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The Birds of Devon - Supplement

London: R H Porter, (1895) 31 pp.


W.F.M. D'Urban and Rev Murray A. Mathew

Prepared by Michael Steer

This important ornithological work is a supplement to the Birds of Devon (1892), a profusely illustrated catalogue produced by   D'Urban and Rev. Murray Mathew, vicar of Buckland Dinham in Somerset. Described as an excellent and enthusiastic ornithologist, Murray contributed many notes to the pages of the Zoologist. William Stewart Mitchell D'Urban FLS (1836-1934) was an Exeter resident, living at 22 Lower Terrace in Mount Radford. He was the first curator of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. D'Urban was brought up in South Africa and Canada. The text is primarily of interest to family historians since it records bird sightings by a number of 'twitchers' (bird-watchers and bird collectors) living in Devon during the period. It seems from the records that collectors of the period had shot and had stuffed many of the specimens in their collections. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the Harvard University Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Brodrick, Mr W (Chagford) 17
Brutton, Mr P (Exmouth) 20, 26
Calmady, Mr Vincent 26
Chanter, Rev (Parracombe) 8
Clark, Mr C O (Post Bridge) 26
Close, Mr J (Exe) 26
Collett, Mr R 25
D'Urban, W S M, FLS (Exeter) throughout
Earle, Mr J R (Honiton) 11
Elliot, Mr E A S (Kingsbridge) 1, 5, 7-8, 11-9, 22-3, 25, 27-8, 30-1
Evans, Mr H A 20, 27
Farbrother, Mr 9
Foale, Tom (Lingsbridge) 23
Gatcombe, Mr (Plymouth) 6, 10, 27
Gätke, Herr 14
Glinn, C F (Hatherleigh) 13, 15, 24
Gould, Mr F H Carruthers (Braunton) 15, 20
Green, Rev G C (Modbury) 31
Grylls, Mr 16
Gurney, Mr J H (Slapton Ley) 10, 12
Hamilton, Edward 19
Harland, Mr H S (Thatcher Rock) 30
Hart, Mr E 11, 14
Harting, Mr J E 31
Hawley, Mr W B (Appledore) 26-7
Holdsworth, Mr (Kingsbridge) 28
Hore, Rev W S 15
Jesse, Mr 15
Lilford, Lord (Dartmoor) 26
Lucas, Mr (Slapton Ley) 21-2
Malmesbury, Earl of 12
Mansel-Pleydell, Colonel 6, 14
Mason-Coues, Mr T (Northam) 8
Mathew, Mr G F (Tawstock Court) 14, 23-4, 27, 29
Mathew, Rev Murray, MA, FLS throughout
Montagu, Colonel 8-9, 18, 30
Morres, A S (Exeter) 30
Newton, Professor 31
Nicholls, Mr H (Kingsbridge) 10
Nicholls, Mr R P (Kingsbridge) 10, 17
Pershouse, Mr Francis (Torquay) 7
Petherick, Mr (Braunton) 20
Pidsley, Mr W E H (Dawlish Warren) 20
Pidsley & Macpherson 28
Pratt, Messrs 16
Propert, Dr 13
Rawson, Mr (Devon Coast) 28
Rickards, Mr (Appledore) 26-7
Rodd, Mr 16
Rowe, Mr James (Barnstaple) 14, 28
Salter, Mr W H 27
Saunders, Mr Howard 3, 26, 29-30
Seward, Mr 24
Shaw, Mr Frederick C (Budleigh Saltertton) 12
Smith, Mr Cecil (Wiveliscombe) 6, 11
Swaysland, H (Rousdon) 8
Tilney-Bassett, Prebendary (Dulverton) 8
Toll, Mr W V (South Brent) 7, 9-10, 12, 18-24, 28
Tripe, Dr Cornelius (Devonport) 15
Weeks, Mrs 12
Willimott, Rev W 13, 16
Woodforde, Dr 9

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