HARFORD 1861 CENSUS, Book 27

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

Superintendent Registrar's District - Plympton St. Mary
Enumeration District Number 27
Registrar's Sub-District - Plympton
Name of Enumerator, Mr. William Luscombe
The whole of the Parish of Harford including that part of Ivybridge which is situated in the Parish of Harford.
No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of
Houses Name and Surname of each
to Head
of Family
Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind or Deaf
and Dumb
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
1 Broomhill 1   Richard Oldery Head Mar 54   Farmer of 63 ac empl 1 man Devon  
        Emma Oldery Wife Mar   45 Farmer's Wife London, Middlesex  
        Emma Oldery Daur Un   20 Farmer's Daughter Paddington, Middlesex  
        Harriet Eliza Oldery Daur --   2 Farmer's Daughter St. Stephens, Cornwall  
2 Lukesland Grove 1   William Harris Head Mar 29   Banker Holberton, Devon  
        Jane Christian Harris Wife Mar   25 Wife of Banker Pennycross, Devon  
        Henry Luscombe Servt Un 28   Butler Sheepstor, Devon  
        Mahala Jackson Servt Un   23 Lady's Maid Torpoint, Devon  
        Mary Ann Partridge Servt Un   29 Cook Salcombe, Devon  
        Ann Weeks Servt Un   20 Housemaid Noss, Devon  
3 Lukesland Farm 1   Samuel Sercombe Head Mar 24   Farmer of 110 ac empl 1 man & 2 boys Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Sercombe Wife Mar   28   Milton Abbott, Devon  
        Mary Sercombe Daur --   3   Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth L. Sercombe Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        John Croning Servt   14   Farm Servant Plymouth, Devon  
        Thomas Northmore Servt   10   Farm Servant Tamerton, Devon  
4 Stowford House 1   Henry Rivers Head Widower 75   } Land Proprietors and Farmers Harford, Devon  
        Henry B. Rivers Son Un 47   } of 451 ac, employing nine men Harford, Devon  
        Augusta Rivers Daur Un   49   Harford, Devon  
        William Mathias Son-in-law Mar 49   Retired Lt. Colonel 62 Reg. Stanhoe, Norfolk  
        Mary Mathias Daur Mar   35   Harford, Devon  
        Kathleen Mathias Grand-daur --   10 Scholar Dublin, Ireland  
        Nicolas Harris Servt Widower 75   Shepherd Ermington, Devon  
        Edward Moore Servt Un 21   Carter Ermington, Devon  
        Elizabeth Prout Servt Un   27 Cook Modbury, Devon Partial Deaf
        Elizabeth Tolcher Servt Un   19 Dairymaid Diptford, Devon  
        Margaret Luscombe Servt Un   24 Housemaid Plympton, Devon  
        Sarah Hicks Servt Widow   37 Housemaid Devonport, Devon Partial Deaf
5 Stowford Cottage 1   William Callard Head Mar 53   Agricultural Laborer Modbury, Devon  
        Jane Callard Wife Mar   48   Modbury, Devon  
        John Callard Son Un 20   Agricultural Laborer Modbury, Devon  
        George Callard Son Un 16   Agricultural Laborer Modbury, Devon  
        Mary Jane Callard Daur --   13 Scholar Modbury, Devon  
        James Callard Son -- 11   Scholar Modbury, Devon  
        Frederick Callard Son -- 9   Scholar Modbury, Devon  
        Ellen Callard Daur --   7 Scholar Modbury, Devon  
6 Turnpike Gate House 1   John Ingram Head Mar 43   Ag. Laborer & Gate Keeper Slapton, Devon  
        Mary Ingram Wife Mar   40 Gate Keeper East Allington, Devon  
        Thomas Ingram Son Un 16   Ag. Laborer East Allington, Devon  
        Philip Ingram Son -- 9   Scholar Ugborough, Devon  
        Harriett Jane Ingram Daur --   5 Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth M. Ingram Daur --   2   Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth J. Ingram Visitor Un   24   East Allington, Devon  
7 Addiscombe 1   Ann Lavers Head Widow   78   Atherington, Devon  
        Henry Lavers Son Un 37   Stone Quarrier Ugborough, Devon  
8 Addiscombe 1   Samuel Smith Head Widower 77   Ag Laborer Harford, Devon  
        Tabitha Smith Daur Un   29 Sempstress Harford, Devon  
9 Addiscombe 1   George Smith Head Mar 35   Ag Laborer Harford, Devon  
        Mary Ann Smith Wife Mar   37   Ermington, Devon  
10 Addiscombe 1   Samuel Smith Head Mar 47   Ag Laborer Ermington, Devon  
        Elizabeth Smith Wife Mar   47   Ugborough, Devon  
