Apr 15,1639widowe
ROBBINSWilliam Apr 17, 1639 
STEVENSApr 20, 1639 s. of William, gent. 
NATTThomasine Apr 26, 1630widowe
BESTAndrew Apr 27, 1639 
CLOGGWilliam Apr 28, 1639 
COLEJohn May 5, 1639s. of Richard
LAVERENCEThomasine May 8, 1639widowe
SLOOMANThomas May 11, 1639 
BROCKAllyn May 17,11639 
HAWKINGSRobert May 21,1639s. of Christopher
CRAMBERRYHenry May 22, 1639s. of Jacob
BRAGGJohan May 25, 1639d. of John
WYETTElizabeth May 26, 1639wife of Charles
SAWYER als DREWEJohn Jun 2, 1639 
MARTYNGeorge Jun 11, 1639 
WELCHElizabeth Jun 27,1639wife of Thomas, junior
TOCKERWilliam Jun 29, 1639labourer
GRANTEnglishe Jul 4, 1639wife of William
GLAWENElizabeth Jul 8, 1639d. of Mathew
HOCKINMr Christopher Jul 8, 1639 
MOOREPeter Jul 12, 1639thelder
SHORTPriscilla Jul 15, 1639d. of Richard
KERNEWilliam Jul 19, 1639 
SINGWilmott Jul 20, 1639wife of Oliver
BISHOPPGrace Jul 22, 1639wife of Henry
JOHNSJohn & Henry Jul 25, 1639sons of John
WELLINGTONLewis Jul 25, 1639s. of Mr Charles
ADDAMSJonas Jul 26, 1639 
CORNEYMary Jul 29,1639d. of Christopher, dec.
BESTSamuell Aug 5, 1639s. of Samuell
WESTLAKEJohan Aug 6, 1639wife of Roger
MOOREMargery Aug 16, 1639d. of Roger
GLAWENJohn Aug 20, 1639s. of Mathew
CHENNICKEHugh Aug 21,1639servant unto Mr William Hockin
STRONGRichard Aug 25, 1639 
MARTYNJohan Aug 26, 1639d. of George, deceased
BURELLJohan Aug 29, 1639wife of Nicholas
PETERSJohn Sept 1,1639s. of John
BENNETTMarshall Sept 5, 1629widowe
HUTCHINGSPeternell Sept 7, 1639widowe
GRANTStephen Sept 8, 1639thelder
WILLIAMSJohn Sept 8, 1639s. of Christopher
HALWAYJohn Sept 22,1639s. of Thomas
GOOLDRichard Sept 28, 1639 
SWEETEThomasine Oct 26, 1639wife of Marke
SIMONSRichard Oct 27, 1639weaver
SMYTHAMSusan Oct 30, 1639wife of William
ADDAMSMary Nov 4, 1639d. of Jonathan
SQUIRERichard Nov 5, 1630servant unto David Greene
BOUNCILLRobert Nov 15, 1639 
PRUSTJane Nov 26, 1639widowe
WILLISHonor Nov 29, 1639d. of Richard
JUELLAmye Dec 1, 1639widowe
BURNBERRYAnthony Dec 22,1639s. of Anthony
DOUTJohn Dec 265, 1639widower
DURDONJohn Jan 3,1639 
PARSONSJohan Jan 10,1639wife of Walter, thelder
SHOREHenry Jan 17, 1639s. of George
GOULEJohn Jan 19, 1639s. of John
BANTJohn Jan 21, 1639s. of Jeffrey
POORESamuell Jan 22 ,1639s. of James
DOLBEAREBeniamin Jan 29, 1639s.of Thomas
GAYJane Jan 29,1639widowe
MARSHALLPhillip Jan 30, 1639 
HIOBBSRichard Jan 30, 1639 
TOCKERPriscilla Jan 30,1639d. of William, deceased
BURELLNicholas Jan 31, 1639widower
GAYChristopher Feb 2, 1639 
PEARCETabitha Feb 5, 1639servant unto Thomas Dolbeare
ROWERalphe Feb 19, 1639 
UDYEAgnes Feb 19, 1639widowe
WALDONMargaret Feb 20,1639d. of Robert
TAWTONJohn Feb 24, 1639s. of John
VEALEGrace Mar 3, 1639d. of James
GLAWENEtheldred Mar 4,1639 
BAWDENThomas Mar 6, 1639 
MOOREThomas Mar 9, 1639servant unto Robert Nickles, cordwiner
DAVELSElizabeth Mar 11, 1639wife of John
RICHARDSWilliam Mar 11, 1639s. of William
WALDRENJohan Mar 13, 1639wife of Robert
GRUBHAMJohn Mar 20, 1639wife of Daniell
THORNERoger Mar 20, 1639senior
WELSHERobert Mar 25, 1639apprentize to William Voscombe
STIGGENSBeaton Mar 28, 1639widowe
NICHOLLSMr William Mar 28, 1640Alderman
BRAGGJane Apr 1,1640d. of John
MITCHELLMargery Apr 9, 1640wife of Phineas
TAYLDERJohan Apr 14, 1640d. of William, weaver
CARTERThomasine Apr 16, 1640d. of Christofer
TOCKERRichard Apr 21,1640lockyer
CUDMOREElizabeth Apr 23, 1640d. of Thomas
BRYANTRichard Apr 27, 1640widowe
TAYLDERWilliam May 2, 1640weaver
CANEAudry May 13, 1640wife of Robert
LAKEElizabeth May 13, 1640d. of Robert
DOWNEAlse May 16, 1640widowe
VOYSEYRichard May 19, 1640 
FRANCKLYNSalome May 21, 1640d. of Arthur
POPHAMRichard May 28,1640 
LANGJohan May 25, 1640wife of Lancelott
HEDDONCatherine Jun 7, 1640widowe
PUGSLEYJacquet Jun 7,1640wife of John
WESTERONElizabeth Jun 26, 1640widowe
PHILLIPPSDaniell Jun 26, 1640s. of John
WHITLOCKWilliam Jul 13, 1640widower
KEENEGeorge Jul 14, 1640 
DAVIEGyles Jul 26, 1640servant & kinsman to John Gribbell
SMYTHRobert Jul 28, 1640s. of Hugh
SINEYWilliam Aug 3, 1640s. of John
ROWEThomasine Aug 5,1640 
SMYTHWilmoat Aug 9, 1640wife of Robert
RUDEWilliam Aug 12, 1640widower
PAULHonor Aug 23, 1640d. of John
HUMFRYRobert Sept 10, 1640 
BESTWilliam Sept 13, 1640s. of William
PARNACOTTNicholas Sept 23, 1640s. of Roger
HACKWILLJohan Sept 28,1640wife of Walter
GRADEJudith Oct 9, 1640d. of Nathaniell
VYNNINGHenry Oct 9, 1640s. of Henry
DAYLuke Oct 10, 1640s. of Richard, deceased
RICHARDSThomasine Oct 15, 1640wife of William
HOMESWilliam Nov 2,1640base s. of Priscilla
SOUTHERDRoger Nov 5,1640 
WILLISEdmond Nov 11, 1640s. of Richard
WALTERRichard Nov 17,1640 
BLAKEFrancis Nov 20,1640d. [sic] of Christopher
EDWARDSPathericke Nov 27, 1640s. of Evan
PARNACOTTRichard Dec 13, 1640s. of Roger
PEARSEThomasine Jan 1,1640 
PARNACOTTMary Jan 8, 1640d. of Roger
ROBBINSJohn Jan 11, 1640 
WYOTTJane Jan 13, 1640wife of Michaell
REYMORJohn Jan 14, 1640wch lived with Mr Richard Gay
KINGSLANDOliver Jan 18, 1640 
BUSEJohn Jan 18,1640s. of Thomas
SOUTHERDSusan Jan 19,1640d. of Roger, deceased
ACKLANDNicholas Jan 19, 1640 
WALTERJames Jan 24,1640 
VINNECOMBEJohn Aug 26, 1640 
DENEJohn Jan 29,1640cobler
WEREYMary Jan 30, 1640wife of Richard
HULLMary Feb 4,1640d. of Henry, junior
LANGSarah Feb 11, 1640d. of Lancelott
PASCHONicholas Feb 11,1640 
KEDWELLHenry Feb 17, 1640widower
HANGERWilmoat Feb 21,1640wife of John
DAVELLSPhineas Feb 23, 1640s. of John
STEVENSWilliam Feb 25, 1640gent.
HILLJohan Mar 1,1640wife of Alexander
ADDAMSAbell Mar 10,1640s. of Phillip
PREDYSRichard Mar 14,1640junior, sinning draper
TOSLOWHenry Mar 15, 1640s. of Thomas
CRAMBERYMargarett Mar 22, 1640d. of Jacob
TAWTONElizabeth Mar 24, 1640s. of John
HIGGSDorothy Mar 25, 1640wife of Anthony
SKINNERMary Mar 27. 1641wife of George
BRAGGAbraham Mar 29,1641s. of John
ROWEJohan Apr 2,1641wife of John
JEFFREYElizabeth Apr 4, 1641d. of Richard, deceased, labourer
CANMichaell Apr 11,1641servant unto Christopher Mules
BROWNEWilliam Apr 13, 1641widower
STANBERRYJohan Apr 13, 1641widowe
MARTYNRobert Apr 15, 1641 
OXENHAMJohn May 6, 1641`s. of Arthur
DALE[blank] May 56, 1641d. of Ralphe
WALTERJane May 7, 1641d. of Richard, deceased
KNEEBONEWilliam May 14, 1641s. of John
DOWNEJohan May 19,1641wife of John
TOCKERRichard May 26, 1641innkeeper
BRAGGAnn May 26, 1641wife of John
BRAGGRichard May 29, 1641s. of John
ROGERSMathew May 30, 1641wife [sic] of William
SALTRENWilliam May 31,1641 
POOLERichard Jun 2, 1641s. of Richard
FRAINEElinor Jun 2, 1641wife of Robert
PADDONElizabeth Jun 6, 1641widowe
GRAUNTRobert Jun 6, 1641s. of William
PASMOREAndrew Jun 6, 1641s. of John
VANNEJohn Jun 17, 1641 
TAYLDERHonor Jun 22, 1641wife of Anthony
BUSEThomasine Jun 22, 1641widowe
CHAPPELLMrs Elizabeth Jun 29, 1641widowe, sometime of Langtree
GARDENicholas Jul 6, 1641s. of Nathaniel
HOAREChristopher Jul 8, 1641 
ROLLEAlexander Jul 11, 1641gent.
DAVELLSJohan Jul 12, 1641widowe
CANEJane Jul 19, 1641d. of Robert
DILLINGMary Jul 25, 1641widowe
LAKERobert Aug 5, 1641s. of Roger
LOLWIEREJohn Aug 5, 1641 
HEAMONDMary Aug 5, 1641d. of Richard, deceased
PEARSEElizabeth Aug 8, 1641d. of Walter, deceased
WITHECOMBEGeorge Aug 13, 1641 
HONIWELLGrace Aug 17, 1641d. of John
SMYTHMrs Catherine Aug 23, 1641widowe
VENNERSusan Sept 2, 1641wife of George
LOBBETTThomas Sept 7, 1641 
BONDJohan Sept 13, 1641in Milstreete
BRYANTGartred Sept 16, 1641widowe
BULLEDJohn Sept 17,1641 
BAGGELHOLEAbraham Sept 29,1641s. of Abraham
SHURTMary Oct 1, 1641wife of Richard
STONEMANElizabeth Oct 1, 1641d. of Richard
BONNCILLJohan Oct 3,1641d.of Robert, deceased
HARBOTTELLThomas Oct 7, 1641 
JEFFERIESMr Roger Oct 11,1641curate of Frithelstock
GRANTMary Oct 11,1641d. of Luke
POLLARDAgnes Oct 17, 1641wife of Thomas
HUDDELLJane Oct 18,1641d. of George
TOPPING[blank] Oct 26, 1641...of Marmaduke
GLAWENElizabeth Oct 28, 1641wife of John, cobler
LARDEREdward Oct 31,1641gent.
SHURTRichard Nov 5, 1641widower
TAYLERJohn Nov 6, 1641s. of Mr Zacharie
GRANTHenry Nov 7, 1641s. of Stephen
WYTHECOMBJohn Nov 165, 1641s. of Robert
TROTTCatherine Dec 7, 1641widowe
BLACKFORDRichard Dec 14, 1641 
GAYJohn Dec 22,1641s. of Ralph
PARDONElizabeth Dec 23, 1641widowe
WALTERJohn Dec 23, 1641s. of Jerome
POSTLETTEllyn Dec 25,1641d. of Richard
PRAUCELawerence Jan 2,1641 
DANNYELLJohan Jan 7, 1641wife of Anthony
GRANTHonor Jan 12 1641d. of Bartholomew
MOYSEGrace Jan 24, 1641d. of William
SMALERichard Jan 26, 1641 
KELLYGrace Jan 31,1641servant unto the widowe Walter
TRACYJohan Feb 6, 1641widowe, on the land
SMYTHJohn Feb 6, 1641taylor
ELSERRYSuzan Feb 11, 1641d. of Inglishe
WALDONRobert Feb 21, 1641s. of Robert
BESTThomasine Feb 22, 1641d. of Samuell
MOORERoger Mar 6, 1641s. of Roger
HEARNENevill Mar 30, 1642 
EMESThomas Apr 17, 1642of George Nympton
PEARSERichard Apr 19, 1642s. of Walter, deceased
EVANSMary Apr 26, 1642wife of John, junior
TAYLDERJohane May 10, 1642wife of Tymothie
PASSEMOREElizabeth May 21,1642d. of John of Weare Gifford
VENNERAlse May 23, 1642wife of George
VELELewis May 24, 1642s. of James
PARSONSWilmoatt Jun 8, 1642wife of Walter the younger
JENNINGEWilmoatt Jun 24, 1642wife of Thomas
LARKWILLElizabeth Jun 29, 1642d. of Robert
SMYTHAMSusanna Jun 29, 1642d. of Thomas
ROBBYNSMary Jul 2, 1642d. of John
GOOSCOTTPhillipp Jul 14, 1642 
ALLYNMary Jul 18,1642d. of Jerome, cordyner
SHEPPIARDAnne Jul 22, 1642widowe, on the land
BEAPLEJohn Aug 11, 1642s. of John
YEOMary Aug 17, 1642d. of John
MARTYNSusan Aug 30, 1642d. of Andrew
ALLYNMargery Sept 6, 1642wife of Jerome, cordiner
DAVIELawrence Sept 11, 1642labourer
DANYELLElinor Sept 13, 1642widowe
WESTERONLawerence Sept 18, 1642 
STONEMANHenry Sept 30, 1642s. of John
BALEFrancis Oct 6, 1642d. [sic] of Thomas, deceased
GYLLRichard Oct 8,1642 
BROWNEMargarett Oct 13, 16342wife of Richard, mcer (mercer?)
CUDMOREThomas Oct 15, 1642 
FROSTJames Oct 24,1642s. of Roger
PUGSLEYRichard Oct 25,1642s. of Richard
MOYSEYRichard Oct 27, 1642 
RUDGEMartyn Oct 29, 1642widower
TAWTONNathaniell Oct 30, 1642 
BLACKEJohn Nov 7, 1642s. of John
ANDROEAnthony Nov 13, 1642 
HEDDONJohn Nov 17, 1642of Idderleigh
WESTERONEWilliam Dec 5, 1642s. of Lawerence
MOOREWilmoatt Dec 9, 1642widow
AWBERRYChristopher Dec 9, 1642[See note #4]
WALDONAnne Dec 26, 1642wife of Christopher
HOLLAMOREThomas Dec 27, 1642[see note #5]
GARDMargarett Dec 28,1642wife of Josias
ROWCLIFF[blank] Dec 28, 1642s. of John
LOBBETTElizabeth Dec 29, 1642wife of John
HAMMETTElizabeth Dec 30, 1642wife of John
PYNJohn Jan 5, 1642of Milton Damerell, a souldier of Bideford
BERRYMANJohn Jan 7, 1642s. of John of Parkham
ROWCLIFFRose Jan 7,1642d. of John
PARRThomas Jan 11, 1642s. of Thomas of Shebbeare, soldier
TOCKER[blank] Jan 19, 1642...of Thomas, labourer
DENEJohn Jan 28, 1642s. of John, fuller
BRAGGRobert Jan 29, 1642s. of John
BALEPriscilla Jan 30, 1642wife of William
ELSWORTHIECatherine Feb 1,1642d. of Englishe
GOSSEJoyce Feb 6, 1642d. of John
HEAMANJames Feb 12, 1642 
