Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard


Superintendant Registrar's District: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 28

Registrar's Sub-District: Plympton - Enumerator Mr. Joseph Francis Savers

The whole of the Parish of Harford including Stowford House, Broom Hill, Lukesland House, Lukesland Farm, Lodge and such part of the Parish as is situate in Ivybridge.
Civil Parish: Harford; Town, Village or Hamlet: Ivybridge; Urban Sanitary District: Ivybridge, Rural Sanitary District: Plympton St. Mary.

No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of House
Houses Name and Surname
of each person
to Head
of Family
as to

Age last
Birthday of
Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born Whether 1. Deaf & Dumb
2. Blind 3. Imbecile or
Idiot 4. Lunatic
In. Uninhab.
Male Female
1   Bridge Park Cottage 1   Henry Dyer Head Mar 47   Mason Okehampton Devon  
          Susanna Dyer Wife Mar   48   Okehampton Devon  
          William Dyer Son Unmar 22   Mason Okehampton Devon  
          John Dyer Son Unmar 18   Mason North Lew Devon  
          Richard Dyer Son Unmar 15   Mason Ivybridge Devon  
          Mary Ann Dyer Dau Unmar   13   Ivybridge Devon  
          Flora Jane Dyer Dau Unmar   10 Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
          Jessie Dyer Dau Unmar   7 Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
          Herbert Dyer Grson   11m     Ivybridge Devon  
2   Bridge Inn 1   Soloman Northmore Head Mar 78   Licensed Victualler Cornwood Devon  
          Grace Fincher Northmore Wife Mar   70   Ugborough Devon  
3 1   Harford Road 1   Sarah Ann Crimp Head Wid   48   Brixton Devon  
          Annie Eliza Crimp Dau Unmar   26 School Mistress Ridgway Devon  
          George Crimp Son Unmar 11   Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
4 2 Harford Road 1   William Pengilley Head Mar 44   Labourer Bigbury Devon  
          Mary Ann Pengilley Wife Mar   41   Ugborough Devon  
          James Pengilley Son Unmar 14   Shoemaker Apprentice Ivybridge Devon  
          Mary Ann Pengilley Dau Unmar   12   Ivybridge Devon  
          James Slade Lodger Unmar 20   Cordwainer Tiverton Devon  
5   Harford Road 1   Edward H. Partington Head Mar 38   Paper Maker Thistle? Nest Stratford  
          Elizabeth Partington Wife Mar   29   Yealmpton Devon  
          Frank Partington Son Unmar 7     Ivybridge Devon  
          Arthur Partington Son Unmar 2     Ivybridge Devon  
6 4 Harford Road 1   John P. Cornish Head Mar 54   Carpenter & Joiner Plymouth Devon  
          Mary Ann Cornish Wife Mar   55   Ugborough Devon  
7   Hotel Iap Harford Road 1   Frank Steer Head Mar 36   Groom Modbury Devon  
          Mary Steer Wife Mar   35   Modbury Devon  
          Flora Steer Sister Unmar   24 Servant Domestic Modbury Devon  
8   Landon Hotel 1   William Mallett Head Mar 58   Hotel Keeper Barnstaple Devon  
          Elizabeth Mallett Wife Mar   57   Ashwater Devon  
          Louisa Laura Waller Visitor Wid   39   Ivybridge Devon  
          Bessie Laura Waller VisDau Unmar   17   Plymouth Devon  
          Eliza Hurrell Cook Wid   59 Cook Shaugh Devon  
          Mary Coleman Serv Unmar   40 Housemaid Stonehouse Devon  
          Jacob Lang Serv Unmar 17   Boots Ugborough Devon  
          William Wyatt Serv Unmar 30   Ostler Ivybridge Devon  
9   Mill House 1   Peter Bowden Head Mar 42   Papermakers Foreman   Scotland  
          Margaret Bowden Wife Mar   39     Scotland  
          Henry Bowden Son Unmar 14   Scholar   Scotland  
