Transcribed by

Kathy Miller

ref. number
PlaceForenameSurnameAgeProfession, Trade,
Employment or of
Independent means
Born in
same county?
Piece No.
1Chapel StreetThomasJenn60school m (school master)y HO107/223/3
2 MaryJenn55not giveny HO107/223/3
3 ElizabethJenn20not giveny HO107/223/3
4 HenryJenn20ap (apprentice)y HO107/223/3
5 MaryDennis10not giveny HO107/223/3
6 JaneBurnard50ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
7 AnnClark20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
8Chapel StreetJohnSouch72school m (school master)y HO107/223/3
9 MarySouch69not giveny HO107/223/3
10 WilliamSouch9not giveny HO107/223/3
11pt of Fore StreetWilliamSouch66ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
12 MarySouch70not giveny HO107/223/3
13pt of Fore StreetElizabethNichols83ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
14 AnnGalsworthy15fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
15pt of Fore StreetJohnMarshall70ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
16 AnnMarshall35not giveny HO107/223/3
17pt of Fore StreetNicholasWebbnk ques nentry crossed out, building marked as unihabitedHO107/223/3
18pt of Fore StreetAnnTaylor20ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
19Tree SquareElizabethHooper65ind (independent)n HO107/223/3
20 CordeliaHooper25not giveny HO107/223/3
21Tree SquareRichardDennis35shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
22 GraceDennis35not giveny HO107/223/3
23 RichardDennis18 weeksnot giveny HO107/223/3
24 WilliamGoodnough (sic)20shoe m ap (shoemaker's apprentice)y HO107/223/3
25 JohnGoodnough (sic)15ms (male servant)y HO107/223/3
26Tree SquareBengamen (sic)Lethbridge75black s (blacksmith)y HO107/223/3
27 RobertLethbridge26black s (blacksmith)y HO107/223/3
28 ElizabethLethbridge25not giveny HO107/223/3
29Town EndWilliamHeard35clock m (clock maker)y HO107/223/3
30 BetseyHeard30not giveny HO107/223/3
31 EmilyHeard8not giveny HO107/223/3
32 ThomasHeard6not giveny HO107/223/3
33 ElizabethHeard3not giveny HO107/223/3
34Town EndJohnBear20shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
35 WilliamFish70ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
36Town EndJohnBurnardnk quesnot givenyentry crossed out, building marked as unihabitedHO107/223/3
37Town EndJamesFishnk ***not given entry crossed out, building marked as unihabitedHO107/223/3
38Town EndElizabethFord75ind (independent)  HO107/223/3
39 MargaretWilliams20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
40Town EndJamesFish45carpentery HO107/223/3
41 MaryFish55not giveny HO107/223/3
42 MaryFish20not giveny HO107/223/3
43 JohnWalter20ap (apprentice)y HO107/223/3
44 SarahJeffery20ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
45Town EndRichardSouch60shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
46 CatharineSouch65not giveny HO107/223/3
47 RichardSouch25shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
48 ElizabethSouch35not giveny HO107/223/3
49 RichardJeffery5not giveny HO107/223/3
50Bowling GreenThomasWilliams55publicany HO107/223/3
51 SarahWilliams50not giveny HO107/223/3
52 Harriott (sic)Williams15not giveny HO107/223/3
53 GeorgeWilliams13not giveny HO107/223/3
54 EdwardWilliams12not giveny HO107/223/3
55 CalebSquare (sic)30plumbery HO107/223/3
56 SarahSquare (sic)30not giveny HO107/223/3
57 Holland (sic)Saunders15ap (apprentice)y HO107/223/3
58 JohnSweet50paintery HO107/223/3
59part of Tree SquareJohnEvans30ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
60 ElizabethEvans30not giveny HO107/223/3
61 WilliamEvans10not giveny HO107/223/3
62 AnnEvans8not giveny HO107/223/3
63 JohnEvans5not giveny HO107/223/3
64 CharlesEvans5not giveny HO107/223/3
65 ThomasEvans2not giveny HO107/223/3
66 AbrahamEliott (sic)75ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
67part of Tree SquareJohnSnow45blacksmithy HO107/223/3
68 SusanSnow47not giveny HO107/223/3
69 JamesSnow18not giveny HO107/223/3
70 Arrabella (sic)Snow8not giveny HO107/223/3
71 ElizaSnow6not giveny HO107/223/3
72 Harriott (sic)Snow5not giveny HO107/223/3
