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Help and advice for Harford 1891 Censes, ED 28

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Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard


Registration District: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 28

Registration Sub-District: Plympton

The whole of the Parish of Harford including Stowford House, Broomhill, Lukesland House, Farm & Lodge and such part of the Parish as is situated in Ivy Bridge.

Administrative County: Devon, Civil Parish of Harford; Town Village or Hamlet of Harford; Rural Sanitary District of Plympton; Parliamentary Borough or Division: Totnes; Ecclesiastical Parish of Harford

No. of
ROAD, STREET, &c, and
No. or NAME of HOUSE
NAME and Surname of
each person
to Head
of Family
as to

AGE last
Birthday of
(1) Deaf & Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Lunatic, Imbecile
In. Unin. Male Female
1 Hall Farm 1     William LUSCOMBE Head Widr 63   Farmer X     Cornwood Devon  
          William LUSCOMBE Son S 27   Farmer's Son   X   Harford Devon  
          Ann HORTON Serv S   39 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant   X   Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Elizabeth BASKERVILLE Serv S   18 Domestic Servant   X   Ermington Devon  
          William BONKER Serv S 14   Domestic Servant   X   Plymstock Devon  
          Elia KELLY Serv S 11   Domestic Servant   X   Cornwood Devon  
2 Harford Cottage 1     John ROACH Head Widr 63   Farm Laborer   X   Ermington Devon  
          Elizabeth ROACH Daur S   27 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant   X   Modbury Devon  
  Harford Cottage   1U                            
3 Harford Cottage 1     William KELLY Head M 49   Farm Laborer   X   Modbury Devon  
          Susan Cannard KELLY Wife M   44         Loddiswell Devon  
          Elizabeth KELLY Daur S   13         Plympton Devon  
          Ernest KELLY Son S 9   Scholar       Ermington Devon  
          Maria KELLY Daur S   7 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Cathrine KELLY Daur S   5 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Alice Maud KELLY Daur S   1         Harford Devon  
4 School House 1     Samuel Richard HANCOCK Head M 33   Gardener, Domestic Servant   X   Mullion Cornwall  
          Frances Margaret HANCOCK Wife M   35 Schoolmistress, Church of England School   X   East Looe Cornwall  
          Harold William Richard HANCOCK Son   10 mo           Harford Devon  
          Sarah HILL Serv S   19 Domestic Servant   X   Modbury Devon  
5 Harford Farm 1     Thomas Henry SMITH Head M 30   Farmer X     Harford Devon  
          Thirza SMITH Wife M   30         Stokeclimsland Devon  
          William Thomas SMITH Son   4   Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Charles Henry SMITH Son   2           Harford Devon  
          James ROACH Serv S 19   Farm Servant   X   Ugborough Devon  
6 Harford Vicarage 1     Alfred HOWARD Head M 34   Rector of Harford       Wadesly Sheffield  
          Edith Mary Maron HOWARD Wife M   25         Fosbury Wiltshire  
          Jane EDWARDS Serv Wid   57 Cook, Domestic Servant   X   Penny Cross Plymouth Devon  
          Phoebe Amelia COOPER Serv S   28 Housemaid, Domestic Servant   X   Bitton Bristol Gloucestershire  
7 Meads Farm 1     Edward ROWSE Head M 43   Farmer X     Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth ROWSE Wife M   44         Diptford Devon  
          Bessie ROWSE Daur S   17 Assistant   X   Halwill Devon  
          Richard ROWSE Brother S 24   Assistant   X   Ashprington Devon  
8 Broomhill Farm 1     William SMITH Head M 41   Farmer X     Harford Devon  
          Matilda Rowse SMITH Wife M   31         Walkhampton Devon  
