Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard


Registration District: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 19

Registration Sub-District: Plympton; NoE: Richard Dymond

The whole of the Parish of Harford except the portion which is situated in the Urban District of Ivybridge, Comprising Harford Village, School House, Hall Farm and Cottages, Stowford House and Cottages, the Vicarage, Broomhill, Lukesland House, Farm and Cottages, Ermewood House, Harford Farm, East & West Coombeshead, Addicombe Cottages, Preads and Cottage at Old Toll Bar.
Administrative County: Devon, Civil Parish of Harford Entire, Ecclesiastical Parish of Harford, Rural District of Plympton St. Mary, Parliamentary Borough or Division: Totnes

No. of

etc. and No. or
of less
than five

Name and Surname of
each person

to Head
of family

as to
Age Last

Own account
WHERE BORN (1) Deaf & Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Lunatic
(4) Imbecile
In Occ. Not
In Occ.
Male Female
1 Old Toll House 1         Frederick CHURCHWARD Head M 43   Wall Mason Worker   Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Mary CHURCHWARD Wife M   43       Ipplepen Devon  
              Sarah CHURCHWARD Daur S   21       Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Frederick CHURCHWARD Son S 15         Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Elsie CHURCHWARD Daur S   11       Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Sydney CHURCHWARD Son S 8         Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Polly CHURCHWARD Daur S   6       Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Beatrice CHURCHWARD Daur S   4       Buckfastleigh Devon  
              Samuel CHURCHWARD Son S 2         Harford Devon  
              Alfred CHURCHWARD Son S 1         Harford Devon  
2 Stowford 1         William H. SILVER Head M 41   Coachman - Domestic     St. Lukes Chelsea  
              Mary A. SILVER Wife M   39       Mereworth Kent  
              Robert D. SILVER Son S 7         Norton Isle of Wight  
              Harry G. SILVER Son S 4         Norton Isle of Wight  
              Victor Thomas SILVER Son S 3         Norton Isle of Wight  
3 Stowford House 1         Cael Fernon WINGFIELD-STRATFORD Head M 47   Lieut. Colonel Royal Engineers     Addington Kent  
              Rosalind M. W. WINGFIELD-STRATFORD Wife M   43       Marylebone London  
              Easna Cicl WINGFIELD-STRATFORD Son S 18   Under Graduate Cambridge     Marylebone London  
              Rosalind F. R. WINGFIELD-STRATFORD Daur S   7       Freshwater Isle of Wight  
              Henry R. H. Lloyd MOSTYOR Visitor M 43   Lieut. Colonel 4th Bat. RWFJPACL     Marylebone London  
              Pamela G. MOSTYOR VisWife M   37       Bray Berkshire  
              Mary J. PERSENS Serv S   42 House Domestic     Leybourne Kent  
              Daisy TANNER Serv S   19 Under House Maid - Domestic     Lymington Hants  
              Annie BAKER Serv S   27 Parlour Maid - Domestic     Ashford Kent  
              Margaret LABON Serv S   31 Cook - Domestic     Linton Derbyshire  
              Edith LETHBRIDGE Serv S   16 Kitchen Maid - Domestic     Teignmouth Devon  
              Harriet Aquistrey LANGRIDGE Serv S   26 Lady's Maid - Domestic     Snodland Kent  
              Maria LANGRIDGE Serv S   27 House Maid - Domestic     Birthy Kent  
              Annie POLE Serv S   26 Lady's Maid - Domestic       Derbyshire  
4 Stowford Cottage 1         Frederick LAKE Head M 33   Horseman on Farm Worker   Holbeton Devon  
              Elizabeth LAKE Wife M   25       Harbetonford Devon  
              Gladys LAKE Daur S   6       Ivybridge Devon  
              Charles LAKE Son S 4         Harford Devon  
              Harold LAKE Son S 4 mo         Harford Devon  
              Harry POPE Boarder S 19   Gardener Labourer Worker   Wadbridge Cornwall  
