HARFORD 1851 CENSUS HO 107/1877

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

County of Devon, Ermington Hundred, Parish of Cornwood,
SRD Plympton St. Mary, RD Plympton, ED #27
The whole of the Parish of Harford including Stowford House, Coombshead, Broomhill and Lukesland Farms,
Ivybridge such part of as is situate in the Parish
Road, Street, Place, or
Road, and Name or
No. of House
Name and Surname of each Person
who abode in the house,
on the Night of the 30th March, 1851
to Head
of Family
Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind or Deaf
and Dumb
Male Female
Harford 27 338 1 1   Mile House James ADAMS Head Mar 24   Miller Plymstock Devon  
              Jane ADAMS Wife Mar   28   Ugborough Devon  
        2   Stowford Mills Francis WARREN Head Mar 40   Paper Manufacturer Edmonton Middlesex  
              Eliza WARREN Wife Mar   37   Southwark Middlesex  
              Lucy WARREN Daur     9   I.NSt Tyrol Middlesex  
              Selina WARREN Daur     5   Totenham Middlesex  
              Ann HEARN Serv     27   Hertford Herts  
              Elizabeth SHEP? Serv     15   Daviston Wilts  
        3   Stowford House John WILLIS Head Mar 31   Gardener Ermington Devon  
              Eliza WILLIS Wife Mar   28   Plymouth Devon  
        4 1 Stowford Cottage Samuel SMITH Head Mar 37   Agricultural Labourer Ermington Devon  
              Elizabeth SMITH Wife Mar   37   Ugborough Devon  
              Eliza J. SMITH Daur     10   Ermington Devon  
              Samuel SMITH Son   8     Harford Devon  
              James SMITH Visitor U 32   Agricultural Labourer Harford Devon  
        5 2 Stowford Cottage Nicholas HARRIS Head Mar 64   Herdsman Ermington Devon  
              Charlotte HARRIS Wife Mar   66   Churchstow Devon  
              George HARRIS Son U 32   Agricultural Labourer Harford Devon  
Harford 27 339 2 6   Stowford House Henry RIVERS Head Widr 60   Landed Proprietor of 450 ac emp 10 Lab Harford Devon  
              Henry B. RIVERS Son U 30   Landed Proprietor Harford Devon  
              J. V. MATHIAS Visitor   16   Scholar   India  
              Robert SHEPHERD Serv U 16   Agricultural Labourer Ivybridge Devon  
              Eliza PEARSE Serv U   30 Housemaid - Farm Serv Buckland Devon  
              Ann MAYNARD Serv U   25 Cook Yealmpton Devon  
              Jane HEAD Serv U   25 Dairy Maid - Farm Serv North Huish Devon  
        7   Lukesland Farms Thomas WALKE Head Mar 39   Farmer 120 ac Cornwood Devon  
              Sarah WALKE Wife Mar   36   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
              Ellen WALKE Daur U   7   Cornwood Devon  
              Emma D. WALKE Daur U   4   Harford Devon  
              Louisa WALKE Daur     2   Harford Devon  
              Benjamin TAYLOR Serv U 20   Agricultural Labourer Ermington Devon  
              Robert SMALE Serv   14   Agricultural Labourer Ugborough Devon  
              Jane SANDERS Serv     13 House Maid Cornwood Devon  
              William ELLIOTT Serv   13   Farm Labourer Harford Devon  
        8   Lukesland Grove Ann LAVERS Head Wid   65 Housekeeper Atherington Devon  
              Henry LAVERS Son U 28   Labourer Ugborough Devon  
Harford 27 339 3 9 1 Addicombe Cottage James ELLIOTT Head Mar 51   Agricultural Labourer Ermington Devon  
              Sarah ELLIOTT Wife Mar   49   Ermington Devon  
              Ann ELLIOTT Daur U   18   Harford Devon  
              Thomas ELLIOTT Son   6     Harford Devon  
              Sarah ELLIOTT Daur U   20   Harford Devon  