          Eliza SMITH Daur     4 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          William Maddock SMITH Son   9 mo           Harford Devon  
          Ellen HURRELL Serv S   19 Domestic Servant   X   Marstowe Devon  
          George HURRELL Serv S 18   Farm Servant   X   Marstowe Devon  
          Henry GULLEY Serv S 12   Farm Servant   X   Cadleigh Devon  
9 West Coombshead Farm 1     Andrew RYDER Head M 55   Farmer     X South Huish Devon  
          Ann RYDER Wife M   51         Lidford Devon  
          Edward RYDER Son S 17   Gardener, Domestic Servant   X   Harford Devon  
          Annie RYDER Daur S   13 Assistant   X   Harford Devon  
          George RYDER Son S 11   Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Jane Harnitt WALKER Visitor S   31 Physician & Surgeon     X Dunsbury Yorkshire  
          Margaret Maude BAGSTER Visitor S   38 Secretary of Hospital & Supt     X Watford Hertfordshire  
10 East Coombshead Farm 1     Edward ROWSE Head Widr 67   Farmer     X Harford Devon  
          Tillie ROWSE Daur S   17 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant   X   Ashprington Devon  
          William ROWSE Son S 26   Farmer's Son   X   Ashprington Devon  
          John ROWELL Grdson   3           Kingston Devon  
11 Cottage 1   4 Sampson PAWLEY Head M 33   Gardener's Laborer   X   Ugborough Devon  
          Sarah Jane PAWLEY Wife M   32         Ugborough Devon  
          William John PAWLEY Son   9   Scholar       Ugborough Devon  
          Ada PAWLEY Daur     5 Scholar       Ugborough Devon  
          Blanche PAWLEY Daur     3         Ugborough Devon  
          Maud Mabel PAWLEY Daur     2         Harford Devon  
12 Cottage 1   4 James GOAD Head M 33   Gardener's Laborer   X   Yealmpton Devon  
          Mary Jane GOAD Wife M   35         Chamleigh Devon  
          William John GOAD Son S 9   Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Charlotte Louisa GOAD Daur S   11 Scholar       Harford Devon  
  Cottage   1U                            
13 Lukesland House 1     James Johnstone MACANDREW Head M 53   Magistrate, Living on his own means X     Liverpool Lancashire  
          Barbara MACANDREW Wife M   50 Living on her own means         Scotland  
          Frederick WILLIAMS Serv S 25   Butler, Domestic Servant   X   Streatham Surrey  
          Ernest WILLIAMS Serv S 18   Page, Domestic Servant   X   Mortlake Surrey  
          Emily PRITCHARD Serv S   29 Cook, Domestic Servant   X   Newland Gloucestershire  
          Marian MANGELL Serv S   49 Housemaid, Domestic Servant   X   Hinlton Warwickshire  
          Jessie MATTHEWS Serv S   17 Under Housemaid, Domestic Servant   X   Lidcup Kent  
14 Lukesland Cottage 1     George WILLIAMS Head M 52   Coachman, Domestic Servant   X   Harford West Pembroke  
          Maria WILLIAMS Wife M   49         Bromley Kent  
          Albert WILLIAMS Son S 16   Fitter Apprentice   X   Easthem Surrey  
          Alfred WILLIAMS Son S 14   Under Telegraph Clerk   X   Harford Devon  
          Elsie WILLIAMS Daur S   12 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Walter WILLIAMS Son S 9   Scholar       Harford Devon  
15 Gardener Cottage 1   4 Jesse DAWE Head M 35   Gardener, Domestic Servant   X   Charminster Dorset  
          Emily Georgina DAWE Wife M   37         East Grimstead Wiltshire  
          Frederick Edward DAWE Son S 9           Ellacombe Torquay Devon  
          Reginald DAWE Son S 7           Chudleigh Devon  
          Arthur Jesse DAWE Son S 4           Chudleigh Devon  
          Jesse DAWE Nephew S 16   Gardener Assistant       Dorchester Dorset  
16 Lukesland Farm 1     George HART Head M 31   Farm Bailiff   X   Loddiswell Devon  
          Mary Ann HART Wife M   31 Manager of Dairy   X   Ugborough Devon  