TEARLERose Feb 12, 1642widowe
DAVYEAudry Feb 15, 1642wife of Richard
ANDROEJohan Feb 15, 1642d.of Anthony, deceased
DOWNESolome Feb 17,1642d.of Richard
WILLISEdmond Feb 20, 1642s. of Richard
BAKERElinor Feb 24, 1642widowe, St. Marthias Day
CRELLICKElizabeth Feb 24, 1642widowe
SLOWLYAbraham Feb 24, 1642 
SQUIREGrizill Mar 7,1642wife of William
BIRDElizabeth Mar 10, 1642wife of Anthony, thelder
CUDMOOREPhillipp Mar 11,1642s. of James, deceased
CUNDEYHugh Mar 13, 1642dwelling with Mr Charles Wellington
RENDLEPeter Mar 13, 1642s. of Sidrack
POTTERJames Mar 14, 1642widower, an almes man
ELLIS[blank] Mar 25, 1642the base s. of Dorothie
HODGENicholas Mar 26, 1643 
BAGGELHOLE[blank] Mar 27, 1643s. of Abraham
HILLJohan Mar 29, 1643s. of John
MOOREPhillipp Apr 3, 1643s. of Nicholas
TAYLERThomas Apr 4, 1643s. of Thomas
TRACEYThomas Apr 5,1643widower
BENNETTJohan Apr 7,.1643wife of Richard
PEARDSarah Apr 17, 1643wife of William
PHILLIPPSPeter Apr 16,1643s. of John
RAWLEJohan Apr 22, 1643wife of John
BIRDAnthony Apr 32,1643thelder
SINGElinor Apr 24, 1643wife of Oliver
PUGSLEYThomas Apr 24,1643of Kilkhampton
HEADMr [blank] Apr 29, 1643lecturer of this towne
PEARSEAnn Apr 30, 1643d. of John
DANYELLThomasine May 7, 1643d. of Anthony
MOUNCEYElinor May 8, 1643widowe
ALLYNAgnes May 11, 1643widpwe
DANYELLSarah May 11, 1643d. of Anthony
WELCHEJohn May 14, 1643s. of Thomas, junior
VAUGHAN[blank] May 14, 1643wife of John
DAGGJohan May 23, 1643wife of John
PILLIVANMargery May 23, 1643 
WALDOWN[blank] May 26, 1643widowe
HILLJohane May 26,1643widow
TITHERLEIGHWilliam & Roger May 27, 1643s.s of Arthur
VANNEllin Jun 8, 1643widow
BANBERRYJohn Jun 8, 1643and Johan his wife
RUSSONRoger Jun 15, 1643an almes man
HOOPAnn Jun 29, 1643wife of Edward , Coop
BICKLEYAndrew Jun 30,1643 
WARDWilliam Jul 9, 1643s. of John
HORTOPPJohn Jul 11, 1643 
BESTThomasine Jul 12, 1643wife of Roger
WARDMary Jul 12, 1643d. of John
DENEJohn Jul 12, 1643s.of Luke
PARKEHOUSERichard Jul 12, 1643s. of Richard
LANGDONJohan Jul 23,1643wife of John
GRANTHenry Jul 27, 1643 
GLANFIELDEvodias Jul 30, 1643wife of Degory
MATHEWRobert Aug 4, 1643 
CHRISWRIGHTMary Aug 11, 1643d. of Humfray
HUMPHRAYPhillippa Aug 15, 1643widowe
DAUKISTONBeniman Aug 20, 1643Sergeant Major Arrundell's groome
Seven militiaman  Aug 20,1643[see note #6]
TOCKERJohan Aug 25, 1643widow
HERMANWilliam Sept 4, 1643a souldier of Pilton for the militia
HANCOCKERichard Sept 4, 1643s. of Hugh
BRINSCOMBESarah Sept 6, 1643d. of Robert
CARTERJohn Sept 8, 1643 
UNIVENBrace Sept 8, 1643chirurgion to Colonel Digby's Army
MALLETTMrs Catherine Sept 9, 1643widowe
WALTERCicell Sept 9, 1643widowe
PAYNEGartred Sept 10, 1643d. of Hugh
BLAKERobert Sept 10,1643s. of John
DABBYNJane Sept 13, 1643d. of John
GENDLECreature Sept 13,1643widowe
HUDDLEDorothie Sept 18, 1643d. of George
HUDDLEJohn Sept 18, 1643 
HESSEDCharles Sept 24,1643s. of Oliver
DAVYMary Sept 24,1643d. of Walter, deceased
SINCOCKEThomas Sept 25,.1643 
PENNATHNicholas Sept 25, 1643 
SPARKESamuell Sept 25, 1643s. of Richard
LARKEJohn Sept 27, 1643s. of John
HEDDONCharyty Sept 27, 1643wife of William
ROBBINSMargarett Sept 27, 1643widow
BRAYLEYThomas Sept 29, 1643 
RUDGEGrace Sept 30, 1643d. of John
TAYLDERHenry Sept 30, 1643labourer
HEDDONWilliam Oct 4, 1643s. of William
VANN[blank] Oct 7, 1643d. of Richard
TROTTJohn Oct 8,1643 
WALTERAgnes Oct 9, 1643widowe
SHORTJohn Oct 01, 1643 
TIDBALLLeonard Oct 10, 1643 
MOOREMargarett Oct 10, 1643d. of David
STONEMANJane Oct 11,1643d. of Richard
LEEJohn Oct 12, 1643 
GRANTStephen Oct 12, 1643s. of Stephen
TRACYRichord Oct 13, 1643wife of Roger
HILLHugh Oct 14, 1643 
WHITEROWRobert Oct 15,1643 
SPARKERichard Oct 18, 1643and Katherin his wife
HEAMAN[blank] Oct 18, 1643d. of Robert
DURDONAnne Oct 223, 1643widowe
HERNEArthur Oct 23,1643 
KEATHENFrances Oct 23,1643d. of David
MATHEWAnn Oct 24, 1643widowe
PASSMOOREFrances Nov 24, 1643d. of John
PALMERNicholas Oct 24,1643s. of Nicholas
RUSSONElizabeth Oct 25, 1643d. of Henry
TOCKERChristopher Oct 26, 1643widower
SINCKLER[blank] Oct 26, 1643d. of John
ALLYNLeonard Oct 29,1643 
PENNATHWilmoat Oct 29, 1643d. of Nicholas
FRIENDTh.... Oct 30,1643 
LOLWIEREJohn Oct 30, 1643s. of John
SHAPLEIGHMary Nov 6, 1643d. of Nicholas
WELLINGTONRichard Nov 8,1643s. of Mr Lewes, deceased
HEANESSusanna Nov 13, 1643d. of Samuell
HIGGSMargarett Nov 13, 1643d. of Anthony
COLEDorcas Nov 14, 1643d. of Brute
TOSTLYWilliam Nov 15, 1643s. of Thomas
SMYTHRobert Nov 15, 1643widower
POOLEMary Nov 16, 1643d. of Richard
HOCKERIDGERalph Nov 16, 1643shoomaker
BRIGHTJohan Nov 16, 1643widowe
PENNATHWilmott Nov 18,1643widowe
TAYLDERWalter Nov 18,.1643s. of William, labourer
HOLMANCatherine Nov 18,1643wife of Nicholas
LANGDONMargarett Nov 19,1643d. of Thomas
COLERobert Nov 21,1643shoomaker
SKYNNERDanyell Nov 23, 1643 
SKRIGGENSMargarett Nov 24, 1643d. of John
BROWNEElizabeth Nov 26, 1643d. of William, dec.
PECKARDThomasine Nov 27, 1643d. of Silvester
NICHOLSJohn Nov 30, 1643s. of Robert, shoomaker
GLIDDONElizabeth Dec 3, 1643wife of Josias
TAWTONKatherine Dec 4, 1643wife of James, junior
JULEHenry Dec 5,1643 
TEDBALLElizabeth Dec 5, 1643wife of Arthur
WAYWilmoatt Dec 6, 1643widowe
BUSEJohan Dec 6, 1643d. of Thomas
WALTERJohn Dec 11,1643s. of Edward
GUSTARDSarah Dec 12, 1643d. of Gorge
FRAINERobert Dec 14, 1643 
BEVANSJane Dec 20,1643wife of Robert
CHAPMANNicholas Dec 20, 1643s. of Nicholas
PUGSLEYJo... Dec 21,1643wife of Richard
UDYRichard Dec 22, 1643cordiner
GLOWENJohn Dec 22, 1643cobler
ADDAMSAlse Dec 22,1643wife of John
CHENNICKHenry Dec 23, 1643s. of Edward
JOPEMary Dec 24, 1643servant unto Anthony Higgs
ROGERSWilliam Dec 26,1643widower
BESTGyles Dec 26,1643s. of Gyles
MOYSEMary Dec 27,1643d. of Peter
MOYSEOliver Dec 30,1643s. of Peter
DOWNERoger Jan 4, 1643locksmyth
LAKERoger Jan 6, 1643 
HICKINGSJohn Jan 9, 1643 
PITTSRichard Jan 14 ,1643 
SOUTHERDDorothie Jan 14, 1643 
PARSONSRobert Jan 14, 1643s. of Walter, junior
PARSONSJelian Jan 15, 1643wife of Walter, junior
HAMANTJohn Jan 15,1643s. of John
TOCKERWilliam Jan 21,1643a curryer
GRANTWalter Jan 21, 1643 
PONDDorothie Jan 26, 1643wife of David
STONEMANRichard Jan 22, 1643in Milstreete
PINCOMBEJohan Jan 22, 1643wife of Roger
PALMEREmanuell Feb 4, 1643 
SOUTHERDMary Feb 5, 1643 
TAYLLERJames Feb 8, 1643sexton
KINGSLANDMargery Feb 8,1643widowe
CARTERSebastian Feb 9, 1643 
RANCEHenry Feb 14, 1643 
JULENichloas Feb 18,1643servant to Roger Thorne
PARSONSWalter Feb 19,1643senior
SPREYSusan Feb 20, 1643wife of Andrew
CRAMBERRYJohn Feb 20, 1643s. of Jacob
SANDERSWilliam Feb 23, 1643s. of Hugh
PONDDavid Feb 26,1643widower
JULEKatherine Mar 3,1643wife of Richard
HOLLAMOREJohan Mar 4, 1643widowe
LEYPhillip Mar 6, 1643s. of John, weaver
SLOGGOTTJohn Mar 12, 1643 
BURIDGEDorothie Mar 13, 1643d. of Symon, deceased
OXENHAMJohan Mar 13, 1643d. of Richard, deceased
GREENEJelian Mar 16,1643widowe
BESTRoger Mar 20,1643widower
HESSEDElizabeth Mar 21, 1643d. of Andrew, junior
FRANCKLINClare Mar 30, 1644d. of Arthur
HOWNicholas Mar 31. 1644in Bridewell
GRUDGERYElizabeth Apr 7, 1644widowe
DOUBTAgnes Apr 7, 1644widowe
BOUNCILLAnthony Apr 14, 1644s. of Robert
PAULJudith Apr 22, 1644d. of John
WILLISRebecca Apr 24, 1644d. of Richard
DOWNEAbraham Apr 24, 1644s. of John
CHENNICKJelian Apr 24, 1644widowe
LAMBERTThomas May 7, 1644thelder
CLARKESusanna May 12, 1644wife of George
HONIWELLJohn May 18, 1644 
DOWNESarah May 19,1644wife of John
SYMONSJohan May 19, 1644wife of Roger
HANGERAnne May 19, 1644d. of John
CARTERJohn May 21,1644s. of John
POOLERichard Jun 4,1644 
SHUTTSusan Jun 9, 1644servant unto John Prideis, Alderman
COLEJehan Jun 22, 1644widowe
BELTONSymon Jun 29, 1644s. of Symon (the drowned)
TITHERLEIGHSusan Jun 30 ,1644wife of Mr William
NICHOLLSMary Jun 30, 1644d. of Robert
COPLESTONJohn Jul 2, 1644of Venton of Weargifford
RAWLEIGHFrances Jul 3, 1644d. of Thomas
HOPPERJohn Jul 4, 1644s. of John
SMYTHAMWilliam Jul 9, 1644s. of William, deceased
MONCKEThomas Jul 10, 1644[see note # 7]
RUSSONHenry Jul 15, 1644 
TOCKERWilliam Aug 7, 1644s. of William, butcher
PENROSEAlse Aug 10, 1644wife of Phillip
QUANCEAndrew Aug 12, 1644s. of Andrew
SWEETEWilliam Aug 12, 1644s. of Marke
VANSTONEHumfrey Aug 12, 1644on the land [see note # 8]
WARDEThomas Aug 26, 1644s. of Richard
WILLISThomas Aug 28, 1644s. of Thomas
VOLEAlse Sept 20, 1644servant unto Jerome Wyther
COURTYSRichard Sept 23, 1644a trooper being shott by his fellow
WYATTMathew Sept 29, 1644s. of Michaell
[see note # 9]    
BELLAMYThomas Oct 14, 1644s. of Thomas , deceased
CUNGAREmme Oct 28, 1644widowe
VALLETTWilliam Oct 31, 1644s. of John
BEAREEglon Nov 8, 1644wife of Thomas
GREENEAlice Nov 11, 1644d. of Richard, deceased
TAWTONWilliam Nov 12, 1644widower
QUANCEAndrew Nov 12, 1644 
SKINNEREdmond Nov 20, 1644 
ShAPLEYChichester Nov 20, 1644servant unto Samuell Rogerman
CANLoue (Love?) Nov 21,1644wife of John
BIRDHannah Nov 21,1644d. of Anthony
BERRYMANAlse Nov 22, 1644wife of John
BROWNERichard Nov 26, 1644sparrowbill maker
CORYMary Dec 1,1644d. of James
POLARDElizabeth Dec 2,1644 
PETERSCharles Dec 8,1644s. of John
GAYAnne Dec 10, 1644wife of Mr Richard, Alderman
GREGORYLuke Dec 12, 1644 
OXENHAMRichard Dec 15, 1644s. of Arthur
GLANFIELDDegory Dec 19,1644widower
WILLIAMSElizabeth Dec 22,1644d. of George
HAMANTMarke Jan 2,1644s. of John
BELTONJohn Jan 2, 1644 
WELLINGTONGrace Jan 3,1644d. of Justinyan
BOUNCILLPhillip Jan 11, 1644widowe
MOORESusan Jan 20,1634wife of John
BRUENHenry Jan 20 1644s. of Richard
SMYTHMary Jan 22, 1644d. of Hugh
FRANCKYLNRoger Jan 27,1644s. of Norman
WHITELove Feb 1,1644d. of William
DAVYEAnne Feb 4, 1644wife of Walter
WHITINGBeaton Feb 4, 1644wife of Nicholas
WALTERJohn Feb 9,1644 
PRUSTAgnes Feb 10, 1644widowe
JEOYStephen Feb 16, 1644scrivener
OXENHAMJohan Feb 21,1644d. of Arthur
SYMMONSRichard Feb 21,1644 
CHAPMANMary Feb 23,1644d. of Nicholas
HALSELuke Feb 25, 1644s. of Samuell
HOPPERJohn Mar 5, 1644s. of John
WARESusan & Elizabeth Mar 8, 1644d.s of Mathew
THORNEJohan Mar 12, 1644wife of Robert
PHILLIPSJohn Mar 17, 1644wife of John
HOPPERJane Mar 20, 1644wife of John
POLLARDGrace Mar 23, 1644d. of Walter
LAKEJerome Mar 25,1645s. of Rober, deceased
RUDGEJohn Mar 28, 1645 
VALLETTRoger Mar 29,1645 
PICKARDJohane Mar 30, 1645d.of James
PENROSEJane Apr 1,1645wife of Nicholas
STONEMANMary Apr 1, 1645d. of Henry
WYOTTHugh Apr 26,1645servant unto William Hole of Addiport, dyer
PAULEWilmott Apr 28, 1645d. of John
BEAPLEAnthony May 3, 1645s . Of John
WALDONJohn May 14,1645senior
HOCKYNBeniamyn May 14, 1645gent.
JONESJohn May 15,1645s. of Thomas, a stranger
BRANSCOMBEPriscilla May 16, 1645d. of Robert
HAMANTJane May 17,1645widowe
HELLYARJohn May 19,1645 
HOOPEREdward May 19,1645 
DALEThomasine Jun 3, 1645wife of Lewes
HANCOCKEElinor Jun 4, 1645widowe
JAGOEFrances Jun 26,1645d. of Henry, deceased
ZELLYWilmoat Jul 9, 1645wife of Walter
FRANCKLYNNorman Jul 16, 1645 
HOCKINBridgett Jul 18,1645d. of Willliam, gent
