Published Books and Articles on Devon History

This page lists books and articles whose subject is not specific to a particular Devon parish or small group of parishes - such items are listed on the relevant parish page(s).

"A Devonshire Man". Professor Huxley's Last New Theory. Pall Mall Gazette, (18 Jan 1870).

"A Lady (The Wife of a Naval Officer)". An Account of the Celebration of the Jubilee on the 25th October 1809; Being the forty-ninth anniversary of the reign of George the Third, "The Father of His People". Birmingham: R Jabet (1809). pp. 48-53 [Index to Devon Section]

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Avery, John. The Era of Burial Clubs, Devon Family Historian, vol. 140, (2011) pp.17-18. [A general account, but with references to Stoke Damerel, Plympton St Mary and Bere Ferrers]

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Bodman, Martin. Devon Leather: An Outline History of a Lost Industry: Nineteenth Century Tanners and Tanneries, Tiverton, Leat Press (2008) 168 pp. [ISBN 978-0-9548758-1-7]

Bodman, Martin. Mills on the Teign: A Gazetteer of Water-Powered Sites on the Teign and the Bovey and Their Tributaries, Leat Press (2015) 156 pp.

Bohstedt, John Howard. Riots in England 1790-1810, With Special Reference to Devon, Ph.D. Thesis, Harvard University, Cambridge MA (1972). [Devon R.O.]

Bolt, Barabara. Hospitals and Asylums of Devon and Their Records, Exeter, Devon Family History Society. (2000) 34p. [Lookups]

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Chapple, William. A review of part of Risdon's Survey of Devon; containing the general description of that county; with corrections, annotations, and additions (Reprint of 1785 edition), Barnstaple, Porcupines (1970) iv, vii, 144 pp. [BL X.802/3026] [List of Subscribers]

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Christie, Peter. More North Devon History. Edward Gaskell Publishing, Bideford (1996). [Index] [Lookups]

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Clayden, Arthur W. The History of Devonshire Scenery: An Essay in Geographical Evolution. Exeter: James G. Commin, London: Chatto & Windus, (1906) 278 pp. [Index]

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Gentry, F.D. Take Care of your Fire and Candle [11 fires in Devon towns]. Devon Books (1985) 138p. [ISBN 0861147596] [Devon FHS Library 929.35] [Chulmleigh (1803), Chudleigh (1807), Bradninch (1832), Newton St Cyres (1829), North Tawton (1834), Lympstone (1833), Moretonhampstead (1839), Cullompton (1839), Stoke Canon (1841), South Molton (incl. 1841, 1867, 1891), Ottery St Mary (1866) - plus listing of about 150 fires, giving place, date and amount of damage]

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Gray, Todd. The Devon Almanac, Exeter, The Mint Press (2000) 210 pp. [ISBN 1-903356-01-6] [Listing, for each day of the year, information on events from sources such as 18th and 19th century newspapers and manuscript sources at the DRO. Unindexed.]

Gray, Todd. Elizabethan Devon, The Mint Press (2001) 96 pp.

Gray, Todd. Lost Devon: Creation, change and destruction over 500 years, Mint Press, Stevensbooks, 76 Longbrook Street, Exeter, EX4 6AP (2003) 192 pp. [ISBN 1903356326]

Gray, Todd. Blackshirts in Devon, Exeter, The Mint Press (2006) 325 pp. [ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1903356463] ["the Blackshirts, Fascists, rise in Devon up until June 1940"]

Gray, Todd. Devon & African Slavery, Devon Family Historian, vol. 123, (2007) p.28. ["From the early 1600s, and lasting two hundred years, Devon men, and some women, were taken prisoner, often off the Devon coast, by ships from North Africa and sold into slavery. . . Altogether some 89 local men and women were rescued from slavery and brought back to Devon in 1637."]

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Probably the best single account available. Contains chapters on: General Description; Prehistoric and Celtic Devon; The English Settlement; The Economic Background; The Land; The Towns; Industry and Trade; Communications; Population; Political and Military History; Maritime History; Social History; Building and Building Materials; Literature and The Arts; The County Today. Has an extensive gazeteer and bibliography. [Lookups]
Another edition: Newton Abbott, David and Charles (1972) [Index]
New revised edition Phillimore (2003) 688pp. [ISBN 13 : 978 1 86077 270 2]

Hoskins, W.G. Old Devon, Newton Abbott, David and Charles (1966) 208 pp. [Chapters on The Study of Old Farm Houses, Industrial Archaeology in Devon, Some Old Devon Bartons, A Sheaf of Modern Documents, The Elizabethan Merchants of Exeter, Three Devon Families, Epidemics in Tudor Devon, The Winter of 1963, The Wealth of Medieval Devon, and The Farm Labourer through Four Centuries.] [Lookups]

Hoskins, W.G. Devon and Its People, David and Charles (1968) 171 pp. [Lookups]

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Hoskins, W.G. Devon. Chichester, Phillimore (2003) 600 pp. [ISBN 1 86077 204 8] ["This new, revised edition, with an up-to-date Introduction, a new, extensive bibliography, the most recent population and similar statistical figures, reproduces the author's classic text in full, including the Gazetteer. . ."]

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