              Francis WALLIS Boarder S 20   Groom - Domestic     Callington Cornwall  
5 Ermewood House 1         John W. MATTHEWS Head M 73   Solicitor Employer   Tavistock Devon  
              Emma L. MATTHEWS Daur S   41       Plymouth Devon  
              John William MATTHEWS Son S 34   none     Plymouth Devon  
              Mary J. MILLS Serv S   30 Parlour Maid - Domestic     Meldon    
              Bessie TILL Serv S   27 Parlour Maid - Domestic     Otterton Devon  
              Lena BROWN Serv S   24 House Maid - Domestic     Salcombe Devon  
              Charles K. BROOKS Serv S 15   Stable Lad - Domestic     Ivybridge Devon  
6 Lukesland Lodge 1         William M. MUMFORD Head M 58   Gardener Worker   Ashprington Devon  
              Lydia MUMFORD Wife M   57       Dittisham Devon  
7 Lukesland Farm 1         George HART Head M 41   Hind Worker   Loddiswell Devon  
              Mary A. HART Wife M   41       Ugborough Devon  
              Elizabeth E. HART Daur S   15       Harford Devon  
              William HART Son S 13         Harford Devon  
              Emma A. HART Daur S   11       Harford Devon  
              George H. HART Son S 8         Harford Devon  
              Walter Ed. HART Son S 6         Harford Devon  
              Frank A. HART Son S 4         Harford Devon  
              Eva L. HART Daur S   3       Harford Devon  
              Elsie V. HART Daur S   1 mo       Harford Devon  
8 Lukesland Stables 1         George WILLIAMS Head M 62   Coachman - Domestic Worker   Buxton South Wales  
              Maria WILLIAMS Wife M   61       Bromley Kent  
              Elsie F. WILLIAMS Daur S   22 Lady's Maid - Domestic     Harford Devon  
              Walter R. L. WILLIAMS Son S 19   Footman - Domestic Worker   Harford Devon  
9 Lukesland Garden 1         Jesse DAWE Head M 45   Gardener - Domestic Worker   Chaswater Dorset  
              Emily G. DAWE Wife M   48       Grimstead Wiltshire  
              Arthur J. DAWE Son S 14   Gardener - Domestic Worker   Chudleigh Devon  
              Elizabeth BENNETT S.Nurse Wid   55 Sick Nurse     St. Ives Cornwall  
10 Broomhill Farm 1         William N. H. SMITH Head M 51   Farmer Employer   Harford Devon  
              Matilda R. SMITH Wife M   41       Walkhampton Devon  
              Eliza SMITH Daur S   14       Harford Devon  
              William M. SMITH Son S 10         Harford Devon  
              Harry CREBER Serv S 14   Carter on Farm Worker   Walkhampton Devon  
11 Meads Farm 1         Edward ROUSE Head M 52   Farmer Employer   Harford Devon  
              Elizabeth ROUSE Wife M   54       Halwell Devon  
12 School House 1         Richard HANCOCK Head M 40   Gardener - Domestic Worker   Mellion Cornwall  
              Margaret HANCOCK Wife M   45 Schoolmistress Worker   Looe Cornwall  
              Harold HANCOCK Son S 10         Harford Devon  
              Ernest HANCOCK Son S 8         Harford Devon  
              May HANCOCK Daur S   6       Harford Devon  
              Ida HANCOCK Daur S   5       Harford Devon  
              Frances HANCOCK Daur S   3       Harford Devon  
              Elizabeth POLLYBLANK Serv S   27 General Servant - Domestic       London  
13 The Rectory 1         John Arthur URAN Head M 36   Clergyman of the Church of England     Borton Yorks  
              Lilian URAN Wife M   23       Plymouth Devon  
              Marian PINWELL Serv S   15 Domestic General     Holbeton Devon  
14 Bullaren 1         Henry CREBER Head M 43   Stonemason Worker   Walkhampton Devon  
              Ann CREBER Wife M   44       Walkhampton Devon  
              Frederick CREBER Son S 13         Meavy Devon  
              Louis CREBER Son S 11         Meavy Devon  
              Annie CREBER Daur S   10       Meavy Devon  
              Mary CREBER Daur S   7       Ugborough Devon  