SWELEChristopher Jul 21,1645[see note # 10]
ELSERRYRichord Jul 22, 1645d. of Englishe
GRIFFITHElizabeth Jul 22, 1645 
FRENDJames Jul 29,1645a soldyer
ANTHONYStephen Jul 29,1645a soldyer
MORGANJohn Jul 29, 1645a soldyer
DERRIESStephen Jul 29, 1645a soldyer
NICHOLSElizabeth Jul 29,1645d. of John
ANGELLPatrick Aug 2,1645 
TAYLERElizabeth Aug 3, 1645d. of Thomas
STERTRobert Aug 3, 1645a soldyer
BOOSEHenry Aug 11, 1645[see note #11]
TAYLDERSibella Aug 14,1645d. of John
MOORERichard Aug 17,1645s. of Roger
GALESamuell Aug 19,1645a soldyer
ROBBINSJane Aug 22, 1645a stranger
SQUIREJohn Aug 23, 1645s. of William
CANJohn Aug 25,1645widower
PILLEVANJane Sept 2,1645wife of Thomas
TOCKERRoger Sept 9, 1645s. of William, carrier
PIPERAlse Sept 9, 1645wife of Richard
OWLABORJane Sept 10,1645widowe
HAYNESJohn Sept 11, 1645s. of Samuell
CHRISWRIGHTGrace Sept 18, 1645wife of Humphrey
PICKARDJames Sept 19,1645 
HIGGSJohan Sept 19,1645d. of Anthony
BUSEThomas Sept 10, 1645 
JOPERobert Sept 23, 1645s. of John
ROBBINSRichard Sept 24,1645s. of John
CARTERMary Sept 28, 1645d. of Frances
BISHOPJohan Oct 5,1645servant unto Mrs Grace Wellington, widowe
GARDAmy Oct 7, 1645d. of Nathaniell
GRANTLuke Oct 8,1645 
BOONETobie Oct 14, 1645 
DAVIEJohn Oct 15, 1645s. of Walter
FURSEMargarett Oct 19, 1645d. of Michaell, deceased
BRINSCOMBERobert Oct 27, 1645s. of Robert
WILLISElizabeth Oct 28, 1645d. of Thomas
LARKEJohn Nov 6, 1645 
ROOKEBartholomew Nov 6, 1645 
COPLESTONEAnne Nov 9, 1645wife of John, gent
THOMASGrace Nov 9, 1645d. of George, deceased
GLAWENSarah Nov 9, 1645 
HILLJohn Nov 12, 1645s. of John
WARDERobert Nov 14,1645 
KINGDunes Nov 14,1645widowe
MOOREJohan Nov 16, 1645d. of Gyles
TAWTONJames Nov 17, 1645the younger
HEWEDIsott Nov 24,1645wife of John
BOWDENSymon Nov 27,1645of Little Torrington
COCKJohn Nov 29, 1645base s. of Mary
WITHECOMBEJohan Nov 30,1645 
MARSHALLRachaell Dec 3,1645wife of Thomas
FOSTLETTJane Dec 4,1645wife of Andrew
COCKChristopher Dec 5, 1645base s. of mary
PITTSElinir Dec 7, 1645d. of Richard, deceased
WILLISRichard Dec 9,1645senior
POWELLSymon Dec 13, 1645a liftenant
WITHECOMBEMary Dec 14,1645d. of Robert
TOCKERAgnes Dec 14, 1645wife of John, labourer
DELUES (DELVES?)Thomas Dec 17,1645a trooper being shott by his fellow
GAYGeorge Dec 17,1645s. of George
ANTHONYJohn Dec 19,1645 
TOCKERJohn Dec 19,1645labourer
MITCHELLPhineas Dec 26, 1645 
SINGOliver Dec 31, 1645[see note #12]
no surname givenKatherine Jan 1, 1645wife of John
ROWCLIFFEThomas Jan 3, 1645s. of Thomas
DAVYEMargarett Jan 5,1645 
SYMONSNathaniell Jan 5,1645s. of John
WILCOCKThomas Jan 5, 1645 
LITHEBRIDGEThomasine Jan 9, 1645wife of John
HARRISONAnne Jan 12, 1645wife of Mr John, minister
PARKHOUSEJohan Jan 13, 1645widowe
PASMOREAnne Jan 13, 1645widowe
DOLBEARSusanna Jan 14,1645d. of Thomas, junior
RUDGEElizabeth Jan 15,1645widowe
WYOTTMichaell Jan 18,1645s. of Michaell
WALTERHugh Jan 28, 1645s. of Hugh
LITHEBRIDGEJohan Jan 28, 1645d. of John
LILLOWEDunes Jan 29,1645widowe
GAYJeffrey Feb 1,1645 
ROWENicholas Feb 1,1645 
THITHERLEIGHAgnes Feb 5,1645wife of John
HOMESKatherine Feb 14,1645wife of Andrew
BEAPLEJohn Jan 19,1645s. of John
MATHEWESMary Feb 19,1645d. of Susan
GAYGeorge Jan 20,1645 
TOCKERElizabeth Feb 20,1645d. of William
WILLIAMSHugh Feb 20,1645s. of George
BOTEFIELDJane Feb 23,1645 
WERRYRichard Feb 24, 1645 
63 soldyers  Feb 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 1645(N.B. The Church was blown up Feb 15th)
HORWELLChristian Mar 1,1645wife of Thomas
PARSONSAmy Mar 1,1645d. of Walter
TURNERJames Mar 6, 1645 
TOCKERJohn Mar 8,1645glover
TUCKER als PARKINElizabeth Mar 9,1645 
PARSONSWalter Mar 10,1645 
TANTONRobert Mar 10, 1645s. of Robert
TOCKERMr John Mar 12, 1645Alderman
HUTCHINSJohan Mar 13,1645widowe
TOCKERJohn Mar 15,164s. of Richard, glover
ALLYNJohn Mar 17, 1645liftenant of Bristoll
VALLETTAgnes Mar 19,1645widowe
THORNEBriegett Mar 22, 1645wife of Anthony
MOYSEPhillice Mar 22, 1645d. of Silvanus
WHITEJohn Mar 30, 1646s. of John
WAREMary Apr 5, 1646d. of Mathew
LAKESibella Apr 5, 1646widowe
WAREMathew Apr 9,1646 
LANGSusan Apr 13,1646wife of Charles
PREDDISMr John Apr 14,1646Alderman
LAMBERTWilmoat Apr 14, 1646widowe
PITTSPhillip Apr 16,1646widowe [sic]
ROCKETTNicholas Apr 20,1646s. of Nicholas
BREDICKEAnne Apr 22, 1646widowe
DREWEThomasine Apr 27,1646widowe
SWEETEJohn May 1,1646s. of Abraham
WHITESamuell May 3,1646thelder
MOYSEJudith May 5, 1646d. of John
CHRISWRIGHTSusan May 6,1646d. of Humfry
[blank]Agnes May 8, 1646widowe
TOPPElinor May 9, 1646 
DOLBEAREThomas May 14, 1646junior
BUDDThomasine May 17,1646wife of Thomas
PITTSPhillip May 18,1646d. of Richard, deceased
RENDALLSidrake May 20, 1646 
THORNEAnthony May 22, 1646 
PRITCHETTJohn May 23, 1646s. of Francis
KINGElinor May 24,1646wife of Samuell
BRUENHugh May 25, 1646s. of Richard
PHILLIPPSJohan May 25, 1646widowe
HARRISONElizabeth May 26, 1646wife of Phillip, gent.
COLWILLJohan Jun 1, 1646widowe
PASMOREThomas Jun 5, 1646 
PARSONSMargarett Jun 9, 1646d. of Walter
TOCKERPhineas Jun 9, 1646s. of Christopher
SKRIGGINGSGrace Jun 10,1646wife of George
OLDAnne Jun 14, 1646wife of Edward
PAULEWilliam Jun 17,1646widower
POLLARDPeternell Jun 19,1646 
COOPERThomas Jun 22, 1646a Parliament soldier
TAYLDERJohan Jun 24,1646wife of Willam, senior, labourer
DALELewes Jun 26, 1646widower
LANGAgnes Jul 12, 1646d. of Thomas
STONEMANThomas Jul 12 1646 
LOBBETTJohn Jul 14, 1646s. of Thomas
MORTYMERWilliam Jul 17, 1646s. of William
CUPPERJohn Jul 20, 1646a Parliament soldier
WELCHEAnstice Jul 20,1646d. of Phillip
ACKINSRichard Jul 27, 1646a Parliament soldier
LANGAbraham Jul 29,1646s. of Lancelot
HAWKINSChristopher Aug 9, 1646 
ADDAMSJohn Aug 10, 1646widower
BLACKMOREJohn Aug 11, 1646s. of John
JULEElizabeth Aug 16, 1646widowe
HEDDONAnne Aug 22, 1646d. of Paul
GIFFARDMrs Elizabeth Aug 23,1646of Weeke
TOCKERSamuell Sept 4,1646s. of George
[blank]Robert Sept 11,1646s. of Robert
SANDERSGrace Sept 14,1646wife of John
WESTERNEJohn Sept 15, 1646 
RAMSBURPhillip Sept 27, 1646widower
YEOPrudence Sept 28, 1646wife of Humfry
SANDERSElizabeth Oct 3,1646wife of John, chymney suap
SLAGGOTTRichard Oct 20, 1646s. of John
VASCOMBEMargarett Oct 265, 1646wife of John
BROWNEJames Nov 1,1646 
WITHECOMBZenobia Nov 10,1646widowe
BODGERThomas Nov 121646servant unto Hugh Payne
BERRYBartholomew Nov 13,1646 
HUDDELLJohan Nov 14,1646widdow
GREENEJohn Nov 30, 1646s. of Richard, dec.
UDYAgnes Dec 20, 1646wife of Christopher
DANYELLFrances Dec 25, 1646wife of Nicholas
HOLLAMOREAlice Jan 5,1646wife of Arthur
LAKEJohn Jan 7,1646widower
TITHERLEIGHMr William Jan 14,1646widower
LARDERChristopher Jan 17, 1646 
SLADEMathew Jan 21,1646a saylor of Appledore
CARTERFrancis Jan 24, 1646s. of Christopher
JAMESElizabeth Feb 18, 1646d. of William
HOOPERFrances Feb 24, 1646d. of Elias
DOWNESolame Feb 27,1645s. of Richard
SINCKLERMary Feb 27, 1646d. of John
HOPPERJohn Mar 5,1646 
COURTEYSWilliam Mar 10,1646 
HIGHAMSusan Mar 10, 1646 
BICKLEYJohn Mar 25, 1646s. of [blank]
COURTEYSJohn Mar 26, 1647 
COTEMANJeffrey Mar 27,1647 
WHITROWEJohn Apr 6, 1647 
BOONEJohan Apr 13, 1647d. of Tobias, deceased
ROBBINSMargarett Apr 17,1647d. of Jerome
DANIELLWilliam Apr 21,1647s. of Nicholas
COLWILLJohn May 27, 1647 
HOLLAMOREJohan May 27,1647widowe
ANDREWThomasine Jun 18,1647wife of John
WHEATONNicholas Jun 19,1647 
WHITEJane Jun 27,1647d. of John
TAYLDERJames Jul 2, 1647s. of Thomas
SMYTHHugh Jul 5, 1647 
BENNETTElizabeth Jul 14, 1647d. of Richard
JONESThomasine Jul 19, 1647wife of Robert
TAWTONWilliam Aug 16,1647s. of James
PENLYAvice Aug 24,1647 
SOUTHYEOWelthen Sept 13, 1647wife of David
HOLLAMOREMargery Sept 16 1647wife of John
ISACKRoger Sept 19, 1647s. of Roger
DULE (?)Alse Sept 29, 1647wife of John
LEEAlse Oct 15,1647d.of Edward
PRUSTGeorge Oct 20,1647 
AYREJale (?) Oct 28,1647wife of Arthur
LEYMary Nov 2, 1647late servant to Richard Prideaux
PETTELLOliver Nov 6, 1647 
DURDONJohan Nov 10, 1647d. of John, deceased
HALLElizabeth Nov 26,1647d.of Henry
PICKARDMartha Nov 27, 1647wife of Rowland
NICHOLLSFrances Dec 5, 1647d.of Mr William, deceased
LEVELEISNicholas Dec 7,1647gent., servant unto Mr Thomas Wellington
OLIVERMr John Dec 8, 1647wydower
BLACKMOREThomasine Dec 11,1647d. of John, junior
BUCKINGHAMMargarett Dec 17, 1647widowe
SKYNNERGeorge Jan 6, 1647s. of George
SELLYDorothy Jan 7, 1647d. of Walter
GRANTHenry Jan 26, 1647blacksmyth
GRANTJohn Feb 3, 1647s. of John
ACKLANDKatherine Feb 13, 1647widowe
TAYLDERJudith Feb 15, 1647d. of Thomas
LILLRichard Feb 16,1647 
RAMSBERRYThomasine Mar 2,1647wife of John
DOLBEAREElinor Mar 19, 1647wife of Thomas
PRIDEAUXJohn Mar 21, 1647s. of Richard
HILLBanden Apr 3, 1648widower
HEDDONAnne May 4, 1648d. of Paule
WHITEEdward Jun 8, 1648s. of Thomas
LARDEROliver Jun 27, 1648 
VOYSEYJohan Jul 28, 1648d. of Mr John
JERMANThomasine Jul 3, 1648wife of Richard of Plymouth
SYMMONSPhillippa Jul 8,1648wife of Walter
SYMMONSJohn Jul 10, 1648 
GRIFFITHRowland Jul 13,1648s. of Edward
GRANTLuke Jul 18,1648s. of Henry,deceased
WELLINGTONJohn Jul 23, 1648s. of Thomas
LILLOWMary Jul 28, 1648d. of John, deceased
MARTYNAcquilla Jul 28,1648 
GLAWENMargarett Aug 29,1648d. of John, deceased
COPLESTONEJohn Aug 30, 1648s. of John, gentleman
BLAKESusan Sept 3,1648widowe
PICKARDJohan Oct 18,1648widdowe
CRAMBERRYJohan Oct 25, 1648d. of Thomas
GLAWENPriscilla Nov 13, 1648d. of John, deceased
CROCKERThomasine Nov 16,1648d. of John
SANDERSRobert Nov 26, 1648s. of Robert
ALLINGJohn Nov 26, 1648s. of Leonard
BUSEMargarett Dec 4,1648wife of Thomas
PICKARDThomas Dec 13, 1648 
ALLINGJohan Dec 14,1648wife of Leonard
TAWTONMargarett Dec 28, 1648widdow
GREENWOODAgnes Dec 28, 1648widdow
LESTEREdward Jan 15,1648 
TOMPSONSymon Jan 19,1648 
COLLERichard Feb 3,1648 
LANGDONThomas Feb 4,1649s. of Thomas
MARTYNEmme Feb 5, 1649widdowe
PILLEMANMande Feb 15, 1648(PILLEWAN?)
MOOREPeter Feb 19, 1648s. of Gyles
BORDICKEAgnes Feb 19, 1648widdowe
PAULEMary Feb 20, 1648d. of William
TAYLORLewes Feb 20,1648s. of Zachary
 Agnes (or Anne) Feb 21, 1648widow (this entry cut off when volume was rebound at some time)
ROWDorothy Mar 1, 1648 
SHORTJohn Mar 4, 1648s. of John, deceased
HARKWELLRichard Mar 5, 1648s. of Robert (or Hackwell)
MOOREMargarett Mar 6,1648s.of Gyles
CARTERAgnes Mar 12, 1648widdow
FURSETipheny Mar 13,1648wife of John
COLEAmey Mar 19,1648d. of Brute
BRINSCOMBERobert Mar 20, 1648 
GORWELLAndrew Mar 20,1648s. of Andrew
STONEMANElizabeth Mar 21,1648s. of John
BUSEElizabeth Mar 21, 1648wife of Gregory
JEFFREYPriscilla Mar 22,, 1648wife of John, cordyner
RAWLYNAlyce Mar 22, 1648d. of Thomas
KEENEMary Mar 23,1648d. of George, deceased
BURNEBERRYMary Mar 24, 1648wife of Edward
PICKARDHugh Mar 28, 1649s. of George, deceased
LOBBETTMary Mar 29,1649d. of Thomas
BESTGyles Mar 30, 1649s. of Giles
GRUBAHAMJohn Apr 1,1649widower
TOCKERStephen Apr 1,1649s. of Stephen
TITHERLEIGHArthur Apr 6,1649s. of Arthur
STONEMANThomas Apr 14,1649s. of John