73part of Tree SquareThomasCoffin55carpenternot given HO107/223/3
74 GraceCoffin63not givennot given HO107/223/3
75 RichardCoffin21carpenternot given HO107/223/3
76 ElizabethCoffin18not giveny HO107/223/3
77part of Tree SquareAlexanderBond58dealer in storesy HO107/223/3
78 MaryBond52not givenn HO107/223/3
79 JohnBond6not giveny HO107/223/3
80part of Tree SquareWilliamPrustnk quesnot givennot givenentry crossed out, building marked as unihabitedHO107/223/3
81Pound StreetJamesJewell25ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
82 SarahJewell20not giveny HO107/223/3
83Pound StreetWilliamRendall58ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
84 SarahRendall50not giveny HO107/223/3
85 MaryRendall19not giveny HO107/223/3
86 FannyRendall14not giveny HO107/223/3
87Pound StreetRichardParsons45tailory HO107/223/3
88 AnnParsons35not giveny HO107/223/3
89 JaneParsons8not giveny HO107/223/3
90 PeterWonacott30j tanner (journeyman tanner)n HO107/223/3
91Pound StreetWilliamCoffin66ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
92 SusanCoffin66not giveny HO107/223/3
93 MaryDowning34ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
94 ThomasCortice (sic)70not giveny HO107/223/3
95Pound StreetPhilipYeo41ag lab (agricultural labourer)n HO107/223/3
96 AnnYeo30not giveny HO107/223/3
97 JohnYeo6not giveny HO107/223/3
98 ElizabethYeo4not giveny HO107/223/3
99Pound StreetHumphryBraund25ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
100 MaryBraund25not giveny HO107/223/3
101 WilliamBraund8 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/3
102 RebeccaCortice (sic)60ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
103Grint Square (sic)WilliamPrust49farmery HO107/223/3
104 SarahPrust53not giveny HO107/223/3
105 RichardShort21ms (male servant)y HO107/223/3
106 MaryProuse17fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
107Grint Square (sic)EdwardHockin40publicany HO107/223/3
108 JuliaHockin40not giveny HO107/223/3
109 AnnHockin20not giveny HO107/223/3
110 EdwardHockin15not giveny HO107/223/3
111 ElizabethHockin10not giveny HO107/223/3
112 JohnHockin8not giveny HO107/223/3
113Grint Square (sic)ElizaChanter55ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
114 EdwardChanter45ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
115 FrancesChanter40ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
116 JohnRendall25ms (male servant)y HO107/223/3
117 JaneJones45fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
118 ElizabethWilliams25fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
119Grint Square (sic)JaneBuckler55ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
120 GraceBuckler40fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
121Grint Square (sic)PhilipKellaway45carpentery HO107/223/3
122 DorothyKellaway49not giveny HO107/223/3
123 MaryHeard20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
124Grint Square (sic)JohnDennis48drapery HO107/223/3
125 MargaretDennis50not giveny HO107/223/3
126 MargaretDennis10not giveny HO107/223/3
127 ElizabethDennis5not giveny HO107/223/3
128 BettyCory79ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
129 GraceMain20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
130 MargaretSnell55ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
131pt of Fore StreetRichardHeard72paintery HO107/223/3
132 RichardHeard9not givenn HO107/223/3
133 ThomasBailey46farmery HO107/223/3
134 SarahBailey42not giveny HO107/223/3
135 ThomasCourtice19ms (male servant)y HO107/223/3
136 CatharineCoul19fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
137pt of Fore StreetThomasTrick30shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
138 ElizabethTrick25not giveny HO107/223/3
139 MargaretTrick3not giveny HO107/223/3
140 JohnBragg30j (journeyman?)y HO107/223/3
141 WilliamAshton20ap (apprentice)y HO107/223/3
142 JohnBarfit (sic)15ap (apprentice)y HO107/223/3
143 CatharineFurzyer20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
144 ElizabethSeldon50ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
