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with the small Village of Stoke, and Hamlets of Cheristow, Elmscott, Meddon, Milford and Pilham, Devon, UK

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Hartland is a village and very large parish, 13 miles W. by S. of Bideford, containing 16700 acres of land, and a population in 1851 of 2183 souls, being 40 less than at the previous census. The number of voters in 1857 was 102, and the polling district is Bideford.

Hartland, situate in the North of Devon, and bordering the Bristol Channel, is a small market town, for we find that in 1280, Oliver Dinham had the grant of a market, to be held on a Tuesday, but it has long since been discontinued; a Chapel of EAse now occupies the site of the market place; and in Willis's Notitia Parliamentaria it is spoken of as a borough. It is bleakly situated on a cape terminating in the promontory of HArtland Point, and called by Ptolemy 'Hercules' Promontary' 'a cape' says Risdon, 'which thrusteth itself forth into the sea, and retaineth some shadow of its antiquity to this day, whereby is the little town of Harton,that hath the honour of giving name to a hundred".

L. W. Buck is lord of the manor, and holds Courts Leet and Courts Baron here. A Portreeve and other officers are appointed annually, whose duty is is to see to the interests of the town. R. Souch, Esq., is the Portreeve (1857).

An Act of Parliment was passed in the reign of Elizabeth for completing this port, which is subject to Bideford;there is a pier or quay, on the coast about two miles from the town; coasting vessels here discharge their cargoes, and receive their exports of corn, Etc.

This place is said to owe its origin to a convent, originally founded by Githa, wife of Earl Godwin in the reign of Edward the Confessor; and refounded for Cannons secular, of the order of St. Augustine, by Geoffrey Dinant, in the reign of Henry II., the revenues of which at the Dissolution were valued at £306 13s. 2d.; a modern mansion now occupies the site of the abbey, called in anchient evidences, the Monastry of St. Nectan; some portions of the original buildings are yet retained,particularly the cloisters, which form the basement story of the eastern and western fronts of the mansion; it is the residence of G. S. Buck, Esq.,and is situate in a beautiful vale, surrounded with woodland; a private road, which the respected proprietor throws open to the public, is very romantic, and the tourist will be delighted on viewing the surrounding scenery. There were formally eleven chapels in this parish, but traces at the present day can only be found of two.

There are two annual fairs, one on the Wednesday in the Easter Week, and the other on the 25th of September.

The Church (St. Nectan) is one of the most beautiful in this part of the county; it stands on an eminence,and serves as a landmark for mariners;it has a lofty and magnificent tower, chancel, nave, and two aisles; a very elaborately carved screen divides the nave and chancel;there is a small organ.

The church has undergone a thorough repair for many years, and now contains numerous well executed stained glass windows. The interior contains several tablets to the Orchard, Wolferstan, Galsworthy, Braginton, Hockin, and other families. The living is a Perpetual Curacy. Rev. W. Chanter, Incumbent; Rev. James Copner, Curate.

Chapels.- there are Chapels belonging to the independents in the town and at South Hole; the Wesleyans, at Town End and Elmscott; and the Bible Christians, at Biteford and Eddistone.

There is a National School, supported by G. S. Buck, Esq. Number of children, 80 Elizabeth Pooley, Mistress.

There are numerous Charities belonging to the parish, which are dispensed in accordance with the trust deeds, by the parties in whose hands they are deposited.

Alphabetical List of Clergy, Gentry, Etc.

Buck G. S. Esq., Hartland Abbey
Carter The Misses
Cleverdon Mr. John, Town End
Copner Rev. James, Curate
Croscombe Captain
Harris Mr. F. J. W., Kernshome
Haynes John, Esq., West Tichbury and Point
Heale Rev. A., Independent Minister
Heard John, Esq., Natcott
Hockin Miss, Hartland Mill Cottage
Hopper J., Esq., Putshole
Ryder Mr. James Town End
Souch Richard, Esq., Town End