ALLINGRichard Apr 14,1649s. of Richard
WYTHERJerom Apr 16, 1649s. of Robert, deceased
DENISMary Apr 16,1649widdow
GRANTWilliam Apr 18,1649 
SYMMONSPenelope Apr 22,1649d. of Roger
ROWElinor Apr 22, 1649 
HOLMANElinor Apr 24,1649widdowe
STONEMANTamsin Apr 25,1649d. of Richard
GRIBBLEJane Apr 25,1649d. of Theophilus
COALEThomas Apr 26,1649s. of Richard, deceased
SINCKLERJohn Apr 287, 1649 
HOCKRIDGEMaude May 4,1649wife of William
SMYTHAMMary May 10, 1649d. of Lettice
GORRINGWilliam May 11, 1649servant unto Luke Blackmore
VENNERGeorge May 18, 1649 
ANDREWJohn May 26,1649 
PICKARDJohan Jun 1,1649wife of Robert
AYNETamsin May 30, 1649widdow
SINGJohan Jun 1, 1649wife of Richard
MOYSEGartreed Jun 2, 1649widdow
DABBINAlse Jun 6, 1649wife of William
GREENEWAYMargery Jun 9, 1649d. of Mr William
DANYELLNicholas Jun 9,1649s. of Nicholas
VICCARYMargarett Jul 12, 1649d. of Roger
CANNElinor Jul 16, 1649d. of James
JULERichard Jul 16, 1649 
GRAUNTChristopher Jul 28, 1649s. of Henry, deceased
DENDELLRichoard Aug 14,1649wife of William
CLEVERDONElinor Aug 15, 1649wife of Anthony
ADDAMSAnne Aug 21, 1649 
PALMERRichard Aug 21, 1649s. of Nicholas
BEAPLEHumphrey Aug 27, 1649 
FROSTEdward Aug 27, 1649 
SPREYOliver Aug 28,1649 
DENDELLWilliam Aug 28, 1649s. of William
GREENEKatherine Sept 5,1649d. of John
LAKEAnne Sept 10, 1649d. of Roger, deceased
BRAYGeorge Sept 17,1649 
TWOSLOWEThomas Sept 22, 1649 
CUDMOREJames Sept 25, 1649 
CRAMBERRYThomas Sept 25,1649 
DENISJohan Oct 1,1649wife of Mr Abraham
BAKERHenry Oct 3,1649s. of John
HORNEBROCKETemperance Oct 3,1649d. of Thomas
TOCKERWilmote Oct 7,1649widdowe
YEOHumfry Oct 28, 1649widdower
DEANEJohn Nov 13, 1649goldsmith
SOAMESRobert Nov 16,1649a trumpeter
CURTYSJohane Dec 7,1649wife of Henry
CRAMBERRYHonour Dec 21,1649wife of Richard
PEARSESapieince Dec 22,1649wife of Humphrey
JONESJohn Dec 27, 1649 
NICHOLLSBartholomew Jan 7, 1649s. of John
TAWTONJames Jan 10,1649 
GOULDKatherine Jan 20,1649widdow
CUDMOREMargery Feb 11, 1649d. of Edward
ANDREWHonour Feb 13, 1649widdow
SAUNDERSWinnifred Feb 16,1649d. of John
SMYTHMr Richard Feb 21, 1649of the Parsonage
WILLISEdward Feb 23, 1649s. of Cyslie
CLOGGAgnes Mar 11,1649widdow
MOYSEMargarett Mar 23,1649wife of John
HOMESAndrew Mar 31, 1650widdowe [sic]
PRIDDISElizabeth Apr 3, 1650wife of Mr Richard
HOLWILLJane Apr 3, 1650wife of Thomas
KINGHannah Apr 3, 1650d. of Samuel
DOWNEMary Apr 19, 1650wife of Willam
TAYLDERJohn Apr 29, 1650s. of William
ROBBINSMargery May 2, 1650d. of Jerome
COULYJillian May 6, 1650widdow
PETERSThomas May 11, 1650s. of John
WESTRENWinnifred May 15,1650d. of John, deceased
VANSTONEAbraham May 20, 1650widdowe [sic]
DARO...TWilliam May 24, 1650(Darrocott?)
PARKHOUSEHenry Jul 12, 1650s. of Richard
PILLIVANTThomas Jul 17,1650widdower
ALLINGJerome Jul 18,1650 
ELLETTRobert Jul 25, 1650s. of Even
RAWLINKatherine Sept 13, 1650d. of Thomas
PENROSEPhillip Sept 22, 1650 
NICHOLLSArthur Sept 24, 1650 
PENHORWOODAgnes Oct 6,1650wife of Alexander
PAULEJohn Oct 10,1650and Katherine, his daughter
PAULEAgnes Oct 14, 1650widdowe
DARACOTTJohan Oct 24,1650wife of John
PAULEJohan Oct 27,1650d. of John, deceased
MORCOMBEWilliam Oct 27,1650s. of Peter
BROOKEAnne Oct 30, 1650wife of John
SYMMONSGeorge Oct 31,1650 
ROWEAnne Nov 1, 1650widdow
COWELLJames Nov 4,1650servant unto John Deane
PETERSElizabeth Nov 4,1650d. of John
COPLESTONEJohn Nov 8,1650gentleman
BEEVANSRobert Nov 9,1650s. of Robert
RUDGEAmey Nov 12, 1650d. of John, deceased
SINCOCKEJohan Nov 14, 1650widdowe
FRANCKLINEFrances Nov 14, 1650d. of Norman, deceased
MORCOMBESusanna Nov 16,1650d. of Peter
SYMMONSRichard Nov 16,1650s. of George, deceased
HULEHenry Nov 19, 1650miller
LEEPhillippe Nov 23, 1650d. of Anthony
STEVENSJohn Nov 24, 1650base s. of Margaret
HESSEDHenry Nov 27,1650s. of Oliver
ABRAHAMWillmote Nov 30,1650wife of John
LAKEAlse Nov 30, 1650 
STEPHENSMargarett Dec 2,1650d. of William
STONEMANJohan Dec 3,1650widdow
PUGSLYGeorge Dec 9,1650s. of Richard, deceased
PUGSLYGeorge Dec 10, 1650 
WELCHEThomas Dec 27, 1650 
ANGELLMargarett Jan 2,1650wife of Morrishe
JAMESSarah Jan 26, 1650d. of William
PRATTRobert Jan 30,1650s. of Robert, deceased
JAGOEHenry Feb 5, 1650servant unto Hugh Payne
SYMMONSJohn Feb 5, 1650 
WHITYEAREJohan Feb 14,1650d. of Robert
NICHOLLSWilliam Mar 3, 1650s. of Mr Robert
SQUYREJohn Mar 7, 1650s. of William
COCKTemperance Mar 9, 1650base d. of Mary
EVENSWilliam Mar 10, 1650s. of John
VOYSEYMr John Mar 11, 1650Alderman
SKINNERJellian Mar 19, 1650widowe
HOLWELLChristian Mar 25, 1650wife of Roger
LEEMary Apr 3, 1651d. of John
LANGDONThomas Apr 26, 1651s. of Thomas
BRINSCOMBEAnne Apr 29, 1651d. of Robert, deceased
VAUGHANEdward May 1, 1651base s. of Margery
NICHOLLSMr Phillip May 6,1651 
BESTGyles May 18, 1651s. of David
CRAMBERRYTamsin May 89, 1651 
WELCHEAnne May 20,1651d. of Thomas, deceased
COLWILLThomas Jun 12, 1651 
DENISJohn Jun 20,1651s. of William
WHITEJane Jun 26, 1651wife of Samuell
HORRELLThomas Jul 1,1651 
PITTSMary Jul 26, 1651d. of William
HEDDONGrace Aug 3, 1651d. of William
TOCKERWilliam Aug 11, 1651s. of William
GARDENathaniell Aug 25,1651 
LARDERPhillippa Aug 25,1651widowe
HESSEDAndrew Sept 2,1651 
LARKEMargery Sept 14, 1651d. of John, deceased
FURSEAmye Sept 24,1651widdow
CORNEWALLHonor Sept 24, 1651d. of Walter, deceased
BICKLEYAnne Oct 9, 1651d. of Degory
WALDONPhillipp Oct 24, 1651s. of Phillip
SINGElizabeth Nov 14,1651d. of Arthur
BALCKMORESarah Nov 19,1651d. of John, junior
SARJEANTNicholas Nov 21, 1651s. of Nicholas
PUDNERGrace Dec 6, 1651d. of John
SMYTHAMElizabeth Dec 11,1651d. of Thomas
BICKLEYSarah Dec 14,1651widdow
WORDENNicholas Dec 18,1651 
LANGDONHenry Dec 25, 1651 
MOOREPeter Jan 6, 1651s. of Gyles
GRAUNTWilliam Jan 13, 1651s. of William, deceased
CROCKERRichard Jan 23, 1651s. of John
BECKARDRalphe Jan 23 ,1651s. of Thomas
SPRAYAndrew Feb 15,1651 
MORCOMBEAgnes Feb 15,1651 
WHITESamuell Feb 19,1651s. of Samuell
HEDDENJohn Feb 28, 1651s. of Robert
SAGEAgnes Mar 8,1651widdow
WELSHEPhillip Mar 19,1651s. of Phillip
WYTHERSusanna Mar 20, 1651wife of Jerome
JONESRobert Mar 22, 1651widdower
MOOREGyles Mar 24, 1651 
WALTERJohn Apr 3, 1652s. of Edward
GLEDDONJohn Apr 4, 1652s. of Josias
GIFFARDAnne Apr 28, 1652d. of George of London, gentleman
JEFFRYRoger May 9, 1652s. of John
VAUGHANJohn May 11, 1652 
DANIELLMary May 26, 1652d. of Tobias of Berringharbor
EVENSJohan Jun 1, 1652d. of John
GRUBAHAMDaniell Jun 4,1652s. of Daniell
POLLARDAnthony Jun 8, 1652s. of Thomas
DENDELLDaniell Jul 1, 1652 
PARSONPeter Jul 3,1652s. of ibbet
CHAPMANHonnor Jul 1, 1652d. of Nicholas
WORDENLewes Jul 1,4 1652s. of Samuell
TRACYRoger Jul 18, 1652 
GLAWNEGeorge Aug 6,1652 
JEFFREYSRichard Aug 12, 1652and Edie his wife
REDWELLMary Aug 20,1652 
MOSETamsine Aug 27, 1652wife of Silvester
HIGGSMary Sept 21, 1652d. of Anthony
BESTGyles Sept 24, 1652 
HOCKRIDGEElizabeth Oct 24,1652widdow
WHITYEAREPhillip Nov 3, 1652 
MOOREMargarett Nov 10, 1652widdow
GREENKatherine Nov 15,1652widdow
HULLJohn Nov 28,1652s. of Henry
WELLINGTONMrs Grace Dec 20, 1652widdow
HOOPERTamsine Dec 23, 1652widdow
GRANTJohan Dec 29, 1653widdow
HONAWELLEdey Jan 6, 1652widdow
WAYWilliam Jan 26, 1652 
SMYTHRichard Jan 27, 1652s. of John
KEENEElias Feb 1,1652 
RENSBERRYJohn Feb 7, 1652 
WYKESBalthazer Feb 10, 16452s. of John, gentleman
LATHERBRIDGEThomas Feb 19, 1652s. of John
ANTHONYJohn Feb 22, 1652widdow
BLATCHFORDAgnes Mar 4,1652widdow
GALSWORTHYWinnefret Mar 13, 1652woddow
GRANTJohn Apr 8,1653s. of Roger
SMYTHGrizell Apr 12,1653widdow
ASHWEECKEElizabeth Apr 13,1653d. of Thomas
ZELLEYWalter Apr 29, 1653s. of Walter
WALDONPeter Apr 30, 1653 
POREJames Apr 30,1653 
PRIDEAUXRichard May 3, 1653widower
CLARKEMrs Frydiswed May 5,1653widdow
ALLINGEbbott May 9, 1653wife of Richard
LONGEJames May 11,1653s. of James
HANKCOCKThomas May 19,1653s. of Hugh
EVENSJohn May 21,1653widower
PECKARDRobert May 28,1653widower
WALTERAndrew Jun 17, 1653 
TITHERLEIGHPeter Jul 2, 1653s. of Arthur
TAYLDERJohn Jul 17,1653 
TUCKERStephen Jul 25, 1653 
PIPERAnne Aug 4,1653d. of Thomas
HEYWOODMary Aug 8, 1653d. of John
PUGSLYMary Aug 30, 1653widdow
BICKLEYJohan Sept 8,1653wife of Degory
HULLHenry Sept 24,1653s. of Henry the younger
PRANCEElizabeth Sept 26,1653widdowe
LIELMartha Sept 30, 1653wife of Robert
JULELeonard Sept 30, 1653servant unto Thomas White
PADDONLiddia Oct 11,1653d. of Peter
TRANTERElizabeth Oct 18,1653d. of Thomas, a stranger
DENDELLJohn Oct 25, 1653s. of Daniell, deceased
MORTYMOREWilliam Oct 26,1653s. of George
WYTHECOMBERobert Oct 30, 1653 
BURNBERRYRichard Dec 3, 1653widdower
CANRichard Dec 5,1653s. of John, deceased
SNAPPJohn Dec 14, 1653s. of Anthony
GAYEllin Dec 15, 1653widdow
SMYTHWilliam Dec 25, 1653 
STEPHENSMargarett Dec 27,1653d. of William
HOBBSAmey Jan 15, 1653widdow
PAYNEGartred Jan 26, 1653d. of Hugh
DURRENTHenry Feb 12, 1653 
WALTERKatherine Feb 13,1653wife of John
HOCKRIDGEIsett Feb 21,1653d.of William
STRONGEAvice Feb 26, 1653widdow
BOONEMargarett Feb 27,1653d. of Tobias
ROWEMargery Mar 3, 1653wife of Hugh
VINNICOMBESusanna Mar 20, 1653wife of Thomas
GRAUNTGrace Mar 23,1653wife of Roger
BICKLEYDigory Mar 27,1654widower
TOCKERElizabeth Mar 27, 1654d. of Richard
GREENEGrace Mar 28, 1654d. of John
HUDDELLJohn Mar 29, 1654s. of George
MEDLANDWilliam Apr 9,1654s. of William
BESTSamuell Apr 17,1654s. of Samuell
COLELambert Apr 19, 1654 
FRANCKLYNJane Apr 19, 1654widowe
MOYSEYSusanna Apr 20, 1654d. of Thomas
MEDLANDElizabeth Apr 20, 1654d. of William
NICHOLLSMargarett Apr 256, 1654d. of Mr Robert
LAKEJohn Apr 26, 1654s. of John
SMYTHJohn May 10, 1654s. of Mr John, Junior
COURTYSElizabeth May 11, 1654wife of Lewes
[see note # 13]    
SAUNDERSMary May 18, 1654d. of Abraham
SLOWLYAgnes May 18,1654widowe
HEAMANGrace May 23, 1654d. of Mr Edmond
MATHEWJohan May 27, 1654wife of Miles
BOTEFIELDSarah Jun 1,1654d. of Anthony
BENNETTHannah Jun 7, 1654d. of Richard
DALEPhillippe Jun 11, 1654d. of Ralphe
PADDONMary Jun 12, 1654d. of Peter
CRAMBERRYJohn Jun 12, 1654labourer
LEWESSusanna Jun 22, 1654wife of John
HOLWAYJohan Jul 7,1654d. of Thomas
WALDONRobert Jul 12, 1754thelder (cordyner)
GORWELL(blank) Aug 1,1654d. of Andrew
WILLIAMS(blank) Aug 6, 1654d. of George
MOYSEJohn Aug 10, 1654widower
WEEKESDanyell Aug 17, 1654d.of Mr John, chyriorgion
CARTER(blank) Sept 20, 1654d. of Christopher
DANYELLChristopherSept 21, 1654Sept 24, 1654s. of Nicholas
NICHOLLSJohnSept 21, 1654Sept 24,1654woollendraper
HARBOTTLEThomasSept 25, 1654Sept 29, 1654s. of Thomas, deceased
WERRYJohan Sept 29, 1654widowe
GRANTDorothy Oct 4, 1654d. of Roger
COOKEAnne Oct 6, 1654d. of William
SKYNNERMargarett Oct 19, 1654wife of George
PEARDRichard (blank)s. of Richard
BRADDENJohnNov 1, 1654Nov 2, 1654s.of Richard
COOKEElizabethNov 7, 1654Nov 9, 1654servant unto James Flaseman, drowned
MOYSEYElizabethNov 21, 1654Nov 22, 1654d. of William
[see note # 14]    
MEDLANDWilliam Jan 1654s. of William