145pt of Fore StreetJosephBuse45shoe mnot given HO107/223/3
146 ElizabethBuse40not givennot given HO107/223/3
147 MargaretBuse13not givennot given HO107/223/3
148 JohnRichards20minor (sic) crossed outnot given HO107/223/3
149pt of Fore StreetElizabethLittlejohns40ind (independent)not given HO107/223/3
150 WilliamLittlejohns2not givennot given HO107/223/3
151 JohnLittlejohns1 monthnot giveny HO107/223/3
152 MaryPrust12not giveny HO107/223/3
153pt of Fore StreetThomasCory40carpentery HO107/223/3
154 ElizabethCory40not giveny HO107/223/3
155 JohnCory10not giveny HO107/223/3
156 EleanorCory8not giveny HO107/223/3
157 BettyCory5not giveny HO107/223/3
158 GracePickard25fs (female servant)n HO107/223/3
159 JohnPickard14ap (apprentice)n HO107/223/3
160pt of Fore StreetThomasPrust35ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
161 ElizaPrust29not giveny HO107/223/3
162 EdwardPrust2not giveny HO107/223/3
163 SarahPrust2 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/3
164pt of Fore StreetWilliamAnderson30off of excise (officer of excise)n HO107/223/3
165 ElizabethAnderson30not givenn HO107/223/3
166 WilliamAnderson10not givenn HO107/223/3
167 ElizabethAnderson6not givenn HO107/223/3
168 SarahAnderson3not givenn HO107/223/3
169 EmmaAnderson1not givenn HO107/223/3
170pt of Fore StreetWilliamEvans38tailory HO107/223/3
171 AliceEvans34not giveny HO107/223/3
172 WilliamEvans11not giveny HO107/223/3
173pt of Fore StreetJohnAshton60ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
174 ElizabethAshton55not giveny HO107/223/3
175pt of Fore StreetLovedy (sic)Carter65ind (independent)n HO107/223/3
176 WilliamCarter30ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
177 MaryCarter25not giveny HO107/223/3
178 MaryNichol14fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
179pt of Fore StreetGraceColwell50ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
180 MosesColwell6not giveny HO107/223/3
181 ElizabethColwell6 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/3
182pt of Fore StreetElizabethBurnard80ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
183 FannyBurnard35ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
184 RichardLittlejohns5not giveny HO107/223/3
185Well StreetHonour (sic)Grimes75ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
186 MaryCourtice65ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
187Well StreetElizabethSaunders75ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
188 MaryVanstone75ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
189 AnnHopgood70ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
190Well StreetElizabethTrick35ind (independent)n HO107/223/3
191 SarahTrick6not givenn HO107/223/3
192 MaryTrick4not givenn HO107/223/3
193 AnnElliott55ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
194 MaryElliott30ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
195Well Street173 (or 1B?)Almshouse uninhabited     HO107/223/3
196part of Fore StreetJohnBurnard25ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
197 ElizabethBurnard25not giveny HO107/223/3
198 WilliamBurnard1not giveny HO107/223/3
199 ElizabethBale60ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
200part of Fore StreetJohnJewell55ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
201 MargaretJewell50not giveny HO107/223/3
202 JohnJewell20j shoemaker (journeyman shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
203part of Fore StreetWilliamBurnard34drapery HO107/223/3
204 ElizaBurnard42not giveny HO107/223/3
205part of Fore StreetRobertBailey55carpentery HO107/223/3
206 MaryBailey38not givenI (Ireland?) HO107/223/3
207 RobertBailey10not giveny HO107/223/3
208 CatharineBailey6not giveny HO107/223/3
209part of Fore StreetRobertCook45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
210 GraceCook45not giveny HO107/223/3
211 MaryCook15not giveny HO107/223/3
212 ThomasCook10not giveny HO107/223/3
213 WilliamCook6not giveny HO107/223/3
214 JamesWickly ?50sweepn HO107/223/3
215 MaryWickly ?50not givenn HO107/223/3