          Edith Annie HART Daur S   10 Scholar       North Huish Devon  
          Ethel Mary HART Daur S   7 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          Elizabeth Ellen HART Daur S   5 Scholar       Harford Devon  
          William Whiddon HART Son S 3           Harford Devon  
          Emma Ann HART Daur S   1         Harford Devon  
          Charlotte Eliza FENNEMORE Serv S   12 Domestic Servant       Mutley Devon  
17 Lukesland Lodge 1     John COURTENAY Head M 63   Gardener, Domestic Servant   X   Marwood Devon  
          Mary COURTENAY Wife M   63 Lodge Keeper   X   Shirwell Devon  
18 Ermewood 1     John William MATTHEWS Head M 63   Solicitor X     Tavistock Devon  
          Emma MATTHEWS Wife M   59         Plymouth Devon  
          Croydon MATTHEWS Son S 34   Solicitor X     Plymouth Devon  
          Emma Lilian MATTHEWS Daur S   31         Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth EVANS Serv S   33 Cook, Domestic Servant   X   Lidford Devon  
          Lucy EVANS Serv S   28 Parlor Maid, Domestic Servant   X   Princeton Devon  
          Amelia Jane BODY Serv S   21 Housemaid, Domestic Servant   X   Moval Cornwall  
          William FRIEND Serv S 18   Groom, Domestic Servant   X   Ugborough Devon  
19 Stowford Farm 1     John LUSCOMBE Head M 60   Farmer     X Cornwood Devon  
          Ellen LUSCOMBE Wife M   51         Plympton Devon  
          Ellen Patrica LUSCOMBE Daur S   15 Scholar       Ermington Devon  
          Florence Hensleigh LUSCOMBE Daur S   14 Scholar       Ermington Devon  
          Beatrice Mary LUSCOMBE Daur S   9 Scholar       Ermington Devon  
          Ernest Thomas LUSCOMBE Son S 7           Ermington Devon  
  Stowford House   1U                            
  Stowford Cottage   1U                            
20 Toll Bar Cottage 1     George F. HALL Head M 47   General Laborer   X   Yealmpton Devon  
          Mary J. HALL Wife M   47         Yealmpton Devon  
          Henry F. HALL Son S 18   General Laborer   X     Bermuda West Indies  
          Bertram HALL Son S 10   Scholar       Mylor Cornwall  
          Edith COLEMAN Boarder S   3         Dawlish Devon  
          George MILLMAN Boarder M 23   General Laborer   X   Okehampton Devon  
          John OLIVER Boarder M 46   Blacksmith   X   Tywnadreath Cornwall  
          Joseph VINARD Boarder S 17   General Laborer   X   St. Blazey Cornwall  
21a Harford Road 1   4 Charles WALK Head M 44   Farmer     X Harford Devon  
          Amelia Maria WALK Wife M   43         Ugborough Devon  
          Ellen Maria Ryder WALK Daur S   15 Dressmaker Apprentice   X   Ugborough Devon  
          Augusta Lucy Ryder WALK Daur S   12         Ugborough Devon  
          Florence Amelia WALK Daur S   10         Ugborough Devon  
          Barbara WALK Daur S   7         Harford Devon  
          Ernest WALK Son   1           Harford Devon  
21b Harford Road 1     John LAVERS Head M 32   Plumber   X   Modbury Devon  
          Rhoda LAVERS Wife M   29         Ugborough Devon  
          Annie Searle LAVERS Daur S   1         Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Elizabeth SEARLE Molaw Wid   75         Stokinham Devon  
22 Harford Road 1     William Henry BASKERVILLE Head M 35   Boot Maker     X Dinaton Cornwood Devon  
          Ann BASKERVILLE Wife M   33         Barnstaple Devon  
          Elsie BASKERVILLE Daur S   9 Scholar       Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Fanny Beatrice BASKERVILLE Daur S   7 Scholar       Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Fanny WYATT Sister M   27         Dinaton Cornwood Devon  
23 Harford Road Bridge Inn 1     Solomon NORTHMORE Head M 88   Licensed Victualler     X Cornwood Devon  