WHITLOCKWilliam Jan 1654servant to Roger Moore
BAGSTERNathaniell Jan 1654a stranger, a mill maker
NICHOLSKatherine Jan 24, 1654widower (sic)
LYLLRobert Jan 24, 1654widower
POTTERMary Jan 28,1654d. of Phillip
BRIGHTJohn Jan 31, 1654 
VISICKJelian Feb 2,1654a single woman
WATERSHenry Feb 7,1654s.of Peter
MOYSEYElizabeth Feb 20, 1654wife of George
COUTCH(blank) Feb 21, 1654d. of Symon
PRIDHAM(blank) Mar 1,1654wife of George
VESCOMBEChristianMar 6, 1654Mar 7, 1654wife of William
PENROSENicholasMar 9, 1654Mar 10, 1654 
PERYNMr Samuel Mar 14, 1654minister of Littleham
PADDWilmoattMar 29, 1654Mar 30, 1654widowe
SHEPPARDAlice Apr 2,1655widowe
PIPERThomas Apr 6, 1655 
CURRANT(blank) Apr 11,1655the (blank) of (blank)
LEY(blank) Apr 11,1655the (blank) of John
DYERAgnes Apr 13,1655wife of Nicholas
COLEMargarett Apr 13, 1655widowe
COLE(blank) Apr 14,1655s. of John Cole on the lands
PUDNER(blank) Apr 18, 1655d. of John
PARSONSEllyneApr 22, 1655Apr 24, 1655wife of James
FULLERMathew Apr 28, 1655 
REDDINGDorothie May 3, 1655d. of Thomas
GAYMr Richard May 6, 1655widowe (sic), Alderman
SYMONSRogerMay 13, 1655May 14,1655s. of Humphrey
GREENE(blank) May 16,1655the (blank) of John
SANDERSMargeryMay 18, 1654May 19, 1655wife of Abraham
FULLERJohan May 22, 1655d. of Mathew, deceased
COLE(blank) May 28, 1655the (blank) of John, on the land
FROSTSibella Jun 1,1655d. of Mr Roger, Alderman
CARYWilliamJun 5, 1655Jun 7, 1655s. of William
GYSTEAlse Jun 9,1655widowe
HAYNESSamuellJun 17,1655Jun 18, 1655 
SMYTHWilliamJun 17,1655Jun 18,1655s. of William, deceased
SYNGOliverJun 28, 1655Jun 29, 1655s. of John
PALMER(blank)Jun 29, 1655Jul 1, 1655the (blank) of (blank)
ACKLANDSamuellJul 2, 1655Jul 3,1655 
PIPERMaryJul 2, 1655Jul 3, 1655d. of Thomas, deceased
MITCHELLRichardJul 4, 1655July 5,1655s. of Phineas
THORNERogerJul 10, 1655Jul 11,1655 
GRIBBLERalpheJul 21, 1655Jul 22, 1655s.of Theophilus
HUGHRebeckaJul 22, 1655Jul 23,1655d. of John
SYMONSRichardJul 28, 1655Jul 29, 1655s. of Humphrey
WALTER(blank) Aug 8, 1655(blank) of John
BIRDElizabethSept 1,1655Sept 3, 1655wife of Anthony
FROSTJohnSept 8,1655Sept 9, 1655 
SINGJohanSept 8,1655Sept 9, 1655d. of Andrew
YEOThomasSept 12, 1655Sept 12,1655s. of John
PRUSTMarySept 29, 1655Sept 30, 1655wife of nathaniell
SINGRichardOct 2,1655Oct 2, 1655widowe
STEPHENSWilliam Oct 6,1655s. of Henry, gent.
SINCOCKThomasOct 7, 1655Oct 8, 1655apprentice unto James Hobes
BRIGHTPriscillaOct 10, 1655Oct 11,1655wife of Jonathan
DAVISAviceOct 22, 1655Oct 25, 1655widowe
SAUNDERS(blank)Oct 29, 1655Oct 30, 1655d. of Walter
MOSEYMaryNov 8, 1655Nov 9, 1655widowe
PICKARDAnneNov 14,1655Nov 15, 1655wife of George
FULLERWillmoatNov 18, 1655Nov 19, 1655widowe
PETTERSRogerNov 21,1655Nov 22, 1655s. of John
WILLIAMSGeorgeNov 22, 1655Nov 23, 1655s. of George
TOCKER(blank) Nov 24,1655(blank) of
CUDMOREThomasNov 25, 1655Nov 26, 1655s. of Christopher
HOCKINGThomasDec 2, 1655Dec 3,1655s. of William, gent
WHITEElizabethDec 6, 1655Dec 7, 1655d. of William
TAYLORMr ZacharyDec 6, 1655Dec 7, 1655 
GLAWENFrancisDec 16, 1655Dec 17,1655d. of James
COURTIESEmmeDec 31, 1655Jan 3, 1655wife of John
NICHOLS(blank)Jan 2, 1655Jan 3, 1655Charles (not clear if this refers to the burial of Charles Nichols himself)
ZELLYDorcasJan 28, 1655Jan 29, 1655wife of Walter
[see note #15]    
GREENEHumfreyMay 10, 1656May 11, 1656 
COURTIESHenryMay 17, 1656May 18, 1656 
SKYNERRebeckaMay 21, 1656May 21, 1656d. of George
WELSHE(blank)May 21, 1656May 22,1656widowe
CUDMOREBarbaraMay 25, 1656May 26, 1656widowe
WILLIAMSGabriellMay the last, 1656Jun 1,1656 
HORWOODJuyJun 12, 1656Jun 13, 1656gent.
DINSCOMBERichardJun 27, 1656Jun 29,1656brother of Bennett Dinscombe
LANGDONJohnJul 3, 1656Jul 4, 1656 
HALLS(blank)Jul 6, 1656Jul 7, 1656(blank) of Samuell
DROMANTRogerAug 9, 1656Aug 11, 1656s. of Archilles
GRUBHAMDaniellAug 16, 1656Aug 17, 1656 
TOCKERMaryAug 15, 1656Aug 17,1656d. of Mr John Tocker the younger of Barnstaple
SPARKEThomasineAug 20,1656Aug 21,1656wife of John
HEDDENRobertAug 21, 1656Aug 22, 1656 
DAVIE(blank)Sept 7, 1656Sept 8, 1656d. of Richard
MOYSEY(blank)Sept 9, 1656Sept 10,1656d. of John
BUTLERBalthazarSept 17,1656Sept 18, 1656s. of Mr Butler of Parcombe
WATERS(blank)Sept 18, 1656Sept 18, 1656d. of Peter
GREENE(blank)Sept 18, 1656Sept 18,1656s. of Oliver
ALLINMarthaSept 20, 1656Sept 21,1656d. of Jerome, deceased
FURSEFrancesSept 20, 1656Sept 22, 1656wife of Mr George
CARNEJohnSept 24, 1656Sept 25, 1656s. of James
BUTLERPhillipSept 24, 1656Sept 26, 1656s. of Mr Butler of Parcombe
CUCH(blank)Sept 27,1656Sept 28, 1656d. of Simon
WALTERAmeySept 28, 1656Sept 30, 1656d. of Nathaniell
POTTERMarySept 28, 1656Sept 30, 1656wife of Philipp
GRUBHAMJohnSept 28, 1656Sept 30, 1656s. of Daniell, deceased
WAYJohanOct 1, 1656Oct 2, 1656d. of Richard
SARGENTRebeckaOct 2, 1656Oct 3, 1656d.of Nicholas
HILLWilliamOct 6, 1656Oct 7,1656s.of James
POPHAMAliceOct 12 1656Oct 13, 1656widowe
GREENEJaneOct 17, 1656Oct 17, 1656d. of John
TAYLDERMaryOct 16, 1656Oct 17, 1656d. of Thomas
NYELDJohanOct 18, 1656Oct 19, 1656d. of Thomas
HILLMargarettOct 18,1656Oct 19, 1656d. of James
GREENEJohnOct 20, 1656)ct 21,1656s. of John
GAYMaryOct 22, 1656Oct 23,1656d. of John
WEYTHERJeromeOct 23, 1656Oct 24, 1656widower
CUDMOREChristopherOct 24, 1656Oct 26,1656 
LAKESibellaOct 25, 1656Oct 26, 1656d. of John
WILLIAMSJohnOct 26, 1656Oct 26, 2656s. of George, weaver
WESTLICKESamuellOct 26, 1656Oct 27, 1656s. of Charles
LOBBETTMaryOct 26, 1656Oct 27, 1656d. of Thomas
SMYTHAnthonyOct 27, 1656Oct 28, 1656s. of Hugh, deceased
BIRDAbigallNov 1, 1656Nov 1, 1656d. of Christopher, deceased
NICHOLLSCharlesdyed the last of OctNov 2, 1656 
LENDONThomasOct 5,1656Oct 5, 1656s. of Thomas
TAYLDERThomasOct 5, 1656Oct 6, 1656glover
TWOSLOWEMargarettOct 5, 1656Oct 6, 1656widowe
SAUNDERS(blank)Oct 6, 1656Oct 7, 1656d. of Robert
WILLIAMSJohanOct 7, 1656Oct 7, 1656d. of Arthur
ASHWEECKE(blank)Oct 7, 1656Oct 8, 1656s. of Thomas
DANIELLAnthonyOct 10, 1656Oct 10, 1656s. of Anthony
CARTERElizabethOct 11, 1656Oct 11, 1656d. of Samuell
LANGFORDHenryOct 13, 1656Oct 13, 1656s. of Henry, gentleman
ANDREWElizabethOct 13,1656Oct 14, 1656d. of Nicholas
HUGH(blank)Oct 14, 1656Oct 14, 1656d. of John
WELSHE(blank)Oct 14, 1656Oct 14,1656d. of Thomas
JEFFREYJohnOct 14,1656Oct 14, 1656s.of John
BETTEYMargeryOct 14, 1656Oct 16,1656 
MITCHELMORE(blank)Oct 18, 1656Oct 19,1656s. of (blank)
COURTEYSHenryOct 19, 1656Oct 20, 1656s. of Lewes
WALDON(blank)Nov 20,1656Nov 21,1656d. of Peter
CADBERYJaneNov 20,1656Nov 21, 1656d. of Robert
ASHWEECKE(blank)Nov 21, 1656Nov 23, 1654s.of Thomas
CADBERYMaryNov 21, 1656Nov 223, 1656d. of Robert
GRIBBLEMaryNov 21, 1656Nov 23, 1656d. of Bartholomew
CORNALLMaryNov 24,1656Nov 25,1656d. of Richard
SMYTHRichardNov 24,1656Nov 25, 1656s. of Mr James
GLAWENElizabethNov 24, 1656Nov 25, 1656d. of James
LARROWMOREHenryNov 25,1656Nov 26, 1656 
NICHOLLSJohnNov 28,1656Nov 28, 1656s. of Charles, deceased
CARTERChristopherNov 29,1656Nov 30, 1656 
RUSSONMalachyNov 30, 1656Nov 30,1656 
VIGUERSCharlesNov 30,1656Dec 1, 1656tanner
BICKLEYJohnDec 1,1656Dec 3, 1656s. of Degory, deceased
CLEVERDONJelyanDec 2,1656Dec 3,1656wife of Anthony, junior
ROWEJohnDec 4, 1656Dec 5, 1656s. of William
COURTYSLewesDec 5,1656Dec 7, 1656s. of Lewes
PEARD(blank)Dec 5, 1656Dec 7, 1656s. of (blank)
THORNEGylesDec 6,1656Dec 6,1656s. of Roger, deceased
BICKLEY(blank)Dec 6, 1656Dec 6,1656d. of Lewes
BELLENDENJaneDec 8, 1656Dec 9, 1656d. of Mr John
BUDDHannahDec 8, 1656Dec 9, 1656d. of Thomas
SMYTHHenryDec 8, 1656Dec 10, 1656s. of Mr James, Alderman
SMYTHThomasDec 12,1656Dec 14, 1656s. of James, shoemaker
HALSEMaryDec 15,1656Dec 16, 1656d. of John
PALMER(blank)Dec 15, 1656Dec 16,1656(blank) of Nicholas
BARKERAnneDec 19,1656Dec 20, 1656d. of David
PETERSOliverDec 22, 1656Dec 23,1656s. of John
(blank) Dec 24, 1656Dec 25,1656servnat unto Mrs Larrymore
ALEY(blank)Dec 26, 1656Dec 28,1656s. of Peter, gentleman
GRANT(blank)Dec 27, 1656Dec 28, 1656d. of Stephen
SMYTH(blank)Dec 28, 1656Dec 29, 1656d. of George, taylor
BELTONElizabethDec 28, 1656Dec 29, 1656d.of Symon
SINGJohnJan 3, 1656Jan 4, 1656s. of John
WILLIAMS(blank)Jan 5, 1656Jan 6,1656s. of James
STANBERRYAlexanderJan 14, 1656Jan 15,1656servant unto James Glawen
BESTAudreyJan 15, 1656Jan 16, 1656widowe
VOYSEY(blank)Jan 20 ,1656Jan 21, 1656s. of John
PEARSEJohanJan 23, 1656Jan 23,1656d. of David
CANERobertJan 23, 1656Jan 23,1656 
COLETimothyJan 27, 1656Jan 28, 1656 
KNYLLJaneJan 27, 1656Jan 298, 1656wife of Jelbert
(space left for Feb 1656 but no entries made)
HOLLAMOREJohnmar 14,1656Mar 15, 1656s.of Humphrey
GRANTSusannaMar 16, 1656Mar 17,1656widowe
PRATTRobertMar 17, 1656Mar 18,1656s. of Christopher
RENDELLJohnMar 20, 1656Mar 22, 1656 
MARTYN(blank)Mar 31, 1657Mar 31, 1657s. of John
WYOTT(blank)Mar 31,1657Mar 31, 1657 
DUNSCOMBEMargarettApr 3, 1657Par 3,1657d. of Bennet
ALLYNKatherineApr 8, 1657Apr 8,1657wife of Jerome (on the land)
WEEKESAnneApr 26, 1657Apr 28,1657wife of Jerome, chyrurgion
WILLIAMSArthurApr 27,1657Apr 28,1657labourer
BARKER(blank)Apr 30, 1657May 1,1657wife of David
CHANCEYThomasMay 3, 1657May 4,1657gentleman
HOAREJohanMay 13, 1657May 14, 1657widow
BLAKESibellaJun 25, 1657Jun 26, 1657d. of (blank) deceased
SKRIGGENSMargarettJul 3, 1657Jul 5, 1657d. of Robert
VYLEThomasineJul 31, 1657Aug 2,1657widowe
COURTEYS(blank)Aug 15, 1657Aug 16,1657widow
LOBBETTAnneAug 16,1657Aug 17,1657d. of Thomas
DOWNE(blank)Aug 29, 1657Aug 30, 1657s. of John
TAWTON(blank)(blank)Aug 31,1657the (blank) of Henry
HOLLAMOREArthurlast of AugustSept 2, 1657 
THORNEJohanSept 1. 1657Sept 2, 1657wife of Robert
DROMANT(blank)Sept 6, 1657Sept 7,1657widowe
COURTEYSElizabethSept 7, 1657Sept 9, 1657wife of John
ADDAMSAugustineSept 14,1657Sept 15, 1657 
HOCKINWilliam the elder, gentSept 14 in BarnstapleSept 17, 1657buried in the churchyard of Gt Torr.
HAYNES(blank)Sept 19,1657Sept 20, 1657s. of Samuell, deceased
WHITE(blank)Sept 21, 1657Sept 22,1657(blank) of Joan
DEANE(blank)Sept 26,1657Sept 28,1657s. of John
SINGDanyellSept 26, 1657Sept 28, 1657s. of Roger
CARTER(blank)Nov 9, 1657Nov 11,1657wife of Frances
SANDERSPriscillaNov 16,1657Nov 17, 1657wife of John
WILLIAMSGeorgeNov 30,1657Nov 30, 1657 
HULLJohan Dec 11, 1657wifew of Henry thelder
(space left for Jan 1657 but no entries made)
MOYSERebecka Feb 3,1657wife of Thomas
WHITEMargarett Feb 9,1657widowe
TOCKER(blank) Feb 14, 1657s. of Samuel
GRIBBLE(blank) (blank)d. of Theophilus
BIRDAnthonyFeb 25, 1657the last daythelder
WESTLAKE(blank)last of FebMar 1,1657wife of Anthony
VOYSEYMrs JohanMar 1,1657Mar 3,1657widowe
JENNYNGSSusan (blank)d. of Thomas
KINGJohnMar 14, 1657Mar 14, 1657tincker, dyed in almes house
REEDESalome Mar 23,1657 
LARKERichard Mar 23, 1657 
POOLE(blank) Mar 23, 1657the (blank) of Samuel
FRANCKLYNArthurMar 28, 1658Mar 29,1658 
CARTERFrancis Mar 31,1658widower
QUANCE(blank)Apr 3,1658Apr 3,1658s. of Andrew
MONCKLEIGHStephenApr 3, 1658Apr 4, 1658 