216 nk (sic) (male)not givenabove 40not givennot given HO107/223/3
217 nk (sic) (female)not givenabove 20not givennot given HO107/223/3
218part of Fore StreetSamuelCann50masony HO107/223/3
219 MargaretCann50not giveny HO107/223/3
220 SamuelCann10not giveny HO107/223/3
221 JohnCann8not giveny HO107/223/3
222part of Fore StreetMaryChope74ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
223 ElizabethBathe?33ind (independent)ylooks like Balle or BatheHO107/223/3
224 *erl**** (female)Bathe?10not givenylooks like Gerlucas!HO107/223/3
225 HenryBathe?5not giveny HO107/223/3
226 SarahMain16fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
227part of Fore StreetWilliamJohns35farmery HO107/223/3
228 AnnJohns30not giveny HO107/223/3
229 ElizabethJohns14not giveny HO107/223/3
230 AnnJohns12not giveny HO107/223/3
231 FannyJohns10not giveny HO107/223/3
232 Emilia (sic)Johns6not giveny HO107/223/3
233 JosephDavy15ms (male servant)y HO107/223/3
234part of Fore StreetThomasRowe65tailory HO107/223/3
235 ElizabethBurman60fs (female servant)y HO107/223/3
236part of Fore StreetJamesBond50ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
237 ElizabethBond50not giveny HO107/223/3
238 Danial (sic)Bond10not giveny HO107/223/3
239 SusannaBragg60ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
240 JohnBragg6not giveny HO107/223/3
241part of Fore StreetElizabethPomery (sic)44ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
242 JohnPomery (sic)9not giveny HO107/223/3
243 JamesPomery (sic)2not giveny HO107/223/3
244part of Fore StreetJohnCourtice65ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
245 MaryCourtice57not giveny HO107/223/3
246 WilliamCourtice9not giveny HO107/223/3
247part of Fore StreetJohnJohns40blacksmithy HO107/223/3
248 MaryJohns40not giveny HO107/223/3
249 MaryHockin15not giveny HO107/223/3
250 WilliamHockin15not giveny HO107/223/3
251 LouisaHockin12not giveny HO107/223/3
252 HenryWhite30ministern HO107/223/3
253East Town EndRichardHeadon50ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
254 MaryHeadon40not giveny HO107/223/3
255 MaryHeadon15not giveny HO107/223/3
256 ElizabethHeadon8not giveny HO107/223/3
257 MaryTamblyn80ind (independent)y HO107/223/3
258East Town EndWilliamMugford30ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
259 GraceMugford20not giveny HO107/223/3
260 MaryMugford5not giveny HO107/223/3
261 ElizabethMugford3not giveny HO107/223/3
262 AnnMugford6 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/3
263East Town EndJohnBear68shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/3
264 MaryBear67not giveny HO107/223/3
265East Town EndJohnTrick78ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
266 SusanTrick65not giveny HO107/223/3
267 SusanTrick25not giveny HO107/223/3
268East Town EndJohnBragg67ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
269 RebeccaBragg30not giveny HO107/223/3
270East Town EndBenjaminWay70tailory HO107/223/3
271 ElizabethWay70not giveny HO107/223/3
272East Town EndJohnRowe35ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/3
273 ElizabethRowe45not giveny HO107/223/3
274 JohnRowe8not giveny HO107/223/3
275 WilliamRowe5not giveny HO107/223/3
276East Town EndWilliamPrustnk quesentry crossed out, marked as uninhabited buildingnot given HO107/223/3
277East Town EndJohnHeal40carpentery HO107/223/3
278 JaneHeal35not giveny HO107/223/3
279 JamesHeal12not giveny HO107/223/3
280 MaryHeal10not giveny HO107/223/3
281 GraceHeal8not giveny HO107/223/3
282 JohnHeal6not giveny HO107/223/3
283 HenryHeal4not giveny HO107/223/3
284 GeorgeHeal2not giveny HO107/223/3
285 ElizabethHeal8 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/3
286HartonRichardBate45taylor (sic)y HO107/223/4
287 FrancesBate45not giveny HO107/223/4
288 JohnBate12not giveny HO107/223/4
289 RichardBate9not giveny HO107/223/4
290 WilliamCurtis50not givenyshown as separate dwellingHO107/223/4
291 GraceCurtis50not giveny HO107/223/4
292 ElizabethCurtis15not giveny HO107/223/4
293 RobertCurtis9not giveny HO107/223/4
294 MaryBasset64not giveny HO107/223/4
