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Will of William Hearder of High Bray

Proved 10 Nov 1592

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/80, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Harrington Quire Numbers: 48 - 52

Transcribed by Ian Hearder

In the name of God, Amen.
The thirtiethe daie of Julie in the yeere of our Lord God one thousand five hundred ninetie and twoe.
I, William Hearder, of the parishe of Highebraie in the diocese of Exon' (Exeter), yeoman, being sicke of bodie but whole and sounde of minde, thankes be given to allmightie God, doe make and ordaine this my presente testament, contayninge herein my last will, in manner and forme followinge.
Firste I give and bequeathe my soule to all mightie God my maker and redeemer, and my bodie to be buried in Christiaun buriall.
Item I give and bequeathe to the poore people of the parish of Bray, five shillings.
Item, I give and bequeathe to my daughter Hester Thorne, the wife of John Thorne, one tenemente with appurtenances, lienge within the parish of Bratton in the Countie of Devon, called or knowen by the name of Vernam, which Mawde Lewarthie and William Lewarthie her sonn theare nowe holde of me for certaine yeeres determinable uppon their lives:
To have and to hold the same to the said Hester, from the decease of the said Mawde and William Lewarthie, or other determinacion of their estate in the said tenemente, with th' appurtenances, of and duringe the terme of her naturall liefe,
Yeeldinge and payenge therefore, to my heir, suche and the like yearelie rente as the said Mawde and William stand charged to paie, That is to saie, Twenty six shillings eighte pence quarterlie, by even porcions to be paid.
Item, my will is, that after the decease of the foresaid Mawde Lewarthie, William Lewarthie, and the said Hester, or other determinacion of their estate of and in the said tenemente, with appurtenances, the saide tenemente, with appurtenances, shall wholly remaine and be unto Abraham Thorne, sonne of the saide John Thorne.
To have and hold the same , for and duringe the terme of the naturall life of the said Abraham, yeeldinge and payenge thearefore, yeerelie, to my heires, such and the like rentes, and in suche manner and forme, as the said Mawde, William and Hester are chargeable to paie.
Item, I give, divise and dispose, unto Abraham Hearder, my sonn, all and singular my messuages, landes, tenements and hereditamentes, with appurtenances, in Bratton and Linton in the said Countie of Devon.
To have and to hold the same to the said Abraham, and to the heires of his bodie lawfullie begotten, and to be begotten,
And for default of suche issue, I devise and bequeathe the same premises, with th' appurtenances, to the right heires of me, the said William Hearder, for ever, to be holden of the chief lordes of the fee of the premises, by the rentes and services theareof before due and accustomed.
Item, I give and bequeathe to Hester Thorne my daughter, fiftie poundes of lawfull monie of England.
Item, I give unto Joane Hearder my daughter, fouerscore poundes (80) of like moneie.
Item, I give unto Johan Escmond my niece, fortie shillings and twoe ewes and lambes.
Item, I give and bequeath to Henry Hearder, sonn of Abraham Hearder, twoe ewes and lambes.
Item, I give and bequeathe to my neiphew William Hanford, twoe ewes and lambes.
Item, I give and bequeathe to Christiaun Braie, my servaunte, one ewe sheepe.
Item, I give and bequeathe to John Bowen, my servaunte, one ewe sheepe.
Item, I give and bequeathe to Dorothy Stocke, my servaunte, one ewe sheepe.
Item, I give and bequeathe to everie of my godchildren, six pence a peece.
The residewe of all my goodes and cattalls not given nor bequeathed, my debtes, legacies and funeralle paid, I give and bequeath them wholly to Agnes Hearder my wieff and to Abraham Hearder my sonn, whome I make Exequutors, and theie to have
and dispose the same as to them shalbe thoughte beste.
Also I make and ordaine John Hearder, John Thorne, John Muxworthie to bee my overseers.
Theis being witnesses, John Thorne, John Muxworthie, Christopher Braie, John Bowen, Dorathie Stock, Johan Hearder and others.

       Probate of Will of William Hearder, 1592.
The above written will was proved at London, before Master William Lewin, Doctor of Laws, Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, lawfully constituted,
On the tenth day of the month of November in the one thousand five hundred and ninety second year of Our Lord,
In the person of Thomas Redman, Notary Public, Proctor of Agnes the relict of the said deceased, and Abraham Hearder the son, the Executors of the said deceased named in this his will.
To whom administration of all and singular the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased was granted.