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Help and advice for Harford 1911 Census, ED 5

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Harford 1911 Census (RG14/12902)

Transcribed by Linda Cane, checked by Wayne Shepheard

Registration District: Plympton St. Mary; Registrar's Sub-District: Plympton; Enumeration District #5

The Whole of the Civil Parish of Harford, comprising Harford Village, School House, Hall Farm and Cottages, The Vicarage, Broomhill, Lukesland House, Farm, Lodges and Cottages, Stowford Cottages, Ermewood, Harford Farm, East and West Combeshead, Addicombe Cottages, Meads, Cottage at Old Too Bar, Broomhill cottage, The bungalow, Bullaven Cottages, Stowford House

Sch. Address Type of Building No. Name Relation Age Age Condtion Years Children Occupation Where Born Nationality Infirmity
No.     Rooms Forenames Surname to Head (M) (F)   Married Born Alive Still Alive Dead Personal Industry or Service Employer/Employee At Home        
1 Old Toll House Private House 5 Frederick CHURCHWARD Head 56   Married 32 12 12 0 Oil And Hardware Hawker   Own Account   Devon Buckfastleigh    
        Mary CHURCHWARD Wife   56 Married 32 12 12 0         Devon Ipplepen    
        James CHURCHWARD Son 27   Single         Stone Mason   Worker   Devon Buckfastleigh    
        Houbert CHURCHWARD Son 23   Single         Contractor's Labourer Clay Works Worker   Devon Buckfastleigh    
        Beatrice CHURCHWARD Daughter   15 Single                 Devon Buckfastleigh    
        Samuel CHURCHWARD Son 12             School       Devon Ivybridge    
        Alfred CHURCHWARD Son 11             School       Devon Ivybridge    
        Bessie CHURCHWARD Daughter   9           School       Devon Ivybridge    
2 Stowford House   17 Frederick Clifton BRIGGS Head 54   Married 22 2 2 0 Retired Colonel - Army       West Indies Barbados British Subject by parentage  
        Jessie Duguid BRIGGS Wife   48 Married 22 2 2 0         London Resident    
        Gwendolene BRIGGS Daughter   20 Single                 India Rawal Pindi British Subject by parentage  
        Effie Meade BRIGGS Daughter   17 Single                 Devon Exeter    
        Lilian May GODDARD Servant   28 Single         Cook (Domestic)       Warwick Dunchurch    
        Beryl Louise PEARCE Servant   20 Single         Maid (Domestic)       Cornwall St Blazey    
        Jean RUGG Servant   24 Single         Parlourmaid (Domestic)       Devon Poltimore    
        Eda HATCH Servant   28 Single         Housemaid (Domestic)       Cornwall Stoke    
        Helen Scruton TATE Servant   16 Single         Kitchen Maid (Domestic)       Yorks Beverley    
3 Stowford Stables Stables 3 Samuel QUICK Head 35   Single         Coachman (Domestic)   Worker   Devon Buckland Monachorum English  
4 Stowford Cottage Private House 5 Frederick LAKE Head 41   Married 17 7 6 1 Farm Labourer   Worker   Devon Holbeton    
        Elizabeth LAKE Wife   35 Married 17 7 6 1         Devon Harbetonford    
        Fredrick Charles LAKE Son 14             Contractor's Labourer Clay Works Worker   Devon Harford    
        Harold Reginald LAKE Son 10             School       Devon Harford    
        Ethel Olive LAKE Daughter   8           School       Devon Harford    
        Kathleen Margaret LAKE Daughter   6           School       Devon Harford    
        Ada Maria LAKE Daughter   4                   Devon Harford    
        John Henry LANG Boarder 25   Single         Farm Labourer   Worker   Devon Ugborough    
        Frank MOSS Visitor 7                     Kent Sheerness    
        Henry BENNET Visitor 26   Married         Sailor RN       Cornwall Gunnislake    
5 Ermewood Private House 12 John Williams MATTHEWS Head 83   Married 55 4 4 0 Retired (formerly solicitor)       Devon Tavistock British  
        (Note my wife is in Italy for 3 to 4 weeks) MATTHEWS     79                          
        Emma Lilian MATTHEWS Daughter   57 Single                 Devon Plymouth British  