295HartonRichardHeard40butchery HO107/223/4
296 GraceHeard40not giveny HO107/223/4
297 UrsulaPillman60not giveny HO107/223/4
298 UrsulaPillman3not giveny HO107/223/4
299 AnnWilliams17fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
300 JohnCollins16ms (male servant)y HO107/223/4
301HartonAnnShort40gate keepery HO107/223/4
302 WilliamShort15not giveny HO107/223/4
303 HenryShort13not giveny HO107/223/4
304 WilliamWestern70paupery HO107/223/4
305HartonThomasScore50shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/4
306 MargaretScore50not giveny HO107/223/4
307 MargaretScore10not giveny HO107/223/4
308 ThomasScore7not giveny HO107/223/4
309HartonJohnDavey50not giveny HO107/223/4
310 PrudenceDavey50not giveny HO107/223/4
311 HenryDavey10not giveny HO107/223/4
312 EdwardDavey9not giveny HO107/223/4
313 ElizabethJolliffe35not giveny HO107/223/4
314HartonJohnRendall25butchery HO107/223/4
315 ElizabethRendall25not giveny HO107/223/4
316 MaryShaddock25fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
317 Cristopher (sic)Curtis15ms (male servant)y HO107/223/4
318 EleanorRice85ind (independent)y HO107/223/4
319 EleanorBarfett20not giveny HO107/223/4
320HartonWilliamShort35ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
321 BettyShort30not giveny HO107/223/4
322 AnnColwill55not giveny HO107/223/4
323HartonThomasWestlake60ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
324 AnnWestlake60not giveny HO107/223/4
325 ThomasWestlake25taylor (sic)y HO107/223/4
326HartonWilliamLemon30shoe m (shoemaker)y HO107/223/4
327 ElizabethLemon25not giveny HO107/223/4
328 MaryLemon8not giveny HO107/223/4
329 AnnLemon6not giveny HO107/223/4
330 SarahLemon2not giveny HO107/223/4
331 GraceLemon5 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/4
332 HenryJenkins15shoe m ap (shoemaker's apprentice)y HO107/223/4
333HartonMaryWakely25paupery HO107/223/4
334HartonWilliamBuse80ind (independent)y HO107/223/4
335 ElizabethBuse80not giveny HO107/223/4
336HartonWilliamBraund75ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
337 SusannaBraund80not giveny HO107/223/4
338 ArthurCloak75ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
339HartonElizabethCoffin60paupery HO107/223/4
340HartonJohnJeffery50stone masony HO107/223/4
341 BridgetJeffery50not giveny HO107/223/4
342 NicholasJeffery30bricklayery HO107/223/4
343 JohnJeffery25plasterery HO107/223/4
344 WilliamJeffery20taylor (sic)y HO107/223/4
345 ThomasJeffery15not giveny HO107/223/4
346 RichardJeffery12not giveny HO107/223/4
347 ElizabethJeffery10not giveny HO107/223/4
348 ElizabethSnow7not giveny HO107/223/4
349HartonJosephClatworthy35ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
350 Philippi (sic)Vincent40not givenn HO107/223/4
351 RobertClatworthy12not giveny HO107/223/4
352 JohnClatworthy10not giveny HO107/223/4
353 MaryClatworthy6not giveny HO107/223/4
354 PhilipDowning35paupery HO107/223/4
355HartonJohnRendall60yeomany HO107/223/4
356 GraceRendall55not giveny HO107/223/4
357 ElizabethRendall19not giveny HO107/223/4
358 MaryDown35not giveny HO107/223/4
359 WilliamPillman8not giveny HO107/223/4
360 ThomasMoase20ms (male servant)y HO107/223/4
361 ElizabethShaddock30fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
362HartonJoannaLemon15dressmakery HO107/223/4
363 GraceLemon20dressmakery HO107/223/4
364HartonSarahVine70widow (crossed out)y HO107/223/4
365 MargaretVine45not giveny HO107/223/4
366 SarahVine12not giveny HO107/223/4
367 ElizabethCann16fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
368HartonJohnTrick70masony HO107/223/4
369 MargaretTrick60not giveny HO107/223/4
370HartonThomasRyder60ind (independent)n HO107/223/4
371 CatherineRyder60not giveny HO107/223/4
372 AnnFursier70not giveny HO107/223/4
373HartonWilliamDarke65ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
374 ElizabethDarke60not giveny HO107/223/4
375HartonWilliamCollins45blacksmithy HO107/223/4
376 CatharineCollins40not givenn HO107/223/4
377 MaryCollins20not giveny HO107/223/4
378 ElizaCollins13not giveny HO107/223/4