          Margaret Bowden Dau Unmar   12 Scholar   Scotland  
          Peter Bowden Son Unmar 9   Scholar   Scotland  
          Martha Bowden Dau Unmar   7 Scholar   Scotland  
          Agnes Bowden Dau Unmar   5 Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
          Alice Bowden Dau Unmar   3   Ivybridge Devon  
          John Bowden Son Unmar 1     Ivybridge Devon  
10   Mill Cottage 1   John Willis Head Mar 61   Assistant Gardener Ermington Devon  
          Eliza Willis Wife Mar   58   Plymouth Devon  
          Mary Jane Scoble Niece Unmar   17   Plymouth Devon  
11   Mill Cottage 1   Arthur Cave Head Mar 31   Domestic Gardener Harrington Devon  
          Mary Cave Wife Mar   28   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Thomas Lyndon Boarder Unmar 19   Domestic Gardener Bass Mayo Devon  
12   Stowford Lodge 1   Edward Allen Head Mar 48   Chairman Ivybridge Local Board, Chairman Ermington School Board Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth Ann Allen Wife Mar   43   Plymouth Devon  
          John Allen Brother Unmar 46   Member Ivybridge Local Board Plymouth Devon  
          Polly Watts Serv Unmar   24 Cook Plymouth Devon  
          Jessie Daney Serv Unmar   23 Parlor Maid East Allington Devon  
          Harriette Haney Serv Unmar   19 Under Housemaid Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth Partington Serv Unmar   17 Kitchenmaid Manchester    
          Eliza Jane Jennings Serv Unmar   37 Housemaid Devonport Devon  
13   Stowford House 1   Phillip A. Holland Head Unmar 29   Physician Not Practicing   Scotland  
          Henry F. Holland Brother Unmar 20   Officer of Militia Prestbury Cheshire  
          Jane C. Fox Serv Unmar   36 Housemaid Ugborough Devon  
          Annie Sercombe Serv Unmar   16 Housemaid Cornwood Devon  
          John Stephens Serv Mar 32   Domestic Gardener Frock Cornwall  
          Mary Stephens Serv Mar   29 Domestic Cook Kea Cornwall  
          Joseph Crispin Serv Unmar 18   Groom Ermington Devon  
14   Stowford Cottage 1   John Courtney Head Mar 53   Carter Marwood Devon  
          Mary Courtney Wife Mar   53   Sherwill Devon  
15   Lukesland Lodge 1   Frances O. Pepper Head Mar 29   Butler Bedford Brouham  
          Mary Ann Pepper Wife Mar   47 Lodge Keeper Winehead Somerset  
16   Lukesland Farm 1   James Trant Head Mar 31   Farmer of 105 acres Dittisham Devon  
          Phillippa Trant Wife Mar   31   Diptford Devon  
          Edith Trant Dau Unmar   11m   Slakeflemming Devon  
          Agnis M. Cole Serv Unmar   14 General Servant Blackawton Devon  
17   Lukesland House 1   James J. MacAndrew Head Mar 43   Justice of the Peace, Derives Income from rents, interest, etc Southpool Devon  
          Barbara MacAndrew Wife Mar   40     Scotland  
          Barbara Johnston Cousin Unmar   58     Scotland  
          Manuela Read Visitor Wid   57   Peru South America  
          Sarita V. MacAndrew Cousin Mar   32     London  
          Ernest H. MacAndrew Visitor Unmar 4     Peru South America  
          Francisca Huertas Visitor Wid   30 Nurse Domestic Servant Peru South America  
          Lucy Holgate Serv Unmar   44 Cook Domestic Servant Ware Hertfordshire  
          Maria Maryell Serv Unmar   39 Housemaid Domestic Servant Kenitom Warwickshire  
          Selina Pengelly Serv Unmar   17 2nd Housemaid Domestic Servant Ivybridge Devon  
18   Lukesland Stable Yard 1   George Williams Head Mar 42   Coachman Domestic Servant   South Wales  
          Maria Williams Wife Mar   39   Bromley Kent  
