The Early History of the Manor of Hartland

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 34 (1902), pp. 418-454.


R. P. Chope

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Hartland geographic area formed a part of the greater Saxon Royal Holding in the West Country. Hartland was considered as one of the Burghs of Alfred by Hoskins. It passed through the female Royal line up to the Conquest. The Domesday survey records the transition of ownership from Queen Edith to the new King William. At an uncertain date in the 12th Century, the Manor of Hartland was gifted by the King to the De Dinham family. The greater Hartland Manor had four satellite manors within its overall geographic bounds, Milford, South Hole, Meddon and St Nectan (Stoke). Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.



Abbott, William Esq435, 440, 442, 452
Adam, Roger447
Ailmer de Herscote421
Ailward the goldsmith421
Ailward de Ikemaneswurd421
Alfred the Great418, 420
Alfwin de Bekeland421
Annery, Osbert de423
Arches, Jane433
Arches, Sir Richard Kt433
Arundell, Katherine434
Arundell, Lords434
Arundell, Mr441
Arundell, Sir Thomas434
Atkin, Peter451
Atkyn, Alice449, 452
Atkyn, Johanna449, 452
Atkyn, John (Atkin)449, 452
Atkyn, William449, 452
Aula, Ralph de429, 443
Averie, Thomas jnr450
Averye, Thomas449
Baggellehole, John de443
Baggilhole, Elizabeth452
Baggilhoole, Edmond452
Baggilhoole, Edward453
Baggilhoole, George453
Baggilhoole, Henry449
Baggilhoole, Peter452
Baggilhoole, Richard453
Baggilhoole, Thomas438
Baggilhoole, William449-50, 452
Baker, Henry429
Baker, Robert432
Baldwin the Sheriff420
Bath, Earl of441
Batin, John443
Beare, Geoffrey de (Bere)443, 445
Beare, Henry433
Beaupel, Robert431
Bello Monte, Sir Richard de (Beaumont)427-8
Berbys, Adam443
Bereford, William de429
Berel, John447
Berne, Thomas atte444
Berneheus, Robert de432
Bernhous, John433
Bery, Anthony446
Bery, Bartholomew447
Bewse, John449
Bicteworthy, Stephen432
Bidewyll, Richard434
Biryman, John432
Bitaford, Geoffrey424
Bitaford, Joel424
Blachoud, Thomas444
Blakedon437, 446
Blakedon, Walerand de427-8, 444
Bleynch, Henry432
Blida, Richard424
Blonthe, Henry444
Blund, Osbert421
Blynche, Johanna446
Blynche, John446
Bochewis, Richard de421
Boker, John433
Bourchier, Elizabeth434
Bourchier, Fulk434
Bric, Adam421
Briwer, William423
Broun, William432
Bryton, John433
Burdesdun, Adam424
Burdesdun family424, 443
Burdesdun, George424
Burnel, John443
Buse, John451
Butler, William452-3
Byriman, John444
Bytteforde, Robert de443
Bytteworthy, Robert de444
Cadde, Hugh446
Calewaye, John434
Canute, King418
Carew, Margaret434
Carew, Nicholas, Baron434
Cary, Robert Esq435
Caynnes, Thomas de (Kaynes)426, 445
Charteray, John de427
Chepman, William443
Chircstoua, Alured de421
Chollowyll, Thomas447
Clement, John452
Cleverdon, Edward446
Cleyment, Johanna449
Clifford, Henry de444
Clifford, Thomas de444
Clotworthy, John446
Clyfford, Alan de432, 444
Clyfford, William de429, 444
Cnappe, Henry de444
Coffyn, William436
Cole, Philip437, 446-7
Cole, Walter443
Colyn, Richard443-5
Compton family434
Compton, Henry Esq435
Compton, Mr441
Compton, Peter Esq435
Compton, William Kt435
Cooke, Thomas450
Coole, Robert gent452
Coppe, Walter423
Cornwall, Edmund Earl of428
Cotel, Philip444
Cotelle, Roger432
Coterell, Richard433
Couche, William443
Courtenay, Isabella de424
Courtenay, Muriel de433
Courtenay, Osbert445
Courtenay, Richard445