NICKLESRobertApr 4, 1658Apr 5,1658shoemaker
DRAKEAgnesApr 6, 1658Apr 7,1658wife of Hugh
JENNINGSThomasApr 29, 1658Apr 30, 1658widower
WARDE(blank)(blank)May 2, 1658wife of Richard
TOCKER(blank)May 3,1658May 4, 1658d. of Peter
GLYDDONJosiasMay 7, 1658May 8, 1658 
SYNEYMaryMay 7, 1658May 8, 1658wife of John
RUSSONMargarettMay 9, 1658May 10, 1658wife of William
EVANS(blank)May 8, 1658May 10, 1658(blank) of John
WELLINGTON(blank) May 11, 1658d. of Mr Thomas Wellington, Alderman
WALDONMr RobertMay 27,1658Mat 30, 1658Alderman
PEARD(blank) May 27,1658wife of William
LAKEElizabethMay 29, 1658May 30, 1659d. of John
BUDDThomas Jun 6, 1658feltmaker
HALLJohnJun 6, 1658Jun 8, 1658 
WELSHESalome(blank)(blank)wife of Richard
WAYElinorJul 24, 1658Jul 24,1658 
HOLLAMOREJohnlast of JulyAug 9, 1658[see note #16]
TREBELLJohnAug 14, 1658Aug 16, 1658 
LEY(blank)(blank)(blank) of Augusts. of John
PITTS(blank) Aug 30, 1658the (blank) of (blank)
ALLYN(blank)(blank)Septemberwife of Edward
GREENE(blank) September(blank) of John
CUDMORE(blank)Sept 19,1658Sept 20, 1658the (blank) of (blank)
PLUCKNETTGeorgeSept 22, 1658Sept 23,1658s. of Thomas
CUTTINGMr HenrySept 23, 1658Sept 36, 1658of Crowbeare
DAVYE(blank)(blank)Sept 26, 1658the (blank) of Richard
HESSEDJaneOct 17,1658Oct 18,1659wife of Phillipp
(blank)(blank)(blank)Oct 21, 1658the (blank) of Pascho (blank)
HORRELLElizabethOct 24th in St GylesOct 26,1658 herewife of Lewes
SYNEYJohnNov 6,1658Nov 6, 1658widower
BEERE(blank)Nov 8,1658Nov 9,1658widowe
LOLWEIREMargery(blank)Nov 18,1658wife of John
MONCKLEIGH(blank) (blank)the (blank) of John
LONG(blank)Dec 4,1658Dec 6, 1658wife of James
MITCHELLPhineasDec 5,1658Dec 8, 1658 
WILLIAMSGraceDec 6, 1658Dec 8,1658widowe
LEWESJohnDec 7,1658Dec 8,1658s.of Henry
(This entry is the last in which date of death as well as date of burial are given)
WALDONChristopher Dec 16, 1658widower
SANDERS(blank) Dec 16, 1658(blank) of Robert
TOCKERWilliam Dec 17, 1658thelder, carrier
KINGSLANDAmey Dec 20, 1658wife of John
DOLBEARThomas Dec 23, 1658thelder
(One entry cut off, name gone, when volume was rebound)
JOHNS(blank) Jan 12,1658widow
JUDDJohan Jan 13,1658widow
MARTYNRichoard Jan 14, 1658wife of John
BUDDHenry Jan 17,1658of Barnestaple
TOCKERAlexander Jan 27, 1658s. of Willian, butcher
RICHARDSWilliam Jan 27, 1658locksmyth
WARDERichard Feb 7, 1658labourer
WYOTTCharles Feb 20,1658s. of Charles
TOCKERWilliam Feb 21, 1658s. of Peter
RAINSBERRY(blank) Mar 2, 1658 
WILLIAMSJames Mar 4, 1658 
BOUNCEYMrs (blank) Mar 18, 1658widower
SANDERSRachaell Mar 19,1658widow
QUANCEJohn Apr 10, 1659s. of John
CARY(blank) Apr 11, 1659the (blank) of (blank)
HACKWILLSusan Apr 12,1659wife of Robert
BENNETT(blank) Apr 17, 1659the (blank) of (blank)
MARTYN(blank) Apr 27, 1659widowe
SANDERSArchilles Apr 30,1659 
PEDIGREWBurcott May 11,1659 
HEAMANRobert May 12, 1659 
SLAGGOTTJohan May 26,1659widowe
BRAGG(blank) May 26, 1659the (blank) of John
CUDMOREMargarett Jun 2,1659d. of Thomas, deceased
PIPERRichard Jun 5, 1659widower
BAKERBarbara Jun 6, 1659wife of John, labourer
SAGEWilliam Jun 9, 1659 
CUDMOREChristian Jun 9, 1659widowe
GRANTBartholomew Jun 19,1659 
CUDMOREKatherine Jun 20,1659widowe
BAKERJohn Jun 30, 1659labourer
SPARKEJohn Jul 8, 1659 
WELCHEThomas Jul 22, 1659 
WALTER(blank) Aug 23, 1659the (blank) of (blank)
ELSERRY(blank) Aug 24,1659 
BUSEGregory Aug 24,1659widower
TITHERLEIGHPhillipp Aug 30, 1659s. of Arthur
SHARPEWilliam Sept 1,1659 
SINGWilliam Sept 4,1659s. of (blank)
CRAMBERRYRichard Sept 6, 1659 
BAKERJohn Sept 16, 1659vintner
GLASBROOKEMr Martyn Sept 21, 1659phistitian
MEDLANDMargarett Sept 23, 1659d. of William
BROOKEJohn Sept 28, 1659widower
FULLERPriscilla Oct 17,1659d. of Mathew
HEARD(blank) Oct 18, 1659the (blank) of (blank)
ROWEMargarett Oct 25,1659d. of William
WILLISHonor Nov 2,1659d. of Richard
LAWERENCEAgnes Nov 15,1659wife of Stephen
BLAGDONJudith Nov 21,1659d.of George
GUSTARDGeorge Nov 21,1659 
PRESENathaniell Dec 11, 1659widower
BELCHARDElizabeth Dec 14,1659d. of William
BESTWilliam Dec 25,1659the cryer
WYOTTCharles Jan 1,1659thelder
DANYELLFrances Jan 2, 1659d. of Nicholas
PEARDWilliam Jan 16, 1659widower
MOOREJohn Jan 24, 1659thelder, widower
GILBERT(blank) Jan 31, 1659wife of Thomas
WALTER(blank) Jan 31,1659(blank) of John
AYERAnne Feb 1, 1659d. of Arthur the younger
NICKLEHannah Feb 2,1659single woman
MOOREJohan Feb 17, 1659widowe
GRANTGrace Feb 20,1659widowe
LANGDONHenry Feb 21,1659s. of Thomas
VAUGHANJohn Feb 28,1659servant unto Ralph Gay the younger
VESCOMBEWilliam Mar 23, 1659 
GARDEJohn Mar 25,1659 
GLAWENPhillippe Apr 15,1660widowe
ROWEHugh May 20, 1660 
STANNINGEwrithe May 26, 1659wife of Benjamyn
GURRANTMargarett May 27, 1660wife of Warham
ADDAMS(blank) May 29, 1660(blank) of John
BLATCHFORDElinor Jun 8, 1660wife of Henry thelder
GENDELLJohn Jun 8,1660thelder
PAYNEHugh Jun 24, 1660 
MARTYNAndrew Aug 8, 1660thelder
WATERMANElizabeth Aug 9, 1660wife of John
EVANSJohn Aug 27, 1660s. of John
TAYLDERTimothy Sept 13,1660 
BLAKEJohan Sept 17,1660wife of John
LEEAlse Oct 10, 1660widowe
DYER(blank) Oct 12,1660wife of Nicholas
BESTAnthony Oct 21,1660servant unto David Greene
TAYLDERMargery Oct 25,1660d. of Timothy, deceased
TOCKERJohan Nov 4,1660wife of Peter
WARDEPhillippe Nov 11,1660wife of John, thelder
TOCKERThomasine Nov 11, 1660widowe
POLLARDDanyell Nov 20, 1660s. of Thomas
GAYRalphe Nov 25, 1660thelder
WELSCHEPhillip Nov 27, 1660s. of Phillipp
HIGGSAnthony Nov 29, 1660 
FROST(blank) Nov 29, 1660s. of Josias
TOCKER(blank) Dec 28, 1660widowe
[See Note # 17]    
HALSEJane Feb 2,1660wife of William, gent
HOLLAMOREElinor Feb 3,1660wife of Humfrey
HARBOTTLE(blank) Feb 14,1660s. of Ralphe
DENISLucie Feb 21,1660d. of Mr Abraham, merchant
ELLERYOwen Feb 25,1660 
ALLYNSusanna Feb 27,1660d. of Leonard
VIGUERESMary Mar 7,1660d. of Samuell
PRIDDISSarah Mar 10, 1660d. of Mr John, Alderman, deceased
BICKLEYElizabeth Mar 11, 1660widowe
CARY  Mar 11, 1660(name & daughter erased) of William
CARYElizabeth Mar 17, 1660d. of William
WELCHE(blank) Mar 18, 1660(blank) of Richard
SYMMONSPhillippe Mar 19, 1660d. of Jeffrey
GENDELLJohn Mar 21, 1660s. of John
CATESMary Mar 22, 1660d. of Richard
SMYTHRobert Apr 8,1661s. of Robert
WARDE(blank) Apr 8, 1661d. of Phillip
BLACKMOREEmlyn Apr 12, 1661d. of Thomas the younger
LEY(blank) Apr 14. 1661(blank) of John
PETERSJohn Apr 17, 1661 
EDWARDSElizabeth Apr 23, 1661wife of David the younger
VANNEAnne Apr 26, 1661widowe
COLWELL(blank) May 6, 1661d. of Samuell
VOSCOMBEJohan May 14, 1661widowe
LEEMary May 14, 1661d. of Edward
GRIBBLEJohn May 19, 1661 
TAYLDERMary May 20, 1661d. of William
FURSEJohan May 23, 1661d. of John, weaver
BLATCHFORDWilliam May 26,1661s. of Nicholas
CUDMOREPhillippe May 28, 1661d. of Joseph
LAKEGrace Jun 27, 1661d. of John
COTTINGFrances Jul 6, 1661widowe
GAYJohn Jul 7, 1661thelder, glasseman
TOCKERElinor Jul 8, 1661wife of William, taylor
SAGEElinor Jul 14, 1661widowe
ALLEYAbigaill Jul 21, 1661widowe
DAVIEElizabeth Jul 26, 1661d. of Morgan, deceased
JEFFREYPuah Jul 31, 1661d. of John, cordyner
TOMPSONPascha Aug 6, 1661widowe
PLUCKNETTThomas Aug 11, 1661s. of Thomas
CARYWilliam Aug 11, 1661thelder
SKINNERAnne Aug 19,1661d.of George
HOAREAnanais Aug 21,1661d.of George
BLACKMOREAgnes Sept 2, 1661d. of Luke, roper
GRANT(blank) Sept 4,1661the (blank) of Grant
GLAWENMathew Sept 5, 1661 
DENISElizabeth Sept 6, 1661d.of William, Londiner
ALLYNChristopher Sept 8,1661s.of Leonard
CUTTINGMr Lewes Sept 11, 1661attorney in the law
WALDON(blank) Sept 13,1661the (blank) of Andrew
WALDONRobert (blank)s. of Andrew
HUGHJohn Sept 27, 1669mason
JEFFREYElizabeth Sept 27,1661d. of John
CRAMBERRY(blank) Oct 7,1661d. of (blank)
WILCOCKThomas and his son Thomas Oct 15, 1661were buried both in the same grave
KEENEGeorge Oct 15, 1661s.of George, dyer
KEENE(blank) Oct 16,1662the (blank) of Elias
COURTEYS(blank) Oct 23, 1661the (blank) of Lewes
PITTS(blank) Oct 23, 1661the (blank) of George
POOLE(blank) Nov 6,1661s. of Samuell
BURNBERRYThomas Nov 10, 1661s. of Thomas
BELTONElizabeth Nov 11, 1661d. of William
TRUDGEANBennett Nov 21, 1661s. of Bennett
BURDICKAnne Nov 22, 1661d. of William
TITHERLEIGHPhillippe Dec 1,1661wife of John
BARKERDavid Dec 5, 1661widower
DUNSCOMBEMargarett Dec 18, 1661d. of Bennett
ELLISDorothie Dec 18, 1661 
TOCKERGrace Dec 25, 1661d.of Richard
RAWLE(blank) Dec 25, 1661s. of John
LAWERENCEStephen Jan 5, 1661widower
VOYSEYMargery Jan 6, 1661d. of John
MARTYN(blank) Jan 6, 1661d. of Samuell
WILCOCKSjohn Jan 23, 1661s. of Thomas
CLIVERDONHenry Feb 5, 1661 
TOCKERGrace Feb 7,. 1661d.of Samuell
COLEShiphrah Feb 20, 1661d. of Timothy, deceased
WHITEGertrude Mar 2,. 1661d. of John
DAVELLSGrace Mar 8,1661d. of John, deceased
KITTO(blank) Mar 29, 1661d. of John
PARSONSSarah Apr 6, 1662d. of Walter the younger, deceased
GYLLAmye Apr 18, 1662d. of Roger
JULEWilmoat Apr 25,1662widowe
BLATCHFORDMargarett May 8, 1662wife of William
TAILDERRichoard May 8, 1662wife of John, tailor
BUDD(blank) May 8, 1662s. of Anthony
GREENEMargarett May 16, 1662widowe
SOUTHERDDavid May 19, 1662 
DANYELL(blank) May 24, 1662d. of Nicholas
FURSEGeorge May 30, 1662thelder
FROSTThomasine May 31,1662widowe
EDWARDSDavid Jun 27,1662s. of David, the younger
TAYLDERWilliam Jun 27, 1662thelder
PETERSJane Aug 6, 1662widowe
WESTERNERose Sept 3, 1662widowe
ABRAMSusan Sept 4, 1662wife of Richard
GOSSEJohn Sept 5, 1662s. of John
GREENEJohan Sept 28, 1662wife of David
SMITHMr John Oct 1, 1662Alderman
TOCKERMargarett Oct 3, 1662d. of Peter
WILLIAMSEvan Oct 15, 1662 
PENHORWOODMary Oct 20,1662d.of Alexander
DEANEJohn Oct 29, 1662thelder
VANTriphena Nov 1, 1662wife of Richard
LONGJames Nov 9, 1662widower
WESTLAKENicholas Nov 9, 1662s. of Charles
SMALEThomas Nov 11, 1662 
PICKARDAnne Nov 16,1662wife of John
BLAKERichard Nov 20, 1662s. of Humphrey
KEENEMary Nov 24, 1662d. of Elias
SKRIGGENSMargarett Nov 30,1662d. of Robert
BRIGHTJonathan Dec 9, 1662widower
TROTTMargarett Dec 12, 1662widowe
BREMMECOMBEThomas Dec 19, 1662widower
VALLETTDeborah Jan 8, 1662wife of Charles
MEDLANDFrances Jan 15, 1662wife of William, and Mathew his son
PRIDEAUXMrs Sarah Jan 18, 1662widowe
SINGElinor Jan 27, 1662d. of Roger
PRITCHETTMary Feb 2, 1662d.of Francis
TOCKERGertrude Feb 9, 1662wife of Ralph
BROWNINGGregory Feb 11, 1662 
SYMMONSGrace Feb 12, 1662wife of Humphry
HESSEDJohan Feb 16, 1662widowe
PASMOREJohan Feb 16, 1662widowe
HODGEMary Feb 22, 1662d. of John
DEANEGertrude Feb 23, 1663widowe
SINGAnne Mar 10, 1662d. of Roger
VYNNECOMBEAmos Mar 15, 1662 
LEEEdmond Mar 16, 1662s. of Anthony
ASHEElinor Mar 22, 1662d. of Stephen
REYMORAlice Mar 25, 1662widowe
ROWEPhillippe Mar 26, 163widowe
DOLBEAREJohn Mar 27, 1663 
MARTYNWilliam Mar 30, 1663s. of William
FROSTElizabeth Apr 5,1663widowe
DANYELLJohn Apr 5,1663s.of Nicholas
BIRDDanyell Apr 17, 1663 
WILLISThomas Apr 20, 1663s. of Thomas
DANYELLAnthony Apr 24, 1663 
SKRIGGINGSGrace Apr 24, 1663d. of Robert
