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Name Index


Pages from a History of Hatherleigh

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 38, (1906), pp. 294-312.


John Middleton Martin, CE

Prepared by Michael Steer

This paper addresses the town's history as it was written by Mr J S Short, though mainly concerning the life of his friend Thomas Roberts who, though handless, lead an active life as schoolmaster of Hatherleigh for nearly 50 years. Born at Tor Point, Cornwall in 1771, his godfather Lord Graves entered him in the Royal Navy as a midshipman. Roberts joined the 98 gun London in 1780 and saw action during the War of American Independence. During an engagement he was about to throw a grenade when it exploded destroying both of his hands and wounding him in 17 places. He survived. The ship's carpenter made a wooden hand which held a pen and Roberts learned to write again becoming the Captain's clerk. Aged 21, Sir James Hamlyn of Clovelly hired him as tutor to his children. In 1797 he moved to Hatherleigh as schoolmaster and married Mary Ann Brent at Clovely. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Anne, Queen 295
Arscott, Arthur 304
Arscott, George gent 305
Baggaton, John 305
Bailey 306
Bennett, Johan 305
Bleigh, William 305
Bubley, William 304
Bulhedd, Walter 305
Burdon, Charles 304
Butt, William 295
Calamy 294
Castle, George 297
Charles I 306
Christopher, Richard 305
Clinton, Baron 306
Collins, Mr Abraham 294-8
Collins, James 296
Collins, John 297
Coombe, William 297
Crocker family 306
Crocker, John, de Lake 305
Crocker, John de Lewer 306
Edward, William 305
Edward III 306-7
Edye, William 305
Edye, Wilmid 305
Egwyrt, William 305
Eland, Messrs 302
Elizabeth I 305
Exeter, Baldwin of 306
Fuller, Dr 307
Gaunt, John of 309
George III 297
Glascott, Rev Cradock 309
Godefray, William 305
Goss, Mr Andrew 304
Gove, John 305
Guillim 307
Hallett, Joseph 295
Heanton family 307
Heard, Richard 305
Henry VIII 306-7
Hill, Mr George 301-2
Holmes, John 305
Hooper, Richard 305
Hooper, William 305
Hurding, Anne 307
Hurding, Henry 307
Hurford, John 304
Jarston, William 305
Jessopp, Dr Augustus 300
King, Mary 308
King, Richard 308
Kympe, John 305
Laishbrook, Richard 305
Lancaster, Duke of 309
Lethbridge family 309
Lethbridge, John 294, 297
Lethbridge, Sir Roper 294, 297, 309
Lethbridge, Thomas 294
Lincoln, Earl of 306
Locke, Thomas 305
Loder, John 305
Lucas, Peter 305
Lugger, Robert 305
Lyssart, George 295-6
Martin, William Clifford Esq 304
Mary I 303
Mayne, Jasper 309
Merrifield, John 305
Morcomb, Thomas 305
Oxford, Earl of 306
Randall, John 297
Reed, Richard 305
Reede, Thomas 305
Reade, William 305
Rist, Robert 305
Roberts, Mary Anne 300
Roberts, George 301-2
Roberts, James 302
Roberts, John 302
Roberts, Mr Thomas 299-302
Roberts, Thomas (2) 300
Roberts, William 302
Rolle family 306
Rollstone, William 305
Sadler, John Wadland 305
Saye, Baron 306
Seldon, John 305
Short, Elizabeth 299
Short, Mr J S 298, 300-2, 306-10, 312
Smale, John 297
Smytham, John 305
Stowell, John gent 305
Tayler, Robert 305
Titherley, Mr Arthur 304
Totnes, Judhel de 306
Trefusis family 306
Trevithick family 309
Trevethick, Katherine 298
Trevethick, Rebecca Zenobia 298
Trevethick, William 297-8
Tucker, Mary 295
Wadland, John 305
Wadland, Richard 305
Wadland, William 305
Webber, Raymond 305
Wesley, Charles 309
Wesley, John 309
Whitbreade, John 305
Yeo, Anne 307
Yeo, Bartholomew 294-5, 297
Yeo family 306-7, 309
Yeo, Colonel George 309
Yeo, Jacquet 294
Yeo, John gent 304-5, 307
Yeo, Leonard 294-5
Yeo, Nicholas 306
Yeo, William 306
Yeo, Mary 295