Courtenay, Sir Thomas de433
Courtenay, John de424
Cowke, Thomas447
Cranellers, Richard443
Cranford, Geoffrey de444
Cranford, John de444
Crang, John450
Crisp, Wulfric421
Crocker, John433
Crosse, John433
Cruwes, William de423
Dalyan, Nicholas432
Dalyon, Thomas444
Dalyon, Walter443
Dalyn, Thomasina449
Davy, Alice447
Davy, Ann446
Dayman, Agnes438, 449
Dayman, Johanna438
Dayman, John447
Dayman, Mark438, 453
De la Motte Rouge421, 423
Deneband, Philip424
Denys, John436, 447
Denys, Richard436
Deyman, John446, 450
Dinan, Alan de422
Dinan, Rolland de421-2
Dipeford, John432
Docton, Alice451, 453
Docton, John446
Docton, Thomas452
Doddeworthy, Adam de443
Dodenesford, Richard de432
Dodouyle, Richard444
Doosidecroste, David de444
Dotton, John snr453
Downe, Richard451
Dunheved, Ernisius de423
Dunheved, Geoffrey de423
Dupeford, William de424, 429
Dynant, Oliver420-3
Dynham, Elizabeth434
Dynham family421, 435, 440
Dynham, Geoffrey421-4
Dynham, Geoffrey (2)423
Dynham, Katherine434
Dynham, Jane433
Dynham, Joan434
Dynham, Joce de428-9, 431
Dynham, John de428-9, 432-3
Dynham, Sir John, Kt433-4, 436
Dynham, Margaret428-9, 434
Dynham, Muriel de433
Dynham, Oliver de424, 426, 428, 431, 442, 445
Dynham, Orieldis421
Dyteleye, Robert de427
Eadem, Roger de445
Edward the Confessor419
Edward the Elder418
Edward I428
Edward II426, 428-9, 445
Edward III426, 432
Edward IV426, 440
Egbert, King418
Eger, Walter432
Elizabeth I418-9, 434, 441, 453
Elliott, Nicholas447
Esse, Adam de424
Esse, Walter444
Fairford, John de432
Fattecott, William de424, 444
Filham, Nicholas de431, 445
Fochehole, Geoffrey de444
Forde, John de la424, 443
Fosfelde, Alfred de424, 429, 443
Frankcheyne, Richard434
Fraunceys, Henry433
Fulford, John446
Furse family446
Galdesore, John439, 450
Galle, John445
Galle, Robert433
Galsworthy, John439
Giffard, Bartholomew427-8, 443-4
Giffard family (Gyffard)445-6
Giffard, Margery443
Giffard, Matthew427-8
Giffard, Robert443
Giffard, William445
Godwine, Earl419
Gorfenne, Agnes443
Gorfenne, Sarah443
Graynefeld, Humphrey452
Greswell, Rev W418
Gyfford, John Esq436, 446-7
Hallett, Peter451
Hamdon, Osbert de421
Hamlyn, William449
Hardyn, Robert444
Hatherleigh, John449
Hatherley, William450, 452
Heale, Nicholas447
Heathcote, C D Esq435
Hele, John de444, 448
Heleman, Henry443
Henneford, John de443
Henry I421
Henry II421-2
Henry V426
Henry VI428, 433
Henry VII436
Henry VIII440, 453
Henscott, John gent447
Hereward, John423
Hertiland, John Prior of422
Hidon, Margaret de428
Hidon, Richard de428
Hill, Thomas434
Holand, Thomas434
Holebroke, Henry de424
Holman, John445, 449
Holman, Thomas445, 449-50
Hoper, Beatrix447
Houpere, William445
Huckmore, William450
Huddell, John448
Huge, Adam432
Hyne, Geoffrey432
Hypegras, John434
Ilchester, Richard of422
Ilmundescote, William de444
James, John434
James, Nicholas432
Jergoyne, Hugh424
Jerro (?), Richard450
Kempe, William443
Kempthorne, John gent446, 450
Kinge, John447, 450, 453
Knapman, Richard446, 448
Knoville, Gilbert de429
Knoville, Margaret de429
Knyf, Nicholas445
Knyf, Richard445
Kynesman, Geoffrey445
Lake, Alice450
Lange, Katherine449
Langforland, Alfred424
Langforland, Joel de424
Langeforlang, William de429, 443, 445
Lorrymer, Abbot Richard440, 447
Lottekesford, Robert de444
Lydeton, Ralph de443
Lyte, Thomas434
Malet, William437, 448
Matilda, Princess421
Mayngner, Ralph le445
Medden, Jordain de429
Merrifeld, Thomas de444
