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Help and advice for Harford 1871 Census

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Harford 1871 Census (RG10/2111)

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

Superintendent Registrar's District: Plympton St. Mary, Enumeration District #27, Registrar's Sub-District: Plympton

The whole of the Parish of Harford including Hall, Addicombe, Turnpike Gate, Hause, Stowford, Lukesland, Broomhill and such part of Ivy Bridge as is situated in the Parish of Harford.

No. Place Inhab. Un-inhab. Name Rel. Cond. Age (M) Age (F) Occupation Where Born Disability  
1   Stowford House   1   Henry B.   RIVERS Head Un 57   Landowner     Harford   Devon    
            Augusta   RIVERS Sister Un   60       Harford   Devon    
            Mary   MATHIAS Sister Mar   45       Harford   Devon    
            Katheen   MATHIAS Niece Un   19       Dublin   Ireland    
            Sophia   STUBBS Niece Un   21       Landon        
            Sarah   CROCKER Serv Un   23 Servant     St. Stephens   Cornwall    
            Rosa   HANNICK Serv Un   22 Servant     Yealmpton   Devon    
2   Stowford House   1   Thomas   BROWN Head Mar 41   Farmer     Beaworthy   Devon    
            Ann   BROWN Wife Mar   38       Totnes   Devon    
            Thomas   BROWN Son   11         Beaworthy   Devon    
            William   BROWN Son   9         Beaworthy   Devon    
            Charles   BROWN Son   7         Beaworthy   Devon    
            John P.   BROWN Son   5         Harford   Devon    
            William Walter   BROWN Brother Un 50   Farmer's Assistant     Bratton        
            John   SAUNDERS Serv Widr 63   Farm Servant - Indoor     St. Charles Plymouth   Devon    
            John   WYATT Serv Un 20   Farm Servant - Indoor     St. Charles Plymouth   Devon    
            Jane   KINGWELL Serv     12 Farm Servant - Domestic     St. Baudux   Devon    
3   Lukesland House   1   Frederick   GRANVILLE Head Mar 61   Colonel 2nd Warwick Militia, J.P. & D.L.     Farley   Staffordshire    
            Isabel   GRANVILLE Wife Mar   38       Brailes   Warwickshire    
            Marian   TRAIL Serv Un   20 Lady's Maid     Dumfries   Scotland    
            Grace   PIPER Serv Un   27 Cook     Bradworthy   Devon    
            Thomas   YOUMANS Serv Un 28   Butler     Lang Dilton   Surrey    
            Thomas   HARN Serv Un 44   Groom     Wembury   Devon    
            Robert   WYATT Serv Un 20   Groom     Wembury   Devon    
            Henry   HARN Serv Un 14   Stable Boy     Wembury   Devon    
4   Lukesland Farm   1   Robert   LAPTHORNE Head Mar 44   Farmer 101 ac     Newton Ferrers   Devon    
            Priscilla   LAPTHORNE Wife Mar   35 Farmer's Wife     Ermington   Devon    
            James B.   LAPTHORNE Son   6   Scholar     Ermington   Devon    
            Alice   HORTON Molaw Un   57 Annuitant     Ermington   Devon   Widowed?
            William   MACK Serv Un 27   Farm Servant - Indoor     Buckesfleigh   Devon   Buckfastleigh?