        Samuel Smith Son Un 18   Ag Laborer Harford, Devon  
11 East Coombes Head 1   Matthew Crocker Head Mar 60   Farmer of 64 ac empl 2 men Harford, Devon  
        Jane Margaret Crocker Wife Mar   51   Harberton, Devon  
        William Crocker Son Un 18   Farmer's Son Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth Crocker Daur Un   17 Farmer's Daughter Harford, Devon  
        Mary Crocker Daur Un   15 Farmer's Daughter Harford, Devon  
        Ann Parnell Visitor --   9   Stoke Gabriel, Devon  
12 West Coombes Head 1   Richard Rowse Head Mar 25   Farmer of 52 ac Harford, Devon  
        Jane L. Rowse Wife Mar   23   Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Rowse Daur Un   4   Harford, Devon  
        Ellen Rowse Daur --   2   Harford, Devon  
        Matilda Rowse Daur --   1   Harford, Devon  
13 Mead Cottage 1   Richard Colton Head Mar 31   Farmer of 15 ac and Laborer Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Colton Wife Mar   33   Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Colton Daur --   4   Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth Horton Colton Daur --   2   Harford, Devon  
14 Harford Farm House 1   Thomas Smith Head Mar 39   Farm Bailiff Harford, Devon  
        Sarah Smith Wife Mar   39   Wilton, Northamptonshire  
        William Nott Smith Son -- 11   Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Sarah E. Smith Daur --   8 Scholar Ermington, Devon  
        Jane A. Smith Daur --   6   Harford, Devon  
        Eliza Smith Daur --   4   Harford, Devon  
        Thomas H. Smith Son -- 9 mth     Harford, Devon  
        Thomas Netherton Lodger Un 19   Ag Laborer Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
        Isaac Honey Boarder Un 18   Ag Laborer Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
15 Rectory 1   Henry H. Cottle Head Mar 59   Rector of Harford and St. Leonards, Wallingford, Oxfordshire  
                  Farmer of 100 ac empl 2 men    
        Alice Cottle Wife Mar   40   Long Buckby, Northamptonshire  
        Frances Cottle Daur --   16 Scholar Watford, Northamtonshire  
        Henry Cottle Son -- 14   Scholar Watford, Northamtonshire  
        Richard W. Cottle Son -- 12   Scholar Watford, Northamtonshire  
        Alice Cottle Daur --   8 Scholar Hants Southsea Portsea  
        Kate Cottle Daur --   7 Scholar Watford, Northamtonshire  
        Jane M. Cottle Daur --   6 Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Lawrence Cottle Son -- 4     Harford, Devon  
        Charlotte L. Cottle Daur --   3   Harford, Devon  
        Mosford Cottle Son -- 10 mth     Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth J. Fox Servt Un   24 Cook and Dairymaid Ugborough, Devon  
        Hannah P. Crees Servt Un   20 Nursemaid Ugborough, Devon  
        Frances N. Horton Servt Un   18 Housemaid Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Ellis Servt Un 22   Gardener, Groom & Footman Ermington, Devon  
17 Hall 1   William Luscombe Head Mar 33   Farmer of 361 ac empl 5 men & 2 boys Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Luscombe Wife Mar   33   Harford, Devon  
        Henry Luscombe Son -- 6   Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Ann Luscombe Daur --   4   Harford, Devon  
        Jane Luscombe Daur --   3   Harford, Devon  
        Robert S. Luscombe Son -- 2     Harford, Devon  
        Elizabeth Luscombe Daur --   5 mth   Harford, Devon  
        Henry Sanders Brother-in-law Un 54   Shepherd Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
        Emma Sanders Servt     13 Nursemaid Cornwood, Devon  
        Hannah Ferres Servt Un   23 General Servant Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
        Philip Horton Servt Un 20   Carter Cornwood, Devon  
        Thomas Elliott Servt Un 17   Ag Laborer Harford, Devon  
        Henry Dunn Servt Un 17   Ag Laborer St. Budeaux, Devon  
        Henry Horton Servt   10   Ag Laborer Cornwood, Devon  
        End of Harford              
Total of Houses 16   Total of Males and Females 47 58  

The undermentioned Houses are situate within the Boundaries of the Parish of Harford and the Parliamentary Borough of Ivybridge