Meste, John le443, 445
Mey, Thomas450
Mey, William449
Mongey, Hugh452
Monke, William434
Moreman, Thomas446
Nickell, Edgar447
Nickell, John446-7
Norrys family446
Norton, Nicholas de432, 443
Nychill, John449
Nycholl, Robert (Nicholl)446, 450
Nycoll, Johanna449
Nycoll, John449
Nytheretoun, Robert de432
Nytheway, John434
Oliver, Dr422, 433, 440
Olyver, William429
Omere, Robert de444
Orchard, John436
Overefelye, Oliver de444
Overefelye, Richard de444
Overefelye, Roger de444
Palmer, Richard438
Pedwyn, Richard450
Penwhoorewood, Nicholas449
Penwhoorewood, Roger450
Perde, John450
Perrett, John, Kt451-3
Peverel family444
Peverel, Hugh445
Pitte, William atte432
Pole, Sir William422
Pollard, Hugh426
Pollard, Lewis Esq435
Pollard, Sir Lewis453
Pollard, Ralph444
Ponchardon, John De427
Pontington, Isabella446-8
Prahull, Roger de423
Praunce, William446
Pree, John433
Prust, Alice449
Prust, Hugh426, 435, 447
Prust Hugh gent435, 453
Prust, Jane453
Prust, John453
Prust, Thomas450
Pryst, Hugh437, 446-8
Pryst, John449
Pryst, Katherine447
Pyperell, Richard433
Pytte, Alex de la444
Reade, Isabella449
Rene, Joel432
Richard II428, 433, 445
Risdon, Tristram420, 423-4, 445
Rodde, William451
Rogers, Thomas442
Rondell, John449
Rook, Robert432
Rousdon, Thomas de443
Rowe, Thomas447
Rowe, William450
Ruff, Edward421
Sanger, Richard le432
Sapcote, Elizabeth434
Sapcote, Sir John434
Satchevyle, Henry429
Saugon, Nicholas445
Saunder, John450, 453
Saunder, Thomasin446
Scrapye, John447
Seccombe, John436-7, 446-7
Seller, Roger436
Setcheuyle, Roger de443
Shernie, Katherine449, 452
Short, Agnes446
Shourt, John452
Smirke, E424, 432
Snackeslonde, Henry de444
Snackeslonde, Richard de444
Snackeslonde, Thomas de444
Snow, Richard444
Snowe, Hugh452
Snowe, John450
Snowe, Martin450
Snowe, Petrock452
Snowe, Thomas453
Speckot, Nicholas de423
Speke, William le424
Spone, John434
Staunton, John de432
St Leger, Sir John Kt447-8
Stucley, Hugh gent435, 451, 453
Stucley, Sir Hugh453
Stucley, Sir Lewis S, Bt442
Symcocke, Chrostopher446
Tettebury, Thomas de423
Thorne423, 447
Threwe, William451
Todewell, Ralph424
Toker, Henry451
Toker, John450
Tosberi, Edward de421
Tossebury, Villata de444
Trevylyan family448
Truwe, John de443
Truwe, Walter de443
Truweman, William444
Trye, John423
Uppacote, Gilbert de443
Uvedale, Margaret de428
Uvedale, Peter de428
Velly, Johanna447
Velly, Thomas447, 450
Velye, John ate (Velly)445, 451
Velye, Richard atte445
Venton, John450
Vere, Hugh de424
Vere, Isabella de424
Vine, John450
Vivian, Colonel424, 428, 445, 448
Vyell, Richard436
Vyllysdon, Richard434
Walden, John438
Waldon, Peter450
Walshe, John449
Webbe, John448
Wellesford, John448
Wellesford, Robert de432
Wermelegh, Robert de432
Whale, Rev T W422-3
Whytelegh, Henry de443
Wideslade, William448
Wilkehay, Elizabeth450
William I419
Wode, Adam de la424
Woleraund, William423
Wolfredesworthy, Henry de444
Wolfredesworthy, Thomas de444
Wolfrington, Matthew de423
Worthe, William433
Wulridge, William447
Wylcookes, Robert447
Wylrige, Robert de424
Wymundesworthi, Henry de429, 443
Wymundesworthy, Oliver de423
Wynescot, John de423
Wynkelegh, Nicholas de424
Wynslade, John437, 448
Wyse, William429
Yeapeham, John de443, 445
Yeugelande, Louvia de443
Yeugelande, Walter de443
Ylmannescot, William de (Ylmondescote)429, 444
Ylmannescote, Henry de443
Ylmundeston, Henry de424
Yolthehat, Philip444
Younge, Richard447
Zouch, Joan434
Zouch, John Lord434, 441