          Grace NORTHMORE Wife M   81 Licensed Victualler       Ugborough Devon  
24 Harford Road 1   4 Sarah Ann CRIMP Wife M   58 Living on her own means       Brixton Devon  
          George De Lacy CRIMP Son S 21   Living on his own means       Harford Devon  
25 Harford Road 1   2 Jane NORTHMORE Wife M   26 Living on her own means       Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Mabel Annie NORTHMORE Daur     2         Ivy Bridge Devon  
          William Phillip NORTHMORE Son   8 mo           Ivy Bridge Devon  
26 Harford Road 1   2 Phillip BARTLETT Head M 59   Blacksmith   X   Plympton Devon  
          Henrietta BARTLETT Wife M   62         Colyton Somerset  
          Joseph GOUGH Son S 23   Shoe Maker   X   Ermington Devon  
          Sarah NORTHMORE Boarder S   31 Paper Glayer   X   Ugborough Devon  
          Annie PHILLIPS Boarder S   15 Rag Butter   X   Plymouth Devon  
27 Harford Road 1     Gilbert SINCOCK Head S 40   Carpenter & Builder X     Helland Cornwall  
          Caroline HARPER Cousin S   28 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant   X   Helland Cornwall  
28 Harford Road 1     Edward Henry PARTINGTON Head M 48   Machineman Paper Maker   X   Stratford Lancashire  
          Elizabeth Ellen PARTINGTON Wife M   40         Yealmpton Devon  
          Frank PARTINGTON Son S 17   Grocers Apprentice   X   Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Mary CORNISH Molaw Wid   65 Living on her own means       Ugborough Devon  
          James BROWNING Visitor S 42   Drapery Traveller   X   Linkinhorne Cornwall  
29 London Hotel Tap 1     John DREW Head M 46   Barman   X   North Huish Devon  
          Mary Ann DREW Wife M   47         Plymouth Devon  
30 London Hotel 1     Frank Edward BOHN Head S 23   Hotel Manager X     Ilfracombe Devon  
          Eliza Jane BOUND Serv Wid   50 Hotel Housekeeper   X   Stonehouse Devon  
          John Albert LETHBRIDGE Serv S 19   Boots   X   Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Jane Mary TALL Serv S   17 Chambermaid, Domestic Servant   X   Ivy Bridge Devon  
          Elizabeth PALTRIDGE Serv S   16 Kitchenmaid, Domestic Servant   X   Plymouth Devon  
          Jessie CRISPIN Serv S   17 Waitress, Domestic Servant   X   Plymouth Devon  
31 Harford Road 1     William Henry WILES Head M 37   Paper Mill Foreman   X   Chartham Kent  
          Caroline WILES Wife M   40         Chartham Kent  
          Ella Louisa WILES Daur S   14 Scholar       Chartham Kent  
          Battista William WILES Son S 8   Scholar       St. Pauls Cray Kent  
          William Henry WILES Son S 4           St. Pauls Cray Kent  
          Mary STUART Sister Wid   60         Aldusgate London  
          Bessie LANGE Serv S   23 Domestic Servant   X   Ugborough Devon  
32 Stowford Lodge 1     Edward ALLEN Head M 58   Paper Manufacturer & JP for Co of Devon X     Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth Ann ALLEN Wife M   53         Plymouth Devon  
          James Carter ALLEN Son S 27   Paper Manufacturer X     Ivy Bridge Devon  
          John ALLEN Brother S 56   Paper Manufacturer X     Plymouth Devon  
          Eliza JENNINGS Serv S   37 Domestic Servant   X   Devenport Devon  
          Eliza Marie SHORT Serv S   28 Domestic Servant   X   Plymouth Devon  
          Elizabeth PARTINGTON Serv S   27 Domestic Servant   X   Manchester Lancashire  
          Louisa Jane WELSH Serv S   20 Domestic Servant   X   Kingsteignton Devon  
          Bessie SAUNDERS Serv S   17 Domestic Servant   X   Yidleigh    
33 Harford Road 1   4 Sarah A. CRIMP Head M   58 Living on her own means       Brixton Devon  
          George De Lacy CRIMP Son S 21           Harford Devon  
34 Total of Houses of
Tenements with less
than Five Rooms
34 4 11 Total of Males and Females 79 93