          Frederick G. Williams Son Unmar 15   Page Domestic Servant Streatham Surrey  
          Emily F. Williams Dau Unmar   11   Dulwich Surrey  
          Edith J. Williams Dau Unmar   10 Scholar Dulwich Surrey  
          Ernest R. Williams Son Unmar 8   Scholar East Sheen Surrey  
          Albert I. Williams Son Unmar 6   Scholar East Sheen Surrey  
          Alfred J. Williams Son Unmar 4   Scholar Harford Devon  
          Eliza F. Williams Dau Unmar   2   Harford Devon  
19   Lukesland Garden House 1   Andrew Rider Head Mar 45   Gardener Domestic South Huish Devon  
          Ann Rider Wife Mar   41   Lidford Devon  
          James A. Rider Son Unmar 12   Scholar Harford Devon  
          Minnie M. J. Rider Dau Unmar   9 Scholar Harford Devon  
          Albert E. Rider Son Unmar 7   Scholar Harford Devon  
          Edith A. Rider Dau Unmar   4 Scholar Harford Devon  
          George F. Rider Son Unmar 1     Harford Devon  
20   East Coombshead 1   Edward Rowse Head Mar 58   Farmer of 42 acres Harford Devon  
          Mary Rowse Wife Mar   57   Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Rowse Dau Unmar   19   Walkhampton Devon  
          William Rowse Son Unmar 17   Farm Assistant - Son Ashprigton Devon  
          Richard Rowse Son Unmar 15   Farm Assistant - Son Ashprigton Devon  
          Caroline Rowse Dau Unmar   12   Ashprigton Devon  
          Matilda Rowse Dau Unmar   8 Scholar Ashprigton Devon  
21   West Coombshead 1   John M. Hill Head Mar 24   Farmer of 45 acres Whitechurch Devon  
          Matilda Hill Wife Mar   24   Mary Tavy Devon  
          John M. Hill Son   8m     Harford Devon  
          Edward Friend Serv Unmar 14   Farm Servant - Indoor Ugborough Devon  
22   Broomhill 1   William Smith Head Unmar 31   Farmer of 130 acres empl 1 man, 1 boy Harford Devon  
          Sarah Smith Sister Unmar   29   Harford Devon  
          Eliza Smith Sister Unmar   25   Harford Devon  
          Richard Hext Serv Unmar 23   Farm Servant - Indoor Ugborough Devon  
          George Pulleyblank Serv Unmar 19   Farm Servant - Indoor Ugborough Devon  
          Mary Hext Visitor Unmar   32   Ugborough Devon  
23   Meads 1   James Horton Head Mar 45   Farmer of 23 acres Cornwood Devon  
          Susanna M. Horton Wife Mar   40   Yealmpton Devon  
          Susanna Horton Dau Unmar   14   Yealmpton Devon  
          William Horton Son Unmar 9   Scholar Fillane Devon  
          Elizabeth Horton Dau Unmar   2   Harford Devon  
          Susanna Tapley Mother Wid   79   Creacomb Devon  
24   Harford Rectory 1   Algernon P. Bellamy Head Mar 38   Rector of Harford , Farming 51 acres of Glebe, emp 1 man, 1 boy Wragby Lincolnshire  
          Elizabeth A. Bellamy Wife Mar   36   Huddersfield Yorkshire  
          Constance M. Bellamy Dau Unmar   13 Scholar Palstead Suffolk  
          Algernon F. A. Bellamy Son Unmar 11   Scholar Norwich Norfolk  
          Gervas G. M. Bellamy Son Unmar 10   Scholar Huddersfield Yorkshire  
          Winifred A. Bellamy Dau Unmar   8 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          Katherine E. Bellamy Dau Unmar   6   Plymouth Devon  
          James A. H. Bellamy Son Unmar 3     Harford Devon  
          Ralph Bellamy Son Unmar 2     Harford Devon  
          Barbara Bellamy Dau Unmar   2m   Harford Devon  
          Mary Hurst Visitor Unmar   63 Annuitant Almondbury Yorkshire  
          Emily Prideaux Serv Unmar   31 Housemaid Domestic Servant Chacewater Cornwall  
          Eliza E. Carlyan Serv Unmar   22 Cook Domestic Servant Redruth Cornwall  