379 HarrietCollins3not giveny HO107/223/4
380 JoshuaCollins4not giveny HO107/223/4
381 JohnBone20not givenn HO107/223/4
382HartonWilliamPrust50carpenter & drapery HO107/223/4
383 SarahPrust50not giveny HO107/223/4
384 ElizabethPrust20not giveny HO107/223/4
385 RichardPrust18not giveny HO107/223/4
386 FannyPrust8not giveny HO107/223/4
387 SarahPrust5not giveny HO107/223/4
388HartonJohnGrimes45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
389 MaryGrimes45not giveny HO107/223/4
390 AnnGrimes20not giveny HO107/223/4
391 MaryGrimes4not giveny HO107/223/4
392HartonSarahPrust40ind (independent)y HO107/223/4
393 ElizabethPrust10not giveny HO107/223/4
394 SarahLendon12not giveny HO107/223/4
395HartonDanielCarter30surgeony HO107/223/4
396 FrancesCarter25not giveny HO107/223/4
397 GraceCornish25fs (female servant)n HO107/223/4
398HartonWilliamCarter60surgeony HO107/223/4
399 ElizabethCarter65not giveny HO107/223/4
400 GraceElliott35fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
401HartonRichardAshton55publicany HO107/223/4
402 MargaretAshton50not giveny HO107/223/4
403 JohnDarke5ms (male servant)y HO107/223/4
404 ElizaCoffin25fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
405 ElizabethWay3not giveny HO107/223/4
406 WilliamDenkow (sic)35carriery HO107/223/4
407HartonCharlesEvans57pensionery HO107/223/4
408 ElizabethEvans55not giveny HO107/223/4
409 AnnSassons7not givenE Indies HO107/223/4
410HartonThomasCook35shoemakery HO107/223/4
411 ElizabethCook35not giveny HO107/223/4
412 EmilineBurman50not giveny HO107/223/4
413 FannyElliott9not giveny HO107/223/4
414 AnnBraund6not giveny HO107/223/4
415HartonJohnEvans40paupery HO107/223/4
416 AnnEvans45not giveny HO107/223/4
417 WilliamEvans10not giveny HO107/223/4
418 JaneEvans8not giveny HO107/223/4
419 GrenvilleWakely70paupery HO107/223/4
420HartonWilliamEvans45carpentery HO107/223/4
421 IsottEvans45not giveny HO107/223/4
422 WilliamEvans15not giveny HO107/223/4
423 MaryEvans12not giveny HO107/223/4
424 HenryAdams75ind (independent)n HO107/223/4
425HartonWilliamFursier75ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
426 ElizabethFursier75not giveny HO107/223/4
427HartonElizabethPrust60ind (independent)y HO107/223/4
428 MaryWilliams20fs (female servant)y HO107/223/4
429HartonJohnBurnard25shoe m (shoemaker)n HO107/223/4
430 MargaretBurnard35not giveny HO107/223/4
431 GraceHarward15dressmakern HO107/223/4
432HartonJaneTrick60widow (crossed out)y HO107/223/4
433 MaryEdmonds15glovery HO107/223/4
434HartonJosephShutt65ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
435 SarahShutt30not giveny HO107/223/4
436 MaryShutt5not giveny HO107/223/4
437 AnnShutt2 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/4
438HartonJamesReed45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
439 SusanReed35not giveny HO107/223/4
440 MaryReed8not giveny HO107/223/4
441HartonJamesVanstone40ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
442 ElizabethVanstone40not giveny HO107/223/4
443 WilliamVanstone19not giveny HO107/223/4
444 MaryVanstone16not giveny HO107/223/4
445 GeorgeVanstone11not giveny HO107/223/4
446 JamesVanstone8not giveny HO107/223/4
447 ThomasVanstone5not giveny HO107/223/4
448 RobertVanstone1not giveny HO107/223/4
449HartonMaryStanton40paupern HO107/223/4
450 JohnStanton9not giveny HO107/223/4
451 AnnStanton6not giveny HO107/223/4
452 WillmotDavey30paupery HO107/223/4
453 MaryDavey50paupery HO107/223/4
454 GraceDavey12not giveny HO107/223/4
455 SamuelDavey1not giveny HO107/223/4
456HartonSamuelBagilhole45farmery HO107/223/4
457 SalomeBagilhole45not giveny HO107/223/4
458 JohnBagilhole15not giveny HO107/223/4
459 AnnBagilhole15not giveny HO107/223/4
460 PhilipKellaway15ms (male servant)y HO107/223/4
461 JohnWillcock10not giveny HO107/223/4
462 ThomasCock35paupery HO107/223/4
463HartonWilliamHearding45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
464 AnnHearding35not giveny HO107/223/4
465 ThomasHearding10not giveny HO107/223/4
466 JamesHearding9not giveny HO107/223/4
467 AnnHearding7not giveny HO107/223/4