15 Harford Bridge 1         William KELLY Head M 59   Farm Labourer Worker   Modbury Devon  
              Susan KELLY Wife M   54       Loddiswell Devon  
              Alice M. KELLY Daur S   11       Harford Devon  
              Richard EDGECOMBE Visitor S 43   Farmer     Loddiswell Devon  
16 Hall Farm 1         William LUSCOMBE Head M 38   Farmer Own Account   Harford Devon  
              Annie LUSCOMBE Wife M   22       Loddiswell Devon  
              William LUSCOMBE Son S 2         Harford Devon  
              Edith LUSCOMBE Daur S   1 wk       Harford Devon  
              Mary DRINKWATER Visitor M   58       Ivybridge Devon  
              Rossy THOMAS Serv S   14 General Servant - Domestic Worker   Plymouth Devon  
              John HORTON Serv S 36   Carter on Farm Worker   Ugborough Devon  
              George EDGECOMBE Serv S 26   Carter on Farm Worker   Loddiswell Devon  
              Richard HORTON Serv S 15   Farm Lad Worker   Cornwood Devon  
17 West Coombshead 1         Andrew RIDER Head M 65   Farmer Own Account   South Huish Devon  
              Ann RIDER Wife M   61       Lidford Devon  
              Edward RIDER Son S 27   Farmer's Son on Farm Worker   Harford Devon  
              George RIDER Son S 21   Farmer's Son on Farm Worker   Harford Devon  
18 East Coombshead 1         William H. TANCOCK Head M 32   Farm Labourer Worker   Highweek A D Devon  
              Harriet TANCOCK Wife M   34       Ashburton Devon  
              John TANCOCK Son S 10         Ashburton Devon  
              Ethel TANCOCK Daur S   8       Ashburton Devon  
              William H. TANCOCK Son S 5         Ashburton Devon  
              Fernly TANCOCK Son S 3         Ilsington Devon  
              Lily May TANCOCK Daur S   8 mo       St. Budeaux Devon  
19 Addiscombe 1         Edward C. A. H. SERCOMBE Head M 58   Marine Pensioner Worker   Exeter Devon  
              Sarah Ann SERCOMBE Wife M   42       Plympton St. Mary Devon  
              Louisa Maria SERCOMBE Daur S   10       Yealmpton Devon  
              John W. SERCOMBE Son S 9         Yealmpton Devon  
              Mary A. SERCOMBE Daur S   7       Harford Devon  
              Ethel May SERCOMBE Daur S   5       Harford Devon  
              Charles H. SERCOMBE Son S 4         Harford Devon  
              Arthur Thomas SERCOMBE Son S 1         Harford Devon  
20 Addiscombe 1         Joseph COOMBES Head M 34   Gardener's Labourer Worker   Chudley Devon  
              Alice COOMBES Wife M   35       Kingskerswell Devon  
              Gladys COOMBES Daur S   8       Kingskerswell Devon  
              Gilbert COOMBES Son S 4         Kingskerswell Devon  
              Walter COOMBES Son S 1 mo         Harford Devon  
21 Addiscombe 1         Walter R. DOUNTON Head M 45   Gardener's Labourer Worker   Yealmpton Devon  
              Mary J. DOUNTON Wife M   39       Ashburton Devon  
              Lillian K. DOUNTON Daur S   5       Brixham Devon  
              Winnifred A. DOUNTON Daur S   3       Ashprington Devon  
              Walter DOUNTON Son S 5 mo         Harford Devon  
22 Lukesland Cottage 1         Frederick G. WILLIAMS Head M 35   Butler - Domestic Worker   Streatham Surrey  
              Maria Thirza WILLIAMS Wife M   34       Yealmpton Devon  
              Owen Claude WILLIAMS Son S 6         Harford Devon  
23 Lukesland Down 1         James J. MacANDREW Head M 63   Retired Merchant & Ship Owner     Liverpool Lancashire  
              Barbara MacANDREW Wife M   60         Scotland  
              Kate OSBORNE Serv S   23 Cook - Domestic     Ivybridge Devon  
              Ethel HART Serv S   17 House Maid - Domestic     Harford Devon  
              Edith TOLLEY Serv S   15 Under House Maid - Domestic     Paignton Devon  
23 Total of Schedules 23   4 Total of Males and of Females 67 70