            James   GOAD Serv Un 14   Farm Servant - Indoor     Yealmpton   Devon    
5   Lukesland Gardener's Cottage   1   Andrew   RYDER Head Mar 35   Gentleman's Gardener     South Huish   Devon    
            Ann   RYDER Wife Mar   31       Lidford   Devon    
            James A.   RYDER Son   2         Lukesland   Devon    
6   West Coombeshead   1   Edward   ROWSE Head Mar 23   Farmer 51 ac     Cornwood   Devon    
            Elizabeth   ROWSE Wife Mar   24 Farmer's Wife     Diptford   Devon    
            Annie   ROWSE Daur     2       Halwell   Devon    
7   East Coombeshead   1   John Collins   WILTON Head Mar 28   Farmer 53 ac     Antony   Cornwall    
            Annie   WILTON Wife Mar   28 Farmer's Wife     Plympton St. Mary   Devon    
            John   WILTON Son   7   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Edward   WILTON Son   5   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            William   WILTON Son   1         Holbeton   Devon    
8   Broomhill   1   William   WALK Head Mar 35   Farmer 146 ac     Cornwood   Devon    
            Sarah A.   WALK Wife Mar   36 Farmer's Wife     West Alvington   Devon    
            William H.   WALK Son   5   Scholar     Cornwood   Devon    
            Richard   WALK Son   1         Harford   Devon    
            John   LIDMAN Serv Un 15   Farm Servant - Indoor     Widdicombe   Devon    
            Mary C.   SEARL Serv Un   13 Farm Servant - Domestic     Ugborough   Devon    
    Stowford Cottage     1U                              
9   Broomhill Farm   1   John   ATWILL Lodger Mar 46   Farm Labourer     Cornwood   Devon    
10   Mead's Cottage   1   George Hillson   COLTON Head Mar 31   Farmer 12 ac     Cornwood   Devon    
            Eliza J.   COLTON Wife Mar   30 Farmer's Wife     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Samuel C.   COLTON Son   10   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Richard H.   COLTON Son   9   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Edwin H.   COLTON Son   8   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Frank R.   COLTON Son   2         Harford   Devon    
11   Harford Rectory   1   Nicholas   HALY Head Mar 60   Curate of Harford     Saltash   Cornwall    
            Augusta   HALY Wife Mar   63 Curate's Wife     Devonport   Devon    
            John B.   HALY Son Un 35   Curate of Tavistock     Saltash   Cornwall    
            Robert N.   HALY Son Un 26   Tutor     Saltash   Cornwall    
            Augusta P.   HALY Daur Un   24 Curate's Daughter     Saltash   Cornwall    
            Annie M.   HALY Daur Un   17 Curate's Daughter     Falmoth   Cornwall    
            Mary   SKINNER Serv Widow   67 Servant Domestic     St. Stephens   Cornwall    
            Alfred F.   BROOKS Serv Un 14   Servant Domestic     Plymouth   Devon    
            John P.   CHALKER Boarder Un 19   Private Pupil     Callington   Cornwall    
            John F.   MORTIMER Scholar   13   Scholar     Plymouth   Devon    
            Arthur   JEFFERD Scholar   13   Scholar     Stoke Demarel   Devon    
            Samuel   AMBROSE Scholar   13   Scholar     Plymouth   Devon    
12   Harford Farm   1   Thomas   SMITH Head Mar 49   Farmer 114 ac emp 1 Lab     Harford   Devon    
            Sarah   SMITH Wife Mar   49 Farmer's Wife     Wilton   Northampton    
            William N. H.   SMITH Son Un 21   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
            Eliza   SMITH Daur Un   14 Farmer's Daughter     Harford   Devon    
            Thomas   SMITH Son   10   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
            James   SMITH Son   8   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
12   Harford Farm       Henry   TREWIN Serv Un 60   Farm Servant - Indoor     Bickleigh   Devon    
13   Bulbvin Cottage   1   Samuel   SIRCOMBE Head Mar 35   Labourer     Cornwood   Devon    
            Jane   SIRCOMBE Wife Mar   37 Labourer's Wife     Milton Abbot   Devon    
            Mary   SIRCOMBE Daur Un   13 No Occupation     Cornwood   Devon    
            Elizabeth   SIRCOMBE Daur     11       Cornwood   Devon    
            Jane   SIRCOMBE Daur     8       Harford   Devon    
            Annie   SIRCOMBE Daur     5       Brent   Devon    
            William   SIRCOMBE Son   3         Brent   Devon    
            Emma   SIRCOMBE Daur     1       Harford   Devon    
14   Hall Farm   1   William   LUSCOMBE Head Mar 43   Farmer 300 ac emp 4 Lab     Cornwood   Devon    
            Ann   LUSCOMBE Wife Mar   43 Farmer's Wife     Harford   Devon    
            Henry   LUSCOMBE Son Un 15   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
            Ann   LUSCOMBE Daur Un   14 Farmer's Daughter     Harford   Devon    
            Jane   LUSCOMBE Daur     12 Farmer's Daughter     Harford   Devon    
            Robert   LUSCOMBE Son   11   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
            Elizabeth   LUSCOMBE Daur     10 Farmer's Daughter     Harford   Devon    
            William   LUSCOMBE Son   9   Farmer's Son     Harford   Devon    
            Sarah   LUSCOMBE Daur     4 Farmer's Daughter     Harford   Devon    
            Harriotte   ELLIOTT Serv Un   20 Farm Servant Domestic     Cornwood   Devon    
            Elizabeth   LUSCOMBE Serv Un   14 Farm Servant Domestic     Leemore   Devon   Lee Moor?