No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of
Houses Name and Surname of each
to Head
of Family
Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind or Deaf
and Dumb
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
18 Bridge Park Cottage 1   John Rowell Head Mar 39   Wheelwright Ilsington, Devon  
        Catharine Rowell Wife Mar   29   Givennah, Cornwall  
        John F. Rowell Son -- 8   Scholar Ilsington, Devon  
        Mary G. Rowell Daur --   2   Wolborough, Devon  
19 Bridge Inn 1   Solomon Northmore Head Mar 58   Victualler Cornwood, Devon  
        Grace Northmore Wife Mar   51   Ugborough, Devon  
20 Bridge Inn Cottage 1   Sarah A. Crimp Head Mar   28   Brixton, Devon  
        Benjamin Crimp Son -- 10   Scholar Ugborough, Devon  
        Ann E. Crimp Daur --   6 Scholar Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
21   1   Edwin Robertson Head Mar 49   Schoolmaster Charles, Plymouth, Devon  
        Jane Robertson Wife Mar   36   Broadhempston, Devon  
        William J. B. Robertson Son -- 6   Scholar France British Subject  
        Emma Robertson Daur --   5 Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Edwin F. C. Robertson Son -- 2   Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Charles J. S. Robertson Son -- 9 mth     Harford, Devon  
        William Metherell Boarder Un 21   Carpenter Okehampton, Devon  
        Isaac Morgan Boarder Un 19   Ag Laborer Modbury, Devon  
22 Plymouth Road 1   Thomas Bennett Head Mar 53   Road Contractor Great Torrington, Devon  
        Eleanor Bennett Wife Mar   56   South Brent, Devon  
        Thomas Bennett Grand-son Un 15   Carpenter Charles, Plymouth, Devon  
        John Cornish Son-in-law Mar 34   Carpenter empl 2 men & 2 boys Charles, Plymouth, Devon  
        Mary Cornish Daur Mar   35   Ugborough, Devon  
        Elizabeth Cornish Grand-daur --   9 Scholar Yealmpton, Devon  
        Charles Cornish Grand-son -- 7   Scholar Yealmpton, Devon  
        Fanny cornish Grand-son --   3 Scholar Harford, Devon  
23 London Hotel 1   William Mallett Head Mar 38   Innkeeper Barnstable, Devon  
        Elizabeth Mallett Wife Mar   35 Innkeeper Halwell, Devon  
        Peter Wyatt Servt Widower 61   Ostler Ermington, Devon  
        Mary Frederick Servt Widow   60 Chamber Maid Brixham, Devon  
        Caroline Gisle Servt Widow   40 Waiter Plymouth, Devon  
        Terence Livingstone Lodger Un 60   Rectory of Bigbury Ireland  
        Henry S. Blake Lodger Un 45   Gentleman Chester, Cheshire  
        Marianna Knowlman Lodger Mar   26 Independent Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Lolla Knowlman Lodger --   9 Scholar Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Ellen Knowlman Lodger --   7 Scholar Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Eva Knowlman Lodger --   5   Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Frederick Knowlman Lodger -- 3     Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Edward Knowlman Lodger -- 4 mth     Wellington, Somersetshire  
        Sarah Oakford Lodger Un   20   Duises, Wiltshire  
24 Stowford Flour Mill 1   James Adams Head Mar 34   Miller Plymstock, Devon  
        Jane Adams Wife Mar   37   Ugborough, Devon  
        Samuel Adams Son -- 9   Scholar Harford, Devon  
        Alfred Adams Son -- 3     Harford, Devon  
        Clara Adams Daur --   1   Harford, Devon  
        Thomas Tregellus Servt Un 28   Carter Yealmpton, Devon  
        Eliza Polly Servt     41 General Servant Ugborough, Devon  
25 Stowford Cottage 1   Edward Allen Head Mar 28   Paper Manufacturer empl 300 people Plymouth, Devon  
        Elizabeth Ann Allen Wife Mar   23   Plymouth, Devon  
        Minnie P. Allen Daur --   1   Harford, Devon  
        Emily Phillips Servt Un   20 General Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Harriet Yelland Servt Un   17 Nursemaid Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
26 Stowford Lodge 1   John Willis Servt Mar 41   Gardener, Domestic Servant Ermington, Devon  
        Eliza Willis Servt Mar   38 Housekeeper Plymouth, Devon  
        The end of first part of Ivybridge which is in Harford Parish          
Total of Houses 9   Total of Males and Females 26 27