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On Earthquakes in Devonshire

Trans. Devon Assoc., 1884, Vol XVI, pp. 641-661.


Edward Parfitt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Parts of Devonshire have from time immemorial been shaken by earthquakes. It occurred to the author, soon after the most recent shaking, on June 25th, 1883, that he should collect all the information he could on the topic, considering the exercise to quite within the province of the Devonshire Association. His research involved contact with, and receipt of reports from a number of Devonians, as well as a literature review, and newspaper reports on the topic. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Baden Powell, Professor (India)642
Baker, Mr T.W.644
Barlow, Rev William (Plymouth)648
Berry, Mr (Chagford)653
Borlase, Rev W, AM, FRS (Plymouth)649
Bray, Mrs (Dartmoor)648
Browne, Mrs (Teignmouth)655
Buist, Dr642-3
Chanter, John Esq (Barnstaple)651
Devon, Earl of (Powderham)655
Edmonds, Mr Richard, jnr.(Mount Bay)643, 651-2
Elmo, Saint646
Gibbs, Mr (Exeter)651
Gray, Dr645
Hames, Mrs (Chagford)654
Hames, Rev H (Chagford)654
Hine, Mr (Budleigh Salterton)653
Holdsworth, Rev Mr (Dartmouth)649
Howard, Mr Luke (Plymouth)651
Howorth, Mr642
Humboldt, Baron643-6, 659
Huxham, John, MD, FRS (Plymouth)649
Jamin, M.J.661
Jenkins (Exeter)651
Johnson (Teignmouth)655
Kingdon, Dr D. (Exeter)657
Lake, Dr (Teignmouth)655
Lyttleton, Rev Charles, LL.D (Exeter)649
Mallet, Mr (also Mallett)642-4, 647, 649-51, 658
Manley, Rev (Stokeclimsland)655
Marshall, Mr W.P.661
Milles, Rev Jeremiah650
Newton, Colonel (Exeter)651
Ormerod, Mr G. Wareing (Teignmouth)652-5
Palmer, Mr (Chagford)653
Parnell, Colonel642
Perry, Mr643, 657-8
Prince, Rev Mr (Barnstaple)650
Proctor, Mr646, 660
Ranyard, Mr A.C.660-1
Rudkin, Mr., LKQCP655
Rudler, Mr F.W.643-5
Sherry, Mr (Exeter)656
Short, John Esq (Exeter)651
Slade, Mr (Plymouth Dock)648
Slade, Mrs (Plymouth Dock)648
Symington, Mr W.W. (Sticklepath)656
Thollon, M.645
Vanbrugh, Mrs (Plymouth Dock)648
Vanbrugh, Hon. Philip (Plymouth Dock)648
Von Hoff644
Watson, Mr William, FRS649
Whimper, Mr660