PEARSEElizabeth Apr 25, 1663wife of John
BLATCHFORDMary Apr 26, 1663d. of Nicholas
ISSACKElizabeth Apr 28,1663wife of Phillipp
NEELDLidia May 1,163wife of Thomas
FRIENDAlse May 3, 1663widowe
REYMORElizabeth May 31, 1663d. of Robert
VEALEElinor Jun 8, 1663wife of Elias
GLAWENAbigaill Jun 13, 1663d. of Etheldred, deceased
FLAXMANDamaris Jun 19, 1663d. of James
FURSEGertrude Jun 27, 1663d. of Thomas
WALTERElizabeth Jun 30, 1663widowe
SMYTHRobert Jul 1,1663s. of Robert
GYLLGrace Jul 9, 1663wife of Roger
SCAMPEJohn Jul 13, 1663s.of John
SMYTHJohn Jul 14, 1663s. of James, carryer
CARYLidia Jul 21, 1663wife of William
BLATCHFORDRobert Jul 24,1663s. of Nicholas
QUANCEJohn Jul 26, 1663s. of John
LOVERINGJohn Aug 7, 1663s. of John the younger
BLAKEPetronell Aug 8, 1663d.of Humfrey
MUNGEYRichard Aug 11,1663s. of Jeffrey
HILLJohan Aug 12, 1663d.of Phillipp
POOLEPhillippe Aug 13, 1663widowe
EVANSJohan Aug 14, 1663d. of John
BUDDJohan Aug 14, 1663d. of Thomas
VALLETTJane Aug 16, 1663d. of Roger
HARBOTTLEAgnes Aug 21,1663d. of Ralph
PRANCEHenry Aug 21,1663s.of Richard
BUDDAbigail Aug 16,1663d. of Thomas, Feltmaker
HARBOTTLERalphe Aug 30, 1663s. of Ralph
TAWTONWilmoat Sept 2, 1663d. of John, deceased
DEANEElizabeth Sept 3,1663d. of Luke, roper
LEYSusanna Sept 5,1663d. of John, labourer
SYMONSJohan Sept 5, 1663d. of Richard, deceased
HONYWILLWilliam Sept 7,1663s. of Christopher
BLACKMOREEmme Sept 11, 1663wife of Mr Thomas, mayor
GREDEUlalia Sept 11, 1663d. of Ambrose
LANGDONEmanuell Sept 17, 1663s. of Henry
WILLISElizabeth Sept 18, 1663wife of Thomas
PADDANWilliam Sept 22, 1663 
STANBERRYJane Sept 24, 1663 
SYMMONSLawerence Sept 24, 1663s. of Richard
BLACKMOREThomas Sept 28, 1663s. of Luke, roper
SYMONSEde Sept 28, 1663d. of Richard
REYMORAgnes Sept 30, 1663d. of Robert
QUANCEAndrew Sept 30, 1663s. of Henry
HUGHJohn Oct 1, 1663s. of John, deceased
WALTERKatherine Oct 2, 1663d. of John
DAVIEHenry Oct 4, 1663s. of Henry
WALDONRobert Oct 16, 1663s. of Phillipp
WALTERJerome Oct 23,1663widower
BROWNEEbbott Nov 2, 1663widowe
JELBERTThomas Nov 2, 1663widower
TOCKERWilliam Nov 3, 1663taylor
LEYMary Nov 9, 1663d. of John
SAYWELLWilliam Nov 17, 1663a stranger and servant unto Sir Richard Prideaux
GAYRalph Dec 2, 1663s. of Ralph
PITTSMargarett Dec 2, 1663d. of William
HOLMANSusanna Dec 6, 1663d. of Nicholas
MURPILLWilliam Dec 10, 1663servant unto Willam Pitts
JONESAgnes Dec 10, 1663wife of Robert
HOOPERElias Dec 13, 1663 
HALSEThomasin Dec 21,1663d. of John
ROOKEMary Dec 25, 1663d. of Robert
PADDANRobert Dec 26, 1663s. of Paschoe
WILLIAMSLettice Dec 28, 1663D.of George
GIBSONTriphena Jan 8, 1663d.of John
SMYTHMargarett Jan 11,1663d. of Mr James, Alderman
VICKARYMary Jan 14,1663kinswoman unto Thomas Judd
BELCHERWilliam Jan 19, 1663s. of William
PITTSChristian Jan 24, 1663d. of William
DAVIEKatherine Jan 24, 1663widowe
SANDERSWalter Jan 30, 1663 
RUSSONWilliam Jan 31,1663widower
WHARROWEJohan Feb 4,1663widowe
WELCHERichaurd Feb 7, 1663widowe
SINGRoger Feb 16, 1663 
BESTSusan Feb 16, 1663widow
PEARSEMarye Feb 25, 1663d. of David
GLAWENJohn Mar 7, 1663widower, on the land
SAGEElizabeth Mar 8, 1663d. of William, deceased
SPREYGrace Mar 10, 1663widowe
FACYEMrs Margarett Mar 11, 1663widowe
SMYTHMrs Margarett Mar 13, 1663wife of Mr James, Alderman
PEARSEElizabeth Mar 13, 1663d. of Anthony
WESTLAKEAnthony Mar 24,1663widower
PRANCESusanna Mar 25, 1664d. of Richard
CUDMOREMargery Mar 31, 1664d. of Joseph
HAMMANTJohn Apr 16, 1664 
PARSONSJames Apr 19, 1664widower
WATTSWilmoat Apr 26,1664sojourning with George Furse, on the Land
GENDELLJohan Apr 26, 1664wife of John
DOWNEFrancis Apr 27,1664d. of Roger, deceased
BLATCHFORDHenry May 15, 1664thelder
PHILLIPPSPeternell May 16, 1664wife of John
HARBOTTLEThomas May 22, 1664s. of Ralph
POWELLElizabeth May 25, 1664d. of Thomas
WELCHERebecca May 27, 1664d. of Phillipp
BUSEJohane Jun 10, 1664wife of John
(blank)  Jun 14, 1664widowe
JOPE(blank) Jun 21, 1664the (blank) of Samuell
GIBSONJohn Jul 3, 1664 
BICKLEY(blank) Jul 15, 1664s. of Lewes
CUDMOREJoseph Jul 16, 1664s. of Joseph
ESSERYWilliam Jul 20, 1664s. of Mathew
POLLARDNevill Jul 31, 1664s. of Walter
WILLISHonor Aug 6, 1664d. of Richard
DUNSCOMBEMargarett Aug 12, 1664wife of Bennett
WESTLAKERoger Aug 17, 1664s. of Roger
VICKARYWilliam Aug 19, 1664s. of John
HARKWELLRobert Sept 5, 1664 
CUDMOOREJoseph Sept 5, 1664 
PADDANPeter Sept 15, 1664widower
BICKLEYWilliam Sept 30, 1664 
SMALEMary Oct 15, 1664widowe
MOOREJerome Oct 30 ,1664cordiner
SYMMONSHumphrey Oct 31,1664widower
GARDEHenry Nov 3, 1664s. of Michaell
STANNINGBenjamin Nov 7, 1664s. of Benjamin
TOCKERJohan Nov 9, 1664wife. of Peter
NORTHCOTTElizabeth Nov 20, 1664s. of Halswell, gent
GAYFlorence Nov 20, 1664d. of Ralph
JEOYThomas Nov 23, 1664 
BLATCHFORDWilliam Nov 24, 1664thelder
HEARDThomas Nov 27, 1664s. of Leonard
DAVIETemperance Dec 30 ,1664d. of Richard
BELTONSymon Dec 31, 1664s. of William
SYMMONSJohn Jan 6, 1664s. of Timothie
DAVYERichard Jan 9, 1664thelder
WILLISWilliam Jan 9, 1664s. of William
BENNETTCatherine Jan 12, 1664wife of Richard
CUTCLIFFEThomas Jan 13, 1664gentleman
HAWKYNSJoyce Jan 14, 1664 
CARTERKatherine Jan 15, 1664d. of Sebastian, deceased
BLAKEChristopher Feb 2, 1664s. of Christopher
DENBOWWilliam Feb 5, 1664s. of John
GRIBBLEPhineas Feb 5, 1664s. of Theophilus
CARYMarye Mar 13, 1664d.of William
HOLLOMOREGrace Mar 13, 1664d. of Luke
BICKLEYJohan Mar 15,1664d. of Andrew, deceased
ADAMSChristian Mar 19, 1664widow
ROBBINSJerome Mar 21,1664thelder, cordiner
DEANELuke Mar 28, 1665thelder
HARRISONLeonard Apr 1,1665s. of Leonard, who was drowned
LEYPriscilla Apr 3, 1664d. of John
SPREYJohn Apr 5, 1665servant unto Anthony Cliverdon, on the land
COLEJohn Apr 9, 1665cordyner
COURTEISMargarett Apr 9, 1665wife of John
PICKARDJohan Apr 16, 1665d. of Pascho
STANBERRYTemperance Apr 23, 1665wife of Josias
LANGDONElizabeth Apr 25, 1665d. of Luke
BLAKEEllyn Apr 25, 1665wife of Richard
WITHERAndrew May 7, 1665 
ISACKElinor May 14, 1665wife of Roger
GOSSEJohn May 14, 1665 
SANDERSJohn May 23, 1665the chimneysweeper
ROBBINSPhillipp May 23, 1665the Coombe
HEDDONJohn May 23, 1665s. of William
WOODJohane May 26, 1665wife of Alexander of Barnestaple, dyer
BISHOPPJohan May 28, 1665wife of Henry
GREENEAnne Jul 13, 1665d.of Oliver
GLOYNEJohan Jul 14, 1665d.of James
SYMMONSGertrude Jul 16, 1665wife of Henry
PITTSGrace Jul 18, 1665d. of Richard
DOWNEDavid Jul 18, 1665s.of John
HILLThomas Jul 18, 1665s. of Christopher
WELLINGTONJohn Aug 10, 1665s. of Mr Thomas
GREENEJohan Aug 15, 1665wife of David
WHITEThomas Aug 15, 1665s. of Samuel
UPCOTTHannah Aug 23, 1665servant unto Arthut Ayer (junr)
PLUCKNETTSarah Sept 3, 1665d. of Thomas
MOYSEElizabeth Sept 6,1665wife of George
COUCHGeorge Sept 13, 165s. of Symon
TITHERLEIGHArthur Sept 18, 1665s. of Arthur
WALTERIsett Sept 21,1665widowe
PIPERThomas Oct 2,1665s. of Thomas, deceased
BADCOCKPhillippe Oct 16, 1665d. of William
TOWLECatherine Oct 17, 1665servant unto Thomas Allyn
HOOPERDorothie Oct 17, 1665singlewoman
(One enrty cut off during rebinding)
BRIGHTJohan Nov 16, 1665d. of Jonathan
HILLCharles Nov 22, 1665s. of James
TAYLDERJohn Nov 24, 1665widower, taylor
GREADJohan Nov 27, 1665d. of Ambrose
GLOYNEJames Dec 11, 1665the younger
GRIFFITHSLettice Dec 19, 1665wife of Edward
RANCEMary Dec 20, 1665widowe
JOPEElizabeth Dec 21, 1665d. of Samuel
NICKLESMargarett Dec 22, 1665d. of John, cordiner
MOYSE(blank) Jan 2, 1665d. of John
WALTERSarah Jan 3,1665wife of Edward
THORNERobert Jan 6, 1665widower
GREADEElizabeth Jan 9, 1665d. of Ambrose
JEOYRichard Jan 14, 1665 
GULLYNSarah Jan 16, 1665d. of Sidrake
SMITHMr James Jan 19, 1665thelder, Alderman
CORANTSamuell Jan 19, 1665s. of Henry, deceased
SQUIREJohan Jan 21, 1665wife of Richard
REYMORMary Jan 28, 1665d. of Robert
HAMMANTMary Jan 28, 1665d. of John, deceased
JENNINGSMary Jan 28, 1665d. of John
NICKLESJohn Feb 9, 1665s. of John, currier
HALLSarah Feb 14, 1665s. of John, deceased
DEANEThomas last of Febs. of John
ESSERYJonathan Mar 3, 1665s. of Mathew
GREENEWilliam Mar 17,1665s. of John
MOOREMargarett Mar 18, 1665wife of John, husbandman
BLACKMOREEmlyn Mar 18, 1665d. of Mr Thomas, Alderman
KINGSLANDJohn Apr 1,1666widower
HEAMANGrace Apr 5, 1666wife of Edmond
HUESWilliam Apr 11, 1666s. of William
MOYSEGrace Apr 23, 1666wife of John, labourer
GREADUlalia Apr 25, 1666wife of ambrose
ROOKEMargarett Apr 27,1666wife of Robert
BENNETTGrace May 4, 1666d. of Richard
VANNEJohan May 5, 1666widow
GYLLRoger May 7, 1666 
SMYTHGeorge May 11, 1666taylor
BESTAnne May 16, 1666widowe
TAMLYN(blank) May 29, 1666d. of Andrew
ADDAMSPhillipp May 30, 1666s. of Phillipp
MOYSELidia Jun 25, 1666wife of William
MONCKLEYMary Jun 25,1666d. of John
DOWNEJohn Jul 3, 1666widower
JOBEMary Jul 4, 1666d. of Gideon
HORNEBROOKEMargarett Jul 6, 1666d. of Thomas
ROOKEBartholomew Aug 6, 1666s. of Robert
COURTYSElizabeth Aug 22, 1666wife of Anthony
SMYTHMargarett Aug 22, 1666d. of James, cordiner
NEELDThomas Sept 4, 1666widower
HODGEAgnes Sept 12, 1666wife of Moses
BERRYMANJohn (blank)in Milstreet
BAKERNathaniell Sept 23, 1666sadler
ANDROESarah Sept 26, 1666wife of George
TAYLDERMagdalene Sept 27, 1666widowe
BECKARDRalph Oct 12,1666 
WALTERMary Oct 22,1666d. of Nathaniell
HEAMANPhillippe Oct 27, 1666widow
BICKLEYMary Oct 28, 1666d. of Lewes
PALMERGrace Oct 29, 1666wife of Christopher
COURTYSElizabeth Nov 1,1666d. of Lewes
LOVERINGJohn Nov 1,1666thelder
VANHannah Nov 9, 1666d. of Richard
ABRAMRichard Nov 12, 1666s. of John
GREENEAlice Nov 12, 1666wife of Roger
HELLYERMargaret Nov 18,1666widowe
BURDICKElizabeth Nov 19, 1666d. of William
CARTERPhillippe Dec 2,1666widowe
GRANTGrace Dec 11,1666d.of Walter
PRUSTSusan Dec 16, 1666in the almeshouse
SHERBROOKEAgnes Dec 17, 1666wife of Robert
DOWNEPhillipp Dec 17, 1666 
BROWNEHonor Jan 14, 1666in the almeshouse
LEYJames Jan 15, 1666s. of John
SHERBROOKERobert Jan 15,1666widower
LAMBERTJudith Jan 16, 1666wife of Thomas
WILCOCKEAlse Jan 16, 1666widowe
DENISJane Jan 16, 1666d. of Mr Abraham, Alderman
HALWILLRoger Jan 18, 1666 
BENNETTJohan Jan 29, 1666d. of Richard
TOWNINGMathew Jan 29, 1666s. of John
DRAKEMrs Phillipp Jan 30, 1666widowe
BEAREMargarett Feb 1,1666widowe
SMYTHMargarett Feb 3, 1666d. of Mr James, attorney
WILLISSalome Feb 6, 1666d.of John
DOBELLAnne Feb 8, 1666d.of John, deceased
WHITROWEMargery Feb 14,1666widowe
GOSSEWilmoat Feb 21, 1666wife of Christopher
DENISElizabeth Mar 3, 1666wife of William
GUSTARDAudrey Mar 6,1666wife of John
MOYSEYThomas Mar 9, 1666widower
DANYELLJohn Mar 9, 1666s.of William
HALWAYEvodias Mar 29, 1667wife of Thomas, glover
DOWNEAnne Mar 30, 1667wife of John
GREDEAgnes Apr 30, 1667d.of Ambrose
ROOKEJohn Apr 8, 1667 
VINNECOMBEThomas Apr 11, 1667 
DOLBEAREElizabeth Apr 22, 1667widowe
BLAKEJohn Apr 29, 1667widower
JUDDMary Apr 30, 1667wife of Richard, glover
TOCKERAlice May 15, 1667widowe
COURTEYSChristopher May 15, 1667s. of Lewis
WHARROWERichard May 20, 1667labourer