            William   HYNES Serv Un 18   Farm Servant - Indoor     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            John N.   N. Serv   16   Farm Servant - Indoor     Ugborough   Devon    
            Henry   SAUNDERS Brolaw Un 65   Annuitant     Hemerton   Devon    
            Samuel   PULLYBLANK Serv   18   Farm Servant - Indoor     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
15   Hall Farm       Emma J.   COOMBE Head Mar   25 Wife of Missionary     Plymouth   Devon    
            Emma   COOMBE Daur     3 Scholar     Plymouth   Devon    
            Ellen M.   COOMBE Daur     5 mo       Slakingham   Devon    
16   Addicombe Cottage   1   Robert   LEAMAN Head Mar 40   Labourer in Paper Mill     Widdicombe   Devon    
            Mary   LEAMAN Wife Mar   40 Wife No Occupation     Buckfastleigh   Devon    
            Albert   LEAMAN Son   13   Labourer out of employ     Widdicombe   Devon    
            Mary G.   LEAMAN Daur     9 Scholar     Widdicombe   Devon    
            Thomas   LEAMAN Son   7   Scholar     Ugborough   Devon    
            Elizabeth   LEAMAN Daur     4       Addicombe   Devon    
            Henry   LEAMAN Son   3         Addicombe   Devon    
            Susan J.   LEAMAN Daur     1 mo       Addicombe   Devon    
17   Addicombe Cottage   1   William   ELLIS Head Mar 44   Gamekeeper     Ringmore   Devon    
            Elizabeth   ELLIS Wife Mar   38 Wife No Occupation     Yealmpton   Devon    
            William J. M.   ELLIS Son   11   Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Elizabeth A.   ELLIS Daur Un   14 Scholar     Holbeton   Devon    
            Charles   ELLIS Son   6   Scholar     Harford   Devon    
18   Addicombe Cottage   1   Samuel   SMITH Head Mar 57   Farm Labourer     Ermington   Devon    
            Elizabeth   SMITH Wife Mar   57 Wife No Occupation     Ugborough   Devon    
            Samuel   SMITH Son Un 28   Farm Labourer     Harford   Devon    
19   Turnpikegate House   1   John   BREWER Head Mar 46   Farm Labourer     Pureton   Devon    
            Priscilla   BREWER Wife Mar   48 In charge of Turnpikegate     Yealmpton   Devon    
            Mary A.   BREWER Niece     11 Scholar     Plymouth   Devon    
20   Ivy Bridge Cottage   1   Henry   DYER Head Mar 37   Mason     Okehampton   Devon    
            Susan   DYER Wife Mar   38 Wife No Occupation     Okehampton   Devon    
            William   DYER Son   12   Mason's Labourer     Okehampton   Devon    
            Elizabeth   DYER Daur     10 Scholar     North Lew   Devon    
            John H.   DYER Son   7   Scholar     North Lew   Devon    
            Richard   DYER Son   5   Scholar     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Mary A.   DYER Daur     4       Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Flora J.   DYER Daur     2       Ivy Bridge   Devon    
21   Bridge Inn Publich House   1   Solomon   NORTHMORE Head Mar 68   Innkeeper     Cornwood   Devon    
            Grace   NORTHMORE Wife Mar   61 Wife     Ugborough   Devon    
22   Cottage   1   Sarah A.   CRUMP Head Mar   38 No Occupation     Brixton   Devon    
            George de Lacy   CRUMP Son   1         Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Susanne   CORBER Aunt Widow   51 Seamstress     Ermington   Devon    