              Sarah A. SETBRIDGE Visitor     3   Harford Devon  
        10 2 Addicombe Cottage William HILLSON Head Mar 20   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood Devon  
              Charlotte HILLSON Wife Mar   23   Cornwood Devon  
        11 3 Addicombe Cottage Thomas SMITH Head Mar 29   Labourer Harford Devon  
              Sarah SMITH Wife Mar   30   Welton Northhampton  
              William SMITH Son   1     Harford Devon  
              Jane SMITH Visitor     13 Dress maker Harford Devon  
        12   Lower Cumshead James ROWSE Head Mar 60   Landed Proprietor of 99 ac Harford Devon  
              Eliza ROWSE Wife Mar   58 Farm Wife Ermington Devon  
              Henry ROWSE Son U 24     Harford Devon  
              Matilda ROWSE Daur U   22 Farm Daughter Harford Devon  
              William ROWSE Son U 18     Harford Devon  
              Richard ROWSE Son U 16     Harford Devon  
              Henry BARONS Serv   14   Agricultural Labourer Ermington Devon  
Harford 27 340 4 13     Caroline HORTON Head Wid   25   Harford Devon  
              Eliza HORTON Daur     2   Cornwood Devon  
            one house uninhabited                    
        14   Broomhill Mathew CROCKER Head Mar 50   Farmer of 150 ac emp 2 Lab Harford Devon  
              Jane M. CROCKER Wife Mar   42   Harbeton Devon  
              Matt. Jno. CROCKER Son U 16     Ermington Devon  
              Jane CROCKER Daur     14   Ermington Devon  
              Sarah CROCKER Daur     12 Scholar Ermington Devon  
              Fanny CROCKER Daur     10 Scholar Ermington Devon  
              William CROCKER Son   8   Scholar Harford Devon  
              Elizabeth CROCKER Daur     7 Scholar Harford Devon  
              Mary CROCKER Daur     4 Scholar Harford Devon  
              Joseph CROCKER Son   6m     Harford Devon  
              John Nelder Serv U 17   Agricultural Labourer Harford Devon  
              Robert NELDER Serv   12   Agricultural Labourer Harford Devon  
        15   Meads Cottage Edward ROWSE Head Mar 25   Agricultural Labourer Harford Devon  
              Mary ROWSE Wife Mar   27   Cornwood Devon  
              Edward ROWSE Son   3     Cornwood Devon  
              Henry ROWSE Son   2     Cornwood Devon  
Harford 27 340 5     one house uninhabited                    
        16   Harford Rectory William Frederick SANDERS Head Mar 45   Rector of Harford Daventry Northampton  
              Jane Ann SANDERS Wife Mar   37   Wem, Salop Shropshire  
              Mary Elizabeth SANDERS Daur     10   Daventry Northampton  
              William Frederick SANDERS Son   9     Ivybridge Devon  
              Emma SANDERS Daur     7   Harford Devon  
              Ellen Bridgens SANDERS Daur     2   Harford Devon  
              Mary Ann LOCKE Serv U   21 House Servant Yealmpton Devon  
              Mary Ann FORD Serv U   24 House Servant Ivybridge Devon  
              Elizabeth PHILLIPS Serv U   17 Nurse Maid Ivybridge Devon  
              Henry John MacGEORGE Scholar U 16   Scholar   East India  
              Samuel Falson SHELLY Scholar U 16   Scholar West Bromwich Staffordshire  
              James SMARL Scholar   15   Scholar   Scotland  
              William TREMAIN Scholar   14   Scholar Plympton St. Mary Devon  
              Frederick ALLERTON Scholar   11   Scholar West Bromwich Staffordshire  
              George Walter MacGEORGE Scholar   11   Scholar   East India  
              Oliver ROBINSON Scholar   11   Scholar Taunton Somerset  