#1 "the same day was the churchyard mowne; Sebastian Carter being the churchwarden"

#2 "(blank) in Bridwell was buryed the 28th day"

#3 "(two distinct entries - must refer to the same persons)"

#4 "Gent. borne at Or by Mere in Somersett, one of Sir Ralph Hopton's troopers who was kild by the goeing off of a muskett unawares upon the main gard was buried the 25th of December, Souldier Like"

#5 "Thomas Hollamore was buried the 27th day, slaine by the going off of a muskett by Cornish solder"

#6 "seven of the militia men that came agt. Torrington from Bideford & Barnstable beign slaine neare about Norwood & the Comons"

#7 "gent. lieutenant to Colonell Thomas Moncke of Poderidge, Esq., being slaine in Southstreet the 9th day about 12 a clocke att night by somme of his owne company by reason of some misprision of the word given being the 9th day at 12th aforesaid was buried the 10th."

#8 "Humfrey Vanstone on the land being shott by one of Barstable troopers as he was coming to Church on a Sunday att forenoon prayer from Furse was buried the 16 th(?) of August"

#9 "William the sonne & gent was buried the 10th day October att 8th a clocke in the night"

#10 "Christopher Swele a yorkshireman servant unto Comissary Perum butcher att the tyme of our Lord Goring's being here was buried the 21st."

#11 "Henry Boose a soldyer who was hangd att the pillory for mutuny, a lancashire man, was buried the 11th."

#12 "aged 74 (in 1639 he was 69, -Exchequer Depositions 15 Chas I. Easter 15)"

#13 "(Note: From the entry for 18th May onwards, the formula is used for each entry 'dyed the (blank) was buried the ...day'. In the vast majority of cases it would appear that the vicar did not know the date of death which makes one think that the registration wa made up sometimes afterwards. I shall not copy the formula except in those cases where the date of death as well as the burial is given.)"

#14 "(Under the heading "December" there was only one entry made & that completely erased.)"

#15 "(Note: Spaces were left in the register for Februaury 1655, March 1655 & 1656 and April 1656 but no entries were made in these spaces.)"

#16 "John Hollamore dyed the last day of July and was buried the 9th day of August. His blind sonne stabd him with a knyfe whereof he dyed & was executed for the fact at Heavytree in Exon on Munday, the 16th day of August, 1658"

#17 "(There are no entries in the space left for January 1660 nor for July & blank spaces are left in most months as though the Vicar expected to be able to get the relevant information eventually.)"