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Listing of published books and articles on Devon History.

The Institute of Historical Research's British History Online is "the digital library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles". Its South West section, covers the "historic counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucs, Somerset and Wilts".

The full text of the Victoria County History, Vol. 1 (ed. William Page, pub. James Street, Haymarket London (1906) 706pp.) is available online in the Internet Archive. (This was the first of an intended set of five volumes, only the first of which was published. It includes (on pp.403-515) a translation from Latin of the Devonshire Domesday.) See also: Whale, Rev. T.W. Index to Domesday Analysis Vol. xxviii., and Testa de Nevil Tax Roll, Vol. xxx., with Corrections. Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol.  XXXIV, (1902), pp. 289-324. [Index]

Exon - The Domesday Survey of SW England - a superb website containing "an edition, translation, facsimile, description and resource for the study of Exeter Cathedral Library MS 3500 (Exon Domesday), the earliest extant manuscript of the Conqueror's survey. The project explores how and why the Domesday survey was made. The project has been funded by the AHRC (2014–17) and is a collaboration between scholars from King's College London, the University of Oxford, and the Friends and Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral.".  See: FAQ: Getting started with the website, and Overview.

Listing of articles by Peter Christie on North Devon and its history

Transcription of the chapter on the history and description of Devon from White's 1850 History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire.

Sources for Devon Parish History (archived partial copy), and Source Guide S12: Histories (archived copy), from Devon Local Studies Service.

Britannia's extensive History of Devon (archived copy) web-site provides articles on a number of Devon churches, country houses and castles, towns and villages, bishops of Exeter and Crediton, etc.

Announcement of a History of Parliament Trust project From the Grassroots: an oral history of community politics in Devon (archived copy).

Devonshire section of the Domesday Book - a commercial website, providing an indexed set of entry summaries, and via which full texts of entries can be obtained.

Devon in the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars - from A history of the book in Devon.John Lerwill is providing a growing set of articles on Devon history.

Francis Frith Collection of Historic Photographs - Devon section.

Medical Heritage of Great Britain - Devon section - a website that is "produced by the Bath & Wessex Medical History Group, a non-profit making medical history society and is devoted to raising awareness of the history and archaeology of medicine".

Historical information, maps, statistics, etc. about Devon from the Vision of Britain website.

Website about the Great Flood of 1607: "Most of the low land around the Severn estuary from Barnstaple to Gloucester was flooded. . . A number of acounts of the event were written at the time, but they are now quite hard to get hold of. This site aims to provide the text of the main records . . . and some other information on the subject."

Wikipedia article about the Great Flood of 1807.

Details of people from Devon that were "associated with" claims for compensation when slavery was abolished, extracted from the database created by the Legacies of British Slave-ownership project.

The real Paw Patrol: a short history of police dogs - uses examples from Devon and Cornwall (archived copy).