468 GraceHearding5not giveny HO107/223/4
469 SusannaHearding3not giveny HO107/223/4
470 HarrietHearding1not giveny HO107/223/4
471HartonJohnAshton50ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
472 BettyAshton50not giveny HO107/223/4
473HartonHughProuse60ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
474 SarahProuse40?not givenyage might be 60 ?HO107/223/4
475 CharlesProuse4not giveny HO107/223/4
476 ElizabethWhite2not giveny HO107/223/4
477HartonJohnStanton60paupery HO107/223/4
478 AnnStanton40not giveny HO107/223/4
479 AliceStanton10not giveny HO107/223/4
480 ElizabethStanton7not giveny HO107/223/4
481 MargaretStanton5not giveny HO107/223/4
482South LaneNicholasCook25ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
483 GraceCook25not giveny HO107/223/4
484 WilliamCook6 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/4
485 JohnWilliams20ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
486South LaneHenryCoffin55ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
487 ElizabethCoffin50not giveny HO107/223/4
488 JohnCoffin20not giveny HO107/223/4
489 ElizabethCoffin15not giveny HO107/223/4
490South LaneRichardCurtis30carpentery HO107/223/4
491 AnnCurtis30not giveny HO107/223/4
492South LaneJohnBraund30ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
493 AnnBraund20not giveny HO107/223/4
494 FannyBraund5not giveny HO107/223/4
495 JohnBraund1not giveny HO107/223/4
496 RichardJenkins65ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
497Hartland CrossHenryWilliams75carpentery HO107/223/4
498 ElizabethWilliams65not giveny HO107/223/4
499 MaryWilliams40not giveny HO107/223/4
500 JohnBabb40ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
501 AnnBabb35not giveny HO107/223/4
502 ThomasBabb10not giveny HO107/223/4
503 MaryBabb9not giveny HO107/223/4
504 ElizabethBabb7not giveny HO107/223/4
505 SamuelBabb5not giveny HO107/223/4
506 JohnBabb3not giveny HO107/223/4
507 WilliamBabb7 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/4
508Hartland CrossWilliamWilliams35carpentery HO107/223/4
509 GraceWilliams35not giveny HO107/223/4
510 ElizabethWilliams7not giveny HO107/223/4
511 HenryWilliams5not giveny HO107/223/4
512 ThomasWilliams3not giveny HO107/223/4
513 GraceWilliams9 monthsnot giveny HO107/223/4
514Natacott LaneDanielCornish45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
515 AnnCornish45not giveny HO107/223/4
516 DanielCornish10not giveny HO107/223/4
517 AnnCornish4not giveny HO107/223/4
518 ElizabethWay80paupery HO107/223/4
519Natacott LaneJohnJeffery40ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
520 MaryJeffery40not giveny HO107/223/4
521 MaryJeffery10not giveny HO107/223/4
522 WilliamJeffery9not giveny HO107/223/4
523 JohnJeffery6not giveny HO107/223/4
524 GraceJeffery2not giveny HO107/223/4
525Natacott LaneRebeccaBraund25widow (crossed out)y HO107/223/4
526 MaryBraund5not giveny HO107/223/4
527 AliceBraund3not giveny HO107/223/4
528 ThomasClatworthy20not giveny HO107/223/4
529 AliceBraund25not giveny HO107/223/4
530Natacott LaneThomasCook45ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
531 AnnCook35not giveny HO107/223/4
532 JaneCook10not giveny HO107/223/4
533 ThomasCook8not giveny HO107/223/4
534 AnnCook5not giveny HO107/223/4
535 MaryCook2not giveny HO107/223/4
536Natacott LaneRichardHeal35ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
537 AnnHeal30not giveny HO107/223/4
538 SusanHeal9not giveny HO107/223/4
539Natacott LaneRobertCook35ag lab (agricultural labourer)y HO107/223/4
540 MaryCook35not giveny HO107/223/4
541 GraceCook10not giveny HO107/223/4
542 RichardCook8not giveny HO107/223/4
543Natacott LaneCharlesBagilhole30ag (agriculture)y HO107/223/4
544 RebeccaBagilhole30not giveny HO107/223/4
545 MaryBagilhole8not giveny HO107/223/4
546 SarahBagilhole6not giveny HO107/223/4
547 RebeccaBagilhole4not giveny HO107/223/4
548 CatharineBagilhole1not giveny HO107/223/4
549Natacott LaneJohnHarris55ag (agriculture)y HO107/223/4
550 ElizabethHarris65not giveny HO107/223/4

Brian Randell, 30 Nov 2003