          Martha Roberts Serv Unmar   28 Nurse Domestic Servant Perran Cornwall  
          John Paulley Serv Unmar 20   Farm Servant - Indoor Ermington Devon  
25   Harford Farm 1   William Horton Head Mar 42   Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Laura Horton Wife Mar   41   Cornwood Devon  
          Ellen Horton Dau Unmar   11 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Minnie Horton Dau Unmar   6 Scholar Ermington Devon  
26   Harford Bridge Cottage 1   George Phillips Head Mar 54   Agricultural Labourer Dunsford Devon  
          Harriet Phillips Wife Mar   50   Bridford Devon  
          Walter Phillips Son Unmar 14   Servant Farm Dunsford Devon  
          Matilda Phillips Dau Unmar   11 Scholar Dunsford Devon  
          Caroline Phillips Dau Unmar   10 Scholar Dunsford Devon  
          Bessie Phillips Grdau Unmar   4 Scholar Ilsington Devon  
          Frances M. Broad Lodger Unmar   25 School Mistress Looe Cornwall  
    Harford Bridge Cottage   1U                    
    Harford School & Residence   1B                    
27   Hall Farm 1   William Luscombe Head Mar 54   Farmer of 440 acres, empl 4 men, 2 boys Cornwood Devon  
          Ann Luscombe Wife Mar   54   Harford Devon  
          Ann Luscombe Dau Unmar   24   Harford Devon  
          Jane Luscombe Dau Unmar   23   Harford Devon  
          Robert Luscombe Son Unmar 21   Farmer's Son Harford Devon  
          Bessie Luscombe Dau Unmar   20   Harford Devon  
          William Luscombe Son Unmar 19   Farmer's Son Harford Devon  
          Sarah Luscombe Dau Unmar   14 Scholar Harford Devon  
          Emma Westlake Visitor Unmar   29 Domestic Plymouth Devon  
          Robert Hillson Visitor Unmar 12   Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
          Robert Prout Serv Unmar 19   Farm Servant - Indoor Ivybridge Devon  
          James Horton Serv Unmar 16   Farm Servant - Indoor Ivybridge Devon  
28   Bulliven Cottage 1   William Whiddon Head Mar 55   Farm Labourer Holne Devon  
          Ann Whiddon Wife Mar   52 Charwoman Buckfastleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth Whiddon Dau Unmar   14 Scholar Ugborough Devon  
          Emma Whiddon Dau Unmar   12 Scholar Ugborough Devon  
29 1 Haddicombe Cottage 1   Thomas Hext Head Mar 61   Farm Labourer Widdicombe in the Moor Devon  
          Jane Hext Wife Mar   55   Widdicombe in the Moor Devon  
          George Hext Son Unmar 15   Farm Labourer Ugborough Devon  
30 2 Haddicombe Cottage 1   James Goad Head Mar 24   Groom Yealmpton Devon  
          Mary J. Goad Wife Mar   25   Chulmleigh Devon  
          Charlotte L. Goad Dau Unmar   1   Harford Devon  
31 3 Haddicombe Cottage 1   William J. Elliott Head Mar 24   Gardener Domestic Harford Devon  
          Harriett Elliott Wife Mar   31   Revelstock Devon  
          Sidney J. Elliott Son Unmar 11m     Harford Devon  
32   Part of Old Tall Gate House 1   Samuel Percy Head Mar 26   Letter Carrier Plymouth Devon  
          Harriett Percy Wife Mar   24   Ugborough Devon  
          Annie C. Percy Dau Unmar   1   Ivybridge Devon  
          George Percy Father Mar 66     Devonport Devon  
          Elizabeth Percy Mother Mar   64   Halwell Devon  
33   Part of Old Tall Gate House 1   William Oliver Head Mar 29   Coachman Domestic Servant Liskeard Cornwall  
          Louisa Oliver Wife Mar   27   Exmouth Devon  
          Emma V. Oliver Dau Unmar   1   Buckland Monachorum Devon  
Total of Houses 33 1U,1B Total of Males and Females 80 102