            Rosline de Lacy M.   ELYT Lodger Widow   56 Schoolmistress     Plymouth   Devon    
23   Cottage   1   John   ROWALL Head Mar 45   Carpenter     Ilisington   Devon   Ilsington?
            Ann   ROWALL Wife Mar   40 No Occupation     Gnynip   Cornwall    
            John F.   ROWALL Son Un 17   Sailor     Ilisington   Devon    
            Mary G.   ROWALL Daur     11 Scholar     Newton Abbot   Devon    
            Annie L.   ROWALL Daur     8 Scholar     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            William G.   ROWALL Son   6   Scholar     Filliam   Devon    
            Charles A.   ROWALL Son   2         Ivy Bridge   Devon    
24   Cottage   1   John   CORNISH Head Mar 44   Carpenter Master emp 1 Man     Plymouth   Devon    
            Mary   CORNISH Wife Mar   45 Wife No Occupation     Ugborough   Devon    
            Elizabeth   CORNISH Daur Un   19 Dressmaker     Yealmpton   Devon    
            Fanny   CORNISH Daur Un   13 Scholar     Harford   Devon    
25   London Hotel   1   William   MALLETT Head Mar 48   Hotel Keeper     Barnstaple   Devon    
            Elizabeth   MALLETT Wife Mar   47 Wife     Holwell   Devon    
            William   WYATT Serv Un 22   Ostler     Ermington   Devon    
            William H.   MILLMAN Serv Un 17   Boots     Ermington   Devon    
            Caroline   GILL Serv Widow   48 Waitress     Plymouth   Devon    
            William D.   HORNDON Boarder Mar 60   Magistrate     Callington   Cornwall    
            Emma   HORNDON Boarder Mar   45       Tavistock   Devon    
            Fanny   HORSWILL Boarder Mar   36 Ladies Maid     Cambourn   Cornwall    
            H. S.   BLAKE Boarder Un 55   Independent         Gloucester    
26   Mill Cottage   1   Thomas   SANSOM Head Mar 53   Papermaker     Butterleigh   Devon    
            Hannah   SANSOM Wife Mar   50 Papermaker's Wife     Cullampton   Devon    
            Thomas   SANSOM Son Un 22   Papermaker     Topsham   Devon    
            Hannah J.   SANSOM Daur Un   18 Paper Roler     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Elizabeth   SANSOM Daur Un   16 Paper Sorter     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Emma   SANSOM Daur Un   14 Mothers Little Housemaid     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Eliza   SANSOM Daur     12 Scholar     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Agnes   SANSOM Daur     9 Scholar     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
27   Mill Cottage   1   John   WILLIS Head Mar 51   Gardener     Ermington   Devon    
            Eliza   WILLIS Wife Mar   46 Wife No Occupation     Plymouth   Devon    
            William J. M.   ELLIOTT Visitor Un 14   Assistant Gardener     Ivy Bridge   Devon    
            Mary J.   SCOBLE Visitor     7       Plympton St. Mary   Devon    
28   Stowford Lodge   1   John   ALLEN Head Mar 69   Paper Manufacturer emp 450 persons     Tregany   Cornwall    
            Elizabeth   ALLEN Wife Mar   69 Paper Manufacturer's Wife     Plymouth   Devon    
            John   ALLEN Son Un 36   Paper Manufacturer     Plymouth   Devon    
            Mary   BOLITHA Serv Un   27 Cook     Mangan   Cornwall    
            Mary A.   CHAPPLE Serv Un   27 Housemaid     Cornwood   Devon    
            Elizabeth A.   WARD Serv Un   25 Servant Domestic     Crawain   Cornwall    
Total of Houses 27 1 Total of Males and Females 90 81                


Brian Randell, 27 Sep 2003