              Morris de Lancey ROBINSON Scholar   9   Scholar Taunton Somerset  
              Lionel Bary WELLS Scholar   8   Scholar Pertlemouth Devon  
Harford 27 341 6 17   Manor House Samuel SMITH Head Mar 67   Farmer of 15 ac Harford Devon  
              Mary SMITH Wife Mar   58   Ermington Devon  
              Mary Ann SMITH Daur U   31   Harford Devon  
              George SMITH Son U 24     Harford Devon  
              Tabitha SMITH Daur U   22   Harford Devon  
              Ann SMITH Daur U   17   Harford Devon  
        18   Hall Farm Henry SANDERS Head Widr 72   Farmer of 300 ac emp 3 Lab Harford Devon  
              Henry SANDERS Son U 44     Harford Devon  
              Thomas SANDERS Son U 26     Harford Devon  
              Ann SANDERS Daur U   24   Harford Devon  
              Joshua SANDERS Son U 21     Harford Devon  
              Lora SANDERS GrdDau     12   Cornwood Devon  
              Maria PENWILL Serv U   17 Servant Cornwood Devon  
              Jarvis NETHERTON Serv   15   Agricultural Labourer Ermington Devon  
              Joshua NICHOLS Serv   10   Agricultural Labourer Shaugh Devon  
        19   Turnpike Gate William PURDY Head Mar 39   Labourer Modbury Devon  
              Sarah PURDY Wife Mar   50 Collector of Tolls Modbury Devon  
        20   Chapel Cottage William PHILLIPS Head Mar 48   Stone Mason Cornwood Devon  
              Mahala PHILLIPS Wife Mar   46   Newton Ferris Devon  
Harford 27 341 7 21   Bridge Inn Solomon NORTHMORE Head Mar 48   Victualler Cornwood Devon  
              Grace Fincher NORTHMORE Wife Mar   41 Innkeeper's Wife Ugborough Devon  
        22   Iv. Court John CRISPIN Head Mar 68   Parish Clerk Ivybridge Devon  
              Sarah CRISPIN Wife Mar   76   Modbury Devon  
        23   Iv. Court Richard SHEPHERD Head Mar 57   Labourer Yealmpton Devon  
              Mary SHEPHERD Wife Mar   53   Yealmpton Devon  
              Selena SHEPHERD Daur U   11 Scholar Romsey Hampshire  
              Helen SHEPHERD Daur U   4 Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
              John SHEPHERD Visitor Mar 60   Coach Proprietor Yealmpton Devon  
              Emma SHEPHERD Visitor U   16 Scholar Devonport Devon  
        24     George SMITH Head Mar 26   Waggoner Harford Devon  
              Sarah Ann SMITH Wife Mar   27   Stonehouse Devon  
              Ann Jane SMITH Daur U   6   Plymouth Devon  
              Sarah Ann SMITH Daur U   4   Devonport Devon  
              Mart. Mary SMITH Daur U   2   Harford Devon  
              James Owen SMITH Son U 6m     Harford Devon  
        25     William SHORT Head Mar 46   Millwright Liskeard Cornwall  
              Mary SHORT Wife Mar   57   Silverton Devon  
Harford 27 342 8 26   London Inn William RIVERS Head Mar 45   Hotel Keeper Harford Devon  
              Elizabeth C. RIVERS Wife Mar   42   Liskeard Cornwall  
              William H, RIVERS Son U 5     Ermington Devon  
              Emily R. RIVERS Daur U   4   Plymouth Devon  
              Charles E. RIVERS Son U 2     Plymouth Devon  
              Elizabeth SOBY Serv U   28 Barmaid Halwell Devon  
              Jane HOLMAN Serv Wid   62 Cook Harford Devon  
              Fanny ELFORD Serv U   27 Housemaid Cornwood Devon  
              Fanny GOLMAN Serv U   35 Kitchen Maid Ermington Devon  
              Emma FALE Serv U   19 Nursery Maid Ugborough Devon  
              Edward WILLIS Serv Widr 66   Boots Harford Devon  
        Total I 26 Total of Persons       68 71        
        of U 1                    
        Houses B