Alphabetical List of Farmers

Ashton Richard
Avery John, Fatcott
Bailey Robert, Wargery
Barfet P. R. HArdisworthy
Braund Thomas, Norton
Burnard John, Stoke Barton
Cann Thomas, East Tichbury
Carter John, Pitt
Carter Mr., Seekington
Ching Hugh, Trew and Clifford
Choppe Richard, Farford
Chope William, Escott
Clarke John, Limebridge
Cleverdon Thomas, Beckland
Cole Matthew, Berry
Colwill John, Hardisworthy
Colwill J., jun., Firebeacon
Colwill Thomas, Tossberry
Colwill William, Meadon
Congdon Daniel Henry, Docton
Cook John, Troy
Cook Thomas, Warmley
Cory Mr., Kernshome
Curtis John, Bursdone
Dayment John, Philham
Dennis Richard, Brownsham
Dennis Richard, Milford
Fulford Richard, Trelick
Goman Samuel, Elmscott
Harris Thomas, Ford
Haynes John, jun., Milford
Heard Richard, Philham
Heard Thomas, Lutsford
Heard William, Lutsford
Hopper Roger, Wemsworthy
Hobbs John, Philiham
Hobbs Richard, Exmansworthy
Hockin William, Yapham
Hooper Mrs., Blagberry
Howard John, South Hole
Howard Thomas, Hardisworthy
Howard William, Elmscott
Jeffery John, Loveland
Jeffery John, Milford
Jeffery R., West Exmansworthy
Jenkins William, Philham
Lane Lewis, Forcewell
Littlejohns John, Golden Park
Littlejohns John, Eddistone
Littlejohns William, Eddistone
Moast John, Milford
Moore Edward, Lee
Moore James, West Yagland
Moore William, Greenlick
Mugford William, Crenham
Oke William, South Hole
Pennington Benjamin, Exmansworthy
Pennington Mrs., Brownsham
Pennington William, Little Barton
Pillman John, Tosberry
Pillman John, jun., Eddistone
Prouse Daniel, Cherrystowe
Prouse James, Biteford
Prouse J., East and West Staddon
Prouse John, Deptford
Prouse Thomas, East YAgland
Prouse William, Meadon
Prouse William, Welsford
Rendall James, Hardisworthy
Rendall John
Rendall Joseph, jun., Highford
Rowe Thomas V., Eddistone
Rowe William, Down
Saunders W., Holliford
Shepherd John, Markendon
Shute John, Deptford
Shute Mrs., Meadon
Slee John, Gorven
Slee William, Sowdon
Stowe Mrs., Cherrystowe
Turner William, Baxworthy
Vine John, Pattard
Vine J. Trick, North Hole
Walter John, Philham
Walter John, Great Philham
Walter Mrs., Galsom
Wetherall Richard, Elmscott

Alphabetical List of Professions Trades, Etc.

Ashton Richard, victualler and farmer, King's Arms
Ashton William, shoe maker
Bailey John, carpenter
Bailey Robert, carpenter
Beedle George Charles R., druggist and grocer
Beer John, boot and shoe maker
Bond John, plumber and glazier, tin-plate worker, and house painter
Branton William, miller, Golsal Mill
Britton John, blacksmith, Elmscott
Burnard Eliz. draper and grocer
Burnard Jane, milliner
Buse Joseph, boot and shoe maker
Cann Mary, milliner, grocer, china dealer, and draper
Cann Samuel, mason
Cann William, mason
Clarke John, farmer and blacksmith, Limebridge
Colwell William, beer retailer, Mariner's Hotel, Quay
Cook Charles, carrier
Cook Thomas, shoe maker
Cory Thomas, draper, grocer, and carpenter
Courtice Richard, carpenter, Town End
Daniel D. Carter, merchant, Quay
Evans William, tailor
Evans William, carpenter
Heal John, carpenter
Herad John, butcher
Heard Richard, farmer, butcher, draper and grocer
Heard Sarah, shopkeeper, stoke
Hockin Edward, auctioneer and maltster
Hopkins Samuel, agricultural implement maker, and shoeing smith, Rosedown
Howard Richard, miller, Crenham Mill, Crenham
Jeffrey John, mason
Jeffrey Thomas, mason, Stoke
Jenn Thomas, schoolmaster
Jewell James, carpenter, Rosedown
Jewell Sebia, victualler, West Country Inn
Johns John, blacksmith
Kellaway Philip, carpenter
Kellaway William, carpenter
Knight James, miller, Docton Mills, Milford
Littlejohns John, miller, Rosedown
Moore Richard, mason, Town End
Parsons John, agricultural implement maker and shoeing smith, Providence Place
Pickard Thomas, millar, Hartland Mill
Pillman John, farmer and maltster, Tossberry and Litsford
Prouse Charles, victualler, New Inn
Prouse Charles, carpenter
Prouse Charles, miller, Clifford Mill
Prouse Sarah, shopkeeper, Deptford
Proust William, draper, grocer, and carpenter
Rendall John, carrier
Rendall John, victualler, Anchor
Rowe C. H., surgeon, Moor
Scur Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Short William, shoe maker
Snell John, blacksmith
Southwood Thomas, mason and beer retailer, Bear, Stoke
Tick Thomas, ironmonger, saddler, and boot and shoe maker
Turner William, farmer and cattle dealer, Baxworthy
Vine William, surgeon
Westlake Henry, carpenter, Town End
Westlake Richard, carpenter, Hartland Mill
Westlick Thomas, tailor, draper and grocer
Williams Thomas, miller, Milford New Mill

Post Office.-Mr. H. Westlake, Sub-Master. Arrival, 3 p.m.; depatch, 11 a.m. Nearest Money Order Office, Bideford.

Carriers.- Bideford, Cook and Bendall, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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