        John Williams MATTHEWS Son 43   Single         Retired Lieut RA now only honorary engagements       Devon Plymouth British  
        Mary MILLS Servant   45 Single         Servant - Parlourmaid       Devon Meldon British  
        Phyllis HAYNES Servant   37 Single         Servant - Housemaid       Devon Cornwood British  
        Mary MacKENNY Servant   37 Single         Servant - Cook       Devon Plympton St Mary British  
        Richard HUNKIN Chauffeur 24   Single         Chauffeur (Domestic)       Cornwall Mevagissy British  
6 Lukesland Lodge Private House 3 William COX Head 53   Married 29       Kitchen Gardener Domestic   Worker   Devon Exeter British Subject by parentage  
        Lucy COX Wife   5 Married 29               Devon Roborough British Subject by parentage  
7 Lukesland House Private House 25 James Johnston MacANDREW Head 73   Married 48       Private Means         Liverpool    
        Barbara MacANDREW Wife   70 Married 48       Private Means       Ayrshire Kilmarnock    
        Eliza SAMPSON Servant   59 Single         Cook (Domestic)       Devon Winkleigh    
        Annie LEE Servant   30 Single         Housemaid (Domestic)       Devon Wembworthy    
        Lily WILKINSON Servant   19 Single         Betweenmaid (Domestic)         Woolwich    
8 Lukeland Farm Private House 7 George HART Head 51   Married 31 12 11 1 Farm Bailiff   Worker   Devon Loddiswell    
        Mary Ann HART Wife   51 Married 31 12 11 1         Devon Ugborough    
        Elizabeth Ellen HART Daughter   25 Single         Domestic       Devon Harford    
        William Whiddon HART Son 23   Single         Private HM Army       Devon Harford    
        George Henry HART Son 18   Single         Farm Bailiff's son working on farm   Worker   Devon Harford    
        Frank Alec HART Son 14             School       Devon Harford    
        Eva Louise HART Daughter   13           School       Devon Harford    
        Elsie Kathleen HART Daughter   10           School       Devon Harford    
        Emily Helene HART Daughter   7           School       Devon Harford    
9 Lukeland Cottage Gardeners Cottage 4 William Sidney E CHOLWILL Head 45   Married 22 1 0 1 Gardener MBGA Domestic   Worker   Devon Plymouth    
        Sarah CHOLWILL Wife   45 Married 22 1 0 1         Devon St Budeaux    
10 Lukesland Stables Stables 5 George WILLIAMS Head 71   Married 2       Coachman Private Service   Worker   Wales Pembrook    
        Selina WILLIAMS Wife   52 Married 2               Cornwall Calstock    
        Earnest Robert WILLIAMS Son 38   Single         Groom (Domestic)   Worker   Surrey Mortlake    
11 Lukeland Cottage Butlers Cottage 5 Frederick George WILLIAMS Head 45   Married 20 3 3 0 Butler (Domestic)       London Streatham    
        Noria Thirza WILLIAMS Wife   44 Married 20 3 3 0         Devon Yealmpton    
        Owen Claude WILLIAMS Son 16   Single         Apprentice (engineering) Ivybridge Paper Mills Worker   Devon Harford    
        Phyllis Phoebe WILLIAMS Daughter   5                   Devon Harford    
        Cyril Roy WILLIAMS Son 3                     Devon Harford    
12 Addicombe Cottage Private House 3 William Charles Peter Rogers TARR Head 45   Married 19 6 4 2 Garden Labourer   Worker   Devon Ermington    
        Gertrude Mary TARR Wife   42 Married 19 6 4 2         Devon Ugborough    
        Byron TARR Son 15   Single         Gardener (Domestic)   Worker   Devon Ugborough    
        Charles TARR Son 13             School       Devon Ugborough    
        Dorothy Gertrude TARR Daughter   9           School       Devon Ugborough    
        Ivy TARR Daughter   6           School       Devon Ugborough    
13 Addicombe Cottage Private House 3 Robert COX Head 51   Married 25 1 1 0 Labourer (garden)   Worker   Devon Exeter British Subject by parentage  
        Emma COX Wife   43 Married 25 1 1 0         Devon Exeter British Subject by parentage  
        Robert, Junior COX Son 23   Single         Brass Finisher Fitting Shop Paper Mills Worker   Devon Exeter British Subject by parentage  
        Gorden STILLSON Visitor 2                     Devon Exeter British Subject by parentage  
14 Addicombe Cottage Private House 4 Rachel Ellen LANG Head   51 Widow                 Cornwall St Breward British  
        Mary Ellen KERKIN Daughter   28 Widow                 Cornwall St Breward British  
        Cyril Gordon KERKIN G/son 3                     Devon Ivybridge British  
        Gwendoline Emily BATE Boarder   1                   Devon Addicombe British  
        William HEAD Boarder 28   Single         Clay Works Contractors Labourer   Worker   Devon Avonwick British  
        William John MATTHEWS Boarder 35   Single         Clay Works Contractors Labourer   Worker   Cornwall Kingsand British  
15 East Combeshead Private House 7 Edward RIDER Head 37   Married 8 2 2 0 Farmer   Employee   Devon Harford    
        Louisa Rider Wife   36 Married 8 2 2 0         Cornwall Landulph    
        Ruby Rider Daughter   7           School       Devon Harford    
        Clarence Rider Son 2                     Devon Harford    
        Elizabeth DAWE Aunt   69 Widow                 Cornwall Pillaton    
16 West Combeshead Private House 8 Andrew RIDER Head 75   Married 45 5 5 0 Farmer       Devon South Huish    
        Ann RIDER Wife   72 Married 45 5 5 0         Devon Lydford    
        George RIDER Son 31   Single         Farmers son working on farm       Devon Harford    
17 Broomhill Private House 9 Thomas Archer JULIAN Head 76   Married 47 3 2 1 Retired Captn. Army - No Pension       Devon Derriford, Crownhill    
        Elizabeth Caroline JULIAN Wife   66 Married 47 3 2 1         Devon Devonport    
        Maud EVANS Servant   32 Single         Cook (Domestic)       Devon Tavistock    
        Margaret HAPPEL Servant   19 Single         Housemaid (Domestic)       Devon Plymouth    
18 Broomhill Farm Private House 7 William L. H. SMITH Head 61   Married 25 2 2 0 Farmer       Devon Harford    
        Matilda R. SMITH Wife   51 Married 25 2 2 0         Devon Walkhampton    
        Eliza SMITH Daughter   24 Single         Dairy Work       Devon Harford    
        William SMITH Son 20   Single         Farmers son working on farm   Worker   Devon Harford    
        John SMERDON None 15   Single         General Farm Labourer   Worker   Devon Cornwood    
19 Meads Private House 6 James BURRIDGE Head 37   Married 9 1 1 0 Farmer   Own account At Home Devon Crediton    
        Annie BURRIDGE Wife   42 Married 9 1 1 0         Devon Halwell    
        William BURRIDGE Son 6   Single                 Devon Honiton    
        Elizabeth ROWSE Mo-in-Law   65 Widow                 Devon Diptford    
20 Tor Bungalow Private House 4 Ellen Mary SPALDING Head   37 Single         Lodging & Boarding House Keeper       Bedford St Cuthbert    
21 Harford Rectory Private House 12 John Arthur URAN Head 46   Married 13 0 0 0 Clergyman (established church)       Yorkshire Boston Spa    
        Lilian Archer URAN Wife   34 Married 13 0 0 0         Devon Plymouth    
        Marion PINWELL Servant   25 Single         General servant (Domestic)       Devon Holbeton    
22 School House Private House 6 Richard HANCOCK Head 54   Married 27 7 5 2 Gardener (Domestic)   Worker   Cornwall Mullion    
        Frances Margaret HANCOCK Wife   55 Married 27 7 5 2 School Mistress       Cornwall East Looe    
        Ernest Henry HANCOCK Son 18   Single         Gardener (Domestic)   Worker   Devon Harford    
        Gertrude Mary HANCOCK Daughter   16 Single                 Devon Harford    
        Ada Margaret HANCOCK Daughter   15 Single         School       Devon Harford    
        Frances Mary HANCOCK Daughter   13 Single         School       Devon Harford    
23 Harford Farm Private House 10 Walter Reginald Louis WILLIAMS Head 29   Married 1 0 0 0 Footman domestic       Devon Harford    
        Ethel May WILLIAMS Wife   27 Married 1 0 0 0         Devon Harford    
        Walter Edward HART Bro-in-Law 16   Single         Farm Labourer   Worker   Devon Harford